I just want to point out something here:

Missouri Valley Conference: 0-2
Atlantic 10: 1-3
Horizon League: 2-1

I never thought it'd be this (or ANY) fun to root for Butler but everyone else is making it soooooo easy...

TV 14 LV CC - various people (from PPVs - mostly WMs) sing America the Beautiful over stills of current day wrestlers with military people. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the courageous men and women of the United States Armed Forces."

entertainment Rock sings (:27) open

Jeff Hardy (Cameron, NC, 218 pounds) vs Mark Gocker (Lincoln, NB, 200 pounds, already in the ring) - "It's good to be back, I will tell you that...believe me, I'm happy to be back." Your announcers are Coach and Lita, who talk right over Fink's introduction of the man in the ring. Let's look back to Last Monday where Jeff made the save and got the kiss. Guy in Blue Tights with a waistlock takedown and slaps to the back of the head. Ah, he's relaxing on the ropes. Might as well get in before we learn your name. While Lita tries to get Coach in trouble with Trish, Jeff rallies back with an armdrag, hiptoss, dropkick, ah Coach gave the name but I've got no idea on the spelling. Jeff dos his bird pose and Mark is scared away. He manages to recover to charge and miss a clothesline before Jeff hits one of his own. Or at least something in the clothesline family. One two no. Corner whip, reversed, Jeff is going for something but starts to loose hi s footing - Mark hits the top rope to crotch him for sure. Moss Covered Three Handled Family Gredunza! One two NO! He may be bald but he's apparently not Saturn. Not as many tattoos was my first clue, thanks for asking. Snap mare and chinlock, but the crowd rallies and so does Jeff. Elbows out and the split legged jawbreaker to complete the escape. Rights by Jeff, whip, reversed, Jeff ducks the clothesline, double leg, double low blow legdrop one two NO. Mark up with a knee, suplex is blocked, Jeff behind with a waistlock, ducks the back elbows, Mark reaches for a leg but Jeff flips him up, Compactor one two NO. Coach has spent the last minute trying to explain that if you randomly kiss a girl, leaving face paint on her face in the process, and she's still not mad at you, you should do a better job of following that up than Jeff did. He may have a point but you know it's Coach. Jeff with right hands, off the ropes and a running forearm. Turnbuckle smash. Corner whip, reversed, Jeff goes in chest first and Mark hits him with a forearm in the back. More forearms to Jeff's back, and Mark loads him up on the second rope facing out. Mark up but Jeff elbowing him back off. Jeff makes the hand signals, is he gonna finish? Yep. Swanton Bomb One two three. (2:49) That was on the quick side. Replay of the Swanton.

Later - 3MW vs Dreamer/Spike

WM Moment: 2000 - Pete Rose gets a chokeslam and a stinkface.

WM Press Conference (1:26)

Al Snow (Lima, OH, 246 pounds) vs Steve Fender (Los Angeles, CA, 225 pounds, already in the ring) - blah blah Hogan blah blah Vince. Lockup, Al with an armbar, spinning Steve to the mat. Back up and an hammerlock, now back to the armbar to spin him back down. Standing over armbar.  Up, armbar, headbutting the left shoulder. Fighting up the grip. Steven with a forearm, whip, reversed, Steve sides under, kick to the gut, right, right, corner whip but it's time for Al's slide stop, this time holding on to the arm and sliding between Steve's legs for a pumphandle. Al teases the crowd, then delivers the nice pumphandle back suplex. One two no. Al back Steve in the corner, but Steve gives him an eye poke and nails him with a clothesline. Right, right, slam, he's going up? Well he needs to do it faster - springboard second rope dropkick doesn't look that nice but Steve's happy about it anyway one two no. The inside-inside springboard dropkick (or any similar move where you need to twist your body 180 degrees in a short distance) never looks quite right, because the spin clutters the impact of the move. Steve works the forearm. Corner whip, reversed, Fender moonsault out and celebrates while Al (having stopped short in the corner) looks at him quizzically. Fender turns back, and Al feigns being hurt from running into the corner, Steve approaches with a kick which is easily caught, Fender begs off but he gets spun and clotheslined. Push in the corner, open hand slap, chop, open hand slap, open hand slap, open hand slap, open hand slap and one more to the face for good measure. Corner whip, charge in to a back elbow. Fender to the second rope, point at my head dropkick is avoided. Al gets him by the legs, what he's going to do? Big spin! one two three we'll give him four on that. AL waits for the dizzy Fender to get up and punches him in the jaw. Another one. Double underhook - Fender knows what's happening and even the calming face rub can't take the fear away - headbutts are aimed at the shoulder Al was working before, that's nice. Reverse neckbreaker, and is l going up? Coach doesn't like the looks of this, but the top rope cross body does work, what do you know! Signaling - and there's a delayed Snow Plow one two three. (4:12) Al's the best Rayo de Jalisco ever.

