Lucha Underground 2×10: El Jefe Is Back

Butterfly Effect
Butterfly Effect


Mr. Cisco & Cortez Castro b Johnny Mundo & Taya [4:39, Psycho Realm on Taya, OK]

Angelico, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse vs Barrio Negro, Trece, Siniestro de la Muerte to retain the Lucha Underground Trios championship [good, first defense]
Siniestro de la Muerte pinned Ivelisse (2:37)
Angelico Fall of Angels on Trece (4:45)
Siniestro de la Muerte beat Angelico (6:33, double knee smash to the back)
Son of Havoc beat Barrio Negro (7:53, standing shooting star press)
Son of Havoc beat Siniestro de la Muerte (9:26, moonsault)

Mariposa beat Sexy Star (1:24, Butterfly Effect, OK but no really long enough to be rated)

Matanza defeats Pentagon Jr. to retain the Lucha Underground Championship (3:58, Wrath of the Gods, OK) – first defense


cheap shot kicks to Vampiro are tough not to GIF
cheap shot kicks to Vampiro are tough not to GIF

Make it ten in a row for Matanza. He didn’t beat Pentagon as quickly as he beat his opponents at the end of the Azteca Warfare tonight, but he wasn’t in really any more trouble even when Pentago knew he was coming. Pentagon got in shots on Mantanza, but even his backcracker couldn’t take the monster off his feet. Pentagon ‘earned’ the title match by attacking Dario and threatening to break his arm. Matanza broke Pentagon in response; Pentagon had a back injury late in the match, took the big powerslam, and then got powerbombed thru the announce table after the match. The show ended with Pentagon being taken away in ambulance with Vampiro (who attacked checking on Pentagon) glaring back out thru the ambulance window.

Dario was busy taking care of existing issues this episode. He transitioned back into power, and back into having his office in it’s usual look, rather quick. The interim tenant, Catrina, didn’t object to her candles being removed, but was very upset Mil got taken out before even getting into Aztec Warfare and demanded a title shot. Dario brushed off Catrian’s ghost behavior and pushed for a truce, noting he was giving the Disciples a trios title rematch, but Catrina declared Matanza would have the title back and she’d have the Temple too. Dario didn’t seem worried.

Psycho Effect
Psycho Realm

Dario also had to deal with an angry Rey Mysterio, who wanted to talk about Dragon Azteca. Dario first tried to avoid the topic by talking about Azteca Jr., but Rey wanted answers about Dragon Azteca Senior. Rey accused Matanza of killing his old mentor, and Dario swore his brother didn’t murder Azteca. (Dario is telling the truth – it was Black Lotus, back around as a bodyguard, who killed Azteca.) Dario tried making a deal with Rey, which went much smoother than Catrina: Rey and Azteca were welcome back into the Temple, as long as they left the past in the past. Rey clearly didn’t trust Dario, but seemed to take this deal for the moment.

The trios rematch didn’t go too much better for the Disciples. They did manage to get a 2 on 1 advantage in the elimination match (and no reason seemed to be given for it being an elimination match.) Catrina helped out, distracting Ivelisse into a kick, and trying to cost Son of Havoc the pin at the end. Ivelisse stopped Catrina that time, and the champs kept the belts. The formerly dysfunctional trio seem completely on the same page, and the Disciples should be well out of the title picture now. New challengers are coming; Dario announced a trios tournament for #1 contenders starting next week.

Mariposa made her in-ring debut. Prior, Marty told a story of the Moths always being the richest tribe of the Aztecs, of the others being jealous of them, and of the role of Mariposa being passed down from generation to generation to the current strongest one. It’s Marty, and he was reading this from a book which had no words, so it could be all in his head or completely true. At any rate, Mariposa completely squashed Sexy Star, and the moth siblings took out Willie Mack after the match too.

The opener was the odd tag match of the Crew versus Mundo & Taya. Johnny seemed to be taking advantage of Taya’s enthusiasm to fight, and carefully only tagged himself in when he thought he team had the advantage. They were really at a disadvantage when Cage came down to watch. Mundo bailed, and Taya took the pin.


no fancy name for the springboard knee yet
no fancy name for the springboard knee yet

Anything was going to be a bit of a comedown from the last few weeks, and this one was a little bit of a resetting of the status quo. Dario got his office reset, cleared out the last vestiges of the Catrina era and set the template to come.

