lucha TV preview for week of August 1st


  • On LocateTV, Lucha Underground is listed as a 1 hour episode followed by Cutting Crew. This is obviously wrong; El Rey sometimes has filler lineup information for the following month and that might be going on here. *(Their website also doesn’t have anything listed for August.) This could all just be fixed on Sautrday, but you may want check you’ve got both hours covered.
  • CMLL Azteca will air the Rey Escorpion versus Ultimo Guerrero hair match this weekend, which should be pretty good.
  • AAA has one last big Cage/Alberto angle to set up their match.
  • I don’t think I’m around tomorrow to record CMLL on Terra, so no Rey Cometa return for me.
  • This is a week of CMLL singles matches: 52MX gets Lestat/King Jaguar, C3 gets Polvora/Angel de Oro and Puebla Live will have Volador/Sombra.
  • 52MX catching up to the ‘live’ show means it’ll go up on the internet, one way or another.
  • I have no idea what’s going on with FULL.

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lucha TV preview for weekend of July 25th



  • AAA is back to the first week of a two week taping. They’ve been quietly posting previews on Fridays of late, so check back on that.
  • The show description for this week’s Lucha Underground spells Cueto wrong. At this point, it doesn’t look like El Rey will be doing a marathon of the series according to the upcoming schedule. (It’s just regular Miami Vice and movie showings.) Seemed like an obvious move, especially since they did it going in to Aztec Warfare. Still has time to change.
  • Tuesday Terra is gone. I assume they’re airing only the top four from Friday Terra, but who knows after last week.
  • Azteca likes airing women’s matches, so I assume the cibernetico will air in some form. It really makes more sense to air than the semimain.
  • There’s really no reason to record or post 52MX going forward, since all those Puebla shows will air on YouTube channel. I’m going to talk myself into doing it anyway, because YouTube channels go away and video files sometimes magically turn private.
  • This is a weak Puebla show; Maximo does go into a higher gear in big matches and the semimain will be noteworthy just to see if Sombra’s allowed to wrestle. All the other trios matches are a mixed bag. Opener is the first time Zaeta Roja will make video, and it’s always nice to get a read on the new guys.
  • if there’s no new AULL episode this week, I’ll assume it’s canceled.

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lucha TV preview for the weekend of July 16th


Look at how I just give up by the end.

  • AAA is week two of a taping, so that’s a solid lineup.
  • There’s a big puzzle piece I’m still missing for this week’s Lucha Underground; I don’t know if it’s a missing match or a vignette. Prince Puma will also appear on the show.
  • 52MX has the lightning match to set up the title match you might have already seen. Not me so far, but maybe you.
  • this week’s Tuesday CMLL on Terra is the final one for the year, as far as we know.
  • FULL is out of tapings. AULL didn’t air last week. I don’t know.

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lucha TV preview for weekend of July 11th


  • AAA is the first half of a double taping, so your guess is as good as mine about what will air. Thinking there might some backstage skits too. This would also be the week they announce any other taping between now and TripleMania.
  • The Lucha Underground lineup is incomplete. One of the matches was taped twice, with it bleeding into a bonus match on the second. Also, by the start of the following episode (37), all of the 7 Azteca Medallions are handed out, but we only know of six Aztec Medallion matches. We know who has the seventh – we just don’t know if they got in a match I forgot to write down or by other means. The show will also include a Prince Puma/Mil Muertes face off (and that might have also been taped twice.)
  • The CMLL relevos increibles are usually pretty good, so Azteca might be fun the next couple of weeks.
  • There were no reports of the AULL show, so I’m not sure if it happened. Rerun if it didn’t.
  • FULL runs out of TV after this week. Maybe they’re taping on their Monterrey show?


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lucha TV preview for weekend of July 3rd


  • CMLL’s not aired matches with outside talent on All Elite shows in the past, this All Elite show had outside talent on every single match, who knows what they’re going to do. Maybe Puebla airs on 52MX and GDL moves to there? Maybe they just air a random episode from the past?
  • I hope Puma’s big win turns up anywhere. He only gets one every three years.
  • Alas de Oro is must see – but it seems like AAA’s posting shows on a one week delay now, so you’ll be stuck going to my channel to see it.
  • Metalico is inescapable.
  • The commercial for next week’s Lucha Underground makes it seem very exciting! They still haven’t aired the other half of the All Night Long taping, which makes life really hard when you don’t want to post results from a taping until all the matches have aired.

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lucha TV preview for week of June 27


  • LATV lasted one week. Alas.
  • AAA starts Verano de Escandalo. No preview yet (and last week’s show hasn’t been put up), so there’s no telling what’ll air.
  • Lucha Underground is skipping around a little bit again; they’ve aired the second taping on Saturday and now the first taping on a Sunday. Not an exciting show on paper.
  • Blue Panther versus Canelo Casas could be the worst match of the tournament. Tuesday’s matches look much stronger.
  • Casas & Shocker versus Sombra & Naito could be very good.
  • AULL should start to air their anniversary show

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Lucha TV preview for weekend of June 20th



  • I’ve added the LATV show back to the listing. They’ve run four new straight shows in a row, without skipping around, so let’s see if they can make it five.
  • One of those AAA TV matches will only be on the UTDN/YouTube version, probably the opener.
  • FULL is getting pretty random.
  • That 52MX match is the only match Cavernario’s worked since returning, in his hometown. He’s working again Friday in Arena Mexico

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Lucha TV preview for weekend of June 13, 2015



This is also a webpage that I update but don’t link to anymore.

  • Guess on FULL & AULL assume they just show the episodes that were scheduled last week.
  • AAA guess is basically that too; I probably should just delay these until Friday and get it right off the preview.
  • When AYM feels like airing Wednesday shows, they’re sneaking it in on Friday nights and Saturdays, and then it might turn up Sunday night on LAS. Nothing’s really for sure what show, though, and the (paid) internet feed has had all sorts of problems the last two weeks.
  • C3 broadcasters seemed under the impression they’re airing the En Busca de un Idolo matches. They’re likely wrong – but those shows are going to be much shorter with one less match. Expect a lot of edecan intros and people walking to the ring for the next cuple months.
  • Both Terra shows have promising looking mini openers, but the Terra feed has been lousy for the openers.

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probable lucha TV lineups for the weekend of 06/04



This is the Negro Casas weekend. CMLL taping schedule works out so his Leyenda de Plata match with Dragon Lee and his Welterweight title match with Voaldor Jr. should both air – though Mexico and US each only get one of those.

  • with Terra back on the schedule, I’ve moved around the CMLL shows so they’re in chronological order. Not that anyone can actually see all of them in one location.
  • this might be the weekend CMLL changes everything around. Or they might not do it ever.
  • first time IWRG has had a weekend show they might air. Or they might just rerun the last one. Feed is back to being horrible.
  • really nice of Lucha Underground to name an episode after a guy who’s gone forever and surely won’t be appearing again. That’s Bengala’s debut.
  • The Naito match is one which hasn’t been put on njpwworld

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lucha TV preview for weekend of May 30th


  • AAA is 2nd week of a two week taping, so that’s pretty set. Debuts for Keria & Kronos!
  • Leyenda de Plata said to look really good in the fan cams
  • I did a find and replace that took out “COR” for “vs” and that’s produced some strange results. Oh well.
  • I really have no idea on AULL so I just left the same prediction as last week.
  • next Terra show won’t be until a week from tomorrow


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