lucha TV preview for weekend of April 20th

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I’m all about scoops, so here’s something I’m probably not mentioning on Twitter for twelve or so hours: I am doing non-wrestling things on Friday night so you may be on your own for CMLL Claro. I’ll probably rig something up and attempt to remotely it remotely around 8:30, but no promises it’ll work. Hopefully, the stream just won’t be blocked and no one will miss me. The main event could be good and the Copa Juniors could be good, but it’s also not one of the more vital shows.

AAA in Neza seemed to be taped in order of how they planned to air, but San Luis Potosi looks more back to the normal mismatch. They taped five normal matches and one with locals, so there’s a chance AAA could shrink taping down to one week. I”m guessing the odd number matches will air.

IWRG is in a stretch of one week shows; there’s probably not a midweek one next week either since Memes is running on Friday.

If you’ve noticed this getting smaller, I’ve dropped the 52MX listings since I no longer have eyeballs on it. I expect it’ll continue to be the Puebla shows in edited form. We’re probably getting Puebla live only because they’re also taping it for TV; it’s too bad they don’t have a TV deal for the Sunday show.

lucha TV preview for weekend of April 13th

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It’s one of those weeks where CMLL does all their title matches. Friday on Claro has Ultimo Guerrero vs Atlantis & the Copa Junior Nuevo Valores part one. Monday Puebla has Rush vs Atlantis. Tuesday Mexico has Maximo vs Terrible. Sunday has Dragon Lee versus Cavernario, and I can’t even get a replay on Twitter about that. I’d say it’d be worth it just to put up for the YouTube ads, but, uh, maybe not today. (But if you’re going, we’d sure like to see it.)

AAA has the first ever Parka Negra versus Elegido singles match! And the main event tag title match should be good.

lucha TV preview for weekend of April 6th


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I’ve taken Elite off the schedule since it’s just repeats of repeats. This feels like the fewest number of shows in some time, and the IWRG stuff is mostly hopeful than solid. AYM’s been flakey about actually airing the promotion of late.

CMLL has Reyes del Aire. And hopefully no blocks.

AAA starts the Neza taping, which looked completely weird reading the results and probably the same when we see it. Maybe we’ll get Parka Negra/Elegido or maybe the debut of Dalton Bragg. Or maybe a good match.

Lucha Underground’s dropped back down to airing only two episodes a week, which puts them right on schedule to run thru Season 3, with the last repeat episode airing before the first new episode. Not sure running episodes at times that weren’t advertised at all really served a purpose but you’ll have caught them all if you DVR a season pass.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 31st

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Mexico moves to Daylights Savings Time last Saturday night/early Sunday. That means Friday’s Claro show is the final live stream airing an hour later than later. Puebla is back to it’s 10 ET/9 CT time, and everything else follows. (Saturday’s shows are thrown off, but that only affects me nowadays anyway.)

AAA has two title matches and an apuesta match. That’s not a normal show.

Matt Taven vs Rush II is on CMLL Claro.

Elite may be in repeats now. Well, repeats of repeats.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 24th

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CMLL is back on ClaroSports Friday night. It’s still starting late, but at least we get a Dragon Lee lightning match.

AAA begins airing Rey de Reyes. Seven matches to choose from should mean a faster moving taping than usual.

IWRG has only one episodes this week – but they never aired the episode from last Sunday, so maybe it’ll end up being two anyway.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 17th

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No one knows exactly when the CMLL VOD will be released or what it will cost. It probably won’t be much, it probably will be just after the show ends – but it’s lucha libre and digital media, and CMLL could just put up Wednesday without blinking an eye. I would recommend not staying up until the wee hours to see if they put it up.

AAA leads into Rey de Reyes with a match with none of the people on the show, a six man match with one person on Rey de Reyes and a stipulation that seems to conflict with a match on that show, and a mystery angle in the main event which may be completely ignored the day later and has nothing do with the match any of them are having on a show. I don’t know.

I also don’t really have a good feel for Elite, who seems to be stretch out the TV as long as possible to no real end.

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 10th

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DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME STARTS IN THE US ON SUNDAY. ALL THE CMLL STREAMS (and other less time sensitive material) WILL BE ONE HOUR LATER. If you’re in the US, it’s one hour later until the first weekend of April. If you’re in a place that doesn’t ever change times, it’s this way until October.

This week starts the Apizaco taping on AAA TV, where a lot of strange happened. Maybe it’ll work better when it airs.

CMLL Martes has Barbaro Cavernario vs Rey Cometa, which is a match you probably shouldn’t miss.

ELITE USA is down to six weeks of TV. At least they may have reduced the entire lag if Elite actually starts running TV again – or maybe they’ll lose the slot?

lucha TV preview for weekend of March 3rd

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AAA is part two of their Cuautitlan taping, with the (spoiler) Murder & Monster betrayal of Dr. Wagner. I do not expect we’ll get any more explanations about why that happened on this show, but maybe later.

CMLL Claro has Volador vs Yoshitatsu! and other things.

Puebla has a 11 minute Rush vs Ultimo Guerrero match.

The late night Lucha Retro airing is repeats, for what it’s worth. I suspect they may have more episodes taped that won’t air, but I don’t know that for a fact.

lucha TV preview for weekend of February 24th

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FWIW: WWC aired at the normal time on the national feed. And Lucha Retro is listed back on Fox Sports Deportes on 2AM CT on Saturday/Sunday. It’s listed as a rerun, it’s probably a rerun, but I’m going to get my hopes up anyway. It’s enough for me to not to cancel the champions for one week.

AAA starts the Cuautitlan taping, even though it says Toluca up there. I changed that three times but didn’t hit refresh any of those times, it’s dumb. Anyway, we have no idea what’s going to air until something shows up on AAA’s YouTube channel. Everything should be about the same anyway.

Elite USA has enough episodes to last thru April 20th, FWIW. It’s not worth much.

Lucha Underground is airing four episodes again next week. I have nothing to say about the shows that are actually on this list.

lucha TV preview for weekend of February 17th

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Not exactly Mexican wrestling, but Tim pointed out WWC’s Saturday and Sunday shows are moving to 1pm ET, an hour later than they had been airing. That change is not reflected on my TV’s guide; you may just want to extend your recording an extra hour if you DVR the show to be safe.

(We’re also at the point where I’m going to be canceling WAPA soon if no other lucha turns up. I think I’m giving it a little bit longer, but not much. I can always resubscribe later.)

Yoshi Tatsu debuts Friday, and is also on the Monday Puebla show.

Beyond the matches to finish out the Toluca taping, AAA promising Mesias and Pagano having a skit. So that’ll be fun.

Between CMLL and IWRG, there’s two different tag team tournaments this week.