AAA on UTDN: 2013-11-21

dancin’ Mascarita Sagrada


Great Blake headscissors


taped 2013-11-03 @ Domo de Parque Solidaridad, Tonala, Jalisco
Faby Apache, Jennifer Blake, Mascarita Sagrada vs Mary Apache, Mini Psycho Clown, Taya Valkyrie: Really wasn’t working for me for the first segment but picked up after the break. It was a lot of the usual mixed tag opener. Mini Psycho Clown and Mascarita Sagrada was not working as a matchup; Psycho seemed to do a lot better in his one exchange with Jennifer. Finish was fine.


cartwheel headscissors
suicide shooting star press

Angélico, Australian Suicide, Jack Evans vs Eterno, Juventud Guerrera, Steve Pain: Another good Jack/Angelico/Suicide vs Eterno/Pain match, now with an actual purpose for the rudos to exist. Juvi was generally good as well, but his changes with Angelico were the weakest parts of this match – it didn’t look as smooth with them as it did with any other combination. Crowd didn’t get into the hot tag as much as the others did, and I’m kind of done with everyone taking a turn (in non breaking order! Everyone must go!) series of moves, but I did like how the rudos derailed the usual técnicos finishing sequence leading into their own win. This would’ve been helped by the new group explaining why they were together (not just why Juvi turned on the MPs, why he wanted Pain/Eterno on his side and likewise) but that’s not a new complaint here.


Mesias shoulder first tope

El Mesías vs AJ Styles [TNA HEAVY]: Better than the last AJ Styles/Mesías match, though one day they should try a match where one guy works like a good guy and the other guy works like a bad guy. The all technical style made it hard to get invested in the early portion of the match but it got more interesting late and the crowd was well drawn in by the end. The midshow skit with AJ and Konnan set up Konnan interfering if Dixie called him, so it feels like we missed a skit where Konnan got that phone and recruited Texano, Fantasma and Chessman (since there was still no explanation of why they would be there or care at all) and the run-in didn’t amount to anything but a rest break for the guys in the match. The idea might have been that Mesías’ knee injury meant he submitted to AJ’s hold, but it didn’t come across like it was that meaningful; he got trapped in the hold all the same, so Mesías either needed to escape from it pre-injury (showing the difference of the injury) or have the knee injury cost him some other way. It turned out to be just a thing that happened, like the run-in and like the match. The match was still good.

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Lucha Azteca (CMLL): 2013-11-16

Escorpion fists of fury


taped 2013-10-11 @ Arena Mexico
Máximo, Super Porky, Valiente vs Comandante Pierroth, Ephesto, Rey Escorpión: Actually a disappointing build up to the fight the following week; crowd didn’t seem as into it, and Porky didn’t as much get in offense as Máximo did. Máximo’s punches were much worse than Escorpion and Porky’s; they got better the following week. They did telegraph the finish to that match – Máximo got angry and illegally attacked Escorpion this week, just as he would do next.

Averno headscissors doom
Titan tope of doom

Titán vs Averno in a lightning match: Total Titan showcase. Averno never got in a move, he just moved out of the way at the right times. Finish seemed legitimate and crowd got into it; it also makes the dives a big more dramatic if they don’t always work (though maybe Titan’s got to stop missing them with Averno.) Both guys came out looking good.


Rush dropkick

La Sombra, Marco Corleone, Rush vs Rey Bucanero, Tama Tonga, Terrible: Build up to the title defense by humiliating the challenger, an odd way of doing it (but it’s Rush so it kind of works.) Bucanero didn’t seem hurt in this match, but Marco definitely did. Rush and Tama Tonga look good brawling, but do not do as well doing anything else – Rush couldn’t make Tama’s finish look good here.

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CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2013-11-16


taped 2013-11-08 @ Arena Mexico
Máximo vs Rey Escorpión in a lightning match: Good enough lightning match to allow Máximo to get some revenge, though it was designed to be more CMLL normal than the existing feud. It’s hard to get a ready on where they’re going with this, if this is meant to be going anywhere at all. Máximo did recover from the one botched spot, though it was Rey Escorpion paying the price (as he usually does.)

La Máscara & Rush vs Tama Tonga & Terrible for the CMLL World Tag Team Championship: Match was good, Rush faking the low blow and then mocking everyone about how he got away with it was great. Best match of this program at the right time, with Tama and Terrible working well with Rush now and Mascara being fine. It was amusing how both rudos desperately wanted to kill Rush and really had no interest in Mascara; he didn’t hold the match back but is an odd ball partner. Both teams got in some team work bits to make them actually feel like teams.

