2018 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Records and other stats

This is the annual look at numbers gathered by spending an unhealthy amount of time entering lucha libre lineups into a database.

Might as well start with the amount of shows that made it into the database in some form.

Year  Shows 
2009: 2367 shows (0 extra events found since the last time I did this)
2010: 2589 shows (0)
2011: 2722 shows (+1)
2012: 2909 shows (+10)
2013: 2852 shows (+3)
2014: 5558 shows (+36)
2015: 6436 shows (+43)
2016: 7155 shows (+60)
2017: 6097 shows (+146)
2018: 6303 shows

That’s up a bit (206), even with finding a lot more of 2017. I’m not sure why. It might be a matter of more detail work – looking thru the “weekly” buildings to see where I’ve missed one – than a great deal more lineups being posted. I think it won’t keep going up but anything’s possible.

As usual, I’ve put together Win/Loss records in a Google spreadsheet. It’s separated by what promotion each person worked for, but it is the win/loss record for all the matches that person had regardless of promotion.

Most Matches

2008: Ultimo Guerrero (228)
2009: La Parka Jr. (211)
2010: Mistico (204)
2011: Último Guerrero & La Mascara (188)
2012: Último Guerrero (189)
2013: Último Guerrero (205)
2014: Atlantis (215)
2015: Atlantis (207)
2016: Atlantis (217)
2017: Último Guerrero & Psycho Clown (204)
2018: Último Guerrero (205)

Ultimo Guerrero has had the most matches 6 of the 11 years I’ve done this. He’s had at least 200 recorded matches a year since 2013.

Psycho Clown again led AAA with 200. There’s no one close within AAA. Pagano wrestled 138 matches, Hijo del Vikingo behind him at 128. Fellow AAA main event Dr. Wagner wrestled just 70 matches. LA Park wrestled 116 matches in lucha libre shows (and many more not included.) La Parka was at 123 matches, down from the last couple of years. We’re probably missing a bunch more AAA spot shows and AAA would be missing a lot if Psycho Clown ever suffered a serious injury.

Most Wins

2008: Blue Panther (97)
2009: Mistico (110)
2010: Mistico (128)
2011: Último Guerrero (90)
2012: Atlantis (93)
2013: La Mascara (102)
2014: Atlantis (99)
2015: Volador Jr. (113)
2016: Volador Jr. (120)
2017: Volador Jr. (120)
2018: Caristico (115)

Volador is just short of Caristico at 113; if he went on two NJPW tours instead of three, he’s probably first place again. Atlantis (108) and Diamante Azul (103) also break the 100 win club. Psycho Clown got 50 AAA wins, and probably a lot more if we had those spot show results.

Most Losses

2008: Averno (84)
2009: Negro Casas (86)
2010: Negro Casas (75)
2011: La Mascara (72)
2012: Último Guerrero (79)
2013: Último Guerrero (84)
2014: Último Guerrero (82)
2015: Último Guerrero (80)
2016: Último Guerrero (91)
2017: Último Guerrero (92)
2018: Último Guerrero (99)

UG almost became the first 100 match loser. Maybe the next project is to see how these look if I just count singles matches. Aramis has the most losses (45) of anyone on AAA’s roster all year. Joe Lider (34) is more of the people who were actually around AAA all year.

Best Win % (with at least 10 known results)

2008: Psycho Clown & Zombie Clown (100%)
2009: Psycho Circus (100%)
2010: Tondar (GDL) (100%)
2011: Mini Monster Clown (90%)
2012: Rayo de Oro (Guatemala) (97%)
2013: Tinieblas Jr. (90%)
2014: William Rock/Pequeno Violencia (92%)
2015: Súper Muñeco (93%)
2016: Huracán Ramírez (85%)
2017: Huracán Ramírez (90%)
2018: Tinieblas Jr. (91%)

When you run your own promotion and you’re the top star, you tend to have a really good record. The evil ninja turtles, Ra-Zhata (86%) and Shil-Kah (82%) were surprising not far behind. Maybe they’d be not as well if I figured out their previous characters. Top in CMLL was Michael Elgin (82%), with Microman (81%) just behind. La Parka led AAA with a 77% win percentage.

Worst loss % (with at least 10 known results)

2008: Carrona (0%)
2009: Espectrito (0%)
2010: Metailk II (GDL) (11%)
2011: Akron (13%)
2012: Mini Talisman (8%)
2013: Estrella De Fuego (5%)
2014: Psicosis I/Nicho el Millionario (0%)
2015: Lady Shani (5%)
2016: Nahual (Morelos) (10.53%)
2017: Pitbull I (Jalisco) & Flayer Boy (9%)
2018: Rey Muerte (Guerrero) (0%)

Rey Muerte went 0-10 in matches with results, with 19 unknown matches. He mostly runs in Acapulco’s La Mandona, where Estrellas del Ring Acapulco sometimes types up results. Pequeño Universo 2000 had 2 wins on the year against 16 losses for an 11% winning percentage. Parka Negra (Angel Mortal Jr.) was worst in AAA with 13%.