It’s going to be an adjustment going from the back and forth matches of the Puma championship run and even the competitive matches of Mil Muertes short run to utterly one sided Matanza matches. It’s easy to understand what they’re doing from a logical standpoint – it’s going to be a while before anyone can even really budge the monster – but it does take one of the more fun aspects of the show away for the moment. They did promise a much darker place, and a place without two count falls in the title match is a bit dark.

This Disciples trios title match is the best of the three they’ve had, even with the quick eliminations canceling people out. It’s probably too late in the game to matter, but the Disciples actually looked impressive at times and they eliminations made it easier to get a sense of them as different characters. You could at least tell which one was which when they all aren’t around (and when Striker can name them again.) It would’ve been a more memorable match with a bit more time, but the last run by Son of Havoc was really good.

The Mariposa/Sexy Star match felt very edited, like they took out minutes of the match in a big chunk at one point. It was also another one sided squash on this show. Mariposa’s finish looked brutal. I really liked the Marty vignette.

It's 200 points for the first stomp, 400 for the second, but no idea what you get for the shooting star press
It’s 200 points for the first stomp, 400 for the second, but no idea what you get for the moonsault

The opening tag match was ill-fitting. There was no real team to root for or a reason to care about the match, and it didn’t really move along any story – Cage hates Mundo, Mundo is scared of Cage, Mundo is kind of a jerk to Taya but Taya doesn’t care or hasn’t caught on. It wasn’t long and it wasn’t bad, but it was something I was easily distracted from and felt like time that could’ve been better spent on the trios match.

There was a lot of stuff that got done that needed to get done – they had to explain the status of Rey and Catrina, they gave Mariposa a real introduction, and they started things for the future with the trios tournament announcement. The show served it’s purpose, but it doesn’t seem like one people will be looking back at strongly.

CMLL Arena Mexico 2016-03-29 

Yago & Mephisto
Yago & Mephisto

Recapped: 2016-03-29, all matches from Arena México of the same day

What You Need To Know

  • Esfinge & Volador won a fun Gran Alternativa block, and will face Raijin and Rey Escorpion in the tournament final next week. There’s no match you need to watch and it may lose it a bit knowing the outcomes, but it was a fun Tuesday night viewing and better than last week.
  • Mephisto pinned Volador once more before their title match on Sunday.
  • Yago & Golden Magic looked good in their first streaming appearance, and Warrior Steel is at least interesting.
  • All the Boricuas are acting as if the storyline where Pierroth quit the group and said Misterioso & Sagrado weren’t any good never happened.

Match Results for Result Databases

Shockercito & Astral (replacing Stukita) defeated Mercurio & Pierrothito [14:38, good] – 2 falls to 1 (6:54, 3:09, 4:35)
Canelo Casas, Misterioso Jr., Sagrado defeated Hombre Bala Jr., Magnus, Súper Halcón Jr. [11:27, ok]- 2 falls to 1 (5:09, 2:08, 4:10)
Atlantis, Mistico, Valiente defeated  Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero [ok, ~8:07] – 2 falls to 1 (~2:45, 2:01, 3:21)

— Gran Alternativa Block B—

Rush don't care
Rush don’t care

Warrior Steel & Golden Magic win seeding battle royal [3:47]
Mascara Dorada & Pegasso defeated Terrible & Sansón [5:03]
Mephisto & Yago defeated Raijin & Pierroth [4:33]
Esfinge & Volador Jr. defeated La Mascara & Stigma [7:29]
Golden Magic & Rush defeated Warrior Steel & Mr. Niebla [4:59]
Mephisto & Yago defeated Mascara Dorada & Pegasso [3:08]
Esfinge & Volador Jr defeated Rush & Golden Magic [5:59; Rush DQed for mask pull after Golden Magic was eliminated]
Esfinge & Volador Jr. defeated Mephisto & Yago [9:05]


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CMLL Puebla: 2016-03-28

Dorada wins, barely
Dorada wins, barely

Recapped: 03/28/2016

What happened: Mascara Dorada defeated Bárbaro Cavernario in a match which combined both men’s wiliness to try crazy things. Rey Escorpion both fouled and unmasked Mistico in the main event.