Atlantis, La Sombra, Shocker vs Euforia, Negro Casas, Último Guerrero: Not a lot more than a build up match to restart Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero. UG was barely in it because he was ducking Atlantis (and working with other técnicos even less), and Sombra was barely in it for whatever reason, so this was a battle of Negro Casas & Euforia vs Atlantis & Shocker and very frequent tags. None of the individual sequences seemed that long, which makes sense when the match didn’t go too long either. Match didn’t get into a rhythm at any point as a result.

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CMLL on CadenaTres: 2013-11-16

Double stomp slam


taped 2013-11-12 @ Arena Mexico
Metatrón & Sensei vs Akuma & Guerrero Negro Jr.: a formula opener. At least they did enough to give me a gif, and Akuma and Metatron didn’t do anything embarrassing this time. I wonder if Guerrero Negro was told not to use the Canadian Destroyer or just decided himself not to do it. I’d expect the later.


(this looks like Seductora’s fault)

Bam Bam, Fantasy, Último Dragoncito vs Pequeño Violencia, Pequeño Warrior, Pierrothito: Match weirdly built around Pequeño Black Warrior and Bam Bam feuding, only Bam Bam and Pequeño Warrior either couldn’t work with each other or couldn’t get along. I don’t know what was supposed to happen in the first fall or the last fall, only that Warrior was really unhappy with what did happen. Match had other problems too, but maybe this is why Bam Bam disappeared again.

falling down clothesline celebration

Estrellita, Goya Kong, Marcela vs Amapola, La Seductora, Princesa Blanca: The first hour of this show is the least interesting hour of lucha libre to watch on a weekly basis, especially with the increase of women’s and mini’s matches. This was the usual Goya Kong trios, with Goya doing her spots and everyone else working in the spaces around here. Estrellita was not much good, does not much matter.


Sonora Jam

Ángel de Oro, Super Porky, Thunder vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpión: Short match. The Brazo de Plata/Rey Escorpion feud came back, but not at the level of the building up to the hair mask. There was the brawling, but it was not far off usual Porky stuff by the end. Seemed like it existed to give the happy result, not to continue the issue.

Estetas del AireMáscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Kráneo, Olímpico, Volador Jr.: Best match on the show, though that’s not saying a lot. It was okay. Volador pinned both guys to set up the title match, same as Titan’s been doing, so maybe that’s a thing now. You wouldn’t really know Volador and Dorada were meant to be feuding until after the match. Olímpico as a main eventer – as guy on the roster, mostly – exposes the weakness in depth on this show. Tecnicos being treated as a rudos when they’re against Volador doesn’t really help anyone. Dorada didn’t work well with it here.

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CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2013-11-16


weird how the rudos always try to Shocker after his stunner and it never works

taped 2013-11-05 @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
La Máscara, Rush, Shocker vs Tama Tonga, Terrible, Vangellys:  Build up trios, maybe a little less than a usual Sunday main event. Terrible and Rush should be fun if they air here, but there was nothing special for it in this match. It’s good that Shocker’s already over.

worst faked foul

taped 2013-11-10 @ Arena Coliseo
Atlantis, Blue Panther, Super Porky vs Niebla Roja, Pierroth, Tama Tonga:  a Super Porky special, with everyone else taking it very easy. Crowd was happy with this match but it was not much on Terra or when it aired on TV. Mephisto exerted more energy in the post match promo than in the match.


Valiente Special

Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Gran Guerrero, Mr. Niebla, Último Guerrero: These matches were not interesting matches when they aired on the internet and didn’t become more interesting with a 52MX channel bug. Routine matches, in that they did (part of) their routines and got out. Very tedious show to get thru; no one produces more shows than CMLL, and no one produces more boring ones.

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AAA on UTDN: 2013-11-14

Ludxor gets dropped hard, gets back up to get hit again


taped 2013-11-03 @ Domo de Parque Solidaridad, Tonala, Jalisco
Aerostar, Ludxor, Venum vs Carta Brava Jr., El Apache, Pentagón Jr.: When Aerostar was doing the crazy dives off the light tower before, we used to say he should save them for bigger occasions. This launch of a new Cadetes was a bigger occasion, but that also seemed like a bigger fall! That was so crazy. I would’ve liked to see the técnicos get in more as part of their post-beatdown comeback, but I guess you really can’t follow an Aerostar dive like that with much more than the finish. Ludxor and Venum did impresses in the earlier portion, pulling off some very tricky stuff, and the rudos came off as actually menacing in their beatdown. This was a good debut for the new trio.


