lucha TV preview for weekend of November 19, 2015


Clicking on the picture makes it a lot more readable.

Lucha Azteca is back this week, but I’m not sure which episode is going to air. I’ve got it listed as the normal episode, which would mean Volador/Sombra never makes TV.

AAA is the first of the two part show from Xalapa, so I’m mostly guessing there as well Last week’s show hyped Mysterio versus Mundo.

If LATV airs a new episode, it’s slated to be the epic Marco Corleone/Kraneo match.

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lucha TV preview for weekend of November 12


The big thing that should jump out is Lucha Azteca is not airing this week. It’s preempted for a marathon for another show and on the schedule next week, but this would’ve been the iPPV week (Volador/Sombra) and it’s unclear if they just show that next week or skip it entirely.

The live Friday night show will be on ClaroSports. There’s no way of knowing if it’s going to be limited to Mexico until they put up the page for the feed (usually 2-3 hours prior to the show.)

AAA is the second part of the Reynosa show, with the Wagner return and Laredo Kid making a cameo in a good looking match.

LATV should start with Tuesday tapings this week. Maybe the YouTube channel never got Cometa/Puma because it was to air on TV?

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lucha TV preview for the weekend of November 7th


  • this is the first week of a two week AAA taping, so the preview is just a coin toss. I do not know when AAA will begin putting up the TV shows on YouTube again.
  • CMLL is back on this Friday. I have no idea if it’ll be region blocked, but plan as if it will be. That main event listed there is not the current main event, but I’ll handle that tomorrow.
  • CMLL Informa confirmed ClaroSports (TV) will get Tuesday’s title match and those shows going forward. LATV will also get those Sunday shows, and may get the Terrible/Maximo match next week.

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lucha TV scheduled for the weekend of October 31st, 2015

  • CMLL has a iPPV tomorrow! You may have heard. It’s $6. It’s also starting an hour late because of daylight time (which will also affect all the Mexican based shows on Saturday.)
  • AAA is the taping after Myzteziz left but before Alberto left. It also has what looks like a really good first two matches.
  • I believe Claro Sports (the TV channel) is ending up with the Tuesday lucha and the Sunday lucha is getting orphaned. I’m not 100% sure that starts this week and it may be a while before everything settles into place. Plus, I don’t get Claro Sports so I might not be able to tell for a while. (And the show seems to be bumped to Friday & Sundays now?)
  • LATV may get Negro Casas versus Titan, a great looking lightning match which hasn’t turned up yet. I don’t get LATV either – we’ve reached the point where there’s (only!) four hours of CMLL on normal TV stations and I can only get two hours, the hours which are already aired live on the internet.
  • I hope everyone wears scary robes for the Castle of Terror IWRG match. Not even kidding.


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lucha TV preview for the weekend of October 24


Cadena3 is listed up there but this may just a memorial. Maybe the show returns in January when the channel returns under a new name. Maybe it gets shifted over to a new network quickly. No one knows and we may not know until someone stumbles onto the show randomly (because it’s not like anyone involved is sure to promote it.)

AAA starts a run of one taping per event episodes (which means the main guys make appear more frequently.) Tomorrow’s taping that was going on while Myzteziz was showing up in Arena Mexico. Beyond the matches, this is the first show after Heroes Inmortales so they might start to announce when/where Guerra de Titanes will be held

The time change only really affects CMLL on Puebla and IWRG on this week; they’ll both start around 11pm Eastern on Monday if you’re in the US. (Also, change your clocks on Sunday.) It’ll also push back Noches de Coliseo, but that airs at a random time as it is.

This is a strangely busy week for Heddi Karoui singles matches, between and IWRG.

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lucha TV schedule for the weekend of October 17, 2015


I’m dumb. Or at least a forgetful person. I thought last week was Myzteziz’s final appearance on AAA TV. Nope. Really, even if nothing else is going on, they picked a weird way to air these matches.


  1. Myzteziz costs La Sociedad the tag titles
  2. La Sociedad plays nice with Myzteziz in the trios match
  3. La Sociedad beats up Myzteziz to end the show (justifiable revenge)

as it airs on TV

  1. La Sociedad beats up Myzteziz
  2. Myzteziz costs La Sociedad the tag titles (justifiable revenge!)
  3. La Sociedad plays nice with Myzteziz in a trios

What? How? Huh? (This happens with double tapings more than it should.)

CMLL is generally weak this week. Friday night’s show looks like the best bet. Titan/Casas on (regular TV) Claro should be good and maybe Dragon Lee/Mephisto will be as well.

if you’ve understandable gotten of the habit of tracking down Noches de Coliseo (airing here somewhere around 3AM CT on Monday morning), it might be worth recording again. ColiseoMania might air at some point.

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lucha TV schedule for weekend of October 10th


  • will be airing Friday’s Arena Mexico show, but only for Mexico IP addresses. No one’s really explained why, but that’s the deal. (Maybe it helps Azteca (US) if those matches aren’t airing on the internet two weeks earlier, but that’d only explain blocking US and not the rest of the world.)
  • Claro did this originally, and we were able to use the Hola VPN app to get around it. That app didn’t work last week. It could be because of some (temporary) problem with the app, it could be Claro figuring out how to block it. People who had their own (usually pay) VPN apps were able to get around the block, so it’s not impossible. If Hola doesn’t work again Friday, there are other apps in the Chrome (and other browser) app store, one of them might work. I’m not going to be offering tech support on Friday – I’m not even sure I’m going to try recording this show – but there’s always a way to make it work if you want it to work enough.
  • AAA will begin airing Heroes Inmortales this week. If you paid $19, you paid it to see about 8 days before AAA puts half it on YouTube for free. It’s a strange thing to do when you’re trying to rebuild the value of your PPV, but I’m sure their not thinking about it.
  • CMLL on 52MX continues to be pre-empted at various times. They do update the guide, but it’s all very random. I wonder what they think about Puebla being on the internet for free two weeks before it airs on their network.
  • LATV aired a repeat last week. I’ve got it down as if they’ll just skip that week. We don’t have any recording of the 09/20 show, so this would be new to the internet if it actually aired.

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lucha TV preview for weekend of October 3rd


  • I’m less sure than usual with AAA. A five match taping is normally one TV taping, but this also had a long La Sociedad segment (and a dark match with locals they could use to fill time.) Heroes Inmortales airs next, so either’s it going to be on free TV six or thirteen days after it takes place.
  • CMLL on Azteca has the mask match. They should just air that. They should definitely not air the semimain match. Now that I think again, they’re actually much more likely to air Dark Angel/Princesa Sugehit.
  • I feel like this should have a third bullet point but I can’t think of anything to say. Puebla locals matches may be good? It’s possible I won’t be around to record Claro Sports?

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lucha TV schedule for weekend of September 25th


This thing is back. Hooray?

  • AAA has the actual vacation show. Business picks back up next week.
  • CMLL Guerreros del Ring 52MX is back on the schedule (and the rerun did air tonight with the normal episode.)  They should have the second to last Dark Angel match.
  • The Dragon Lee vs Virus lightning match isn’t on the internet yet, would be nice if LATV airs it.
  • The IWRG Retro show may air on Saturday or Sunday on AYM.

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lucha TV preview for weekend of September 12th


I don’t know if I’m doing this week. I guess it depends on what state I’m in Thursday.

  • AAA is easy to call; Myzteziz’s first match on the rudo side and some promising undercard stuff.
  • ClaroSports has the return of Thunder. Sorry.
  • Mercurio/Astral on C3 is probably the best of the weekend CMLL stuff, though Virus/Dragon Lee might be pretty good too.

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