2014 lucha libre appearances by state

One of the tedious tasks performed this year to improve the database was to improve the location data, making sorting and selecting by states much easier. It’s not the smartest use of my time, because there are other places that do it better, but at least it means this post is possible.

Most coverage of lucha libre is Mexico City & Estado de Mexico based, with pockets of coverage in some of the bigger municipalities. You probably can guess the people who wrestle the most in Mexico City, but what about in the other states in the country (and the states in other countries which are strangely concluded. All information is heavily biased by the posters which happen to make their ways to my eyes, but maybe you’ll impress someone by knowing of Black Golden.

State State Events Wrestler Appearing Most Appearance Count
Estado de México 720 Hip Hop Man 79
Distrito Federal 448 Atlantis 92
Jalisco 414 Black Golden 71
Tamaulipas 411 Super Boy 68
Veracruz 392 Poseidón 63
Nuevo León 370 Alberto Dos Rios 71
Coahuila 360 Dulce Paola 55
Hidalgo 269 Arquitecto Del Mal 46
Puebla 197 Asturiano 36
Texas 175 Black Cat 41
Chihuahua 172 La Fashion 54
Guanajuato 153 Maremoto Jr. 34
Durango 135 Camorra Jr. 59
Baja California 130 Tony Casanova 44
San Luis Potosí 115 Mr. T (not that Mr. T) 34
Guerrero 107 Gargola 37
California 105 Mariachi Loco 26
Quintana Roo 86 Angelus Fly 36
Guatemala 65 Voltron 39
Michoacán 65 Argho 24
Querétaro 58 Lobo Lafayette 24
Morelos 55 Eufórico 25
Oaxaca 53 Endevaor 23
Zacatecas 50 Dark Lluvia 26
Chiapas 47 Granda Man 19
Sonora 40 Destroyer 13
Yucatán 35 Rebelde Punk 17
Illinois 34 Dark Scorpion 13
Sinaloa 33 Mario Mora 15
Tabasco 33 Guerrero Mixtico Jr. 26
Colorado 31 Rayo Plateado 13
Colima 28 El Cayfan 15
Tlaxcala 22 Templario 6
Aguascalientes 19 Sansón 13
Arizona 19 Mini Halcón 15
Campeche 14 Lobo Siberiano 11

For an even deeper cut, this Google Doc has the top 10 in every state (which had at least 10 shows.)

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2014 CMLL appearances by day of the week/arena

Let’s cut up the numbers another way: how many main CMLL shows did everyone work? No double counting for working tournaments, this is just how many times people had to show up for works, and which days. It’s a better to work on Fridays, though maybe the difference isn’t as big as it used to be. These decisions are not random.

(full chart is here)

Friday Mexico (% of all DF)
79% Ultimo Guerrero
69% Princesa Blanca
68% Shocker
68% Thunder
65% Rush
65% La Sombra
63% Marcela
60% Mr. Aguila
59% Volador Jr.

This post might have started because I had this impression Ultimo Guerrero was pretty much only working Fridays DF cards. Numbers say that’s a fair impression.

45 Friday Arena Mexico
04 Tuesday Arena Mexico
01 Saturday Coliseo
06 Sunday Arena Mexico
02 Sunday Coliseo
(13 non-Friday non-DF)

He’s still got a big overall total because he’s working so many Fridays (the most) and he’s either in Puebla or Tuesday Guadalajara every week (51 total.)

Princesa Blanca’s numbers are probably inflated by having the big hair feud and then retiring instead of taking other shows that’d balance it out. The best thing about CMLL’s Tuesday Arena Mexico shows is Thunder was only on 1 of them. Mr. Aguila is up there because he’s hardly ever used in Mexico City.

Tuesday Mexico (% of all DF)
100% Fresbee (CMLL) (2 matches)
100% Mima Shimoda (1 match)
83% Gallo
71% Esfinge (Guadalajara)
69% Herodes Jr.
69% Camorra
67% Arkángel de la Muerte
64% Angelito
63% Apocalipsis
62% Aéreo

No wonder Herodes quit. Tuesday seems to be the dumping round of the guest bookings and unwanted on any other show (either veterans who never escaped the opening match, or rookies still looking to get there.)