Aerostar is crazy

Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria, Dark Spíritu: I’m almost willing to believe they’re going something with the Tirantes/Psycho Circus thing, but then it’s Tirantes. Match was fine for a Psycho Circus/La Secta match where one guy got hurt before the end. It definitely felt fresher than the Consejo matches and they covered for being a man down well. Don’t like to see Espiritu get hurt (or Psycho fall on his face when Espiritu gets hurt) but Ozz is probably a better fit anyway.


Pentagon crushing double stomp

Cibernético, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Fénix vs Chessman, Hijo del Fantasma, Texano: This was a pleasant surprise. Essentially the normal AAA formula, but guys doing more than you’d get out of a normal TV main event and making it a good match. I came away thinking things are going to be working pretty okay. Fantasma and Fenix were great against each other; not only is that a matchup I’d love to see more off, but I’m far less concerned about how Fantasma is going to work out in AAA. He was fine in Heroes Inmortales but really good here. Fenix and Fantasma were really going out of there way to make each other look very good. Perro also looked strong in his new role; he did more than he’s been doing as a rudo, but his antics worked better as a técnico. It would’ve been even better if there had been an actual angle to explain why he was a técnico – he and Cibernético weren’t teaming together to fight La Secta here – but it’s going to work out in the end. Weird but not surprising to see a chair being used many times in front of the ref when that was supposed to be an unfair spot in the previous TV match. Escoria was right, that was a totally clean win.

Fenix’s twisting dive







rolling cutter


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CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2013-11-09

Thunder versus Mr. Niebla


taped 2013-11-01 @ Arena Mexico
Blue Panther, Shocker, Thunder vs Euforia, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas: A lot of Shocker & Thunder, not a lot of Negro & Panther (and even that wasn’t at the level of past fights.) Thunder remains bad at most everything. Shocker did not seem in good form in his return, which is no surprise.



La Sombra, Máximo, Mistico vs Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero, Volador Jr.: Straight formula match. Volador and Sombra continued their issue but the match felt more built around Ultimo Guerrero and Máximo, until it was derailed near the end of the third when they just stopped fighting to argue back and forth. Okay overall Místico takes the biggest bumps possible off that backcracker.



Rush vs Tama Tonga: Didn’t work as well as designed. Rush got all of the offense for the first two-thirds of the match and more later, causing Tama Tonga to come off as not on his level but just someone who lucked into a win at the end. It’s the usual act of giving the loser enough in the match to still seem strong, but it felt like both came off weak. Tama seemed not on Rush’s level for most of the match and then just ended up winning in the end. It wasn’t a disaster and it still was okay, but I’m not as interested in seeing a rematch in the near future.

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CMLL on CadenaTres: 2013-11-09

Espanto Jr. does – something.


taped 2013-11-05 @ Arena Mexico
Bengala & Camaleón vs Cholo & Espanto Jr.: Formula opener match. Still waiting for Camaleón to get a real chance; he may not be flashy enough to make it, but his gear is worth a shot on it’s own and the finish was really great. Bengala was doing fine until that finish.


Camaleon frontcracker > every Inquisidor frontcracker ever

Oro Jr., Pegasso, Soberano Jr. vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Hooligan, Nitro: A pleasant surprise! A good combination – Tuareg are best with people who are going to go all for their shots, Soberano and Oro can turn into ragdolls as easily as they can fly – and motivated people. Hooligan’s more than willing to crush guys if they’ll be willing to be crushed, and the técnicos were very willing. They got in their offense too, and this was helped by being a new matchup for the Tuareg but I think it would’ve good even if it was the fifth time they’ve done it.



Estrellita, Goya Kong, Marcela vs Amapola, La Comandante, Tiffany: Seemed like they were headed to the ultra-rare two fall match with no disqualification, until the very weak one to end it. Second fall was stretched out because there was only two of them, but didn’t feel as tedious as other times they’ve done this. Action was solid for this group.


Brazo de Averno

Máximo, Super Porky, Thunder vs Averno, Ephesto, Shigeo Okumura: A match. Exactly what you’d expect with the técnico side and nothing really more than that. Averno played foil to Porky well. Thunder is bad, as always.


