top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. AAA ended their year by crowning El Patron Alberto as champion, ending the two year reign of Texano Jr. That match and Aerostar unmasking Super Fly were the biggest and best matches on the show, both delivering on the stories they’d told to that point to the crowd’s approval. The undercard was more of a preview for 2015: Pentagon Jr. & Joe Lider won the tag team titles to set up Myzteziz & Fenix as challengers, the women continue to have pull apart brawls, and an unexplained angle led to Cibernetico showing up about 3 minutes after his match ended. (His team did not win.) TripleMania was arguably the best AAA show of the year, but Guerra de Titanes was not far behind. AAA’s TV backlog means this won’t air until January, though it did air on PPV (but not iPPV.)
  2. CMLL did not run a Year End Show in 2013. CMLL ran a Year End Show in 2014, an Infierno en el Ring cage match. 2013 was better. Felino lost his hair to Rey Bucanero in a finish that was not surprising, not interesting, and not any good. CMLL’s year end shows have been notoriously poor in recent years (the last good one was in 2009), but this was still bad by any standard. Bucanero was immediately thrust into a feud with Volador Jr., who could mean in an unimpressive match in 2015.
  3. Octagon, who earlier said he quit AAA to go his own way, is now claiming he was unfairly fired by AAA and is suing for back pay. Octagon is not suing for his own name, saying he owns it and AAA tried to take it away from him. (AAA’s continued to make merchandise deals with an Octagon like figure on it, but have said they’re Octagoncito items.) Octagon has gone to every gossip show who will have him to talk about this the last couple of weeks, while AAA has said nothing.
  4. CMLL’s not done much on it’s Friday night shows, but has put together much better main events on it’s less attended Tuesday shows. Virus kept his lightweight title over Dragon Lee, and Guerrero Maya & Delta kept their tag team titles over Cavernario & Hechicero. Both are reported to be great matches, but it’s unclear why these matches are happening on Tuesday while CMLL’s bigger shows are not good. (It’s totally unclear why CMLL does anything.)
  5. Lucha Underground continued to produce very good shows to a small audience. They’re taping in January, though they’re also not announcing the tape dates until January.
  6. El Patron Alberto added ROH matches to the wide array of promotions he’ll be working for in 2014. There are reports he’s been contacted by Bellator as well. Alberto’s said to have not actually signed with Lucha Underground yet, but is still expected to be there in January.
  • CMLL announced they’d run shows of young wrestlers and trainees on Saturdays in Arena Coliseo. CMLL announced the debut show, which had the same people CMLL books on pretty much every show. No explanation.
  • CMLL moved their Sunday Guadalajara shows to Fridays. They did not announce this – the cards were just listed as Friday suddenly, with people who were actually already booked in Arena Mexico. CMLL then threw together an unimpressive card with people actually available to work a Friday card (the move was appeared to be a surprise to the people who book these shows) but actually did OK attendance because it was a holiday. There’s been no explanation of the move nor any particular promotion for it
  • Ramstein & Cholo, masked rudos who’ve been stuck in the opening match forever, are now feuding with rising stars Star Jr. & Soberano Junior. CMLL’s held an apuesta match with opening match wrestlers in January the last few years, and these four may be this year’s finish.
  • Marco Corleone was knocked silly when the top rope snapped and hit him hard in the back of the head. It looked bad, and ended his singles match with Terrible, but he was fine and wrestling again the next day.
  • Syuri won CMLL’s Women’s Title from Marcela in Japan.

