great match roundup, week of 2015-03-21

Good/Great/Excellent matches

CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-03-21
taped 2015-03-17 @ Arena México
Hombre Bala Jr., Súper Halcón Jr., Tritón vs Puma, Sangre Azteca, Tiger: [good]
Astral © vs Mercurio for the CMLL World Pequeño Estrellas Championship: [great]

Lucha Underground: 2015-03-25
taped 2015-01-25 @ Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
Alberto el Patrón vs Texano Jr. in a bull rope match for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship: good
Prince Puma © vs Cage in a street fight for the Lucha Underground Championship: great

AAA on Televisa: 2015-03-21
taped 2015-03-06 @ Gimnasio Olímpico Juan de la Barrera, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal
Angélico, Australian Suicide, Jack Evans vs Daga, Joe Lider, Súper Fly: [good]

Shows Watched But Nothing Worthwhile

CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2015-03-21
CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2015-03-21

Matches To Watch Later


Lucha Underground 1×26: Best in the Business

Angelico caught in a bad spot

the matches

Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco [O] DQ Havoc [x] & Angelico (5:24, Psycho Realm)
DelAvar Daivari DQ Texano (0:12, Texano refused to break from the corner at a count of five)
Cage [O] & Cuerno b Puma [X] & Hernandez (7:24, Weapon X)
Alberto el Patron b Johnny Mundo (12:17, Rompe Destinos armbreaker kick to the head)

the developments

The show started and ended with Alberto el Patron and Johnny Mundo. They met Dario together to start the show, turning their ongoing back and forth about who was better into a declaration that they were both better than Hernandez (or “Fernandez”, if you’re Mundo) and he shouldn’t have been the #1 contender. Dario acquiesced to their demands, offering them a match to settle who was best, with the winner facing Hernandez next week to determine the true #1 contender.

more flipz

The match took up the last quarter of the show. Alberto used some rudo tactics early. Mundo may have hurt his knee on a bad fall out of the ring. Mundo landed the Fin de Mundo, but Alberto got the ropes. Alberto got his armbreaker, but Mundo also turned out of it and got the ropes. Alberto was able to land the big kick to the head one more time and put on the armbar for the clean win.

The first match on the show continued the Crew/trios champions issue: the Crew won a 2v2 match by beating Havoc. Bael got punched off the apron late, but it was otherwise a fair win for the rudos. Ivelisse spent the match yelling criticism to her team, who mostly ignored her and were back to not working well with each other.

Cage doing Cage things

Delavar Daviari debuted, after first meeting with Dario in his office. Davari spent most of his meeting messaging on his phone and not looking at Dario, to Cueto’s obvious annoyance. This segment and the match established Davairi has become a real estate mogul in recent years and was now so rich that he didn’t need to wrestle. (He’s nicknamed the Goldn Warrior, and wears all gold.) Daviari claimed he still is wrestling because he inflicting violence. He didn’t get to inflict much, as Texano rushed the ring and refused to stop punching Daviari until he was quickly disqualified. Daviari escaped the beating after the bell.

Dairo continued to stir things up with Hernandez and Puma, but they were pretty much stirred up on their own. Puma would’ve attacked Hernandez in the locker room if not for Konnan’s intervention. Hernandez made it clear he’s no friend of Puma, but stated his intention was to help Puma keep the title long enough for Hernandez to win it from him. Hernandez and Puma weren’t thrilled when Cueto made them a tag team against Cuerno & Cage, and Hernandez was even less happy when Dario informed him he’d have to defend his #1 contendership next week. Hernandez antagonized Puma during the match before pulling him in front of Cuerno’s Flecha del Infierno, then outright turning on him with a kick to the head. Konnan, who had been trying to forge a partnership, backed off Hernandez after the attack. It was too late for Puma, who was easily beat by Cage.

