12/02 AAA TV Results (Zapopan) – Guerra de Titanes

photo by Black Terry Jr.

AAA TV (SUN) 12/02/2012 Auditorio Benito Juarez, Zapopan, Jalisco [AAA (R de Rudo), AAA Photos (Deportivo), Black Terry Jr. (flickr), Estrellas del Ring, Informador, MT (1-5), MT (6), SL491]
***Guerra de Titanes, 2012***
1) Cuervo, Fabi Apache, Mascarita Dorada, Pimpinela Escarlata b Halloween, Mari Apache, Mini Charly Manson, Yuriko
Tecnicos won because of Gran Apache interference – he tried to hit Cuervo with a chair and got Halloween instead. Halloween and Apache hugged after the match.
2) Daga b Juventud Guerrera, Fénix, Joe Lider, Psicosis, Jack Evans [AAA CRUISER, Ladder]
16’17”. Juventud Guerrera is the champ. No Teddy, no TNA wrestler, and Juvi left early after taking a blow from a Lider ladder. Daga beat Fenix for the title. Fenix appeared to be hurt after the match.
3) La Parka, Octagón, Octagon Jr. b Parka Negra, Pentagon Jr., Silver King
18’53”, Parka Negra and Pentagon Jr. were Silver King’s surprise partners, introduced by Dorian and Konnan. Octagon pinned Silver King get the pinfall.
4) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown b Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker
13:13. Rockers took their first loss. Uro attacked Murder again after the match and the Clowns were beaten up despite the loss.
5) Texano Jr. b El Mesías [AAA HEAVY]
29:12. Mesias is champion. Fenix was scheduled to be his second, but Octagon Jr. replaced him. Silver King was Texano’s second. Both bled and there was at least one ref bump and one time Silver pulled the ref out to stop the count, but Texano Jr. won the match and the title with a sit down powerbomb cleanly.
6) Vampiro L Cibernético, Dr. Wagner Jr., LA Park, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Chessman [cage, hair]
30:29. Order of escape went LA Park (attacked by Jeff & Karen Jarrett, who also took his mask), Dr. Wagner, Cibernetico (attacked by the Bizarros – Cuervo tried to save and failed, Fabi helped later), and Perro Aguayo Jr. Chessman and Vampiro went for a long while before Chessman escaped due to help from Konnan, Dorian and a fire extinguisher. Konnan, with the winning rudos, announced they would repeat 1996 and leave with the best guys to a new promotion. Joaquin Roldan told Konnan his contract expires next year (???) and he’d be free to go then. Joaquin had the AAA guys run off La Sociedad to prove they weren’t all that much.

Air Date: 12/15 & 12/22

(Live coverage is here)

AAA has done Invasion/opposing promotions storylines since it’s first year, when the opposing promotion was UWA. It’s been near constant since, from PROLLM to Promo Azteca to LLL to whatever Konnan’s calling his group this week. Some of them have actually run their own shows. (Some of them still are – I’m not sure what ‘we should leave AAA and run our own promotion’ actually means to the Perros del Mal.) It’s unclear from the official recap – the only one that mentions Konnan’s contract running out – if the deal ends at midnight on 12/31, or just ‘sometime in the new year’.

It’s not yet clear where this is going. It does occur to me that the debut of a new off shoot promotion starring Konnan is as about as good a place for Konnan to return to the ring as any time.

Vamprio got some hair cut in the cage, some more cut backstage, and ended up with a bit left. I’m thinking that if Vampiro had just gotten his head shaved, it’d take him maybe a couple weeks to get that spiffy new hair do back. (It works for him.) Instead, he and AAA are didn’t deliver on their main event just because they could. Not the first time this has happened – Fabi Apache was the last memorable one – but AAA is caught between wanting to put it’s stars in big apuesta matches to draw fans and their wrestlers not actually wanting to pay the price for that loss.

(Also, if he has a brain tumor like he said this morning, he probably should not be worried about keeping any of his hair.)

(Also, for all our complaining, it does look like Chessman won the feud. A gift win by the sound of it, but you take what you can get when you are the Chessman. Nice of Jarrett and Chessman to get past Chessman’s problems with Abyss and be friends by the end of the show too.)

