1985 Coahuila/Durango lineups added to the luchadb

1985-06-27 (El Siglo de Torreon)

I added 1985 lucha libre lineups, mostly from the cities Torreon and Gomez Palacio, to the luchadb database over the last week. They’re integrated the different pages of this site, and they’re also just available here.

This is a slow continuing project to mine the El Siglo de Torreon archive for lucha lineups and results. It’s one of the few Mexican newspaper archives available online, and the archives aren’t hard to access. I did the usual keyword search for articles and looked thru the sports section every Thursday and Sunday for extra posters. I’m sure I missed a few, but it’s as complete as I get it. I’ve done these in the distant past and stopped mentioning with a post because there didn’t seem to be much interest, but I’ve come around to realizing this is a lot of work so I owe myself a post out of it, and not much interest in what I’m writing hasn’t really stopped me from writing anything else

This is where I’m at in this project

1940-1964 not started
1965-1967 kind of in the db?
1969-1979 not started
1980-1985 FINISHED
1986-1989 archive search done, need to be typed up
1990-1998 not done
1999-2005 FINISHED
2006-2006 weirdly not done
2010-2017 FINISHED

My plan was to finish typing up 86-89 and then alternate back to magazine work. But I’ve been thinking about Condor Dorado (Ultimo Guerrero) debuts in 1990 and it’d be cool to have some of those lineups found, so maybe I’ll change. Typing up the four years I’ve got done is going to take some time either way.

The 1985 ones generally follow the booking patterns ones from previous years: local feuds lead to apuesta matches when they lead anywhere, and title matches are almost non-existent. There’s a trios tournament that’s starts and ends without making any sense, so it’s normal.

3 bits from the 1985 lineups

  • The affiliations to the various Sunday arenas seem to change a little bit over time, but the Thursday Arena Olimpico Laguna is solidly with UWA/LLI/El Toreo. Maybe Dr. Wagner came up thru there and was more willing to go back, but it’s still surprising to see him and Solitario around their peak considering how stars almost never come up there now. Did they pay better then? Was getting there cheaper/easier? Did they just lose the booking connection when UWA went away? I dunno.
  • They’re well into Pantera del Ring being an exciting youngster who’s moving up the cards and it’s impossible to reconcile this with current day Ephesto. I know they are the same people but I’m not sure I believe it. He’s often partners with a guy named Megatron, who’s later end up feuding with him for years.
  • Business is good enough to have three local arenas running on most weekends, though which arenas are running various greatly

1980-1984 Coahuila/Durango lineups added to the luchadb

I’ve added lineups (and very limited results) for lineups from 1980 to 1984 from the El Siglo de Torreon archive. (If you follow the @lucharobot, this is what you saw earlier this week.) Most of the shows are from Gomez Palacio or Torreon. It’s not complete, because there are some days which are missing and we’re only limited to the shows which are advertised in the paper. An article in 1982 mentions Gran Markus having an incident with a 12 year old at Arena Olimpico Laguna, but that’s the only indication that year the arena exists. Still, it’s a few hundred more events added and some neat designs as they get into 1984.

If you’re someone who collects these lineups, I’ve broken them down by year. The files include the graphical cards when I could find them, which should make it easier to check my woeful spelling.

This timespan starts out with one show a week with almost all locals at the bull ring for 1980 thru 1982. That promotions either stops advertising or falls apart by the early 1983, and there’s months with no mention of lucha in the paper until Arena Olimpico Laguna (which dates back into the 60s) starts to advertise. 18 months later, there appears to be four distinct promotions all advertising: at the bullring (having come back from the dead), at AOL, at the Auditorium, and at the Palacio de los Deportes. Those locations are still in use today.

The AOL building is Promociones del Norte/UWA affiliated. The Norte tag team titles are the main titles in the building and the title pattern seems to make sense (and makes me wonder if those brand of titles are historically underrated because there’s enough research on them.) Negro Casas & Black Terry are among the UWA young wrestlers who wrestle in AOL. The Auditorio & Palacio also bring in Mexico City talent, but it’s more unaffiliated guys; Tinieblas is defending the AWWA title as big belt. It’s not until the Plaza de Toros promotion returns that EMLL guys have any regular presence (though some do come thru AOL.)

Some random stories I found thru

I plan on continuing on these later, because I got some interesting stuff out of it, I know more is coming as I get later in the 80s, and it was just more time consuming than difficult. However, the site has put up a paywall (or finally gotten the old paywall to actually work), it doesn’t make sense for me to pay for access until I’ve got a full month to work at it, and I probably won’t have that for the near future. I’ll try to get back at this in 2017.

1945-1949 Jalisco lineups added to luchadb

Most of them have been added to the event listings for a few weeks, but the last few stragglers were up yesterday. They’re 95% lineups with some scattered results.

If you’re running a results archive or just want to look at a very long list of results, you can find them in a text file here. The previous archive is here; they now cover posters listed in El Informador from 1945 to 1986 when they stopped printing them. There is only scattered info in early 1945 and there may not be much left before then, but I’ll take a look.

The Occidente/Jalisco title histories on the luchawiki are also updated, and are probably as complete they’re going to get without another local archive turning up.

1950 Guadalajara results added to the lucha db

Following doing the two years of Laguna results, I still wanted to find other areas. (I really want to find Mexico City, I have not found Mexico City.) It did occur to me that since El Siglo de Torreon listed their newspaper archive search called “hemeroteca”, maybe I could just search that “hemeroteca mexico” and find other papers. Obvious idea worked, though not perfectly. Some, like National Archive, only have too old newspapers with most of the runs ending well before the 1930s. Others turn out to be only available in person or temporary suspended, where temporary may be forever. Others don’t go back so far; El Universal has it’s archive only back to 1999 (and you have to hunt around to find that much and they don’t cover lucha much.) I’m sure there are some I’m missing, since the one I started with never turned up, but I did find a useful one.

Guadalajara’s El Informador has a newspaper archive online. That’s the good thing. The bad thing is the search function seems to be mostly broken. The search for lucha libre found entries in December 1949, January 1950 and then skipped ahead 30 years, and then skipped again 10 more. It also has a digital copy of every edition of the newspaper, so you can just start flipping thru looking for lucha libre content if you’re very persistent. And so that’s what I did.

The 1950 (and a few scattered 1949) lineups have all already. I can do produce a list of the ones I added if someone wants it; don’t think that was being used and they’re also much easier to pick out because they’re pretty much the only 1950 results. They’re generally only results. El Informador wrote about the shows in January, but then appeared to stop. They continued printing the poster for the show, and I’ve gotten the lineups from those. Shows were usually on Tuesdays and Sundays (exactly as today), and I started looking at almost only editions for those days. The posters typically only listed the top couple matches, so there’s a lot of blanks even on what I do have. This is pretty complete of what could be found in that paper, but maybe another source would have more.


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