Most matches on AAA TV tapings

Psycho Clown (30)
Rey Escorpion (28)
Maximo & Pagano (26)
Hijo del Vikingo & Texano Jr. (25)

Events by State

889    Estado de México    
558 Veracruz    
527 Coahuila    
482 Jalisco 
461 Distrito Federal    
421 Tamaulipas
283 Puebla  
263 Hidalgo 
260 Nuevo León  
258 Chihuahua   
208 Guerrero    
203 Baja California 
181 Durango 
169 San Luis Potosí 
143 Texas   
106 Guanajuato  
101 California  
95  Quintana Roo    
85  Morelos 
72  Guatemala   
61  Oaxaca  
46  Tlaxcala    
41  Illinois    
40  Michoacán   
39  Chiapas 
29  Querétaro   
29  Tabasco 
28  Sinaloa 
26  Zacatecas   
23  Yucatán 
21  Arizona 
18  New York    
17  Aguascalientes  
17  Sonora  
16  Colima  
14  Baja California Sur 
13  Colorado    
10  Japan   (is not a state)
8   Georgia 
7   Nevada  
5   Campeche    
3   Nebraska    
3   Pennsylvania    
2   Ohio    
2   Maryland    
2   New Jersey  
2   Tennessee   
2   other   
1   El Salvador 
1   Arkansas    
1   Louisiana   
1   North Carolina  
1   Connecticut 
1   Oklahoma    
1   New Mexico  
1   Michigan    
1   Florida 
1   Missouri    
1   Colombia    
1   Indiana 
1   Washington

2017 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Records and other stats

I didn’t get around to doing this for a log longer than usual, and I still had to redo it after finding another handful of 2017 posters. Better late than never.

Year (2009 on) Shows Matches
2009: 2367 shows, 10168 matches (-1 events found since the last time I did this)
2010: 2589 shows, 11265 matches (-1)
2011: 2721 shows, 12040 matches (0)
2012: 2899 shows, 13187 matches (+9)
2013: 2849 shows, 13446 matches (+9)
2014: 5558 shows, 25285 matches (+7)
2015: 6393 shows, 28916 matches (+12)
2016: 7055 shows, 32115 matches (+23)
2017: 5951 shows, 27127 matches

That’s a 1,104 less posters, or 21.2 down a week. Perhaps there’s fewer events being posted online. To me, it’s a statement about how good Kris was at finding lineups for shows that neither I nor Alfredo found this year.

Kris has wildly loved podcast so he easily made the correct decision to stop looking for them. It probably helped me out too. If we guess that it takes me about 3 minutes to transcribe a lineup from a poster and add it to the database, that means I had about 56 extra hours last year to spend on other tasks.

I think I probably could cut down the posters 80% and only the people who love the bad posters would notice.

As usual, I’ve put together Win/Loss records in a Google spredsheet. It’s separated by promotions, but has the the wrestlers complete record for any promotion. (You can find Pentagon in the Pentagon section because he did wrestle in AAA in 2017, and the record is for all his matches.) I could do more. I’m not sure anyone wants even this much.

Most Matches

2008: Ultimo Guerrero (228)
2009: La Parka Jr. (211)
2010: Mistico (204)
2011: Último Guerrero & La Mascara (188)
2012: Último Guerrero (189)
2013: Último Guerrero (205)
2014: Atlantis (215)
2015: Atlantis (207)
2016: Atlantis (217)
2017: Último Guerrero & Psycho Clown (204)

This is almost also a CMLL award. Psycho Clown being being on top, and Pagano’s not far behind, is a change. It’s not really because there were more ‘AAA’ labled shows

‘AAA’-ish shows per year.
2014: 349
2015: 257
2016: 320
2017: 309

I think both just ended up working more shows because there were less main eventers to share the load. That eventually caught up to Pagano. It would be hard blow if Psycho Clown were out a long time.

That number might go up significantly if AAA does end up running two shows a weekend at the new Guadalajara arena.

Most Wins

2008: Blue Panther (97)
2009: Mistico (110)
2010: Mistico (128)
2011: Último Guerrero (90)
2012: Atlantis (93)
2013: La Mascara (102)
2014: Atlantis (99)
2015: Volador Jr. (113)
2016: Volador Jr. (120)
2017: Volador Jr. (120)

This is the easy chart to figure out who the top tecnico is in CMLL that year. Psycho Clown led AAA with 49 wins. (63% of his announced matches had no reported result.)

Most Losses

2008: Averno (84)
2009: Negro Casas (86)
2010: Negro Casas (75)
2011: La Mascara (72)
2012: Último Guerrero (79)
2013: Último Guerrero (84)
2014: Último Guerrero (82)
2015: Último Guerrero (80)
2016: Último Guerrero (91)
2017: Último Guerrero (92)

You only have a lot of loses if you’re wrestling all the time, usually near the top. Pagano had 43 losses in AAA.

