Piratas defend their gold, AAA in Leon & Tijuana, CMLL preview

photo by Black Terry Jr.

IWRG (THU) 06/13/2013 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), Estrellas del Ring]
1) Fulgor I b Seiya
2) Imposible & Picudo Jr. b Ángel Del Amor & Mr. Magia (2013)
Mr. Magia is said to be making his debut, so not the one from last year.
3) Centvrión, Dinamic Black, Golden Magic b Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro [super libre]
Centvrion hurt his knee in the second fall to a hospital. 911 pulled Dinamic’s mask again, but Dinamic rolled him up anyway for the win. Dinamic wants a shot at 911’s Rey del Ring.
4) Decnnis, Hijo de Máscara Año 2000, Scorpio Jr. b Chico Che, Pantera, Veneno
Guapito fouled Veneno and Scorpio pinned him for the win.
5) Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr. b Eterno, Súper Nova, X-Fly [IWRG IC TRIOS]
Piratas took 1/3, when Super Nova twice hit Eterno with dives by mistake. Pirata submitted X-Fly for the win. Piratas’s second defense.

Last Thursday’s show was taped for AYM/LAS. This week’s Thursday show was not taped at all.

AAA quietly has a taping today in Leon. It’s been understandable lost in the TripleMania build up, because it’s a show apparently being taped before AAA’s biggest show of the year to air after. Not much can happen, though a lot of the major people from the TripleMania show will be on this one. Perro & Cibernetico are the exceptions, but all three guys in the heavyweight championship picture and many of those battling for the tag team championship are on this show. The scheduled main event is Chessman, Texano, and Villano IV vs Canek, Mesias and La Parka, which is a much odder set off teams than when this show was first announced. Canek is a rudo on TripleMania teaming with V4 but facing him here. Mesias also may be a rudo by the end of TripleMania. Chessman and Texano are definitely not friends too, but how much AAA of that wants to play out is questionable.

Electroshock & Heavy Metal take on Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. & Silver King in the semimain, with another Secta vs Perros del Mal encounter in the fourth match. Steve Pain makes his AAA TV debut teaming with Carta Brava & Eterno against Angelico, Drago and Jack Evans, and the second match continues the Atomic Boy vs Apache feud in a mixed trios. There’s an opener, but the participants have not been listed (and I’d guess it’s local guys given they’re announcing Eterno in a match.)

The 2nd & the 3rd matches seem like the sort of matches which would air on Fusion, which would make this only a single week of TV for AAA Sin Limite. The problem with that is AAA hasn’t announced any tapings post TripleMania, and would need to be taping next weekend if Leon is going to last only one week. (Maybe TripleMania will air on TV after all?)

Cibernetico, Perro Aguayo Jr., Flamita, Pentagon Jr., Jennifer Blake and others are in Tijuana tonight, part of a The Crash show. Cibernetico and Perro Aguayo have a singles match two days before their hair match, and others are involved in a cruiserweight title tournament.

CMLL’s Arena Mexico show’s main event pushes the perennial Ultimo Guerrero vs Atlantis and La Sombra vs Volador Jr. feuds, with the odd ball combination of Titan and Pierroth rounding out the trios. Many of the guys who’ve made recent hair match challenges are bunched together in the semifiinal, so that should end with even more challenges. Dragon Rojo vs Rey Cometa is the lightning match, back for one week with no En Busca de un Idolo singles matches. That tournament continues with a Negro Casas, Stuka, Valiente vs Virus, Vangelis, Fuego. (I may not be able to record that; this would be a good week to message me when the live stream turns up.) NJPW’s Bushi debuts here in a good looking tercera, but everything is probably going shorter than usual with six trios and one singles match tonight.

R de Rudo, Estrellas del Ring and MedioTiempo have stories about AAA’s annual pilgrimage parade. A lot the same as every year, though it looks like they got COMEX to sponsor it this year. As usual, there’s mystery people in big group picture – who’s the guy in the Tinieblas style mask?

Frequent retiree Vampiro says he’s back full time and signed a five year deal. Riiiiiiiight. I’ve been concerned on Chessman’s behalf for a while about how AAA keeps calling him Vampire Killer and even though I doubt any five year deal in lucha libre, this fits with that concern. I’d recommend Chessman not climb up any tall objects or set up any tables on Sunday.

