AAA to hold tryouts in Los Angeles this Tuesday

PWInsider has the details. As I do not hate you or your computers, I suggest you actually DO NOT click on that link unless you’ve got some strong ad blocking software going on. The actual details are just below. Thanks to Masked Republic for the tip on twitter.

Tryouts are Tuesday at noon at the Fit Pit Pro Wrestling School (6628 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91603.) That’s the same address as Slam City Pro Wrestling, so maybe it’s the same thing? Not sure.

Announcing a tryout with four days warning, at noon, is probably not going to give you the best and most complete selection of talent possible, but there’s so much that’s wrong here that I feel like even that’s not worth pointing out. At some point, you’ve got to wonder why AAA just doesn’t cease promoting in Mexico and restart as a southern California indy. Sure, they would be broke, but they’d be happier and I’m all for happy people.

To make this very clear: it makes absolutely no sense for a Mexico based promotion to be holding open tryouts in Mexico. It makes no sense to fly/house an American in Mexico to be roster filler when there are dozens of guys who’d kill for that chance, and one who would’ve made a difference (if such a thing exists) could probably be found without a tryout. Much less one at a weird time with little warning. The only way this makes sense is if they’re planning on running shows in southern California and need guys to fill out the opening matches because they’re going to save money by not flying Poder del Norte and the Dark Family out, and even then, not even sure why you bother with the tryouts. Just have the local indy find people for the opening matches, like they do with every spot show they run in Mexico.

Something doesn’t quite add up. Unfortunately, with AAA’s decisions of late, this seems to indicate something dumb is going on, not that a piece is missing.

At the same time, if anyone reading this is tempting into going, please email and let me know how it goes. I’m dying for a report on this one, I might find some DVD or something else to give to you.