AAA Lucha Capital: 2018-12-19

a move to do in a battle royal

Recapped: 12/19/2018


Golden Magic beat Máximo
(4:51, 450 splash, ok, 00:09:54)

Killer Kross beat Murder Clown
(5:01, Kross back suplex, ok, 00:21:40)

Laredo Kid beat Hijo Del Vikingo
(7:49, Laredo Fly, good, 00:38:05)

Psycho Clown beat Pagano
(7:29, casita, ok, 00:51:15)

Pentagón Jr. beat Australian Suicide
(5:57, package piledriver, great, 01:07:40)

Laredo Kid won a five-man ruleta rusa for the Lucha Capital men’s championship
(8:07, good, 01:29:40)

  • Pentagon Jr. & Golden Magic started
  • Laredo Kid entered (1:18)
  • Psycho Clown entered (2:29)
  • Psycho Clown threw Golden Magic out (3:11)
  • Killer Kross entered (3:46)
  • Killer Kross threw Psycho Clown Pentagon Jr. out (5:09)
  • Killer Kross threw Pentagon Jr. out (5:54)
  • Laredo Kid threw Killer Kross out (8:07)

What happened:

Suicide dive

Laredo Kid won the Lucha Capital tournament. The final was a five-man royal rumble. It appeared to be a four-man royal rumble for a bit; Killer Kross was announced as not being able to participate in the final due to a knee injury, but then came out as the final entrant anyway.

(As best as can be determined, Kross did have a knee injury but may have decided to wrestle after all since he was to be the last person out before the finish. Kross was grabbing his right knee after getting hit by Murder Clown’s dive in their match. Máximo and Golden Magic also appeared to be injured during the course of the show.)

this went well for Vikingo

The final came down to Laredo and Kross. Scarlett, a weapon, and Pentagon all got involved for a long moment, but none directly figured into the finish. Laredo eventually threw out Kross for the win. His post-match promo including throwing out a challenge to Fenix for the megachampionship again.

Fenix appeared earlier on the show to present the most popular luchador award to Pagano. La Parka handled the arm wrestling.


The main event had the most AAA feel of the show so far, with run-ins that didn’t go anywhere and inexplicably injury situation. The result actually made sense as far as setting someone up for a title program instead of just giving a top guy a win to have a win. (It seemed like Konnan booking.) Like most every other match in this tournament, there was more craziness than you’d expect – I don’t know what Golden Magic was thinking – and it was probably the best five man royal rumble you’ll ever see. I didn’t really like the end of ending a tournament built around singles matches with a royal rumble and over the top eliminations. It also might have worked out for the benefit if turned out Kross couldn’t do a real match.

this did not go well for Vikingo

Suicide is supposed to be nuts but now also his matches are also nuts. They decided to go for big spots from the get out, Suicide nailing the Dragon rana and a cool dive quick, wonderfully teasing the shock upset. They kept it exciting throughout. Suicide was trying everything and paying for half of it. Like the Laredo/Vikingo match, they tried a lot, but it came off better here. The shooting star press counter superkick spots didn’t quite have great timing, but they were close enough to look cool and this match was just about cool looking moves.

I didn’t care much for Pagano/Psycho Clown. Pagano is really slow and prone to weird and bad looking spots, and the flashy move he tries to do to make up for it really don’t. Psycho Clown was fine but not as interesting as other matches. This was the match where it finally clicked Psycho is using the casita because his wife’s family taught him the secrets to make that cradle unbeatable, a fantastic story.

Psycho tope

Vikingo/Laredo was only disappointing in there were really high expectations. A few things didn’t work well in the first half of the match. They never lost the crowd and the ring was filled with coins after, but I think the missed headscissors and the shakiness leading to the shooting star press to the floor spot really stood out. The match was put together with more drama than usual, Vikingo’s missed corner knees coming out as a surprise. The counter before the finish was also shot really well. I think they could have a better match with another try but this was still pretty good.

The Kross/Murder match was the weakest Murder Clown match of the series. He and Kross didn’t have any chemistry. Whatever that wanted that forearm battle to be, it was definitely not, and didn’t otherwise take advantage of having two big guys. The sequence where Murder Clown hit a 619 and it caused Kross to go out of the ring to (sort of) catch a dive didn’t look so great. Perhaps Kross came into the match with the knee injury and that’d explain the performance. It was nice of them to try and protect Murder by having him kick out of Kross’ suplex, but it didn’t seem to amount to much when Kross just beat him as soon as he was done acting really shocked. This is not a promotion built about people taking finishing moves that seriously.

