Heat 01/12 (447)


The Haas/Crazy match was good, but… Crazy’s still not meshing will with either guy, or on the RAW brand in general. He looked dead tired the last few minutes of this 9 minute match, he and Haas weren’t on the same page to start it, and he feels the requirement to do springboard moves despite not trusting the ropes in the slightest.

I love Super Crazy, I’m just trying to prepare you for the first time the Observer or Figure 4 has a surprised “WWE agents aren’t high on Super Crazy for some reason” random note.

I completely endorse the idea of making the local short matches a little shorter so the competitive match that actually could be good gets time. There’s no reason for ever local guy to get a comeback and run on WWE guys – it doesn’t make the WWE guy look good, and that’s most of the point of the match. Tag teams shouldn’t be in peril against non-WWE guys.

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Heat 12/02, 12/09


#441 had a good Val/Charlie match and a good in parts Conway/Crazy match, though there seems to be issues with Crazy – communication?

#442 was a Piper tribute show. The MSG match was fun, but I hope they’re sending the well wishes to Piper, because I don’t believe he’s watching Heat.

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Heat 11/11, 11/18, 11/25


* 11/11: past UK matches. This was mostly just showing matches all from the same taping – so lazy – but showing the One Night Only match was cool. Had that been shown in the US before? I know it’s on DVDs.

* 11/18: screwjobs. Of all the time to use the WCW library, you pick this time? If you’re going for the barely relevant, they should’ve used the time Giant won the title from Hogan by DQ thanks to an evil Jimmy Hart. Seeing a thin Giant is worth is always worth the price of admission.

* 11/26: actual matches! Everyone was a bit weirded out by the concept. They have matches again next week, I believe, and I can’t make heads or tails of the schedule from there (though I suspect not much, with holiday interruptions, the RAW in Iraq and such.)

I’m not smart enough to know what the deal was with Shelton and Crazy and who’s fault it was (though I could guess if you prod me enough), but there sure was something going wrong.