Triplemania PPV, Stuka, Valiente, Vangelis, Fuego advance, Chicas Vuelta Vuelta

TripleMania will be on conventional PPV. AAA confirmed this last night and posted the pricing today. If you order before the show, it’s $18, plus $5 more for HD, plus $2 more if you call to order instead of using the internet. If you wait until Sunday, there’s another $5 surcharge in there.  Whatever way you do it, it’s cheaper to buy the iPPV – but you get on TV, which is nice and I’d pay a little extra not to have to deal with cords and multiple screens.  No word about that movie theater plan.

AAA’s been doing a lot of press all week to talk about TripleMania. The annual pilgrimage, taking place the same day as Antonio Pena’s birthday, is happening right now.

CMLL closed the En Busca de un Idolo polling much earlier this week, updated the scoreboard, then took the scoreboard down and just posted the final totals. They might have done this because the polling scores made no sense. This is what they appeared to be (based on what they had for the last 3 weeks.)

40 Stuka
39 Valiente
37 Vangelis
22 Fuego
5 Sangre Azteca
4 Tiger
4 Hijo del Fantasma
0 Misterioso

The numbers on the website didn’t make any sense as they were listed. It looked like they gave Fuego 42 points for the 40 point poll (despite giving the actual winning 40 to Stuka for the third straight week.) What appears to actually have happened is Fuego got 22 points for votes, and they threw in the 20 points for winning his match over Misterioso in the same column. (The last update still had him listed as 1 win instead of 2.)

The final totals were 333 Valiente
280 Vangelis
278 Stuka Jr.
208 Fuego – should’ve been 206 but there was a typo never fixed
202 Hijo del Fantasma
164 Tiger
140 Sangre Azteca
113 Misterioso Jr.

Walking thru the math fails is truly exciting, but the bigger point here is even the people running this system can’t keep track of these numbers – this point system is wildly unsuccessful.  Please make this easy to follow next year, if there is a next year.

For what it’s worth, if you take out the fan poll points, the order would’ve been Valiente, Hijo del Fantasma, Vangelis, Tiger, Stuka, Fuego, Sangre Azteca and Misterioso. The 3/4/5 group are all grouped in within 4 points.

Valiente, Vangelis, Stuka and Fuego advance, three tecnicos and one rudo like last year. Valiente and Stuka are the favorites for making the final two. The intermission trios match this Friday will be Negro Casas, Valiente & Stuka vs Vangelis, Virus and Fuego. Schedule, based on what they announced at the start, looks like

06/21: Valiente vs Vangelis, Stuka vs Fuego
06/28: Valiente vs Fuego, Vangelis vs Stuka
07/05: Valiente vs Stuka, Vangelis vs Fuego

That’ll probably change.

You can now rent the CMLL edecanes – for your corporate or private event. The 16 women currently working as ring girls for CMLL are going to be working as a group named “Chicas Vuelta, Vuelta”, they’ll be booked out thru CMLL’s office the same as the luchadors, they’ll be available to be booked on lucha libre shows as well as other events and they can work as dancers and singers as well. There’s been mentions in the past of some of the CMLL edecans having to choose between working for the promotion or working elsewhere due to conflicts, and this would seem to give them more work if they stay with CMLL. Having all of them at the Father’s Day show this Sunday is the kick off to the initiative.

Rob has highlights of AAA 06/17/07 Toluca, AAA 05/12/13 Durango, and CMLL from the first, second, third and fourth week of May 2007. Plus, typical CMLL editing.

Bill has highlights of 06/07/12 IWRG.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Lucha Libre in Japan

Super Crazy gets his GHC Junior Heavyweight title shot against Taiji Ishimori on July 7.

Super Crazy teams with Ricky Marvin NOAH’s July GHC Junior Tag Team tournament. Pesdailla teams with someone who translates to “Dual Force” as the “Ultraviolent Lucha Libre.” team Maybe Santo Jr. – I guess you can get from Tempestad to Dual Force. The South American team of Kaiser & Gaston Mateo are back as well.


Soul Rocker says Machine is (back?) wrestling with the group tomorrow.

Daga wants to settle outstanding accounts with Davey Richards.

AAA is taking part in the campaign against childhood obesity again.