Guadalajara (% of all CMLL)
89% Gallo
86% Esfinge (Guadalajara)
64% Mr. Águila
53% Olímpico
47% Metatrón
40% Nosferatu
36% Pequeño Violencia
35% Gran Guerrero
35% Camorra
33% Bárbaro Cavernario

First two don’t really count, but Mr. Aguila (originally from Guadalajara) and Olimpico were noticeable as only being booked here. I forgot Nosferatu was still around in 2014, but he wasn’t around long. Camorra had the hair feud which put him here a lot.

Regulars who didn’t make a Guadalajara appearance in 2014: Nitro, Sensei, Espiritu Negro, Acero, Flyer, Pequeño Halcón, Aéreo, Bengala, Leono, Molotov, Morphosis, Apocalipsis, Zayco, Pequeño Universo 2000, Camaleon, Ramstein, Fresbee (CMLL)

Puebla (% of all CMLL)
62% Morphosis
43% Stigma
40% Camaleon
39% Pequeño Warrior
34% Psicosis II
29% Robin
26% Espiritu Negro
26% Pólvora
26% Electrico
25% Olímpico

Stigma makes sense. Camaleon was barely around before his injury. I have no idea why Morphosis is #1. He just teamed with Kraneo a lot, only Kraneo got booked a lot more in other places. There was one Invasors vs tecnicos cibernetico back in January, but otherwise he was just around.

Regulars who didn’t make a Puebla appearance: Gallo, Esfinge, Nosferatu, Silueta, Herodes Jr., Skadi, Angelito, Fantasy, Acero, Pequeño Halcón, Aéreo, Apocalipsis, Zayco, Pequeño Universo 2000, Ramstein, Fresbee

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2014 lucha libre wins/losses by promotions

Yesterday’s numbers included all matches for everyone regardless of what promotion they were working for. Today, we’ll look at results strictly for each promotion.

The full chart is here.


(only considering TV tapings, but including dark matches)

Most Wins: Psycho Clown (21)
Most Losses: Texano Jr. (19)
Best Win% (min 10 matches): Murder Clown (85%)
Most Matches: Psycho Clown (29)
around 111 wrestlers appeared on AAA TV tapings.

Texano Jr. didn’t take all 19 loses, but he was on a lost of losing sides for a guy who was champion. He was a rudo, and the top 7 most loses all rudos. He was only on TV a lot; he and Texano had the most matches. Faby Apache, Fenix, and Pentagon were tied with third, and it’s mostly the younger crew at the top.


Most Wins: Metaleon (34)
Most Losses: Hip Hop Man (41)
Best Win%: Mike & Teelo (93%)
Most Matches: Hip Hop Man (67)

Includes some of the FILL shows. 211 wrestlers appeared at least once though there may be some duplicate names, and not all FILL rookies are included.

Metaleon was IWRG’s rookie of the year, with lots of matches and big wins. Hip Hop Man lost nearly 10 more than the closest runner up because he wrestled so much. He worked a lot in other places too and was generally busy.

28 wrestlers had more matches in IWRG than anyone had on AAA TV tapings. There really aren’t many AAA TV tapings.


Only including Mexico City appearances.

Most Wins: Valiente (55)
Most Losses: Felino (39)
Best Win %: Pequeno Violencia (84%)
Most Matches: Valiente (85)
145 wrestlers worked a main CMLL show.

I really whiffed on noticing Valiente’s obvious candidacy for wrestler of the year. Felino is on too much and in too big of matches, but at lesat he’s not winning them. (La Mascara, even less over on the internet, is tied for second.) The Violencia think is still weird. Dark Angel would be next at 74%; maybe never getting a feud means she’s not cheated out of wins by rudas much.


Sure, why not. Note that many DTU shows do not have known results.

Most Wins: Drastik Boy (14)
Most Losses: Ciclope (15)
Best Win %: Drastik Boy (60%)
Most Matches: Ciclope & Slayer Pack (37)

The lack of results make those numbers not so useful. There’s other people who had more than 10 announced matches and a better win percentage than Drastick (like Flamita and the Nerds), but a bunch of their matches had no known results.