Máximo got hurt on his own dive a few minutes into the opener. The match wasn’t super before it and was pretty much done after it. Máximo was nice enough to let Golden Magic kick out of the kiss cradle and let Golden Magic hit a 450 splash to what appeared to an injury. That can’t be a fun issue with a rib injury.

Lucha Capital: 2018-12-12 

sure why not

Recapped: 12/12/2018


La Máscara beat Carta Brava Jr.
(7:00, campana, ok, 00:14:11)

Máximo beat Máscarita Sagrada
(9:12, kiss cradle, bad, 00:25:15)

Golden Magic beat Aerostar
(8:42, super powerslam, ok, 00:40:23)

Laredo Kid beat Texano Jr.
(9:14, Laredo Fly, good, 01:03:40)

Hijo Del Vikingo beat Drago
(9:21, imploding 450 splash, great, 01:19:22)

Taya beat Keyra and Vanilla
(6:09, Taya northern suplex + double stomp, good, 01:36:00)

What happened: 

Taya strong

Taya won the (newly created) women’s Lucha Capital championship, beating Vanilla & Keyra in the final. Martha Villalobos presented Taya with the championship.

Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, Golden Magic, and Máximo join Pentagon Jr., Psycho Clown, Pagano and Australian Suicide in next week’s final. I’d still assume Killer Kross will be added until proven otherwise.

Fenix joined the commentary for the last few matches. He said he was recovering day by day and was moving around much better, but there was no update on exactly when he’d be back.

Aerostar suffered a head injury on an early Golden Magic dive. The match ceased for a couple minutes as the doctors wrapped up the outside of Aerostar’s mask to stop the bleeding, which did not actually stop the bleeding and seemed to distract Aerostar. He took it off a minute after they continued, and continually checked his head for blood.


why Laredo why

The women’s match was a strong final for the tournament, the best all women’s match of this tournament. Taya’s double slam spot seemed like it got the biggest reaction of a spot in over an hour. Keyra kicked people very hard. Taya as the strong woman throwing people around is maybe the best use they’ve come up with her so so far. Vanilla’s weakness was better hidden with two other people in the match. She seemed to best serve as a target for really hard offense. Vanilla couldn’t quite keep up with the pace, but didn’t drag the match as much down as she would’ve in a singles match. This was a short main event but it really didn’t need to be any longer.

Drago/Vikingo was Vikingo’s best singles match so far. The shooting star press to the floor was crazy, and he was impressively flying even before that. Vikingo has a deeper reserve of offense to fill out a singles match. Drago was the secondary figure, but was able to keep up with the pace. There’s a few errors noticeable in rewatching it and the imploding 450 could’ve had a better landing, but Vikingo looked top level most of the way. They keep calling Vikingo the future of AAA and he probably will be, but he’s a trios champion who’s going to the final day fo this tournament, Vikingo is the present too.

Texano hasn’t been impressive on this show, but Laredo Kid is a mental case taking crazy bumps to the floor so the match was still easily worth watching. At least Texano’s slow pace gave Laredo time to recover from taking a scoop slam to the floor, and his big spots looked really good. Glad he’s moving on and hopefully he gets a better opponent next week.

the only good moment in the match

Golden Magic/Aerostar was thrown off course by Aerostar’s injury. The crowd seemed concerned it was serious and never got back into the match after the restart. They still seemed to want to do most of their planned match, but the pace was off in between the spots. This match was still much better than what preceded it, but not what you’d hope for out of this matchup.

Maximo/Sagrada was the worst match of the tournament so far. Maximo was committed to doing nothing, and they did a lot of nothing for about five minutes. Sagrada eventually getting a comeback woke the matchup slightly, but at that point I was disappointed the accidental mask pull didn’t end the match much earlier. Every tease of Sagrada advantaging in this match was like a horror movie villain coming out from behind the corner. Máximo didn’t even bother trying in the least, but it is also obvious no one can figure out how to work with Sagrada in the least.

