12/02 AAA TV Results (Zapopan) – Guerra de Titanes

photo by Black Terry Jr.

AAA TV (SUN) 12/02/2012 Auditorio Benito Juarez, Zapopan, Jalisco [AAA (R de Rudo), AAA Photos (Deportivo), Black Terry Jr. (flickr), Estrellas del Ring, Informador, MT (1-5), MT (6), SL491]
***Guerra de Titanes, 2012***
1) Cuervo, Fabi Apache, Mascarita Dorada, Pimpinela Escarlata b Halloween, Mari Apache, Mini Charly Manson, Yuriko
Tecnicos won because of Gran Apache interference – he tried to hit Cuervo with a chair and got Halloween instead. Halloween and Apache hugged after the match.
2) Daga b Juventud Guerrera, Fénix, Joe Lider, Psicosis, Jack Evans [AAA CRUISER, Ladder]
16’17”. Juventud Guerrera is the champ. No Teddy, no TNA wrestler, and Juvi left early after taking a blow from a Lider ladder. Daga beat Fenix for the title. Fenix appeared to be hurt after the match.
3) La Parka, Octagón, Octagon Jr. b Parka Negra, Pentagon Jr., Silver King
18’53”, Parka Negra and Pentagon Jr. were Silver King’s surprise partners, introduced by Dorian and Konnan. Octagon pinned Silver King get the pinfall.
4) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown b Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker
13:13. Rockers took their first loss. Uro attacked Murder again after the match and the Clowns were beaten up despite the loss.
5) Texano Jr. b El Mesías [AAA HEAVY]
29:12. Mesias is champion. Fenix was scheduled to be his second, but Octagon Jr. replaced him. Silver King was Texano’s second. Both bled and there was at least one ref bump and one time Silver pulled the ref out to stop the count, but Texano Jr. won the match and the title with a sit down powerbomb cleanly.
6) Vampiro L Cibernético, Dr. Wagner Jr., LA Park, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Chessman [cage, hair]
30:29. Order of escape went LA Park (attacked by Jeff & Karen Jarrett, who also took his mask), Dr. Wagner, Cibernetico (attacked by the Bizarros – Cuervo tried to save and failed, Fabi helped later), and Perro Aguayo Jr. Chessman and Vampiro went for a long while before Chessman escaped due to help from Konnan, Dorian and a fire extinguisher. Konnan, with the winning rudos, announced they would repeat 1996 and leave with the best guys to a new promotion. Joaquin Roldan told Konnan his contract expires next year (???) and he’d be free to go then. Joaquin had the AAA guys run off La Sociedad to prove they weren’t all that much.

Air Date: 12/15 & 12/22

(Live coverage is here)

AAA has done Invasion/opposing promotions storylines since it’s first year, when the opposing promotion was UWA. It’s been near constant since, from PROLLM to Promo Azteca to LLL to whatever Konnan’s calling his group this week. Some of them have actually run their own shows. (Some of them still are – I’m not sure what ‘we should leave AAA and run our own promotion’ actually means to the Perros del Mal.) It’s unclear from the official recap – the only one that mentions Konnan’s contract running out – if the deal ends at midnight on 12/31, or just ‘sometime in the new year’.

It’s not yet clear where this is going. It does occur to me that the debut of a new off shoot promotion starring Konnan is as about as good a place for Konnan to return to the ring as any time.

Vamprio got some hair cut in the cage, some more cut backstage, and ended up with a bit left. I’m thinking that if Vampiro had just gotten his head shaved, it’d take him maybe a couple weeks to get that spiffy new hair do back. (It works for him.) Instead, he and AAA are didn’t deliver on their main event just because they could. Not the first time this has happened – Fabi Apache was the last memorable one – but AAA is caught between wanting to put it’s stars in big apuesta matches to draw fans and their wrestlers not actually wanting to pay the price for that loss.

(Also, if he has a brain tumor like he said this morning, he probably should not be worried about keeping any of his hair.)

(Also, for all our complaining, it does look like Chessman won the feud. A gift win by the sound of it, but you take what you can get when you are the Chessman. Nice of Jarrett and Chessman to get past Chessman’s problems with Abyss and be friends by the end of the show too.)