Best Win % (with at least 10 known results)

2008: Psycho Clown & Zombie Clown (100%)
2009: Psycho Circus (100%)
2010: Tondar (GDL) (100%)
2011: Mini Monster Clown (90%)
2012: Rayo de Oro (Guatemala) (97%)
2013: Tinieblas Jr. (90%)
2014: William Rock/Pequeno Violencia (92%)
2015: Súper Muñeco (93%)
2016: Huracán Ramírez (85%)
2017: Huracán Ramírez (90%)

I’m treating all Huracán Ramírez as if they’re the same person. There are less of them going around than there used to be. It’s still more about no one really caring all that much about the individual Huracán Ramírez’s to separate them. If we’re considering characters who were only one people, Microman would be the leader at 85%. He’s just ahead of Octagon. AAA’s Hijo del Vikingo & Angelikal both finished at 71%

(Hijo del Santo, Sanada & EVIL all went 7-0)

Worst loss % (with at least 10 known results)

2008: Carrona (0%)
2009: Espectrito (0%)
2010: Metailk II (GDL) (11%)
2011: Akron (13%)
2012: Mini Talisman (8%)
2013: Estrella De Fuego (5%)
2014: Psicosis I/Nicho el Millionario (0%)
2015: Lady Shani (5%)
2016: Nahual (Morelos) (10.53%)
2017: Pitbull I (Jalisco) & Flayer Boy (9%)

Pitbull, of the Munoz family, had a strange 12 month run in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara. Old man returns to arena usually ends with a loss. Old man returns to mid level arena often ends with no apparent conclusion or reason for him being there in the first place.

Just by doing this, I realized Veracruz’s Flayer Boy is probably also Veracruz’s “Flyer Boy” and maybe even “Flyer”/”Flayer” too. His losses, and most of his results, come from appearing on DTU shows.

AAA’s biggest loser would be the 1-10 in Venum. Kojima went 2-13 in CMLL.

And other random stats

Most matches on AAA TV tapings

Psycho Clown (30)
Pagano & Aerostar (26)
Dr. Wagner Jr. (25)
Super Fly/Drago (23)

Events by State

Events State
   22  Aguascalientes
    3  Alabama
   40  Arizona
    2  Arkansas
  161  Baja California
    3  Baja California Sur
  125 California
    8 Campeche
   37 Chiapas
  250 Chihuahua
  531 Coahuila
   11 Colima
   23 Colorado
    2 Costa Rica
  411 Distrito Federal
  175 Durango
  774 Estado de México
    3 Florida
    4 Georgia
  121 Guanajuato
   86 Guatemala
  195 Guerrero
  239 Hidalgo
   50 Illinois
    2 Indiana
  431 Jalisco
    9 Japan (Japan is not a state)
    1 Kansas
   19 Michoacán
    1 Minnesota
    78 Morelos
     1 Nayarit
     2 Nebraska
     1 Nevada
     3 New Jersey
    11 New York
   327 Nuevo León
    83 Oaxaca
     2 Ohio
     2 Oklahoma
     1 Oregon
     2 other
     1 Panama
     4 Pennsylvania
   281 Puebla
     1 Puerto Rico
    39 Querétaro
    94 Quintana Roo
   103 San Luis Potosí
    39 Sinaloa
    13 Sonora
    13 Tabasco
   293 Tamaulipas
     7 Tennessee
   154 Texas
    43 Tlaxcala
     3 United Kingdom
     1 Utah
   579 Veracruz
     1 Wisconsin
    14 Yucatán
    15 Zacatecas

Buildings with the most shows

Name Total Luchador appeared most Matches
Arena México 158 Valiente 92
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara 111 Star Black/Vaquero Jr. 48
Arena Roberto Paz, Guadalajara, Jalisco 101 Black Golden 88
Arena Naucalpan 93 Black Dragon 68
Arena Aficion 89 La Plaga 37
Arena Coliseo San Ramón, Puebla, Puebla 70 Prayer/Tigre Rojo Jr. 32
Arena Olimpico Laguna, Gomez Palacio, Durango 57 Dany Fantom 40
Arena Femenil, Monterrey, Nuevo León 57 La Chacala 38
Coliseo Fraternidad, Veracruz, Veracruz 57 Anarquia 52
Arena Coliseo 55 Ángel de Oro 30
Arena Puebla 53 Espíritu Maligno, Valiente
Último Guerrero
Deportivo 11 de Julio, Pachuca, Hidalgo 52 Sombra Blanca 37
Club Apolo, Xalapa, Veracruz 52 Poseidon/Posedion Jr. 47
Arena Guatemala México, Guatemala City
51 Ciclón Chapin Sr., Hijo de la Araña
Rayo de Oro, Spiderman, Big Ban
Arena Union, Veracruz, Veracruz 51 Príncipe Infernal 48
Arena Reencuentro, Xalapa, Veracruz 51 Jaguar 47
Palacio de los Deportes, Torreón, Coahuila 50 Silver Boy 27

2016 lucha db stats: CMLL appearances per day, matches per state, AAA TV records

I’ve done series of posts in the past deriving different sorts of records based on a year’s results. I’m going to combine some of the highlights in one post this year, just for brevity’s sake. (This could all just be called stupid database tricks.)

CMLL Appearances By Days Of The Week

Here’s the deal: Friday Arena Mexico is the show a CMLL luchador wants to be booked on. Everyone’s generally paid on the gate, that’s got the best turnout and usually the most expensive tickets. Tuesday Arena Mexico appears to be the polar opposite, with low crowd and low turnout. CMLL tends to split it up so people who work Fridays don’t work Tuesdays in that same building, so the Tuesday crew has increasingly become the dregs of the promotion, decent people CMLL doesn’t have a plan for at the moment, and a couple of names to make it not a total waste. Who’s working where the most?