There’s a compelling case that putting a whole bunch of people in a cage match – a bit we all (AAA included) have mocked CMLL before – is not actually a good way to draw people. SuperLuchas calculated 7,000 people in attendance early in night. It does not come across that full in the photos. This website lists the capacity of the building as 13,000. It includes seats on the floor, though that’s for a concert performance and not something with a big ring in the middle. I would’ve guessed 4,000 people, but I’ve never done the work to see how close my guesses are to reality. The last major show here, Guerra de Titans 2010, was reported as 6,000 people in the WON. That show ran against Rayo de Jalisco and Universo 20000 returning to Arena Coliseo Guadalajara.

Juvi’s injury was to his shoulder, the same shoulder which had kept him out of the ring until now. Fenix’s injury is unclear, but looks like maybe shoulder and neck based on the pictures. (How No other injuries were mentioned. Texano and Mesias bled a lot in their match.

Rockers/Clowns was said to be least match of the night, while Texano/Mesias was said to be the best. Compliments to the ladder match as well. Vampiro and Chessman went 16 minutes by themselves to end the cage match, more than half the length of the match, which sounds way too much for both of them. Some of that is Chessman climbing and missing a moonsault (because he’s Chessman and he must fall off high objects.)

Dorian Roldan went out of his way to note Super Fly is NOT Pentagon Jr. – which makes sense, Super Fly let everyone down and got kicked out of La Sociedad, why would Dorian want him back? I posted a link to Facebook of Mortiz being mentioned as Parka Negra. I’m not sure that’s actually true, but it gives us something to look for when the show airs.

AAA has just 1 main TV in about the next six weeks, a 12/21 show in Acapulco. The period after Guerra de Titanes thru February is normally AAA’s slowest period of the year as far as shows and development, and they usually won’t start building Rey de Reyes until they’re a month out. There should still be Fusion tapings during this stretch – the next one might be announced this week.

10/07 AAA TV Results (SLP) – Heroes Inmortales

photo by Black Terry Jr.

AAA TV (SUN) 10/07/2012 Domo Centro de Espectaculos, San Luis Potosi [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), Fuego en el Ring]
***Heroes Inmortales, 2012***
1) Mini Charly Manson, Mini Histeria, Mini Psycho Clown b Dinastía, Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito
Mini Charly replaced Mini Psicosis and beat Dorada with a foul.
2) Halloween & Mari Apache b Atomic Boy & Fabi Apache and Fenix & Lolita and Alan Stone & Jennifer Blake [AAA MIXED TAG]
Match was announced for vacant titles, but Alan Stone replaced Ultimo Gladiador and so the tag champs were reunited. Halloween replaced Gran Apache. Both may be explained on TV we haven’t seen yet. Sexi Star was guest referee, which was mentioned when the lineup was announced locally but treated as a surprise here. Gran Apache attacked Atomic Boy and powerbomed him on the floor. Halloween speared Fabi, then allowed Mari to have the honor of the winning pin. Gran Apache did a 180 on Halloween and talked him up to Mari, but Mari still left Halloween hanging when he went for a hug.
3) Joe Lider & Vampiro b Abyss & Chessman [AAA TAG]
Abyss & Chessman came in as champs. Usual hardcore match. Vampiro pinned Chessman to win the title. Abyss was angry about the title loss and beat up Chessman. Vampiro tried to make the save, but Chessman attacked him.
4) Texano Jr. b El Elegido, Extreme Tiger, La Parka Jr., Toscano, Daga, Héctor Garza, Juventud Guerrera, Último Gladiador, El Mesías, Heavy Metal, Psycho Clown, Alebrije [Copa Antonio Pena]
Battle royal and maybe royal rumble rules. Elimination order went Toscano, Extreme Tiger, Ultimo Gladiador (evidently replacing Zorro), Psycho Clown, Juvi and then no more were mentioned of it. Juvi suffered a shoulder injury and was strechered out. Elegido, Daga, Heavy Metal did participate and went out of during this span. AAA’s recap also mentions Alebrije being added to the match. Final four were Parka, Garza, Mesias and Texano. Garza and Park went out, and Texano won with a Konnan distraction and a foul. Texano said he respected Antonio Pena’s contributions – to CMLL – but refused to accept the trophy. Mesias vowed to send Texano back to CMLL. Referee Copetes ruled the championship vacant.
5) Jeff Jarrett, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Silver Kain b Dr. Wagner Jr., LA Park, Zorro
Zorro replaced Electroshock. Rudos won with a Jarrett chair shot to Park and destroyed Parka after the match.
6) Halloween L Cibernético, Cuervo, Jack Evans, Ozz, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Teddy Hart, Psicosis [dome cage, hair]
Last man out lost his hair. Teddy was accompanied by the two (unnamed) blonde women from Thursday’s Perros del Mal show. Order of escape went Cibernetico, Ozz, Psicosis, Perro, Teddy, Jack and finally Cuervo to leave Halloween behind. Both the Perros and Sect got involved when it came down to Cuervo and Halloween, with Fabi and Atomic Boy also attacking Halloween with a light tube, and Cuervo powerbombing Halloween thru a table.