There’s a compelling case that putting a whole bunch of people in a cage match – a bit we all (AAA included) have mocked CMLL before – is not actually a good way to draw people. SuperLuchas calculated 7,000 people in attendance early in night. It does not come across that full in the photos. This website lists the capacity of the building as 13,000. It includes seats on the floor, though that’s for a concert performance and not something with a big ring in the middle. I would’ve guessed 4,000 people, but I’ve never done the work to see how close my guesses are to reality. The last major show here, Guerra de Titans 2010, was reported as 6,000 people in the WON. That show ran against Rayo de Jalisco and Universo 20000 returning to Arena Coliseo Guadalajara.

Juvi’s injury was to his shoulder, the same shoulder which had kept him out of the ring until now. Fenix’s injury is unclear, but looks like maybe shoulder and neck based on the pictures. (How No other injuries were mentioned. Texano and Mesias bled a lot in their match.

Rockers/Clowns was said to be least match of the night, while Texano/Mesias was said to be the best. Compliments to the ladder match as well. Vampiro and Chessman went 16 minutes by themselves to end the cage match, more than half the length of the match, which sounds way too much for both of them. Some of that is Chessman climbing and missing a moonsault (because he’s Chessman and he must fall off high objects.)

Dorian Roldan went out of his way to note Super Fly is NOT Pentagon Jr. – which makes sense, Super Fly let everyone down and got kicked out of La Sociedad, why would Dorian want him back? I posted a link to Facebook of Mortiz being mentioned as Parka Negra. I’m not sure that’s actually true, but it gives us something to look for when the show airs.

AAA has just 1 main TV in about the next six weeks, a 12/21 show in Acapulco. The period after Guerra de Titanes thru February is normally AAA’s slowest period of the year as far as shows and development, and they usually won’t start building Rey de Reyes until they’re a month out. There should still be Fusion tapings during this stretch – the next one might be announced this week.

Konnan returning?, Mr. Aguila & FdT, Mr. Niebla, Rayo vs paperwork, NJPW in Mexico

Jesus Zuniga tweeted out yesterday that Konnan would be returning to the ring in January 2013. Konnan has been talking about coming back for One Last Run for a while, but this is the first time a date has been put to a return. On the recent webcasts, Konnan mentioned an 18 month run, which put the ending around TripleMania 2014. January, AAA’s deadest period, is an odd time to make what should be a big in-ring return. Maybe he’ll be wrestling off TV for a couple months with Rey de Reyes as his first big match back.

Mr. Aguila turned up teaming with Familia de Tijuana this weekend at an indy show, which has had people talking about him leaving CMLL. It’s possible, but Aguila’s deal with CMLL appears to allow him to work his own schedule, so there’s nothing stopping from him working whoever he wants on his days off, with the exceptions of AAA and IWRG guys. That’s the bigger issue here; that was a Promotion Black Terror spot show with AAA luchadors. If Aguila is gone or in trouble, we’d probably find out by him being pulled off the CMLL show tomorrow night. It doesn’t seem like he’s in any real trouble, because CMLL has known about this for all week and not only hasn’t pulled him from Friday, but Aguila is booked for next Tuesday’s show as well.

Speaking of Misters, Mr. Niebla missed Tuesday’s Arena Aficion show. Ultimo Guerrero took his place, fouling Terrible in a sparsely attended show, but which included members of the local soccer team.

Rayo de Jalisco has been telling people (including this week’s Box Y Lucha) that he missed the show in Monterrey because he was never sent plane tickets or a deposit, so LyC has sent copies of Rayo’s plane tickets and deposit to LuchaMania Monterrey.

