CMLL Puebla: 2016-05-02 

neat entry into La Mistica
neat entry into La Mistica

Recapped: 05/02/2016

What happened: If you missed this show, you might get a chance to see it again next week. The last four matches all featured rematches challenges.

Esterllita versus Dallys for the CMLL Women’s Championship and a rematch of the Angel de Oro trios seemed actually set for next week. The rudo/rudo battle and Caristico/Mascara were far less certain.

What was good:  Not much. Maybe everyone was burnt out from a busy weekend, but this seemed to be a lot of people going thru the motions and nothing really good. The second match was the one I liked the best.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s YouTube channel. Read More

CMLL on 2016-04-29 

Caristico Dudley
Caristico Dudley

Recapped: 04/29/2016

What happened: Mephisto & Mistico won the incredible pairs tournament. Carístico beat Mistico in the third fall, only to lose to Mephisto in the deciding decision.

Rey Cometa beat Cavernario in a lightning match. It came off as a setup to a title match, but no challenge was made.

What was good: I liked everything, to varying degrees. The lightning match was the best match, but the entire show as watchable.

Where can I watch it: The main event is on Claro’s site, and the show will be on my channel Tuesday. Read More

Lucha Azteca7 Elite: 2016-04-22 

Jinzo tornillo
Jinzo tornillo

Recapped: 04/22/2016

What happened: Mascara Dorada (6 points) and Atlantis (3) picked up 3 points each in wins. The Hell Brothers and the Ingobernables went to an inconclusive finish. Hijo de LA Park debuted in the highlights, and was attacked by Rush & Pierroth back stage

What was good: The main event was the best match. The opener was good for Dorada, but there’s a lot of better Dorada to watch suddenly.

Where can I watch it: It’s on my channel and it’s somewhere on Lucha Azteca’s website. Read More

Lucha Underground 2×14: Cage in a Cage

pizza DDT
pizza DDT


Cage defeats Johnny Mundo (13:28, Drill Claw, GREAT) for an Aztec Medallion
Rey Mysterio Jr., Prince Puma and El Dragon Azteca Jr. win the Lucha Underground Trios Championship over Fenix, Jack Evans, PJ Black and Ivelisse, Son of Havoc (c) and Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco and Joey Ryan
– Ivelisse small package on Joey Ryan (7:43)
– PJ Black kick to the head → Jack Evans pin Ivelisse (11:04)
– Rey Mysterio rope flip moonsault Jack Evans (15:31, GREAT)


Supermoon light drive
Supermoon light drive

The announcers briefly noted Mil and Matanza would return to action ‘soon’ (and were not dead from the fall last week.)

Despite Striker noting the cage matches were originally designed to keep the wrestlers in and everyone else out, Taya interfered often in the opener. She blocked Cage’s path from escape a few times, snuck weapons in and eventually climbed in herself when it was going bad enough for Mundo. Johnny needed the help. Mundo did pass up a chance at escape for a – missed – top of the cage Fin de Mundo variation on Cage, but took the worst of the battle. Taya attempted to handcuff Cage to the cage, but was trapped in the handcuffs herself and Cage dropped Mundo with the Drill Claw screwdriver on a chair to win.

(Of note, the announcers mentioned Mundo had previously been in a cage match, but never said King Cuerno’s name. He’s not been brought up since Aztec Warfare.)

Cage threw Mundo around easily
Cage threw Mundo around easily

The main event was 3 v 3 v 3 v *2* match; Dario announced Angelico had been severely injured by an unknown assailant and had been rushed to the hospital, but Ivelisse & Son of Havoc would continue without him. (In reality, Angelico was out with a knee injury in Mexico and may have not even been at this taping.)

The first team was eliminated when Cortez refused to tag Joey Ryan back in to face Ivelisse. Ivelisse had just gotten the better of Ryan, so Joey wanted revenge and Cortez had good reason not to let him in. Cortez immediately being cradled and beat by Ivelisse made it seem like a very bad decision. The two police officers continue to not get along.

Ivelisse & Son of Havoc eventually lost out due to the numbers. Fenix took out Son of Havoc by knocking him from the apron. Ivelisse had Jack beat with the same Code Red she used to defeat Kobra Moon, but PJ Black was able to kick her and turn over the pin with no Angelico to stop him.

Mundo's dive off the top of the cage was tricky, but I was most impressed by Cage catching the cane!
Mundo’s dive off the top of the cage was tricky, but I was most impressed by Cage catching the cane!

Fenix was a little bit more rudo in the final, but the Mysterio, Puma and Azteca team was just way too much for the competition. Puma & Dragon took out Fenix & Black with dives as Rey got the pins. Mysterio’s team are the fourth champions.

In a show closing scene (and one that was seemingly supposed to take place some time after the match ended), Vampiro met Pentagon Jr. in his evil dojo. Pentagon is in a motorized wheelchair. Vampiro ordered Pentagon to stand, but he couldn’t. Vampiro poured hot wax on Pentagon and knocked over his wheelchair, but Pentagon still couldn’t get up.


I liked the action on this show. Both these matches were fun, and it was as good an all action show as some of the best ones they’ve had.

I could've picked one of a million dives, but her'es one of them
I could’ve picked one of a million dives, but her’es one of them

The cage match turned an impressive showcase for Cage by the end. Cage took all the cheating and tricks Taya & Mundo had, and still completely and clearly defeated Mundo at the end. The metric ton of interference got to be a bit much, and would’ve really been annoying if it worked and this was going on and on. Instead, this felt like the usual bit of a Lucha Underground gimmick match being the end of a feud, Cage got his big move, and Mundo is going to have to come up with yet another way to finally win a belt here.