top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. AAA returned back to taping after a long break. Their tapings in Mexico City and Tuxtla focused on the final built to this upcoming Sunday’s Guerra de Titanes. Texano Jr. defeated El Patron Alberto in a street fight; despite the debut of Ricardo Rodriguez, Perro Jr. was enough to help champion Texano win before he defends his title against Alberto this weekend. The tag title match between champions Angelico & Jack Evans, Perros del Mal challengers Pentagon Jr. & Joe Lider and Reyes del Aire challengers Myzteziz & Fenix is being pushed as the second biggest match on the show and a title change seems likely there as well. The Hell Brothers continue to feud with the Psycho Circus, but that’s been pushed into the background a bit by Konnan rudely demanding Ciberentico and his crew join La Sociedad by this weekend or else and Cibernetico laughing off the threats. It seems highly unlikely the tweener Hell Brothers are going to join the rudo faction, but it also seems the most likely spot for big faction changing angle (which AAA has done the last few years on this show.) Ivelisse made her debut on these shows. She’s a tecnica here and feuding with ruda Sexy Star, the opposite of their Lucha Underground roles.
  2. The DF taping was surprisingly aired on a free stream with almost no notice. The stream went fine, leading me to believe Guerra de Titanes would be on iPPV. However, it’s Wednesday and there’s no hint of a streaming show, so who knows. The Guerra de Titanes show will air on PPV, and won’t air on TV until sometime in 2015.
  3. CMLL’s Inferino en el Ring is a show that’s happening with not much excitement. It’s a ten man cage match that was hurt a lot by losing it’s most compelling luchador (Rush) due to injury, but the rest of the build has been uninspiring: just a lot of people who simultaneous decided to start challenging for hair matches, and a situation where someone who’s in main events but not treated like a big star (Felino, Rey Bucanero) is expected to lose. This seems to be a test of Ultimo Guerrero’s drawing power. He’s been pushed as the top guy since the Anniversary show, but outside of that mask loss and the two Dia Los Muertos themed shows, Guerrero has not seemed to affect attendances. CMLL compounded the problems by adding nothing of substance to the card, just a bunch of interchangeable trios matches. The cage match should have some highlights – Barbaro Cavernario has built a year off of jumping of high places and a Snuka top of the cage splash seems very likely – but there are already better looking CMLL cards this month.
  4. CMLL and NJPW announced the FantasticaMania tour: Atlantis, Último Guerrero, La Sombra, Volador Jr., Místico, Gran Guerrero, Mr. Niebla, Bárbaro Cavernario, Máscara Dorada, Pólvora, Mephisto, Okumura, Ángel de Oro, Stuka Jr., Rey Cometa, Triton and Stigma. Stigma is a surprise inclusion but he’s the nephew of Black Cat, who’s always honored on this tour, so that may be the rationale. Atlantis vs Ultimo Gurerero and La Sombra vs Volador are expected to take place on the tour, likely the Korakuen Hall shows (which will air live on the NJPWWorld platform.)
  5. Recent Lucha Underground episodes have focused on the Prince Puma/Johnny Mundo/Big Ryck triangle, with Puma apparently choosing not to help Mundo against Ryck and Mundo accidentally hitting Puma with a chair. King Cuerno debuted and is feuding with Drago. Lucha Underground continues to draw in the 15-20K range on El Rey and 180-200K range on Unimas. A couple of the luchadors were guests at the Latin Grammys.
  6. La Mascara was declared Mr. CMLL 2014, winning the annual bodybuilding contest. All 3 Ingobernables – Sombra, Rush and Mascara – are winners of this competition. Many jokes were made about a Brazo winning a bodybuilding contest; Mascara reminded people that his father and uncles were lightweights at the start of their careers and he himself would get fat soon enough. Dark Angel won the women’s competition (now 8 of 9 years; last year’s winner Dalys pulled out and said it was due to health issues.)
  • Rush underwent surgery on his broken leg, and his return date was pushed back to February.
  • Apolo Dantes announced he was no longer in charge of Arena Coliseo Guadalajara. No one’s said what happened or who’s in charge now; CMLL’s not acknowledged any change.
  • CMLL stripped Mistico of the Welterweight Championship, then announced a tournament in late December for the vacant title (by which time Mistico will probably be back.)
  • CMLL Sunday shows have pushed a Soberano Jr. & Star Jr. vs Cholo & Ramstein, which looks to be a quick feud to set up the annual New Years week apuesta match (and where the long time opening match rudos would be expected to lose.)
  • CMLL announced they would be expanding weekly lineup to include “Sabado Popular” shows, which will feature trainees/young luchadors for cheap tickets at Arena Coliseo. The first show will take place 12/20 and a card is expected to be announced shortly. It’s unclear how often these shows will happen and if they’ll be recorded.
  • The most recent ChilangaMask show pushed a CMLL versus Indy feud with a draw in the main event and a brawl.
  • The upcoming Lucha Memes show includes a Negro Navarro & Que Monito versus Black Terry & Zacarias where only submissions or pinfalls by (or including) the mascot count.
  • Mephisto defeated Valiente in a Mexican Light Heavyweight Championship match for the fourth time. Matches have all said to be good.
  • I finally got to see the IWRG Ninja Turtles. There were a spot where they were dropped on their back and could not get up, because they are turtles. That was good.