NJPW”s president Naoki Sugabayashi and “programmer/referee” Tigre Hattori arrived in Mexico to have meetings with Paco Alonso about their co-operative plans in 2013. (So odd to see NJPW talking face to face with Paco Alonso to set up cross promotion; haven’t they heard of uStream and magazine interviews?) They chatted with Kaiser Sports at the airport. They say the female fans would like to see Rush back, and they’d like to bring back Sombra, Volador and Mascara Dorada who’ve also been accepted well by the NJPW fans. Tanahashi has asked for a rematch with Terrible in Japan, unhappy with the results of the Universal tournament.  Devitt likewise would like to fight Dragon Rojo. The NJPW officials say they’d like to reward the CMLL fans for the supporting the NJPW wrestlers so well, and they have plans to send “one of the best rudos we have.” They don’t say the name, but Kazuchika Okada is a rudo and the biggest name from NJPW who hasn’t made an appearance in CMLL (though he has worked in Arena Mexico for Toryumon way back in the da.) No word if Okumura & Namajague tried to get Sugabyashi & Hattori to join Fiebre Amarilla.

Negro Casas is headed to Japan tomorrow. He’s working for NJPW thru their 11/11 PPV in Osaka.

The Gladiatores has an interview with Hector Garza from their weekly Perros del Mal podcast, talking about his health situation. He seems in good spirits.

SuperLuchas #484 has lots of Heroes Inmortales coverage. There’s also an interview with Nitro, who says he’s aiming for a return on November 15th. That’s far sooner than it sounded when he broke his knee back in August.

Infierno Rockers say fighting the Air Force will be like going duck hunting with the best shotgun. What an odd analogy for rockers to make. The Air Force is the past, the Rockers says they’re the present.

LuchaWorld has this week’s PosterMania.



CMLL (TUE) 10/23/2012 Arena Mexico
1) Genesis & Soberano Jr. vs Apocalipsis & Guerrero Negro Jr.
2) Bengala, Metálico, Sensei vs Cancerbero, Hijo del Signo, Raziel
3) Último Dragoncito vs Pierrothito [lightning]
4) Fuego, Sagrado, Stuka Jr. vs Namajague, Shigeo Okumura, Vangelis
5) Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Tiger vs Ángel de Oro, Diamante, Hijo del Fantasma
6) Atlantis, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Black Warrior, Mr. Águila, Volador Jr.

The national trios champions teaming up, for the very first time since they won these belts! And maybe someone actually has a plan here with all the recent Delta/Maya vs Invasors matches on Tuesday nights? So weird! (Alternatively, you could read this as Aguila is leaving and they’re pushing the reset button as hard as they can, but I guess we’ll find out later.)

thoughts on Konnan on F4D

(interview was subscription only @ f4online. go sign up.)

There really wasn’t a lot of news – some confirmation of what we’ve heard elsewhere (though often that’s because it was previously Konnan’s words coming out of other’s mouths) – just a lot of Konnan’s thoughts about things. It really wasn’t the MMA/Boxing discussion I thought – no pick for anything on Saturday!

Konnan also didn’t seem plugged into with the day by day for AAA; obviously he goes to tapings, he probably watches the TV, and he definitely has influence on the stylistic direction of the promotion, but there were bits where someone who’s more intimately involved with AAA might know stuff Konnan wasn’t sure of or had wrong. Konnan (and Bryan) were unsure if the Lucha Libre Premier show on Fox was airing in the US (it’s not), talked about all the shows having one match of minis, one match of women, one match of hardcore, one match of something else (may be the ideal, but doesn’t usually happen that way.)

There’s just three points of what he said I thought worth making

– Either’s a misunderstanding, a disconnect, a strawman argument being used, but I don’t think most people actually have a problem with AAA trying to be WWE like. They’ve been trying to be WWE like for over a decade, it’s really not a big change.

What people are actually complaining about is AAA coming off a like a third-rate WWE knockoff. There’s too much trying to repeat angles seen on TV elsewhere three years ago, except done half as well, because they’re not executed as well, or they’re forgotten about halfway thru (are Nicho & Lider still taking jobs?), or they’re completely missing the context that made them work in the first place (DX was a heel stable, people only started cheering them because they were so good at it.)

Why watch a third rate WWE when the actual one airs? People have been very clear on voting with their remotes on that one. It’s not even like a third rate WWE is an innovate idea. They have in the US too, they call it TNA, they also air “shoot” vignettes that turn out to be fake, and they also get about 40% of the audience who watches WWE. You’ve got to be something new, something different, nothing just something else.