Mascara Dorada: golden wave

Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Titán vs Mr. Águila, Mr. Niebla, Namajague: Fun to see Namajague work with this group of técnicos for the first time in a while. This was mostly a Niebla match, but the técnicos got in their parts too and Aguila was in good form. Camera work near the end wasn’t so great, but at least they picked it up on replay.


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AAA on UTDN: 2013-11-07


Jack will moonsault off anything

taped 2013-10-18 @ Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla
El Elegido, Faby Apache, Octagoncito, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Dark Cuervo, Mamba, Mary Apache, Mini Abismo Negro: Okay but not particularly exciting mixed tag match. These have become very familiar, but there was nothing technically wrong with this one. Maybe it’s just the same people too often. I don’t know that the Cuervo/Faby thing is really getting over, but they’re trying hard with it.


killer DDT

Crazy Boy & Joe Lider vs Angélico & Jack Evans and Dark Scoria & Dark Spíritu and Aerostar & Drago for the AAA World Tag Team Championship: Good moments at times, but also questionable moments. Action wasn’t strong enough to totally make up for it’s short comings, but there was still more good than bad. Usual dumbness of people breaking up pins in an elimination match, though I believe the champions were the only ones not to do it. That’s why they’re a winning team! Angelico & Jack were just loved enough to not get totally booed for how they won the tag team titles – the Juvi angle was the priority here (so much that Eterno & Steve Pain probably should’ve also been involved), but the new championship still got their moment in the sun. Aerostar & Drago got a better run than Drago & Fenix at TripleMania.


Well, he cleared the ringpost this time

Psycho Clown vs Texano Jr. for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship: This match did an excellent job of building Psycho Clown versus Tirantes. I think Texano Jr. was also in the match. Seriously, this was yet another match where AAA doesn’t really trust the young guys to get over with the crowd on their own, so they throw in as many shenanigans as possible which end up overwhelming the match. I didn’t like the blood and the chair spots – partly because they came so soon without much of a build to it – but they were generally doing fine with need to turn into the rudo referee show. It didn’t make any sense, as usual. Tirantes was a happily count pinfalls before and AFTER the one he stopped early, it was just the one time he decided to not count because – uh, reasons.

You know, I’ve never seen Psycho Clown and Marufuji in the same place at the same time…

Tirantes not counting three and pulling Piero out and punching him later on go big reactions from the crowd. A lot of the stuff they did got strong reactions, and it’s got to be noted that the crowd way into chanting for Psycho for the match. If the goal is to get reactions from a live crowd, this match worked well. If the goal is to put on something that feels meaningful as a TV show and to get people to watch week to week, this didn’t work well. Tirantes costing Psycho Clown the title will never be touched on again, and it won’t even feel like it should be touched on again because they’ve done the same exact bit so many times that no one’s surprised when it goes absolutely nowhere. No one’s turning back into see where that story is going (having him beat up after the match is the end of it), and no one is turning into see if someone finally beats Texano because Texano is doing nothing to win. Texano can’t even beat Psycho Clown by himself – not directly, not even by the guy organizing the interference. This was not done as if Texano had some great plan come together; Tirantes just apparently decided he was going to be evil this match for no real reason and Texano got a title match win.

one more Jack moonsault

I’m still pretty certain the best Texano title match was on the WWL show no one saw. Match was fine itself , probably better for you if you love blood, but immensely frustrating in context.

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CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2013-11-02


Felino elbow drop

taped 2013-10-25 @ Arena Mexico
Ángel de Oro, La Máscara, Stuka Jr. vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas: by the numbers midcard match. Seemed more of a Peste Negra showcase live, maybe editing made it more balanced. Rudos stood out more, técnicos did just their normal routine where possible. Mascot fighting has been much more rare of late, so that stood out too. Between Negro Casas and Puma, this was quite the match of forgotten Angel de Oro feuds.


QeMonito Suicida

Blue Panther, Máximo, Mistico vs Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero: Shorter than usual match with just enough time to get in the the usual spots. Mostly a técnico showcase; rudos were barely in control before the técnicos turned it back around and there wasn’t much here to begin with. Nothing to note.


Blue Panther avalanche tope

La Sombra, Rush, Thunder vs Tama Tonga, Terrible, Vangellys: More build up to Rush versus Tama, who were good against each other. Tama seems better as a rudo this time around (which makes sense give his year.) They’re really trying to get Rush cheered in this feud, which is so weird given his other ongoing feuds and popular reaction. Vangellys got a clean winning pin on Sombra here, a thing that actually happened. I’m not sure when Vangellys getting wins over top guys will stop being weird.

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