Lucha Underground 1×23: Fire in the Cosmos

Puma’s dangerous feet

the matches

Cage, King Cuerno [O], Texano Jr. beat Johnny Mundo, Hernandez, Prince Puma [X] (10:57, thrill of the hunt after a Texano rope punch)
Cage [O] beat Son of Havoc [X] & the Mack (5:56, Weapon X)
Drago beat Aerostar, winning the best of five series 3-2 (10:16, Dragon’s Tail cradle)

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the developments

welcome Hernandez

A man who looked a lot like Davari was watching the show from the front row. The announcers pointed him out and he was shown reacting to the show, but he was not given a name.

Texano used a rope punch to set up the win, but that’s pretty much clean for Lucha Underground. There was no internal problems on either team (despite some accidental shots.) Dario set up a three way match with one person from each winning team immediately following.

Son of Havoc nearly had the win on the Mack, but Cage pulled the Mack out of the ring to avoid the shooting star press, then beat Havoc himself.

Pentagon Jr. came to the ring despite not having a match, and demanded Melissa announce he was (again) dedicating his next victim to his master. Melissa did so uncomfortable, went to leave, and was attacked from behind by Pentagon. Pentagon attempted to break Melissa’s arm, but Sexy Star (again!) made the save. Sexy screamed at Pentagon, saying he’d gone too far that time. (Vampiro too moved to make the save, but Sexy got there first.)

don’t think Havoc thought it would go this way

Dario checked up on both Aerostar (hanging out on the roof) and Drago (in the same bathroom they first talked) and pressed them to give it all tonight. Melissa was hurt from the attack, so Dario took over ring announcing and watched the main event from ringside. Aerostar nearly won on several occasions in a no-DQ, no-countout final, but Drago planted Aerostar on his head with a DDT and cradled him for the win. The two men embraced after the match, giving either credit for their fights. Aerostar left as Dario came to the ring to announce the Unique Opportunity: Drago will get a shot against Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship but is banished from Lucha Underground if he loses.


pretty much my reaction too

One where there weren’t many developments outside the ring, but plenty thru the matches.  Opener set the final of the trios tournament and made it feel like a big deal with everyone who was involved, and Aerostar/Drago going on last and getting the big stipulation at the end caused the entire series to feel like big deals. The opener came off even stronger on TV than it did live, with so much incredible action in the latter half of the match. It turned into non-stop moves for quite a while, everyone getting in a big spot or three. Striker made sure to note it was Puma who took the loss, and it seems to balance the scales with last week.

Triangle match had a tough task following the trios, but the crowd got into a lot by the end. It was the most important match for the Mack, who’s still a new figure here and pulled off some stuff that might not have been expected from his side. Son of Havoc works better as a tecnico, and he and Cage were great in the dive catch brainbuster spot.

Aerostar taken out of orbit

Aerostar and Drago delivered in their main event. We know this isn’t Aerostar’s biggest match ever, but it’s way up there and way up there for Drago too, and they were on point. The plancha thru the table was so incredible live and looked impressive on TV, but there was a lot of great stuff here and some more storytelling from usual – Aerostar trying for cradle after cradle after the bigm ove to try and put Drago away but just not having enough, some of the finishes from the previous matches not winning, that sort of thing. The DDT near the end looked brutal. The no-DQ thing felt like something Striker made up on the spot because he figured out what was going to happen, but it also makes sense with Dario being Dario. (They got a lot of great reaction shots from him.) This felt like something where Aerostar ended up a much bigger deal even by losing the series, and Drago winning with that stipulation makes him a key character to come.

39 of these > 52 of pretty much anything else.

Lucha Underground 1×22: Mask vs Mask

they could not have known this would actually work before trying it

the matches

Angelico [O], Ivelisse, Son of Havoc b Aerostar, Drago [X], Fenix to advance in the trios title tournament (8:13, shooting star press)
Sexy Star b Super Fly (5:46, la casita)
Prince Puma (c) b King Cuerno to retain the Lucha Underground Championship (9:03, 630 senton)

the developments

Drago assisted tornillo

Dario met with Puma and Konnan to explain he wanted the Lucha Underground Trios championship to be as important as the heavyweight one. Dario made Puma captain of a team, telling him to find two partners for a match next week against his own selected team. Konnan pushed for more info about Dario’s team, and Dario revealed King Cuerno would be on it, Prince Puma would face King Cuerno tonight, Cuerno’s partners would be with him, and the match would be for the Lucha Underground championship.

Later, Konnan told Puma he’d recruited Hernandez to be on the team. They were interrupted by Johnny Mundo, who revealed Prince Puma had also asked him to be on the team. Konnan wasn’t happy with the idea of team with Mundo, while Puma still seems (quietly!) uncomfortable with Hernandez.

3 stage handshake with 3 different cuts

Texano and Cage, Cuerno’s partners for next week, backed him up and helped Cuerno in the match. Puma still won, thought with some help from Hernandez. Prince Puma didn’t want to help. They had an animated discussion about after the match, only to be interrupted by Cage & Texano attacking. A five man brawl (with the defeated Cuerno being pulled out by the referee) ended the show.

This week’s trios title match saw both teams fall apart during the match. No one on Son of Havoc’s team really wanted to work together and Drago & Aerostar avoided tagging each other in out. Both teams seemed to pull it together, only for Ivelisse to walk out on Son of Havoc when he dove for a tag while Drago and Aerostar started slapping each other in the face. Havoc overcame Aerostar & Drago to get the win, much to Ivelisse’s surprise and distress.

this was really good camerawork (and a nice dive)

Sexy Star and Super Fly were forced to fight each other for disappointing Dario by losing last week. Dario ensured they’d fight hard by spontaneously making it a mask versus mask match. The announcers emphasized how strange it was to have a sort of sudden mask match, questioning Dario’s decisions strongly than they have in the past. Super Fly aggressively went after Sexy Star, but missed his moonsault and was rolled up for the pin. Super Fly demanded Sexy Star unmask him, and she sadly did. Pentagon Jr. attacked both after the match, this time breaking Super Fly’s arm before Sexy Star could stop him.


This show is one I thought would get a lot of negative feedback, because of the quick mask match. I try to avoid reading reviews until after writing my own, but there didn’t seem to be many people complaining about it on Twitter during the show. It helps that Sexy Star is popular with the show’s fans, and part of the reason this happens appears to simply give Sexy a big win with no help before she faces Pentagon. It kind of got lost a little bit with Pentagon running in right after, but it’s a win they can bring up forever on the show and make seem bigger than it was in the moment. (The other reason I think this happened was to bring Lucha Underground and AAA slightly more in line, which is another Lucha Underground Sexy Star dilemma for another day.)

Mundo’s plan here was just to fly and hope he landed on something

I didn’t have any problem with it, I was amused to watch it happen before my eyes (a second time!) Striker and Vampiro really pushed the idea of Dario cheapening the mask stip by doing it at random, actually voicing the most likely complaints in the segment while trying to shift the blame for to Dario (instead of putting it on the promotion.) I think they handled it as well as possible.

Prince Puma and King Cuerno came off better on TV than it did live. There was one botched spot in (at a spot they really couldn’t take it off), and it was probably a bit slower than people would’ve expected from a Prince Puma match, but it still was satisfying and set up next week’s tournament match well.

Opener trios match had a lot of stories to juggle and had to handle a match in between. They made the most out of everything, building towards Drago/Aerostar well and continuing Havoc’s post breakup win streak. None of the matches on this show were super, but they were all very solid.