HBK at WM piece from Confidential. This is not Confidential. Or I'm recapping the wrong show, who can say. (2:00) He'll fight him at WM next Saturday.

Tonight - 3MW vs Dreamer/Spike

Next - Goldust talked. Well, sorta.

Lugz Goldust/Triple H/Flair/Booker T of Monday

So this led to a match. Booooo. (2:08) This leads to a tag match - Triple H/Ric Flair vs Booker T/Goldust, this Monday. At WM, it'll be the dude with the sunglasses vs the dude with the shaky hair. Also, Goldust was on Howard Stern at some point in the preceding eons of time, and they play about (:19) of it here.

Next - Molly Holly vs Miss Jackie - NO DQ! This will make you want to watch it for the 9th time, right?

Fred Durst - wait, did he just say Limp Bizkit does not like television appearances? Okay.

Miss Jackie (Dallas, TX) vs Molly Holly (Mobile, AB) in a no disqualification match - The heat machine sure doesn't like Molly so I guess she's still a heel. We go back to last Sunday when Molly won - Coach is rather biased here "Jackie was in complete control until the end when Molly was UNFORTUNATELY able to roll up Jackie for the win." Jackie's not happy about losing, what are the odds. How do you start a no DQ match? Reaching out for a hold. Jackie gets a leg sweep cover for one no. Jackie with a headlock, cranking it in, shot in to the ropes and back with a shoulderblock. Coach can't remember the last time he saw a No DQ Women's match, because he's got memory issues. Jackie off the ropes, over, under, stopping shot of the monkey flip, whip, reversed, Molly with a knee, powerbomb no Jackie punching her way down one two no. Jackie with kicks to the midsection, whip, back elbow. Dropkick takes Molly out of the ring. Jackie out after her - big chop. Molly back with a chop of her own. Big clothesline by Jackie takes them both over the rail, which probably wouldn't have gotten a DQ but at least it's a start. Now Jackie's brawling her into the crowd - Jackie brings Molly back over the rail as Lita compares the picture of Jackie and Molly fighting in the crowd to an ECW shot. Molly manages to introduce Jackie's had to the steps as we come back from a replay of that clothesline. Everyone back in - double wristlock Northern lights Suplex one two no. Choke on the ropes - Jack Doan thinks about counting but does not. Molly only has it on for about 4 anyway - must be habit. Whip, head down too son, Jackie with a sunset flip one two no. Molly up first and hitting a clothesline. She's mad - cover one two no. Lita says that if she was in Jazz's situation, she just might have walked on Trish too. Whip, clothesline misses, Second try gets reversed into a floataround DDT one two three. (3:06) aw. Well that was a pointless stip - I think they realized that they weren't going to end up doing much with it and tried to make that brief foray into the crowd seem more important so it'd mean something, but sorry no. That makes it 7 and 2. Could I tell you my idea about moving Molly to SmackDown! because Torrie needs a partner and they'll need someone to wrestle for 2.5 other people in that tag match that's lurking in our future? Maybe some other time. 

Tonight - 3MW vs Dreamer/Spike

Next - the Rock sings.