Mundo lands badly, gets landed on

In non match segments, Black Lotus continues to believe she’s ready to face the monster but can’t get past Dragon Azteca. And, to close the show, Catrina stood by the coffin of Mil Muertes, opened it, and ordered him to rise to life once again. Mil Muertes’ eyes reopened to start the show.


That’s a lot of text already. There was a lot of different stories packed into the show, especially the first half of it. Everything was easy to follow, but there was so much going on that not all of it was retained. They had so much to work in that only the main event got a proper entrance; two matches started with everyone in the ring and the other had Texano running in and not lasting longer. Maybe that’s the one story (Texano/Davaiari) that could’ve been moved to a different week to give it more time. They advanced the story a bit by explaining Daviari’s back story, but the match itself was a letdown.

Or maybe other things could’ve been moved. The trios feud was just there to remind us what the status quo was for that feud, and the Black Lotus feud just repeated what we had seen prior. Both exist to build anticipation for what’s coming, but the effect is less when there’s so many other things going on.

KO kick

Second tag match was good and took care of all they needed to. Puma got to do some stuff, Hernandez got to be highly annoying, and Cage & Cuerno won in a situation where they really should’ve won. It’s clear the Puma/Hernandez match is happening at some point, whatever happens with next week’s Alberto/Hernandez match, and they’ve set up everyone well for it.

Main event was very good, easily Great. It felt more like a WWE style match (two chinlock will do it for you), but Alberto working as a rudo went well with how they could set the match up. Alberto never did anything so rudo that he couldn’t still be a good guy by the end of the match. Mundo looked in trouble after taking the flip out of the ring onto the steps, but seemed fine the rest of the way. The finish was really great: it was a clean one after a bunch of recently screwy ones (all seemingly for storyline reasons), Alberto’s kick prior to the end looked awesome, and it’s something Mundo has to address going farther – he tried to get to the top and fell short again.

Lucha Underground 1×25: The Way Of The Drago

every GIF is in slow motion this week because reasons

the matches

Fenix b Killshot (5:58, Fire Driver)
Vinny Massaro NC Argenis, Famous B, Ricky Mandell (0:13, match stopped when Texano attacks all four)
Hernandez [O] b Cage & King Cuerno [X] to become #1 contender (4:55, Inverted Powerslam)
Prince Puma b Drago (spinning sit down piledriver, 10:28)

the developments

Dario Cueto was a busy man on a busy show. He opened the show by explaining to the Crew that he was unhappy with their failure to get the easy trios championship win, then led them into the secret room in the temple where the monster Matanza is caged. Dario introduced the unseen person in the cage as his brother, and threatened feeding the Crew to him should they fail him again

Dario also did his usual bit of riling up the two men in his main event. He ran into Drago in the bathroom once again, feeling Drago should thank him for the opportunity. He encouraged Puma, in the lockerroom, to not be concerned about Drago’s status and only try to win the title. Dario was walking away when he ran into Hernandez. They two talked in earshot of Puma, with Hernandez saying he didn’t care about Puma but was annoyed to be fighting Cage and Cuerno in a three way when they’d likely work together against him. Dario solved that by making it a #1 contenders match, giving reason for Cage & Cuerno to fight for themselves.

Hola Marty

Dario also was bugged by Marty “the Moth” Martinez, lurking outside the temple and begging for a chance to fight inside it. Dario was not impressed by Marty or his nickname (“the Moth is my spirit animal!” and turned him down. Marty determinedly stormed the three way match anyway, only for Cuerno to obliterate him with a dropkick. The distraction did help Hernandez put away Cuerno for the win.

Dario’s influence was felt even when he wasn’t seen. The four way was all the victims of Pentagon Jr. (except for Super Fly), put together for Dario’s amusement. The match barely got started before an angry Texano destroyed everyone, then demanded the mystery fan from last week come back next week and face him.

There was no obvious story to Fenix and Killshot, just the new guy getting a moment in a singles match.

Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc talked to Vampiro in a sit down, but mostly talked over each other and Vampiro. The championship win hasn’t fixed their relationship issues much (though Havoc & Angelico seemed to be getting along better), but they’re determined to fight together to keep the titles. Fighting might be very difficult for Ivelisse for a while, as she had a sizable cast on her leg. She insisted she’ll fight when the time comes.

almost had him

Puma defeated Drago to retain the title for the fifth time, but not without Hernandez getting involved for the third straight time. Hernandez was definitely on Puma’s side the last time, but the running shoulderblock he did in this match looked meant for either or both guys. Puma moved, Drago didn’t, and Puma very reluctantly took advantage to win after what had been a Great match. Konnan, at ringside and encouraging Puma, didn’t seem to have any problem with what had happened but also didn’t necessarily to be in league with Hernandez (who quickly disappeared.) Puma apologized to Drago. Drago walked out of the ring arena to a loud Thank You Drago chant, then ran into Dario one last time. Dario stared at Drago, who warned Dario “we will meet again” before stepping out the exit – and appearing turning into flame and flying away.


Fenix versus Killshot was just ok. I saw more of the weakness in Killshot that other people have pointed out. A lot of stuff he doesn’t just doesn’t look as sharp as it should. Fenix’s had better matches with other guys on this show, and isn’t the go to guy to get great matches out of other people.

the end of Drago

This show was all into getting behind Hernandez, as they’ve been behind Cage & Mil Muertes when they were the big bad in Prince Puma’s way. The three way was pretty close to an exhibition for Hernandez’s moves and facial reactions to his moves, the main event turned on his involvement and even Puma’s skit backstage was about their lack of relationship.  Hernandez was not a guy I was looking to see and two big matches ending with near-random third party interference leading to the outcome was not so great. More ridiculous was Striker and Vampiro’s overplay about Drago’s wrestling career being over if he should leave this match: when the story is all the Mexican guys are from AAA where they also wrestle, and when Striker emphasizes how there’s wrestling all over the place, it’s hard to understand why being kicked out of one promotion would end your career. It’s not as hard to understand why being kicked out of this particular promotion would mean a lot for Drago, and I wish they could’ve adjusted that emphasis instead.

Really enjoyed the match itself though. Prince Puma didn’t seem all that bothered about ending Drago’s career and dominated a big chunk of the early going, but Drago rallied enough and they had a real big believable near fall on the inverted huracanrana (plus the submission was pretty good.) Puma’s title matches have all been very good and this was no different. Drago pretty obviously said he was coming back, so it’s just a matter of how well they do it.

The four way was nothing, but Texano’s fired up promo after was really good. He even spoke English at the end. The smaller moments were very good this week: the Crew reacting to the monster, the trios champions not getting along except for agreeing that they’re going to get along enough keep the titles, and pretty much everything with Dario.


Lucha Underground 1×24: Trios Champions

this spinning DDT is Pentagon’s biggest weakness

the matches

Sexy Star beat Pentagon Jr. (7:01, spinning headscissors into a backcracker)
Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc defeated Cage, Texano, King Cuerno and Big Ryck, Mack, Kill Shot in an (retroactive) Lucha Underground Trios tournament semifinal
– 8:03, Killshot top rope double stomp on Texano Jr.
– 13:50, Angelico Fall of the Angels Killshot
Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc defeated the Crew (Bael, Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco) to win the Lucha Underground Trios tournament, become first champions (6:38, 20:28 total, Angelico top rope double stomp Cortez Castro + Son of Havoc shooting star press on Mr. Cisco)

the developments

the Mack says hi

The focus was on the trios tournament, but there were a couple of non-tournament segments:

Black Lotus has now been training with Dragon Azteca for eight weeks and believes she’s ready to take on Matanza. Dragon Azteca believes her anger will cost her. Lotus is able to dispatch assialnts in the dark, but Azteca gets the better of her in the lights.

Johnny Mundo and Alberto el Patron had another testy exchange. Alberto poked Mundo about losing in the trios tournament and not winning the singles title. Johnny Mundo made a slap joke. They will not be hanging out.