top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. Lucha Underground debuted on El Rey and Unimas. The reaction to the show was generally positive, with praise for looking different and the quality of the Puma/Mundo main event. The show was talked about a lot on Twitter that night. Ratings indicated very few people actually watched it on El Rey but “very few people” still means the 2nd most watched show on the network. The Unimas airing generally felt like a native Spanish language product except for the announcers – their sound quality wasn’t good and Vampiro being on both commentating team made for some continuity problems. There’s no word yet as to how they show did on Unimas.
  2. LA Park returned to CMLL. Park and his son made a surprise appearance after the semimain on Friday night. Park mocked the size of the crowd and challenged the top CMLL wrestlers by name, though none came out to confront him. Park is still out for a couple months due to recent surgery, so none of the teased matches should be coming soon – but he’s advertising for an indy show that’s rented out Arena Puebla & Arena Coliseo next week. CMLL mentioned the promo in it’s coverage of the show but hasn’t said anything more about any plans.
  3. Alberto el Patron spoke out against the WWE in an interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine. Alberto talked about dealing with multiple racist incidents, including specifying an unnamed person who fired him as making racial jokes. (Previously, Alberto has said the person who fired him was HHH.) Alberto also said WWE wrestlers were being paid very cheaply and he and Myzteziz would easily be making more money in Mexico. Alberto mentioned the contract AAA offered included payment for working Lucha Underground and Paco Alonso told him to take the deal when Alberto called to see if CMLL could match. Alberto repeated a mention of working in Lucha Underground in 2015 in other UK interviews; he’s been expected to end up there in months and would’ve been in the first run of episodes if he was legally able to be.
  4. CMLL held a week of special Dia Los Muertos shows, where the arena, edecanes, ring personally and the rudos were costumed for the holiday. A God of Hell presided over the top few matches and ordered his mask soldiers to drag the losers to hell after each match. Hell was a side entrance in this case. The God of Hell was revealed to be Ultimo Guerrero both on Friday and Sunday (it was supposed to be a surprise both times?) Guerrero also was God in the ring, defeating Rush and Atlantis in singles matches to main event both shows. Peste Negra kept the national trios titles over the Ingobernables when Rush suddenly decided he didn’t really care that much about the titles and rather just foul Negro Casas. CMLL also set up a haunted house in a basement (though I don’t remember seeing any pictures from it.)
  5. a mystery promotion called All Elite managed to rent out Arena Puebla and Arena Coliseo for a couple shows, and are bringing in Chavo Guerrero Jr., Hernandez, Dr. Wagner Jr., LA Park to wrestle CMLL guys with other indy guys being added in the undercard. The promotion seems to be tied up with Lucha 2000 magazine someway (it’s being pushed hard in the magazine and they’ve rented out Arena Coliseo in the past), but it also appears to be a hugely expensive card which has limited to no chance of making any money. The All Elite card are interesting politically as well, since Chavo Guerrero is part of Lucha Underground and Dr. Wagner is not part of CMLL.
  6. Tercera Caida announced long time host Bernardo Guzmán was leaving the program.
  • Ciudad Juarez wrestler Anima I was killed. A show in his memory, which will also be the retirement show for his two brothers, will take place this weekend.
  • CMLL & NJPW announced the 2015 Fantastica Mania tour. The tour has expanded by one to a sixth show. Barbaro Cavernario & Ultimo Guerrero and 13 yet to be announced CMLL wrestlers will be on the tour.
  • DTU announced a 12 show December show to celebrate it’s 7th Anniversary. That’s easily the most ambitious schedule the small hardcore promotion has run. Xema Ion and Robbie E are probably working the shows, though only Ion has been announced. Those two TNA guys are also working for AAA in a couple weeks.
  • Kenshi Kabuki lost his mask in IWRG’s Castle of Terror, with tecnico Golden Magic winning once again. Kabuki was revealed to be the former (and now returning) Chicano – not actually Japanese. His identity had been an open secret to the hardcore IWRG fans.
  • AAA announced taping lineups for Leon and Mexico City (and quietly canceled the show in between.)
  • Angel de Oro won the CMLL Light Heavyweight Championship from Rey Escorpion.
  • Indy promotion ChilangaMask held a couple of well recieved shows, including a very good Black Terry vs Hechicero match in Monterrey.
  • Indy promotion’s XMW show included a Necro Butcher appearance and luchador Yoruba being knocked unconscious for a length amount of time after taking a knee to the chin.
  • Hijo del Diablo won the WWS Welterweight Championship to continue his feud with Dr. Cerbero.
  • CMLL’s Turibus coverage has expanded to Tuesdays.
  • People keeping titles: Amapola (CMLL-REINA INTL), Oficials (IWRG TAG), Guerreros (CMLL TRIOS), Imposible (IWRG LIGHT)