Air Date: 10/20, 10/27

Alan Stone, better positioned
photo by Black Terry Jr.

AAA’s Twitter also said there’d be about a surprise as far as how we’ll be able see the show. My guess is they’re upload to YouTube; they did that with both TripleMania and the expo show, and have done it for non-match footage from Ecatepec.

This is Halloween’s 3rd hair loss in 3 years. He lost his hair on the same event one year ago, in the Psycho Circus vs Perros del Mal masks vs hair match. I had hypothesized Halloween had been offered a reward for sticking in AAA when his friends had left; I might still be right, though I was off by one show. It’s Cuervo’s first hair match win in a decade; he won a few in the late 90s, when he was an indy guy wrestling in the likes of Arena Lopez Mateos. This is a result Arena Mexico fans would be mightily uphappy about – similar to Goya Kong losing her mask/scarf. I think AAA fans probably were hoping for a more significant result, but have been trained as to what AAA considers a fair result and aren’t (or shouldn’t) be surprised.

Don’t have an attendance number. Judging from Black Terry Jr.’s pictures – which you should click and check out up there – the top level/ring of the arena was empty (not sold?) and the luxury boxes were mostly unused, but the lower levels seem pretty full. Maybe in the 9,000 area, but your guess is as good as mine.

Not sure what happened to Electroshock. He worked Tinieblas show on Thursday and there’s no mention of an injury in the recap. Also curious is Hector Garza apparently being OK to work this show when he was too hurt to work the Perros del Mal show a couple days prior (but it’s nice he’s feeling better!)

I’m not quite sure why Texano is friends with Konnan, when Consejo was very specifically against everyone else and only forced to team with others them by decree. Konnan sure seems to be the brains behind every rudo faction at the same time. Perhaps this is explained on a vignette that I haven’t seen yet (though it wouldn’t hurt AAA to bring up these skits elsewhere.)

Next taping is 10/12, as posted earlier today. AAA has one more major show of the year, Guerra de Titanes. It usually takes place in early December. Every AAA major show has taken place on Sunday this year, so figure 12/09 or (more likely) 12/16. Maybe in Ciudad Madero, since they’ve not run TV there all year and have run major shows in the past.

Update: El Sol de San Luis Potosi estimates the attendance as “3/4ths full, 5,000 fans” That’s a lot smaller building then I had seen listed earlier this weekend (7, 500 instead of 11,000.) They also confirm the Copa Antonio Pena was Royal Rumble style, with Mesias and Daga starting out and joined by Psycho Clown, Elegido, Juvi, Tiger, Toscano, Glaidador, Texano, Metal, Alebrije, Parka, and Hector Garza in last. It’s still listed as 12 man match though that sure seems like 13 names.

Mesias, Rocky Marvin, Pollo vs Golden Magic, DTU


I’m not sure what to make of this one.

