CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-08-15 

no one’s more surprised about Dragon Lee’s dive than the guy who was supposed to catch him

Recapped: 08/18/15

What happened? Nothing.

What was good? Nothing. This was a totally skippable Tuesday show.

Where can I watch? This is all in the 2015 August Week 3 playlist. 


CMLL Lucha Azteca: 2015-08-15 


Recapped: 08/19/2015

What happened? Thunder is still not wrestling but appearing after the match to beat up Ultimo Guerrero. 

What was good? Nothing stood out.

Where can I watch? This is all in the 2015 August Week 3 playlist.  (more…)

AAA on Televisa: 2015-08-15 

don’t yell at Flamita

Recapped: 08/19/2015

What happened? This was a lame duck show before TripleMania, but it did feature the debut (under a new name) of Fireball. It’ll still be a while before we figure out if this is a footnote or a meaningful.

What was good? That Fireball match was great and worth watching. Not just because of the guy normally known as Flamita either: if we ever get a full year of Steve Pain, he’d probably get some awards. The rest of the show was nothing special.

Where can I watch? It’s in my playlist, and it’s now up on AAA’s channel (as Puebla Parte 2).


CMLL Puebla: 2015-09-28 

Asturiano on fire

Recapped: 09/28/2015

What happened? Mephisto fouled Volador after a short main event. Challenges indicated a rematch next week. Molotov debuted on the rudo side and continues to feud with Lestat. Kamaitachi argued with Barbaro for about three seconds after their loss, thrilling those of us who are convinced Kama is losing his hair before going back and willing to overread into any hint of a new feud.

What was good? Opener was strong and parts of the tercera were very good. The big matches had a very rushed/mailed in feeling.

Where can I watch this? It’s up on CMLL’s YouTube channel already.


CMLL on 2015-09-25 

flyin’ Guerreros

What was the important stuff? Volador beat Rush in straight falls, but ended up laid out by the entire Ingobernables. Thunder was not seen and everyone pretended like he didn’t exist, which was the best Thunder related development in a while. The Universal tournament will start next week.

What were the good matches? Nothing superb, but matches 2, 3, 4 were all pretty fun. Rush/Volador was not much and disappointing.

Where can I see this? You could’ve seen it on the live stream. I’m encoding the show and it should be in next week’s video post.

(Recapped: 09/25/2015)


CMLL on 2015-08-14 

Esfinge’s end

Recapped: 08/14/2015

What happened that mattered? Sombra accepted Atlantis’ challenge for a mask match, which turned out to be a little important (even though I was strongly in denial at the time.) Esfigne lost his En Busca de un Idolo match to Guerrero Maya, which essentially ended his tournament. Disturbio beat Boby Zavala, which turned out both to be enough for Distubrio to advance and kind of inexplicable if Zavala was going to win the tournament anyway. Demus & Shockercito started (or restarted) a feud in the minis match. 

Should I go back and watch anything? This was the first of two straight weeks of minis matches; this was the Great one with Stukita especially looking awesome. Definitely worth watching. The En Busca de un Idolo matches and the opener were both good. 

Where can I see it?: all the matches are on my secondary YouTube channel, though the video is iffy. Some matches aired on Azteca and those are on my main channel. The En Busca de un Idolo matches are on their channel.

The middle half of this show had to be rewatched much after the fact; I don’t know if I didn’t watch them live or if I just lost the text. Hope it holds togehter.


CMLL Puebla: 2015-08-10

watched 08/10/2015, redone 09/02/015

What happened that mattered? Ultimo Guerrero took out Rey Escorpion and Angel de Oro kept his title over Polvora in rematches of recent matches

Should I go back and watch anything? The first half of this show was fun, but the two rematches were pale replications of their bigger matches which came before. You should go back and watch those if you missed them the first time.

Where can I see it? It’s still up on CMLL’s YouTube channel. Some matches also aired on 52MX.

There’s no notes on the matches or GIFs below. I had to rewrite this recap from scratch, and didn’t want to rewrite those. It’s simply times and finishes below. 


CMLL on 2015-09-11 

best moment of La Mascara’s life

Recapped: 09/11/201

What happened? Sombra cheated to beat Atlantis, leaving him humiliated and unmasked to end the night. Thunder & Ultimo Guerrero continued their feud. Super Parka returned to the Arena Mexico ring, teaming with his son. Rush spoiled their night by sneaking in a foul on Volador. Maximo ultimately replaced Dr. Wagner Jr. (I didn’t catch a single mention of Wagner or LA Park on commentary, though Maximo mocked the Parka strut a couple of times.)

What was good? Pretty much everything. This was the strongest show in a while, with the first fall matches all good and a great match mixed in. (I seemed to disagree on which one was the great one though.) The top two matches were more angle driven matches and lacked the dynamism they had with LA Park & Dr. Wagner the previous two weeks, though some indy could get some mileage out of a singles Rush/Super Parka match. The undercard generally felt like guys who aren’t on the Anniversary show having those matches tonight instead.

Where can I watch this? The main event is now up on ClaroSports’ website. Some of the matches will air on Lucha Azteca on 09/26. I’ll probably have these matches up on one of my channels tomorrow. 


CMLL Lucha Azteca: 2015-08-08

an invisible hook grabbed Zeuxis!

Recapped: 08/16/2015

What happened that mattered? Thunder & Ultimo Guerrero continued to feud. The scheduled Volador/Rush match doesn’t happen, with Volador defeating Mascara cleanly.

Should I go back and watch anything? Nah. The women’s match was fixed a little in editing but still not good. There are better Volador matches, and there’s probably more Thunder/UG matches coming.

Where can I see it? The Azteca version is on my channel. There’s also live videos for some of the matches. Links below.

(If you click read more, there’s more. It’s a bit hidden on this theme, but that’s how all the recaps work.)


CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-08-08 

triple moonsault

Recapped: 08/16/15

What happened that mattered? Nothing. 

Should I go back and watch anything? The opener was a good minis match. The Sky Team was alright in the main event, but there are better versions of that match. That’s the same with most everything else. 

Where can I see it? It’s on my main youtube channel. Links below.