top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. Lucha Underground started taping. There was a lot going on here. There was drama around the contracts given out; in the end, some of the rumored wrestlers either didn’t sign or just didn’t appear on the first two tapings. It was not a great weekend for luchadors: Drago, Fenix and Pentagon Jr. all missed the first two set of tapings due to visa problems, and Blue Demon was said to hurt his knee in a match with Chavo Guerrero. Mesias, as a surprise, did appear under a mask. With everyone else out, Demon, Chavo, Prince Puma (Ricochet) and Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) were the biggest stars on the first set of tapings. Fans who attended the shows were told they would have to sign non disclosure agreements; every match leaked out right after the taping anyway, and it was unclear how many people there were actually fans. (There were claims of the crowd being filled with “extras”, a producer said there were no “seat fillers.”) That’s generally the way you can sum up up the weekend: if you were there (and especially if you were involved with the production), you came away really happy with the main events on both shows and happy with the possibilities. If you were just reading the results on the internet, it came off as another doomed project in the mode of WSX or Lucha Libre USA and far away from the AAA invasion of the US it was billed to be. Tapings resume this weekend, with the Mexicans on the show this week.
  2. CMLL announced the full 09/19 anniversary card. The surprises included a Cavernario versus Rey Cometa hair match, which is a feud that’s been happening on the live shows but had not been shown on TV or publicized by CMLL in any other fashion (but is still happening to draw extra people to the show somehow.) It should be a great match, anyway. The other big news was the absence of Sombra, who defeated Volador for his mask last year. There’s no sign of injury (like Dragon Rojo) or not being available (like Dark Angel) to keep La Sombra off. In fact, it looked like CMLL was planning on putting Sombra in a trios title match as recently as last week, then shuffled around the card for whatever reason. Everyone in the potential trios title match still made on the card except Sombra. There’s probably something more to this but no one’s saying (and Sombra’s just RT-ed fan complaints about him being left, saying nothing on his own.) CMLL announced a press conference to talk about the card, then canceled it a day later because they may be shuffling it around again. CMLL announced the show would air on TV Azteca, then announced the deal was not done yet. Terra (not CMLL) announced the show would air on their website. No one’s retracted that one yet.
  3. Alberto el Patron will make his AAA in ring debut in Cancun this weekend. Alberto told the media his lawyers found the WWE non-compete contract unconstitutional, and he’ll be wrestling right away. Alberto did not appear on the Lucha Underground tapings, but it does appear he’s taking US indy bookings soon (and at high prices.)
  4. Ultimo Guerrero beat La Sombra to win the Universal championship. This was the expected outcome after the mask match was announced. Maybe more importantly, Ultimo Guerrero matches continue to be on autopilot.
  5. The first Myzteziz/Perro match in six years ended with a foul. They’ve picked right up where they left. This time, evil referee Rafael el Maya DQed Myzteziz for a supposed foul on Perro. The other singles match on AAA’s taping in Pachuca saw Super Fly also get DQed for purposefully fouling rival Aerostar. Joe Lider turned rudo on the tapings, joining Perros del Mal.
  6. Thunder returned to CMLL, turning rudo. Super Libre said he’s been training with Satanico, who had his work cut out for him. Thunder was gifted a spot on the Anniversary show over dozens of more deserving people for no obvious reason.
  • AAA and phone company NYXMobile announced a deal for AAA branded phones. They go on sale this weekend.
  • Astral won the CMLL minis championship, ending Pequeno Olimpico’s four year (and mostly quiet) title reign.
  • Marco & Rush won Block A of a tag team title shot tournament in Puebla, which then became a tournament for a trophy instead. They’ll face Block B winners Terrible & Rey Escorpion this Tuesday.
  • Dragon Rojo announced he’ll be out indefinitely due to a knee injury.
  • Alan Xtreme lost his hair in Naucalpan after the Neza Boys won via nefarious means.
  • Malefico took Exterminador’s hair in Guadalajara.
  • Hijo de Dos Caras kept the IWRG Heavyweight title in Naucalpan over Demon Clown. Demon Clown early won a strange ladder match earlier in the week