La Lucha se la Hace, the SLP based lucha show I’ve been posting for the last few months, will now start airing on Mexicanal Sundays at 5pm central. The quality of the webstream has been pretty poor, so this might be much improved if it airs as scheduled. (Which reminds me, the GALLI show never aired on either of the two announced times.)

Rompe Huesos looks back at other TripleMania hair match.

Kcidis has a drawing of Fuerza and Juventud Guerrera for Father’s Day. Fuerza is smiling, which seems totally unlike him unless Octagon is slumped on the ground nearby.

A press release on TripleMania’s iPPV notes 26% of their website traffic comes from other countries.

Sadica wants a title match with LLF champ Angelica.

Local luchadors were honored in Arena Coliseo Mexicali.

TV commercial for next week’s CMLL show in Arena Queretaro.

Mr. Aguila (& Tirantes) beat Mistico, Groon, Nova

CMLL (SUN) 06/20 Arena Mexico [@cmllmagazine, Cesar]
1) Horus & MetálicoCholo & Zayco
2) Demus 3:16, Pequeño Warrior, PierrothitoAstral, Bam Bam, Shockercito
3) Ángel de Oro, Ángel de Plata, DiamanteCancerbero, Raziel, Skándalo
4) La Máscara, Máscara Dorada, SagradoEphesto, Mephisto, Misterioso II
5) Héctor Garza, Jushin Lyger, TerribleMáximo, Shocker, Toscano
6) Mr. ÁguilaMístico

Main event turned into a Tirantes Sr. special, blatantly counting fast for Aguila and slow for Mistico. Aguila got in a foul, which Tirantes ignored, for the win. I think Mr. Aguila just jumped to the front of the line!

Demus pinned Bam Bam with his feet on the ropes.

I had this wrong earlier on Twitter – it was SuperLuchas who has Verando de Escandalo as August 6, not the WON. SuperLuchas also reports CIMA & Nosawa are due back in July.

Groon XXX is back in the hospital. A painkiller he took after his most recent knee injury was causing abscesses to form on his knees. Groon will undergo surgery and be in the hospital for up to fifteen days.

Super Nova was listed as working a show with Atlantis, Rey Bucanero and Sombra in Ciudad Juarez tonight, so maybe he’s headed back to CMLL or at least working with them when not doing the Lucha Libre USA bit. There was a note in the Observer that AAA wasn’t going to use anyone working the Masked Warriors show. With the Perros not running more shows even before this invasion started (and haven’t announced much lately), Nova may be low on options.

Heroes en el Ring notes from the Bit Bag (scroll down until you see Super Fly with a grab bag; must’ve been visiting the other booths at E3)

The Lucha Libre: Heroes del Ring (the Wii version) was pretty cool and I got the chance to talk to the developer. Unlike other wrestling games, this focuses on the cultural aspect, since these wrestlers are held in such high regard in Mexico. When you’re grappling, you can perform certain moves depending on where the icon is set on the bar. Also, it’s very important to win over the crowd, so that you can perform better. This is a must buy for those looking for something different when it comes to wrestling games.

I hadn’t heard of anyone seeing the Wii version, but it sounds like it plays like the other ones.

DJ Spectro and Estrellas del Ring both write about visiting lucha libre Expo MUJAM this weekend.

Intrusto I had his retirement match tonight in Arena Aficion, after a 33 year career.

SuperLuchas #369 has Kelly Kelly in a Team Mexico jersey. Also Rayo & Vampiro.

Luchas 2000 #526 has Mr. Niebla, Mistico vs Invaders, and Lyger.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

AAA TV results in a bit.

Gran Alternativa Teams Announced

CMLL.com’s gotta ’em

– Heavy Metal, Super Nova
– Dr. Wagner Jr., Mascara Purpura
– Negro Casas, Stuka Jr.
– Shocker, Valiente
– Marco Corelone, Flash
– Mistico, La Sombra
– Villano V, Super Comando
– Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia

Tournament will take place next week, June 29, which means we’ve had all of a two week gap between tournaments. (Only the Leyenda de Azul remains, unless they bring back the Gran Prix Trios tournament or something new.)

