lucha TV preview for weekend of February 6th


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This half of AAA has Guerra de Titanes part 2, with Australian Suicide, Fireball, Jack Evans vs Daga, Parka Negra and Super Fly, probably the best match on the show.

Dragon Lee and Kamaitachi are back at it on the Friday Night ClaroSports stream. (That remains still on.)

Azteca has a Caristico vs Rush singles match.

Lucha Underground includes Kobra Moon’s debut. She is not facing a woman.

IWRG may be back to airing two episodes a week; I’ve just got the Sunday one.

That Tuesday CMLL YouTube stream looks so bad.

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lucha TV preview for weekend of January 29th

2016-01-29 Lucha Times

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AAA put up a preview of this week’s show! It confirms it’s the women’s match, the tag title match, and the heavyweight decider match airing this week.

Azteca has a Cibernetico/Volador Jr. vs Caristico/Rush match that was not a moves classic but was a pretty hot match. Possible they ditch one of the other matches and aired the Dalys/Silueta lightning match to get a women’s match on.

Thunder versus Euforia in Arena Mexico. Thunder versus Rush in Puebla. Truly we live in amazing times.

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lucha TV preview for weekend of January 22nd

Hey, so, problem: you know how I’m not posting Lucha Underground spoilers now? Right, do listing which matches will air as a preview count as spoiling? I’m going with “Yes, unless LU promotes the matches themselves” for now. The guide’s description seems safe, especially since it doesn’t say anything. Anyway, Lucha Underground is back on Wednesday at 7pm CT and you probably should watch it.

They’re not listed on the schedule, but the three FantasticaMania shows air this weekend: Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 3:30 AM CT each day.

Kamaitachi/Maximo airs on CMLL Azteca and you should definitely watch it.

AAA has a rare Flamita TV appearance (November), and an even rarer Soul Rocker one (July of 2014!)

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lucha TV preview for weekend of January 15th

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AAA returns to new matches this week, we’re almost sure. No idea which matches will air; maybe keep an eye on their Twitter account if they’re back to announcing these things ahead of time.

52MX returned to airing Puebla matches, which means it’s kind of useless for anyone with access to YouTube. It was a two week trip to Tuesday matches. A friend had a theory that everything was being bounced around for two weeks due to CMLL wanting to protect the iPPVs. That seems to fit with what happened, and could mean something other than the cage match airs on Azteca this week.

LATV has gone off into repeat land once again.


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lucha TV preview for weekend of January 8th

CMLL’s Friday night show is back on this week.

52MX should have Dragon Rojo versus Titan, which would be the best match of the week.

AAA is as a) if they’ll have a new episode this week, which still doesn’t quite make sense to me and b) guessing which have of the taping airs.

CMLL Titanes en el Ring is on at the convenient time of 2:30 AM and 5AM this week. No true idea what’s going to air; both it and LATV are a bit off the rails.

This Wednesday’s Lucha Underground repeats:

  • Fight To The Death (Mil Muertes returns to face Fenix)
  • Submit To The Master (Pentagon Jr. vs Sexy Star, submission match)
  • The Desolation Of Drago (four way for title shot)
  • All Night Long (Puma vs Mundo)
  • Death vs. The Dragon (Mil Muertes vs Drago for title shot)

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lucha TV preview for weekend of January 1st


Azteca and LATV are currently scheduled to air the same episode, though maybe they’ll have one different match than other. I have no idea what’s up with ClaroSports/Titanes el Ring. 52MX is guessing they keep airing Tuesday episodes.

AAA‘s episode is already up on YouTube. A weird typo lists Guerra de Titanes as airing Wednesday on UTDN. I suspect it’s a mix up with the best of episodes.

PROESA isn’t up there, but will have the second half of the battle royal from 2010.

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lucha TV preview for weekend of December 25th

20151224ltFriday’s CMLL show is an $10 iPPV and starts at 5pm local time, three and a half hours than usual. The PPV is not expected to have any VOD, so only buy it if you know you’ll be around.

Lucha Azteca will have the Dragon Lee/Kamaitachi match, if you’ve somehow missed it so far.

LATV is following the Titanes en el Ring/ClaroSports airing order and they aired a repeat this week.

Only 1 IWRG show this week, since ChilangaMask is the midweek show..

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lucha TV preview for weekend of December 18th


ClaroSports should be interesting and maybe good; that cibernetico alone will be one more good match than took place last week.

The Kamaitachi/Dragon Lee feud should start airing on Azteca this week.

AAA‘s end of show promo this past week confirmed they’ll go into Best of 2015 material starting this weekend. That’s usually three weeks, which means nothing new on that show until 01/09. IWRG also might be off for a week or so, since they’re definitely not airing the Lucha Memes show and IWRG usually takes a week off at the end of the year.

LATV hasn’t been airing new episodes much, but did air a new one last week. It may not be all LATV’s fault – they’re getting the episodes from the ClaroSports/Titanes del Ring show, and that’s also drifting behind and showing repeats.  It’s very unusual for the Claro/52MX shows to drift behind, so something’s going on.

Proesa says their random Efekto show will air Tiger Mask matches this weekend, surely straight off YouTube.

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lucha TV preview for weekend of December 11th

AAA looks like a strong show – Dinastia vs Mini Abismo and that tag match – and it also might be the last new episode of the year. As mentioned previously, there’s a good chance the Neza taping is held over to January and they go straight into repeat material next week.

LATV has been airing repeats for weeks.

I think Puebla might be the better of the two CMLL streaming shows this week, but there’s not a must see match on either show.

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lucha TV preview for weekend of November 5th


Azteca should air the Sombra vs Rush match. If you haven’t seen it, you need to see it. That might be the last Sombra appearance, depending on what LATV still airs. That show has been reruns two of the last three weeks, no idea.

AAA in Juarez was supposed to be a one week taping, but there’s always a chance they split it up in two due to other issues. If not, at least one of those matches will be cut from the Televisa airing and will only be on the YouTube/UTDN version.

It’s not on the chart, but I figured out a few weeks ago that Noches de Coliseo is still airing on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings, just not at all when it’s listed on the Multimedios (US?) schedule (12:15 AM CT this week). It starts about a half hour/hour before, but you may want to tape even earlier. They’re still not airing many new matches.

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