RAW Live
Monday - Sacramento, CA
Sunday - Seattle, WA
Next Monday - Seattle, WA
Next Sunday - Rockford, IL

Actually, this is as much a recap of the Eric/Stone Cold stuff, with Rock convincing him not to make it a lumberjack match. (3:35) the Rock vs Stone Cold.

3 Minute Warning vs Tommy and Spike - Next

3 Minute Warning (w/Rico, 643 pounds) vs Spike Dudley (150 pounds) and WWEShopzone Presents Tommy Dreamer (Yonkers, NY, 252 pounds) - Lita says, despite not being near 100% yet, she could take both Miller Lite girls. I think, as my role as cynical wrestling overanalyizer, I'm supposed to decry them bringing in the catfight girls, as their cheap cat fighting with minimal clothes makes it tougher to take the three way match seriously, but if they're sorta pushing that match not so similarly I think I can only complain about overexposure. And you can complain about run-on sentences, so we all win. By the way, I am the opposite of excited for this match! Crowd does not like the Rico. Rosey and Tommy to start - lockup, Tommy headlock, shot in the ropes and his shoulderblock does not work. Forearm to the back. Forearm to the back. Whip, head down too soon, Tommy gets stupid and tries for a sunset flip, Rosey sits down but Tommy is out of the way in time - Tommy running dropkick to the face one two no. Armbar, tag to Spike, Spike with the top rope axhandle to the arm. Armbar, yea this isn't gonna work. As we transition into the Spike match (which is a natural compliment to the 3MW match), Spike tries a bite but that just annoys Rosey into giving him a knee lift. Jamal tags himself in (which is good, because Rosey's hand is hurting now) and starts talking trash. Lockup and Spike's pushed down. Jamal's still talking - Spike jumps on his back to pound, but gets thrown down hard. Splash but no one's home - Spike with a dropkick and corner stomping. Oh no he's ripping off his shirt - let's all note how white he is. Whip, reversed, Spike with the battering ram headbutt. Another - no, he's killed with a back elbow. Dreamer gets punched for standing on the apron. Jamal with a press slam, but Dreamer steps in the ring to punch him in the gut (I know, that's not really an exact location) to allow Spike to get loose before the slam can be completed. Spike off the ropes but Rico pulls down the middle one to take out Spike. Ref missed this while kicking Dreamer out, too bad for him. Rosey throws back in Rico and Jamal punches him in the corner. Crowd thinks Rico is not fab. Running corner butt smash connects. Tag to Rosey. Stomp. Slam. Rosey's a little bit methodical. Forearms to the chest. Tag to Jamal. Double chop. Slam. Backing up, taking his time - running knee drop one two Tommy breaks it up. Jamal with a right for Spike. I'm falling asleep. Whip, head down too soon, Spike kicks it, Jamal gets up, spins, misses with a clothesline but ends up knocking Spike out of the ring. I guess Tommy tagged him as he flew by, because he's in now - off the ropes, clothesline for Jamal, duck, reverse neckbreaker for Rosey. Slam on Jamal! Tommy is pumped, but the pause always Jamal to escape - Rosey charging but Tommy goes low, with Rosey going low. Tommy presses his partner and throws him out to 3MW, who of course have no problem catching him. Tommy uses a sliding dropkick on Spike to knock them all down. Let's see, Tommy threw Spike and then he kicked Spike - I'm thinking there had to be better strategies. Tommy scares Rico away, then both he and Spike throw Rosey in. Tommy gets ambushed by Jamal before he can go in himself, so Rosey beats down Spike one on one. Corner splash misses, Spike with a kick Dudley Dog but he's slow to cover which means something's gonna happen - yep, Jamal in with the press Samoan Drop (Spike landing abnormally) to take him out. We've hit the cavalcade of finishers, 'cause here's Tommy with the kick wham DDT for Jamal. Rico's turn - well, actually I don't think Rico's finisher is getting punched in the face, but I guess it's his most popular move. Ah, here's Rosey with a corner splash on Tommy and his Sudden Impact finisher-like move. Jamal will end it - top rope splash one two three (6:24) Hey look 3MW actually won. Replay of the finishing sequence.

Rock concert and a tag match tomorrow. That's it.