CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-08-22 

Valiente makes sure Hechicero goes into the crowd

What happened? Valiente defeated Hechicero to win their very short feud. The normal C3 feed wasn’t working and I missed the opener. 

What was good? Puma & Tiger did fun Puma & Tiger things despite having not great opponents. I think I liked Hechicero/Valiente more than most, though it wasn’t what it might have been a few years ago.

Where can I watch? What I got is on YouTube. Links with each match.

Recapped: 08/26-27/2015 (more…)

AAA on Televisa: 2015-08-22 

monkey bars SSP?

What happened? Villano IV cheated to beat Psycho Clown in Villano III’s final matches. The Hell Brothers kept the trios match in a three way cage match.

What was good? My ability to give a dry recap of the events in the previous paragraph without mocking how bad much of it was. I guess this was the lesser half of the show, but it’s tough to pick a good half.

Where can I watch? It’s all around YouTube, including AAA’s channel. 

Recapped: 08/27/2015


CMLL Lucha Azteca: 2015-08-22 

Ultimo Guerrere beat up with his own skirt

What happened? Revolucionarios actually beat the Guerreros, though it was mostly due to UG costing himself the match. Sombra’s suddenly feuding with Atlantis, which surely can’t be going anywhere.

What was good? the main event was fun live, TV didn’t totally capture it. 

Where can I watch? Links are all below.

Recapped: 08/25/2012 (more…)

CMLL on Claro Sports: 2015-08-21 

Sky Team win

Recapped: 08/21/2015-09/03/0215

What happened? Boby Zavala won the En Busca de un Idolo (and was immediately vanished.) Sombra humiliated Atlantis. Demus and Shockercito continued their kinda-feud. I forgot to write most of this recap for some time. 

What was good? Main event was better as an angle than a match. I rated Zavala & Maya as good but not sure if that’ll hold up. The best match was probably the semifinal, but I didn’t write down any notes for it. 

Where can I watch? Most of it aired on Claro Sports, but I wasn’t able to record it. (Lesson: always capture full screen when possible.) The En Busca de un Idolo match is still on CMLL’s YouTube channel. The last two matches air on Lucha Azteca, and are in the September Week 1 playlist


CMLL Puebla: 2015-10-05

Black Tiger stuck in a vortex of violence

Recapped: 10/05/2015

What happened? Lestat challenged Molotov to a mask match and it’s actually happening next week. (That’s a four week build, nearly as long as Sombra/Atlantis.) Mephisto beat Volador in straight falls to set up a title match next week. 

What was good? Not much. The all CMLL matches were rushed and mailed in. The Puebla guys had some bad moments or were obviously toning down their style. The tercera, with Dragon Lee & Kamaitachi, was the one good match on the show.

Where can I watch it? It’s up on CMLL’s YouTube channel.

CMLL Puebla: 2015-08-17 

Cancerberos break Cometa

Recapped: 08/17/2015

What happened? Atlantis beat Mephisto to set up a title match next week.

What was good? The tercera had some good moments.

Where can I watch? It’s up on CMLL’s YouTube channel (more…)

Chilanga Mask: 2015-08-16 

Belial multitasking

Recapped: 08/27/15

What happened? Chilanga Mask doesn’t do a lot on show to show angles, so this doesn’t quite work conventionally. There were some stories though: team Oaxaca beat team Estado de Mexico, setting up a rematch on a future Oaxaca show. Disturbio’s Lucha Kaos group debuted with a win. Ultimo Guerrero and Caifan attempted to murder each other with chops, setting up a singles match a month later. The Guerrero Mayas attempted to murder each with everything and will likely fight again some day. 

What was good? Dr. Cerebro versus Virus is one of my favorite matches of the year. I can’t think of a better Mexico woman’s match than Keira/Zeuxis. The Mayas have a super brawl. Pretty much everything is good, though the matches with a lot of people in them can get confusing and the main even requires you to like Pagano’s style.

Where can I watch? It’s all on +LuchaTV’s channel. Links are below


AAA Heroes Inmortales: 2015-10-04 

Recapped: 10/04/2015

What happened: A show long storyline had Myzteziz annoy La Sociedad enough that they ended up laying him out with a guitar by the end of the show. He wanted to be on his own and appears to be – Alberto & Rey made no attempt to save him.

Alberto retained the heavyweight title over Johnny Mundo when Mundo was spotted using that same guitar by Hijo del Tirantes. Mundo had slapped Tirantes moments earlier, and Tirantes played it fair after that as he usually does, disqualifying Mundo. The rudos beat up Mundo and second Psycho Clown, Rey made the save, Myzteziz attacked him, La Sociedad attacked Myzteziz and eventually Alberto and Rey ran everyone out. Alberto thanked his hometown fans after the match.


