como estaz 2×3: Jeque’s quesadillas

On Sunday, we went to Coliseo Coacalco and Arena Naucalpan, and caught two fun shows with two different audiences (and one Hip Hop Man.)

Right click to download.

Podcast is about 30 minutes – I went too fast, but Rob carried things by actually describing the matches. There’s no show to go to tomorrow, but there probably will be a podcast at some point.

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Lucha Listen-In Podcast #9

Cubs and I talk all the lucha news and results from Rey de Reyes, Dos Leyendas, Juvy’s record setting tenure in AAA and the Abismo Negro Death.

You can download the show here, find it more formats, or subscribe to our RSS feed for iTunes and other MP3 players. (Getting the show proper into iTunes store is my project for the weekend.)

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Lucha Listen-In Podcast #8: Konnan

My sit-down interview with AAA’s Konnan. We discuss his health, why the roster is so hostile to foreigners, why AAA gave Ciber the boot, the epic fail that was the Superfly push, AAA in English, Joaquin Roldan & cubsfan lucha blog of all things.

download the show here, or click here for more file versions. Or, just use the streaming player:

Thanks to Konnan for coming on, and thanks to you for checking out the show.

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Lucha Listen-In Podcast #7: Teddy Hart

Tony’s sit-down interview with Foreign Legion Member, one-half of Hart Foundation 2, AAA luchador Teddy Hart! We talk what’s it like in AAA, his thoughts on AAA’s future tour in the U.S., Jack Evans shooting fireballs?, the promotion that his agent and Konnan are working on and so much more!!!

download the show here here, or find more formats here.

Sorry we weren’t able to take questions this time – the interview came thru a bit suddenly. Hope you enjoy.[podcast][/podcast]

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Lucha Listen-In Podcast #6

download the show here and more formats here.

Cubsfan and I play catch-up on two months worth of lucha: Mistico in Japan, Sombra & Volador Jr. winning the tag titles, Poder Mexica winning the national trios titles, Dark Angel “signing” with TNA, The Minis’ & Womens’ Cage matches, The CMLL Heavyweight Title Scene, Previewing the Rey de Reyes tournament, a Guerra de Titanes review, Lucha in ROH, AAA in the U.S., the Tapatia Awards & Questions!

Check out the show and leave some comments. Tapatia awards should be up in a few hours.

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Lucha Listen-In Podcast #5: Marco Corleone!

My sit-down interview with luchador Mark Jindrak/Marco Corleone of CMLL Fame, we discuss a series of topics, among them: The prospects of two Koslov(s) in WWE, his awesome ramp and the genesis behind it, Rellik~!, if Perro will ever come back to CMLL, Blue Panther being the older lady’s man choice and QUE MONITO (the midget blue monkey of guerrero kicking fame) all thanks to thecubsfan @

You can find the show here, and it should be added to the podcast feed. We thank Marco for coming on. We live for comments, so please let us know what you think of the show!

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Lucha Listen-In Podcast #3

The newest show is up now at

Cubsfan of and I talk about the upcoming (now happened) debut of the Perros Del Mal Promotion, the return of Mistico!, our thoughts on Konnan being “AAA company president”, our favorite matches of the year and we also answer some your questions on OUR BEST SHOW YET!

It totally is. Please check it out, and if you like it, make sure to drop some positive comments over on Tony’s site too. Thanks!

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Lucha Listen-In Podcast #1’s Tony Galvan and I have started a new lucha libre podcast. We taped the first episode about a week ago, and it’s now up to listen right here. It’s a post-Anniversary look at where CMLL and AAA are right and now and where thing are going.

Let me know what you think. The plan right now is to do these monthly. Thanks to Tony for setting this up.

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