There’s also the whole confusing thing about the new writers and Moody Jack taking over Creative from Doain. They might have different people at the wheel, but if you ignored the production, any episode I’ve seen this month could’ve aired any other time this year, or maybe in the last couple, whenever else Konnan and Roldan were feuding. There’s the same bad pacing, there’s same characters turned and dropped without an attempt an explanation (all that TV time on Gato/Pimpi and it just stops after the date), there’s the same guys in the spots. You could point to little touches, like the clocked being lifted from 24 for one episode, but the show’s laid out the same as it always was.

– There’s a lot of circular and specious reasoning that one could have fun with, if arguing with Konnan about near irrelevant things is what you wanted to accomplish with your life. Like

Konnan, while talking on a show solely listened to by people who read/write stuff about wrestling, noted early on how irrelevant the opinions of fans who go read/write stuff about wrestling on the internet. Later, he hyped the hipness and plugged-in news of the new AAA writers by mentioning how they’re all about the internet.

Konnan justified the amount of foreigners in AAA by saying they’re all over, and proved this by talking about how each guy was over. Either he got lost on his way to his point, or he just didn’t have one to say, and it was goofy.

– I hope, when the history of lucha libre gets written for all us who are too dumb to be fluent in Spanish, it’s not all based on Konnan’s view of history. Over the course of his appearances, Konnan’s description role in the formative years of AAA has seemed to grow. No one’s denying he had a big part in it, but it seems to get a little bigger every appearance, not too dissimilar from Hulk Hogan’s stories of WrestleMania III. This time, we heard the previously untold story of how Antonio Pena actually got cold feet about leaving CMLL and was going to go back, only Konnan and Octagon told him they were going to form a promotion without him, and Pena decided to with them after all.

That story may be true – a lot of smart people seem to trust what Konnan says, and they’d definitely know better than I. Still, a lot of the stuff he says sets off every BS alarm in my head. It may be entertaining, but that doens’t mean I believe him without someone else verifying. (And then there’s stuff I couldn’t find myself believing even it could be verified – the bit where he said he’d never used drugs before WCW was a reminder that wrestlers define “drugs” a whole lot different than the average person.)

Konnan may well have been the Forrest Gump of the last twenty years of lucha libre, running into one generational importance moment into another and having big impact along the way, but I wouldn’t have believed Gump’s story on it’s own either. I need a second viewpoint…but since Konnan is the only one who talks to the likes of pointless people on the internet, it may be all we have.

(Not to mention – Konnan knows a lot about the life of Konnan. Konnan may know/care little about what happened in Lucha Libre from the day WCW stopped Promo Azteca to the day he came back. Wasn’t at all surprised he didn’t know who Path Finder – he quite likely never actually seen Path Finder. Still, very funny.)


I posted over on F4 that I found the show entertaining, because it was. I wasn’t alone on that, but I’m thinking I may have been one of the few who found entertaining in a DDP-sort of fashion than the gospel.

Konnan would like everyone who hasn’t watched AAA in a while to give another shot. Let me know how that goes.

Konnan cleared for TripleMania? Mexico & GDL results

Compromise today; 3 stories worthwhile to write about right now, and everything else gets held over for a day while I write the lucha times post.

According to AAA (and via Box Y Lucha), Konnan is cleared to participate at TripleMania. Of course, from Day 1 of this suspension, AAA’s said Konnan would be free to participate at TripleMania. The only difference this time is they’re saying they went to a judge who threw out the charges. The judge pointed out the incident would’ve been under the jurisdiction of the Box Y Lucha commission in Tamaulipas (since that’s where the fight happened), and not in Mexico City, and there was no complaint actually filed in Tamaulipas.

The problem here is there’s no third party confirming this, and the Record version of the article quotes Fantasma as being completely unaware of any change as late night.

The judgment makes sense and it’s not a surprise – I’ve been saying for the last week or more than Konnan’s going to end up making this show.

The problem is, I find it hard to believe something occurred just because AAA said it happened, especially since they’ve been talking as if there had been no need for a legal case up to this point.

