lucha TV preview for weekend of August 29th



  • Kind of wonder how they’ll get the long half of TripleMania all in 90 minutes on AAA. They didn’t do much editing on the first half. They’ll probably do some this time.
  • Friday night’s clarosports is going to be a thing. Maybe I’ll even record it correctly.
  • CMLL’s first run TV looks very blah this week. Sky Team title defense is probably the best match.
  • Join CMLL on YouTube Monday night when Ultimo Guerrero does a front superplex, a super powerbomb and maybe a Guerrero Special in exactly that order.

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lucha video releases, week of August 22nd

YouTube Playlist:

C3’s usual stream didn’t work. I got the backup stream working during the second match. I should have a full version of that, and the HD version of Azteca, later on Tuesday. Watch this space.

Edit: I’ve added HD versions of the Azteca matches.

Edit 2: I’ve added TV versions of the C3 matches, including a complete version of the segunda.


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new video releases for June 25

As thins as it gets: AULL didn’t air (and is presumed dead), FULL aired a rerun, Noches aired reruns, IWRG had only one new show and the feed was down during it.

52MX had some unusual match picks. This version of Dragon Lee/Kamaitachi is not complete, but it’s more complete than I would’ve guessed. (Same thing for Azteca.)

YouTube playlist:


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