lucha TV preview for weekend of July 20th

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AAA finishes up Nuevo Laredo with, uh, another Pimpienla singles match, a tag match that’s really a handicap match, and a usual AAA main event.

Lucha Underground finishes up the second round of Cueto Cup, and Rey/PJ is the first non tournament match on the show in about seven weeks. The preview says we’ll learn more about Son of Havoc and Son of Madness; LU showed a vignette with them way back at C2E2, and I think it’s finally airing.

CMLL Claro should be an interesting show, but don’t miss Virus/Cometa on Tuesday.

lucha TV preview for weekend of July 13th

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CMLL Claro has two big singles matches. You may have heard.

AAA starts the Nuevo Laredo taping, which was a month ago, which I could’ve pass a test on without looking at the lineup. They did a lot of angles.

Puebla has one more Niebla Roja vs Ultimo Guerrero.

lucha TV preview for weekend of July 6th

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Are you ready for some non-tournament action on Lucha Underground? Well too bad it’s not happening. It actually might be happening, but I gazed at the old secret page of taping results and realized there’s nothing obviously taped for this show in non-tournament action. They may have taped out of order, there’s a lot of that, but it’s probably the three matches and some vignettes, and three matches and some vignettes next week too. Other things will start happening after.

AAA finishes off Verano de Escandalo with a confusing Ricky Marvin angle, a confusing three way cage match and a three way tag team mask match which never should’ve been confusing but AAA was weirdly unwilling to explain themselves.

Dinamic Black vs Aramis is a hidden nice IWRG match. if it airs.

lucha TV preview for weekend of June 30th

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AAA starts on the Ciudad Juarez show, which happens to be Verano de Escandalo. I’ve an educated guess that the Mascara de Bronce match, the tag team title match and the Pimpinela/Mamba hair match are airing this week.

Lucha Underground concludes the first round of the Cueto Cup, and this appears to be the last show with 4 tournament matches on one night. Dragon Azteca/Dante Fox looks like the big match, and the preview suggest we’re going to get Fox’s backstory this week.

CMLL Claro has Block A of CMLL Universal tournament, or the competition to find out who gets to face Ultimo Guerrero in the final

I’m scheduling other things to do during CMLL Puebla.

I didn’t realize the genius of this until now: the Oficials lost their hair, and their next IWRG appearance is on the show where everyone gets to wear their mask.

lucha TV preview for weekend of June 23th

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AAA finishes up the Mexico City taping. The minis title match should air this week, but I have a suspicion the La Llave de La Gloria match will air instead. (Hope the missing match makes YouTube either way.)

IWRG is as iffy as ever; I don’t think they’ve aired this Sunday’s taping, and they might instead of the Wednesday show. (The best shot at seeing the Copa Higher Power is +Lucha, as always.)

For people who don’t want to deal with YouTube, this week’s Lucha Azteca should be really good.

The text preview and matches for this week’s Lucha Underground suggests this may be a Crane/Catrina/Muertes/Ivelisse??? focused episode. The police are there too though, and they shouldn’t go so long without addressing their status quo after Delgado’s death.

lucha TV preview for weekend of June 16th

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This is one of those busy CMLL weeks with big matches, and they’ve hit on a few interesting ones. Friday on Claro has the Gran Alternativa final along with Dragon Lee versus Cavernario. Monday in Puebla will see Hechicero defend against Atlantis. Tuesday has a Cavernario title challenge against Volador.

AAA has a big TV week itself, starting it’s Mexico City taping. It’s another 7 taping show, so something might get left off. I’m guessing they’ll skip the La Llave match, but they’ve aired those all so far.

This is a two IWRG show week, although neither show was announced much ahead of time.


lucha TV preview for weekend of June 9th


I can probably leave the same description for Lucha Underground for the next month. A 32 person tournament means 16 first round matches, and 16 divides into 4 matches for 4 shows pretty well. I’m not entirely sure which ones air when, and the preview gives no clues.

CMLL Azteca probably has the first half of the Gran Alternativa tournament, while Claro has the second half.

AAA has the second half of the Arena Aficion show. They skipped over the Faby Apache/Ayako Hamada match last week, but hopefully will show it this week. We won’t see the matches from Juarez for quite some time.

lucha TV preview for weekend of June 2nd

The first pinfall in this week’s Lucha Underground title match happened in about four minutes, so it’s probably a safe bet they won’t be going another 38 minutes on next week’s show. The preview states we’re getting Prince Puma versus Mil Muertes, one of LU’s more reliable big match ups, and a big announcement.

I don’t know why I wrote this was Block B of the Gran Alternativa on CMLL Claro. That’s next week. This is Block A. And a lot of short matches.

AAA is on the first half of Arena Aficion tapings. This show will air one day before Verano de Escandalo, they’ve announced zero matches for Verano de Escandalo on TV, and I’m not sure that’ll change.

lucha TV preview for weekend of May 26h

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did you know: Lucha Underground is back on Wednesday. It has a match. I hope it’s good.

AAA went back to taping episodes in order in Tlaxcala. The second half has a Kevin Korss vs Psycho Clown match, set up by the finish of this week’s TV.

It’s probably good Niebla/Rush is airing live from Puebla because it has all the makings of a match CMLL would edit out if it was taped.

Tuesday CMLL has Marco/Terrible, which might be a rematch coming soon.

lucha TV preview for weekend of May 19th

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AAA starts the Tlaxcala taping, so we won’t know exactly what airs until they post the preview. The matches which set up the Verano main event probably should be first priority at this point, but it’s hard to tell in advance

IWRG should have two shows airing this week (and the Friday show that’s not airing.)

CMLL is all in mid feud, or no feud mode.