Tuesday Arena Mexico: Guerrero Maya (31), Blue Panther Jr. & Blue Panther (26), Hombre Bala Jr./Drone, Fuego, Stuka (23)
Friday Arena Mexico: Volador Jr. (43), La Mascara (42), Ultimo Guerrero (39), Mistico (35), Marco Corleone (35)

Volador led Fridays last year too. Titan led Tuesday Arena Mexico, and that seems to fit the pattern of a near top tecnico who can fill a gap between the top and semimain spots and is over but isn’t given much to do on Fridays that’ll take him off the Tuesday shows.

Other tidbits

  • In Puebla, local star Stigma worked 33 shows. Black Tiger, who is just in Puebla, worked 31 (mostly boring) shows. Ultimo Guerrero wrestled on 29.
  • Esfinge worked the most Tuesday Guadalajara shows at 25. Maximo, Atlantis and Marco were right behind him at 24. Magnum (who’s in charge of programming for the arena) and Vaquero were the most of the GDL only group at 20.
  • Blue Panther worked the most Saturday Coliseo shows at 20. Valiente & Guerrero Maya worked 19, Hombre Bala/Drone and somehow Leono worked 18. Leono only had 47 matches, so over a 1/3rd were in this building alone.
  • Volador worked the most Sunday Arena Mexico shows at 23, with Maya & Marco behind him.
  • Jocker and Star Black, who seem like the top rudo and tecnico prospects of the moment in Guadalajara, each worked 26 Sunday Guadalajara shows (or half of ’em.)
  • Acero worked 22 shows Pequeno Universo worked 21 shows on the regular roster without ever getting booked on a Friday night. (That’s not changed this year.) Metatron actually worked 29 matches, but a lot of them were local Guadalajara matches.
  • Marco & Rush were never booked on a Saturday. Ripper worked no Sundays. Bengala, Sensei and Leono never made a Puebla trip.
  • Delta worked almost half his matches on Tuesday before he quit, which easily explains why he quit. (Super Halcon too, though we still don’t know if he actually quit.)

Here’s the full chart

You can see other oddities, like Super Crazy only working Fridays nights, or Sharlie Rockstar only working Puebla and Fridays. 284 people worked at least one match in CMLL. If you throw all the Puebla and Guadalajara only guys, and those who only worked one show (like the 09/16 Legends show or the Arkangel tribute Coliseo show), there were 158 people who worked at least two matches for CMLL Mexico City in 2016.

Events/Matches by States

Which states are running the most shows? I dunno. These numbers are sort of bogus, since they’re driven by which locations are more likely to put up posters some place where one of us can find them. Still fun!

Location Events Top Luchador Matches
Estado de México 921 Judas el Traidor 80
Coahuila 564 Antrax Jr. (Laguna) 80
Veracruz 551 Cronos (Veracruz) 76
Distrito Federal 512 Volador Jr. 123
Tamaulipas 500 Rey Ónix 58
Nuevo León 421 Mini Hator 81
Jalisco 417 Black Golden (Jalisco) 86
Chihuahua 340 Guerrero Escarlata Jr. 104
Hidalgo 272 Poético 54
Puebla 271 Black Tiger (Puebla) 49
Texas 248 Angelix 39
Durango 202 Piloto Suicida (Laguna) 45
San Luis Potosí 187 Steel Ángel 52
Baja California 176 Rey Cobra (Baja California) 44
Guerrero 159 Kid Silver (Guerrero) 51
Guanajuato 156 Black Evil 37
California 155 Rocket Boy Wilson 25
Quintana Roo 101 Caballero Galáctico 43
Guatemala 97 Rayo de Oro (Guatemala) 49
Morelos 89 Elecktro (Morelos) 30
Illinois 67 Skayde Jr. 26
Arizona 54 Psycho (Arizona) 42
Michoacán 53 Hades (Michoacán) 13
Querétaro 52 Lince (Querétaro) 21
Chiapas 48 Vértigo (Chiapas), Asgard, Lluvia de Estrellas 17
Sonora 48 Aztec 15
Oaxaca 47 Súper Águila (Oaxaca) 17
Yucatán 45 Halcón Rojo Jr. 19
Sinaloa 40 Relámpago (Sinaloa) 19
Tlaxcala 36 Merack, Juventud Azteca 10
Zacatecas 28 Serpiente India Jr. 15
Tabasco 26 Kiss 11
Colorado 19 La Puma, Zeven, Rayo Plateado 6
Nayarit 17 Loco González 10
Aguascalientes 13 Mamba/Pentagón Jr. 6
Campeche 13 Drackull, Necro Mysterio, Dr. Blood, Rayo de Plata 4
Colima 13 Ángel Star, Prodigy 5

These numbers give me many questions. I don’t have many answers. Guerrero Escarlata Jr. wrestling twice a week in Ciudad Juarez alone – not even counting any matches in El Paso! – is kind of amazing for a person who’s name I’ve never really noticed. That’s 1 out of 3 shows from the entire state. Black Golden is a non-descript on a week to week basis but seems to get himself booked twice every weekend. Rocket Boy Wilson is surely not the most prolific luchador in all of California, or even Los Angeles, but tends to work shows where full cards are actually listed on the poster (and that isn’t the norm.) Everyone who has  “(state name)” probably has it because someone else is or was using the same name elsewhere, but they’re all important enough people to be booked a lot in their home area.

I’ve only included States without at least 10 events. If someone’s running in Baja California Sur on a regular basis, they’re keeping it very quiet.

