CMLL iPPV: 2017-03-17 

spot of the night

Recapped: 03/20/2017


Amapola, Tiffany, Zeuxis beat by DQ Estrellita, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit  (falls 2/3, 13:09 [6:34, 3:22, 3:13], ok)

Dragón Lee, Stuka Jr., Titán beat Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja (falls 2/3, 11:52 [3:19, 2:35, 5:58], good)

Kráneo, La Máscara, Rush beat Atlantis, Carístico, Marco Corleone  (straight falls, 8:01 [2:03, 5:40], ok)

Último Guerrero beat Matt Taven  to keep the NWA World Middleweight Championship (falls 1/3, 16:26 [4:51, 2:11, 9:23], good)

Sky Team (Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr.) defeated  Hechicero, Luciferno, Mephisto  to keep the CMLL World Trios Championship (falls 2/3, 16:01 [2:31, 1:39, 10:27], good)

Diamante Azul defeated Pierroth in a mask vs mask match (falls 2/3, 12:20 [0:46, 2:16, 9:18], below average])

This was a $3 VOD on CMLL’s YouTube channel. All matches were taped the day of the iPPV in Arena Mexico.

What happened:


Diamante Azul unmasked Pierroth, who was announced as Arturo Munoz, 48. Pierroth took the first fall cleanly, then lost the second by unmasking Diamante Azul. La Mascara tripped Diamante Azul as he ran in the ropes in the third (not that he was any close to winning.) Maximo went after La Mascara, and Marco, Terrible and Rush all got involved in a very brief but intense scrum. Commissioner Rambo, with no help from anyone else, got all five guys to walk to the back. Azul & Pierroth froze to watch this, restarted as they were leaving, and Azul had German suplexed Pierroth for the win before they actually got to the back. Pierroth went after Azul after the match, their feud must continue.

Zeuxis and Princesa Sugehit had issues thru the match, with Zeuxis unmasking Sugehit for the DQ. Zeuxis was wearing a Navarro/Trauma mask and walked out to their music as a tribute to her original maestro. Estrellita slipped climbing the ropes for a dive and fell hard on the floor on her hip (but reported no major injury in the following day.)

Rush stole a pin on Marco Corlone with outside help from La Mascara (not eliminted, but using the ropes.) He and Atlantis had minor issues.

team work makes Niebla Roja hurt

Niebla Roja & Dragon Lee slightly feuded in their match, though you’d have to be looking for it to even notice it was there.

There’s nothing much to note about the title matches, there were no stories or controversy to the results (except the Sky Team briefly forgot Mephisto was the captain.) Fans threw in money after the UG/Taven match. Mephisto dressed in pink, with a pink mask and robe, as a tribute to Villano III.

Villano III was honored prior to the main event, joined by his two sons to accept a plaque. He seemed touched by the fans reaction and his son’s praise, and was moved to tears after removing his mask.

CMLL again cut out the dance segments, showing the Villano III autobiographical interviews instead. We appeared to miss a Pink Panther themed dance before the main event.



There’s nothing must see here, with the big title matches falling a little short and nothign really surprised it. You’ll miss nothing that’ll show up on anyone’s MOTYC list if you skipped it becuase there was a price attached or because Azul/Pierroth annoyed you.

The main event was not as terrible as it could be, and not as destructive as Volador/Yoshitatsu, but not at the level of Volador/Ephesto in matches that probably shouldn’t have happened. Pierroth’s offense looked as horrible as usual, Pierroth sucked at catching dives as much as usual, and their best attempt at hiding it was doing a shorter version of a normal CMLL main event. It didn’t work, and Diamante Azul wasn’t great shakes either. The fans whistling came thru much louder on the periscopes I was watching than live, and there was a bigger reaction for the finish than I would’ve thought, but it wassn’t close to the level of a big show main event. My favorite part, also clear on the periscopes than the VOD, is how both men missed top rope moves by so much that the other person didn’t really even have to roll out of the way (maybe because they didn’t trust it happening.) The brawling outside the ring came across as much better than anything did in the actual match.

Sky Team vs Hechicero/Mephisto/Luciferno was good, but sloppier than usual. Hechicero & Mistico started off really well together, and then didn’t come finish well with a couple of noticable spots. They haven’t worked a lot together, and the big show fans were all over Mistico for existing. The Sky Team did all sorts of dives, and this was as much an exhibition for them as all the Sky Team matches are on big shows, but there’s now been quite a lot of those and this one didn’t quite meausre up to the intensity of those. They went as far to have Volador eliminated in the third fall to tease the title change, but then rushed the match over so quick that the rudos never even got a near fall before Valiente took the win. They could’ve gotten more of that sequence and of this match. It did mean Valiente got another big win on a big show.

they love UG

Ultimo Guerrero vs Matt Taven was just Taven plugged into every UG match. The first two falls were not much at all. It picked up in the third fall, with Taven using some offense (headlock DDT, neckbreaker) that’s at least novel in this part, but otherwise looing not quite as impressive as his match with Rush last September. Crowd got into it because they love Ultimo Guerrero and they billed it as a Mexico vs USA thing, but the quality of the match was just average for this type of match. CMLL really needed one or both of these title matches to come up big to make this show worthwile. Both were good, but neither were special.

first two fall really not much, third fall totally the UG special with Taven’s offense plugged in. Taven looked better close to the end, but rarely came close to winning and ddin’t really stand out. Can’t believe they threw monye in, but that’s part of the bit.

