lucha TV preview for weekend of October 22th


I should’ve reminded you of this earlier: the Super Junior Tag Team Tournament starts early Friday morning (Central) on NJPWWorld. Maybe I’ll watch it later. For what it’s worth, this week’s CMLL Friday show is not on NJPW World. They’re back next week. Not sure why they pick some weeks and not others.

AAA starts the post-Heroes Inmortales show (so we don’t know exactly which matches will air.) You may have to wait one more week for the thrilling return of Dizzy.

The Lucha Underground preview also mentions a visit from Congressman Delgado and Rey asking for a favor from Dario.

lucha TV preview for weekend of October 15th


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Lucha Libre Retro, an hour show of matches from Saturday Arena Coliseo show, looks like it’s actually starting this week – it’s listed on the scheduled on Fox’s site. It’s airing the same time as the one good match on CMLL on Claro, conveniently enough.  The first taping mentioned for this show was September 3rd, but they could start any time after that.

AAA will have the rest of Heroes Inmortales. Hopefully all four matches! But maybe not.

We have no idea if/where Elite is taping on Friday. This is amazing. If you skipped out on the Elite show when it aired in Mexico, you need to go out of your way to watch Elite on Azteca USA this week.

IWRG on AYM might have the Lucha Libre Boom show – they’ve had it in the past – but there’s no telling for sure until Monday night (or Sunday if we spot the cameras.)

Lucha Underground‘s preview mentions Johnny Mundo and Sexy Star stuff too. There will be a big in-show announcement during the show this week.

lucha TV preview for weekend of October 8th


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AAA starts to air Heroes Inmortales this week, though we won’t know whihc matches until they post the preview. 7 matches is usually one more match than they air over two weeks, which is now a bit concerning to a person who may have committed to writing about this show for another outlet. Maybe keep an eye on the YouTube channel.

CMLL on Tuesday is a good test for Diamante Azul. If you can’t have a good match with Rush, you may be beyond hope.

Lucha Underground’s preview also mentions Rey/Chavo stuff, and Havoc/Mascarita coming back for revenge on Wagner/Famous B.

For what it’s worth, Lucha Libre Retro is back on the Fox Sports Deports schedule, at least in some places, for Friday 10/15 at 9pm. That’s up against the normal Friday show.

lucha TV preview for weekend of October 1st


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It’s not listed on the chart, but the ROH PPV (available on FiteTV) is also Friday night, starting a half hour before the CMLL show for $35. The show will include Dragon Lee vs Kamaitachi, a match up I absolutely love. However, my concern is ROH does not share that same love. That preview on FiteTV hypes the match a lot, because it’s the filler text they used before the full card was announced, but ROH has done nothing to get unfamiliar fans excited for the show. (They’ve put out a press release and a couple Tweets, basically.) I’m sure there will be other matches that’ll be good, but it’s hard for me to invest $35 on a show if I’m concerned the match I want to see is going to be short changed, and ROH has passively indicated the match is not as important to them as it is to me. (Plus, there’s a CMLL Friday show to see too.) I know I could probably just find a stream somewhere, but what I think I’m going to do is just not get the show live, and pay for a replay if it sounds like it’s worth my time. You may be more invested than me in ROH – or more excited in general! – so I wanted to make sure you knew it was out there.

That CMLL Claro show has Cavernario/Volador, so they may very well have the best match of the night anyway. Semimian should be good with or without Caristico, but his participation will be the story. I’m back home, so I should be able to record it.

AAA will have the full Hard Rock show this week –  I checked, it’s a one taping show.. There is no iPPV for Heroes Inmortales this weekend.

IWRG should be back in full this week, with an episode this weekend (reacp of the latest FILL show) and one Monday night (Trauma/Canis.)

There’s no sign of Lucha Libre Retro, though the Facebook site still seems active.

The preview for Lucha Underground gives away one match as a Dial of Doom (and the title certainly hints at Matanza’s opponent.)  I believe we’re getting an Ivelisse, and another Texano/Cage match would fit seeing as they need four more of them.

lucha TV preview for weekend of September 24th

Connecting to my home computer is a pain right now and this is a day late anyway. I’ll skip the chart this weeks. Everyone pretty much is airing when it’s supposed to.


CMLL’s back at 8:30pm with the show on ClaroSports. You know the lineup from the preview. The undercard could be good, and you’ll probably want to tune at least by 9:45 CT to catch the last couple matches.


AAA will wrap up TripleMania. I believe they’re skipping the Lucha Underground match, and will instead air the four way tag team match and Pagano vs Psycho Clown.

Elite will air matches from tonight’s show in Neza, and we might get an idea of where they’re taping next.

CMLL 52MX will air three matches from the 09/12 Puebla show: probably the main event to set up the tag title match, and maybe the semimain too.

Azteca US may air the second episode of Elite; it’s hard to tell. If they do, that included the great Caristico/Volador match and also Atlantis/Mascara.


