I am not emotionally prepared to go thru this again


I despise you, Ken Rosenthal. Even if you’re right.

The Yankees could move Cano. The Marlins could trade Dan Uggla. The free-agent class will include Orlando Hudson. But the Orioles’ Brian Roberts, a switch-hitting leadoff man, still would be a unique commodity in a crowded second-base market.

A large number of teams could seek to upgrade at second, including the Diamondbacks, Cubs, Padres, Dodgers, Mets, Cardinals, Indians and White Sox. Several of those clubs have long coveted Roberts.

Meanwhile, Sisyphus started pushing that boulder up a cliff again.

nothing much happening at winter meetings


Jim Hendry on Ryan Dempster: “I have every confidence he’s going to be a 14-, 15-game winner.”

Apparently, he’s planning on starting Dempster for at least two years.


The Brian Roberts trade rumors are nonsensical. Brian Roberts would be a fine addition, but the names that are being suggested for him are Sports Talk Radio silly.

Sean Marshall – Cubs don’t think a lot of him, or Dempster wouldn’t be moved to the rotation
Sean Gallagher – locked out of rotation spot for the foreseeable future, hasn’t shown a lot in the pen
Ronny Cedeno – easily replaceable bench flotsam
Eric Patterson – lost a great deal of his value over the last year and has definitely been passed by Sam Fuld among future OFs
Matt Murton – remains Matt Murton

All four of these guys may have many years of MLB baseball in them, and probably useful contributions (maybe not Cedeno), but none of them are top prospects and it’d be a stretch to call them projected difference makers. If the Orioles were simply looking for more depth, it’d be one thing, but none of these guys seem like key parts of a successful rebuilding effort. $14.3 over two years is a good deal for the current market; it’ll save the O’s some money but it’s not an unfair contract for the Cubs to pick up.

I can’t see this happening for how little sense it would make for the O’s, but since most of the story seems to be coming from the Baltimore side, I like the thought that there’s a chance.

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