Lucha Libre 151-160 magazine recaps

Lucha Libre 151

These issues summaries run from September 11th to November 13th, 1966. This is getting close to the end of 1966. I’ll try to do some sort of year in review once that is finished.

Lucha Libre 151 – 09/11/1966 (Friday of 09/02, released 09/06)

  • Last week, it seemed like a hair match was coming but it wasn’t clear which one. It turns out to be two: Jerry London defeats Karloff Lagarde in one, and Rene Guajardo beats Felipe Ham Lee in the other.
  • The EMLL Anniversary show is said to be set for 09/23. (It doesn’t happen until 09/30.)
  • Rene Guajardo also has recently defended his title against Felipe Ham Lee, but not said when or where
  • a feature: “luchadors: normal people outside the ring who are capable of marrying women”
  • Most of the wrestlers owe more than 6 months of back dues to UNL
  • “Braulio Mendoza is lying.” Acapulco wrestlers are upset with Mendoza, the head of the local version of the union but afraid of challenging him. There are issues with trying to kick Johnny Ceballos and La Cebra out of the union after they’ve been accused of crimes
  • Karis La Momia is now wrestling under his real name of Mario Gomez in Tulancingo
  • Rodolfo Ruiz is expected out for all of September with kidney issues. A later note says amends it to two months.
  • El Vasco broke his right forearm in a match with Tony Sugar and will be out a while.
  • Pepe Menedita it in “delicade” health
  • filmmakers really want Mil Mascaras
  • Rafael Barradas is preparing a book about the history of lucha libre
  • Chabela Romero has defended her women’s title against Betty Olguin in Arena San Juan Pantitlan
  • Pokarito Ramirez challenges Raul Rojas for a shot at the lightweight title”
  • Emilio Charles is now the programmer for a promotion running at Plaza de Toros Monterrey
  • A Goliat bio
  • Chino Chow is rated 84, with a 7 for personality among 8s and 9s.
  • magazine complains about too many people with Oro/Dorado in their name.
  • paper very upset with the result between Tigre Steiger & Mil Mascaras
  • an article complains about too many popular rudos and not many tecnicos.
  • a Dr. Wagner profile. He hasn’t been around much.
  • Cavernario Galindo art bio

Lucha Libre 152 – 09/18/1966 (Friday of 09/09, released 09/13)

  • Mil Mascaras, Black Shadow defeat El Santo, Rayo de Jalisco in the finals of a Friday tag tournament and a battle of idols. Match was said to be great.
  • Mil Mascaras will be out 7 weeks due to filming a movie.
  • Canadian Jerry London has fallen in love with Mexico. “He has changed hot dogs for enchiladas.”
  • Ciclon Veloz Jr. hopes to reach the same fame as his father.
  • The two hair match show last week drew 163,987 pesos, which is just short of the record (164,500) set by Santo versus Espanto I in a mask match.
  • Huracan Ramriez may have returned to Central America.
  • Black Gordman may have won national heavyweight title from Pantera Negra in Monterrey but they don’t have it confirmed. (Current records say Gordman won on the 6th in Ciudad Victoria).
  • Guadalajara announcer Salvador Vazquez is called “inepto”
  • a list of those who lost their hair in 1966 so far. Seems a weird article for September. Some have dates, some do not, most have already been mentioned.
  • Carlos Moreno & “Wolff” Rubinski get the art bio tribute.

Lucha Libre 153 – 09/25/1966 (Friday of 09/16, released 09/20)

  • Karloff Lagarde & Rene Guajardo beat Ray Mendoza & Jerry London, though that was only after a defeated Lagarde knocked out London from outside. The magazine is unhappy with the rudos’ behavior.
  • There’s a rumor of more EMLL wrestlers being cut.
  • Raul Reyes wants an apuesta rematch with Dr. Wagner
  • Oswaldo Johnson, the promoter of note from Guatemala, was in Mexico City working to recruit more wrestlers to come to his country.
  • Tito Montes, a Mexican raised in the US, has debuted in Acapulco.
  • Rene Guajarado profile billed as an undisputable champion
  • The notes column mentions the ropes in Arena Coliseo are bad and a danger to the wrestlers
  • Tigre Steiger needed a minor back operation after being hit with a bottle in Cuernavaca.
  • The magazine talks about all the big names who’ve wrestled for EMLL, celebrated it’s 33rd anniversary the next day.
  • An article about the history of the national middleweight title seems like it is more like the world middleweight title. I’m very confused.
  • Bulldog Reyes is rated 76.
  • Rene Guajardo & Jerry London get the art bio treatment.

Lucha Libre 154 – 10/02/1966 (Friday of 09/23, released 09/27)

  • El Santo, Jerry London, Ray Mendoza beat Rene Guajardo, Karloff Lagarde, Henry Pilusso in the Friday main event. This turned into heavy brawling and was not liked by the magazine.
  • Karloff Lagarde is going to be out for a while after getting his tonsils removed.
  • There’s a long article about how the people make the wrestlers stars, not the people. This feels like a reaction to something – maybe Box Y Lucha called Mil Mascaras an invention of Lucha Libre? Mascaras definitely comes up, with the magazine admitting Mil had a lot of hype coming in while arguing that also meant the crowd would’ve turned harder against him if he didn’t deliver on the hype.
  • The “batalla rusa de parejas” is debuting in Arena Coliseo; basically a tag team tournament with partners determined by elimination order. “No one liked the idea.”
  • Ray Silva & Leo Lopez are debuting in Arena Coliseo from Guanajuato
  • El Santo has recently defended his title against Buddy Montes in Plaza de Toros el Cortijo.
  • A notes column mentions El Santo is getting 750 dollars (specified as dollars instead of pesos) per match.
  • the main event luchadors from 09/16 show were fined 250 pesos for their actions. It’s not said exactly what the action is, just the magazine says it was a serious spectacle.
  • ex-wrestler Juan Garza is now the match-maker in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
  • The middleweight title history continues. The order of the champions match up but the dates remain different thru Tarzan Lopez’s first reign.
  • The Tijuana wrestlers union has dissolved due to bad direction. Wrestlers have joined the Mexicali group instead.
  • New Tabasco state champions are Vikingo II (lightweight), Rayo Vengador (welter), and Halcon Blanco (middle)
  • Tigre Steiger gets a profile after being around for a while. He’s in for 3-9 months and has a degree from the “University of Hamburgo” as an x-ray technician.
  • Caballero Tigre hype.
  • Jose Lotario is doing well in Puerto Rico.
  • a Black Shadow profile.
  • Lobo Negro & Carnicero Butcher get the art treatment.

