CMLL Mexico: 2016-07-12

Zacarias helps Marco with his workout
Zacarias helps Marco with his workout

Recapped: 07/12/2016

What happened: Kushida & Marco won the tag team tournament when Escorpión gave up and fouled them both for the DQ. Marco & Kushida seemed like they were going to win anyway, and Escorpión fouled his partner Shocker for good measure. No other feud were set up.

What was good: I liked the tercera and the opener wasn’t bad. The Kushida/Marco vs Felino/Niebla Roja tag match was the best match of either tag team tournament on both days, though nothing you must see.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s channel. Read More

CMLL Puebla: 2016-07-11

the winner
the winner


What happened:  Mephisto defeated Mistico to retain the CMLL Welterweight Championship. Dragon Lee & La Mascara were at ringside, but didn’t get involved in the match and Mistico was defeated cleanly.

Atlantis (as a sub for Caristico) and Ultimo Guerrero won an eight team tournament. They defeated Rush & Volador in what was unusually a three fall final to the tournament. It was also pointlessly a three fall final: the young men lost the first fall in just over a minute, then lost the second fall in just over a minute. It was a lackluster end to a largely useless tournament, the shortest match of the entire series. (It’s possible the final was hurried because the show was running very long – the show reached 11:30pm local, the latest they’ve gone in memory – but it didn’t explain why they needed to do two crap finishes in a row.)

The tag tournament did set up two matches for next week. The terrible Volador/Rush vs Ultimo Guerrero/Atlantis match will be rematched in seven days. At least more time might improve that match. An uninspiring Rockstar/Mascara vs Casas/Shocker tournament match will now become a tag title match next week, which promises to be a struggle.

Rockstar & Mascara promptly lost their next match quickly. All three NJPW teams were eliminated in the first round.

Surprisingly, there was no Ares/King Jaguar match set up. The two did feud in their (bad and lengthy) match, but were not directly involved with each other on the finish.

What was good: a The opener was a lot of fun. The main event didn’t reach the heights it could’ve – there was one singular believable near fall before the finish – but might be more enjoyable without having to deal with the tournament. Under no circumstances should you watch the second match or the tournament.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s YouTube channel, and it’ll be aired in some form on 52MX in a couple weekends (though who knows what matches they’ll pick.) Read More

Lucha Azteca7 Elite: 2016-06-24

all the dives

Recapped: 07/04/2016

What happened: There were eight first round tournament matches, won by Lio Rush, Bram, Tama Tonga, DJZ, Michael Elgin, Sabu, Kushida and Volador.

What was good: DJ Z vs Hip Hop Man and Volador vs PJ Black are worth checking out.

Where can I watch it: It’s on my YouTube channel and still on if you’re not in the US. Read More

CMLL on 2016-06-24

spanish fly for the win
spanish fly for the win

Recapped: 07/03/2016

What happened: Zeuxis kept her title. The foreigners won the main event.

What was good: The women’s title match was good from what we could watch, and the main event was good too.

Where can I watch it: It’s on a couple YouTube channels linked before. I think the main event is still on too. The feed did not work well for the first half of the show. The second match is joined in progress on the brutalrabit recording, and the video speeds up at random points during the title match. You’re better off with the hablemos de lucha libre version for that one. The fourth match live is also skipped entirely on that recording.  Read More

CMLL on 2016-07-08 

coming at you
coming at you

Recapped: 07/08/2016

What happened: Volador defeated Kushida in a very good match to keep the NWA Welterweight Championship. La Mascara & Shocker beat up Mistico

What was good: The main event and the segunda are worth going out of your way to say, and the opener was good as well.

Where can I watch it: It’ll be on my channel, and the main event is already up here. Read More

Lucha Underground 2×24: Ultima Lucha Dos-Part 1

The Mack has a song for Cage
The Mack has a song for Cage


The Mack defeated Cage in a falls count anywhere 4 A Unique Opportunity semifinal (7:16, inside cradle, good)

Son of Havoc defeated Texano Jr. in a Boyle Heights bar fight 4 A Unique Opportunity semifinal (7:21, big boot into glass, good)

Son of Havoc defeated the Mack in a falls count anywhere 4 A Unique Opportunity semifinal (4:38, shooting star press headbutt, good)

Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Son of Havoc to win $250,000 (2:03, Wagner Driver, OK)


Mack splash
Mack splash

This show was solely the unique opportunity tournament. Only the people part of the tournament appeared. There were no vignettes with other luchadors. Striker & Vampiro did go over the entire Ultima Lucha card.