If pattern holds to form, Fantasma interviews will turn up tomorrow saying it hasn’t happened. However, the Box Y Lucha article does say this story is supposed to be reported on Thursday and Friday, so maybe we’ll get that third party confirmation.

CMLL (TUE) 06/09 Arena Mexico [ESTO]
2) Dark Angel, Estrella Magica, SahoriAmapola, La Nazi, La Seductora
3) Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, SkandaloAngel Azteca Jr., Angel de Oro, Angel de Plata
4) Felino, Heavy Metal, Lizmark Jr.Mascara Dorada, Metro, Mictlan
5) Blue Panther, Shocker, ToscanoNaito, Ultimo Guerrero, Yujiro

Rudos won the second, tecnicos took the second, and Shocker beat UG cleanly in the third. Tecnicas won the second match in straight falls.

CMLL (TUE) 06/09 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [MT, Fuego en el Ring]
6) Dos Caras Jr. & Mephisto b Hector Garza & Maximo


Rudos took the first, tecnicos the second, rudos clean the third. Maximo, not Garza, feuded with Dos during the match and both recaps focused on their antics instead of talking about any of the undercard.

This arena announced a week long celebration of cultural events (and a boxing show) starting June 16th, including the anniversary show on the 21nd and movies on the 22nd.

Konnan on WOR notes

To be honest, I nearly gave up on this podcast during the 25 minute stretch of MMA, and it was kinda hilarious that Konnan was the one who forced them to talk about AAA in the last few minutes. We did get some newsbites. It’s worth noting that Bryan doesn’t watch AAA and Dave says he doesn’t watch it much.

– the big news: Konnan says AAA’s signed a one year exclusive contract with Dr. Wagner Jr., which specifically means no more Perros del Mal shows. Wagner’s talked long about wanting to stay independent and work wherever, whenever, but Wagner likes to talk and probably will get away with it here too. This changes how we look at the TripleMania match – they’re more likely to give Wagner the title if he’s sticking around, obviously. This is all assuming this story is correct – all the papers are signed and whatever.

– Konnan is unrepentant about what happened to Juvi, though he wasn’t involved in the physical altercation. There’s a reference to a past fight between Abismo Negro and Juvi I don’t recall hearing about specifically before, though I think the whole set of events (Juvi goes on TV and says he’s the only good wrestler in AAA and the only one who can speak English -> people in AAA locker room disagree -> and so on) has been mentioned without a couple of details.

Juvi was asked to help out Jack and Teddy when they came to Mexico and didn’t do that, but besides that and all the other issues with Juvi, the breaking point here is Juvi causing Alicia Webb to lose her child in a custody battle. When X-Pac went to rehab last year, Juvi mentioned in on an online radio show, and Alicia’s ex-significant other read about it, and used the information to get the kid, arguing that the child have a safer home with the father. While Juvi couldn’t have seen that coming, it’s certainly understandable why X-Pac would be ticked at him.

– As previously related in the Observer, Konnan strongly feels this current roster is as near to the 94-ish AAA peak that they’ve been done. Konnan feels this is because they’ve got rid of the gimmicks and silliness, and built around big name good wrestlers like himself, Vampiro, Mesias, Marco, Electroshock, Zorro, and more – those were the big names, but Chessman, the Air Force and others were also positively mentioned.

– Konnan feels the guys who’ve left were mostly resting on the laurels, and proof of that is how none have made it to CMLL. (Pegasso & Rey Cometa are forgotten here.) Of note, Konnan confirms that the new Espectro is/was Picudo’s brother. He also says Angel sucked with the Air Force.

– Konnan says they ran 40 shows, the last week before the flu. For April, and from obsessively checking AAA’s website and every other resource I find, I only 40 shows for the entirety of April. I believe Konnan on this one and see this more an indication on the actual (low) percentage of shows that get to the internet (and AAA gets more up than most.)

– Konnan figures Perros will be done in a couple months, but be in a good position to CMLL since they’ll be needing people. Konnan figures Cibernetico will be back in AAA.

– Konnan didn’t seem to know about the Canal Sur Mexico AAA show; when asked about it, he talked about.