AAA TV Win Loss Records

The shows that really matter for AAA are the TV ones, so the results from them might be more useful than including the spot shows and other appearances. There were 28 AAA TV tapings last year, including the Lucha World Cup shows.

Most Matches: Psycho Clown (27) – he wrestled twice sometimes, but he almost made every single TV taping. Texano was right behind him at 23, and Pentagon, Faby and Wagner had 21.
Most Wins: Faby Apache (15). Weirdly, that entire feud is at the top: Chessman & Averno had 13 each, Mary is in a group with 12.
Most Losses: Psycho Clown (19), but you knew that if you’ve been paying any attention. He’s a useful argument for wins/losses alone not mattering on getting a guy over, I guess. Daga, Wagner, Mamba and Parka are behind him.
Best Win %: Lanzeloth win the year without losing (6-0), but Faby would be the best of those with at least 10 TV matches (74%).
Wort Win%: Mamba went 3-14 for a woeful 17% winning record. Of note, Daga went 5-15.

2016 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Records

I got these done a little earlier than usual, but then I’ve been busy with other posts.

Year (2009 on) Shows Matches
2009: 2368 shows, 10169 matches (+9 events from last year)
2010: 2590 shows, 11270 matches (+10)
2011: 2721 shows, 12044 matches (+17)
2012: 2890 shows, 13147 matches (+69)
2013: 2840 shows, 13419 matches (+116)
2014: 5551 shows, 25264 matches (+1)
2015: 6381 shows, 28863 matches (+56)
2016: 7032 shows, 31988 matches

Please note that I’ve already found at least one more 2016 since writing this post. No way the year total 7000 again any time soon. We’re on a pace for about 6000 right now. The increase is mostly because KrisZ was searching for posters, isn’t now, and surely is better for them. Promoters are getting slightly better about just uploading a card, but wrestlers are terrible at and so a lot of stuff will be missed. There’s probably a point where all this information isn’t even useful in bulk, and that’s likely a point I passed long ago.

All this date is available on here, if anyone needs it.

Most Matches

2008: Ultimo Guerrero (228)
2009: La Parka Jr. (211)
2010: Mistico (204)
2011: Último Guerrero & La Mascara (188)
2012: Último Guerrero (189)
2013: Último Guerrero (205)
2014: Atlantis (215)
2015: Atlantis (207)
2016: Atlantis (217)

217 Atlantis
216 Máximo
216 Último Guerrero
210 Volador Jr.
194 La Máscara
191 Psycho Clown
189 Mistico II
182 Valiente
171 Rush
169 Mephisto

Psycho Clown is the real notable inclusion. AAA luchadors never make it in this list. They seem to work less regularly and their lineups are harder to fine. Those AAA lineups turned up more in 2016, and the fewer AAA main eventers meant Psycho Clown was working a lot. The most in 2015 for AAA was Pentagon Jr. at 144, so that’s an increase of a month full of matches. Pagano, Monster and Murder Clown are all grouped around at 157.We will all be long gone from this world, not even a memory, and Atlantis will still be wrestling 200 matches a year. Still, Atlantis might only be the top of the list because Volador was in NJPW for three weeks. These numbers are never completely accurate and always missing small shows that aren’t advertised anywhere online (or maybe anywhere at all when it comes to CMLL private shows); the top four probably should thought of as a tie.

Aeroboy had the most of luchadors who were primarily indie wrestlers at 126. (Mascara Sagrada Jr. is technically higher, but it’s either the two different sons getting billed with the same name, or the ex-AAA wrestler and usual Billy Boy partner using the name too.)

Most Wins

2008: Blue Panther (97)
2009: Mistico (110)
2010: Mistico (128)
2011: Ultimo Guerrero (90)
2012: Atlantis (93)
2013: La Mascara (102)
2014: Atlantis (99)
2015: Volador Jr. (113)
2016: Volador Jr. (120)

120 Volador Jr.
101 Atlantis
093 Máximo
093 Mistico II
093 Valiente
086 Último Guerrero
085 Stuka Jr.
079 Carístico
079 Marco Corleone
074 Ángel de Oro

It’s the usual CMLL top 10, almost all tecnicos and one Ultimo Guerrero. Psycho Clown led AAA luchadors with 44, which illustrates the reporting difference between the two main promotions. If he was a CMLL wrestler, he’d be one behind Puma and tied with Astral. Trauma I is just behind with 43 wins. Flyer won 48 times, which tells you a lot about how much wins mean in CMLL.

Most Losses

2008: Averno (84)
2009: Negro Casas (86)
2010: Negro Casas (75)
2011: La Mascara (72)
2012: Ultimo Guerrero (79)
2013: Ultimo Guerrero (84)
2014: Ultimo Guerrero (82)
2015: Ultimo Guerrero (80)
2016: Ultimo Guerrero (91)


91 Último Guerrero
84 Mephisto
80 La Máscara
72 Máximo
68 Euforia
67 Negro Casas
67 Volador Jr.
67 Ephesto
65 Rush
64 Terrible

And this is the usual inverse to the wins list: rudos who wrestled a bunch, and tecnicos who wrestled the most. (Atlantis is just off the list at 63.) Next time UG’s on Informa, someone should ask him about having the most loses in lucha libre five years running. I bet that’ll go great.

Mamba won 11, lost 44 (most of AAA), had 1 draw and had 83 matches without a confirmed result. Trauma I & Emperador Azteca both have 36 losses, the most in indies, because they were in places where results turn up.