top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. Alberto del Rio went from WWE superstar to TripleMania special guest in a matter of days. Del Rio was fired from WWE after attacking a (non-wrestler) employee in a backstage confrontation. Reports say the attack was in response to a racial joke – WWE hasn’t denied it, and ADR is being portrayed as standing up to a racist in Mexico. It’s ADR’s best storyline in years and it also might be true. There’s a lot of question marks – what will be his role? is Del Rio in AAA for the long term? how can he be advertised under the WWE name? – but Del Rio appearing alone has definitely increased attention for TripleMania and probably sold a fair bit of tickets. Meanwhile, this means WWE is certainly looking around for another Mexican or Hispanic to take Alberto Del Rio’s spot (since Kalisto is more of a Rey Misterio replacement.)
  2. Dr. Wagner Jr. has improbably returned to AAA, again. Wagner made a surprise appearance at the TripleMania conference. AAA was announcing a four way match with a mystery person when Wagner (and his son) appeared to say he was back. Cibernetico ripped Wagner and Joaquin Roldan for bringing Wagner back, and others in AAA said the same on Twitter after. Wagner’s stint in AAA ended badly, with Wagner refusing work with AAA for the last few months of his contract outside of last year’s TripleMania. Both sides then made legal threats against each other and claimed they wouldn’t work together ever again, but here they are a year later. It’s unclear if this is a one match appearance or a longer return; whatever plan there was might have already changed with Alberto del Rio being available. Dr. Wagner Jr. previously suffered a bad cut in a match with LA Park, which was said to put him out of action for three weeks. He’ll be back in about half the time if he works TripleMania.
  3. The most unpredictable part of CMLL’s Juicio Final was the attendance. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise for CMLL, drawing around the same 13,000 fans they did back in March for Dos Leyendas. The outcomes were more as expected: Rush defeated Negro Casas in a one sided hair match, Marcela & Princesa Sugehit defeated Seductora & Princesa Blanca in a mask/hair match (which also marked the end of Blanca’s career, at least for now) and Volador won his title back from Sombra.
  4. AAA announced the rest of the TripleMania lineup a couple days before that press conference. The main event remains Psycho Clown versus Texano Jr. in mask versus hair and the Taya/Faby title match is still on, but the rest of the card is very disconnected from anything built on TV. There’s a four way match with Mytzeziz, Cibernetico, Perro Aguayo Jr. and a mystery person (assumed to be Wagner) which has some of the biggest stars of the last decade but hasn’t been advertised on TV. There’s the Cruiserweight/Fusion title match that’s got a different lineup than they’ve set up on TV (with Aerostar notable winning a #1 contenders match but not getting a spot in a 10 man title match.) There is a cage match that’s been somewhat built up with promos added to TV, but it generally comes off like the people putting the TV together had no idea what most of the their biggest card of the year was going to be until a couple weeks before the show. This continued frustrating patterns where matches built up on AAA’s TV show just don’t happen on their major shows, and those major show undercards are just randomly thrown together matches meaning little.
  5. CMLL announced Ultimo Guerrero versus Atlantis in a mask versus mask match will be the main event of the 09/17 Anniversary show. They had the luchadors sign the contract for the match, and have spent some time emphasizing that it’ll be a singles match without anyone else getting involved like last year. It’s unclear if people actually believe CMLL, but they’ve got a month to hype it. Ultimo Guerrero is running thru top guys in the lead up to the match. Tickets went on sale quickly, marked up $20 from last year.
  6. Various leaks suggest the AAA USA project may not be much of an AAA project at all; the people they entrusted with the power to run the thing are said to be replacing the AAA wrestlers with local indy wrestlers, completely defeating the point of AAA being involved in this project. There’s still little official details – they may be taping in two weeks, or they may be taping at some other point.
  • CMLL announced the 2014 Universal Tournament. Blocks are on 08/15 and 08/22 with a final on 08/29. The timing indicates this is probably setting up another match for the Anniversary show. There’s no mention of any NJPW involvement so far (as has been the case all year.) It looks like CMLL is unafraid of overdoing La Sombra versus Volador Jr., as they’re the on opposite sides of the tournament and appear the most likely final.
  • AAA taped their final TV before TripleMania in Teziutlan. It still seemed pretty disconnected from TripleMania despite the lineup being announced. Only Psycho Clown/Texano Jr. was hyped (which is consistent with the rest of the shows)
  • Oro Jr. beat Metalico in a mask versus mask match. This was clearly meant to be Oro Jr.’s star making moment, but he did not have much of a match. The Arena Mexico fans sided with the rudo veteran (as they often do) but it didn’t seem to help either guy. If anything, it appeared to solidify Oro Jr. as a early match luchador, the same spot Metalico spent all of his career.
  • AAA announced it’s first post-TripleMania taping would be on 09/07. That means that TripleMania will air in complete on TV in the weeks following it airing on PPV.
  • AAA also mentioned two people would be added to it’s hall of fame on TripleMania. They haven’t hinted about who it might be.
  • CMLL debuted a new “Hombre sin Nombre”, an Averno replacement partner for Mephisto and Ephesto. The new luchador wore the same kind of outfit Ephesto did way back when he used the same name and HsN’s previous identity is not immediately clear.
  • Psicosis says he’s left AAA. He’s training guys in Tijuana (and this is not related to previous item.)
  • People who won titles: Silueta (over Zeuxis)
  • People who kept their titles: Titan (over Cavernario), Oficials (over Traumas), Dragon Rojo (over Rey Escorpion), Imposible (over Emperador Azteca), Hijo de Mascara Ano 2000 (over Hijo de Dos Caras by countout)
  • Minis in CMLL and AAA complained about be overlooked by the promotion.

top six stories of the last two weeks

It was a boring two weeks. Just go read the last one again.

