Recent (and not so Recent) Box Y Lucha Articles

Box Y Lucha posted many magazine’s worth of articles at the end of last week. Let me try to link to everything for no good reason:

CMLL Owner Slightly Upset

Francisco Alonso is a somewhat angry man. Apparently, after the CMLL vs AAA match on the telethon, someone on air suggested they do a show together – the CMLL owner says no way, and the last time they did, AAA ended up hiding in it’s locker room at the end of the show, and he doesn’t want to deal with that again. He’s also very unhappy with Arturo Rivera coming to CMLL for a few weeks and Alfonso Morales going to AAA for a few weeks. He notes that was out of his control, but states that they have at least 50 new faces they want to get over (QUE?) and has no time for helping out other companies.

In a completely random and seemingly unrelated note, Alonso sounds very enthused about how the CMLL Bodybuilding event and hopes it becomes an annual event. I would be worried about such a statement, but if it’s anyone added more muscle, it’s Olimpico, and he’s got absolutely no push out of it. This fits with the general belief Alonso is divorced from the day to day decision making.

Year End Voting

– Rudo of the Year: Black Warrior (CMLL) and Chessman. Both have new legions of fans – Warrior’s surprised, but Chessman figures people just started using common sense.
– Mistico’s listed as wrestler of a year on the cover, but that article wasn’t posted. If they’re doing split ones there, I’d assume Cibernetico would be the other one.
– Four Man Team Of The Year: Los Mexican Powers. They do have the belts. Juvi says all of us who thought they were an imitation of the Mexicools were wrong. I’m going to hang my head in shame.

Mil Mascaras bio, which is explicable. The crazy section is where they discuss the idea of a Mil Mascaras Jr., Mil’s all “no one else could live up to me” as you’d expect Mil to be, and then mentions a conversation with Rey Misterio Jr. the other day, where Rey explained to Mil that there’s another international guy who’s a copy of him – Tiger Mask.


Mil also gives a thumbs down to Nacho Libre, in case you were waiting to find out.

Feud Hype

– Before their match at Guerra de Titanes (that’s how old some of these are), Muerte Cibernetica and Cibernetico cut promos on each other. Muerte thanks his fans, who obviously recognize him as he truly is: the messiah. Cibernetico is nicknamed “The King Of Pumping Iron”. That’s an opening for like 500 jokes and I’m not going to make any of them for some odd reason.

– Mistico wants to fight Averno for masks because it’s a match the fans want to see, and Averno doesn’t want to wait to the anniversary show to do it. They’re very much pushing that the match is agreed to, just not the date.

AAA pretty boys angry, still pretty

Remember how Latin Lover claimed AAA wrestlers were ripping him off and wouldn’t go back unless they were ditched? Yea, well, Intocable and Elegido took that one as well as you might think.

Intocable says Latin Lover has hated him from day one and Super Calo and Winners were the true innovates of dancing. Unlike Latin Lover, Intocable notes he didn’t abandon his wrestling fans one he found a little bit of mainstream popularity. Intocable would actually NOT like to face Latin Lover in a match – they’re both tecnicos and the fans wouldn’t want to see them fight, but he’s defintely not scared of Latin Lover. Intocable notes Latin Lover isn’t coming back to AAA any time soon, so he must be totally scared.

Elegido also goes with the “Latin’s abandoned his fans” idea. Elegido states that he’s not imitating or stealing from anyone, he’s got his own unique style. Elegido notes that he came to AAA to take Latin Lover’s place, which kinda makes Latin Lover right, but I shouldn’t be arguing with a professional stripper who just wants to share his talents with the public, as he proclaims. (I imagine Elegido bellowing all these quotes for some reason.) Elegido, AAA historian, says Latin Lover didn’t know how to dance and didn’t have a good body until Antonio Pena made him into the man he is today – Elegido knew all that stuff before he started wrestling, so he couldn’t be ripping anyone off. It took Latin Lover 14 years to get the fans Elegido’s gotten in 7 months, which proves something. Elegido ends by thanking Latin Lover for leaving AAA.

= Blue Demon Jr. talks about wrestling in Arena Mexico for the Teleton show and whatever, but the real thing I took out of this one was the 11/20 Teleton show was supposed to be CMLL vs UWA! Maybe I’m just dumb for taking two months to understand this, but I think that’s topped by CMLL doing an interpromtoional rivalry angle like 13 years after the other promotion died. If AAA dies this year, we can look forward to a big AAA vs CMLL show in 2020. Anyway, Demon does say some noteworthy stuff – he was 70% sure he’d be wrestling in Arena Mexico to start ’07 (not yet) so he can prop up attendance, he’s hoping the CMLL vs indy show becomes an annual event, and he’s thinking he’s not still a member of the Perros.
Konnan states it was never even a consideration that he would run AAA, but he’s just there to help – like by bringing people with actual talent fron TNA. (LANCE HOYT!)
– Coloso Colosetti, who debuted in 1963 and claims still to be wrestling occasionally, had testicular surgery on 12/20. He says he’ll recover in three months, and then go on a farewell tour.
Alex Koslov! talks about wrestling in Mexico. He’s learned more in the time in Mexico than the 4 years prior; he chalks that up partially to wrestling guys with a lot more experience, rather than the young men of similar age you’ll find on the US indy scene. Alex loves Mexican women and is looking into making one his fiancee. Also, Alex’s lost his hair while in Mexico – but not in a match, he just had a barber who had no idea what he was doing.
Octagoncito talks about the death of his father last November and his goals for 2007.
Mano Negra talks about winning the mask. When the referee raised Atlantis hand, Mano Negra was not sad. He knew, inside, he was a winner who just lost a battle, but not the way. (How’s that war going against Atlantis now?) He’s been wrestling for 36 years now.
Brazo de Plata Jr. talks about joining AAA. His mother was a little bothered by him changing his name to Kronos, so he’s happy to be back to Plata. He sidesteps any real talk about why he changed names in the first place.
Flash which is basically the same one elsewhere I posted a week ago.
Sergio Iván Angulo, Arena Coliseo Ring Announcer? I mean, they say he is, but I don’t remember ever seeing him. I’ll look closer.
Wolf Ruvinsky
Bio of Dr. Gama

Merced Gómez
Tigre Canadiense
Blue Demon
Love Machine
Eddie Guerrero


thoughts on recent Tijuana news
Bio of Golden Boy, who’s real name is Alfonso Morales but isn’t that Alfonso Morales. Unless this is an elaborate prank.
– Various wrestlers share stories of Dia de Reyes when they were children. For Nemesis and Super Fly, this may have been last year. They ask Alex Koslov about Dia de Reyes in Russian, and he’s like “we never had it – must’ve been too cold!”