Lucha Libre 155 – 10/09/1966 (Friday of 09/30, released 10/04)

  • in the 33rd Anniversary EMLL show, Rene Guajardo defeats Jerry London in a hair vs hair match. Lucha Libre believes London was the best wrestler in Mexico. They’re so upset about the outcome that they doesn’t even want to write about the match.
  • The promoter of Plaza de Toros el Coritjo are called out for making 15,000 on their 09/25 show and paying the referee only 41 pesos. A lot of drunk people too t the show.
  • Gori Guerrero is coming to wrestle in Mexico City. This time for sure! (He does not come.)
  • El Nazi went to a draw with Mil Mascaras and feels that shows he can beat Mascara in a title match
  • Rizado Ruiz talks about his career. Jesus Lomelin gave him the name.
  • Referee Roberto Rangel traveled to San Antonio to referee a Bruno Sammartino & Dorrel Dixon WWF title match.
  • Tona La Tapatia is now working behind the scenes on movies
  • Part 3 of the middleweight history, which again has all different dates than I’m used to.
  • Joe Marin gets the art tribute
  • The union will hold a benefit show on 10/14. These have had all title matches in the past, but no lineup turns up from this one.
  • Halcon Negro loves Mexico
  • Buddy Montes rated a 59, with a 5 in popularity and 6 in tencica. The magazine is still upset about him getting a title match against El Hijo del Santo
  • Tigre Steiger, scheduled for 3 months, is already on his way out due to poor performances.
  • Lalo Montengro unmasked Fantasma (from Pachuca) in Morelia, but no name was announced.

Lucha Libre 156 – 10/16/1966 (Friday of 10/07, released 10/11)

  • Rene Guajardo & Black Shadow win the first ever ruleta rusa tournament on a Friday night. This is not an apuesta match like we might think about that term today. It is the same eight-team tournament they’ve been doing, except the teams themselves are decided by battle royal. Shadow reverts to his rudo persona for the first time in a while in teaming with lead rudo Guajarado. It sticks, he remains a rudo going forward.
  • This is the 3rd Anniversary of the magazine.
  • There’s an article complaining about “campeonitis”, worthless championships. The tag team title situation gets brought up here. Santo & Rayo are the Arena Mexico (Friday) champions, Rebelde & Apolo Curiel are the Tuesday Arena Coliseo tag champs and Espanto I & Espanto III are the Sunday Arena Coliseo tag team champions. None of them come up much and there are no officially recognized national tag team championship. The magazine only wants two titles (National and World), getting rid of the local/state titles.
  • They also want champions to defend against real challengers, still aggravated by that Santo title defense against Buddy Montes.
  • Japan’s Akio Yoshihara is returning to Mexico for the first time in nearly a decade.
  • Cesar Valentino is back from wrestling in Spain. He didn’t like it, saying he got paid less in the US and the fans weren’t the equal of Mexico. Valentino says Argentina is a much better situation in all ways than Spain.
  • Rodolfo Ruiz is 2 weeks away from returning from injury.
  • the Mexican Middleweight title history continues here. I can actually make sense of it compared to what we have right now. The version here is Tarzan Lopez held the belt for 10 years from 1946 to 1956, instead of vacating it after winning the world title in 1948. There’s no new champion until 1956 so that could very well be correct.
  • Tigre Steiger’s contract is mentioned as being canceled by CMLL, so he’s officially done.
  • new luchador Zeus gets a profile
  • Karloff Lagarde has been discharged by surgeons after his tonsils surgery. Pacific Coast promoters want him against Santo when Santo returns from South America
  • Ray Mendoza sold a lot of tickets in Acapulco, with the magazine claiming he’s the best ticket seller of the moment
  • a title win (World Junior Middleweight) by Basil Batah in Venezuela on 10/02 is said to have drawn 13,000 people.
  • La Furia is rated a 82
  • A short article on Ray Silva.

Lucha Libre 157 – 10/23/1966 (Friday of 10/14, released 10/18)

  • Ruben Juarez, Rayo de Jalisco beat Karloff Lagarde, El Nazi in a boring Friday main event. This was Lagarde’s return from injury. Angel Blanco & Dr. Wagner won in the semi-main, their highest profile win as a tag team so far. Akio Yoshihara did make his return.
  • the 2-3 Fuera column wonders why there are no national tag team champions.
  • The Tuesday Arena Mexico titles held by Rebelde & Daniel Curiel have been vacated to give other youngsters a chance. A tournament is underway
  • Bodybuilders are coming into wrestling, but the magazine believes they will put the rest the old myth that bodybuilders don’t have enough flexibility to do well in wrestling. In a remarkable coincidence, this leads into a plug for a bodybuilding magazine from the same publishers.
  • a profile on Halcon Suriano. He was born into wealth (inherited from his grandfather on his father’s side), but the family lost all the money when he was young and it was a terrible adjustment. The second part of this interview seems to be missing, but the photos indicate there were hopes of him being a next El Santo only for him suffering a vertebrae injury against the Espantos.
  • Hector Guzman has re-opened Arena Lopez Mateos after improvements to the arena shut it down for 45 days.
  • local promoters are now all copying the ruleta ruso idea
  • Chico Casasola may be leaving his EMLL programming role to return this job as head of the wrestlers union.
  • Pepe Casas was a hair vs mask match with Caata Brava I
  • A Karloff Lagarde hype article
  • The despised Mil Caras, revealed months ago here to be Sordomundo Rodirugez and also someone bitting off Mil Mascaras’ fame, lost that mask to El Zombie in Arena Azteca Budokan.
  • A show at Arena Oblatos in Jalisco was threatened to be shut down because two of their wrestlers owe move to the Arena Coliseo Guadalara promoters. The column is confused at what one has to do with the other.
  • El Monstruo is rated 77
  • A micro-report on Rasputin
  • Juan Flores, the Mexico greco-roman champion at 78 kg, is headed to CMLL.
  • An interview on El Rebelde as he works on his car.