Carta Brava tried, which put him one up on La Mascara. A rudo/rudo match was going to be a struggle, and Mascara continued his bit of not exactly being excited to be in these matches. He also looked totally gassed by the end of the match. The dives were nice but there’s no reason to watch there.

never annoy Keyra

Lucha Capital: 2018-12-05

that area is the danger zone

Recapped: 12/05/2018


Chessman beat Bengala
(5:06, powerbomb, ok, 00:13:34)

Psycho Clown beat Texano Jr.
(8:56, casita, ok, 00:24:49)

Taya beat La Hiedra
(5:45, double chickenwing slam, ok, 00:40:59)

Golden Magic beat Niño Hamburguesa
(7:20, 450 splash, ok, 01:03:28)

Australian Suicide beat Laredo Kid
(7:02, shooting star press, good, 01:19:43)

What happened:

high flying star Psycho Clown

Murder Clown & Taurus were advertised but did not appear. Golden Magic & Niño Hamburguesa, who both had been eliminated, were given a match where the winner would advance to the wild card round.

Lady Shani also appeared to take herself out of the tournament for no explained reason. Shani offered Taya a championship versus championship match should Taya win the Lucha Capital tournament.


The main event was the best match on the show by a big margin, though it didn’t hit for me as much as it seemed for other people watching. It had lots of crazy action, with Australian Suicide pulling out a shooting star press variation we haven’t seen from him in action before. They started off crazy with both men diving out of the ring onto their feet before Laredo leveled Suicide with a tope, and then fought on the restaurant tables. Suicide made the bold choice of trying a shooting star press off the table onto Laredo on the floor and seemed to bang a foot on the edge of the table on the way down. He was limping around immediately after. There were moments that looked a little bit off at times the rest of the way, and that foot had to be bugging him. There were also just random bits of no-selling moves throughout. It wasn’t like they came one after each other or they were happening at a big moment, it was more like a dice roll hit 6 and so the move didn’t actually hurt. Both guys did it, so maybe it was just a thing I didn’t get. This was pretty exciting, as you’d think with these two guys involved, but they can do even better.

Golden Magic

Golden Magic & Niño Hamburguesa fit the same description as most of the undercard. There were a few fun highlight spots and watching the highlights were more fun than watching the match in entirety. The dives looked cool, Hamburguesa landing the multiple corner smashes for once (everyone usually moves on the second one) was interesting. Golden Magic came up quite short on his 450 splash at the end, and this match was short of his previous two matches. AAA didn’t really have many options on who to use as a replacement from the eliminated people but maybe putting Niño Hamburguesa in the tournament wasn’t the greatest thing for him.

Taya versus La Hiedra was just an average match. Taya was more obviously a tecnica this time. This match felt like both were being a ruda. They had some nice spots and the stuff in between wasn’t bad, but it didn’t really string together in any interesting way. It wasn’t bad but maybe Hiedra isn’t as yet as good as he looks in the tags and multiperson matches.

slide scissors

Psycho had a lot of energy but his match was nothing special. Texano tired quick. Maybe Psycho missing the catch on his dive didn’t help, but Texano wasn’t moving much when he was moving. That kind of limited what he was doing to taking Psycho Clown’s surprisingly high flying offense. The Psycho Clown/Murder Clown match was Psycho’s better match. I hope he gets some fun people to work within the final because I think Psycho has a great match in him with the right mix.

Bengala tried to make up for all the offense he’s not been able to get on TV in this one appearance. It was alright. Chessman breaking out the top rope tornillo on this show was wild. It didn’t hit, and the match didn’t quite hit either, but it did make a lot of noise for the five minutes it lasted. It was just a bunch of moves until Chessman landed a hard powerbomb and that was that. This was a borderline match for me, the second best on the show.

AAA Lucha Capital: 2018-11-28


Recapped: 11/28/2018


Averno beat Angelikal
(10:09, super Devil’s Wings, good, 00:18:20)

Lady Maravilla beat Lady Shani
(4:43, Shani bridging cradle, ok, 00:35:56)

Pagano beat Aerostar
(6:58, Pagano rebound reverse suplex, ok, 00:48:55)

Máximo beat Niño Hamburguesa
(7:28, kiss cradle, ok, 01:13:54)

Pentagón Jr. beat Golden Magic
(14:29, package piledriver, great, 01:33:27)

What happened: 

pay attention

It was explained at the top of the show that Murder Clown’s win over Samoano was now considered not to have counted. However, since Killer Kross didn’t wrestle, it was considered a loss in the standings for him. (Or, they didn’t want to fly him out again.) That leaves eight healthy people for matches next week if they simply eliminate Fenix due to injury.