  1. CMLL continued it’s build towards the Juicio Final match with Rush and Negro Casas and their various partners continue to feud. Rush & Shocker kept the tag team titles over Rush & La Sombra. Casas is still the underdog in the hair match, but CMLL seems to be teasing the idea that an angry Rush might get himself DQed and cost himself his hair.
  2. TripleMania is just around the corner, but AAA itself is in a very quiet period. This past week’s TV and this upcoming week’s seem to have little in-ring build to their biggest show of the year (though they’ve stuffed the show with a lot of vignettes and video packages to fix it.) A three week stretch without a new TV taping comes to an end this weekend, and the full TripleMania card should be announced next week. Text and video promos have started teasing a cage match with Electroshock, Jeff Jarrett, La Parka and many people yet to be named – it’s possible there will be an angle to also include Myzteziz in the match on Sunday’s taping, which would explain why he hasn’t had a taping yet. Electroshock also hinted at bringing in a surprise to counter Karen Jarrett; Electroshock’s wife Lady Apache rejoining AAA would fit well for a couples feud.
  3. AAA’s TV also revealed TripleMania will be on Sky PPV in Mexico after all – both SummerSlam and TripleMania will air on PPV in Mexico on the same night thru the same provider. AAA also officially anounces TripleMania would also be on iPPV @ It using a new provider no one knows anything about and the techinical info mentions they’ll only offer refunds if 95% of the show fails to air. (If 12 minutes of 4 hour show airs, they get to keep all the money – though that would be 12 more minutes than last year.) It’s $13 if you are brave enough to purchase it by the end of the month.
  4. WWE announced they would return to Mexico on 10/18 (Mexico City) and 10/19 (Monterrey). Cesaro and Rosa Mendes came to both cities for press conferences (and not Alberto del Rio or Sin Cara or Rey Misterio Jr.)
  5. Dragon Rojo’s new start as a tecnico started with a match against fellow misplaced tecnico Volador. It did not work at all. Rojo is more normally feuding with former partner Rey Escorpion. CMLL continues to tease but not announce Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero as the Anniversary main event, and a Rey Escorpion/Dragon Rojo mask vs hair match looms as the most obvious monkey wrench they could throw in.
  6. AAA’s Fenix has been missing shows with what was announced as a fractured tibia. He’s supposed to be putting his Fusion title on the line at TripleMania, but it sounds like the injury isn’t as bad as it sounds and he’ll be back in time.
  • Aeroboy beat Black Terry to tie up series of matches on ChilangaMask shows.
  • Hijo de Dos Caras won the vacant IWRG IC Heavyweight Championship in what reads like a disaster of a ladder match. They broke all the (cheap) ladders they had, and then they could get the belt untied. No one hand to do a job so the luchadors were happy, which is truly the important thing.
  • People who kept their titles Delta & Guerrero Maya (Arena Coliseo Tag, disappointing match), Virus (world lightweight), Guerreros (world trios), Daga (Cruiserweight title on an AAA spot show in Tijuana). Various Guadalajara titles changed hands, which doesn’t really matter.
  • Loco Max lost his hair in a match he wasn’t supposed to be in, which is a very Loco Max (or Monterrey) story.
  • Konnan Big had a match.

top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. CMLL announced the Negro Casas vs Rush hair match would finally take place on 08/01. There’s also a women’s double apuesta match, but it’s the men’s match which should draw one of the bigger crowd of the year.
  2. El Rey’s AAA lucha libre show will debut on Wednesday, October 8th
  3. The first of three AAA tapings took place in Queretaro on the 27th. One match was announced for TripleMania: Daga putting his Cruiserweight championship on the line against Aerostar, Bengala, Fenix (who’s own Fusion championship will be unified out of existence) and Daga’s usual allies of Steve Pain and Eterno. Jeff Jarrett and Electroshock battled in the main event and have talked up the possibility of a hair match for TripleMania, for some reason.
  4. TripleMania will be on iPPV – maybe. The website is advertising the iPPV. It’s being done by a company with no known iPPV history, and AAA hasn’t promoted the iPPV. The price of the iPPV is also ever changing – it’s gone from $8 to $1 to $15 to $13.
  5. Meanwhile, CMLL and/or Terra quietely canceled the Friday night broadcasts. The braodcasts came to end right after the annual internet-exclusive En Busca de un Idolo tournament concluded, which suggests it might have in the works for a while. Despite that, neither CMLL nor Terra actually said anything about the show being canceled until CMLL was questioned about it the following week. (CMLL promoted a new television show as a sort of replacement, but it doesn’t seem to actually exist yet.)
  6. AAA’s second taping took place in Xalapa, and added Taya Valkyrie vs Faby Apache for Faby’s Reina de Reinas championship for TripleMania. (It’ll be the first women’s title match ever at TripleMania.)
  • CMLL’s main feud continues to be centered around the Indeserables (or the Ingobernables if you’re Sombra) versus Shocker, Mr. Niebla and Negro Casas, part of the Rush/Casas rivalary. Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero continue to feud as a tease to being the Anniversary main event, but it’s still uncertain if/when it’ll happen.
  • After Dragon Rojo beat Rey Escorpion in an everyone versus everyone cibernetico, Escorpion and Polvora turned on Rojo in their matches. Rojo has decided to switch to the tecnico side. This was a lot quicker transition than usual, so much so that they still have Rojo main eventing as a rudo this Sunday.
  • AAA ran a third TV taping as part of resort weekend vacation package. Nothing of note happened on the show. AAA’s since announced they’re taking the next two weekend off from taping, returning on 07/27. That show will have to set up the TripleMania matches for the top guys, since many of them have nothing and the card will be announced prior to the next taping.
  • Puebla regular Asturiano defeated Pequeno Black Warrior in Arena Puebla. Warrior announced he was leaving CMLL after the match.
  • People who won titles: Dr. Cerebro, Malefico
  • People who kept titles: Estrellita