Lucha Libre 158 – 10/30/1966 (Friday of 10/21, released 10/25)

  • Rene Guajardo again defeated Jerry London for the NWA Middleweight championship. NWA President Sam Mushnick was in attendance and raised Guajarado’s arm after the defense.
  • a profile on Black Shadow, becoming a rudo again after 13 years.
  • Rayo de Jalisco continues to have fans and critics for his flying style.
  • Anibal now is in CMLL’s gym training for a debut.
  • Hype for Wagner & Blanco
  • Ray Mendoza & Mil Mascaras are working on movies.
  • As de Oros has been called to Mexico City to debut
  • The magazine is upset the Vetarron brothers are wrestling in outfits similar to Mil Mascaras.
  • someone claiming to be El Santo but obviously a fake wrestled in Puerto Rico
  • Prelimiary wrestlers who can be top stars in the future: Pato Soria, Solitario, Benny Romero, Tony Reina, el Greco, Cesar Valentino, Ciclon Veloz Jr., Chucho Villa, and Ray Silva
  • an interview with Vikingo

Lucha Libre 159 – 11/06/1966 (Friday of 10/28, released 11/01)

  • Black Shadow & Henry Pilusso won another ruleta ruso
  • Jerry London has terminated his contract with EMLL, which is what spurred them to call Dory Dixon back in.
  • Halcon Negro has also quit EMLL, unhappy about his spot. He’s out of wrestling and working in other businesses. Lucha Libre had often been down on his matches
  • Lucha Libre now is down on Akio Yoshihara’s matches, says he needs to show more heat and aggressiveness or he’ll be going back to Japan.
  • The rankings have Guajarado as the top rudo with black Shadow just behind. Rayo de Jalisco is the top tecnico in front of Santo. They list tag teams (Rayo/Santo) and trios (London, Lee, Mendoza) for the first time.
  • Blue Demon is going to film another movie before returning to wrestling.
  • Tony Salazar pops up for the first time in a Nuevo Valores section. He’s 19 at this point and hoping to pass the professional test (but is wrestling on small shows alreadly)
  • Felipe Ham Lee profile
  • As de Oro wants to wrestle in Arena Mexico.
  • a Dick Angelo profile
  • Leo Lopes is out 40 days due to a clavicle injury, suffered when the second rope broke on last Tuesday’s Arena Coliseo show. Those were the same ropes warned about earlier. .
  • A Q&A with Raul Rojas, who likes dancing (flameco!); he says it was his passion before wrestling.
  • Carnicero Grimaldo is rated 78.

Lucha Libre 160 – 11/13/1966 (Friday of 11/04, released 11/08)

  • Rudo Black Shadow continues winning, teaming with Henry Pilusso to beat Rayo de Jalisco, Ray Mendoza on Friday night. The magazine is thrilled to get a week off from Rene Guajarado.
  • The La Verdad de Lucha Libre section still has not returned – but “La Falsa de Lucha Libre” shows up in this issue! They’re upset about wrestlers who don’t really know lucha, battle royals (how can you have real fights with all those people in the ring) and the rise of holds that require obvious co-operation or aren’t actually hurting anyone
  • the opening complaints of the magazine: why are the Ventarron being allowed to wrestle masked and under other identities unmasked? When will someone hold a tournament to decide a challenge for Gory Guerrero? Later, it’s claimed Gori Guerrero was totally going to come back to defend against the great Jerry London but London left Mexico. They do praise Antonio Montoro so it’s not all complaining.
  • A Dory Dixon profile. He has muscles. He would be champion but all the current champions are scared to defend against him! This is some good journalism.
  • The women luchadors are in Monterrey and Torreon right now. Black Gordman and Cesar Silva have left the Monterrey and are headed to Juarez.
  • Mil Mascaras is getting close to finishing the two movies he was on.
  • build for a Black Shadow vs Rayo de Jalisco match.
  • a Huroki Sito interview.
  • Alfonso Dante is rated 81, called “cold”
  • El Muerto Alfonso Morales is now Golden Boy.
  • someone named Juan Macanas is getting on small shows in Mexico City but isn’t really trained.

Lucha Libre 141-150 magazine recaps

lucha libre 147

Some highlights from another 10 issues of Lucha Libre magazine, going from early July to early September 1966. Again, all translations and summaries are mind and are far from perfect.

Lucha Libre 141 – 07/03/1966 (covering Friday of 06/24, released 06/28)

  • Rene Guajardo & Karloff Lagarde beat El Santo & Jerry London in a rematch of a recent draw in the Arena Mexico main event.
  • former heavyweight champion Chico Casasola is the new EMLL programmer. He replaces long-time referee Jesus Lomelin, who passed away on June 10th. Casasola is still ranked 7th in the heavyweight rankings, heavyweights haven’t been featured much in Arena Mexico. He’ll continue wrestling while being in charge, including in Arena Mexico.
  • an interview with Rayo de Jalisco, who has gotten flack about his style being too acrobatic
  • a series on the history of the National Lightweight starts, focusing on the Dientes Hernandez & Jack O’Brien going back and forth in the first few title matches
  • Mil Mascaras & Ray Mendoza set a new record for Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara, a gate of 37,000. This appears to be the 06/19 Anniversary show, where tickets were 5 pesos for men, 3 for women/kids. If the tickets were half of each, that would be 9,250, which is about twice as many people who can fit in the building.
  • an article about Manuel Robles unmasking La Momia back in May. He is Mario Gomez, 13 years in wrestling, from Tulacingo and trained by Rato Vargas. The writer says Momia had an ugly mask but is actually a nice looking man now that he’s unmasked. This appears to be the same person who lost a different mask as White Hand a month later (and many decades later did interviews talking about how he never lost a mask.) That’s never brought up in that piece, but a later column argues for a long suspension for White Hand.
  • Similarly, Aguila Tapatia is criticized for losing his mask in Reynosa on 06/19 after he had lost it already lost it to Solitario
  • There are annoying fans in Naucalpan, where a scheduled Cobra I/Rebelde Rojo mask vs mask match turned into a Mexico State welterweight. Cobra kept his title, but it is good to know Naucalpan booking has always been strange.
  • In wrestler rating feature, Henry Pilusso is rated 90 out of 100
  • Yaqui Galicia has passed away, in part due to diabetes.

