CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-09-05 

Recapped: 09/06/2015

What happened that mattered? Shockercito got a win over Demus via foul as they continue to feud. This somehow set up a Mercurio/Astral title match. Maximo defeated Gran Guerrero, which appeared to end their feud without ever having a singles match. The rudos accidentally got themselves DQed in the first fall when Espanto Jr. did something dumb (which might have been covering for a Molotov injury.)

What was good? There’s another good minis match, and a nice women’s trios match.

How can I watch? It’s on my YouTube channel. (more…)

AAA on Televisa: 2015-09-05 

Brillo Plancha

Recapped: 09/06/2015

What happened that mattered? Psycho Clown won the Latin American championship from Chessman. Konnan put Daga, Steve Pain and Hijo del Pirata together as a trio (again?)

What was good? Everything! Three matches, all good. The Aerostar/Bengala/Argenis vs Daga/Pirata/Pain match was as great a trios match as AAA’s had all year.

How can I watch? It’s on my channel and on AAA’s as Tehucan Part 1. (more…)

CMLL YouTube lightning matches from August & September

Recapped: 09/12/2015

Dark Angel STRONG

What happened? They’re lightning matches, nothing happened. That’s kind of the deal. CMLL stopped posting them for no particular reason, but I had already caught up by now.

What was good? Most of this was the generic lightning match stuff, but the Dark Angel/Zeuxis match was Dark Angel’s last really good match in CMLL.

Where can I watch? They’re all on CMLL’s YouTube channel. Links are below. (more…)

CMLL Puebla: 2015-08-31 

everyone loves Sombra (but not as much as Sombra loves Sombra)

Recapped: 08/31/2015

What happened? Ultimo Guerrero defeated La Sombra for the NWA middleweight championship for no particular reason. Mr. Niebla and La Mascara agreed to have a (bad) match next week.

What was good? The title match was fine out of context. (It greatly angered me in context.)

Where can I watch? It’s on CMLL’s YouTube channel. (more…)

CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-08-29 

Recapped: 09/01/2015

around and around and around

What happened? Nothing outside of Tirantes calling an unplanned DQ again.

What was good? I enjoyed the semimain, which was an energetic mix of people who don’t usually mix

Where can I watch? It’s up on my YouTube channel.


AAA on Televisa: 2015-08-29 

how was this ever going to work?

Recapped: 09/05/2015

What happened? Myzteziz turned heel, lost 100% clean, turned heel again, and then turned down the other heels but hung out with them. It was even more confusing than it reads (but TV did clean it up a bit.) Alberto got revenge on Cage, shaving his head and burying him under a flag. Blue Demon got a trophy for being Blue Demon.

What was good? The tag match was not, nope. Alberto/Cage gets overwhelmed by it being a big AAA match.

Where can I watch? The pirated version of this show are easy to find on YouTube, but the TV version doesn’t have the production issues; you want the version on AAA’s channel.


CMLL Puebla: 2015-10-12


Recapped: 10/12/2015

What happened: Lestat took Molotov’s mask. This may have been Molotov’s final match in CMLL. Volador kept his title over Mephisto. Some matches were awful

What was good: Volador/Mephisto was what you’d expect it to be, and the opener and the Puma/Tiger/Virus match had it’s moments. They were overshadowed by the awfulness of the mask match and the second match.

Where can I see it: it’s up on CMLL’s YouTube channel. (more…)

CMLL Titanes del Ring: 2015-08-29 

Recapped: 09/01/2015

that’s a win

What happened? The Sky Team kept the trios titles over a non-Ultimo Guerrero combination of the Guerreros. Kamaitachi beat Dragon Lee (!) and challenged him to a title match next week.

What was good? Sky Team defense was great (in the usual fashion) and Kamaitachi/Dragon Lee was good in unexpected ways.

Where can I watch? It’s up on my YouTube channel. (more…)

CMLL Puebla: 2015-08-24 

Stukita headscissors to his feet

What happened? Atlantis beat Mephisto to win the National Light Heavyweight title for the first time (and complete a title swap with the national trios titles.) Ultimo Guerrero pinned Sombra in a trios match, which sets up a title match.

What was good? Puebla opener is good as always. Part of the rest of the show made me want to give up.

Where can I watch? It’s up on CMLL’s channel. 

Recapped: 08/24/2015 (more…)

CMLL on 2015-08-28 

Flyer ends the tournament back in the crowd

What happened? LA Park & Dr. Wagner Jr. returned to CMLL for the first time in nearly a decade. Park continued his indie feud with Rush, while Atlantis and Sombra continued to feud. Guerrero Maya Jr. got some revenge for losing En Busca de un Idolo by winning the cibernetico. This was the biggest crowd for a regular CMLL show in a while and it felt better than regular.

What was good? All of the matches felt better than usual. The cibernetico was as good or better than anything in this year’s Busca tournament, and the main event was a crazy spectacle. The semimain match was fun too.

Where can I watch? It’s all on YouTube, though the ClaroSports one has some video issues. 

Recapped: 08/28/2015 (more…)