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Coach says Austin was in the office at 9 on Tuesday - that doesn't sound like Stone Cold at all. At least they'll know how to answer the phones.

Lance Storm (Calagry, AB, Canada, 230 pounds) vs Spike Dudley (150 ponds, w/Backlash) - You think they'll ever update Lance's video? Steve may be a new benevolent General Manager, but apparently that doesn't extend to the Heat commentating seat - your new announcer pair is Coach and Al Snow (modeling a Hurricane shirt.) With the luck of that chair, Tough Enough is definitely gone. Anyway, Al remembers he's had this gig before, yet, he's happy to be back. Spike didn't do anything at Backlash, but Lance did. Lockup, Storm with a waistlock takedown, 360 floataround on the back with the slaps to the back of the head. Storm almost shows emotion, which leaves Spike up to double leg him for behind and run up his spine. Lance is so upset he'll run right into a leg trip, and Spike will slaps the back of his head. Spike waves. Crowd chants USA - is Dudleyville in the USA? Hmm. Anyway, Lance wants a test of strength. Spike agrees, probably sensing wacky comedy to come, his specialty. Lances forces Spike doesn't to his knees and yells at him, so spike headbutts him and rolls through. Double hand stomp. There's a forward crucifix roll one two no. Lance sees the rollup medley to come and gets out of the ring to stop this - Spike after him with a baseball slide kick. Spike going up and there's the plancha to the floor. Lance thrown in, cover one two no. Armbar by Spike. You know, Spike's wearing that "Blood is Thicker than Wood" T-Shirt, and I can't help but remember how his brothers proved that wasn't so true a couple weeks ago. Spike's a minor character, so I don't think he's allowed feeling on the subject, but maybe Lance should be making a recruitment speech here instead of hitting a knee lift. Corner whip - well, they couldn't agree if it was a corner whip or a normal whip, but Spike rebounds from wherever to hit the battering ram headbutt in any case. Dudley no - Lance escapes in plenty of time and there's the hard corner whip. One two NO! HE DIDN'T WIN ON A IRISH WHIP! Lance, shocked by this turn of events, chokes Spike on the ropes. Hanging suplex - is Spike trying to punch out of it, that's a nice touch - one two no. Lance with an armbar and a neck crank,. Spike elbowing out, but Lance with a corner whip and an excellent run right into Spike's boot. Spike off the second rope and there's a spinning headscissors. Spike off the ropes, forearm, off the ropes, forearm. Whip, inverted atomic drop, clothesline one two no. Lance begs off, from Spike Dudley. Spike puts him out of his misery with a dropkick, and there's the corner stomping. Spike beating his chest, it must be time for a rollup - Oklahoma roll one two no. Spike charges, but Lance catches him and puts him on the top rope. Elbows to the face, superplex blocked, Spike biting Lance and pushing him off. There's the double foot stomp one two foot on the ropes. I think that's everything - so does Spike, he's calling for the Dudley Dog. Whip, quick reverse, Spike jumps into a victory roll but Lance sits down one two three. (4:40) That cradle they ended up with looked like something Billy and Chuck might have done. Al: "I seen a thing like that in a movie once." Hey remembered when Lance had a finisher? He sure don't.

Later, Stone Cold is GM.

Coming up next, Not Fired vs Ivory.

Look, Army people! At RAW! You don't say.

The Special Guest Referee for the next match is Miss Jacqueline.

Molly Holly (Minnesota) vs Ivory in a Divas Match - Molly moved? This is what I get for paying attention. She has a town that's "something Falls", but it's drowned out by her music. Molly doesn't appeared phased by this obvious conspiracy, yet. Coach and Al are taking Jazz's title win and celebration on RAW. Coach: "Did you notice? Not one WHITE balloon." Al: "I thought it was the national colors of Africa." "That too." Lockup, Ivory with a waistlock, takedown, back up to their feet, Molly with an armdrag escape into a wristlock. Ivory tries to turn out of it and does to a hammerlock. Molly with a nice fireman's carry into an armbar. Knee pressed into the back. Crowd would like an animal of some kind. Ivory turns over, so Molly twists the arm violently and covers one two no. Armbar, crank, crank, twist, wristlock, pulled away from the ropes, twist, now Ivory's got the ropes and use 'em to flip to a reversal (!) and there's an armdrag. Ivory tries to follow up, but Molly trips her up into the middle rope. Stomp. Cranking Ivory's arm around the top rope - breaking on four. Let's do it again, breaking at 4.5. Jackie gives her a warning. Hard armdrag takedown. Back to the standing armbar, then a hiptoss with more pressure put on that left arm. One two no. Al says the only two ways you can win a wrestling match is pin or submission. Armbar, tightening it up the the shoulder, almost a step over on the mat. Crowd not particularly digging this action. Ivory up and forearming out, but that left arm is hurt and she's got hold it to her body. Swinging right and hits though. Moonlight Bomb! That was her finisher at one point! Ivory picks the most suggestive way to cover possible (the finish from the last match) one two no. That cover was the crowd's favorite move of the match - Al says he's seen a couple movies with that too. I get the feeling that Al's a big movie fan. Ivory goes for a DDT, but Molly escapes with an armbar takedown. But she's staggered from the fireman's carry bomb. Climbing slowly up, but Ivory slips under her - there's the electric chair suplex one two THREE. (4:08) Wow, I'm shocked Jackie didn't cheat for her. It sounds like Al lost a molar via electric chair suplexes at some point.