SuperLuchas, quoting an AAA press release, says Mesias was kidnapped Sunday. According to that, Mesias was at the Mexico City International airport, connecting from Cancun (where he worked Saturday) to Monterrey (where he was to headline with LA Park in Arena Solidaridad.) Mesias stepped outside for a smoke, a truck or car pulled up, and people from the vehicle grabbed Mesias and took him away. Mesias’ wife says he was “beaten, assaulted, and released badly hurt.” The day he was released is not specified, but it seems like it wasn’t until late Monday night.

However, I’ve also seen reporters from MedioTiempo and the Gladiatores mention they’ve talked to AAA PR, and AAA PR is claiming to have sent out NO press release.

Mesias definitely did not make it to the show in Monterrey. There was a previous news report of Mesias missing the Arena Solidardad show. The promoter, who had to issue refunds, said he was told Mesias was missing and they only found his luggage at the airport, but he did not know why Mesias was missing. There’s an angry thread about Mesias not appearing at Lo Mejor de La Lucha, with one guy particularly angry about the no-show (and bumping random threads about Mesias to the top of the forum.)

On Box Y Lucha, a poster says his brother works at the DF airport, there was no report of kidnapping, and it’s a highly patroled place where kidnapping would be difficult. I know in the US, the last place you’d try something like that is right in front of an airport.

It is possible the Arena Solidardad promoter made up this story to cover up the no-show (it’s pretty random since n0 shows happen all of the time, but the main event was LA Park vs Mesias in a singles match so he could’ve felt like he needed something), but it wouldn’t explain why his wife is quoted there. Unless that was fabricated too.

I originally believed this story, but now I’m leaning towards it being a weird fabrication or even an angle. It’s weird AAA has said they haven’t issued a press release, but haven’t just shot it down.

Other News

Missed this yesterday, but Ricky Marvin partner in the NOAH Junior Heavyweight tournament (in the second half of July) is Rocky Marvin. You may know Rocky Marvin better as the AAA’s current Mini Histeria (allegedly!!!). If I was in charge, I’d have him work as Mini Histeria, but this is why I shouldn’t be in charge of anything.

Mi Lucha Libre points to video of AAA’s TV show, since it aired on the wrong day in Mexico. Interesting, since they’re at least a quasi-AAA site (in the same way CMLL Gaceta is with that promotion.) You know, AAA could do this every week if they wanted. Would save me work.

Weird angle from IWRG’s Sunday show: El Pollo Asesino dressed up as Golden Magic. Magic was annoyed, but Pollo claimed Golden Magic wasn’t dressing (and eating and training) like a true luchador, so Pollo was going to show him how to do it. They’re setting up a mask/hair match there; Pollo’s setting up an epic year in apuestas.

There is no apparent explanation for why Pantera was allowed to wear his mask all match long. There are Silver King rules and there are rules for everyone else, I guess.

Rob has highlights from 11/18/10 AAA.

More Links


CMLL (SUN) 06/19/2011 Arena Mexico
1) Leono & Metálico vs Disturbio & Inquisidor
2) Dalys la Caribeña, Goya Kong, Luna Mágica vs Mima Shimoda, Princesa Sugheit, Tiffany
3) Diamante, Hijo del Fantasma, Sangre Azteca vs Shigeo Okumura, Vangelis, Virus
4) Blue Panther, Super Porky, Toscano vs Ephesto, Héctor Garza, Psicosis
5) La Máscara, Máximo, Strong Man vs Averno, Dragón Rojo Jr., Shinsuke Nakamura

Fathers can take pictures with their favorite luchadora (or edecan, one would figure.) This is not the most interesting card, but they’re pushing as a chance to see Mascara or Averno unmasked for the first time.

indy (SAT) 07/02/2011 Arena Lopez Mateos
***Ajuste de Cuentas***
1) Pequeno Cobra vs Vanelly, Jhonky, Arana de Plata, Yuki Star
2) Chica Tormenta vs Shitara, La Vaquerita, ?, ??
3) Ciclope & Eterno vs Dark Dragon & Fenix (AAA) and Black Fire & Kaleth
4) Atomic Boy vs Flamita [DTU Alto Rendimiento]
5) Argos vs Daga, Samuray del Sol [chairs]
6) Pesadilla vs Último Gladiador, Drastik Boy, Aero Boy
7) Decnnis, Tito Santana II, Violento Jack vs Dement Extreme, Hormiga, Paranoiko [lamps]
8) Joe Lider vs Super Mega [DTU, Ladder]

Violento Jack produced card = Violento Jack back in the semimain. Noticeable, no Zumbi or Sick Boy.

