lucha TV preview for weekend of March 22nd, 2019

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Marca said CMLL is back on their stream this week, though I didn’t see a link up yet on Facebook when I checked Thursday afternoon. Cavernario & Forastero should be fun. The main event should be good too.

AAA’s YouTube show this week just happens to be airing Hijo del Fantasma’s last TV match in the promotion. It is probably a coincidence; this would’ve aired on Space a couple of weeks ago and produced before that. The Vikingo match is definitely worth a look.

On TV sets, CMLL seems to have settled at 3:30 pm on Saturdays now. AAA on Azteca should be on the Morelia taping this week.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 8th, 2019

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I assume CMLL is airing on Marca at this point. This is a Marca level show. The trios title match should be good. The main event should have some drama. It is a totally cynical card.

AAA is on Twitch for Rey de Reyes, though it is a show probably going late into the night. If the Young Bucks show up, they might not be on screen until Sunday Eastern US time. I mean I guess NJPW fans are used to that? The show looks good with or without AEW involvement.

If you’re not watching everything live or paying for Twitch, you should really check out the AAA YouTube the next two weeks. The Tepic taping looks like it’s airing complete and it was the best even they’ve had this year so far.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 1st, 2019 – daylight savings starts

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Daylight Savings time begins in the US & Canada this weekend. It does not start in Mexico until April 7th. That means, if you change your clock on Sunday, all streams from Mexico will start one hour later. Puebla starts at 10 pm CDT, Tuesdays start at 8:30 pm and Fridays (starting with H2L) start at 9:30 pm. AAA still starts whenever they feel like it.

No AAA TV taping this week. They’re airing some matches from Mazatlan this week on YouTube, which seems to include the four-way title match at the last.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 1st, 2019

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I figured out the way to figure out what matches are going up on AAA YouTube this week is to go check the Space website, since they’re the same matches that are listed in the preview two weeks before. Except, now those previews are no longer up, maybe because they included video links to the show and maybe those aren’t supposed to be up until they air on MultiMedios. At any rate, this episode is listed as Ciudad Madero with no part, so they’ll just pick part of the taping. The other matches may turn up later.

Titan and Templario tomorrow should be pretty good on CMLL Marca.

Princesa Sugehit versus Amapola would’ve been an exciting match in 2009 CMLL Puebla instead of 2019.. Maybe Vangellys & Ultimo Guerrero? Maybe ot

lucha TV preview for weekend of February 22th, 2019

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This is a Slow week with no AAA TV taping. I’m also not listing the Azteca show going forward. I’ll probably put the CMLL on Televisa listing up for one week. More people are going to watch AAA & CMLL on those channels than online, but I think people who read this site are almost all going to watch these matches online than wait a couple weeks for them to air on TV.

There are two chances to see Ultimo Guerrero singles matches, on Puebla and Guadalajara, should I remember to actually record Guadalajara.

Titan versus Cavernario is worth checking on Marca.

lucha TV preview for weekend of February 15th, 2019

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This TV preview is pretty much question marks. AAA didn’t put up an episode on YouTube, didn’t explain why an episode didn’t go up on YouTube any place I saw but maybe I missed it. My hunch is Azteca is starting off with the first taping from Mexico City this week and perhaps it’ll go up on YouTube after. We’ll have a better idea after tomorrow, including if I need to keep track of Azteca in the first place.

AAA proper is back on Twitch Saturday night with what’s set up to be an all trios match show. Sammy Guevera’s promo last week seemed to suggest he’d be defending the cruiserweight title here as a make good, so perhaps the card is going to get shuffled.

lucha TV preview for weekend of February 8th, 2019

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This is a dueling Friday night, with AAA on Twitch & CMLL Marca overlapping streams. AAA has rare TV tapings in the US Mountain Time zone this weekend, which means those times are a little bit later than usual. CMLL will kick off at 8:30 pm CT, with AAA scheduled to start at 9:00 pm CT but probably not getting in the ring for a half hour after that. You can watch the first two matches of CMLL without a distraction, though you may choose to be distracted.

Likewise, the AAA show on Sunday is listed as 1800 on the poster and is really 7:30 pm CT with the time zone change and the usual AAA opening. Both AAA shows include an impressive three-way title matches. Wagner/Demon may make an impression as well.

CMLL Puebla has a-first ever singles match in Rush versus Cuatrero. CMLL Tuesday doesn’t have an announced card yet.

lucha TV preview for weekend of January 25, 2019

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CMLL on Marca is the first show of the post-Fantastica Mania run and the last Friday before the Universal tournament takes over. Soberano & Templario should be fun.

AAA on Twitch is back on Saturday night again. Drago is in two matches for some reason. Aerostar gets a main event appearance. Things get destroyed in the middle of the show. AAA on YouTube might be Xalapa, might be best of Xalapa & Cuautilan.

CMLL Puebla has a weird tournament.


lucha TV preview for weekend of January 18, 2019

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Remember with this list was small? Those were the times.

AAA is back on Saturday night, and back pretty much every weekend for the foreseeable future. I wish they were back with a better card. The opening two trios matches look fun.

There are three Fantasica Mania shows over the next four days. It probably isn’t a good idea to stay up for all of them. This site is built on bad ideas so. I’m excited for Soberano to have a really good match or die trying (via Cavernario splash.) The show ending one is usually good. I wish the Sunday morning one was one of the weekday shows.

Marca has Rush versus Euforia and I don’t think Rush is losing.