Best Win % (with at least 10 known results)

2008: Psycho Clown & Zombie Clown (100%)
2009: Psycho Circus (100%)
2010: Tondar (GDL) (100%)
2011: Mini Monster Clown (90%)
2012: Rayo de Oro (Guatemala) (97%)
2013: Tinieblas Jr. (90%)
2014: William Rock/Pequeno Violencia (92%)
2015: Súper Muñeco (93%)

84.62% Huracán Ramírez
83.33% Sky Kid
81.08% Electrico
80.95% Octagón
80.00% Avispón Negro Jr.
80.00% Miss Gaviota
80.00% Gemelo Muerte I
80.00% Matanza
79.63% Astral
79.41% Pimpinela Escarlata

“Huracan Ramirez” is multiple people using the same name.  Avispón Negro Jr. is a Arena Coliseo Guadalajara opening match tecnico who’s never been in angle. Matanza’s numbers only include Lucha Underground matches which have aired so far.

Worst loss % (with at least 10 known results)

2008: Carrona (0%)
2009: Espectrito (0%)
2010: Metailk II (GDL) (11%)
2011: Akron (13%)
2012: Mini Talisman (8%)
2013: Estrella De Fuego (5%)
2014: Psicosis I/Nicho el Millionario (0%)
2015: Lady Shani (5%)


10.53% Nahual (Morelos)
12.50% Paranoiko
13.04% Pequeño Universo 2000
15.63% Mr. Apolo (Jalisco)
16.28% Pequeño Nitro
16.67% Power Bull
16.67% Mariposa
17.07% Lady Shani
17.65% El Chacal (Jalisco)
17.86% Último Gladiador

Nahual is part of a trio with locals Hechicero & Raksas in Cuernavaca. Mr. Apolo is Avispon’s rudo opposite, though they don’t seem to have faced all that much (and Apolo hasn’t been around since November.) Power Bull mostly shows up IWRG FILL shows. Poor Mariposa picked up losses in the Lucha World Cup too. Hooray for Shani getting a modicum of wins in 2016.


2015 lucha libre appearances by state

One more slice of the data

The big takeaway is there are a lot of people posting lineups for Veracruz on Facebook (and seemingly room for 6-7 groups to run almost weekly around the state.) CDMX and Estadio de México info is easier to find – if I don’t see some of them once, I’ll see it a couple other times – but it feels like there’s as many or more indie promotions running weekly in a much smaller state.

Once you get past Arizona (a lot of POR promociones shows), those are entire states where there’s less than one known show a week. At least some of that is just those places not posting their lineups anywhere where we’ve found them, but they’re also harder places for luchadors.

A full chart of the top 10 in each state is here.

State State
Most Often
Estado de México 662 Aramis 88
Veracruz 525 Rey Infierno 78
Distrito Federal 502 Máximo 113
Tamaulipas 466 the Tiger
Coahuila 462 Dulce Paola 71
Jalisco 426 Black Golden
Nuevo León 334 Mini Difunto 74
Chihuahua 282 Mini Guerrero
Texas 278 Black Cat 37
Hidalgo 262 Varcan 57
Puebla 245 Toro Bill Jr. 50
San Luis Potosí 182 Bogar 42
Guerrero 166 Guerrero Jr.
Guanajuato 163 Black Evil 38
Durango 158 Espacial (Laguna) 52
Baja California 134 Mirage 42
California 125 Monje Maldito 26
Quintana Roo 91 Caballero
Michoacán 72 Obituary 19
Guatemala 68 Hijo De La Araña 35
Morelos 60 Fénix (Cuernavaca) 21
Oaxaca 60 Zombie 23
Yucatán 59 Danger Boy 22
Arizona 56 Chucho 39
Sonora 49 Blue Star 15
Querétaro 48 Vengador
Sinaloa 45 Mr. Iguana 14
Chiapas 42 Ángel Caído 12
Aguascalientes 34 Impacto Aéreo 18
Zacatecas 31 Kayfan 13
Illinois 29 Discovery 11
Tlaxcala 29 Charly Star 7
Colorado 28 Angelux 10
Tabasco 26 Forastero 14
Colima 14 Ángel Diabólico 8
Baja California Sur 9 Guerrero Jr. 3
Campeche 7 Mecanico Infernal 3
Nayarit 4 Loco González 3

2015 CMLL appearances by day of the week/arena

CMLL has some idiosyncratic system for deciding who gets how many matches and which day of the week they work.  We don’t know how it works, but we can at least look to see who gets booked where and figure out who’s benefiting from one of the strange ways CMLL does things.

(full chart is here)

Friday Mexico (% of all CMLL main buildings)
61% Thunder
46% Rush
43% Espiritu Negro
42% Demus 3:16
39% Shockercito
39% La Sombra
39% Diamante Azul
38% Rey Escorpión
36% Stukita
36% Syuri

Yea, most of Thunder’s matches, far more than anyone else, are on the best paying night of the week. It’s part because his never ending relationship with Ultimo Guerrero, but also because they just don’t use him on the other shows. Thunder’s never worked a Sabado Retro show, he worked only 5 Tuesday Guadalajara shows and 3 Tuesday Mexico. There’s plenty of people who’ve worked more Friday night shows, he (and Stukita and Syuri) just didn’t work many other ones.

