lucha TV preview for weekend of September 14th

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Don’t blame me for spoilers; Lucha Underground‘s preview specifically lists the Gift of the Gods match as airing this week. That match airing that far out would seem to have some pretty significant ramifications for the title picture, but few things are as straight forward as they seem on this show.

CMLL Friday is a Saturday iPPV this week. Saturday. I’m going to be answering this question all of tomorrow and I’m just so excited.

Blue Panther & Virus on Martes will bring all the excitement of a Microman match with slightly taller people.

lucha TV preview for weekend of September 7th

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Lucha Underground has the match they’ve been teasing for half the season (Rey/Matanza) and a tease for the match at the end of the season. One person on Puma’s side is an easy guess given who’s on the other side, while the other two are more random.

You probably can skip the next two weeks of AAA if you already watched TripleMania.

Down to one IWRG show for the time being.

lucha TV preview for weekend of August 24th

I don’t have matches for Lucha Underground this week as of yet; it’s harder to guess without that tournament happening. The preview mentions Dario talks to Matanza about Rey and the Havoc/Madness and Ryan/Cortez feuds continue. This is episode 33 and Ultima Lucha starts with 37, so figure on a lot of building up feuds for the next four weeks. We’re probably due some more medallions be handed out in addition to the Rabbit Tribe.

AAA has either an super rare live show, or an extremely pointless taped show that’ll finish airing about 30 minutes before the PPV starts.

Puebla has the first of the Mexico/World ciberneticos to make air (unless I can get the Guadalajara one.)

lucha TV preview for weekend of August 17th

The 11 week Cueto Cup tournament comes to an end this week on Lucha Underground. Random trivia: all three Veneno matches (and I’m going to take a mighty leap and assume it’s only 3) didn’t turn up in Lucha Underground taping results. Sometimes they showed up as “Cage beat some guy”, but I actually do not know what specifically happens in the Sexy Star/Veneno match next week. I do know that Canadians seem darkly amused.

I also do not really know what will air from Monterrey, because AAA went wildly out of order and also taped enough stuff for three shows (yet included a match with none of their guys on the longer version of the show.)

No IWRG Wednesday show this week, because Super Astros is running tomorrow. That Sunday show will have a long battle royal.

lucha TV preview for weekend of August 10th

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Lucha Underground also mentions Catrina making a move on Cage’s gauntlet, and Rey Mysterio & Johnny Mundo meeting before their title match the following week.

AAA will have the first taping from Monterrey, if I’m right this time.  I’m just too excited to see Sexy Star back.

IWRG on Sunday has a quicky mask match.

lucha TV preview for weekend of August 3rd

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This week’s Lucha Underground is titled Bloodlines. The preview mentions Captain Vazquez gets a visitor. Maybe we’ll learn more about her mysterious bloodlines, or Dario’s since the FBI is mentioned as meeting him this week.

AAA this weekend has Sexy Star’s return. I’m just as excited as you are. What’ll be interesting to see is if they leave Vampiro’s speech burying Taya in there. It really doesn’t serve any purpose if Taya’s not coming back, it probably just antagonizes the relationship more if it’s aired, and it’s only purpose left seem to be make Vampiro into more of a hero. Admittedly, making Vampiro seem like a hero seems to be the #1 priority of AAA TV at the moment, but maybe they can let that one slide as not to antagonize the situation? They’re still going to look dumb if Mundo just is annoyed enough not to show up up at TripleMania to lose his title, and Mundo knows he’ll be brought back even if he does so because they brought back Sexy Star after she did the same thing.

Edit: I got ahead of myself. AAA this week is still finishing up Puebla, with Johnny Mundo/Texano, Psycho/Pagano and Wagner/Mesias.

Puebla has Stuka vs Mephisto, the most “alright” title match possible.

lucha TV preview for weekend of July 27th

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I don’t know the Lucha Underground matches for the first time in a while, though they’ll probably reveal them all by Wednesday. The preview mentions Marty, so I’d guess it’s Fenix/Pindar in one of the quarterfinals. The preview also mentions Dario/Matanza (who hasn’t been seen since the hiatus) and the nearly long dormant police subplot.

This Monday’s Puebla show could be pretty good; Shockercito and Pierroth had good chemistry, and Caristico & Rush should at least be interesting.

Friday looks fun too, even if they’re probably heavy into build for next week. Stuka/Hechicero should be a fun lightning match and the NGD match should be good.

lucha TV preview for weekend of July 20th

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AAA finishes up Nuevo Laredo with, uh, another Pimpienla singles match, a tag match that’s really a handicap match, and a usual AAA main event.

Lucha Underground finishes up the second round of Cueto Cup, and Rey/PJ is the first non tournament match on the show in about seven weeks. The preview says we’ll learn more about Son of Havoc and Son of Madness; LU showed a vignette with them way back at C2E2, and I think it’s finally airing.

CMLL Claro should be an interesting show, but don’t miss Virus/Cometa on Tuesday.

lucha TV preview for weekend of July 13th

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CMLL Claro has two big singles matches. You may have heard.

AAA starts the Nuevo Laredo taping, which was a month ago, which I could’ve pass a test on without looking at the lineup. They did a lot of angles.

Puebla has one more Niebla Roja vs Ultimo Guerrero.

lucha TV preview for weekend of July 6th

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Are you ready for some non-tournament action on Lucha Underground? Well too bad it’s not happening. It actually might be happening, but I gazed at the old secret page of taping results and realized there’s nothing obviously taped for this show in non-tournament action. They may have taped out of order, there’s a lot of that, but it’s probably the three matches and some vignettes, and three matches and some vignettes next week too. Other things will start happening after.

AAA finishes off Verano de Escandalo with a confusing Ricky Marvin angle, a confusing three way cage match and a three way tag team mask match which never should’ve been confusing but AAA was weirdly unwilling to explain themselves.

Dinamic Black vs Aramis is a hidden nice IWRG match. if it airs.