Lucha Libre 142 – 07/10/1966 (Friday of 07/01, released 07/05)

  • Jerry London’s reign as NWA Middleweight Champion comes to a short end in 40 days, with Rene Guajardo recapturing title on the Friday night show. London appeared to be brought in just to do the back and forth (and so the world title could involve matches with a foreigner from Canada), but he apparently made a good enough impression to stick around for quite a while longer. It is unclear if London successfully defended the title; it could have happened in Monterrey, but results from there are rarely mentioned in Lucha Libre.
    • This is preceded by an article of London & Guajardo each training for this match. Seems like it was one week too late for that.
    • The guys in the semifinal on this match (Henry Pilusso, Ray Mendoza vs Santo, Mil Mascaras) were fined for fighting outside the ring.
  • Cavernario Galindo is in line for a fine or suspension for missing his match on Friday. He was on a movie set with Santo instead.
  • A strange new running feature has Ray Mendoza being a problem solver for fans issues with businesses or the government. This seems to turn into just people writing in complaining about their issues and not anyone really solving them as far as I can tell. This is right after Adolfo Moreno’s true crime stories. Mendoza is a rudo at this point.
  • The commission is proposing a new rule that no masked man will be licensed to wrestle in Mexico City unless they’ve wrestled for at least a year and at a high level. This is an attempt at cutting down at people just putting on a mask to lose it.
  • Cavernario Galindo is in line for a fine or suspension for missing his match on Friday. He was on a movie set with Santo instead. Eddie Palau has also been suspended for two months, though it’s not clear.
  • Mao Chang is a 72, getting a 10 for Aficion & Condicion Fisica but 7s for Personalidad, Popularidad, and Taquilla (ticket selling)
  • a Sugi Sito bio

Lucha Libre 143 – 07/17/1966 (Friday of 07/08, released 07/12)

  • Ray Mendoza & Henry Pilusso defeat Rene Guajardo & Karloff Lagarde in the main event of the Friday Arena Mexico show, in the occasional rudo rudo feud.
  • a longer bio of Jose Lomelin appears with a benefit show for his family. He started as a referee in 1926 in San Antonio. The first time he was attacked (bumped?) in a match was 1935 (he got 10 pesos for that match.) The toughest wrestlers for him to deal with were Ray Ryan, Chiandoni and Danny McShain, while Otis Clingmans put him out for a while after a stomach injury. He discovered and launched El Santo into his fame
  • A wrestler is wrestling under the name Mil Caras, which Lucha Libre feels is a trying to rip off their creation Mil Mascaras. They magazine outs him as Sordomudo Vilchis. This wrestler appears to be the one in the semifinal of the Friday Arena Mexico show, and the recap refers to him as “Mil” in quotes the whole time, not really making it clear it is Mil Mascaras. He does not return.
  • Tony Lopez is rated an 84

Lucha Libre 144 – 07/24/1966 (Friday of 07/15, released 07/19)

  • Ray Mendoza & Henry Pilusso continue winning as a team, this time winning an eight-team tournament. There’s also a Q&A with Henry Pilusso
  • The history of the Mexican Welterweight Title continues. An interesting thing about Gory Guerrero holding the NWA Light Heavyweight Title hostage currently is this version of history has him also essentially refusing to loave the national welterweight title for about a decade (1945-1953). Guerrero was NWA Middleweight Champion during that time, so he was still around, and some sources have Santo & Demon swapping that national title during that period. If EMLL had a real issue with him doing this, maybe they would’ve stopped giving him championships? Or maybe Gory is just the badest man who ever lived.
  • There was a Tuesday show for Jesus Lomelin, though results are a bit scarce. The big deal was Rene Guajarado and Enrique Llanes having fight, though Llanes was working as a referee.
  • Daniel Curiel won a 9 man tournament on Sunday. The big news is there’s actual Sunday results.
  • Did You Know column claims professor Enrique Ugartecha as the first Mexican wrestler. He was born July 28, 1881 in Veracruz, and had his first match in Mexico City on June 28, 1903. He won a title in Cuba in 1910 and retired in 1934. He was a physical education teacher from 1938 to 1956, when he passed away. I would assume he was also the first Mexican wrestler to complain about the kids doing too many highspots and losing the spirit of the thing.
  • This is the 13th Anniversary of Arena Puebla, built by Salvador Lutteroth, so there’s some talk about the building. The seating capacity is mentioned as 4,000 people (!!!) and the lights are powered up to 500 Watts.
  • Arena Xochimilco, run by the Bonales family (Bobby?), has suspended all shows for the time being.
  • Cesar Valiento & Dick Medrano will debut in England.
  • La Cebra unmasked Enigma in Acapulco. He’s a bus operator in his other life. This is the good La Cebra news for this run of issues. There is other news.
  • Jarochita Rivero will defend the Mexican Women’s Championship title on 06/24 as part of the Arena Puebla anniversary show. The match gets a double page article with large photos, far more than usual for women’s matches.
  • Maria de Leon, daughter of Mexican parents, is a Texas champion and #3 of the world women’s rankings. She visited Mexico City briefly, but of course was not allowed to actually wrestle there.
  • Pokarito Ramirez wants a Mexican Lightweight title match with Raul Rojas
  • Galento Mexicano is rated a 73.

