TV PG LV entertainment Steve Austin returns to thank you (:45) open fireworks

World Tag Team Champion Lance Storm (Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 230 pounds) vs Maven (Charlottesville, WV, 235 pounds) - Lance comes out to the combined entrance, though Regal is nowhere to be seen. Your announcers are Lita and Coach and they are sad that Maven didn't smile at them again this week. (Also Wrestlemania and Steve Austin and the Rock.) Lance appears to explain to Maven that this is a title belt and Lance holding it in front of him is the closest Maven will come to it. Lockup, Storm with an armbar, armdrag takedown into one on the mat. Back to their feet, twist, Maven reveres to a wristlock. Storm elbowing out, headlock takedown. Maven tries to get loose, then rolls Storm over for a one count. Legscissors finally works, and Storm can't find his way out - now he'll be able to headstand out to his feet. Lance stands and stares at Maven, who eventually kips up himself as a retort. A slow retort. Circle. Lockup, Lance gets a headlock. Maven elbowing out, Lance shot into the ropes and back with the shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, Maven's hiptoss is blocked but (after a pause), he reverses to a fireman's carry. Armdrag, into an armbar. Lance gets up to his knees and manages a single leg, but no one's home for the elbow drop. Maven with an wristlock, Lance pushes him in the corner. Clean break? Lance fakes it, but then goes for a shoulder to the midsection, but Maven was ready and got a knee up in time. Maven out of the corner with a right, corner whip, reversed, Lance charges into a back elbow. Maven charges out, clothesline in blocked, Storm Northern Lights Suplex is blocked (Maven nicely scissors the inside leg), Maven turns it around into a backslide but Lance smoothly plants a leg in the back of Maven's knee to force him down to the mat, then turns and hits a big DDT. Maven rolls out to recover, and Lance is a little slowed by his arm first. Lance ignores the warning to stay in the ring and collects Maven - he's thrown back in and covered one two no. Snap mare, leg drop. One two no. Snap mare hold. "Coach, contain yourself till the appropriate time." "Whoa, how many times have you had to say that to me the past few months?" EW. Announcers have been pushing a "Maven's getting better, but Lance is wily veteran technician with many moves" story here. Maven getting back up, elbowing out, but Storm switches to a sleeper - Maven flips Lance over, then hits him with a jawbreaker. Maven punching his way to his feet, but Lance stops this with a knee. Whip, but Maven back with a forearm. Forearm, whip, backdrop (Maven was too close and Lance kinda tumbled over him without getting any height.) Dropkick hits one two no. Whip, Maven's head down too soon and it's kicked. Lance charges but Maven flapjacks him. Maven going to the top rope but a little slow - Lance catches him with a couple back elbows. Going up with him but Maven punching Lance down - pushing him back to the mat but Lance lands on his feet. Maven kicks him away, second rope (Coach: "Off the top rope") bulldog one two NO. Maven picks Lance up, but Lance leverages him through the ropes, Maven managing to hand on the apron. Lance suplexes him in but Maven lands on his feet, foot catch enziguri is ducked and Lance hooks on the Mapleleaf. Well it's not called that but Lita does remembers that this is Lance's sometime finisher. Maven manages to get free and bounce Lance into the ropes - small package one two NO. Lance is up and wasting no time - Sharpshooter! Maven holds in for a few seconds but this is over. (6:00)

Tonight: Steven Richards vs the Hurricane

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Trish on Mad TV (:32) Lita says "Trish appears on one of my favorite late night comedy shows" - exactly how many are there of them again? Anyway, this Saturday, whatever time it normally is on MadTV (10/9C). Coach: "[Trish] looked pretty hot too" - thanks for that award winning insight Coach.

2 Weeks Ago on RAW, Trish returned. I could've sworn that she wore the exact same outfit (except the shirt had pink sleeves instead of dark blue, but the exact same style of shirt) last time she did a street clothes run-in but apparently I remember differently from everyone else. Anyway, this leads right in last week on RAW where teams color coordinated. It would've been a game of roulette if Steven just wore green, you know? Maybe you don't and it's better that I let it go now before I start wondering about the ball. (4:12) Lita all but says "Trish vs Jazz vs Victoria at WM"

Tonight: Steven Richards vs the Hurricane

Next: Words with Theodore Long and Rodney Mack (for the first time in three weeks)

Lugz Mack Debut of Three Weeks Ago (alternate title: Lugz How Did Al Not Break His Neck of Three Weeks Ago)

