new video releases for weekend of May 14-May 15th

it's a Copa Higher Power week
it’s a Copa Higher Power week, so I can just pick a random spot in a video and find a GIF

YouTube playlist:

This might be the last week of mediafire links. They’re discontinuing their desktop sync client in July, and their web upload client has always taken about 10-15x longer to upload files. I’m considering moving to unless someone has a better idea. (I’m using Dropbox for other uses and don’t want to mix these files on there.) I’m unsure of when I’ll switch, but it doesn’t make sense to keep putting them up on the service I won’t be using.

I subscribed to Mediafire a year, so the links will continue to work until January. You can always ask for the videos or download them off YouTube after that point.

There’s more Azteca HD episodes below, and I added some late last week if you missed them. Kamaitachi/Dragon Lee was 3 GBs alone.

I missed out on most of this week’s AAA episode; it aired much later than usual on one channel I record, and not at all the other. The PROESA episode was a repeat. The IWRG show started early, but it seemed like we caught most of the match. (more…)

new video releases for weekend of May 7-May 8th

YouTube Playlist:

I’ve got some older HD version of the Azteca shows below. There’s more that will be added this afternoon; they’re taking a while to upload and there’s no sense in waiting for the new stuff.

Tuesday Afternoon Edit: I’ve filled in the missing matches. There’s more to do, but I’ll put them in next week’s batches. (more…)

new video releases for weekend of April 16-17th

YouTube Playlist:

I put up the CMLL iPPV because it’s aired on TV. I’ve also put up how it aired on TV. I have no idea why you’d download the Azteca version.

I didn’t get all of Claro – just the first two matches, and I grabbed the main event from their website.

IWRG’s Wednesday show (airing Saturday) ended early without showing the main event. The Sunday show (airing Monday night) died twice – the internet feed went out during the second cage match, and the actual TV feed of the network went out during the show. I’ll add any missing matches next week if they turn up.


new video releases for weekend of April 2nd-3rd

YouTube Playlist:

The Azteca7 videos aren’t on the normal channel, but they’re in the playlist. It’s going to be this way until I feel safe Azteca7 isn’t going to do takedown notices and torpedo the whole channel in the process.

I had a problem recording AAA and you should be watching it on the AAA official channel anyway.

This has little directly to do with anything, but I figured out the deal with the Televisa live YouTube channels: they launched the channels without getting rights to anything, and so can only air the shows the individual stations produce locally. Anything else gets replaced by channel commercials so they don’t get in trouble, which means these feeds won’t be useful for recording Guadalajara lucha (or AAA) unless this changes.

You should also know that my MediaFire account is just about full. I’m going to take down the files from the first three months of 2015 soon. Those links will still be available on YouTube.