Lucha Libre 145 – 07/31/1966 (Friday of 07/22, released 07/26)

  • On Friday, Rene Guajardo Karloff Lagarde again look like the best team, though they lost by DQ when Lagarde was defeated but came back in to save Guajarado from a Felipe Ham Lee tirabuzon (teaming with Jerry London.)
    • Espanto II & David Curiel were reportedly fined for fighting outside the ring after the match, though they’re said to have the best match of the night
  • there are new features on the first couple pages so confusing that I can’t tell if they’re talking about results or theoretically matches. It is heavy on gossip. They also start a series of caricature art as bios. Each of the three main CMLL shows get a page of results starting this issue.
  • The Lucha Libre sponsored tournament for non-professional wrestlers has started. I now understand that it appears to be an amateur style wrestling tournament, not untrained people trying to do professional wrestling. (I feel dumb I didn’t get that before.) This is exciting not because I’m dumb but because the featherweight winner is Jesus Diaz and the lightweight winner is Jose Diaz. Those are acknowledged to be the teenage sons of Ray Mendoza. They’re a few years from becoming Villano I and Villano II, although you can already see they’re going to be professional luchadors at some point.
  • The Mexico City commissioner does not know who the current (Mexico City) champs are but plans on figuring that out soon. The magazine is actually more focused on La Momia getting suspended for his escapades with losing a mask and putting another one on. They’re also refusing to approve the license of a new member to the wrestling union because the name he wants to use is also used by a kid’s magazine
  • The Super Libre columns thanks “their colleagues” for the publicity. It isn’t clear what Box Y Lucha wrote negatively about Lucha Libre, though I’d guess it was responding to the La Verdad de Lucha Libre series.
  • Relampago Cubano is in danger of being kicked out of the country in 15 days due to passport issues.
  • The history of the Welterweight Title continues, ending with Javier Escobedo’s death while champion in 1964.
  • A Humberto Garza interview
  • Felipe Ham Lee: win or die. That seems a bit severe.
  • Tony Sugar took 80 on the grading scale.

Lucha Libre 146 – 08/07/1966 (Friday of 07/29, released 08/02)

  • After criticizing & trolling Mexico City commissioner Rafael Barradas for months, Lucha Libre gets an interview with him. This tactic never works out as well for me. The interview, which I’ve posted here, plays some games. The cover teases “lucha libre returning to TV?”, and Barradas easily gives a “nope, definitely not, not even a decision I can make but I wouldn’t be for it anyway” answer. The responsibility is put on Dr. Bolanos Cacho (??) and the reasoning is that children were doing the holds and suicide dives they saw on TV. There’s a mention of broken bonus and a child who passed away after doing a dive off a roof. Never heard that story before.This also contains the first time any negative reaction to the La Verdad de Lucha Libre piece – the interviewer mentions “violent controversies” about their exposing the business. Barradas says the articles he saw from the series are revealing secrets already known by most fans. He thought they did not appear harmful to lucha libre and he found them interesting.Barradas is asked if the provincia (non-DF) commissions are disconnected from Mexico City and Barradas says they’re not; anyone with a license from elsewhere and a medical exam is able to wrestle the same. He feels the relegation of mask usage (he’d like less, maybe no new ones) and keeping up the strength the national titles is the most important part of his job. He’d also like to see the wrestlers respect the referees more and stop fighting out of the ring.

    A later section says the commission (Barradas) is recognizing Pedro Nieves (Lightweight), Carta Brava I (middleweight) and Johnny James (light heavyweight) Mexico City champions. The Welterweight and Heavyweight titles are currently vacant and may be decided in tournaments and Plaza de Toros el Cortijo.

  • Rene Guajardo, Henry Pilusso, Karloff Lagarde beat Rayo de Jalisco, Jerry London, Felipe Ham Lee in the main event of the Friday show. Not much going on there.
  • A recap of Tuesday’s Arena Coliseo show praises Javier Meza’s work on the show. Flip a few pages, and a notes column passes along a rumor Meza has been let go.
  • A notes column mentions Ham Lee & Jerry London haven’t been drawing as main eventers in Arena Coliseo.
  • El Mongol/Raul Molina is in Japan for three months
  • Espectro II is headed to Panama for a little less than a year.
  • Black Shadow & Karloff Lagarde are given art bio tributes
  • Angel Blanco & Mao Chang have bios.
  • Relampago Cubano has indeed left Mexico
  • Polo Torres is ranked 86, all 9s and 8s.

Lucha Libre 147 – 08/14/1966 (Friday of 08/05, released 08/09)

  • Felipe Ham Lee, El Santo beat Rene Guajardo & Karloff Lagarde in the main event. The rudos had issues leading to their loss. Maybe there was a thought of splitting them up, but it doesn’t go anywhere.
  • a recap of the history of masks mentions that first masked wrestler La Mascara Enmascarada covered up his face with adhesives in the match where he lost his mask, so fans still couldn’t see his mask. (The first masked wrestler let to the first fraud over masks in lucha libre.) There’s talk of the mask men numbers growing, but declaring a mask alone doesn’t make a luchador, leading into another mention of the Mexico City commission limiting the number of new mask men coming in and threatening suspensions to those mis-using them.
  • a photo gallery of Cavernario Galindo wearing a wig to hide his newly bald head at the hands of Felipe Ham Lee from the Arena Puebla anniversary show.
  • Jarochita Rivero (over Chabela Romero) and Pantera Negra (over Red Terror) both retained the national titles, though when and where is not mentioned. The women’s match is probably that same Arena Puebla show. The magazines says Romero’s best days are behind here and is pro-Rivero, so they probably know something that’s coming.
  • Sugi Sito wants a hair match with Rene Guajarado. That seems unlikely.
  • The magazine is critical towards Carlos Mayo for no-showing Tuesday’s show after having given many chances and wants a suspension.
  • Roy Landru is returning to Mexico in September. He last wrestled here in 1952, a little bit of a break.
  • Bobby Bonales & Sugi Sito art bios
  • An interview with Riazdo Ruiz
  • Red Terror is rated 80, lots of 8s and 9s.