Fenix did appear and joined in the main event commentary. He took a wheelchair out to the announcers’ stage but seemed to be moving much better than a wheelchair would indicate. They talked about his injury, but there was no indication of how he’d be replaced in the tournament or what would happen to his title match on Guerra de Titanes.

The first four matches were treated as Konnan & Vampiro picking wrestlers to go against each other, though was forgotten by the main event. It ended up 2-2 in the matches they picked, of course.


Angelikal is going to be unbeatable when he hits his target

The Fenix/Golden Magic was really good because Fenix had a great one-man performance. Against Penta, Golden Magic held his own. He had to for the story to work: Penta didn’t take him or the match seriously and got taken out with big moves by Golden Magic early and often. If Magic’s offense looked subpar, Penta being unexpectedly in trouble doesn’t work. Penta played not caring but was trying more than he needed to for this goofy show; he doesn’t have to take a headscissors to the floor but he still did. Magic got caught being a little too cocky when things went his way and Penta took it to the next level when he needed to. Golden Magic had a really good tournament for losing both matches and was fortunate to get the matchups he did.

Máximo tried really hard with Aerostar. Niño Hamburguesa is not Aerostar and Máximo didn’t have the same effort. This wasn’t the total comedy match it could’ve been. It might have been a lot better with a lot more comedy. At least that way it might have been fun. The action was slow, not particularly interesting, and dragged without even going eight minutes. It wasn’t a disaster but it’s a very easy skip.

required AAA women’s division shoot dropkick

Pagano & Aerostar was not a good mix. Pagano looked clumsy as always, with the bad aim on the buckle powerbomb seeming pretty dangerous. He had a legdrop earlier that was a mess. Both guys could use someone else to keep the match going between moves. Pagano was just giving Aerostar a move, picking him back up, and giving him another move with no particular hurry. Aerostar did some fancy spots doesn’t have the crowd connection to pull them in when he’s getting beat up a lot, and Pagano was less over than his previous match.

The second Maravilla/Shani match was not much better than the first. I’ve liked both in other matches but they don’t seem to have much chemistry with each other. This was a slow match with neither standing out. The submission counter spots they were doing might have worked in a different crowd, but this one seems to need something with more impact. The finish seemed pretty sudden.


Penta does not believe in Magic

The bonus match was pretty fun. Averno used to wrestle a lot of singles matches in CMLL and has done hardly any since coming to AAA. He’s still good in his role of holding together matches with exciting flippy dudes. Angelikal was definitely exciting with his dives, though his aim probably wasn’t as quite as good as he wanted. Averno gave him most of the match to look impressive before beating him. It worked.

Lucha Capital: 2018-11-21 

Murder Clown, the unexpected Lucha Capital breakout character

Recapped: 11/21/2018


Argenis beat Mocho Cota Jr.
(5:38, Argenis top rope headscissors, ok, 00:13:07)

Hijo Del Vikingo beat Máscarita Sagrada
(6:05, shooting star press, ok, 00:25:06)

Drago beat Puma King
(9:44, reversed casita, good, 00:39:31)

Keyra beat Vanilla
(13:42, german suplex, good, 01:12:05)

Murder Clown beat Samoano
(6:32, top rope splash, good, 01:40:33)

What happened:

a good sequence

If you thought AAA could make it four whole weeks without a tournament going off the rails, AAA proved you wrong in this episode. It was not all their fault: the Mexico airport was full of delayed and canceled flights due to fog. Those fight issues caused Vampiro and Pagano to miss the show completely. It may have also affected Killer Kross & Scarlett’s participation, though that wasn’t as clear. Konnan replaced Vampiro on commentary and took a neutral position instead of the rudo/pro-MAD character. Arturo Rivera and Australian Suicide also posted on Facebook all night.

