Chiefs @ Cougars, 06/07


Not driving to Des Moines kinda worked out: Rich Harden scratched from Iowa rehab start. If I got there and found that out, I think I might’ve just resumed driving west until I sank into the Pacific.

Instead of driving 4.5 hours, I drove about 10 minutes down the road and saw a different Cubs minor league team – Peoria vs Kane County. Since I’m going back today on my regular tickets and will forget all of what I saw by then (or would anyway), here’s some random notes that didn’t actually need to be noted:

  • Vitters’ line for the night: 0-4 with two double plays and one K (looking). Totally bad luck. First AB was a screaming line drive to second, where the fielder had to either catch the ball or it wouldn’t dislodged some vital organs, and the runner had no shot at getting back to first. Ball in the second AB was hit hard on the ground to third, deflected off the third baseman’s glove, scooped and chucked by the shortstop, and (maybe) beat him to first base. Lucky play. He earned the last two outs, but as impressive as you could be with that line
  • I should know who’s managing Peoria and I should check, but I’m folding laundry in between typing and busy enough. Whoever it is, when Vitters was up, they coached third base from about one step outside of the dugout, like 10-15 feet from the actual box. That was a first.
  • Pedro Figueroa doesn’t have good numbers, and he’s a 23 year old in low A so it’s not really counting, but he’s seemed really good the last two times I’ve seen him (this start and May 22nd). A ton of ground ball outs – 1o today – and about as many Ks per innings without walks.
  • Maybe it’s just me, but the Cheifs hitters all seem much better than the Cougars. Which makes no sense given that 7-1 final score and all. Maybe Berroa or someone is going to be good and I don’t know it yet.
  • It was hot and humid and not as much fun to sit outside as it should’ve. Hopefully it’ll be better tonight. Tickets bought the night before were better than I get on my regular package, of course.
  • Still, it was a Sunday afternoon versus the Cubs, in June, and attendence was 5,191. Last time I saw Peoria, last Labor Day weekend, they drew 11,302 on a Sunday and 7,007 onĀ  Labor Day proper. And that was before they added the second deck of (usually empty) sky boxes and (always empty) balcony seating. At least the group seating in the bleachers was completely sold out, for the first time I’ve seen this season. The economy is a brutal thing.

Hopefully it’ll be more full tonight. Even if it’s not, it the future Cubs vs the future guys the A’s will trade before they get expensive, and you really can’t pass that up. The Cougars magic number is 13, and Peoria’s the team they’re trying to put away, so it’s as important as a weekday low level sporting event in the far western suburbs can be in June. (Also, it’s a Cubs off day.)

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