Lucha Libre 148 – 08/21/1966 (Friday of 08/12, released 08/16)

  • Henry Pilusso, Rene Guajardo, Karloff Lagarde beat Felipe Ham Lee, El Santo, Jerry London in the Friday main event. Guajardo snuck in a foul on Ham Lee.
  • Mil Mascaras the previous Friday’s show. A notes column mentions he’s been suspended 30 days in Mexico City, but he is still wrestling elsewhere (Cordoba on this day.) It is implied he was suspended for the no-show but never spelled out. Carlos Mayo is suspended specifically for his own missed match.
  • A sidebar mentions Jarochita Rivero defending her title in Tampico tomorrow (08/17), wondering why Chabela Romero continues to get title changes while praising Rivero for taking on a difficult amount of championship matches. There’s later a recap of a show when Rivero beat Romero in a non-title match. It is now clear they know the title is changing hands in Tampico and are protesting it.
  • They’re in a mood; they talk about the best light heavyweight wrestling and then make it clear they mean Ray Mendoza (not champs Mascaras or Gory Guerrero.) During the Friday recap, there’s another mention of how Mendoza has proved he’s the best light heavyweight and a logical title challenger.
  • Lightweight Alberto Munoz interview. He’s not interested in challenges from Rizado Ruiz, calling him a fraud.
  • An interview with Espanto III, who calls Huracan Ramirez, Humberto Garza, and Javier Escobedo as his toughest career rivals. He praises Escobedo as a great wrestler who had a lot of promise and talks of his tragic death.
  • Angel Negro is rated 80, with 10s for Aficion and Condicion Fisica but 8s and 7s for everything else.
  • Pantera Negra is headed to the US for a tour.
  • Estrella Blanca “champion without a crown”.
  • Blue Demon art

Lucha Libre 149 – 08/28/1966 (Friday of 08/19, released 08/23)

  • El Santo & Rayo de Jalisco win a tag team tournament over Rene Guajarado & Karloff Lagarde, but the real news is in the semi-main. Henry Pilusso betrayed Ray Mendoza and helped Rene/Karloff advance. This is the end of Mendoza as a rudo.
  • An interview with Ray Mendoza does not mention the turn. It is clear that they’re setting up a Mendoza/Mascaras match. Another section mentions Mil defending his title soon.
  • Mil Mascaras’ suspension is now said to be 15 days and a 250 peso fine. US promoters are said to have an interest in bringing him in for a tour.
  • Hype for new Jalisco star As de Oros (later As de Oro), who is said to have the potential to be near as possible as Santo, Mil Mascaras or Rayo de Jalisco. The publisher of this magazine didn’t appear to think so – this man was the original choice to portray Mil Mascaras before it was shifted to the man known under that name.
  • There’s a short note congratulating Chabela Romero for winning the Mexican women’s championship. There are no details about when it happened.
  • The magazine is talking up the idea of Latin American Championships again. They shoot down the idea this would hurt the world titles, saying those are already hurt by those champions not defending their titles enough. This may be about the heavyweight/light heavyweight titles being essentially inactive in Mexico.
  • Angel Negro was unmasked in Arena Coliseo by Estrella Blanca. Angel Negro is Raul Chumacero Rodriguez. The gate for the show was 25,000 pesos.
  • The magazine warns people to not work with “La Cerba”. They’ve received three letters from fans accusing Cebra of doing “unspeakable things” to a child, and have heard rumors his brother (a luchador, name not mentioned) has murdered someone.
  • An Antonio Montoro interview.
  • Chanoc is rated an 80, getting a 7 in personality and popularity.
  • A 16 old reporter was hit by a police officer at a show last Friday and the magazine is very upset.
  • El Bulldog Camilo Perez gets the art bio treatment
  • David Curiel, Dr. Wagner, and Daniel Aldana, Vick Amezcua are mentioned as the new wave of luchador, but the article is more about how the old guys need to move aside. They go one for one on replacements. The column goes as far as mentioning specific people who should take over spots:
    • Mil Mascaras replaces El Santo
    • Alfonso Dantes replaces Daniel Aldana
    • Rizado Ruiz replaces Cavernario Galindo
    • Vick Amezcua replaces Rene Guajarado
    • Mao Chang replaces Sugi Sito
    • Dr. Wagner relaces Enfermero
    • El Nazi replaces Karloff Lagarde
    • David Curiel is the new Gory Guerrero (!)
    • Goliat replaces Henry Pilusso
    • Alberto Munoz should take Black Shadow’s spot.

Lucha Libre 150 – 09/04/1966 (Friday of 08/26, released 08/30)

  • the team of Jerry London, Felipe Ham Lee and new tecnico Ray Mendoza defeated Rene Guajardo, Karloff Lagarde, and Henry Pilusso in straight falls to the shock of all. A hair match is coming, though not clear which one.
  • Blue Demon has delayed his return to the ring. He still hasn’t been cleared from doctors since his injury more than a year ago. The article says it is possible he will not return at all and just concentrate on movies. It does appear he wrestled a couple of matches, so perhaps those didn’t go well.
  • Interview with Mil Mascaras portrays him as the only son of a well to do family who cares about injustice in the world.
  • Jorge Allende has decided to retire after he could no longer get work from EMLL.
  • Halcon de Oro from Juarez is coming to Mexico City soon.
  • The wrestler union is looking for wrestlers willing to travel to Colombia.
  • Karloff Lagarde working out in a Karloff Lagarde sweatshirt.
  • Fili Guerrero is suspended. No reason why.
  • Espanto II hit a cameraman and Lucha Libre wants his license pulled.
  • An interview with Halcon Negro & Cavernario Galindo
  • El Muerte is rated an 81.