– Quote: “I’m a stickler for logic.” Maybe it’s just hilarious if you were watching Vamp/Konnan from Rey de Reyes over the weekend?

04/02: Abismo Negro, Konnan suspended, GDL

I don’t know which story is the top story today.

– A woman has gone to the press claiming she was Abismo Negro’s secret lover, whom Abismo was going to marry if only for his wife guilting him into staying with her due to her cancer and the children. The Other Woman – América Sánchez – says the stress his wife caused Abismo led him directly to abusing drugs and alcohol. The article is just excerpts from an article in TVyNovelas magazine, coming out soon. In addition, the Cancun promoter suspended for falsely promoting Abismo Negro story got picked up by Notimex, so it’s all over the place now.

– Ovaciones says Konnan has been suspended by the DF Box Y Lucha commissioner for his part of the attack on Juvi. As the national head of the commission, all the other commissions are supposed to uphold this suspension, so Konnan is effectively prohibited from wrestling in Mexico.

AAA’s done an abysmal job handling this situation and Konnan is certainly done some wrong here. However, it feels like everyone coming out of the woodwork to take a shot at Konnan now that he’s given him an opening. There’s been no indication the commission actually talked to Konnan or AAA about their side of the story (with how busy they’ve both been, it seems unlikely), and are just going on Juvi’s side of the story. Jack Evans isn’t mentioned as being suspended, which highlights this as a personal issue about Konnan. People are either fiercely loyal to Konnan or hate him – not even always because of some thing between them, but because of the style of lucha libre he wants to present. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground, which leads to situations like this.

The silver lining here is Konnan should not be in the ring anyway, because he’s clearly broken down, and not going to get any better. Konnan and AAA really need to take Konnan out of the ring, but if they’re not going to do it, then at least someone else will. That’s assuming the other commissions enforce the suspension, which is no sure thing. Still wouldn’t book Konnan in a match for TripleMania (in Mexico City), but it certainly would be in character for them to challenge/ignore this.

At the same time, Juvi pictures just keep getting more dramatic. Juvi underwent nose surgery on Tuesday, which prevented him from meeting with AAA (not he was getting any response from them.) He can’t talk now, but plans to hold a press conference when he can. Fuerza Guerrera can talk, so he was on Tercera Caida to talk about the attack. Everyone seems to be pointing towards X-Pac as the person who instigated the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Konnan did an interview with a Las Vegas Review-Journal to promote tonight’s TV Taping (we think) in Las Vegas. Besides the usual Konnan bio – Konnan notes the difference between what he does and Al Pacino does is Pacino has a stunt man (couldn’t we get one for Konnan?) – the article says a percentage of merchandise sales are going to Abismo Negro’s family. Which is interesting, because they no one seemed to see a merchandise stand on the first leg of the US Tour. I guess a percentage of zero is still a percentage.

CMLL (TUE) 03/31 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [mt]
5) Metal Blanco & Valiente b Mascara Magica & Satanico
6) Dos Caras Jr., La Mascara, Sagrado b Black Warrior, Dragon Rojo Jr., Sangre Azteca

Dos rolled up Sangre clean for the win. Tecnicos pulled the two fall upset in the semimain, which made Satanico sad/mad.

Atlantis and CMLL announced they’ll be hold the annual kids day show not on April 30th, but a day late as the May 1st Friday Arena Mexico show. Kids get in for 1 peso, and will be treated to a showing of Atlantis’ latest movie. This was all, a little bit strangely, announced as a PAN political party news conference

Ovaciones says CMLL’s Lucha Libre Expo show will include a tribute Satanico and Villano III. Yesterday, Ovaciones had a random two page story about Solar, which highlights his store.

(SuperLuchas) Gigante Warrior was apparently the mystery man for the UWE show earlier this week. Might be the same one for later this week.