The Ingobernales put together a better match for the big show and the crowd reacted to the big moments (mostly Atlantis related), but the match itself wasn’t really all that memorable. Rush was the star of this match, both on offense and selling dramatically for the técnicos before getting the pin. He made Marco look great before stealing the pin. Caristico sliding in a second too late for a countout and complaining about it was a great Caristico moment.

the main event in a GIF

The segunda was both good and disappointing; I didn’t realize it short than usual (and shorter than opener) until adding up the times, but it did feel like they didn’t get to go as far as usual. What they had time for generally went well, though I was surprised to see Euforia help Dragon Lee with his ramp springboard headscissors rather than let him climb or jump himself. Guess they wanted to make sure that didn’t go wrong on a big stage. I wanted more out of Nieba and Dragon Lee, but the big stuff they all did near the end worked well and the dive counters in the third fall. Still, no near falls, they were just doing the normal midcard match. I was not a big fan of the Guerrero fashion. Neon green and Niebla red don’t work well together, and Gran Guerrero going with plain trunks under the battle skirt feels imcomplete.

The effort was up on the women’s match, but the results were not. Amapola & Marclea looked like they’re getting ready for their ROH matches with better work here, and Sugehit & Zeuxis had a fun last minute (especially the smart way they did the mask pull), but Tiffany struggled as usual and Estrellita wasn’t much good before her blown dive at the end of the match. Zeuxis’ mask looked great and I enjoyed the other rudas being totally supportive of Zeuxis’ decision to unmask Sugehit.

CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2017-03-14 

Rey Cometa sends Cavernario back to the stone age

Recapped: 03/15/2017

Show Data: All matches aired live from Arena Mexico. You can view the show on their YouTube channel. Also, we learned this week the mysterious MegaSports show that no one has ever seen is airing this show, so this show will air in front of a tiny audience at some point.

Match Results:

Eléctrico & Fantasy  beat  Pequeño Nitro & Pequeño Olímpico (falls 1/3, 14:54 [7:34, 3:30, 3:50], good)

Drone, Metatrón, Starman  defeated  Arkángel de la Muerte, Canelo Casas, Nitro (falls 1/3, 19:34 [10:02, 3:23, 6:09], ok)

Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Virus defeated Esfinge, Fuego, Tritón (falls 2/3, 15:45 [7:11, 2:14, 6:20], ok)

Olímpico, Sam Adonis, Vangellys defeated Ángel de Oro, Guerrero Maya Jr., Johnny Idol (falls 1/3, 13:45 [5:24, 3:19, 5:02], ok)

Rey Cometa ©  defeated  Cavernario for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship (20:51, great)

  1. Rey Cometa Spanish Fly (4:03)

  2. Cavernario cavernaaria (1:44)

  3. Rey Cometa Canadian Destroyer (15:04)

Marco Corleone, Máximo Sexy, Volador Jr. defeated  Mr. Niebla, Rey Bucanero, Terrible (falls 2/3, 6:23, ok)


thru the corner tope

Rey Cometa cleanly defeated Bárbaro Cavernario to keep the welterweight title. Cavernario was stretched out after the match (in what appeared to be the usual selling of a Destroyer in a big spot.) Drone replaced Magnus in the second match.


change of direction headscissors

Comera/Cavernario was another strong chapter in their rivialry. It was full of big dramatic moments in the match, even while leaving some of their most dangerous spots in the back. They’re skilled enough to cycle things out and showcase other spots – Cometa’s rolling cutter felt knew, the superplex hadn’t been a big part of their previous matches but got over well here as a near fall. They set up the new set up for the cavernaria in the last match, used it in the first fall, and used it as a fake out again near the end. They’re also better at selling than they get noted for; Cometa’s worn down by the end of a match, crumpled in the corner after a particularly hard Cavernario chop. This had the big dives, and they all look spectacular. It just didn’t have the crowd reaction. This was a match the Tuesday crowd didn’t seem to have a strong connection with, and it took them a while to really get into it where it might have gotten a longer and bigger reaction on a Friday. It didn’t quite feel as good as their best work, but it’s a fine follow up to the match they’ve done before. Hopefully this leads to more for them both, even if it’s not against each other.