Lucha Libre 110-120 magazine

El Santo, 1965

There are no more Mexico newspaper archives left to go thru, at least that I know of. (Let me know if I’m missing one.) I’ve returned to going thru an archive of lucha libre magazines I received many years ago. These are harder for me. The newspapers were mostly just transcribing lineups, with occasional prose. The magazines, at least the ones I’m going thru right now, are all prose. My poor Spanish skills mean the more words, the most likely I’m making a mistake. What I’ve got for these is the best I can do, but I’m sure they’re not perfect.

I’m trying to keep this manageable for me. Doing ten issues at a time works a lot better than doing a full year of issues. When I hit a year mark, I’ll try to still do the export of EMLL Arena Mexico/Arena Coliseo results for anyone who might be interested. Here’s the 1965 export.  These magazines have much more: results from other cities and usually a couple results from the 30s/40s/50s. I can extract them if anyone cares, but I’m not sure anyone does care about more than EMLL Mexico City stuff at this point.

To make this slightly useful, I’ve got some notes from each issue.

Lucha Libre 111

  • The 11/26 EMLL show is said not to be good on top, with the young kids looking better. A common complaint here and in future issues is for new people on top.
  • Feuds at the include Huracan Ramirez vs Scorpio, though not the famous Scorpio later.
  • Ray Mendoza is debut back to return from injury soon
  • Sugi Sito is leading a campaign to vote out union leadership. Voting is coming soon.

Lucha Libre 112

  • There’s a big show on 12/03. Huracan Ramirez takes Escorpion (I)’s mask. This is said to be Huracan’s 16th mask win. Later in the magazine, there’s an article introducing the new look of Escorpion, who is now Carnicero Galindo
  • On the same show, Karloff Lagarde takes Cavernario Galindo’s hair. There are some questions about Eddie Palau’s count being slow for Galindo. This was the match of the night.
  • The show itself had a big turnout – “gran lleno” – the first of this run of winter Arena Mexico shows.
  • El Gladiador (shot four times on 12/02) has recently passed away
  • Also, Salvador Lutteroth’s wife (Armida) pass away (11/26?) This is covered for a couple of issues, but there’s no cause of death match.
  • Dr. Wagner (Sr.) & Enfermero profile
  • Ciclon Veloz Jr. introduced
  • A recap of Tuesday shows include El Greco being up to 13 wins in a row
  • Panchito Villalobos is interviewed.

Lucha Libre 113

  • The 12/10 Arena Mexico show is covered.
  • A larger article is written about “tragic destiny” of El Gladiador, following up on his death. It focuses more on pre-wrestling bodybuilding career.
  • El Greco up to 14 wins in a row!
  • Angel de Morelos I introduced. He’s a regular in Naucalpan.
  • Polo Curiel profile, playing up his Gallo Giro nickname with a rooster. He recently won Black Killer’s hair in Guadalajara.
  • Shorter sections on El Atomico (in Peru) and the lack of heavyweight stars. The division hasn’t recovered from the Medcio Asesino.

Lucha Libre 114

  • 12/17 Arena Mexico recap features a lot of complaints about the referee involvement. Rayo/Shadow vs Wagner/Galant semi-main is said to be better than the Santo/Mil vs Guajarado/Pilusso (sub for Lagarde) main.
  • El Nazi complains people don’t dress well enough.
  • Alberto Munoz article, working out for his first Mexican Lightweight title defense, on 12/26 in Acapulco against Chanoc. The title has a higher profile with Munoz as champion that it did previously
  • A reoccurring series on local champions profile Canaima, Mexico State Welterweight champion. He lost his mask to Cobra I
  • Javier Meza profile
  • Benny Galant wants revenge on Lagarde & Guajardo, saying he’s the real rudo of the bunch. Guajarado had taken his hair recently.
  • Gory Guerrero will not be wrestling in Mexico City, despite reports. Magazine blames the commission, EMLL, and the union, because there are plenty of challenges for the light heavyweight title. The Gory Guerrero situation seems half reality and half story. They’re playing up like Gory Guerrero won’t defend the NWA Light Heavyweight Champion because he doesn’t think anyone in Mexico is a worthy challenger, while the real issue seems to be he doesn’t the promoters and union is worthy.
  • A reoccuring wrestler rating column, rating on 10 different columns (1-10) give Henry Pilusso a 89.

Lucha Libre 115

  • A special Saturday Christmas Day show has Benny Galant keeping the NWA MIDDLE title over Rene Guajardo and El Santo doing the same with the MEX LH title over Espanto I in a good match. Not a good turnout. The recap uses the win to hype Santo as a worthy challenger for Gori Guerrero
  • one of the writers (Hector Valero) got attacked by an EMLL referee (Jose Jaramillo/”Pepe el Inquieto”) at a show because the 12/17 recap was too critical. EMLL and the commission took the referee side
  • The cover teases El Santo unmasked. There’s a photo gallery of El Santo getting his mask removed during a match by El Nazi, teasing a reveal on the next page – which turns out to be a Dia de Inocentes match.
  • Photos of “lovers of space” Rayo de Jalisco & Black Shadow. They mean flying.
  • Upcoming star: Cesar Silva
  • Local champion: El Monstruo, Mexico City middleweight championship
  • “Are the best wrestlers Americans?”, a long article wonders. This is mostly an excuse to introduce a bunch of American wrestlers, and the comparison is more towards European wrestler than Mexican ones. US wrestling is often including in the results and various pictures.

Lucha Libre 116

  • The big review is of the Tuesday show review, which is usually only mentioned in the results roundup. There’s no Friday review, probably due to holidays.
  • A profile on Lotario and his US exploits.
  • A Gori Guerrero interview. He’s still feuding more with the union & EMLL, blaming their offers for not returning to Mexico City. He insists he’d be happy to defend NWA LH against Ray Mendoza but not on their terms. Later in the issue, Ray Mendoza is said to be furious he can’t get a shot.
  • Local champion: Dr. Wagner, current Occidente Light Heavyweight champion
  • upcoming star: El Anibal
  • Rene Guajarado rates 100 out of 100!