Chilanga Mask

Does not include Lucha Memes.

Most Wins: Psycho Kid & Trauma I (7)
Most Losses: Belial, Fulgor I, Karma (5)
Best Win% (min 5): Psico Kid (75%)
Most matches: Trauma I, Impulso, Belial (12)
More than 129 different luchadors appeared on a Chilanga Mask show.

Appearances are not evenly disturbed – there’s a DF core group, special guests, and local wrestlers all depending on where they’re running the show that day – so the leaders are mostly those guys who happen to be around a lot.

I’ve also included Cara Lucha on the sheet, but it’s too few appearances to mean much.

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2014 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Records

This is the usual match record listing, much later than usual. I’ve noted previous years results were heavily biased to shows that shows which get a lot of attention (major DF promotions) and had weird quirks where a small promotion could show up a lot if their lineups just happen to be some place I coudl easily find. It’s 2015, many (but not all) groups are on Facebook and sharing their posters, streamlining the process. For over a year, Kris Zellnar’s been collected posters from everywhere he can find them. I started transcribing them all into the database arond Feburary. It’s so much work, much of it focusing on luchadors I’ve never seen and will never see, and I’m likely to give up doing it at any point, but it’s provided a much larger data set for this time around.

Year (2009 on) Shows Matches
2009: 2359 shows, 10123 matches
2010: 2580 shows, 11216 matches
2011: 2704 shows, 11972 matches
2012: 2824 shows, 12885 matches
2013: 2699 shows, 12783 matches
2014: 5495 shows, 24998 matches


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2013 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Records

As always, these records are obtained simply off of publicly available lineup info and records and are pretty wrong. I know I’m missing many, many lineups and more results. This is the best I have, but the totals are greatly influenced by the ease of finding some promotion’s info (CMLL, IWRG) and the difficulty in finding info on other groups (everyone else.) There are an endless amount of small shows which will never be advertised in a place were I can see it; these are not complete, just as accurate as I can make them. The records include matches in Japan which were co-promoted with Mexician promotions, and some shows in Central America just to be random. When it’s really easy to follow a Guatemalan promotion and they use CMLL guys, I include them.

These lists are broken down by affiliation, not by matches in that promotion. For example, the IWRG list includes everyone who stuck in 2013 IWRG long enough for me to consider them a member of the roster (usually just 1 match), but the win/loss/total includes any match that person had anywhere. It’s sorting and not limiting. (I should really do these lists only including CMLL DF and AAA TV at some point.)

I’ve dropped the Arena Afixion and Xalapa sections this year. Aficion (and all Pachuca results, thanks to the tireless work of Funcion Estelar) are still pretty regular but there’s no sign of a set roster (like Monterrey.) Xalapa stopped posted results. I added TxT partly because the last result I put in was their lightly attended taping in Leon, but there’s a lot of cross over with IWRG and the roster data isn’t great. It’s there but I’m mostly ignoring it as a category.

I’m sure more 2013 will turn up, but not much. These results are more likely to change by adding more luchadors to be tracked by name; 1665 luchadors are included this year so far. You can find previous years of this topic under the records tag. I’ve been doing this since 2008; it occurs to me that it wouldn’t be too hard to go backwards and at least post what I have, so maybe that’s a project for later.

The full list of records is here.

Most Matches

2008: Ultimo Guerrero (228)
2009: La Parka Jr. (211)
2010: Mistico (204)
2011: Último Guerrero & La Mascara (188)
2012: Último Guerrero (189)
2013: Ultimo Guerrero (205)


Name Total
Último Guerrero 205
Atlantis 199
La Máscara 168
Rush 163
Máximo 160
Valiente 159
Máscara Dorada 155
Volador Jr. 155
Mr. Niebla 153
La Sombra 149

The top 4 are the same top 4 from last year, with Maximo moving up from 6th to 5th (and Mephisto dropping down to 16th.) Volador was 7th last year, 8th this one. It’s all CMLL top 10, which is strange, but based on a lot more people in the 150s and 160s. Psycho Clown was 10th last year, had more matches this year (144, most among AAA) and fell to 13th.