Box Y Lucha has a whole bunch of articles from the previous edition, including the Pirata and Porky articles posted earlier
– Konnan rips Intocable as a rip off Latin Lover who’s never done anything except become arrogant.
Black Warrior says he’s not jumping to AAA or leaving CMLL, doesn’t say (and isn’t asked) why he’s not working in Arena Mexico, though he implies it’s just the schedule CMLL has him working at the moment.
Marco Corleone talks about his jump
– Villalobos trainee Grecia says she hopes to die in the ring. See, I would refuse to wrestle anyone who says such a silly thing.
Villano III talks about dealing with missing lugugge and bad flights.

Shocker is now selling his merchandise thru SuperLuchas.

YouTube Shooter Dr. Wagner Jr. is nicer to the commenters on lawagnermania today. WagnerMania also has video of Blue Panther vs Blue Demon Jr. and Stellar Moments from this past week’s CMLL show.

WrestleMania will be on PPV this year in Mexico. While I’m sure this means Justin.TV will be busy, I’m hoping it’s successful enough to encourage other companies to follow it. The story has always been not enough people in Mexico have PPV capabilities to make this work; this article says 600K will have access thru Cablevision (and no mention of SKY.)

The Tijuana lucha commission and sports authorities are sponsoring a series of low cost, small scale shows around Tijuana, with the idea to provide people something to do to avoid the gang violence. There will be weekly shows starting on April 12, culminating with a major show in the Auditorio on May 24.

The Gladiatores remembers Eddy Lopez and Dinamico I.

Los Campeones de la Lucha Libre will air as part of an Atlanta film festival on 04/21 and 04/22. (Thanks to RL)

Generico talks to DTU about wrestling for them at the Lucha Libre Expo.

El Sol de San Fernando has a longer version of the lucha libre against domestic violence show from a couple days ago.

Ohtani’s Jacket enjoyed Black Tiger, Blue Center, Tigre Rojo vs Espiritu Maligno, Mr. Rafaga, Toro Bill Sr. from 03/02 Puebla. Between OJ and an actual new DVDVR, I believe I will be the last person in the world to watch that match.

LuchaWorld has Robert on 10/18/07 AAA, and 10/26/07 AAA, plus KrisZ’s news update.

03/31: IWRG, GDL, Konnan, suspensions (two different articles)

IWRG (SUN) 03/29 Arena Naucalpan [Dr. Spectro]
1) Garra de Aguila b Keshin Black
2) Latin Brother & Miss Gaviota b Arafath & Judas el Traidor
3) Gemelo Fantastico II, Trauma II, Turbo b Black Thunder, Hijo del Signo, Oficial Fierro
4) Trauma I b Bushi and Toxico AAA and Freelance and Multifacetico and Xibalva and Andy Barrow and Cerebro Negro and Capitan Muerte and Chico Che and Universo 2000 and Bobby Lee Jr. and Pierroth II and Hijo de Pierroth (IWRG) and Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. and Arlequin and Zatura and Dr. Cerebro and Gemelo Fantastico I and Oficial 911

This was another “eliminated wrestler is a lumberjack with a strap” match.

CMLL (SUN) 03/29 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [mt]
5) Averno, Mephisto, Texano Jr. b Atlantis, Rey Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero

Texano not only beat Atlantis clean in the third fall, but he also remembered Atlantis has a belt. Texano made the challenge, and it seems like it they’re setting it up here for next week (which would be two days after the fan appreciation show) or the week after.

indy (SUN) 03/29 Arena Pavillon del Norte [Vanguardia]
1) Zorro Plateado & Zorro Plateado Jr. b Indio Kikapoo & Zorro Galactico
2) Overnator, Piloto 2000, Popeye DQ Gran Markus, Gran Markus Jr., Green Femon
3) Rayo de Jalisco Jr. b Mascara Ano 2000 [WWA HEAVY]

Link has highlights of the match.

On luchalibreaaa.com, Konnan responds to Cibernetico’s comments about him: “I believe the drugs, steroids, and growth hormone have harmed the little intelligence he has left“. Well then. Konnan basically tells Cibernetico to get over it.