One of the advantages to this new format is I don’t feel the necessity to save five different versions of “this was a forgettable B-show match, but [A] and [B] did something good.” That’s particularly useful on this show, which felt kind of dead outside the title match. It wasn’t helped by running very long (with Arkangel’s match going a lot longer than needed, as always), but the effort wasn’t particularly strong. Half the people in the fourth match looked like they’d rather be doing anything else, and it was hard to miss.

this was a nice strong moment from Electrico

The opener actually felt technically good, with Pequeño Nitro & Electrico having a few really good sequences. I couldn’t get into it himself – I’ve been numbed by the unending minis openers – but it was the obvious exception of people working harder than usual and might work better out of context.

Esfinge & Triton have a bunch of tag team spots, but seem to be running out of time to actually get a 2v2 match from CMLL unless Esfinge’s also going to Chicago. Drone being stuck back exactly where he was as Hombre Bala was some good gallows humor. Canelo looked halfway decent with him, but that’s a mirage. Starman’s finish is named the Starman Crash, and I didn’t even come up with that one.

gif: 848/1103/

this was not a strong moment from Olimpico
Cavernario collapses Cometa

CMLL Puebla: 2017-03-13 

I love this cradle so much

Recapped: 03/14/207

Show Data: All matches aired live from Arena Puebla. You can view the show on their YouTube channel (and, as always but not always mentioned, some of the matches from this show will begin to air on 52MX two Saturday from now.)

Match Results:

Cancerbero, Policeman, Raziel defeated Arkalis, Espíritu Maligno, Tigre Rojo Jr. (falls 2/3, 10:08 [6:17, 1:06, 2:45], OK)

La Seductora, Tiffany, Zeuxis vs Estrellita, Princesa Sugehit, Sanely (falls 2/3, 11:17 [5:39, 2:23, 2:51], OK)

Puma, Skándalo, Tiger beat Drone, Esfinge, Lestat (falls 2/3, 15:20 [5:10, 2:57, 6:12], OK)

La Máscara, Pierroth, Ripper beat Diamante Azul, Máximo Sexy, Titán (falls 1/3, 7:48 [2:17, 2:20, 2:47], OK)

Atlantis, Carístico, Dragón Lee beat Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto (falls 2/3, 12:20 [1:52, 3:12, 7:18], OK)


Sanely had a tough day

Caristico beat Mephisto cleanly with La Caristica in the main event. (The Caristica is his Mistica; the announcers haven’t picked up on his move name change.) Caristico pointed out Mephisto had defeated him before, but felt he earned another title shot based on the win. Mephisto screamed to agree.

Pierroth pinned Diamante Azul in a third fall of a trios match, maybe for the first time.

Zexuis defeated Princesa Sugehit in a trios mask. She challenged for a title match. Sugehit agreed and raised it to a mask match. (They’re having a match, but not with any of those stipulations.

Espiritu Maligno & Policeman continue to feud, though Policeman also continues to win every single match.


noooo Ripper

Main event was a typical b-show trios main event, with the two guys feuding doing a lot and the other guys just doing about a minute each. Next week’s match could be good but this wasn’t.

It wasn’t until the semifinal where I realized one of the biggest matches of the year is going to be built around a front slam as a near fall. What a weird feud.

The tercera was alright, best match of the night, but never seemed to hit a high gear. There are better matches with those people. The important thing here is I’m tried of moves and sequences having no names and I’m going to start (resume?) assigning names to things until someone stops me. That Tiger/Puma trademark -cracker ending sequence? It’s now Muerto a Muerte in my notes, because they’re mauling the técnicos to death.

The women’s match was one of those which really make you fear for the future if/when Zeuxis leaves. The four supporting people in this match were not any good. Sanely’s whiff on a springboard was the ‘highlight’, but Seductora struggled noticeably all the way thru and the others weren’t saving thing. It’s to the point where it’s getting hard to put Zeuxis in a wider context; the gap between her and some of the others in this division is so wide, it’s hard to how much is her being really good and how much is the bar being so low.

Policeman suddenly having a nightstick to bring to the ring and deciding it was a good idea to hit Espiritu Maligno was strange. It did give us the great visual of Raziel & Policeman trying to keep Tirantes from calling the fall by showing Espiritu out of the ring while blocking Tirantes’ path. It didn’t work. Having Espiritu lose every fall is odd, maybe someone decided he was a mini wrestling in the main division.

Dragon Lee

CMLL on ClaroSports com: 2017-03-10 

Rush contra papas

Recapped: 03/10/2017

What happened: Diamante Azul won the main event in the record book, but was really just left unmasked and humiliated again. Niebla Roja & Dragon Lee and Marco Corleone & Sam Adonis have minor feuds going on, but the one between Misterioso & Soberano seems to be getting serious quick.