If you’re in Mexico, you can see CMLL Titanes en el Ring on ClaroSports. That should have the top matches from this past Friday’s Arena Mexico show (and it’ll be interesting if they air the main event.) This is now the only repeat of the Friday show.

I’m really not sure where they’re at with LATV, but they’d be at Ultimo Guerrero vs Volador if nothing got skipped.


Lucha Retro is listed on some program guide, and still UFC on others. The ones that said UFC were correct last week.

Puebla will air on YouTube with Dragon Rojo vs Angel de Oro and Marco, Pierroth, Rush vs Euforia, Maximo and UG.

This is normally the Sunday IWRG day, but there’s been no new episdoes this week.


CMLL’s normal Tuesday show has a normal card. At 7:30pm!


Lucha Underground episode 4 is “Brothers in Broken Arms”, a possible reference to Chavo & Azteca both getting their arms broken by Pentagon Jr. They have a match with Rey Mysterio as referee. The preview says the Worldwide Underground vs Sexy Star/Fenix/Drago/Aerostar will also take place, and hints at a match for Cortez Castro. There’s three matches left from the first night of tapings, one of them is a Castro match. (It’s possible another one of those may be added to make it a four match show.)

lucha TV preview for weekend of September 17th


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EDIT: Friday’s ClaroSports show starts at 5pm, not the normal time.

The previously mentioned Lucha Libre Retro show debuts on Fox Sports Deportes in the US this Monday. This would be Saturday Coliseo shows, which are not currently airing anywhere, Only CMLL is old school enough to have a show named “retro” that’s just the same lucha libre they always run. The first show said to be taped was the 09/03 show – Euforia/GG/Kraneo vs Maya/Titan/Idolo is the best looking match – but they might skip around. The show has a Facebook page, and it appears to be produced by someone new, not the in-house CMLL crew.

Lucha Underground‘s preview mentions two title matches (one via Dial of Doom) and an Ultimate Opportunity. I think I’ve figured out two of the matches and feel pretty OK about a third; there’s some people who haven’t been seen yet who will some time this week.

AAA has part two of TripleMania, and we won’t know which matches until tomorrow. My guess is they’re saving Pagano/Psycho for week three, and it makes sense to get the other two bloody matches out of the way now.

IWRG on AYM could be anything. I’ve got the Sunday show, but there’s always the chance they tape the Friday AAA show and put it on there too.

I happened to catch the internet feed of Titanes en el Ring, and they apparently have jumped again so they’re airing the Friday show on Sunday. Maybe Azteca US will make that leap someday.


lucha TV preview for weekend of September 10th


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CMLL Friday is back on ClaroSports (and should be there for the foreseeable future)

TripleMania will start airing on AAA this week.

Elite will have their first post-CMLL broadcast, and might give an indication of future plans.

Lucha Underground ‘s episode does not have a show preview. I’m not immediately sure what amulet they could be talking about. I do recall a certain snake person was introduced as stealing those sorts of things.

lucha TV preview for weekend of September 3rd


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If you don’t know the deal with CMLL Friday by now: no live video, VOD on YouTube at 8am central the next day, we have no idea what it’ll cost.

Elite is still listed on the Azteca schedule despite not taping anything (and not answer questions.) Really, if they keep the time slot, it’s a pretty good sign for their future, but they can’t expect to keep it forever if they don’t get new episodes taped.

Lucha Underground returns this week. They’re airing last season’s Ultima Lucha leading up to the new episode. Like last year, it appears El Rey will only repeat the show once, directly after it airs. You’ll need to check your on-demand service or iTunes if you want to see it after that point.

lucha TV preview for weekend of August 26th



CMLL is back on ClaroSports Friday night.

AAA is the final build to TripleMania, the cage match should air, and maybe the other matches that lead into TripleMania. Or not.

Elite should have Dragon Lee vs Flamita, and maybe useful info on Elite.

I’m not sure if the Sunday IWRG show airs, since it’s not really an IWRG show.

lucha TV preview for weekend of August 19th


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It’s not listed up there, but the Caristico, Volador, Titan versus Gran Guerrero, Ultimo Guerrero and Euforia match takes place on NJPW World on late Saturday/early Sunday morning. It’s 1AM Central Time. Also, the Stuka/Kamaitachi match in ROH airs this weekend. You can see their TV on the Fite.TV App on Monday nights at 6pm CT, and it goes up on ROH’s website during the week.

CMLL’s Friday show remains free on YouTube for one more week; it’s supposed to switch back to ClaroSports next week (and off the week after that.) Dragon Lee and La Mascara meet in trios.

Elite should air the week they skipped – so Rey Escorpion & Ultimo Guerrero and Volador & La Mascara – but you can’t really tell with this show.

AAA finishes up Toluca with a minis match, the debut of Fenix and Fantasma as a team and another Pagano versus Psycho Clown match.

Mistico vs Cavernario in Puebla should be worth checking out.