AAA top 7, just for comparison sake


Psycho Clown 144
Murder Clown 142
Monsther Clown 137
La Parka Jr. 133
Eterno 121
Pentagón Jr. 118
Fénix (AAA) 117

Exactly 50 people are listed as having 100 or more matches.

Top among people who wrestled in IWRG: Eterno (121) – Navarros were all within 5.
Top among Arena Puebla regulars: Black Tiger (29) – average was 16.5, these guys are getting 4 matches every 3 months
Top among Arena Coliseo Guadalajara regulars: Black Metal (69)
Top among unaligned: Aeroboy (110) – I believe there’s an unrelated SLP guy also using the Aeroboy, which is the secret big problem in trying to keep records like this. Violento Jack is second with 81.

Most Wins

2008: Blue Panther (97)
2009: Mistico (110)
2010: Mistico (128)
2011: Ultimo Guerrero (90)
2012: Atlantis (93)
2013: La Mascara (102)


Name Win
La Máscara 102
Atlantis 100
Rush 93
La Sombra 88
Máximo 82
Shocker 78
Blue Panther 76
Brazo de Plata 75
Último Guerrero 74
Valiente 74

As always, the results are heavily tilted towards CMLL because AAA spots shows rarely have results reported. The 19 wrestlers with the most announced matches with no reported results (“Unknown”) are from AAA.

First 100 win year since Mistico left town.

Most of AAA roster: 39 – Monster Clown & Fenix (4oth)
Most of IWRG roster: 45 – Dinamic Black & Impossible (28th)
Most of Guadalajara roster: 33 – Black Metal (62th)
Most of Puebla roster: 15 – Espiritu Maligno (198th)
Everyone else: 27 – Aeroboy (91st)

Most Losses

2008: Averno (84)
2009: Negro Casas (86)
2010: Negro Casas (75)
2011: La Mascara (72)
2012: Ultimo Guerrero (79)
2013: Ultimo Guerrero (84)


Name Loss
Último Guerrero 84
Averno 80
Mephisto 74
Volador Jr. 72
Rey Escorpión 71
Euforia 68
Dragón Rojo Jr. 66
Valiente 65
Mr. Niebla 62
Máscara Dorada 60

Having lots of reported matches means having lots losses, but it always tends to be the rudos at the top of the list.

Most in AAA roster (ignoring short term guys): 42 – Pentagon (43rd)
Most in Puebla roster: 15 – Black Tiger (227th)
Most in Guadalajara roster:  35 – Exterminador (67th)
Most in IWRG: 59 – Eterno (12th)
Everyone else: 35 – Aeroboy (63rd)

Best Win % (with at least 10 known results)
only 25% of the wrestlers (579) have at least 10 known results


Name W%
Tinieblas Jr. 90%
Voltron 90%
El Hijo Del Santo 86%
Rayo de Oro (Guatemala) 82%
Máscarita Divina 80%
Octagón 78%
Hombre Sin Miedo 78%
Rayo de Jalisco Jr. 78%
Jack Evans 78%
El Elegido 77%

I always love these lists for the weird people. Tinieblas is the best luchador in the world by the stats (which don’t include level of competition.) Voltron is an old Guatemalan luchador show who the Arena Guatemala Mexico promotion is built around, Rayo de Oro is the young tecnico who had a long win streak there. Hombre Sin Miedo is just random.

Most in CMLL roster: 90% – Thunder (11th) – your depressing stat of the day!
Most in Puebla roster: 64% – Ares (67th)
Most in Guadalajara roster:  67% – Smaker (42nd)
Most in IWRG regulars: 76% – Pirata Morgan Jr. (197th)

Worst Win %

Estrella De Fuego 5%
Fly Metalik 9%
Fly Warrior 9%
Pequeño Universo 2000 10%
Argos (Astro Boy) 11%
Jhonky 11%
Mini Psicosis 13%
Baby Star 14%
Pentagón Jr. 14%
La Seductora 16%

Most in Puebla roster: 64% – Ares (67th)
Most in Guadalajara roster:  18% – Thunder Boy (12th)
Most in IWRG regulars: 32% – Sky Angel (84th)

Estrella de Fuego is a Monterrey luchadora. The Flys are indy wrestlers around Mexico City. Jhonky – who I only recently realized wast meant to be pronounced Junkie – is of course a DTU luchador who pops up in Arena Aficion a lot. Baby Star appears to be based in Ciudad Juarez but has been turning up elsewhere, including on Toryumon Mexico shows.