top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. Sin Cara/Mistico will now be known as Myzteziz. AAA announced the name in between tapings this week, at a Thursday press conference. AAA owns the rights to the name and new mask. The luchador has said he will continue to use Sin Cara on non-AAA shows for the time being.
  2. Verano de Escandalo was another AAA ‘major card’ which were actually only a chapter in a bigger story. Myzteziz made his AAA in-ring debut after weeks of post match run-ins. Texano defeated Psycho Clown to keep the heavyweight title thanks to an evil referee again. The evil referee happened to be ex-CMLL referee Rafael el Maya, making his debut here. Bengala won a multiman match to get a cruiserweight title match at some future point. Nothing was announced for TripleMania, though Psycho Clown did challenge Texano to a mask versus hair match. The show sold out or came very close to it.
  3. CMLL continues to focus on the Sombra/Rush/La Mascara trio versus Volador and the older rudos (Shocker and Negro Casas most of all.) Sombra’s group is being billed as tecnicos but working the matches completely as rudos, including Rush dropping Volador with his finish to set up Sombra beating him last Friday and picking up another title belt. The much delayed Rush & La Mascara tag title defense against Negro Casas will happen this Friday, with Shocker in what was originally Mr. Niebla’s place.
  4. En Busca de un Idolo round two began, with every one going 1-1 in the first two matches. Hechicero continues to dominate the voting and seems safe for the final, but the fan voting is making it close between Cavernario, Dragon Lee and Cachorro. Hechicero faces Cachorro and Dragon Lee faces Cavernario on Friday, and it’s possible no one will know the final matchup until CMLL Informa next Wednesday.
  5. CMLL announced Juicio Final on 08/01. It’s much later than usual, likely due to the World Cup. Juicio Final is usually a cage match show and probably will end up this year, though CMLL has begun strongly hinting Ultimo Guerero/Atlantis and Rush/Negro Casas are coming any day now. Juicio Final and TripleMania are both scheduled for August, and Hijo del Santo has told people he will hold a retirement show that busy month.
  6. Prior to Verano de Escandalo, AAA taped in Celaya mostly to fill a gap in their TV schedule. Taya won a shot at the Reina de Reinas championship for some time down the road. Psycho Clowns beat el Consejo in a trios title match, in the upteeneth matchup between those two teams. Averno continued his winning streak in the main event, and the-not-yet-Myzteziz appeared in Sin Cara gear after the main event.

Other stuff.

  • LuchaMania Monterrey announced they’ll run a show on 07/05 with Charles Lucero/Black Terry, Hechicero/Caifan, Princesa Sugehit/Dark Angel
  • Sin Cara and friends ran into problems in Campeche, where the promoter had no money for the luchadors or just wouldn’t pay.
  • Exterminador took Evola’s hair in Guadalajara.
  • People who kept their titles: Titan.
  • Rocky Lobo and Jinzo are headed to Japan. Mascara Dorada should be wrapped up with his NJPW tour, but he’s curiously absent from lineups.

top six stories of the last two weeks

(off the top of my head and in a hurry)

  1. an unnamed Sin Cara didn’t wrestle on either of AAA tapings in Chiapas this past fortnight, but made the save for the tecnicos on both shows. He wore his old mask and revealed a new one, seeming to set up a new identity. Sin Cara even spoke about getting a third name to the press. After all that, AAA announced him as wrestling as Mistico and pictured him in his Mistico mask on Verano de Escandalo. AAA’s also shown no concern about using the Averno or Bengala names. It seems both legally doubtfully and seemingly totally hypocritical (they’re essentially doing what they’ve spent years in court trying to get Psicosis II/Histeria/Alebrije not to do), but there’s surely a fantastic story coming about how this is possible. Haven’t heard it yet. CMLL hasn’t addressed the situation, but may get around to it tonight.
  2. The rest of Verano de Escandalo card is usual fare for a non-TripleMania major show. The nearly year long Psycho Clown versus Texano Jr. feud has it’s second ever title match, with Psycho Clown getting a rematch after referee Hijo del Tirantes cost him the championship back in October. (No one’s addresses if Hijo del Tirantes will be referee again.) The Mistico trios match, with nothing on the line but Mistico and Averno back in the same ring, main events. The undercard includes part two of a mysterious cruiserweight title tournament. That tournament started when champ Daga missed a show, and was billed as for the vacant title – but now Daga’s back on the card and it’s a #1 tournament. Mysterious, I tell you. Maybe the bigger story will take place on the card – there’s no obvious TripleMania main event yet.
  3. CMLL does have an obvious Anniversary main event – Ultimo Guerrero versus Atlantis, this time we mean it – but is just running in place on that. They’re also running in place on a La Mascara/La Sombra/Rush versus Everyone Else feud. Mr. Niebla is supposed to be a big part of the Everyone Else but appeared to have gotten himself suspended while already serving another suspension. It’s some next level effort.
  4. CMLL’s one storyline that is moving along is the En Busca de un Idolo tournament. They’ve cut down to a final four of Cachorro, Dragon Lee, Hechicero and Cavernario. Hechicero’s overwhelming fan support means he’s almost certainly going to make the final, but which of the other three join him and who ultimately wins is a unknown. All four have been excellent so far.
  5. CMLL started to air a Mistico (II) vignette detailing his accident and injury. Should CMLL actually follow up on this and air regular new vignettes featuring Mistico on the road to recovery for the four months (his stated return date), this might actually succeed in getting Mistico II over in his return. CMLL following up on something regularly seems highly unlikely so we’re probably safe there.
  6. I’m stuck on six. DTU ran shows which went okay when the commissions would actually let them do their hardcore stuff. X-Fly lost his hair for the five millionith time (and no commission seemed to have a problem with that?) CMLL shuffled their TV shows around a bit, no one noticed? CMLL is doing a weekday night news/recap show on Terra, which maybe a 100 people will actually see? CMLL returned to doing live Twitter updates for their shows, that was nice.

