lucha TV preview for weekend of April 19, 2018

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I’ll probably repeat this during daylight, but, yes, if you’re so inclined, you can watch both CMLL Claro & AAA on Twitch complete tomorrow. I’ve got them starting right after each other, but CMLL Friday night shows have been done closer to two hours even, and AAA action usually doesn’t start until a few minutes after the top of the hour at the earliest. You should get about a 15-30 minute break between shows, enough time to go find something with enough caffeine to keep you going to 2AM.

Guadalajara has the tag title match, but the handheld is probably more complete than it’ll air on TV.

I keep listing IWRG on Saturday afternoon, though it looks like AYM has abandoned taping the midweek IWRG show again.

lucha TV preview for weekend of April 12, 2018

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Unless I get on things tomorrow, I think CMLL’s Friday show is the first one CMLL one I’ll have seen in about 10 days. I’m guessing a lot will be the same. Negro Casas/Soberano looks promising.

CMLL Tuesday‘s Copa Nuevo Valores looks like the biggest match of the week.

Televisa Guadalajara remains region blocked. It really isn’t that hard to install Hola and record it, it is just hard to remember to do so.

AAA’s Tijuana taping is just a couple off the schedule.

lucha TV preview for weekend of April 5, 2018

full size. This is the very last thing I have to do before going to bed and getting on the plane and I realized I could’ve put the Impact show on their and didn’t but I’m not going back now.

AAA on Televisa is just seeing the first part of Rey de Reyes this week. The episodes have started to go back up on YouTube, so eventually you’ll be able to see them too.

CMLL Puebla on Monday has Caristico versus Mistico.

Guadalajara’s feed is up, which is good. It’s blocked in the US, which is very much not good. I’d get around it if I was home and paying attention, maybe they’ll fix it themselves.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 30th, 2018

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The Daylight Savings Time gap is almost over. Tomorrow’s Friday show – the Matt Taven/Volador match the world is talking about on CMLL Claro – still has a 9:30pm US Central Time start, but everything goes back to normal on Monday. It will technically still mess with my attempts to record Guadalajara but that’s not going to well anyway.

AAA’s TV isn’t going up on YouTube now, but promos indicated the Space TV show will be getting the Rey de Reyes semifinals this week. AAA could not tape a show until mid-May and they wouldn’t be out of footage. Which is one reason there’s no AAA TV taping for a while.

Copa Nuevos Valores starts on Tuesday.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 23rd, 2018

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AAA has one more live Twitch stream this week – Sunday from Monterrey, which will probably be a 8 pm CT US start – and then they’re off for 26 days. Nothing about AAA is normal. Hijo del Fantasma versus Parka Negra might be good, might not happen. Aerostar & Drago face new #1 contenders Rey Escorpion & Texano. The card will probably change.

I was rewatching Volador/Cavernario and my enthusasim for Cavernario losing efforts is definitely not high, but his match with Soberano on CMLL Martes should still be pretty good.

Ricky Marvin vs Dr. Cerbero in IWRG should be interesting.


lucha TV preview for weekend of March 16th, 2018

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A busy week: there’s a live stream of AAA or CMLL every day from tomorrow Friday to Wednesday. I don’t know how good any of it will be, but there sure is a lot of it.

AAA on Twitch streams on Saturday and Wednesday. Neither card looks all that exciting. The opener on Saturday does feature a bunch of people who haven’t been seen at all this year. The Lucha Underground crew is back full time starting with the Wednesday show. That Saturday show on Twitch is overlapping the AAA show on Space, which is the first time I can recall two AAA shows being on at the same time. It’s happened to CMLL in the past.

CMLL tomorrow is going to confuse people. It’s an iPPV for people who are used to getting it for free, and it’s a 9:30pm start for people who are used to it being 8:30pm. It’s also going to be an good show, though one where I can’t imagine anyone outside of dedicated CMLL fans paying for it or talking about the matches afterwards. On the other again, certain voting results suggest there’s more internet English speaking fans of CMLL than I would’ve figured.

In the midst of the other content, IWRG maybe has two tapings or maybe not, there’s never any telling if that Wednesday show will actually air. And maybe Kraneo actually turns tecnico this week in Puebla, but where will that leave Mije? They don’t have enough rudos in the micro division to survive him joining the tecnico side.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 9th, 2018

It’s here. The most annoying month of the year: US Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday morning. Mexico does not switch their clocks for four weeks. If you switch your clocks on Sunday, every show from Mexico will be one hour later until April 1st. For most of you, Friday’s show is the last normal show. Monday’s Puebla shows move to a 10pm CT start, Tuesday’s Arena Mexico shows start at 8:30pm, and the AAA streams will be later than ever. It’s a stronger reason than ever to skip the lesser shows and watch them later on your own schedule.

You won’t be able to see Arena Azteca at any time. It was supposed to start this week. It’s not on A+’s schedule, to no surprise. There’s been zero mention of it since CMLL announced they were pulling out.

Claro has the second tag team block tomorrow.

Volador & Cavernario try it again on Puebla.

Maybe we’ll get a Tuesday lineup tomorrow.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 2nd, 2018

lucha times

This is the last complete week of normal times for a while. Enjoy it before you’re confused.

CMLL Claro has a tag team tournament block, Cuatrero/Angel de Oro and maybe a not blocked feed.

AAA Rey de Reyes airs at 6pm on Sunday. Don’t tell anyone, but I may not be able to watch the whole show live.

Cavernario has three singles match this week, but the only one airing live is the CMLL Puebla match.

lucha TV preview for weekend of February 23rd, 2018

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CMLL returns to Claro Friday after a week off. Which does leave a question as to what airs on Azteca this week.

AAA on Twitch is live this Sunday from Apizaco. It’s listed as a 5pm starting time but we’ve seen it’s usually at least a half hour later than that when the first match hits the ring.

California’s Pro Wrestling Revolution is also on Twitch this weekend, with a Dragon Lee vs Titan vs Misterioso (California) vs Ultimo Dragon singles main event.

I miss CMLL Tuesday lineups coming out before Friday.

(Daylight Savings Time is coming.)

lucha TV preview for weekend of February 16th, 2018

There’s only one show on Friday night. It’s so nice. CMLL Claro will have the final of the incredible pairs tournament, which will probably be pretty good. Niebla Roja & Soberano has a chance too. In usual CMLL form, it’s one of two Soberano lightning match this week, with another on Monday.

AAA posted their TV plans, so those are probably correct guesses.

CMLL hasn’t announced a Tuesday lineup yet.