new video releases for weekend of August 6-7th

YouTube Playlist:

This is a smaller number of matches than usual. No Claro. No Elite. Azteca moved around so I missed a big chunk (but it’s a show I put up already.) Sunday’s IWRG was pre-empted by baseball. Saturday’s IWRG was pre-empted by my internet going out in the middle of the show; I’m getting help with the missing matches from the Wednesday taping, and I will add them later on.


new video releases for weekend of July 23-24th

YouTube Playlist:

This week’s issues: Noches de Coliseo changed time, but I eventually got it – and found out it was a repeat. PROESA didn’t get recorded because the computer I use to record it turned off after a power outage and I never thought to turn it back on. Maybe I should stop recording things on that computer.

The AAA feed fell apart moments after the main event finish. You should probably be watching the official version instead, that’s the one I watch. I recorded the streaming version of Elite on Saturday night and Sunday morning, but the Saturday night file vanished and the Sunday airing skipped the Magnus trios. (The Sunday morning airing always seem to be cutting a match for time reasons.) Again, you should probably just watch the show there. I’ve placed the missing match in the playlist, and it’ll show up in the DB, but there’s no download since I didn’t get it myself.

Playlist includes extra Arena Independente footage.  (more…)

new video releases for weekend of June 25-26

Noches de Coliseo, IWRG and PROESA all aired repeats. I was unable to record Clarosports

AAA aired the Lucha World Cup on TV this week, and so I was going to put up the English version of the matches on my channel. I noticed I’ve got a big sound issue from the second match of the Sunday show on, so I took that back down. I’ll try to see if I can get it fixed in the next few days.

YouTube Playlist: (more…)