All the matches were changed around. Máscarita Sagrada, scheduled to face Kross, faced Hijo del Vikingo instead. Vikingo’s opponent Vanilla wrestled Keyra. Keyra’s opponent Drago faced Puma King. A bonus non-tournament match between Argenis and Mocho Cota Jr. was added to the start of the show.

Most confusingly, the main event turned out to be Murder Clown facing Samoano. Murder Clown was also on Facebook for a while (as if that was the thing he was scheduled for), while Samoano had done the usual arm wrestling challenge. It wasn’t clear if the match counted at the time, but three points were awarded to Murder Clown in the standings the next day. It’s possible this counts as a loss for Kross or Pagano.

After the match concluded, Killer Kross – in his gear, as if he had been ready to wrestle as scheduled – beat up both Murder Clown and Samoano. Kross then introduced Scarlett, with both saying they’d win the tournament. There were a lot of questions left unexplained (can Scarlett enter after four weeks? Does Kross get any points for this round? What happens if Kross & Scarlett meet in the tournament? Why weren’t MAD teammates Konnan & Kross friends?), with Kross mostly concerned with threatening the life of the hosts. To make it fully awkward, La Griega insisted on the usual end of show selfie with the winners, which meant Murder Clown was suddenly fine and posing with Kross.

The show was the longest so far. There was a long interview with Puma about his career before the main event as well. It felt like they may have been trying to get the show to run long in hopes that Kross would make it to the building, but Kross showing up for the run-in in full gear made it seem like he had been ready to go.


head kicks to the back of the head are not fun

This was a weird show. The changes to the matches generally made for a better show than had been originally announced. As long as you don’t spend any time trying to figure out what this means for this tournament or why Kross was there but did not wrestle, it was a solid show. I like Lucha Capital because it has good matches and no nonsense, and they were veering into the nonsense portion by the end of the show. We will have to see how it goes once the fog lifts next week.

Murder Clown versus Samoano was better than it had any right to be. Both guys seemed motivated by the opportunity. Murder Clown apparently can do more in singles matches than he’s shown the last couple of years and is very willing to throw himself into dives. They also both looked strong with their ability to throw around each other guy for big moves. It is a bit amazing that Murder Clown and Rey Mysterio have the same finishing sequence.

Vanilla and Keyra felt like it was less reheased than most matches on this show, with them both being a little bit not on the same page at times and also a little bit going hard at other times. It made the match a bit ragged but it made it compelling. Vanilla coming thru with a hard dropkick and then having a look at fear of what Keyra would inevitably do back toward her was an amazing thing. (Vanilla didn’t seem prepared for the kick to the back of the head later.) When they were working together, they worked together pretty well and exchanges like the big forearms near the end came off impressive. They got asked to go about twice as long as they might have been asked on a normal show and managed to make it thru without losing the crowd. Vanilla’s flying is still not great – the tornillo was shaky, the pin attempt after eve more so – but this was her best match in a while.

Murder Clown power

Drago & Puma was pretty good, with Puma showing some stuff we haven’t seen from him. Drago is still obviously not 100%, but he did enough to be interesting. He also survived the accidental superbomb near the end, which seemed scare everyone. The cradle reversal sequence at the end was well done, but I still wanted a little bit more out of the match.

Hijo del Vikingo tried to have a match around Máscarita Sagrada, taking a few of his moves and selling big. It worked only slightly better than with Keyra. Vikingo’s took a few big bumps and sold big but mostly just moved slow. Sagrada is not a great inclusion in this tournament and I hope he’ll move out.

Argenis and Mocho Cota was solid even if they didn’t amount to much. Argenis rarely makes TV now, so it was a bit of a surprise to see him win but also does not matter. He did a little flying, Cota was a good base, and it was fine.

Lucha Capital: 2018-11-14

Fenix front cracker? monkey flip?

