CMLL on Televisa: 2013-05-04

Namajague can dive too!


taped 2013-04-26 @ Arena Mexico

Just the one match that didn’t air (though you really should watch the Televisa version of the trios match, it’s much preferable.)

weekly Rey Cometa tornillo

Rey Cometa vs Namajague for the hair: A fun match, but not at the level of the prior tag match between those two teams. This had cool Cometa high spots, but didn’t have as much drama to the finish – there were only a few moments where it looked like one guy or the other might be about to win, and maybe the only time Namajague came close was on the foiled frog splash. The ending finishing sequence was good (and they’ve gotten a lot out of that one failed Spanish Fly from months ago), but there wasn’t as much to this match as the other matches I’ve consider great. Still worth watching but not as necessary.

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