Theodore Long & Rodney Mack are out to complain about Triple H's comments towards Booker T from Monday, one can only assume. Or provide an odd backdrop for Girls Gone Wild hype, in reality. "Let me holla at you playas. Now I'm out here to bring something to everybody's attention. Now you know since my new playa, Rodney Mack, debuted on RAW, three weeks ago, Rodney Mack hasn't been seen since. Now I know that each and everyone of you have asked yourself 'Why? Why have we not seen Rodney Mack and Theodore Long?' But I'll tell you why! And I've got three reasons why! Reason #1 is because the Man is afraid that Rodney Mack will take one of these pretty white boys and give them a good beatdown! Reason #2 is because the Man is afraid what Theodore Long has to say. And Reason #3 - [responding to boos] you all know I'm telling the truth, you know you wanna hear it - Reason #3 is that Rodney Mack and Theodore Long are Too Tan For The Man! [Lita and Coach lose it] Now believe that playa! Now you know, I guess if we don't get our chance, we gotta take it. And when I say take it, that means that every WWE superstar will find out what it means to Back a Mack, you feel me playa? [Coach: "I feel something"] Now, all you got to do is just jump on the bandwagon, and all I want to hear from everyone right now is Back a Mack! Back a Man! C'mon!" This works as well as say, Down with Brown - Coach thinks he should stick with Too Tan For the Man and he may have a point.

Tonight: Steven Richards vs the Hurricane

But next, did Stacy get a Conchairto?

No. (4:32) We find out if HBK accepted on Monday.

Up next, Rock and Stone Cold.

Snickers: WM XIV - Kick Wham Stunner Champion

We pick up right after that thank you. (6:09) Believe it or not, but that leads to Rock vs Booker T on Monday.

Next: Steven Richards vs the Hurricane

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Steven Richards (Philadelphia, PA, 230 pounds, w/Women's Champion Victoria) vs the Hurricane (215 pounds) - Victoria out to stand at ringside? That's odd. Maybe it was a deal to get the no-lights treatment. Call me crazy, but I pick the guy who's making fun of the Rock. Otherwise, this would be pretty even. Hurricane gives out the mask, check. Circle, lockup. Armbar by Hurricane, twist, leg to the knee to take him down, into a headlock, Steven shoots him off but Hurricane's back with the shoulderblock. POSE. Off the ropes, over, Steven with a hiptoss but it's blocked, Hurricane poses and hit an armdrag. Steven with a kick, off the rope and hits a shoulderblock. YELL. Off the ropes, over, into the goozle but Steven kicks loose. Whip, but Hurricane back with the spinning headscissors. Steven rolls out but Hurricane brings him back in - slingshot Oklahoma cradle! one two NO. Forearm, forearm, whip, reversed, Steven gets his head down too soon so Hurricane whips him (urgh) clothesline misses, 'rana is blocked into a powerbomb by Steven. One two NO. Maybe he should just shelf that for his own sake. Jumping reverse neckbreaker by Steven one two no. Stomp. Steven does the HurriPose! Forearm to the back, forearm to the back, forearm to the back, back suplex one two no. Snap mare, knee into the back, knee into the back, knee into the back, surfboard. Crowd getting on Victoria's nerves. Or she's hearing voices, who can say. Either the crowd was alive for this match or they added in plenty of noise. Steven lets go to work the back, then yell at the crowd. Surfboard back on. Hurricane yells to his feet, trying to turn it, and does. Right right, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Over, ducking the clothesline, kick suplex is blocked and Steven hits many knee lifts. YAAAAAAH suplex is reversed AGAIN, maybe he shouldn't give it way like that. Hurricane with some nice punches (not that they look like they hurt any more than usual, but they look like they might make contact and are big/showy/superhero-like) but Steven stops that with a kick. Whip, reversed, jumping clothesline. Clothesline. Armbar, kick to the knee, straight jacket Edge-O-Matic one two no. Hurricane says he's going up - top rope cross body hits one two NO. Hurricane thinking endgame - Eye of the Hurricane, but too slow and Steven is able to escape. Forearms to the back, pulling Hurricane into the reverse facelock - Eye of the Steven! One two NO! Lita credits Hurricane's super powers for his ability to kick out of his own finish like that - Steven needs another one two no to confirm what just happened. "WHAT NOW? WHAT NOW?" "FINISH HIM! NOW!" Steven remembers he does still have that finisher left and, after checking with Victoria about it, decides the time is right - SteeVeeTee no Hurricane escapes, kick lift up Vertebreaker one two three! (5:57) Steven lifted his upperbody so it was like a back to back powerbomb move and not as much head/neck. Victoria is stunned. It takes about 5 seconds to go back to Rock/Booker T hype. Hurricane poses and we're out.