What was good: The title match, definitely. The main event was pretty good and the fourth match was not bad. Avoid the first half of the show.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s YouTube channel and will air on 52MX in about 12 days. The entrances for the Dorada/Cavernario match begin at 1h36m13s, and the match starts at 1h39m00s. Read More

CMLL on 2016-03-25 

this is how the night went
this is how the night went

Recapped: 03/25/2016

What happened: Ultimo Guerrero lost to Cibernetico after pointedly out wrestling him on the mat and later fouling Cibernetico for the DQ. Pierroth officially joined the Ingobernables.

What was good: The tercera was good. A lot of this show was not good, including the Ciber/UG match.

Where can I watch it: Claro will have the main event, and the whole card will be on my channel later. You can skip this one though. Read More

Lucha Underground 2×9: Aztec Warfare II

how does he get so high?
how does he get so high?

the matches

Matanza won a 21 man Aztec Warfare match, becomes the 4th Lucha Underground champion

order of events

 00:00 Fenix enters (1)
 00:00 Rey Mysterio enters (2)
 01:27 King Cuerno enters (3)
 02:49 Argenis enters (4)
 03:55 Argenis out (Rey Mysterio top rope splash, 1)
 04:16 Johnny Mundo enters (5)
 05:46 Joey Ryan enters (6)
 07:03 Prince Puma enters (7)
 08:05 Jack Evans enters (8)
 08:14 King Cuerno out (Rey Mysterio cross armbreaker, 2)
 09:27 Taya enters (9)
 10:40 Cage enters (10)
 11:54 Mascarita Sagrada enters (11)
 13:02 Johnny Mundo out (Puma standing shooting star press, 3)
 13:19 Marty Martinez enters (12)
 14:48 Drago enters (13)
 15:48 Marty out (Rey Mysterio top rope splash, 4)
 16:03 The Mack enters (14)
 17:17 Chavo Guerrero enters (15)
 18:05 Máscarita Sagrada out (Chavo a la de caballo, 5)
 18:37 Cage out (Taya pin, 6)
 18:50 PJ Black enters (16)
 18:51 Taya out (Fenix German suplex, 7)
 20:03 Aerostar enters (17)
 20:56 Jack Evans out (Aerostar top rope Canadian Destroyer, 8)
 20:56 Drago out (PJ Black Black Diamond, 9)
 21:10 Dragon Azteca Jr. enters (18)
 22:15 Texano enters (19)
 23:06 PJ Black out (Texano Jr. sit down powerbomb, 10)
 23:32 Mil Muertes enters (20)
 24:29 Mil Muertes out (Rey Mysterio top rope splash, 11)
 26:09 Matanza (21)
 27:07 Fenix out (Matanza spinning powerslam, 12)
 27:30 The Mack out (Matanza german suplex Mack 13)
 27:47 Aerostar out (Matanza german suplex Aerostar, 14)
 28:10 Texano Jr. out (Matanza powerbomb Texano Jr., 15)
 29:15 Joey Ryan out (Matanza gutwrench suplex, 16)
 30:28 Dragon Azteca Jr. out (Matanza chokeslam Dragon Azteca Jr., 17)
 31:09 Chavo Guerrero out (Matanza standing shooting star press, 18)
 32:17 Prince Puma out (Matanza german suplex, 19)
 34:54 Rey Mysterio out (Matanza spinning powerslam, 20)

the developments

Cuerno didn't get much, but this tope was cool
Cuerno didn’t get much, but this tope was cool

Matanza debuted and destroyed everyone. Dario Cueto returned, declared the Temple was his again, and entered his brother as the special 21st enterant in the match. There were nine other people left in the match, and Matanza beat them all. Matanza was never dropped to the mat and rarely even shaken, with only Rey and Puma doing damage near the end.

Misterio and Azteca made their in-ring debuts – people reacted a lot stronger to Rey, but Azteca seemed to win them over a bit with his dive over the corner. Striker had no idea who Azteca was, while Vampiro spoke in myth. Argenis and Máscarita Sagrada made their returns, with Sagrada doing far better.