The four way match was a dizzying at first. Striker emphasized how hard it was to call and it was a just about as hard to follow with all four teams in. Getting the Crew & Ryan out of there helped, and they did it while following up on their own story (and playing off the not acknowledged story of Joey versus woman.) Ivelisse & Havoc have now lost the trios titles twice when a team member was too hurt to go on – they’ve got as much bad luck as dysfunction, and they smartly played off that in their elimination. I could’ve gone for much longer with the final two teams (in particular, 15 seconds of Dragon Azteca versus Fenix made me want 15 minutes of Dragon Azteca versus Fenix), but that segment and the ones prior had a crazy amount of huge spots. This is the most GIF-able wrestling show in the US, and that was a main event of non stop GIFs it ought to have been.

The closing segment takes a bit of faith, or some reading ahead. Pentagon looked far weaker here than he did against Matanza. Pentagon isn’t going to be in that wheelchair and he’s not going to get wax poured on him forever. They’re putting Pentagon at a low point so we can watch him climb back up again. I’m just not really sure Pentagon was in need of a tear down and build back up or a softening. He was up pretty high! Maybe this might also be read as just as something to keep him on a side track while he’s not in the title picture – something along the lines of Dragon Azteca and Black Lotus training for weeks. I’d just be as ok with more Pentagon Jr. matches.

The good thing is there eventually will be a payoff to the Pentagon Jr. stuff, and – as seen with both of these matches – the Lucha Underground payoff matches are usually a lot of fun.

and here's two more!
and here’s two more!

AAA on Televisa: 2016-04-16 

Bengala 2.0

Recapped: 04/16/2016

What happened: La Parka beat Texano cleanly in the main event. Cage & Mesias, new Trump buddies who were justifiably upset about that ludicrous result, destroyed Texano and gave him a martinete. A new Bengala debuts, though we’re supposed to be under the impression it’s the same Bengala and a new Ricky Marvin (who really is supposed to be part of a maybe named Averno/Chessman faction.) Venum and Apache have issues, but they didn’t go anywhere.

What was good: First two matches had some good moments. Main event was an angle and not a well done one.

Where can I watch it: It’s on AAA’s channel.

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CMLL Arena México: 2016-04-26 

Zeuxis wins!
Zeuxis wins!

Recapped: 04/26/2016

What happened: Mephisto defeated Mascara Dorada in a title match, and asked for another title match. Dorada agreed. Zeuxis won a 60th Anniversary cibernetico. The show went very long.

What was good: The main event turns into a fun Dorada exhibition in the third fall. The cibernetico had it’s moments, but was tedious at times.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s YouTube channel Read More

CMLL Puebla: 2016-04-25

Rush is the best
Rush is the best

Recapped: 04/25/2016

What happened: The last three matches all ended in some sort of issue. Ultimo Guerrero used a ref bump to beat Rush, and La Mascara used a ref bump to beat Carístico (then unmasked him a second time after the match.). The tercera ended with no finish, with Rey Bucanero & Felino coming back in after being eliminated for no real reason. It appeared we’re getting a rematch of the rudos versus rudos match and maybe a Carístico/Mascara singles match next week.

What was good: The Rush/Ultimo Guerrero was exactly what a lot of fun and should be watched.

Where can I watch it: It’s on YouTube now, and will be on 52MX in about 2 weeks. Read More

CMLL on 2016-04-15

bad times for monito
bad times for monito

Recapped: 04/18/2016

What happened: Mistico & Mephisto made the final of the Incredible Pairs tournament. Marco Corleone & Rush and Super Crazy & Felino turned on each other. Cavernario fouled Rey Cometa in the second.

What was good: The minis match and the tercera were the two most watchable matches on this show.

Where can I watch it: I found it on this channel. Read More

Lucha Azteca7 Elite: 2016-04-15 

Park plancha
Park plancha

Recapped: 04/16/2016

What happened: LA Park and Cibernetico went to a draw in the first match in the tournament. Xtreme Tiger picked up a win in his second tournament match over Ultimo Guerrero. Rush cheated to defeat Argos & Caristico, though Dragon Lee suffering a knee injury during the match seemed a bigger deal.

What was good: The main event is the one match worth watching.

Where can I watch it: It’s on YouTube and on Azteca’s website, if you’re not in the US.

The show begins with a recap of the LA Park angle from last week. The open is now focused on the 12 people in Liga Elite, instead of just everyone who was mentioned.

Edgar continues to be the sole referee for Liga Elite matches. He wore a CMLL logo shirt the first two weeks, but is wearing an Elite shirt now. The CMLL logo on the stage is covered up. The CMLL logo is still visible on the sign boards on the upper deck on the announce desk, but you’d have to be looking for them to see them. After the second match, when Rush goes over by the announce desk, the CMLL logo is bizarrely blurred out. Read More

CMLL on ClaroSports: 2016-04-22 

new dream team
new dream team

Recapped: 04/22/2016

What happened: Cibernetico & Caristico won the second block of the incredible pairs tournament, and will face Mephisto and Mephisto in the final. It will be the first match between the two different Misticos. (Also, the two Hell Brothers.) Dragon Lee & La Mascara and Gran Guerrero & Atlantis turned on each other during the match.

Dragon Lee showed he still has a significant right leg injury, and was limping around in his appearances. The rudos eventually caught on and started attacking the leg to cover it up.

The first tournament match, Carístico & Cibernético versus Tiger and The Panther, was the best of the block.

What was good: The first few matches were good, and the main event may be more enjoyable if not coming after a long pointless tournament.

Where can I watch it: The main event is on Claro’s site, the matches will be on my channel Tuesday, and the show itself will air on Azteca (US) in mid May

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