DTU must love when people jump to AAA -> new people to book in multiman matches!

DTU is also running a charity show in a couple of weekends.

10/10 AAA TV Results (Queretaro)

AAA TV (FRI) 10/10 Auditorio Municipal Jose Maria Arteaga de Queretaro
1) Fabi Apache & Mari Apache b Ayako Hamada & Cinthia Moreno
2) Alan Stone & Chris Stone b Jack Evans & Teddy Hart
3) El Mesias DQ Chessman
4) Electro Shock & Konnan b Octagón & Súper Fly
5) Killer Clown, Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown b Cuervo, Escoria, Espiritu
6) Cibernetico b Zorro

2008 AAA TV Taping List
Projected Air Date (#857)
Mexico: 10/12
US: 11/01

You know how I sometimes complain about AAA doing three months of angles on one show, and then no angles for three months? This was the one with all the angles.

The show started with another promo. I’ll let you know when AAA blocking their show out like WWE stops being hilarious. Konnan was in ring with the urn, calling out Roldan so he could hand over his demands (which go unrecorded in AAA’s recap.) Roldan came out with security, who were promptly taken out by Jack, Teddy, Zorro and Electro. Roldan had more help, and Chris Stone, Alan Stone, Killer Clown, Zombie Clown, Psycho Clown (Psycho Circus is AAA!), Octagon, and Super Fly ran out to attack the Legion. In the scrum, Alan got the urn, but it turned out to be a fake. Konnan gave Roldan a two hour dealine to accept the demands, or else.

Opener doesn’t get much write up, just the Apaches beating the rudas.

As the second match was going on, D-Generation-Mex interrupted from the stage to introduce their newest member, Alex Koslov. This distracted Jack & Teddy and cost them the match. After the match, DGM hit the ring to confront Hart Foundation 2. Alex was about to hit Jack with a chair, but X-Pac stopped him, saying they wanted to recruit Evans for the group. X-Pac and Rocky proceeded to beat up Teddy and Nicole with a (sledge?)hammer, causing Teddy to be strechered out.

Clowns are at 210 wins now. The Dark Family (Espiritu replacing Ozz for no mentioned reason) might have won this match, if not for Chessman trying to help out and accidently spearing Espiritu. Psycho covered for the pin.

Fourth match saw Octagon get tied in the ropes and Super Fly killed again like a jobber. After the match, Konnan said the time was up and he wanted Roldan out now. Roldan did come, but instead of meeting Konnan’s demand, suggested a match where if Konnan wins, he keeps the ashes and gets to run AAA, but if Roldan wins, he gets the urn back and Konnan has to retire from wrestling. (I presume they’re having others wrestle this match for them, but it’s not made clear.) Konnan accepted, because he can’t be too worried about having to retire from wrestling; it takes something to show that clip of Konnan losing the retirement match every year while he’s still wrestling, it takes something more to do another match with him and a retirement stip.

Chessman got DQed in his match with Mesias. There’s a mention of excessive violence, but that doesn’t seem to exist in AAA. They also mention him hitting Hijo de Tirantes, which does get you a DQ here. Chessman tied Mesias up in the ropes in a crucfix position (of course!) and poured gasoline on him. Right when Chessman was about to burn Mesias alive, the Dark Family came out – and turned on Chessman. After they finished beating him, they set upon burning Mesias themselves. I guess they really wanted to be the one to do it! This time, Cibernetico made the save for Mesias. And then, the Psycho Circus showed up, and challenged Cibernetico to a match!

If you followed all that, on one read thru, give yourself a gold star. The end product is we’ve got Chessman split right back off from Cuervo/Ozz/Espirtu/Escoria but both groups are still feuding with the iffy Mesias/Cibernetico alliance. And the Clowns are here too.

AAA suggests this may set up a Chessman/Psycho Circus alliance which would not only has potential for entertainment, but could give the Psycho Circus something approaching an endgame (the Dark Family’s atomicos titles.)