Pentagon Jr. & Joe Lider’s ten month zero defense tag team title reign came to an end earlier in the night. Angelico & Jack Evans won the championships for the second time when Jack pinned Steve Pain (the only rudo not wearing Perros del Mal gear.) Pentagon Jr. might have won the match and kept the title earlier except for Myzteziz running into break up a pin. Myzteziz seemed to attack all three teams and there was no rhyme or reason to his attack.

Myzteziz also did not get along with Hijo del Fantasma and Texano Jr. in their trios match against Rey Mysterio Jr., Psycho Clown and the debuting Garza Jr. (Hijo del Ninja doing Hector Garza spots.) The rudos kept it together enough to get the win – Myzteziz beating Garza – but it apparently was a fakeout to set up the attack later.

a bit familiar

One Perros del Mal member did win on the night: Taya kept the Reina de Reinas championship by making her first defense. She pinned the debuting Lady Maravilla with her northern lights suplex/double stomp combination. Lady Shani was the other surprise wrestler in a surprisingly strong match.

Not all the debuting luchadors lost. Taurus, a new Minotaur-iish creature, shockingly won this year’s Copa Pena. He threw out half the field, eliminating La Parka last to win. Not much is known about Taurus but he appears to be – like Garza Jr., Shani and Maravilla – a Mexican luchador give a new/bigger role rather than any of the rumors foreigners or outside big names.


What was good? Most of the show. The three way tag was the best match on the show, with the women’s match also being a standout. Most everything was good, though the main event had the combination of the usual AAA main event tropes and a clear desire not to beat either man. The LU Alberto/Mundo matches were better than this one, but you got the impression this wasn’t the last one in AAA.

There were no real problems with the iPPV once you got it running. (I think it went out for 2 seconds for me, it was fine when I refreshed.) Getting it running was the tough part. An issue with Paypal slowly processing payments was preventing people from being authorized to watch the show. Some people had to wait for a half hour before they were able to get in, some people never seemed to be able to get in.

Where can I watch it? If you can get them to take your money, the VOD is already up on The show should start to air on AAA’s TV show starting on 10/17 (one week later than expected, as Monterrey was cut into two shows.)

double pin!


CMLL on 2015-10-02 

I dunno

Recapped 10/05/2015

The feed was back to being region blocked again. No one, even the person running the ClaroSports Twitter, seemed to know why. It was a pretty thorough region block, with the Hola app we had used to defeat it still showing people in Mexico. Paid VPN solutions were working, but this was not a show you should be paying to see. I eventually got desperate/bored enough to try a random Mexico proxy and it worked fine. That’s not a great solution and hopefully it’ll be fixed next week. It’s hard to count on it when these things happen with absolutely no explanation or reassurance it’ll be better next time around.

So, this is a show where I missed a third of it, where one match was another unreviewable Alvarados match, and where most of the tournament matches were as a waste as always. Maybe the rest of the show wore me down, but the main event didn’t work as well as Super Parka’s previous appearance. It was not all him (though he wasn’t as good) but there were weird errors, a less excited crowd and a match structure that caused it to drag. The Ingobernables won a short first fall, the match was only going two falls, so they third fall was a long twelve minutes fall to get to about the usual time. Atlantis cheated to win, but there wasn’t any hint of a new direction coming out of it. This felt a little like killing time until they get thru the tournament.

not sure why he brought it back

The Universal tournament matches were the same all the way thru. One guy would get in all of his trademark spots, maybe neglecting to actually go for a pinfall after doing them. The other guy who would win. Ultimo Guerrero was always the other guy, and his opponents would always go for moonsaults they would never try in any other circumstance. CMLL thinking it’s a better idea to have Shocker versus Ultimo Guerrero instead of Dragon Lee versus Ultimo Guerrero was weird, but UG was winning either way so it didn’t really matter. Crowd was into UG as usual but this didn’t come across as impressive and the last match was a bit of a struggle.

flying Dragon Rojo

The one notable thing missed was Shockercito & Demus making hair match challenges in the opener. They’ve been feuding for a while.

Even though I missed most of the show, this’ll stand as the recap. Only Bucanero/Guerrero has any chance of airing on Azteca anyway. Rtings aren’t listed below, but everyone just gets an OK. Only times and GIFs below.


CMLL Titanes del Ring: 2015-08-15

good effort

Recapped: 08/29/2015

What happened? Aereo beat Pequeno Violencia for his hair, and the Reyes del Atlantida lose the national trios to the Hijos del Infierno

What was good? Pequeno Violencia wasn’t any good in his big match, but the two trios matches were good. 

Where can I watch? This is all in the 2015 August Week 3 playlist. Links are below too.