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2012 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Records

This is getting later every year. Again, I’m still finding lineups and results from 2012. This is what I have now.

As always, these records are obtained simply off of publicly available lineup info and records. I know I’m missing many, many lineups and more results. This is the best I have, but the totals are greatly influenced by the ease of finding some promotion’s info (CMLL, IWRG) and the difficulty in finding info on other groups (everyone else.) There are an endless amount of small shows which will never be advertised in a place were I can see it; these are not complete, just as accurate as I can make them. The records include matches in Japan which were co-promoted with Mexician shows, and some shows in Central America just to be random. When it’s really easy to follow a Guatemalan promotion and they use CMLL guys, I include them.

Where these are broken up by promotion, I’m counting all matches the luchador had, not just those in the promotion. If they’re listed in that promotion, that means they worked at least 1 match for that group (or building.)

This year, I’ve included broken down results from Arena Xalapa and Arena Aficion because results were plentiful (Xalapa results have since dried up) and also I’m clearly insane. Xalapa works a little like bit like, with a solid core of regulars and occasionally bringing in outsiders for main events. Their main promotion is AAA affiliated, but AAA guys only appear every so often and not in great number. Arena Aficion is more like Arena Lopez Mateos, where there’s a lot of shows with  locals (trainers/trainees) and DF indy guys on top, and a few shows where other promoters just completely take over for teh night. Lots of guys like the Cerbero/Pirata/Dinamitas pass thru. There is some semblance of a ‘regular’ roster, but much less of one than I had suspected before starting to sort it out. I’m not doing this for Arena Lopez Mateos because the names turn over so much, and I probably wouldn’t have bothered with Aficion if I had realized it was the same there.

Most Matches

2008: Ultimo Guerrero (228)
2009: La Parka Jr. (211)
2010: Mistico (204)
2011:  Último Guerrero & La Mascara (188)
2012: Último Guerrero (189)

Último Guerrero 189
Atlantis 185
La Máscara 141
Rush 139
Mephisto 138
Máximo 137
Volador Jr. 134
Murder Clown 133
Monster Clown 131
Psycho Clown 131

8 of the top 10 are the same from last year, just Mephisto & Volador Jr. added to the list in place of La Parka and La Sombra.

Top among people who wrestled in IWRG: Negro Navarro (124)
Top among Puebla regulars (not counting graduate Stigma): Lestat (25) – despite retiring at least once, possibly twice
Top among Guadalajara regulars: Exterminador (53)
Top among Arena Xalapa regulars: Poseidon (56)
Top among Arena Aficion regulars: Drastik Boy (81)
Top among Arena Coliseo Monterrey regulars: Lady Maravilla (85) – women’s numbers are inflated due to LLF results, I believe
Top among everyone else: Judas el Traidor (68)

Most Wins

2008: Blue Panther (97)
2009: Mistico (110)
2010: Mistico (128)
2011: Ultimo Guerrero (90)

Atlantis 93
Rush 80
Máximo 74
La Máscara 70
La Sombra 69
Marcela 61
Diamante Azul 60
Marco Corleone 60
Último Guerrero 59
Volador Jr. 58

The Win/Loss records are going to be mostly CMLL due to a much higher amount of results actually posted.