The promoter in Cancun who got caught putting someone else under the Abismo Negro mask is being suspended from promoting for two years, with fines (possible for AAA as well) yet to be determined. Even after everyone realized it could not have been Abismo Negro in that match because he would’ve been dead by then (and Black Abyss was on the opposite side, so it was surely some local), the promoter was still trying to claim it was the real Abismo Negro in the match. It’s a tough punishment, but he kinda dug his own hole and everyone involved shoudl’ve probably been much more apologetic about it from the start.

Previews of tonight’s show: both ESTO and Ovaciones focus on the Fire/Shockercito match. Fire would seem to be the underdog, but Shockercito’s name was spotted on a Perros del Mal lineup again.

This show, by the way, the one with the rushed hair/hair mask is NOT a Fan Appreciation show. That show is not until…next week. Why didn’t they just wait? There’s also a Sunday Fan Appreciation show on 04/12. I could not begin to guess what match they’re headlining either show with.

SuperLuchas has started selling official wrestlers gear the last few months, mostly indy guys. Today, they’re adding Atlantis. CMLL, of course, only has $150 professional Ultimo Guerrero and Mistico masks you can buy.

Not to make comparisons, but TO MAKE AN EASY COMPARISON: AAA (or the Dos de Tres staff, whatever difference that makes) posted the Winners/Super Calo mask match on YouTube.. That’s how you’re supposed to use the internet. Obviously, the next Dos de Tres is all about Abismo.

DTU interviews Shiima Xion about working their show.

Box Y Lucha #2915 has Abismo Negro’s death, and interviews with Super Porky and Pirata Morgan leaving AAA (posted by DJ Spectro). Super Porky says he’s working with ex-WWE-er Eugene on 04/18, which sounds like a MOTYC.

Guerreros del Ring #184 has Abismo Negro.

Luchas 2000 #464 has Abismo Negro, Villano V, and the guys leaving AAA.

In LA last Sunday, there was a lucha show to fight domestic violence. The idea is to spread the message that fighting if for lucha libre, but women should use the laws of the US to protect themselves.

LuchaWorld has Alfredo and KrisZ on the news.

WrestlingObserver has their AAA TV Recap.

(Lineup dump in a bit.)

Lucha Listen-In Podcast #8: Konnan

My sit-down interview with AAA’s Konnan. We discuss his health, why the roster is so hostile to foreigners, why AAA gave Ciber the boot, the epic fail that was the Superfly push, AAA in English, Joaquin Roldan & cubsfan lucha blog of all things.

download the show here, or click here for more file versions. Or, just use the streaming player:

Thanks to Konnan for coming on, and thanks to you for checking out the show.

Questions for next Lucha Listen-In intereview: Konnan

Tony’s still working getting on an exact date of this interview, though it’d be sometime this month, and it may be a little ways off. or it may be a lot sooner, we’re not sure. We thought we should open a post for comments right now, but keep in mind that the actual conversation may be a little ways off.

Konnan on F4D detailed notes

As long promised. If I wait any longer, it’ll be completely irrelevant.

A few points to make before I start, really no different than for any other interview

This is an interview from two weeks ago. Things change. Obviously, if Cibernetico’s departure is as sincere as those involved would like us to believe, the circumstances of AAA are much different when when this was done. As Konnan mentions, this was done before the Irapuato taping.

This is a off the top of the head discussion. In any opinion based Q&A, there are going to be answers that you give one day that may conflict with the answers you give the next day – maybe you forget something, maybe you confuse something, maybe you say it in way that sounds one way in your head because you know the contest, only the listener doesn’t. This has happened to me almost every time I’ve been the interviewee, so I ready to allow leeway.

This isn’t the Pile On Konnan thread. I’m going to force myself to refrain from commenting on Konnan’s points so they don’t get diluted. If you want to argue his points, go ahead. If you want to complain about Konnan because you hate Konnan, save it for another post. If you want to complain about how much the TV show sucks, wait for a thread about the TV show.

One last plea: sign up for the Wrestling Observer & Figure Four package. If you’re going to pay for anything wrestling related on the internet, it should be on that. And I don’t even really care about MMA. (Konnan does enough for the both of us.)

I’m also going to skip over Steve Sims/UWA discussion. It’s worth listening to and would love to hear the rebuttal, but I rather concentrate on Konnan thoughts on the current scene

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