List ‘Em and Learn Episode 13 – Well Then


Once a year, 30 men enter one ring for a shot at glory, and a chance to main event the showcase of the immortals. Multiple times per year, some dweeb records podcasts about wrestling where he talks to his friends about those 30 men, and as two men discuss thirty, they multiply into 60 men! Those sentences made sense, right? Anyway, it’s List Em and Learn! Justin Shapiro joins Matt once again as they run down their top 10 favorite Royal Rumble matches in history. From all of the top notch entrances to all of the bottom notch eliminations, they go through all of the notches of Royal Rumbles of all eras, until only one (two) Royal Rumbles are left standing. Also, be on the look out for a very special guest, who makes his presence known via text message. It’s a show that’s no longer topical, so check it out!

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13: Well Then (top Royal Rumbles)
12: yearly beloved (top WWF years)
11: Stackable (the top 10 things they’re most thankful for in wrestling)
10: List ‘Em and Pizza (top 10 worst booking issue)
9: The Ring Not Taken (top 10 What Ifs)
8: Top 10 WWE Angles 2000-2015
7: These Ain’t No Holograms (top 10 greatest ECW matches)
6: Life-Affirming Life (top 10 WCW matches of the 1990s)
5: Looking Up (at) the Star(s) (ratings) (top 10 WWE PPVs since 2000)
4: Ladders and Laundry (top 10 WWF matches of the 1990s)
3: Microchips and Mood Music (Top 10 NES Games)
2: A LOT OF SAND (The Top 10 TV Dramas from 2000-2014)
1: Episode 1 (Part 1 & Part 2)

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LIST ‘EM AND LEARN Episode 1: “Episode 1” (Part 2)


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A brand new podcast has been born. That’s what happens when two podcasts mate. In this case, the mommy was Dr. Keith Presents, and the daddy was The Justin Shapirshow. DKP’s Alan4L and The Shapirshow’s Justin Shapiro join their Ne’er-do-well son, Matt Feuerstein, on his new podcast entitled “List ‘Em and Learn.” Every month it’s going to feature a new countdown on various topics, wrestling and otherwise. For this inaugural edition, these three kooks are counting down the top 20 United States-based wrestlers from 2002-2014, based entirely on their in-ring skills. You might say they’re going to list them wrestlers, and hopefully learn a few valuable life lessons along the way. It’s super long, because Alan and Matt each have their own lists, and Justin sends it all up by satirizing the very notion of putting art and artists into some sort of capitalistic competition. IT’S A TWO-PART MAGICAL FREAKIN’ ADVENTURE, SO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

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You can find Justin Shapiro (@jmshapyro), Matt (@MayorMGF) and @Alan4L on Twitter.

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Joe Versus The World – 62: Justin Shapiro [SummerSlam, Part 2]


Justin Shapiro is back for part 2 of our Summerslam retrospective, covering 1998-2007. We recap some tremendous shows, plus death stalks Earl Hebner, boneheaded match ratings, l-u-g-u-b-r-i-o-u-s, Tazz: Beyond The Glory, Pure Sports Build, shows that may or may not have happened, Diva Dodgeball: where are they now?, profusely beaten babyfaces, the haunting of Randy Orton, GrandpaTista, is Triple H an Other?, and the Summerslam Jam! Spend an hour at the biggest party of the summer, sponsored by Power Wheels

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Justin’s been on talking about WWE previously: a two part retrospective of WM, 2006 year in review in WWE, US wrestlers nominated for WON HOF in 2006, June ’06 RAW and ROH and general WWE talk in April ’06. Justin’s movie reviews of the Marine and the Condemned are good as well.

We thank Justin for coming on again.

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If you’ve got any feedback on this show or any other, we’d love to hear it. Either leave a comment below, or contact Joe at joegagne AT charter DOT net. Thanks for listening – if you enjoyed a show, we’d quite appreciated if you told your friends, or at least told us!

We’ll see you for the finale – soon!

You can download any of our previous editions below. Right click and save them to your computer to take a listen.

Previous editions:
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39: Tanvir Raquib [WSX] (01/31)
38: Mark Coale [DVDs] (01/24)
37: Christopher Robin Zimmerman [a little bit of everything] (01/17)
36: Dr. Keith [a little bit of everything] (01/06)
35: Matt Foy & Rob Naylor [year in review, ROH] (12/27)
34: Justin Shapiro [year in review, WWE] (12/23)
33: Adam & Mike [year in review, Japan] (12/14)
32: thecubsfan [year in review, lucha] (12/07)
31: Sven Mascarenhas [wrestling video games] (11/27)
30: American Balloon (2) [wrestling in Japan] (11/23)
29: Scott Christ [TNA] (11/21)
28: Tom Feely [survivor series] (11/19)
27: Rob Naylor (2) [indy] (11/12)
26: Matt Foy (4) [ROH] (11/07)
25: Vince Verhei (2) [comebacks] (10/27)
24: Justin Shapiro (4) [the Marine] (10/21)
23: Bryan Alvarez (2) [everything] (10/10)
22: Ken Dreiling and Jesse “J-tron” Irwin [IWA-MS TPI] (10/05)
21: Matt Foy [ROH] (09/20)
20: Tanvir Raquib [09/11 RAW] (09/16)
19: Rob Naylor [News and tangents] (09/09)
18: Dean Rasmussen [DVDVR, life] (08/31)
17: Phil Schneider [Best of the 80’s Japan Indies DVD] (08/26)
16: CRZ [being CRZ] (08/17)
15: Justin Shapiro and thecubsfan [WON HOF, US, Mexico] (08/10)
14: Dr. Keith Lipinski and Mike Sempervive [WON HOF, Japan] (08/04)
13: thecubsfan [lucha] (07/24)
12: Matt Foy [ROH] (07/17)
11: Bryan Alvarez [being Bryan Alvarez] (07/12)
10: Mike Coughlin [MMA] (07/01)
9: Dr. Keith Lipinski [Japan, general wackiness] (06/27)
8: Tanvir Raquib [ECW, parallel dimensions] (06/17)
7: American Balloon [his career] (06/10)
6: Justin Shapiro [RAW, ROH] (06/03)
5: Albert Ching [Judgement Day, ECW] (05/28)
4: Vince Verhei [everything] (05/21)
3: Matt Foy [ROH] (05/14)
Bonus: Hogan Knows Best recap (05/08)
2: Justin Shapiro [WWE] (04/29)
1: thecubsfan [lucha] (04/22)

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