Mistico & La Sombra are obvious favorites, and Villano and Ultimo will almost have to run into each other at some point. Almost all are tecnico teams, which is a bit odd.

First guess…

Villano V, Super Comando b Heavy Metal, Super Nova
Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia b Marco Corelone, Flash
b Negro Casas, Stuka Jr.
Shocker, Valiente b Dr. Wagner Jr., Mascara Purpura

Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia b Villano V, Super Comando
Mistico, La Sombra b Shocker, Valiente

Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia b Mistico, La Sombra (though Mistico losing at this point seems impossible)

12/04: Coliseo, Tijuana, Magazines

(alexis – cmll.com)

CMLL (SUN) 12/03 Arena Coliseo Results
1) Fire, Pierrothito b Mini Fantasy, Mini Olimpico
2) Fabian el Gitano, Stuka Jr., Tony Rivera b Arkangel, Hooligan, Loco Max
3) Dark Angel, Lady Apache, Marcela b Amapola, Hiroka, Princesa Sujei
4) Alex Koslov, Eclipse, Sangre Azteca b Felino, La Mascara, Satanico
5) Atlantis, Averno, Mephisto b Dr. Wagner Jr., Heavy Metal, Mistico

Lady Apache wants another title shot. (oh no.)

BAJA STAR (FRI) 12/01 Auditorio de Tijuana Results [KrisZ]
1) Hadez, Maldito b Duende, Platino
2) Kimura, Thunderboy b Tucan, Voltio
3) Animaniac, Panho Cachondo, Shamu Jr. b Eclipse (Tijuana), Ninja, Ricochet
4) Star Boy L Mortiz and Arandu and TJ Boy and Extassis and Extreme Tiger [mask, hair]
5) La Park, Super Astro b Blue Demon Jr., Ramses [Copa Auditorio 2006]
6) Mistico b Hijo del Diablo [mask]

El Halcon #80 is up. They’ve got interviews with Arkangel, Super Nova, and Mini Mr. Aguila, as well as their newest rankings.

Super Luchas #190: Mistico with El Hijo del Diablo’s mask and Diablo unmasked. Also, photos of the weightlifting contest, if you’re looking for men in thongs.
Luchas 2000 #346Diablo unmasked and Mistico with his mask.
Box Y Lucha #2795 has Misitco and Diablo.
Guerreros del Ring #64 has the Dos Caras family.

It looks like the magazines have a recap of the 11/30 AAA TV taping, even if AAA’s site doesn’t.

CMLL 12/15 Lineup

CMLL’s announced the lineup for it’s last major show of the year, on 12/15.

CMLL (FRI) 12/15 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Super Nova, Flash vs Super Comando, Artillero
2) Dark Angel, Marcela, Sahori vs Hiroka, Princesa Sujei, Amapola
3) Dr. Wagner Jr., Rey Bucnaero, Dos Caras Jr. vs LA Park, Olimpico, Eclipse
4) Mistico, Volador Jr., Ultimo Dragon vs Averno, Mephisto, Efesto
5) Shocker, Universo 2000 vs Marco Corleone, Kenzo Suzuki [hair]

Main’s listed as a double hair match, so Marco and Kenzo are surely going down.

I have no idea who Efesto is supposed to be. I presume a typo, but that’s not close to anything – so a new Assassin? Mistico wouldn’t have been able to work if the show as 12/01, and now he’s in the semi-main. Had to be a factor in the rescheduling.

I’d assume it’s still on PPV. Tickets go on sale next week.

CMLL’s all announced the winners of it’s bodybuilding contest, which took place 11/29. There were 40 participants, and the winners were:

Mini: Pequeno Damian
Women: Dark Angel
Newer: Super Nova
Intermediate: Mictlan
Advanced: Olimpico

All those fruits and vegetables paid off! Mictlan still has yet to actually wrestle in a match (though, if he’s being listed in the intermediate category, he probably has been around a while and wrestled as someone else – the Soberano idea seems to make as much since as anything, since he’s vanished.)