lucha TV schedule for weekend of 05/23

20150521ltThis doesn’t include the Lucha World Cup, which is slated to start at 5pm Central Time on Sunday. The regular PPV is also listed at a 5pm start, so that might be a real start time. (FWIW, the SKY PPV in Mexico is slightly more expensive in HD and slightly cheaper in just SD.)

AAA proper starts on the Pachuca taping, so that’s as much as a guess as ever at a lineup. The Psycho Clown/Zorro/Averno match does sort of have to air this Saturday.

The CMLL shows are assuming there’s no major changes, but it does seem like they’ll be just different changes some week.

AULL and FULL are starting a new tapings. AULL didn’t make it clear which show was going to be taped.

FULL’s Unicable show is much better video quality than the TV Mexiquense show, but also running one week behind for whatever reason.

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lucha libre TV schedule for the week of May 16


  • I don’t what the situation is with AYM and IWRG. Monday is the next time they’ll have a new episode to air, but they may not be airing new episodes. I guess we have to consider the (flimsy) possibility of AYM switching over to carrying CMLL, which would be a match made in nightmares.
  • This is the second week of an AAA taping, so the match predictions are are accurate
  • FULL & AULL are also in “leftovers from last week’s taping” and safe bets. I’m guessing AULL doesn’t have permission to air the CMLL/Wagner main event, or they wouldn’t have aired the opner last week.
  • Azteca should just air the Reyes del Aire and not edit it, but they’ll edit it.


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05/09-10 lucha times


No word on the Fox show. Probably silly to expect any. The CMLL Fox version of the show was averaging about 45-48 minutes. The Azteca version is never more than 42, and sometimes as little as 38. It’s great we’re still getting the Friday night matches somehow, but they’re going to be even more clipped.

I’m not exactly sure what the deal with IWRG is either. They haven’t actually aired a new episode in weeks, but the old episode is still in circulation. They also did not run a show midweek this week and have not announced a show on Sunday, at least on the internet. Slightly concerned.

FULL promoted that match as airing this week. I maybe able to get the better video quality Ultravision airing of the show this week.

Next Wednesday’s Lucha Underground has Jack Evans’ debut. I think that’s the one match left where I don’t know who wins (though I’ve got a pretty good guess.)

I will effort getting ClaroSports, but no promises.

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04/17-18 lucha times


Also: The FULL/Tineiblas show starts this weekend. It’s even on TV Mexiquense’s schedule for Sunday at noon, like a proper show, and they have a webfeed. It’s only a half hour and I have no idea what’s going to actually air or if you’d like to watch it.

Noches de Coliseo appears to be airing on the Multimedios US on Monday morning sometime after 3AM. Convenient for everyone.

The women’s title match airing on Fox seems like the lock of locks.

The four matches listed for AAA are the ones left over from SLP; it’s possible the minis opener doesn’t air.

Lucha Underground has only two matches listed. There’s reasons. That tag tournament goes for a while.

Escorpion & Valiente didn’t air in Mexico, may get pulled for the women’s match again.

The rest of last week’s IWRG did turn up and will go up next week.


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04/11-12 lucha times


AAA is a double blind guess. Not sure if they’re moving onto SLP, no idea what they’re airing in SLP. Check AAA’s site on Friday.

I’m not sure Lucha Azteca is actually on this week. It’s not listed in the programming guide I use to record, and it’s not on the place I check online. (Which may just have the same listings.) There’s no obvious sporting event or other special to displacement. It’s listed on the schedule for next week, but sometimes those listings aren’t right a week ahead of time. I’m setting up to record a block of time just to see if it pops up.

IWRG did slip in airing Rey de Reyes during the day this week, but it was at a time where the feed I use is down. Hoping it turns up again.

I do have someone trying to record ClaroSports and I am trying to record it off a feed on the internet, but it’s possible neither thing works out and we don’t get Dragon Lee/Virus. Blame CMLL. (If you can record ClaroSports and send it to me to share with everyone, that’d be appreciated too.)

The middle match on Lucha Underground is a preview of the next week’s three way match. There’s also a Pentagon Jr. segment on the show. Dario will also explain the Unique Opportunity that’ll be given to the winner of the Aerostar/Drago sequence. Fire in the Cosmos is quite the episode title.

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04/04-05 lucha times


Daylight Savings Time ends in Mexico on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Hooray.

No real clue what’s actually going to air this weekend on AAA TV. It should be Rey de Reyes, but it won’t be clear what airs each week (and if they’re airing everything) until they put up the preview on Friday. Fantasma/Fenix would seem to need to air before the main event, and makes sense as airing a separate week, but they ignored all that in how they aired Guerra de Titanes. There’s at least a thought of not airing Perro Aguayo Jr.’s last AAA match, but if they were fine with showing Perro for 90 minutes last weeks, there’s no reason not to show the one more match they have to air. The awkwardness is more building up a match that won’t happen, but that’s not the first or last time a wrestling promotion will do that.

Dos Leyendas also airs this week in the US. I received the Fox Sports versions of those matches today (thanks!), which should be slightly bit longer than what airs on Azteca. I’ll have both versions up on Tuesday.

52MX is La Gitana’s TV debut. Probably some weird names in Rey del Ring. Weird how it works out to have CMLL, AAA and IWRG big shows airing on the same day.

It’s pretty hard to spoiler proof a show named “Mask vs Mask.” Tried anyway. My hunch is this upcoming week’s Lucha Underground show is going to generate some hot takes.

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03/28-29 Lucha Times


Normally, this would be the first week of Rey de Reyes. (They aired the missing segunda match from DF on UTDN; the only match not to air is the one where Mesias turned, which is very strange.) AAA’s already said this show will be dedicated to Perro Aguayo Jr., which may mean the whole show on him. AAA will have more info on their website tomorrow.

CMLL Fox Sports 2 is listed as one hour, so lots of editing will need to be done if they plan on airing three matches. Maybe even with two. There’s also a small chance something strange happens and expected matches don’t air because of the Cinepolis deal.


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03/21-22 lucha times


Leyendas Inmoratles may have the remaining matches of the 02/15 show, or maybe they’ll skip Hijo del Canek vs Mr. Jack completely.

Noches de Coliseo may be airing, but it may be airing later on Sunday night/Monday morning than I’ve been checking. Will keep trying.

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03/14-15 lucha times



(as a webpage)

  • Everyone who was at that Lucha Underground taping raved about the casket match as if it was a match of the year. Not simply a Lucha Underground match of the year, but worldwide. The reactions for the Lucha Underground matches lean positive, but this was mentioned as being a notch above everything else that’s been raved about.
  • The 5:15 start time appears to be the AAA start time going forward. It’s been that way for a few weeks now. It’s a lead to LigaMX coverage, so it seems to be an upgrade in exposure and means they’re unlikely to be starting late (as they had been on the old spot.) It would be even better if Televisa would just give them that extra 15 minutes so they could start on the hour.
  • AAA’s also the second week of a two week taping, so those are locked in as the matches.
  • Best bet is Angel de Oro vs Hechicero is CMLL’s free lightning match of the week, but no idea. That’s 2 Angel de Oro singles matches in a week.
  • IWRG Wedneday shows haven’t been airing of late.
  • Leyendas Inmortales should be on the remainder of the 02/02 show, w/Casandra & Rossy Moreno vs Miss Janeth & Tania and Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Hijo del Fishman, Mr. Jack vs Canek Jr., Hijo del Solar, Solar I. They’ve listed way too many shows as TV tapings to actually air them all, so they could skip around at any point.
  • Lucha Azteca is listed at 4pm today. Tomorrow, who knows.


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