WWE PPV buys


As seen in the quarterly-ish filling.

Events (in chronological order) 	  	December 31, 2006 	December 31, 2005
Backlash® 					  	  — 	  	  	308
Judgment Day® 	  					252 	  	  	266
ECW® One Night Stand 					304 	  	  	333
Vengeance® 						337 	  	  	429
Great American Bash® 					232 	  	  	279
SummerSlam® 						541 	  	  	634
Unforgiven® 	 					307 	  	  	240
No Mercy® 	  					197 	  	  	224
Cyber Sunday™ /Taboo Tuesday® 	  			228 	  	  	207
Survivor Series® 	  				383 	  	  	375
December to Dismember™ 	  	  			90 	  	  	  —
Armageddon® 	  					239 	  	  	280

This year’s Unforgiven had Edge/Cena in a TLC match and DX vs Vince/Shane/Show in HitC, so pick one of them for an explaiantion. Taboo Tuesday moved to (Cyber) Sunday, which explains that 10% bump (though I kinda would have figured more.) The voting concept isn’t a draw, but neither are any of the other PPVs that aren’t SummerSlam/WM/Rumble so it wouldn’t be the first thing to fix. Everything else was down or about the same, but since they were charging more for it, it may not be a big deal.

That December to Dismember number, wow. 90,000 buys is horrific. Between ONS and that massacre, they burned off 73% of the people who were willing to pay for ECW PPVs. That could not have gone more wrong. (And yet, wouldn’t it be better than any TNA number ever?)

Of course, everything else was the same
– tons of money from DVDs
– no money from films
– made more money than comparable period from last year.

Live event attendance was up 9%, or 27% when you take out the ECW shows they won’t be running anymore, and that’s the indicator that’s supposed to foreshadow a boom (according to Meltzer.)

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