Other news
– a lot of people kept titles

top six stories of the last two weeks

Averno left CMLL to work with Sin Cara again. In a rare move, CMLL actually acknowledged Averno had left the promotion. Sin Cara, Averno and various local promoters used Kid’s Day/Labor Day weekends to run a week full of shows around Mexico. The two, teaming with AAA wrestlers or independents, drew good crowds though not consistently sold out ones. Sin Cara, Averno haven’t been officially announced as working for AAA yet, but it’s coming soon. AAA TV lineups on 05/17 and 05/24 have luchadora sorpresa spots which are holding a spot for Sin Cara & Averno.

Mistico II is out of action for an indefinite time after getting into a motorcycle accident. The accident took place Friday, and CMLL has only said Mistico broke a couple of bones in his leg. Mistico has been more forthcoming on his own Facebook, saying he had four screws put in his leg and vowing he’ll be 1000% in “a few months.”

AAA announced Verano de Escandalo would take place on 06/07 in Orizaba, Veracruz. Psycho Clown challenges Texano Jr. again for the Mega championship (the first TV defense in 7 months) will be on the card, and challenges were made for a Blue Demon Jr./Chessman Latin American championship match. The other big development from AAA’s weekend of tapings was the debut of “Bengala” – not the CMLL luchador using the same name, but Ricky Marvin under a mask. Marvin is a fine addition, putting him under a mask is a bit more mysterious.

La Sombra, Rush and La Mascara have formed a rudo outlaw group. All three are now basically doing Rush’s “most hated tecnico” character, only they’re now not getting along with any one else. The three are saying they’re not tecnicos or rudos, but they’ve been repeatedly turning on their tecnico partners and rudos have tended to work as tecnicos against them. The build here is to set up a Negro Casas & Mr. Niebla tag challenge versus La Mascara & Rush (and continue to Casas versus Rush beyond that.) The story has taken a strange turn – that tag title match was announced for this Friday, then everyone involved was abruptly pulled from the card this Monday with no explanation.

The En Busca de un Idolo tournament continues on – but to what, we don’t know. Hechicero continues to lead over all, with his dominance in internet polling passing pushing him far beyond Cavernario (who’s doing better in the other phases of the competition.) Soberano has a little bit of lead for third. Cachorro, Star Jr., Guerrero Negro Jr. and Dragon Lee are all close in a battle for fourth – which may or may not matter. The youngsters in this tournament have looked much more adept at putting together good matches than would be expected for their experience, which is the most important outcome.

El Dandy lost to Satanico in his “retirement” match, as the main event of the 04/27 Chilanga Mask show. Satanico faked a foul, causing El Dandy to lose by disqualification. The good news for Dandy is interest in the Satanico/Dandy retirement tour has grown, and he’s now got at least three more matches after what was billed as the end. In the undercard, AAA’s Eterno worked as a surprise wrestler in a four way tag match that also included CMLL luchadors, and Black Terry beat Aero Boy in a very good match.

– Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated La Park in the main event of the Masked Mania show. Negro Navarro defeated Solar in the second biggest match. The iPPV had issues during the middle of the show, but the two biggest matches got thru clean.

– Stuka Jr. won the CMLL Reyes del Aire, in what would be Averno’s final match for the promotion (for the time being.)

– Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. won the annual IWRG Rey del Ring 30 man royal rumble match.

– Mascara Dorada will be part of the NJPW BOSJ (and probably lose more than he’ll win, because JAPAN)

– Demonio Maya won the Occidente Middleweight championship from Fuego

– People who kept their titles: Escorpion, Flamita (in Dragon Gate!), Mephisto, Angelico & Jack Evans, Hijo de Pirata Morgan

– One ref lost his hair to another in IWRG.

Cameraman does not watch what he’s filming, goes down hard.