Heat #462


the end of Josh (for now.)

It must suck to be Chris Masters. When you’re working 50/50 programs with VAL VENIS, it’s not a good sign. Maybe they wanted to program him with a good worker for an extended period of time to see if he improves. Maybe losing to Val Venis is the last we’ll ever see of him.

The fates must really not like Cryme Tyme. Or the bookers. They’re never going to get a title shot if they keep having the good guys as champs, and I think they could actually have a match the fans would get into – this match, right here from Heat, a few minutes longer.

The show has gone 4 weeks without an all-clip show week. I would not have suspected such things.

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Heat #460 (04/14)


oh so boring. Whoever mic-ed the crowd probably wants this one back. Or a better crowd, or something.

It’s nice that they’re trying to make having the same matches every week A Story, instead of just exposing the laziness for all to see. They need to have a Shelton/Charlie/Kenny vs Val/Shad/JTG trios match next week, so we can see if Charlie’s inability to beat Val is outweighed by Val’s inability to beat Kenny.

JTG and Shad have had squash matches 4 of the last 5 shows, and only missed on Heat in the last 8. That’s not a record you want to have (unless you’re Val, and just happy to being alive.)

So, if Eugene didn’t come out, who would’ve been Khali’s main event opponent? I didn’t see Viscera on this show! That’s a shame we didn’t get that one.

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Heat 03/23 (457)


Mickie really hasn’t been in good matches which haven’t involved Trish, and this match with Victoria didn’t change that. I’d like to chalk it up to only irregularlly getting TV matches, but – you’d think they’re still working at house shows or before events or something, and this still isn’t very good.

She’s better than Shad! They don’t trust Shad to do anything, and yet, I get the feeling that if he could actually do anything at all, they’d push him thru the moon.

Heat 02/23 (453)


Not much worth seeing. I mean, it was fine, but I’ve finished and can’t recall anything except how bad Shad is. On one hand, they know, because JTG wrestles 90% of each and every match, but on the other hand, they had Shad and Shelton do a three reversal finish.

I had this theory that Super Crazy’s ballooned up because of the free buffets at WWE tapings – that’s not the sort of thing they have in Mexico, as every luchador notes after they go. The thing is, they theoretically have food at SmackDown shows, even if it is the b show. One can only assume that the SmackDown catering sucks.

I’m not emotionally prepared to talk about UIC beating Loyola. I may never be ready. Tournament win or bust.

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Heat 01/19 (448)


from last week. I downloaded the show and had it sitting on my computer all week, but I just didn’t feel like doing it. To be honest, the year in review stuff I’m doing for the CMLL blog is taking up about 7x as much time as I thought it would. I’ve planned on the last third of the year better, but it’s still a bunch, and this is even with no attempt to edit.

This show, if I can talk about this show in the post about it, was okay. I wasn’t thrilled when I realized how long the main event was going, but it was okay enough. I dunno how they ever expect Cade & Murdoch to be do anything but Heat matches if that’s all they do, but welcome to life.

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