Top among AAA regulars: Monster Clown/Murder Clown (47) – Psycho had 46
Top among IWRG regulars: Trauma I (52)
Top among Puebla regulars: Asturiano (23)
Top among Guadalajara regulars: Gallo (23)
Top among Arena Xalapa regulars: Poseidon (24)
Top among Arena Aficion regulars: Henry (26)
Top among Arena Coliseo Monterrey regulars: Angelica (22)
Top among everyone else: Rayo de Oro of Guatemala (38) – part of a 100+ debut undefeated streak

Most Losses

2008: Averno (84)
2009: Negro Casas (86)
2010: Negro Casas (75)
2011: La Mascara (72)

Último Guerrero 79
Mephisto 68
Mr. Niebla 64
Volador Jr. 60
Terrible 60
Negro Casas 58
Euforia 57
Felino 57
Eterno 56
Shigeo Okumura 56


Best win % (min 10 finishes)

2008: Psycho Clown & Zombie Clown (100%)
2009: Psycho Circus (100%)
2010: Tondar (GDL) (100%)
2011: Mini Monster Clown (90%)

Rayo de Oro (Guatemala) 97.00%
Esther Moreno 90.00%
Máscarita Divina 84.00%
Starman Jr. (Guatemala) 83.00%
Alejandro I (Aficion) 81.00%
Lestat 81.00%
Cibernético 78.00%
Prince Devitt 76.00%
Mascarita Sagrada 2007 76.00%
Huracan Ramirez Jr. 75.00%

That list is amazing.

Top among CMLL regulars: Tigre Blanco (71%)
Top among IWRG regulars: Rayan (72%)
Top among Guadalajara regulars: Gallo (63%)
Top among Arena Xalapa regulars: Crazy Man (69%)
Top among Arena Coliseo Monterrey regulars: Titanic (72%)

Worst loss %
2008: Carrona (0%)
2009: Espectrito (0%)
2010: Metailk II (GDL) (11%)
2011: Akron (13%)

Mini Talisman 8.00%
Black Fire 9.00%
Gemelo Fantastico I 11.00%
Gemelo Fantastico II 12.00%
Canek Jr. 14.00%
Mini Psicosis 14.00%
Yuriko 17.00%
Zeuxis 17.00%
Sangre Chicana 18.00%
Rey Imagen (Monterrey) 18.00%

Zeuxis only winning 17% is a crime. Mini Psicosis was champion all year. I bet the Gemelos would have much better numbers if we ever got results from their Toluca promotion.

Top among people who wrestled in IWRG: Multifacetico (23%)
Top among Puebla regulars (not counting graduate Stigma): Akron & Blue Center (21%)
Top among Guadalajara regulars: El Tapatio (18%)
Top among Arena Xalapa regulars: Pegasso de Plata (21%)
Top among Arena Aficion regulars: Dr. Boris (27%)

This year’s complete chart of W/L/D for the 1,642 luchadors I’ve tracked is now on Google Docs.

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2011 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Records

I recorded 2671 shows this year (new record!), up from 2569 from last year. At least I’ve gotten that many so more; still a few turning up in February. This is close enough.

Most Matches

2008: Ultimo Guerrero (228)
2009: La Parka Jr. (211)
2010: Mistico (204)

188 Último Guerrero
188 La Máscara
179 Psycho Clown
178 Murder Clown
172 Monster Clown
167 La Sombra
162 Atlantis
155 Máximo
154 Rush
154 La Parka (AAA)

La Mascara had those 2 matches in Japan if you want a tie breaker, but I’m pretty sure he’d be okay with us forgetting those.

Top in IWRG (of those who spent most of the year there): Eterno (123), though a couple of those might be a Yucatan/QR based Eterno. Trauma I had 119.
Top in GDL: Metatron (46)/Infierno/Malefico (41)
Top in Puebla: Stigma (31) – may include other Stigmas, but I may have weeded them out
(“in” does not mean “for”)

Most Wins

2008: Blue Panther (97)
2009: Mistico (110)
2010: Mistico (128)

90 Último Guerrero - oddly high for a rudo
83 La Máscara
78 Atlantis
75 Volador Jr.
74 Rush
71 La Sombra
70 Murder Clown
70 Mr. Niebla
67 Psycho Clown
66 Negro Casas

IWRG: Dinamic Black (53)
Puebla: Asturiano (19)
GDL: Metatron (18)/Astaroth (16)

Most Losses

2008: Averno (84)
2009: Negro Casas (86)
2010: Negro Casas (75)

72 La Máscara
69 La Sombra
68 Máscara Dorada
68 Shigeo Okumura
66 Último Guerrero
65 Máximo
63 Averno
62 Atlantis
62 Rush
62 Eterno

