CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2013-09-07


Titan double springboard tope con giro

taped 2013-08-30 @ Arena Mexico

Sombra air guitar

A tournament show. If you like short pointless matches, this was the show for you. They’re actually longer than they used to be – nothing under a minute, everything at least two – but short even for lightning matches and seemingly edited down from what aired on Terra because they also had to fit in the recap of Group A. It wasn’t that great on Terra either though.

The only decent length match was Hiroshi Tanahashi vs La Sombra and that was not that great. It was basic move turn taking and then just over suddenly. It never really got running a good level, and it still only lasted 5:4o. A waste of a show.

crushing Sombra tope

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