Pentagon Jr., Angelico, Son of Havoc and Ivelisse were all notably absent. All four are enemies of Catrina, and Catrina made it explicitly clear Pentagon trying to attack her was why he didn’t get an invite. Pentagon invited himself, coming out of the crowd to attack Mil Muertes with a chair before he could even get in the ring. Muertes was out of it and easily pinned. Catrina blamed Vampiro and screamed at him to leave, but they were interrupted by Dario’s appearance. (This meant Muertes and Matanza never interacted.)

why does this keep happening to them
why does this keep happening to them

Famous B & Brenda were in the front row handing out cards and trying to recruit both fans and luchadors. He was miced, and expressed interest in managing many people during the match.

Many of the feuds from the first set of episodes appeared at one point or other – Fenix/Cuerno, Mundo/Taya/Cage, Aerostar/Drago/Black/Jack, Chavo/Texano – along with issues from last season like Cage/Mack. Joey Ryan won a four way to get into the match, then handicuffed him to the railing to avoid being pinned. That backfired, as he was misted by Drago and unable to escape when Matanza came for him. (Matanza simply broke the railing to grab him.)

Mundo put Cage through the office window, only for Cage to return. Glass is ineffective on Cage, but a Mundo cinderblock shot worked fine and Taya picked up the pin. That issue isn’t over.

Marty and Mack weren’t in at the same time (and Sexy Star and Mariposa were nowhere to be seen), but Mack did give Marty a stunner before he could get to the back.


Famous B marking out is best part
Famous B marking out is best part

I’m winded from putting together the match results. There was a lot to keep track of, which was also a slight problem with the match. They wanted to keep as many bodies around for the final as possible, to give Matanza plenty of people to mow thru, but it meant fighting was all over the place at once and occasionally hard to keep track of it. There’s a moment where Cage & Mack are facing off, and off in the background you can see Jack tumbling down the stone stairs for who knows what reason. (You can say that about a lot of Jack things!) I’m sure it also allowed them to hide guys resting, which was more apparent with less people in early, but everything didn’t sink as much as it might had each thing gotten more time.

But maybe the rest of the match didn’t matter, because it was really all about Matanza’s destruction at the end. They put him over as strong as possible – he came off like Taz, a short wide guy just throwing dudes around. Taz didn’t do a shooting star press, best I can recall, but otherwise like Taz. It almost totally worked; they needed a little bit more of the menace Matanza showed when he was going after Joey Ryan and when referee Marty was reacting to him, but that’s the part that’s probably hardest to work on before you do the character. (And that’s also sort of on the other guys to show that fear.)

Matanza STRONG
Matanza STRONG

The Mil Muertes beatdown seemed weak considering what he took on previous shows, to the point where it seemed as though they were hiding an injury. I don’t recall one, and it may just have been trying to sped up things on a show where a lot needed to happen in a short amount of times. They were hardly ever doing 90 minute breaks in between entrants.

The upside to the fans not seeing the vignettes are the fans aren’t chanting “police!” at Joey Ryan. The downside is no one had any idea who Dragon Azteca Jr. is and he had about 30 seconds to get himself over. It’ll go better for him later on, I hope.

The first Aztec Warfare will be remembered as being better, because the show felt like it was making an unexpected leap. This show wasn’t really far behind, and I only wish they got a little more time or a second screen to watch it all.


CMLL Arena Mexico: 2016-03-22 

good to have Rey Escorpion back
good to have Rey Escorpion back

Recapped: 2016-03-22

What happened: Fujin & Rey Escorpión advanced to the final of the Gran Alternativa tournament. Skandalo and Fuego appeared to be feuding, though they didn’t get involved in the finish.

What was good: The Gran Alternativa tournament was generally good, though the format meant no stand out matches. Rocky Casas (especially) & Magia Blanca looked green, but the rest of the action went pretty well. Triton didn’t fit in the criteria but looked good in all of his matches. The tercera match was the best match, and it was an overall fun show.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s channel. Read More

CMLL Puebla: 2016-03-21 

Caristico gets a good seat
Caristico gets a good seat

Recapped: 03/21/2016

What happened: Caristico defeated Ultimo Guerrero in the main event. Cavernario beat Mistico in the semimain and demanded a title match. Team Japan defeated Panthers/Stigma in a rematch.

What was good: Pretty much everything was good, and the main event was great.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s YouTube channel and will air on 52MX in a couple weeks.

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CMLL Homenaje a Dos Leyendas iPPV: 2016-03-18 

triple kiss!

