Heat #455


Aired 03/09. Val/Shelton felt like they were trying to remember a match they did, except they both didn’t remember the same parts of it. If they did it again a month, I think it’d be better.

I could stand going a long while without Eugene and Highlanders matches.

If Todd does end up with ECW, as the talk has been, at least Josh will be back around to be amusing.

Heat #454


03/02. They did a long Charlie Haas vs Val Venis match, which was a much better idea than sending Cryme Tyme long. Shad selling is as amusing as I’d been led to believe.

Last time Val beat someone on the roster (on Heat) was 09/30/06 – but that was Conway, so does it really count? He won a tag match with Viscera over Tomko & Snitsky on 02/10/06, and the last time they beat someone who is still on the roster was 12/05/2004 when he beat Viscera.

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Heat 12/02, 12/09


#441 had a good Val/Charlie match and a good in parts Conway/Crazy match, though there seems to be issues with Crazy – communication?

#442 was a Piper tribute show. The MSG match was fun, but I hope they’re sending the well wishes to Piper, because I don’t believe he’s watching Heat.

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