In the main event, Zorro lost. That’s all Zorro gets. It seems like Zorro and Konnan are having issues about who’s in charge. Chessman also interrupted the match to challenge Cibernetico to another match. After Cibernetico won, Chessman figured there’s no time like the present and attacked Cibernetico. The save was made by Charly Manson’s music. Charly came out to the stage and said “I have decided to go with…

…” and then he just left. What a jerk!

Mesias talks about TNA

Over on the Noti AAA Blog, there’s an interview with Mesias, who explains both AAA and TNA are okay with him working for both promotions and they’re working on his dates so there’s no conflict, despite the Konnan/Killings stuff.

Mesias says he’ll start on the next PPV, running in on Abyss’ match, and then they’ll tape a skit for TV where he tortures Abyss. Explaining the angles you’re going to do ahead of time is probably not the way to go (least of all because they’ll probably change their minds five more times.)

They also plugs Juvi’s website, http://www.juventudgx.com/ – much like Crazy Boy’s site, it’s starting out as a single page picture plugging a contest.

05/06 AAA TV Lineup (Oaxaca)

Previous: 04/15, 04/20, 04/27(lineup only)

AAA TV (SUN) 05/06 Explanada del Estadio de Futbol de Oaxaca
1) Mini Abismo Negro & Mini Histeria vs Mascarita Divina & Mascarita Sagrada
2) Cinthia Moreno, Estrellita, Sexy Star vs Fabi Apache, Rossy Moreno, Tiffany
3) Laredo Kid, Rey Cometa, Super FLy vs Alan, Decnnis, El Apache
4) Cuervo, Espiritu, Ozz, Scoria vs Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis
5) Charly Manson vs Mesias
6) Intocable, Super Porky, Zorro vs Abismo Negro, Kenzo Suzuki, X-Pac

Air Date
Mex: 05/12
US: 06/02

X-Pac’s back again. I don’t know why, but he is. He’s listed as having “Linda Web” as a second, whom I can only assume is his current girlfriend.

Konnan and Cibernetico, both who seem to be wrestling the same amount, are seconds in the singles match.

La Parka Jr. is scheduled to appear.

This Fabi/Billy/Apache thing doesn’t appear to be going well for the married couple. They’re separated, Billy’s responsible for all his team’s losses and they hate him so much for it that they’ve turned on him and teamed up with his evil father-in-law, and Fabi’s now a ruda against the woman who might have been stealing her husband.

Next Tapings
– 05/12 Apizaco, Tlaxcala
– 05/20 Morelia
– 05/26 Minatitlan, Veracruz
– 05/30 San Luis Potosi

03/18 AAA TV Results (Rey de Reyes)

previous: 02/23, 03/03, 03/10

AAA TV (SUN) 03/18 El Toreo De Naucalpan [ovaciones, KrisZ]
1) Mascarita Divina, Mascarita Sagrada, Octagoncito b Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Charly Manson, Mini Chessman
2) Cuervo & Ozz b Crazy Boy & Joe Lider and Pegasso & Super Fly and Alan Stone & Zumbido [AAA TAG]
3) Gran Apache b Billy Boy [hair]
4) Alberije, Super Porky, Taiji Ishimori, Zorro b Antifaz del Norte, Histeria, Kaoma Jr., Mr. Niebla
5) La Parka Jr. b Abismo Negro, Latin Lover, Rhyno, Octagón, Fuerza Guerrera [Rey de Reyes]
6) Charly Manson, Chessman, Cibernetico b Kenzo Suzuki, Mesias, Scott Steiner

Air Date (projected)
Mexico: 03/25
US: 04/14

Mesias (Messiah in English) is Ricky Banderas; we’ll see if that sticks around longer than Asesor Cibernetica. KrisZ says Cibernetico was put thru a flaming table, returned, and won the match when Mesias and Scott Steiner screwed up.

AAA announced a Hall of Fame, and immediately inducted Antonio Pena and Rey Misterio Jr. (who was there). They’ll be running a show in Japan this September as an anniversary special – KrisZ has this as on 9/3.

* 03/19 (tonight! – here’s a article about it)
* 03/25