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Your announcers are Coach and Lita, who take time to thank those watching on TNN in the States, SportsNet in Canada and SkySports in the UK. The stadium is barely full but the people around the announcers are loud. Lita wastes no time in mentioning that this is the first PPV in Montreal since Survivor Series '97, although no special ignorance is attached to that show. Hey, by ODD COINCIDENCE, let's segue into Hogan/Rock II. Also tonight, Triple H vs Scott Steiner for the World Title. Crowd gets loud for Steve Austin's graphic. Lita mocks Coach with What's. Also, Undertaker vs Big Show. Oh, that gets the first video package treatment (2:51)

Backstage, Josh Matthews gets blown off when he asks Undertaker for an interview. Lita and Coach talk about the match instead.

Lookat the snow.

Later: Rey vs Jamie! Stay tuned.

SmackDown! Live
Tuesday - London, OT
Next Tuesday - Bridgeport, CT
Next Saturday - Birmingham, AB
Next Next Sunday - Youngstown, OH

Talk about Rock/Hogan. Lita stumbles through her lines a little bit. Matt vs Kidman for the Cruiserweight Title - Lita: "You know Coach, the power of Mattitude never ceases to amaze me" - she's talking about losing 10 pounds in two weeks, oh. Team Angle vs Edge/Brock/Lesnar. Regal/Storm vs Kane/RVD for the World Tags. Jeff Hardy vs Chris Jericho. Triple H vs Scott Steiner for the World Title. Stone Cold vs Eric Bischoff - the yell for Stone Cold isn't near as loud this time. Loud Hogan chant picks up as Coach pushes the PPV.

Lita and Coach segue to talking about Mr. Perfect - and send us to Confidential bit about the vignettes. (3:17)

Lita models the WWE Magazine yearbook. Coach: "What a shock, you holding the oversize magazine" - they're doing their own show, you see. Moving on, Steiner vs Triple H (3:31) Is Triple H going into this match 100% Will it matter? RAW Tomorrow Night.

Later: Rey vs Jamie! Coach says "two huge superstars from SmackDown!" and then thinks about that.

RAW Live
Monday - Toronto, ON
Saturday - Reading, PA
Next Sunday - Rochester, NY
Next Monday - Uniondale, NY
Next Saturday - Michigan State

Starburst Jeff Hardy pin on Chris Jericho on Monday

Backstage, Chief Morely and Eric Bischoff get ready in the back - Morely will be there for him. Chris Jericho walks in to say he'll be there for Eric too - because he's beaten Steve Austin many many many times. He beat Austin and the Rock on the same night, even! If Eric needs any help, he can come to Chris. Though it would be nice if Eric could ban HBK from ringside during Jericho's match tonight. Eric okays it.

Lita and Coach discuss this and Jericho/Jeff. 

Tonight: Rey vs Jamie!

That was a short segment.

Greyhound Rodney Mack redebut of Monday

Lita and Coach talk about Mack and Long and then Stone Cold and Eric Bischoff. Lita's "what" confused Coach and me. Roll the video package (3:43)

Terri catches up Lance Storm and William Regal leaving Eric's office - you're supposed to smart mark out at Regal saying "Anything for you - anything", I think. Regal tells Terri it's none of their business what they were doing in there. Lance says they're the better tag TEAM. Regal says they compliment each other, and are the finest technical wrestlers on RAW. Lance has the leg power, Regal is English. That combination is unbeatable! They're going to keep beating the challengers and no one will stop them.

Next: Rey Mysterio vs Jamie Noble.

Lita and Coach say goodbye - hey, Lita, wait till the camera is off before you start to leave - and send it to ringside. You can hear them (barely) chatting as Rey's entrance starts.

Rey Mysterio Jr. (San Diego, CA, 195 pounds, 3) vs Jamie Noble (200 pounds, Hanover, WV, 7, w/Nidia) - Tazz and Cole are back on Sunday Night Heat, don't you know. I don't know if Jamie's music is different or if they just redid it - it's not as distinctive as it was before. Let's go back to Noble and Nidia on SmackDown. Lockup, Noble with a waistlock into a full nelson. Rey breaks free and drops down, Noble sit down to cover one Rey reverses one no. Jamie up and with an armbar. Rey to the ropes - grabs onto the top rope (shouldn't that be a break?) and flip reverses the armbar to one of his own but Noble cuts him off with a knee. Forearm. Whip, right misses, Rey with a foreman, forearm. Corner whip, reversed, Noble charges into a boot. Mysterio off the middle rope with the overhead headscissors. Noble retreats to the ropes - Rey charges, Monkey flip is blocked and turned. Noble sits Rey on the ropes and pushes him out, but Rey bodyscissors Noble and takes him to the floor. Rey on the apron - off the apron headscissors! Rey poses as Nidia yells at him from safely around the corner and behind some steps. Noble thrown back in, Rey slapping the top turnbuckle and going up - top rope cross body gets dropkicked one two NO. Stomping by Noble - whip, flapjack gutbuster one two NO. Montreal crowd is doing the "Twooooooooooooooooooooooo" again. Surfboard. Rey standing up and turning it - Cole sneaks in a somewhat dig about getting SmackDown guys instead of the normal RAW ones. Rey turns it and hits a dropkick, setting Noble on the middle rope. Off the ropes, Jamie up quick and knocking Rey down with an elbow. Noble hooks Rey on the bottom rope and stomps. Second rope guillotine legdrop but Rey moves out of the way. Right. Right. Whip, reversed, clothesline misses, Rey with the second rope springboard cross body one two NO. Clothesline misses, Rey with a waistlock, Jamie tries a right back elbow (miss), right back elbow (miss), reach for the legs, Rey grabs Noble's arms and flips him over, then uses a back bridge cover one two NO. Forearms. Whip, quick reverse into a powerslam one two NO. Rey retreats to a corner, Jamie charges into a boot. Rey to the second rope, on to Jamie's shoulders but caught, electric chair suplex! One two NO. Tiger Bomb - no, blocked, Rey with a kick it's caught enziguri is not. Jamie falls into position, so Rye get to running - and Nidia grabs his leg. Rey stops, turns, and pulls Nidia up by the hair to the apron. Jamie is back up - forearm to Rey, back suplex, Rey lands on his feet, dropkick on Noble knocks him into Nidia (she goes to the floor) and Noble to the middle rope. 619 connects, and Rey calls for it - West Coast Pop is ducked under, but Rey turns and hits a handspring into a 'rana (which Cole calls the West Cost Pop anyway) one two three (4:36) Replay of the finish. I realize later that I really should note that this ref is a dark haired fellow with bigger arms than I'm used to seeing from referees - not a usual guy, for sure.

Rock/Hogan II hype to close us out. (3:14)

Moments ago, once the security cleared the area, Rock entered the building. A random chef is asked to take his hat off, okay. That's it.