Next, HBK talks on a phone.

1-800-CALL-ATT and tell them that Triple H won at Backlash. They'll be like "who cares", though.

The next night, Triple H wasn't good enough to beat the tag team champions with an elderly man. And he told me he was God, I don't know what to believe anymore. Wow, this is really not Earl's best match. If Triple H was really a smart guy, he would have realized that he had plenty of time to get the 3 before Nash even got the ring. Apparently that flying sledgehammer could've killed Triple H. But it didn't. But it could've. (3:25)

Coming up, Stone Cold and Eric.

Al: "But up next, it'll be Rosey and Jamal in action. We'll be back in, I dunno, about 3 Minutes!"

Actually, 3:31. (I'm a dork, I know.)

Goldberg on RAW (2:34)

3 Minute Warning (744 pounds) vs Jason Pacaro & Arch Kincaid (already in the ring) - Rosey holds his back like he's still feeling that spear, nice touch. Al is selling the storylines on the border of "annoyingly hard". Oh yay, it's the return of the same jobbers on both weekend shows. We wonder quickly if maybe they could work on Rosey's back to a win, but then Jamal takes them both out with a double clothesline and this is just an extended clothesline. Announcer hype is pushing Goldberg vs Christian - it sure seems like that'll be on for the PPV. Coach and Al are sure we learned a lot about why Goldberg is here on Monday - I wonder when that happened. Maybe after the show? Jamal wrestling the whole match is actually the preferred result normally. Though, the announcers selling it like Rosey's just barely not paralyzed from that spear is kinda annoying. Especially when he keeps reaching for the tag. There's Jamal doing Rosey's Sudden Impact one two three. (2:31) Rosey never tagged in. So why didn't - hey, there's Rico showing up. Why now? He wants his hug from Jamal at any rate. And he gets to do the handsignal. I guess he got everything he wanted out of this match.

Co-GMs, next.

Trish, Eric, Linda, Austin (7:18)

Next: Maven vs Rico

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Castrol GTX SAP moment of Monday. Hey, Steiner got no offense in this version.

Rico (w/3 Minute Warning, already in the ring) vs Maven (Charlotesville, VA, 235 pounds) - Oh, that's why we did that - 3MW has been in the ring during the whole break to celebrate and/or annoy the populace. Listen to all the parts of the song you've never heard before - I believe they stole that ghost whistle from the Scooby Doo theme song but I can't be certain. On the top of The French Guys, Al wonders if the "lovers AND fighters" bit means they're in to "sadomasochistic stuff". Coach: ".......yes." Jamal and Rosey aren't clear on this "leaving the ring so the match can start" stuff. Al and Coach make fun of Michael Hayes to kill time. Is Chad Patton pre-emptively ejecting 3MW from ringside? I guess so. Maven sneaks in to the ring while Rico's watching his troops leave. Rico argues with Chad about it some more, using him as cover for a sneak attack on Maven. Whip, right hand misses, Maven hits the dropkick. Dropkick. Rico decides he'd like to go join his buddies backstage, but Maven slides out after him and throws Rico in. Maven rolls in, Rico tries a sneak elbow drop but Maven moves out of the way. Armdrag, armbar. Al says "Tough Enough" so I guess we're allowed to this week or he hasn't got the memo. Rico tries to armdrag out of the armbar, but Maven rolls through it. Coach uses the past tense to refer to Al's training, while Al uses the present tense, hmm. Rico with a whip, reverse and Maven ducks a clothesline, armdrag into the armbar. Twist. Wristlock. Rico escapes with an eye poke, hard kick to the chest, step over mule kick one two no. Stomp. Stomp. Chinlock. Nose pull! And back to it again - elbow to the head. Maven trying to kick him Aiwa but gets a forearm. There's the choke around the top rope - forearm to the chest. One two no. Maven trying to battle his way up with punches, but Rico stops him with an eye rake. Right. Corner whip, reversed, Rico rebounds out, ducks the clothesline, hits the heel kick to the midsection, backslide neckbreaker one two NO. That was different. Neck vice by Rico. He tells the fans to shut up but they do not listen. Maven up to his feet, elbowing out, charge, kick is caught enziguri is not. Both are slow, Rico charges into a Maven drop toehold. Maven off the ropes, forearm to the head. Wheel kick one two NO. Maven is pumped, so Rico slaps him in the face. Whip, reversed, Rico runs right into a flapjack. Maven going up - wow, that's the farthest he's gone for the second rope bulldog yet, and it looks good - one two NO. Maven can't believe it. He looks at Rico, then looks at the ropes. Time for the missile dropkick - this worked 2 months ago - but Rico spots and dives out of the way. Rico waits for Maven to get up - standing spin kick one two three. (4:38) Rico reminds us what group he's with. I bet he won here so he could lose on Monday? Or maybe Steven gets the match first...

Co-GMs on RAW. That's it.