(more stats below)

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2015 lucha libre wins/losses by promotions

Yesterday’s numbers included all matches for everyone regardless of what promotion they were working for. Today, results strictly for each promotion.

I’m skipping the indie groups this year; there’s no sense of a roster for most of them, and DTU runs a lot of shows where results don’t come out. As always, there’s a Google doc with more.


This is any match on a taping for people who were on the roster (made at least 1 TV appearance) during the year. The “draws” are mostly me weirdly listing the original Guerra de Titanes matches as no-contest to preserve the lineup in the database.

Most Wins: Myzteziz & Rey Mysterio (14) – Psycho Clown was right behind at 13
Most Losses: Jack Evans (16); Angelico, Averno and Chessman were right behind at 15.
Best Win %: Rey Mysterio (85%)
Most Matches: Jack Evans (28) – 27 made TV, there was a match in Monterrey which never aired.

Jack’s a good example of the difference between how CMLL and AAA are experienced. If we just count TV shows that are available in Mexico City – not Lucha Underground, the CMLL Guadalajara show, not Azteca, not anything that simply aired on the internet – Jack had 27 TV matches, the most in AAA. Thirty five CMLL luchadors had more TV matches than him. There were more Gran Guerrero CMLL TV matches than Jack Evans AAA TV matches. Sangre Azteca (24) had more TV matches than Angelico (23). Pentagon Jr. and Mercurio had the same amount of TV matches (21). So did Astral and Alberto el Patron (16).


Most Wins: Veneno (25)
Most Losses: Eterno (32)
Big Win %: Miike (82%)
Most Matches: Eterno (56)

What’s left of the IWRG regulars are younger than in recent years. Atomic Star, who was still considered enough a rookie to be in the El Protector tournament recently, had the third amount of matches beyond those two. Hip Hop Man, who’s rarely used in the top half of the card, is fourth. Negro Navarro had 33 matches here, and Black Terry 28. The Traumas are down to about a match every three weeks. Some of that has to do with having less show, some of it aligns with the reasons there are less cards.


including the main three arenas, since the DF matches seem to be booked by the same people.

Only including Mexico City appearances.

Most Wins: Volador Jr. (97)
Most Losses: Mephisto (72)
Best Win %: Aereo (77%)
Most Matches: Volador Jr. (156)
141 wrestlers were part of the main roster (excluding Puebla/GDL only and those who only appeared on Elite shows, but also probably missing some sponsored shows.) That’s slightly down from 145 last year. Wagner, Park and Ramstein only lasted for 2 matches. Sanson and Cuartero made it on the DF roster just at the end of the year, but that means I retroactively count all their GDL matches.

Top 10 most CMLL main Arena matches are Volador, Valiente, Máximo, Atlantis, La Máscara, Último Guerrero, Mephisto, Mistico, Negro Casas and Ángel de Oro. Atlantis is is much higher overall; he’s getting a lot of outside bookings. Rush is way down the list at 77, a product of his early injury and his Guadalajara suspension.

Might as well roll out that TV appearance chart too. This doesn’t include the internet only matches.

72 Valiente
70 Volador Jr.
59 Máximo
58 La Máscara
56 Atlantis
52 Último Guerrero
52 Rey Bucanero
51 Terrible
51 Negro Casas
50 Mephisto
50 Mistico II

2015 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Records

Time for the usual end of year stats, because 2015 results might be done (and I might have cleaned it up.) I’m still relying heavily on KrisZ finding posters and I can’t really believe I’m still typing them all in, but here were are.

Year (2009 on) Shows Matches
2009: 2359 shows, 10123 matches
2010: 2580 shows, 11216 matches
2011: 2704 shows, 11972 matches
2012: 2821 shows, 12875 matches (-3)
2013: 2724 shows, 12901 matches (+25)
2014: 5550 shows, 25026 matches (+5)
2015: 6325 shows, 28674 matches

Those +numbers indicate the number of shows I’ve added to those years this past year, or removed due to duplication. It never ends.

I tracked more shows in 2015 than I did in 2012 and 2013 combined. That’s a lot of typing, and also probably a lot of typos. At the same time, it’s a fraction of all the shows that take place. There are plenty of promotions not putting up a poster where anyone on the internet can find them, and there’s plenty of people putting up other content but not giving a date; it hurts every time I find a YouTube upload and can’t put a date to the match. Also, none of the Season 2 Lucha Underground tapings are included in this, as I’m not posting them until the shows completely air. All data is flawed and this is definitely data.

I’ve put a big chart of all the people I tracked and had matches (2477 luchadors) in this Google Doc. As usual, it’s split up by which roster they were on during the year: if they were on multiple rosters, they’ll show up multiple times. This is a dumb way of doing this, but it’s the dumb way I’ve been doing for years.

Record setters from the year after the break. You can previous years on the records tag.

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2014 lucha libre appearances by state

One of the tedious tasks performed this year to improve the database was to improve the location data, making sorting and selecting by states much easier. It’s not the smartest use of my time, because there are other places that do it better, but at least it means this post is possible.

Most coverage of lucha libre is Mexico City & Estado de Mexico based, with pockets of coverage in some of the bigger municipalities. You probably can guess the people who wrestle the most in Mexico City, but what about in the other states in the country (and the states in other countries which are strangely concluded. All information is heavily biased by the posters which happen to make their ways to my eyes, but maybe you’ll impress someone by knowing of Black Golden.

