lucha TV preview for weekend of November 17

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AAA might be the most interesting show this week, if they follow the pattern of airing the first half of the Queretaro show for the first week of TV. There are no patterns in AAA so that’s a bad bet, but they have a lot of the cruiserweight packed together in good looking matches.

CMLL on Claro is going to be a thing. AT least they’ve packed in a couple good matches with the normal crew.

Monday and Tuesday shows don’t look all that interesting this week.

lucha TV preview for weekend of October 27th

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CMLL Claro is the last stream that’s going to be affected by the time difference, at least for about five months. The show starts one hour later this week and this week only. It should be a show worth staying up for, but you can always watch it on YouTube the next day.

Not on the schedule, but there’s a chance the CMLL Sunday show ends up airing with no notice. They aired Dia de Muertos special in 2016, but not 2015. It’s a 5pm CT start if it airs, and it’s an ordinary looking show.

CMLL GDL has a Ultimo Guerrero vs Volador match this week. I’ll be trying to upload stuff from Mexico, but no idea if it’ll work.

lucha TV preview for weekend of October 27th

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AAA finished off Heroes Inmortales. Four matches on AAA show probably means none of these are going to last too much on TV. One of these matches is a royal rumble style match which sort of has to take a while, which leaves even less for the rest. I guess this is good news for people who dislike lucha cage matches like me.

None of the CMLL really pops out this week. I guess the main event on Tuesday is worth paying attention to, since one of those tecnicos will probably be defending against one of those rudos. Niebla Roja just defended his title twice, none of them are really heavyweights, so maybe Angel de Oro versus Mephisto is the random direction.

lucha TV preview for weekend of October 20th

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So long, black background text. I used it for Perros del Mal and I suppose I’ll use it for The Crash if they ever make it to this list.

AAA airs Heroes Inmortales, which seems a long time ago now. I have no idea which matches will air. The trios title match really needs to air before the cage match, but everything else is up in the air.

Guadalajara should have the latest big Panthers/Dinamitas match, though big matches usually get cut down to close to 12 minutes.

Caristico & Volador on Friday Claro and Barbaro Cavernario & Niebla Roja on Tuesday are the big matches of the week.

lucha TV preview for weekend of October 13th

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This is the end of Lucha Underground…season 3. Whatever happens next, there’s not going to be Lucha Underground for at least half a year: 4 months to get ready to tape, and 1 month to turn tape into episodes. That’s at the earliest. Enjoy both hours, because it’s either the last you’ll see until Spring ’18, or the last you’ll see.

With LU soon on the way out, I bit the bullet and finally added Guadalajara to the listings. Locally, it airs first on Thursdays nights, but that channel doesn’t have a YouTube feed. The Saturday 10pm airing is airing on this feed, though my sense is it’s a screw up and supposed to blacked out from the internet. Televisa attempts to block all which aren’t locally produced by the station from airing on YouTube, to avoid getting in trouble with YouTube (for copyright violations) or the TV shows themselves (who may have not given them the right to air it on the internet.) I don’t think CMLL Guadalajara or AAA really cares if they air, but it seems to be a blanket policy. It’s also a poorly administered policy, with those shows and others slipping thru when the schedule isn’t lined up correctly. That all adds up to meaning I should never be able to air those shows except for incompetence, but incompetence is fairly common.

IWRG may air twice this week. +Lucha will probably post the Traumas/Eterno vs Indy Nation match anyway, but I’m hoping AYM shows it just to be safe given the great reviews it’s gotten.

lucha TV preview for weekend of October 6th

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CMLL hasn’t announced a Tuesday card yet. CMLL Azteca would normally be last Friday’s show, but there was no show last Friday. They could mine another two matches from the Anniversario show, but they probably would’ve saved the semimain for another week if that was the plan.

AAA will start to air the charity taping which aired on Twitch. Four matches of the tournament would fir on this show.

Lucha Undeground has what theoretically is be Sexy Star’s last match on the show. You’re going to read people talk about how weird it is to watch that match now that they know Sexy & Taya had problems from this year’s TripleMania. You, person who pays attention to lucha libre, know better. This episode was taped last June, after Sexy Star had walked out of AAA over (likely among other things) not wanting to lose a title match to Taya. It’s not just crazy this match is happening given what happened later, it’s crazy the match happened even originally.

lucha TV preview for weekend of September 29th

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I think I’m still out of sorts with CMLL shows to keep rhythm. Guess we see next week.

CMLL streams resume on Monday with a Cavernario/Soberano match that seems like it’s must see. Meanwhile, Flip Gordon makes his last streaming appearance on the rudo side of a Relevos Incredibles. Are they setting up a women’s title match in the undercard, or yet another Euforia/Marco title match?

AAA has an hour and change of TV you haven’t seen before getting to the Twitch streamed stuff. Rhythm seems off here, with four out of six weeks skippable because the shows have already aired in unedited form (though last week had a Dorian and Vampiro conversation.)

I don’t feel as strongly about the rest of Lucha Underground’s Ultima Lucha 3 as I did Fox/Killshot. There’s some really great matches still, and this week’s Fenix/Marty match is definitely going to bring out the emotions of the participants and the people watching. The issue is I think you didn’t have to watch the last 36 episodes to appreciate that match, while the stuff coming up is more rewarding to those who’ve watched all or most of the series so far.

Two IWRG shows this week would be exciting if the AYM feed wasn’t broke all week and I don’t know how to fix it on my end and I’m not sure if it’ll ever be fixed. It’s possible those uploads are done.

lucha TV preview for weekend of September 22nd

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CMLL streams are off until they’re not. Friday seems definitely out. Arena Puebla usually sends out their poster on Saturdays, so maybe we’ll find out if they’re postponed around then. There’s not a lineup for Tuesday at this point. No idea of IWRG will be running either. It’s going to be weird to go two straight Fridays without a CMLL show. Hopefully it’s only two.

(Guadalajara should air like normal. I really should add Guadalajara to this list, but I’m sure the feed will stop working again as soon as I do.)

CMLL Azteca should air the Anniversario mask matches, if you skipped out on the iPPV. Not sure what they do next week.

AAA was taped weeks ago in Irapuato, and has actually aired started airing on Impact. That’s a difficulty in figuring out these things: it’s tough to tell what’s meant to being taped for the US TV or the Mexico one, or if it’s for both. I assume the show is airing like normal but that may be a bad assumption.

Lucha Underground is airing. I was at all the remaining episodes, a long time ago. The Killshot/Dante Fox is insane, on the level of the first Grave Consequences and the Cero Miedo match. It was an incredible experience live, and one I hope translates just as well to video. You should try to go out of your way to see this match yourself, because I think you’ll end up seeing a half dozen GIFs of it anyway.

lucha TV preview for weekend of September 14th

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Don’t blame me for spoilers; Lucha Underground‘s preview specifically lists the Gift of the Gods match as airing this week. That match airing that far out would seem to have some pretty significant ramifications for the title picture, but few things are as straight forward as they seem on this show.

CMLL Friday is a Saturday iPPV this week. Saturday. I’m going to be answering this question all of tomorrow and I’m just so excited.

Blue Panther & Virus on Martes will bring all the excitement of a Microman match with slightly taller people.

lucha TV preview for weekend of September 7th

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Lucha Underground has the match they’ve been teasing for half the season (Rey/Matanza) and a tease for the match at the end of the season. One person on Puma’s side is an easy guess given who’s on the other side, while the other two are more random.

You probably can skip the next two weeks of AAA if you already watched TripleMania.

Down to one IWRG show for the time being.