Dario made stipulations for each match right before took place. Cage/Mack was a rematch from last yeat’s Ultima Lucha, and got the same stipulation. Cage attempted to put Mack’s head thru a cinder block again, but slipped due to beer poured on the ground and Mack cradled him. Son of Havoc & Texano was a bar fight because a cowboy and a biker made Dario think of a bar. The final was also a falls count anywhere match, but it didn’t really come into play.

a lot of liquor wasted
a lot of liquor wasted

After Havoc beat Mack, Black Lotus and Dario Cueto came to the ring with two briefcases. One contained $250K, which Dario was said would be more than Havoc would make in his career. The other had a contract for the title match at Ultima Lucha 3. Havoc picked the contract with little hesitation. Dario congratulated him, but then revealed the unique opportunity: Havoc would simply get a chance at winning the title shot, while his opponent would fight for the 250K. Famous B introduced his new client as Havoc’s final opponent: Dr. Wagner Junior. Havoc fought hard, but was no match for Wagner after having fought twice earlier the night. Wagner won clean with the Wagner Driver, and Famous B celebrated with the cash.


this looked not fun
this looked not fun

This kind of felt like a variation of the one match shows LU has done each year, a bit different because it was many matches, but with a small crew of people. It’s almost the Lucha Underground equivalent of a bottle episode, trying to put a show together as cheap as possible because you used up the money on your space aliens, but a pinata with beer cans can’t be all that cheap. It’s a clever way to extend Ultima Lucha 2 another week and lend more meaning to this tournament than it would’ve had been a random episode, but it did still feel like a random episode. I was really surprised there wasn’t something with Pentagon or Puma or Ivelisse or anyone else to connect this back to the other matches. It’s a pretty free standing hour, one you could skip over on a marathon and never pick up on.

It’d be too bad if you did skip it because the tournament itself was enjoyable, especially the first two matches. Mack/Cage was a crazy opener to Pinatas with objects that don’t belong in a pinata was good. Last year’s match was more epic, but this was a lot of fun. The splash thru the table looked painful for both guys. A beer slip into an inside cradle was creative but also a bit of a strange crafty end to what was had been a violent match up. The Havoc/Texano match was notable for the amount of brutality Texano took at the end, obliterating the bar set and then going back in for even more glass. It was hard for them to follow the previous match, but they created a few memorable spots and some solid wrestling around it.

Mack is absurd
Mack is absurd

Havoc/Mack also had a couple moments, but was also much shorter than the other matches and much more about the guys selling the previous matches. Havoc & Mack probably have a much better singles match in them. Havoc & Wagner never really got going, didn’t really feel like Havoc had a chance, and seemed just long enough for them to get in Wagner’s resume. (It’s an odd tradeoff: either you know who Dr. Wagner is and understand he’s never losing in a situation like this, or you don’t know Dr. Wagner and have no idea why you should care.) The crowd didn’t react strongly to Wagner as they (or he!) probably hoped. This has to be the start of something for Season 3 for it to really payoff.

CMLL Mexico: 2016-07-05

Sobernao tornillo
Sobernao double tornillo

Recapped: 07/05/2016

What happened: Dalys retained her title over Estrellita. Shocker fouled Marco in the main event, which may or may not mean anything.

What was good: Nothing, really. This show should be missed. I didn’t have much to say about this.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s YouTube channel. Read More

AAA on Televisa: 2016-06-18 

Pentagon makes his own stepladder
Pentagon makes his own stepstool

Recapped: 06/24/2016

What happened: Pagano stole a win, though cleanly, by pinning both Pentagon and Psycho Clown after they had taken each other out via superplex thru a table. Gran Apahce still doesn’t like Venum. Los Fronterizos picked up a win.

What was good: I like the opener. The rest of the show wasn’t bad, but you could safely skip this week.

Where can I watch it: It’s on AAA’s channel.

Previously: Hernandez & Mesias cheated to beat Wagner & Texano. Drago, Bengala, Aerostar won a trios title shot, but it was really more about the tag title match that isn’t happening (yet).

Show starts with Psycho Clown in the ring. Psycho notes that he lost to Pagano last time, but it’ll be different this time. Pagano sneaks out while his video is playing and gently hits Psycho Clown with a bat. Pentagon rushes in and superkick Pagano, then attacks Psycho Clown while he’s at it. (Camera people are missing plenty of shots here.) They as a three way, not really selling much, until the security decided we’ve seen enough. This takes a while to settle down. Read More

CMLL Puebla: 2016-07-04

punching is a bad idea
punching is a bad idea

Recapped: 07/04/2016

What happened:  Ares and King Jaguar are suddenly feuding. So are Mephisto and Mistico. In related news, CMLL has a big show in two weeks.

What was good: I liked the opener, the tercera and the semimain as good fun matches, though nothing you needed to see.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s YouTube channel now and will air on 52MX in a two weeks Read More

CMLL Grand Prix iPPV: 2016-07-01 

ganador por Mexico
ganador por Mexico

Recapped: 07/01/2016

What happened: Team Mexico defeated Team Rest of the World in the 2016 edition of the Gran Prix. Volador Jr. defeated Tama Tonga for the victory, despite Rush and La Mascara turning on each other. (Those two rise to the top of the list for Anniversary match.)

Bárbaro Cavernario once again defeated Rey Cometa in an an excellent match.

What was good: Everything, with the top two rising the MOTYC level

Where can I watch it: Sigh. An editing version will air on Azteca in about a month. I’d suggest tracking down the show however you can find it. Read More