State State Events Wrestler Appearing Most Appearance Count
Estado de México 720 Hip Hop Man 79
Distrito Federal 448 Atlantis 92
Jalisco 414 Black Golden 71
Tamaulipas 411 Super Boy 68
Veracruz 392 Poseidón 63
Nuevo León 370 Alberto Dos Rios 71
Coahuila 360 Dulce Paola 55
Hidalgo 269 Arquitecto Del Mal 46
Puebla 197 Asturiano 36
Texas 175 Black Cat 41
Chihuahua 172 La Fashion 54
Guanajuato 153 Maremoto Jr. 34
Durango 135 Camorra Jr. 59
Baja California 130 Tony Casanova 44
San Luis Potosí 115 Mr. T (not that Mr. T) 34
Guerrero 107 Gargola 37
California 105 Mariachi Loco 26
Quintana Roo 86 Angelus Fly 36
Guatemala 65 Voltron 39
Michoacán 65 Argho 24
Querétaro 58 Lobo Lafayette 24
Morelos 55 Eufórico 25
Oaxaca 53 Endevaor 23
Zacatecas 50 Dark Lluvia 26
Chiapas 47 Granda Man 19
Sonora 40 Destroyer 13
Yucatán 35 Rebelde Punk 17
Illinois 34 Dark Scorpion 13
Sinaloa 33 Mario Mora 15
Tabasco 33 Guerrero Mixtico Jr. 26
Colorado 31 Rayo Plateado 13
Colima 28 El Cayfan 15
Tlaxcala 22 Templario 6
Aguascalientes 19 Sansón 13
Arizona 19 Mini Halcón 15
Campeche 14 Lobo Siberiano 11

For an even deeper cut, this Google Doc has the top 10 in every state (which had at least 10 shows.)

2014 CMLL appearances by day of the week/arena

Let’s cut up the numbers another way: how many main CMLL shows did everyone work? No double counting for working tournaments, this is just how many times people had to show up for works, and which days. It’s a better to work on Fridays, though maybe the difference isn’t as big as it used to be. These decisions are not random.

(full chart is here)

Friday Mexico (% of all DF)
79% Ultimo Guerrero
69% Princesa Blanca
68% Shocker
68% Thunder
65% Rush
65% La Sombra
63% Marcela
60% Mr. Aguila
59% Volador Jr.

This post might have started because I had this impression Ultimo Guerrero was pretty much only working Fridays DF cards. Numbers say that’s a fair impression.

45 Friday Arena Mexico
04 Tuesday Arena Mexico
01 Saturday Coliseo
06 Sunday Arena Mexico
02 Sunday Coliseo
(13 non-Friday non-DF)

He’s still got a big overall total because he’s working so many Fridays (the most) and he’s either in Puebla or Tuesday Guadalajara every week (51 total.)

Princesa Blanca’s numbers are probably inflated by having the big hair feud and then retiring instead of taking other shows that’d balance it out. The best thing about CMLL’s Tuesday Arena Mexico shows is Thunder was only on 1 of them. Mr. Aguila is up there because he’s hardly ever used in Mexico City.

Tuesday Mexico (% of all DF)
100% Fresbee (CMLL) (2 matches)
100% Mima Shimoda (1 match)
83% Gallo
71% Esfinge (Guadalajara)
69% Herodes Jr.
69% Camorra
67% Arkángel de la Muerte
64% Angelito
63% Apocalipsis
62% Aéreo

No wonder Herodes quit. Tuesday seems to be the dumping round of the guest bookings and unwanted on any other show (either veterans who never escaped the opening match, or rookies still looking to get there.)

Guadalajara (% of all CMLL)
89% Gallo
86% Esfinge (Guadalajara)
64% Mr. Águila
53% Olímpico
47% Metatrón
40% Nosferatu
36% Pequeño Violencia
35% Gran Guerrero
35% Camorra
33% Bárbaro Cavernario

First two don’t really count, but Mr. Aguila (originally from Guadalajara) and Olimpico were noticeable as only being booked here. I forgot Nosferatu was still around in 2014, but he wasn’t around long. Camorra had the hair feud which put him here a lot.

Regulars who didn’t make a Guadalajara appearance in 2014: Nitro, Sensei, Espiritu Negro, Acero, Flyer, Pequeño Halcón, Aéreo, Bengala, Leono, Molotov, Morphosis, Apocalipsis, Zayco, Pequeño Universo 2000, Camaleon, Ramstein, Fresbee (CMLL)

Puebla (% of all CMLL)
62% Morphosis
43% Stigma
40% Camaleon
39% Pequeño Warrior
34% Psicosis II
29% Robin
26% Espiritu Negro
26% Pólvora
26% Electrico
25% Olímpico

Stigma makes sense. Camaleon was barely around before his injury. I have no idea why Morphosis is #1. He just teamed with Kraneo a lot, only Kraneo got booked a lot more in other places. There was one Invasors vs tecnicos cibernetico back in January, but otherwise he was just around.

Regulars who didn’t make a Puebla appearance: Gallo, Esfinge, Nosferatu, Silueta, Herodes Jr., Skadi, Angelito, Fantasy, Acero, Pequeño Halcón, Aéreo, Apocalipsis, Zayco, Pequeño Universo 2000, Ramstein, Fresbee