Recapped: 03/18/2016

What happened: Volador defeated Negro Casas for his hair in the main event, winning cleanly with no interference from any family members (and Casas even had Mephisto instead of one of his nephews in his corner.) Rush also defeated Máximo for his hair in their match, though he had a little help from Comandante Pierroth. They acknowledged each other as family (though it didn’t seem like Rush outright admitted Pierroth was his father) and suggested they would continue to be together (though again it wasn’t outright said Pierroth would be an Ingobernable.)

The semimain saw friendly fire between Cibernetico and Ultimo Guerrero led to an all out fight. The rudos lost the match, and the two argued their way to a singles match next Friday. It was a rare case of CMLL building to a next week’s show on a major show.

The feed mostly held thru; it died in the main event (just around 11pm local, suggesting there was an automatic setting to cut it off then.) They got it back, but not everyone was able to get it working again. CMLL also quietly offered the show on Playstation’s Live Viewer, and the feed apparently did not come back for people using that service.

The changes to Arena Mexico were slight: new video boards and maybe a new ringside floor were all that were visible. 

What was good: I though both hair matches were excellent and the atomicos was great. The second match was fun and you can skip the rest.

Where can I watch it: You can’t legally right now. Claro Sports will air matches 2, 3, and 5 whenever they air these things, and Azteca will air the two hair matches four weeks from now.

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AAA on Televisa: 2016-03-12 

two for one
two for one

Recapped: 03/12/2016

What happened: Octagon Jr. debuted. This time, it’s the former Fireball/Flamita. He was set up as opponent to Pentagon Jr. and might have beat him with a normal referee, but Pentagon Jr. ended up defeating his rival and advancing to the final of Rey de Reyes.

Apache cost Venum the opener with a drink to the face. The Xinetez continued rolling with a win over Psycho Circus.

What was good: The opener and the main event were really fun. The middle match accomplished what it set out to do.

Where can I watch it: It’s on AAA’s channel. Read More

Lucha Underground 2×8: Life After Death

Vampiro had quite the reaction
Vampiro had quite the reaction


Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, Angelico [O] defeat Disciples of Death (Siniestro de la Muerte [X], Barrio Negro, Trece) to win the Lucha Underground Championship (4:54, Havoc Shooting Star Press→Angelico pin, good)
Texano Jr. defeated Chavo Guerrero in a bull rope match (6:02, powerbomb, OK)
Fenix defeated Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground Championship (13:32, back bridge cradle, great)


Every Lucha Underground championship changed hands. The Gift of the Gods championship is vacant and the Aztec Medallions should be handed out again soon. The Trios championship changed hands to the first champions, and the Lucha Underground championship went to a new champion. Even the Aztec Warfare match changed.

trio dive
trio dive

The show started with the trios title change. Ivelisse, Havoc and Angelico, with their LU careers on the line, were more on the same page than every and pretty much demolished the Disciples. The DoD got in some offense, and had one near victory on a surprise switch, but it was pretty clear who was the better team with both teams healthy. Both teams might not be healthy after this match: an angry Mil Muertes destroyed his subordinates in the locker room after the match, and might have straight up killed Sineistro had Catrina not stopped him.

If Mil was angry after the first title match loss, his rage must know no limits after the main event. He probably wouldn’t be pleased to know Catrina and Fenix were making out early in the show, with Catrina telling Fenix she had regrets about dumping him last season. Catrina called Fenix the man of a 1000 lives, and said one of those lives might be able to bring her back. Yea, she’s dead – and yea, this might have either been some mind game or Catrina laying the foundation of getting back with Fenix if Mil doesn’t have the belt. Fenix’s reaction this didn’t show in the match, as he and Mil destroyed each other. Fenix bled first, Mil ripping his mask, but Fenix rallied back to the same to Mil when he wasn’t jumping off high places. Mil was more vulnerable than previous match (Mil’s first back from the dead), but Fenix best shots weren’t keeping him down. It was a bridging cradle which shockingly beat Mil – not far off from what we saw with Puma & Pentagon, only Fenix was able to bridge up. Catrina & Mil were shocked, but Catrina rallied quick: next week’s Aztec Warfare would now be for the Lucha Underground championship, Mil will get #20, and Fenix will be #1.

those are really nice chairs you're damaging!
those are really nice chairs you’re damaging!