Recapped: 11/14/2018


Máscarita Sagrada beat Keyra
(6:52, Máscarita Sagrada cradle, below average,
00:17:39 )

Texano Jr. beat Niño Hamburguesa
(7:54, Texano superbomb, ok,

Australian Suicide beat Taya
(8:07, Australian Suicide SSP, ok,

Fénix beat Golden Magic
(11:40, Fenix Mexican Muscle Buster, great,

What happened:

Dave the Clown did the arm wrestling challenge and comedically lost to a child (with some help from La Griega.)


poor Fenix getting killed by this move in multiple universes

Fenix wrestles as the plucky underdog challenger most everywhere now. This match – maybe this tournament – is a rare chance to see him as the ace of a promotion. Fenix was the man the crowd had clearly come to see, he was in the main event spot, and he’d got a memorable match out of a wrestler who was clearly nervous to be in such a big spot. This seemed like a good but shaky at points match in the first watch thru, and more of a great Fenix performance on a rewatch. Golden Magic has talent and can do athletic things, but he seemed to freeze up before going for the first dive of the match, there was an odd exchange on the top rope later, and there were a couple times where he wasn’t quite in the right position. Fenix is so good that it didn’t really hamper the match. It did seem to lead to some occasional hard kicks to get Golden Magic’s attention. They did plenty to convince the fans that Magic had a chance for a gigantic upset, while Fenix still was able to end the match the moment he wanted it to end without question. I’d put Laredo/Drago ahead of this one as the best match of the tournament, but Fenix has had the best individual performance so far.

The Taya/Suicide had cute bits that’ll look good in GIFs (maybe the ones you’re seeing right here) but never really came together as a match. Suicide choice to play up a lot more comedy than usual, which made it even weirder when he got the surprise win. Suicide didn’t take it easy, the moonsault on the table couldn’t have felt good, but he was way over the top to get a reaction at times. Taya was over as a tecnica, though it was unclear if that was a one match role for her or a permanent change for this run.

wake up dropkick

Texano was the slowest moving of the top guys on this show, keeping it at more a house show level effort. It may have been more about trying to keep Niño Hamburguesa from running out of steam in an eight minute match, but Hamburguesa still felt like he was doing much of the work. It was still an improvement over the opener but not great back to back.

Keyra and Máscarita Sagrada were incompatible wrestlers. Sagrada did so little that I’m concerned about how all the matches in this tournament could go. Maybe Keyra wasn’t the right base for him, because he did no flying and a bad small package counter at the end. Keyra tried making it work by working heavily ruda, but it only led to Sagrada losing his mask on his own finish. This was not any good.

Lucha Capital: 2018-11-07 

Drago DDT

Recapped: 11/13-14/2018


Lady Shani beat Lady Maravilla
(8:56, Lady Shani bridging suplex, ok, luchalibreaaa)

Aerostar beat Máximo
(8:29, Aerostar top rope splash, good, luchalibreaaa)

Killer Kross beat Hijo Del Vikingo
(8:18, Killer Kross back suplex, ok, luchalibreaaa)

Laredo Kid beat Drago
(11:06, Laredo Fly, great, luchalibreaaa)

What happened: 

Vikingo goes for a ride

Kevin Kross teases the existence of a mystery woman, who is surely Scarlett and I’m not sure why it’s supposed to be a mystery. The Kross/Vikingo match saw Kross yell at Vampiro during the match, and Vampiro challenge him to a match any time he wanted. In the show closing bit, Kross called Vampiro a sellout and complained about not getting a title shot. Vampiro called Kross’s comments too stupid to respond.

Hijo del Fantasma joined the announcers after the first match and participated in bits during the show. Big Mami appeared for an arm wrestling challenge.


The main event was easily Drago’s best match since suffering the shoulder injury back in June. He had to do a lot more than than in the tag matches he’s been wrestling in, and was able to keep up with Laredo’s big impact moves and speed. Laredo is clean with all his big moves, and a good enough base to make Drago’s DDT look really impressive. Laredo’s version of the Spanish Fly comes off as more one man doing all the work then it’s normally done, even though I’m sure it’s about the same. This match felt longer than 11 minutes because it was so packed with action, and was hard fought to the end. It also felt a little more original than Penta/Puma last week, though that just might be because Laredo and Drago haven’t gotten as many showcase matches as those two of late. This match is why this tournament is so worthwhile.

Maravilla northern lights suplex

I’m generally so over Kross’ having matches where he looks dangerous but it doesn’t actually go anywhere that when he has a match that is going somewhere – this is a tournament, it kind of has to – I’m still finding it hard to care. Ending the match with Kross pinning Vikingo with one foot didn’t really warm me up to it. Vikingo got in a few flashy moves and wasn’t completely squashed. Kross worked with him OK and threw him around impressive. I just couldn’t find a way to care about it, and throwing in another tease for a Vampiro/Kross match sure didn’t help.

