lucha TV preview for weekend of April 30th


This week’s Lucha Underground is going to make everyone uncomfortable again, though I don’t think it’ll be for the usual reasons.

Volador versus Mascara Dorada is probably worth staying up for on Elite.

I don’t include it on the list because there’s no telling what will air week to week, but the Efekto/PROESA show will move to Saturdays at 2pm starting this week. They got as much notice as Azteca did.

lucha TV preview for weekend of April 23rd


AAA has the second part of Mexico City taping, with the big Psycho Circus/Dr. Wagner Jr. match.

You may want have alternate plans during the second match on Lucha Azteca 7.

As far as I can tell, those are all the matches for Lucha Underground next week – it’s a two match show.

lucha TV preview for weekend of April 16th


As mentioned earlier, the big news is Lucha Azteca moves to 11:30pm CT on Friday night. That should be about 15-25 minutes after the Friday night ClaroSport show ends. They’ve confirmed the Sunday show is a repeat (officially starting at 7:45 AM, though still listed as 8 on their guide last time I checked.)  It’s been pointed out to me that the new time slot could be good for them because they could follow a soccer game, and that looks to be the case next week. This week, they’re following a movie. This move is so last minute that any guide besides Azteca’s own still lists them at 6pm. (Azteca’s own guide show them back at 6pm two weeks from now, but guides that far out are rarely accurate.) Ultimo Guerrero vs Extreme Tiger should still be fun.

AAA is the first part of the most recent DF show. I guessed Evens this time.

Lucha Azteca US is airing Homenaje a Dos Leyendas this week, which is definitely worth watching if you haven’t yet seen it.

lucha TV preview for weekend of April 9th


That looked really tiny, but then I realized I had this thing zoomed far out. You can see it in full at this link always.

Lucha Azteca 7 Elite is worth watching for Carisitco/Volador alone. It’s actually listed as going 15 minutes past the hour again, so that may be the regular thing.

The second part of Rey de Reyes will air. Psycho/Wagner will have a match live on Friday, and a different match of theirs will air Saturday.

The TV version of Dorada/Cavernario from Puebla will air on 52MX.

The preview of Lucha Underground mentions Puma, Rey and Dragon in action, the Medallions back in play, and a new name debuting.

lucha TV preview for weekend of April 2nd


Lucha Azteca 7, which will forever be confused with Lucha Azteca, debuts tomorrow. I’ve got matches up there, but who knows how that program works until it airs. For what it’s worth, I think I have a good chance of recording it – there are feeds out there if you want to deal with pop ups and spyware ads. Uploading may be the trickier part; I’ve got no idea if Azteca7 will try to take it down, so I may put on a separate account for a few weeks as to not get everything torched. I’ll try to make it easy to follow.

Lucha Azteca (US) should have Kamaitachi/Dragon Lee this week for sure.

Rey de Reyes begins airing on AAA this weekend. The crowd for recent SLP shows have been vocal, and I really have no feel about the quality of the last three matches, so I’m looking forward to whatever airs.

I think I may just stop listing MegaSports, because this list is gigantic, I can’t find any good listings for it (so I don’t know if it’s still on, and had one person tell me it might not be) and I don’t know any one who watches it and might find it useful.

Lucha Underground’s episode preview gives away the main event for this week, which is either an advisory or a warning depending on how you feel about that.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 26th


Dragon Lee vs Kamaitachi airs on Lucha Azteca this week. It’s not on the list, because I can’t get it and no one’s ever asked about it, but the Guadalajara show has Dragon Lee vs Cavernario this week. Assuming it happened – CMLL hasn’t gotten results up yet.

Cibernetico vs Ultimo Guerrero takes place on Claro this week.

The show description for Lucha Underground partially gives away one match.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 19th


Not listed here: AAA should have a PPV on Wednesday. They do have Taurus/Pirata vs Aerostar/Drago on Saturday, which also should be good.

CMLL does have an iPPV on Friday. This is my periodic reminder that I do not upload PPVs to YouTube until/unless the show has finished air on TV. I’d like CMLL to keep doing them.

I’d assume the Elite show on Sunday in Naucalpan will not be taped, which means last night’s IWRG show will air all weekend on AYM – or maybe some random repeat.

Both Puebla and Tuesday Mexico are actually interesting this week.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 12th


It’s spring daylight savings time this Sunday in the US, which messes up everything for a month. Mexico does not switch over until April 3rd, so there’s a four week span where Central Time in the US and Central Time in Mexico City means two different things. Here’s the simplest explanation: starting with Monday’s Puebla show, all of the CMLL streams are starting one hour later if you’re in the US. This also includes Rey de Reyes, should it air on iPPV. AYM and Multimedios are also affected, but both channels do strange things as it is. 52MX’s airing change, but they’re usually pretty good about keeping their schedule correct. Channels which air in the US are unaffected (unless you live some place that doesn’t change times, in which you’re on your own.)

I’m going to have to repeat this about 500 times in the next two weeks, but these are the two important days affected

  • 03/18 Homenaje a Dos Leyendas: starts 10:30 pm eastern daylight time, 7:30 pm pacific daylight time
  • 03/23: Lucha Underground airs at 8pm EDT, AAA Rey de Reyes starts around 11pm EDT (shows do not overlap)

keep those things in mind if you’re ordering those iPPVs – those are going to be late night shows

This week, Lucha Azteca has the Mephisto/Mascara Dorada match, worth seeking out of if you haven’t seen it. AAA will be airing the first half of the Toluca show, likely including the four way that was posted this week. CMLL’s Tuesday show will be a rare show from Arena Coliseo, the place where all the streams shows were being aired for a couple years.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 5th


CMLL Claro has Kamaitaichi vs Dragon Lee. So that’ll be good.

Carta Brava & Apache vs Ludxor & Venum might have been the best match of the AAA taping in Queretaro

The Chairo show won’t be taped by AYM, so last night’s IWRG FILL show has a better shot of airing.

lucha TV preview for weekend of February 27th


This list is getting gigantic and unwieldy. I’ll have to rethink it soon.

I’ve added the CMLL MegaSports show, mostly just to force me to remember the Tuesday shows are no longer airing ClaroSports TV. I think the Friday shows are – there’s not much else that could be, but I’m not sure.

AAA has aired the even number matches of their tapings on the first week so far this year, so I’m guessing both Rey de Reyes matches air this week. That doesn’t sound right, but a guess is a guess.

Both CMLL on Claro (Friday) and CMLL Puebla (Monday) have women’s lightning matches. Two in one week is a rarity.

Lucha Underground is a three match show this week, which should help the two big matches get plenty of time.