A couple more people were confirmed for Aztec Warfare: Rey Misterio revealed both himself and Dragon Aztec received invites. Another vignette confirmed Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo are in the match. The other 14 spots are yet to be revealed.

There are others coming to the Temple. Dario decided Matanza was ready and it was time to take his Temple back. Dario opened the door to Matanza’s area, and we saw him for the first time – or the second time if you saw the comic book, because this was pretty much the same scene, down to the first look at Matanza. Matanza seemed a lot bloodier on TV. It was unclear if they’re meant to be in Warfare (doesn’t seem like Catrina would invite Dario back) or if they’re just on their own schedule.

FWIW: I finally found a place that’d map 375 miles from a location. Phoenix, a city near to the heart of the lead writer, seems to be in the right place to be Dario’s hangout these many months.

The other match on the show appeared to be an ending, at least now. Texano cleanly beat Chavo in a bullrope match. Chavo put up a fight – more than the Disciples, really – but was in trouble from the start when the Crew walked out on him. (Mr. Cisco was in a shoulder sling, which might explain why he was the guy pinned in seconds in the gauntlet match a couple of weeks ago.) Texano whipped Chavo with his own bullrope after the match.

I think that’s it! Vampiro claimed he was on his meds, which I’m not sure I believed and may or may not count.


Chavo's head kicked off
Chavo’s head kicked off

This was a really good show. Just doing Fenix versus Mil Muertes sets the expectations really high, because Grave Consequences set the bar so high and the other matches were nearly as crazy – it’s a challenge to maintain that standard. This was up there with those other matches, maybe not at the time, but a great part of an epic feud if you can string all the matches together. It’s been like nothing else.

The crowd desperately wanted Fenix to win this one, but I’m not sure they totally believed he would until he pulled it off. The flash pin, reversing out of a Flatliner when Mil took took much time and might have already had the match won, protected Mil a bit. It’s also that Fenix has Mil’s number like no one else. I wasn’t as much as fan of the “first/last” reveal – Catrina has been a bit over the top evil too similar to people in certain other promotions, and it’s actually kind of a repeat from the first Aztec Warfare. Remember, Mil and Fenix first met in the seeding decision match, and Mil won that time to get #20 in the last match.

Fenix limping during in this match reminded me: this is the end of the Sunday taping, he and Cuerno had their painful looking ladder match just 24 hours before. I have no idea how he could manage to do what he did. They taped out of order on this day to give Mil extra time between last week’s main event three way match and this week’s title match, but even that must’ve taken an immense amount of effort. Luchadors, wrestlers have two matches on the same taping or back to back days all the time, but these were not any ordinary matches.


Fenix’s fight for a German suplex late in the match was awesome.

The Matanza reveal was surprising; I didn’t think we’d see him until he set foot in the real Temple. They shot him from underneath and they framed him to full up the screen. The blood made him see intimidating, but his first appearance in the ring is going to be the test.

The other two matches were kind of slight. Chavo versus Texano was OK, but it was also better than I thought it would be and more definitive than I would’ve guessed. Texano won completely – that’s the best decision they could’ve made but not the one which always is made. The trios title match was really fun while it lasted, even while being one sided, and I could’ve gone for something twice as long easily. Still, if the tradeoff was more time for the main event, that’s fine, I’ll see the trios guys another day.

Once you notice Striker is avoiding saying the individual names of the Disciples of Death, it becomes hard not to notice. They’re tough!

Next week is going to be something. Aztec Warfare I was built off a lot of feuds from the previous episodes coming together, and you can see the same thing being set up here. There’s also a question of who exactly is in this match. We know of six, leaving fourteen spots for twenty four people who’ve been around this season so far: Angélico, Barrio Negro, Bengala, Cage, Chavo Guerrero, Cortez Castro, Drago, El Siniestro De La Muerte, Ivelisse, Jack Evans, Joey Ryan, Killshot, King Cuerno, Kobra Moon, Mariposa, Marty Martinez, Mr. Cisco, Pentagón Jr, PJ Black, Sexy Star, Son of Havoc, Taya, Texano, and the Mack. The Disciples looked like they may need a week off and/or a hospital bed and Bengala may have returned to the jungle, but that’s still a lot of people for not enough spaces – and that’s if no one unexpected shows up.