It’s so rare to see Máximo in a normal match, where he has the exotico character but isn’t just doing all exotico spots. He hasn’t had that since coming to AAA. He hasn’t done the walking the ropes plancha much since coming to AAA, and his hard work here was as much a sign of luchadors being encouraged to take this show seriously as anything we’ve seen so far. This trended towards CMLL lightning match move exhibition style, but it got a little bit more serious in the last moments, and Aerostar had so many weird springboard to get in. Worth a watch.

Maximo rope walk splash

The women’s match was alright, but didn’t really click. Lady Maravilla was so much better than Lady Shani that her sarcastic attempts at getting a chant got a chant. (Not much of one, there wasn’t a lot of reaction for the women’s match again.) Lady Shani had so much more cool offense and Shani wasn’t much aggressive until it was time for her to win at the end. It doesn’t appear Maravilla is ever going to be pushed here – she can’t make even crack the multiway title matches – but I’m looking forward to seeing one more match with her in this tournament.

Lucha Capital: 2018-10-31

this is no way to treaty royality


Vanilla beat La Hiedra
(8:17, huracanrana reveal, ok, 00:10:45)

Pagano beat Taurus
(7:39, Volador Sprial, ok, 00:29:20)

Psycho Clown beat Murder Clown
(7:31, Code Red, good,

Pentagón Jr. beat Puma King
(12:37, Factor Miedo package piledriver, great, 01:20:33)


flying bullman

Lucha Capital for more like a late night variety show that had wrestling matches than a normal wrestling matches. La Griega was taking photos with fans between matches, they did a surprise arm wrestling bit with Máximo, they had a song break between a match – this was a pitch to someone who likes entertainment who might also be into lucha libre rather than a focused lucha libre show. The track record is people who are looking for general entertainment don’t watch these sort of hybrids, and all you get are wrestling fans who just want to see more wrestling, but I guess you’ve got to try it and see. The venue looked a lot different anything usual for AAA, a warehouse restaurant with maybe a couple hundred of fans standing just past the mats and watching the action. They stayed interested in the show the whole night, though I think this is going to work a lot better if it remains free attendance. It sounded like they may start charging next week, and we’ll see if there’s interest in that with more than a single day warning.

There’s no real need to watch this live. It ran about 1h50m total. You can cut that in half if you watch it later and skip thru the breaks between matches. You may be able to get your Facebook comment mentioned if you watch it live, but that’s about the only advantage.

the worst thing to happen to an animal in this building

Pentagon Jr. versus Puma King was just both guys doing their increasingly big stuff for a dozen minutes. It started off as if they were going to take it easy, do some comedy, and that was it, and it just kind of picked up intensity after a few minutes. There was a big slip by Pentagon on a springboard, and this lacked the creativity of the Son of Havoc/Killshot match over on Lucha Underground. It had more emotion to me; I’m not sure it was the crowd or because I was just looking forward to this match more. (The outcome really wasn’t in any more doubt that the mask match, so that wasn’t it.) There was nothing really unique about this match, and people who get bored of Penta doing similar stuff in every match probably should pass, but it just really was fun as a package to me. This was a match I hadn’t seen, wanted to see, and enjoyed seeing.

Psycho Clown and Murder Clown felt like the most complete of the first three matches. Murder Clown looked more impressive than usual, trying things we don’t see from normal and looking dominate enough that Psycho Clown had something meaningful to overcome. The top rope splash felt like Murder could’ve actually won, and Psycho did well to come back and win. The limitations of the setting were shown here though, with both guys seemingly afraid to knock people over by falling backward on impact for a dive, making neither those seem more impressive.

Murder Clown 619

The Taurus/Pagano match had good parts, though it didn’t really come together as more than an exhibition. Pagano looked better than usual and Taurus was still much sharper on everything he did. He was there to get Pagano over. Pagano was way over before it and the finish looked great because Taurus was there to make it work. This will look cooler in highlights.

The women’s match was just a match. I guess months ago, it would’ve been a sure bet to be not good, and so having a match that was just alright is a relief. They did some moves, but it never had a lot of momentum or direction. The rana reversal bit for the finish worked, but came along slowly. It was a solid but not a hot match.