lucha TV preview for weekend of August 26th



CMLL is back on ClaroSports Friday night.

AAA is the final build to TripleMania, the cage match should air, and maybe the other matches that lead into TripleMania. Or not.

Elite should have Dragon Lee vs Flamita, and maybe useful info on Elite.

I’m not sure if the Sunday IWRG show airs, since it’s not really an IWRG show.

lucha TV preview for weekend of August 19th


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It’s not listed up there, but the Caristico, Volador, Titan versus Gran Guerrero, Ultimo Guerrero and Euforia match takes place on NJPW World on late Saturday/early Sunday morning. It’s 1AM Central Time. Also, the Stuka/Kamaitachi match in ROH airs this weekend. You can see their TV on the Fite.TV App on Monday nights at 6pm CT, and it goes up on ROH’s website during the week.

CMLL’s Friday show remains free on YouTube for one more week; it’s supposed to switch back to ClaroSports next week (and off the week after that.) Dragon Lee and La Mascara meet in trios.

Elite should air the week they skipped – so Rey Escorpion & Ultimo Guerrero and Volador & La Mascara – but you can’t really tell with this show.

AAA finishes up Toluca with a minis match, the debut of Fenix and Fantasma as a team and another Pagano versus Psycho Clown match.

Mistico vs Cavernario in Puebla should be worth checking out.

lucha TV preview for weekend of August 12th


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CMLL is back on Fridays, just on YouTube instead of Claro. (I guess they just didn’t think of it last week.) Crazy/Bucanero in the lightning match and Lee/Mascara in the trios are expected, but it’s the stuff that doesn’t seem to build to 09/02 that might be interesting. Let’s talk about that in the morning.

Elite is airing two shows, as promised to make up for last week’s show being missed due to rain. It may not be the full shows. Last week’s show airs Friday night at 11pm, around the old time slot and heads up against the end of the CMLL stream. It’s only listed as an hour – Elite usually goes 75 or 90 minutes, and maybe they’ll just end up going that long anyway. The Saturday show is at the normal time, and should be the matches from this Thursday night. (It’s Mexico, so that’s all to change.)

AAA starts on the Toluca taping, some of which has turned up on YouTube handled already. As usual, we’ll have a better idea of what actually airs when AAA puts up it’s preview Friday night, but they’re in full TripleMania promo.

CMLL Azteca (US) airs the Leyenda de Plata this weekend, which turns out to be the Anniversary build.

lucha TV preview for weekend of August 5th


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No CMLL Claro for the next 3 weeks.

Do you like Kushida? Do you like watching possibly edited matches? Volador and Kushida airs on Azteca in the US this week.

AAA has what should be a one week show from Oaxaca. Daga & Super Fly vs Aerostar & Australian Suicide seems like the best match on paper.

The mask match on IWRG Saturday should be pretty good, assuming it doesn’t get pre-empted for baseball.

lucha TV preview for weekend of July 29th


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CMLL Azteca US has the Gran Prix show, which had about 2 hours worth of stuff airing. I’d guess they either either the Gran Prix itself lightly edited, or both it and Cometa/Cavernario heavily edited.

Dave the Clown makes his anticipated debut on this week’s AAA Sin Limite. Also, Fenix vs Daga.

Teddy/Tiger went very long, so they might not be able to air 4 matches on Lucha Azteca 7 (Elite). Here’s hoping


lucha TV preview for weekend of July 22nd



I haven’t actually found out what’s on LATV and Titanes en el Ring in a while, so I may be way off and should drop those if I don’t figure out soon.

CMLL Azteca should have the US TV of Sam Adonis and the NJPW guys appear the next few weeks.

AAA is a new taping, so check their YouTube later Friday evening.

No idea how they fit both the tag team tournament and Mistico/Mephisto on 52MX.

lucha TV preview for weekend of July 15th


Full size. I added both IWRG airings because I actually found a program guide for AYM. (There’s one for LAS too.) This is long, but it’ll be shorter after next week.

No one’s promoting it, not El Rey or Lucha Underground, but they’re running a S2 marathon starting this weekend. Starting this Saturday, El Rey will air six episodes Season 2 episodes a night starting at 7pm CT. It ends an hour early on Tuesday, so they can air all four hours of Ultima Lucha back to back to back leading to the 2 hour final. (The final will repeat right after, as always.)

AAA has three way matches from Ecatepec this week, with a shot for the Cruiserweight title on the line and another heavyweight three way.

Elite moves to Saturday night at 9pm CT. Rush/LA Park is something to talk about in the morning but, for the purposes of this post, remember that CMLL’s stopped people from airing matches which they’ve felt have gotten out of control in the past (Volador/Niebla in Puebla.) Rush/Park should air, but there’s a slight chance it might.

Puebla looks more interesting of the two early week CMLL streams.

lucha TV preview for weekend of July 8th


Full size.

CMLL’s Friday night show is back on ClaroSports with Volador/Kushida. (That main event is likely to be posted on their website, if you can’t be around for it.) The show will air on, but I probably won’t be mentioning that most weeks going forward because either you already know that or I need to learn Japanese for you to be able to understand what I’m saying.

Lucha Azteca 7 Elite is still on Friday night one more week, but it’s also listed as airing a half hour earlier than usual. It starts at 11pm local, which means it’ll probably overlap with ClaroSports for about 10 minutes.

Lucha Azteca US, on the other hand, has the Rey Cometa vs Cavernario title match, something definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen it yet.

AAA moves onto the Ecatpec taping, and there probably will be a better preview Friday night.

Lucha Underground‘s preview lists the Gift of the Gods and Death Match. If they’re following in order of how they were taped, the trios title match will air this week as well.

lucha TV preview for weekend of July 1st


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CMLL has an iPPV tomorrow on Cleeng. It’s a good show for four matches.

Elite, after the iPPV, will air the matches from Saturday’s section of the International tournament.

AAA should be back to normal programming after airing the Lucha World Cup. (They’re actually sticking in the order.) This should be the first week of the Naucalpan taping.

The Lucha Underground preview suggests the first week of Ultima Lucha Dos will focus on the Unique Opportunity tournament in for week 1.

lucha TV preview for weekend of June 25th


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AAA is the start of the Naucalpan taping.

The thing I’m neglecting to mention of late is the new second airing of Lucha Azteca in the US. A rerun, some 10 weeks behind, is airing before the ‘new’ show. I’d presume this means the show is doing pretty well if they’re doubling up on it. Perhaps they’ll expand the show to two hours if it sticks.

We won’t know what airs on Lucha Elite until tonight’s show finishes.