Heat #454


03/02. They did a long Charlie Haas vs Val Venis match, which was a much better idea than sending Cryme Tyme long. Shad selling is as amusing as I’d been led to believe.

Last time Val beat someone on the roster (on Heat) was 09/30/06 – but that was Conway, so does it really count? He won a tag match with Viscera over Tomko & Snitsky on 02/10/06, and the last time they beat someone who is still on the roster was 12/05/2004 when he beat Viscera.

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Heat 01/12 (447)


The Haas/Crazy match was good, but… Crazy’s still not meshing will with either guy, or on the RAW brand in general. He looked dead tired the last few minutes of this 9 minute match, he and Haas weren’t on the same page to start it, and he feels the requirement to do springboard moves despite not trusting the ropes in the slightest.

I love Super Crazy, I’m just trying to prepare you for the first time the Observer or Figure 4 has a surprised “WWE agents aren’t high on Super Crazy for some reason” random note.

I completely endorse the idea of making the local short matches a little shorter so the competitive match that actually could be good gets time. There’s no reason for ever local guy to get a comeback and run on WWE guys – it doesn’t make the WWE guy look good, and that’s most of the point of the match. Tag teams shouldn’t be in peril against non-WWE guys.

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Heat 12/02, 12/09


#441 had a good Val/Charlie match and a good in parts Conway/Crazy match, though there seems to be issues with Crazy – communication?

#442 was a Piper tribute show. The MSG match was fun, but I hope they’re sending the well wishes to Piper, because I don’t believe he’s watching Heat.

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