lucha TV preview for weekend of February 17th

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Not exactly Mexican wrestling, but Tim pointed out WWC’s Saturday and Sunday shows are moving to 1pm ET, an hour later than they had been airing. That change is not reflected on my TV’s guide; you may just want to extend your recording an extra hour if you DVR the show to be safe.

(We’re also at the point where I’m going to be canceling WAPA soon if no other lucha turns up. I think I’m giving it a little bit longer, but not much. I can always resubscribe later.)

Yoshi Tatsu debuts Friday, and is also on the Monday Puebla show.

Beyond the matches to finish out the Toluca taping, AAA promising Mesias and Pagano having a skit. So that’ll be fun.

Between CMLL and IWRG, there’s two different tag team tournaments this week.

lucha TV preview for weekend of February 10th

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AAA has the first of the two weeks in the new venue in Toluca. I’m kind interested in how it looks and sounds on TV. It’s also going to be interesting to see if they air Zorro’s match, after cutting out as many La Rebelion wrestlers as they could.

Puebla has Diamante Azul vs Rush, be warned. It’s not a great week for CMLL, with the dreaded tournament starting on Friday and nothing much on Tuesday.

The US TV listings site I use actually lists Llaves y Candados as being back on early Monday morning. I doubt it, but we’re getting to the point where I need something new to be airing or I’m going to drop those channels.

lucha TV preview for weekend of February 3rd

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This is a two episode IWRG week! I’ll probably miss one of them somehow.

AAA will finish up Guerra de Titanes, which probably means tag matches and not those singles matches. Unless they can edit out all of Garza’s offense from his match with Fantasma, I guess. It would be cool to see them go over the top with it.

Lucha Retro is two hours early this week, but probably still a repeat. I’m giving it two more weeks.

Elite should be interesting. In real time, they aired reruns a week before switching over the all-indie, no-CMLL shows. They could skip around randomly.


lucha TV preview for weekend of January 27th

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I have less of an idea of what’s going on this week. Lucha Retro was a weird repeat this past week, which means they could air the next episode or they could skip around. Elite on Azteca US did skip around, so they might be up to the final episode taped in Arena Mexico, or they could be going backwards.

Plus, AAA starts Guerra de Titanes, which is going to be a weird TV show whatever matches air. (Though, the ROH episode this week with the long departed Nigel McGuinness as announcer felt much more outdated than anything AAA is going to do.) I expect everything airs like normal, with maybe Daga’s challenge removed, but AAA had plenty of time think of how they wanted to handle this and could go many ways. They have the two guys who left losing singles matches, there are worst situations.

IWRG had a Wednesday show, with Sunday being the Chairo show. That means the new episode might air on TV a couple days earlier than usual. It should still air on Monday.

lucha TV preview for weekend of January 20th

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FantasicaMania! I’ve written about it a few times. The shows are subscriber only. You don’t actually have to get up at the early morning hours to watch it; NJPW does make those available for VOD right away.

CMLL Retro jumped around a bit last week, showing a main event three weeks ahead of the rest of the card. That doesn’t really make any sense unless they’re going to be doing more jumping around, so my guesses may be off.

AAA has the second part of Guerra de Titanes. I was thinking the other day that the mystery person stalking Cuervo & Scoria fifteen minutes ago was probably supposed to be Zorro since they’re teaming together now. It just was never well explained, which I was I’m just explained it to you about a year after they started teaming up. Perhaps they’ll be explaining the mystery Apache attacker on this show, the last from 2016.

lucha TV preview for weekend of January 13th

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LU goes away just as AAA returns. The taping from Chilpancingo, which you’ve likely totally forgotten about, will start airing this week. We’re guessing on matches for that show (and Retro), since it’s the start of a new taping. Expect a lot of hype for Guerra de Titanes as well.

Caristico versus Negro Casas should be a more interesting main event than usual in Puebla.

Mascara Dorada almost dies on this week’s of Elite on Azteca, so that’s a thing.

lucha TV preview for weekend of January 6th

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No CMLL Sunday shows now. LU finishes up for now just in time for AAA to come back with new episodes. The Lucha Underground preview doesn’t outright specify matches, but Dragon Azteca probably is going to get himself killed against Matanza.

Still can’t believe Friday’s card is for real. It’s going to be something. It’s a NJPW World airing too.

IWRG will have another addition to the Imposible title match playlist

lucha TV preview for weekend of December 23rd


AAA is probably best of material, though we’re not sure yet. It’s also going to run a strange time. Televisa airs the NFL, the NFL games are largely moved to Saturdays this week, and AAA won’t come on until whatever random time the late NFL games end.

CMLL’s Sunday show should air on YouTube, though they seem to be not advertising it to prevent it from hurting ticket sales.

IWRG‘s anniversary should air, because the Sunday show is a Chairo show which won’t be taped. They didn’t air both IWRG’s tapings last week, so at least only one show improves the odds.

lucha TV preview for weekend of December 16th

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AAA’s advertising Star Battle airing this week. It appears like it’s only a one part episode, which means it’ll be edited down. The preview also does not show anything of the main event, which may or may not be meaningful.

CMLL Retro may have Valiente versus Ultimo Guerrero, if you’ve been waiting four days to see it again

Elite on the US has the first round of the international tournament, which means some people are going to flip thru channels and be very confused to see Sabu wrestle in Arena Mexico

lucha TV preview for weekend of December 8th

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This week’s AAA show appears to be the final first run material of the year (unless they sneak Star Battle in.) If you guesses the last main event of 2016 would be Brian Cage, Johnny Mundo and Martin Casuas versus Garza Jr., La Parka and Texano, you need to be running a lucha website instead of me.

Lucha Retro is back to the 9pm slot this week, though with two matches from 09/24 you probably don’t want to see. (Unless you really want to see what Marvel looks like.)

This week’s Elite US show doesn’t have anything special, but I liked both matches on it. The international tournament starts next week.

This is a bit cheating, but I’m fairly certain Lucha Underground will have the other two Battle of the Bull matches. You’ll have to wait for the cage match another week, but the final should air that week as well. This week’s episode has mind games on Sexy Star, and Dragon Azteca checking in on Rey Mysterio.