luchawiki feature addition

If you check out any of the category pages, like

You’ll see a box on the top right side, with “Create an article to this category”. It does what it says – you just type the name of the wrestler, and it’ll create a page for it with the bioFields template, a gallery template for pictures, and the category you started with. (It does all of this regardless of the page you’re trying to create, so it’s not especially helpful if you’re creating a move page or other things.)

Hopefully this helps new people starting pages, being a more obvious place to start. I figure it’ll also save some time tracking down the templates for people who make new pages often.

luchawiki rss/atom feeds are up

This was one of those fixes where, when I finally figured out the right google words to find some help and read the problem, I felt so dumb. But if you’re one who likes tracking stuff on the wiki

  • Recent Changes: XMLAtom
  • New Pages: XMLAtom

    I’m going to restore those feeds to this page – I took them down in hopes of fixing the rebuilding problems with the blogs (why comments don’t show up right away), but they’re still there and I’ve got to figure another solution anyway.

    Anyone know what happened to Victor? Haven’t seen him at his site for a few weeks.

  • luchawiki down for the moment

    Luchawiki is down at the moment, but I believe will be up soon. We’re restoring a backup from early Sunday morning. If you added something Sunday, please check back later and see if was saved, or if it’ll have to be re-entered. I’m not quite sure what happened.

    Update: It’s back up, but like I thought, most stuff from Sunday appears missing.

    trolling for pictures

    So I’m tooling around the luchawiki today, and after figuring out the difference between the side panels of the UWA and mid80s-mid90s NWA belts (the NWA ones were six sided, thanks for asking), I added an Ultimo Dragon pic to our Gallery of NWA Middleweight Champions. We’ve now got 20 title photos, representing 37 title reigns.

    Anyone know of a good Great Sasuke site with lots of pictures? I’m trying to track down one of him as NWA Middleweight Champ, but the only one I’ve come up with that’s close is

    which I lifted from his fan mySpace, and is too tiny to work unless I’m desperate. I just need a pointer towards picture sites, I’d sift thru them myself. I’ve looked thru the usual suspects but maybe there’s more out there that google isn’t telling me?

    If there’s a good Mano Negra, La Fiera, or Satanico site – besides the obvious one – with a lot of pictures. And there’s gotta be a picture of El Samurai with the J-Crown somewhere.

    Luchawiki back up! is back up and working. If you see the Huracan Ramirez picture on the main page, everything should be back to normal. (If Angel Blanco and Dr. Wagner are still up there, try refreshing, or coming back in a little bit.)

    Thanks for your patience.

    holy carp is back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why am I typing this? I need to make backups.

    Update: making back ups! Checking my e-mail to find out what tale of woe vizaweb is going to use as cover!

    Update to the update: Still haven’t gotten an explanation. Oh well. I’m probably going to freeze the luchawiki setup after tomorrow’s news update, and then I’ll start the move to the new hosting.

    luchawiki is down

    It’s been down since about this time yesterday. At first, I thought it was just some problem on my side – I hadn’t been able to get to ovaciones website for a few days until today, so I was hoping it was just the computer I’m using. Nope.

    The hosting company for that site is vizaweb, and you’ll notice THEIR site is missing too. (“” is hosted by a different company, which has had it’s own problems.)

    I’m trying to see what I can do, and don’t have any idea of when luchawiki will be back up.

    07/01 wiki update

    I haven’t written much here about the luchawiki (the #1 outgoing link on this page!!!!), and if finally getting a favicon up isn’t a good time to write, I don’t know what is.

    Bios alone:
    917 Mexicans
    241 Foreign
    105 unspecified
    1263 total <- almost scary! We're doing pretty good with traffic too, though we could always use more links; google's doesn't rank the site as high as it should on searches, and more people pointing to it always improves that sort of thing. We've been getting a lot of excellent information and media from people who come to visit the site, and we totally appreciate the effort of everyone's who helps out. Pictures: We’ve added a ton. I haven’t counted, but I’m thinking most of the profiles have them now. But we’re always looking for more; people we don’t have, people in old gimmicks, people with championships (though you have to start going old or obscure to miss one we don’t have.)

    And if someone can come up with a good moving .gif of someone doing a La Majistral, I’d owe you a hug or something.

    Bios: I’ve started – slowly – working thru the major rosters to do short profile abstracts on the guys on TV. They’re not Jose level profiles – I’m not Jose, sadly – but if you watching a tape or looking at a lineup and are trying to figure out how a guy fits into things (at least at the moment), you’ll get some info. It shouldn’t just be my opinion; if someone’s your favorite guy, and you want to explain to the world what makes him good, go ahead and add some notes on him.

    Besides profile notes, any info you might have read in an interview about trainers, hometowns, and such is always helpful; we don’t have it for more than you’d guess.

    If you’ve got any suggestions about stuff we can add or different ways we can organize, we’d always like to hear them. Sometimes we use them right away (like making a trainer category), and sometimes we file them away (like the suggestion off adding much more moves to make them more video game CAW friendly). But we always listen to ’em.

    Quick site notes: no instant GdR/Gala show listing on Saturday (not around; gotta remember to stick in a tape before I leave.) My schedule might be wonky the next week too; either I’ll have a lot of time or no time.

    If CMLL results show up in the 90 minutes, I’ll post ’em.

    GdR 31 IDs

    They don’t do the usual “picture with a name” graphics for the cibernetico and they actually never list the guys involved, so you have to pay attention to the ring announcer to get names. There’s some people who haven’t been on much, and others who haven’t been on except Stellar Moments. So, here’s a quick who’s who.

    Group A:
    Tony Rivera: larger, older, unmasked man
    Stuka Jr.: red pants with no top, pilot looking mask with goggles
    Valiente: green and black outfit. Short/stout compared to the others
    Neutron: Black and lightning bolts; looks inspired by the Rayo de Jalisco family (though he’s not a member)
    Loco Max: Bald, short, easy to pick out

    Group B:
    La Mascara: Black out fight with gold features, including a big “M” on his face.
    Mascara Purpura: full body red outfit with white features. Skinny.
    Danger: Yellow outfit with red lines
    Oro II: Black with a big gold lines
    Leono: Younger thinner long haired man

    And the deal with the cage match is particpants are not allowed to escape till the match goes five minutes (or sometimes ten or fifteen, but it’s closer to 5 here; they might have started the clock when the fighting started?) That’s why Maximo keeps trying to leave, could leave and stops – the officals are telling him no.

    This Week’s Update

    Over on, we’re featuring Canek this week…mostly because I realized I missed his apuesta record and felt bad. I don’t often feel sympathy for Canek.

    A heads up to anyone still looking at the old site; we’ve made a ton of edits, categorized hundred of articles and added some new material to the new site, so you really ought to be looking over there. And, sometime after next Thursday, I’m going to make the old site disappear, so you might want to change your bookmark already.