Quien es “Psyco Ripper”?

Heck if I know.

Theory #1: Psyco Ripper is a current CMLL luchador getting a new name.

CMLL usually keeps people who are getting new characters away for around a month, so they’re forgotten a bit before they show up with the new name. A list of male luchadors who’ve been away for at least two weeks (number is days since last match.)

14 Mr. Águila
14 Bengala
14 Cholo
21 Morphosis
21 Ramstein
21 Robin
21 Leono
21 Apocalipsis
39 Rey Bucanero – out hurt
49 Inquisidor
49 Diamante
53 Psicosis II
95 Skandalo – out hurt, but I put him here so you wouldn’t ask

I’m thinking Cholo is not getting a midcard gimmick, as much as the Cholo fan club might dream. We can rule out Ramstein, Robin, Leono, Apocalispis and Inquisidor for similar reasons. Mr. Aguila and Rey Bucanero are not getting new characters at this point of their career. Morphosis obviously would like to be Histeria and it seems unlikely he’ll change names outside of going back to that name. That leaves two names:

Psicosis II – Psyco Ripper is not far off and it’s always possible he lost the rights to the name. It’s also possible someone decided they couldn’t put him in a credible mask match with that name but maybe thought a new one would work. The problem here is he’s in Puebla Monday under the Psicosis name, but CMLL internal confusion is not new.

Diamante – went home seven weeks ago and hasn’t been heard from since. Diamante’s career has nose dived since he took up the El Santo outfit. There’s a half dozen tecnicos who’ve passed him on the pecking order and he’s regressed in the ring. CMLL was high enough on Diamante to feature him on the first FantasticaManias, so maybe there’s still someone who holds him in enough esteem to give him a new chance as a rudo. It may not work, but it’s not hard to try.

Theory #2:  Psyco Ripper is a new person

Trainee? Family member who is getting a spot to make other family members happy? A Black Abyss-like indy guy getting a good spot here? (Unlikely.) A foreigner? (More unlikely.) There are a lot of possibilities. Most of them aren’t likely to be any good.

Psyco Ripper will be revealed tomorrow if he’s a new person. Any new guy who’s important enough to jump right into the midcard will certainly be required to be at the crazily important bodybuilding contest, and is probably a participant. That seems to be how CMLL works.

Theory #3:  Psyco Ripper is a Trojan horse for Dr. Wagner Jr.’s invasion of Arena Mexico

[head explodes]