The one non-tournament match was Pentagon Jr. taking on Sexy Star. Melissa Santos, with a foot taped, announced much more positively for Sexy Star and rooted for her from her chair. Pentagon dominated the match, but maybe took Sexy Star too lightly (or his run of success too highly) and didn’t really try to put Sexy Star away. Sexy rallied back at times, and eventually caught Pentagon with a headscissors into a backcracker for the upset win. Pentagon was beside himself.

The Cage, King Cuerno, Texano Jr. team lost when Texano Jr. collided with a front row seated Daivari after being hit by a Havoc dive. Daivari spilled his drink on his shirt and went mad, beating up Texano and posting him. Ryck’s team took advantage to beat Texano. Cuerno & Cage looked annoyed.

Ivelisse was limping early on and never came much in. Announcers belived it happened on a silla, but it appeared she might have suffered the injury earlier. She struggled thru the match, and Angelico spent a long time trapped in the ring 1 on 3. He was eventually able to tag out. Havoc finally turned it around by giving Killshot a reverse huracanrana and knocking over Mack & Ryck with a tope after they had caught Ivelisse on a plancha. Angelico took out Killshot with his Fall of Angels crucifix powerbomb for the win.

Son of Havoc takes out everyone

Melissa did not finish her winner announcement before Dario appeared to interrupt. He congratulating the misfit trio on getting so far, but said the tournament wasn’t over. He introduced the Crew as the final competitors and made it a no DQ match. Announcers pushed the idea that the Crew had been recovering and relaxing fur four weeks, while the other team had been fighting each other and the the other teams. Second match was a total brawl, mostly out of the ring, and with Ivelisse very limited in what she could add. Mr. Cisco dragged Angelico upstairs to separate him from the rest of the team, and the rest of the Crew destroyed Havoc & Ivelisse. Ivelisse was able to escape away from a cane shot, and Angelico wiped out two of the Crew with a running giant plancha from a top Dario’s office all the way into the ring. Ivelisse took out the Crew with cane shots of her own, and Havoc & Angelico landed top rope moves for the victory.


Show was very good!

Angelico has wings

The trios tournament story came across as well on TV as it did live. Maybe more so live, because Angelico’s big dive to end it came as a bigger surprise live, and Striker did a great job telling the stories of all the winners after the match. Still, it was really really good live – I got this week’s show and last week’s show in the course of a few hours, one of the best live experiences I’ve had watching wrestling.

One of the challenges with doing this show, which I’ve mentioned a few times, is they’re always going to be taping episodes months ahead and so they won’t quite know the TV crowd reactions to their stories while they’re filming it. It seems to have worked out great with the trios champions, something that might have looked unimpressive on paper but came thru strongly on TV.

I wonder if they would’ve made a different decision with Pentagon Jr. if they were doing it live; Pentagon got over strong live, but even more so with the TV audience. I think the Sexy Star story makes sense, and the match they had worked, but maybe that wouldn’t have been priority at other times. On the other hand, Sexy Star really needed a serious win if she’s meant to be taken seriously (and she is), and Pentagon didn’t feel hurt that much.

Both the taped pieces came off well. The Black Lotus story is being paced well for something that’s going to last 39 (or so) episodes. Mundo/Alberto will be big when they get to it.

CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2015-03-07


taped 2015-02-27 @ Arena México

Blue Panther tope

Not going to go match by match, but this was a much less infuriating tournament than last week’s show. They wrestled normal matches with tension between the partners and no one was trying to throw their matches this week. Even Máximo & Terrible kept it together until they wont he block, and then immediately fought after that. The first two matches were long enough to resemble actual wrestling matches, though they appeared to use up all the time for the rest of the show. Still wouldn’t waste an hour on this but it didn’t make me want to give up watching the promotion.

Atlantis rides Conjuro
Maximo & Terrible put down their opponents
Shocker makes a bad decision
he was OK