AAA: Silver King (42)
Puebla: Sauron/Espiritu Maligno/Ares (16)
GDL: Gallo/Mr. Trueno/Rafaga/Exterminador (14)

Best win % (min 10 finishes)

2008: Psycho Clown & Zombie Clown (100%)
2009: Psycho Circus (100%)
2010: Tondar (GDL) (100%)

90% Mini Monster Clown
88% Canek
86% Asturiano
86% Mascarita Sagrada
83% Casandro
83% Centella de Oro
82% Rayo de Jalisco Jr.
82% Lucky Boy
81% Mini Psycho Clown
80% Zodiaco
80% Super Astro
80% Hator

That is definitely a list of people.
CMLL: Leono!!!!! (76%) – same number as Santo
IWRG: Angelico (70%)

Worst loss %
2008: Carrona (0%)
2009: Espectrito (0%)
2010: Metailk II (GDL) (11%)

13% Akron
13% Soberano Jr.
15% Extreme Boy
17% Mini Chessman
18% Mini Psicosis
20% Muerte Infernal
20% Ares (Puebla)
21% La Seductora
22% Freesbe (CMLL)
22% Shitara

Akron is a Puebla luchador. Muerte Infernal is an IWRG irregular. Seductora is just thrilled to have 10 matches this year.

If you’d like more, here.

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2010 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Records

Checking off end of year stuff to do. There’s something else I’m forgetting…

I recorded 2,564 shows this year, up from 2,356 from last year.

Most Matches

2008: Ultimo Guerrero (228)
2009: La Parka Jr. (211)

204	Místico (top CMLL)
188	La Parka Jr. (top AAA)
184	La Máscara
180	La Sombra
175	Último Guerrero
157	Volador Jr.
153	Silver King
153	Atlantis
151	Brazo de Plata
151	Averno

Sombra’s matches do not include his matches in Japan, which push him to second. Mascara Dorada just missed the list at 150.

Top in IWRG: Dr. Cerbero (97). Eterno has more, but it only points out there’s multiple Eternos.
Top in GDL: Metal Blanco (50) or Astaroth (49) if you don’t count the DF matches for Blanco
Top in Puebla: Black Tiger (26)


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2009 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Record

As an annual tradition, I’ve got some stats from the win/loss lucha libre stats from the lucha libre database. You can find this year’s and last years under the records tag. You can find the prior year records by – I dunno, very careful googling? Maybe I’ll fix that a bit later.

Most matches

2008: Ultimo Guerrero (228)

211	La Parka Jr. (top AAA)
194	Místico (top CMLL)
182	Héctor Garza
172	Volador Jr.
170	El Elegido
170	Electroshock
169	Último Guerrero
166	Shocker
165	La Sombra
165	Negro Casas

Top in IWRG: Black Terry (98)
Top in Puebla: Ares (33)
Top in GDL: tie, Boomerang & Acertijo (41)


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2008 IWRG and Major Indy Records

We close out this feature by looking at two intermixed categories: the wrestlers of IWRG, and significant wrestlers who are not regulars in any promotion.

I’ve tried to follow the formula of Puebla and Guadalajara and distill down the IWRG list to those who work they’re regularly and don’t disappear when the TV (and the money from TV) does. It’s a bit iffy, and I realized that I still haven’t matched up the Oficials to the previous gimmicks (here or the wiki, come to think of it.) And we have the problem of two guys using the name Eragon at the same time for no particular reason. Did I ever tell you that, should I ever become National Commissioner of Lucha Libre, my first act would be create a national registry of licensed wrestlers and immediately prohibit anyone new from using the same name as an active/recently active wrestler? (ACT 2: one Hijo/Jr./II per gimmick. EVER.)

Anyway, what I have is what I have and that’s what we’ll go with. The Oficials strong run thru the year has given them high win percentage, unusually so for rudos. Local rudos seem to much better than average here, and I think it might because the outsiders usually are brought in as tecnicos and there’s quite a bit of rudo wins. Plus, the more experienced regulars here are almost all on the rudos side.


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