Heat #458


This was pretty good. It seems like Shelton and Crazy figured out how to work together (just do a bunch of big moves and see if you can connect them) and it turned on fun, and Charlie vs Val was good as well. They need to run the tag match next week and give them eight minutes too.

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Heat #455


Aired 03/09. Val/Shelton felt like they were trying to remember a match they did, except they both didn’t remember the same parts of it. If they did it again a month, I think it’d be better.

I could stand going a long while without Eugene and Highlanders matches.

If Todd does end up with ECW, as the talk has been, at least Josh will be back around to be amusing.

Heat 02/16 (452)


Okay show. Only a seven minute main event – they trust Shad less than they trust the Highlanders! That’s not so good. Kenny was boring. Shelton/Scotty was fine.

So I did check, and there are seven weeks with dual episodes.
11/01/05 (pre Taboo Tuesday) & 11/04/05
11/25/05 & 11/27/05 (pre Survivor Series)
12/16/05 & 12/18/05 (pre-Armageddon; *)
01/06/06 & 01/08/06 (pre NYR)
01/27/06 & 01/29/06 (pre Rumble)
02/17/06 & 02/19/06 (pre NWO)
04/28/06 & 04/30/06 (pre Backlash)

* – no recap, but I’ve had this show on my computer for weeks just to fill in the gap – I’ll get to whenever I’m caught up on lucha, ha.

All those pre PPV shows were ‘net exclusives, so they wouldn’t be aired internationally (not really ‘air’ed) at all, and most of them weren’t a hour either. They dropped doing them last year and no one complained.

Okay, but that’s seven episodes, and I was only supposed off six episodes, so I must’ve skipped one. I’m thinking it must be the 09/16/01; MTV was just showing videos that weekend so no Heat aired. Except I guess it must’ve aired in the UK and of course that’ll count for international airings. I know they didn’t count that one on the TiVo Program Info, last I could check.

Should I change my episode numbering? Dunno. Did I waste time on something no one but me cares about? Probably!

Watching part of SmackDown while typing this: What brand is Scotty on? He was back on SmackDown tonight with no one even noticing. Good to see Funaki sticking with his partner. Good to see Jamie Noble is still alive. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO SHANNON MOORE. What brand is he on? The Token Multi-Man Cruiserweight match appears to be occurring one month early. I thought they forget about Jimmy Wayne Yang for a moment. Maybe he and Noble can team up!

Enough of this. Hope everyone likes me listing lucha recaps with everything else, because that’s the way I hope to be doing it now. If there’s any blog posts I feel like I actually work on enough that they need to be noticed, I’ll probably them out on the link list/rss feed.

TNA Against All Odds 2007


Hemme tried hard enough and showed that deserves another shot in a real wrestling company. Everyone else involved in this garbage can eat a bag of dicks.

You know, the only part of this show that I’ve actually enjoyed has been Bob Backlund. IT IS 2007. AND THE BEST PART OF THE SHOW IS BOB BACKLUND. If ever there was a sign that you should quit promoting wrestling, this is it.

James Kalyn.

You can follow the trail of James’ kidnapped yellow friend at Save Mr. Peeps dot org.

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thecubsfan talks to TC


Tanvir interviewed me for his site. There may be lies involved.

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Heat #451


02/09: they like the long form Cade & Murdoch tag matches and I’d almost like to believe in them, if they were actually going some place. They’d probably actually have some fun matches with Kendrick and London, but then, that’s pretty much everyone.

Still, you put them on SD! and you move over the Grease guys to get into the never ending fued with the Highlanders and things are – I don’t know better, but more amusing for sure.

THURSDAY RAW THURSDAY. I wonder if there will be any matches?

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WSX #2


Wrestling Society X is a great wrestling product. There are lotsa guys flipping around all over the place, a crowd full of actors woefully playing the parts of “wrestling fans” and a fanbase consisting of 16 year old boys and 35 year old men, who are both trying not to get kicked out of their parents’ basement again.

Tanvir’s recap of show #2.

More Tanvir @

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Heat 02/02 (450)


This week’s show. Anniversary special: THE BATTLE FOR IT ALL. They only really needed Val on the tecnico side and (unfired) Conway on the rudo side to make it the biggest match in this era of Heat. They really give the Highlanders the shortest comebacks possible, which must mean something to someone.

Why DID they bring Scotty over? I’m not complaining, he’s okay, he’s a willing participant in fun matches, I’m tired of seeing the same 10 guys over and over again but this was all true last month and the month before that. I haven’t been paying close attention, I imagine that the guys who would be Velocity superstars have been cut out of the house show runs with ECW added to the cards, so this is helping out a veteran.

I eagerly anticipate the Scotty 2 Hotty/Super Crazy teamup.

BTW: I’ve made it so the article links should actually update now. I guess, they worked before, but I was too lazy to actually do them. I’ve made them simpler.

Heat 01/26 (449)


This one is from this week.

I thought this “the Highlanders get beat up for 8+ minutes but rally back to win lose” was better than the previous one, though maybe not as great as you’d think. It does help that they gave the Highlanders more than 10 seconds of hot tag comeback this time.

11:47 is a long time for a TV match and, as far as I can look back, the longest match on this show in at least six years. They did a 10:54 Goldust/Snitsky vs Spirit Squad match on 06/10, and that’s the longest one of the Internet only era. There was a 11:45 Lance Storm/Val Venis vs the Dudley Boys WM Title Shot was back on 03/07/04 that might have been the last best match the Dudleys had (I dunno), but that’s 2 seconds short.

Otherwise, I checked thru all the recaps I’ve got, and can’t find a match longer. Maybe back in the first couple of years, pre-SmackDown, when they were doing stuff that matters on the show? That would’ve been heavy into the Vince Russo era, so who knows.

It didn’t feel exceedingly long, but with all the offense Shelton and Charlie have, I’d thunk I would’ve seen more of it. Didn’t feel like the best 12 minute match these two teams could have, for whatever that’s worth.

Heat 01/19 (448)


from last week. I downloaded the show and had it sitting on my computer all week, but I just didn’t feel like doing it. To be honest, the year in review stuff I’m doing for the CMLL blog is taking up about 7x as much time as I thought it would. I’ve planned on the last third of the year better, but it’s still a bunch, and this is even with no attempt to edit.

This show, if I can talk about this show in the post about it, was okay. I wasn’t thrilled when I realized how long the main event was going, but it was okay enough. I dunno how they ever expect Cade & Murdoch to be do anything but Heat matches if that’s all they do, but welcome to life.

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