Lucha Libre 117

  • The Friday review talks about a bloody Rayo/Alberto vs Nazi/Karloff match.
  • A profile of Dory Dixon
  • A profile of Cavernario Galindo
  • Columns are still down on EMLL booking, noting that 12/26 Saturday year-end show with two title matches had a gate of less than 70,000 pesos, which is disappointing.
  • Lots of look back at what happened in 1965, including the not great parts. An article near the end looks back at all the titles changes in the year, the foreigners who came, and the people who passed away.

Lucha Libre Magazine 1965 awards

Luchador: Rene Guajardo
Revelation: Mil Mascaras
Novato: Alberto Munoz
Team: Rene Guajardo & Karloff Lagarde
Trio: Santo, Rayo, Shadow
Best match: Alberto Munoz vs Rodolfo Ruiz
Blodiest: Espanto I vs Dorrel Dixon
Most violent: Rene Guajardo vs Ray Mendoza
Most spectacular ticket seller: Mil Mascaras
Outstanding prelim: El Greco
Worst Luck: Dragon Verde I & II
Best Distinction: El Santo

  • Rayo de Jalisco is rated 100 out of 100
  • Adolfo Bonales wins the election to be General Secretary of the Union. He had lost his last three tires.

Lucha Libre 118

  • Karloff Lagarde, El Nazi beat Rayo de Jalisco, Alberto Munoz in a bloody Friday night Coliseo show
  • Former luchador Tosh Togo is acting in the new James Bond movie. (This is Oddjob)
  • New star: Relampago Guiterrez, wrestling in Arena Coliseo
  • Karloff Lagarde training photos, hyping him for a big 1966.
  • Blue Demon photos; he’s been out six months after suffering what sounds like a fractured skull while wrestling in Oaxaca. These photos may not be as recent.
  • Benny Romero profile.
  • El Nazi is rated 87 out of 100.

Lucha Libre 119

  • Caveranrio Galindo, Ray Mendoza beat El Nazi, Karloff Lagarde in a rudo/rudo main event
  • Black Shadow profile
  • La Reblede profile.
  • New star: El Conador
  • Bulldog (Carlos Perez Hernandez) gets a big photo
  • A story about a New York show that needed 8 referees to control all the wrestlers.
  • Halcon Dorado rates a 78 out of 100
  • Arena KO (Naucalpan forerunner, run by future IWRG owner Adolfo Moreno) celebrates it’s one year anniversary on 01/27.

Lucha Libre 200

  • Benny Galant, el Nazi beat Ray Mendoza, Cavernario Galindo in the last Friday night in Arena Coliseo for now. Galant used a foul to win, but also Karloff Lagarde’s submission hold. It got Galant a win Karloff could not get the week prior.
  • Luchador Mishima Ota is retiring from wrestling to become a referee. He can’t get licensed as a luchador; he had an aneurysm, and it’d be too dangerous for him to wrestle with getting an expensive and delicate surgery.
  • Dark Bufalo is returning after not being seen in Arena Mexico since 1954.
  • Former luchador Jack O`Brien is mentioned as being one of the first Mexican TV cameraman. (Just as a random trivia bit, not treated as if just happened.
  • Halcon Negro is returning to Mexico rings after about ten years. The article says he was unmasked by Santo and then traveled the world (including Greece, Gemrany, UK, Canada, Spain – where he’s originaly from)
  • Karloff Lagarde defends his NWA WELTER title against Black Shadow in Acapulco
  • New Star: El Beduino
  • New Star: El Muerto. He’s been unmasked since his last appearance in the magazine and has a big mop of light hair.
  • another article about New York wrestling. Bruno Sammaratino has a challenge out to Cassius Clay.
  • Felipe Ham Lee is rated a 90 out of 100
  • An article demands a seperate commission for lucha libre, not one also managed by boxers. They’re not happy about many things I odn’t quite understand, and particuarlly wrestler la Silueta having his debut postponed by Chico Casasola

lineups/results from Lucha Libre 89 to 100 added to the luchadb

a photo of El Santo from Lucha Libre 100

Still going thru old magazines, but sturck on the idea of adding any lineup/results I get every 10 issues. They were added on Thursday. I’m using my long forgotten tumblr account to post notes and snippets of issues if I see something interesting, though there’s not one there every week.

The biggest story around this time period is Mil Mascaras finally debuting in Arena Mexico. He’d been rejected for a license the year prior and had spend the time touring around Mexico. He’s immediately on top, teaming with the top tecnicos. Lucha Libre, who created the character and have been running ideas for his masks ever week for the last year, are strongly advocating for him as the soon to be greatest star of lucha libre. Interestingly, they’re saying that title goes from El Santo to Medico Asesino to Mil – Medico’s place in that linage has been forgotten as his promotion has faded into obscurity.

The Friday night shows are built around Rene Guajardo & Karloff Lagarde (as the lead rudos and team) and Ray Mendoza (as the lead tecnico, freshly promoted to that role), with others coming in and out. There’s a tease of a three way match, but instead Mendoza takes Lagarde’s hair on July 30th, and Guajardo avenges his tag team partner on August 20th. Both are said to be sell outs.

The strangest story to me is how Lagarde ends his seven year world welterweight championship reign. Huracan Ramirez wins the title for the first time in the now demolished Arena Isabel of Cuernavaca, on an anniversary show for the building. Except, Huracan doesn’t really win it as much as receives it, when Lagarde is disqualified in the third fall for excessive violence. Titles change hangs on DQs, so Huracan wins the belt because his opponent beat him too much. Such an odd way to do it, and they didn’t do it for a long reign – Lagarde wins the title back in the next few weeks after the ones I’ve covered here. Ramirez has a tour of Guatemala while he’s champion, maybe they simply wanted him to be champion while he was there.

You can see the ‘current’ Arena Mexico/Arena Coliseo lineups and results after the cut.

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