What was good: Most everything I got to see. The main event wasn’t much good (nor was it trying to be much good), but everything else we got to see was good. It lacked a standout match and we lost the Stuka/Bobby match due to streaming issues, but it was an overall enjoyable show.

Where can I watch it: It’s on my channel.


CMLL Puebla: 2017-03-06

super Polvora Driver

Recapped: 03/06/2017

What happened: Rush outsmarted UG to win the main event. Carístico wants a rematch with Hijos de Infierno after Mephisto pulled his mask. Policeman and Espiritu Maligno continue to feud.

The new mat fell apart. It’s not really the mat that’s falling apart, but they seem to retouch (repaint?) the logo every week, and the logo disintegrates as the night goes on. Some of it ends up on the luchadors, someone if gets spread out on other parts of the mat (and some of it’s big enough chunks that the referees put in their pockets.) It looks awful by the end of the night and they need to stop doing it – either get rid of the logo entirely or embed it in the mat in a way where it doesn’t rub off.

The level of excitement I have for this show is shown well by writing more about the canvass logo than any match.

What was good: The main event was the best match on the show, better than expected, though still not a great bout

Where can I watch it:  It’s on CMLL’s channel. (more…)

AAA on Televisa: 2017-03-04 

super legdrop

Recapped: 03/04/2017

What happened: Monster & Murder betrayed Dr. Wagner. It wasn’t built to in the match or explained after, and Wagner won anyway thanks to them attacking Psycho Clown too. Perhaps if AAA keeps trying mystery angles, one will pay off.

A new look Cuervo & Scoria won a tag match. (The words Xinetez and Zorro are now on the forbidden list.) Soul Rocker cheated to beat Bengala. AAA announced some of the Rey de Reyes matches.

Tirantes was the referee in all three matches and played a neutral referee this week.

There were 26:01 of match time on this show, up about a minute from last week. There were 16:57 of entrance time on this show.

What was good: I liked the three way tag match with no reservations. The opener wasn’t as good as those have been and the main event was a typical AAA main event.

Where can I watch it: It’s on my channel, but looks much better on AAA’s channel. (more…)

CMLL on 2017-03-03


Recapped: 03/03/2017

What happened: Volador defeated Yoshitatsu in a trash main event. Azul beat Pierroth but was left humiliated by the Ingobernables again.

What was good: The Panther/Revolucionarios match is worth seeking out, ant the fourth match was good.

The main event was not just bad, but amazing in it’s awfulness. I sincerely believe the Pierroth/Diamante Azul match will be better than Volador/Yoshitatsu. Pierroth & Diamante Azul are not skilled, but they show effort and are under the (misguided belief) they’re doing good. Yoshitatsu only tried in ways to submarine the match.

Where can I watch it:  It’s on my channel. (more…)

CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2017-02-28

nudo Raziel

Recapped: 03/01/2017

What happened: Rey Cometa & Cavernario sort of feuded in the main event, which I guess is supposed to be a feud going forward, but it just seemed like what they were doing on this show. The only other notable thing happened is Triton got a haircut before I did.

What was good: I liked the semimain, but it’s likely the boredom of this show broke me down and the good grade was more an indication of my will breaking. This is not a good use of two hours.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s channel. (more…)

CMLL Puebla: 2017-02-27 

Puma patiently waits for Stigma to get better before beheading him

Recapped: 02/28/2017

What happened: UG fouled Rush, leading to a singles match next week. Espíritu Maligno and Policeman had problems.

What was good: Nothing. Euforia/Volador was the best thing on the show but clearly not close to the best thing they could be doing.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s channel. (more…)

AAA on Televisa: 2017-02-25 

this is not a smart idea

Recapped: 02/27/2017

What happened: Mesias betrayed Pagano, at the cost Pagano missing a dive and Mesias losing the main event. Pagano still didn’t attack Mesias at the end. Super Fly moved out of the way of an Aerostar dive, causing Aero to crash, burn, and hurt his wrist. Mini Psycho pinned Dinastia and wants a title shot. Octagoncito didn’t pin anyway and also wants a title shot. AAA forgot about this as soon as it happened, so no one’s getting a title shot.

Also, I’m pretty sure I ranted about how AAA needs to do stuff to do introduce the many anonymous mid and lower card wrestlers like Mascara de Bronce and they had a feature on Mascara de Bronce today. If only everything worked like that.

There was 24 minutes and 49 seconds of between the bell (well, whistle) ring time on this show.

What was good: I liked the Aerostar/Argenis vs Super Fly/Carta Brava tag match and had a hard time staying interested in the reset.

Where can I watch it: It’s on AAA’s channel. (more…)