Hugo Savinovich likes AAA’s innovation and WWL and AAA working together.

Blue Demon & Hijo del Santo defend their PWR tag team titles in Watsonville, CA in July (assuming they get by Zumbi & Karaoui next Saturday.)


CMLL (TUE) 06/18/2013 Arena Mexico
1) Metatrón & Robin vs Camorra & Ramstein
2) Pegasso, Starman, Súper Halcón Jr. vs Hooligan, Nitro, Skándalo
3) Hombre Bala Jr. vs Shigeo Okumura [lightning]
4) Bushiroad, Hijo del Fantasma, Sagrado vs Felino, Pólvora, Puma
5) Máscara Dorada vs Averno [NWA WELTER]
Mascara Dorada is champion. First defense.
6) Mistico, Titán, Valiente vs Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero

I guess if your usual high flying Guadalajara tecnico partner is busy, Titan is a good fill-in.

Dorada vs Averno should be great.

CMLL (TUE) 06/18/2013 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Black Metal, Leo, Magnus vs Disturbio, Magnum, Sádico
2) Marcela & Silueta vs Amapola & Princesa Sugheit
3) Gallo, Guerrero Maya Jr., Stuka Jr., Super Porky vs Kráneo, Maléfico, Sangre Azteca, Vangellys
4) Bam Bam vs Mercurio [hair]
5) La Máscara, La Sombra, Shocker vs Mr. Águila, Rey Bucanero, Volador Jr.

I really have no idea how that hair match is going to go.

Kraneo vs Guerrero Maya! An actual good CMLL women’s tag match! Wish this was still airing.

Rey Bucanero takes gold from a ghost, Dr. X/Fuego, IWL

new champ/photo by CMLL

CMLL (TUE) 06/21/2011 Arena Mexico [CMLL, Record]
1) Camaleón & Höruz b Bronco & Ramstein
2) Hooligan, Nitro, Skándalo b Ángel Azteca Jr., Pegasso, Rey Cometa
Rudos took 2/3.
3) Blue Panther, Fuego, Sangre Azteca DQ Dr. X, Ephesto, Felino
Straight falls for the tecnicos. Dr. X pulled Fuego’s mask yet again.
4) Rey Bucanero b Hijo del Fantasma [NWA LH]
Bronco was Rey’s second, Fuego got his mask back and was in Fantasma’s corner. Fantasma won fall 1, Bucanero took fall 2 in quick falls. Fantasma toped Bucanero at least three times in the last fall and went for the Phantom Lariat, but Bucanero evaded and finished him with the Buca Storm. Bucanero takes the vacant title.
5) Ángel de Oro, La Sombra, Strong Man b Mr. Niebla, Rey Escorpion, Shinsuke Nakamura
Strong Man & Oro beat Nakmaura & Escorpion in the third.

The Fantasma Curse is still intact. (Though he can’t be that cursed if he’s getting high profile singles matches.) Bucanero needs to wear that belt in every TV announcing appearance.

Fuego/Dr. X feud in review:
04/19: Dr. X pulls Fuego’s mask for the DQ
05/03: Fuego has Dr. X beat, Dr. X tosses his mask to Fuego to draw the DQ
05/10: Dr. X fouls Fuego for the DQ
05/17: Fuego pins Dr. X clean!
06/07: Dr. X pulls Fuego’s mask for the DQ
06/14: Fuego pulls Dr. X’s mask off in anger for the DQ
06/21: Dr.  X pulls Fuego’s mask for the DQ

7 matches, 6 DQs. They need a super libre match.

Upcoming AAA TV Schedule

06/30: Tizayuca, Hidalgo
07/09: Veracruz, Veracruz
07/16:  Orizaba, Veracruz
07/24: Tulancingo, Hidalgo
07/31: Plaza de Toros, Nuevo Progreso, Guadalajara (Verano de Escandalo)

That’s a quick turnaround for AAA, only 4 weeks of tapings. Judging from the taping dates, my guess is AAA will air one week of TripleMania next weekend.


(An IWL section!)

IWL held a press conference Tuesday to hype their July 3rd card and talk about some changes with the promotion. The name of the promotion is changing from “Independent Wrestling League” to “International Wrestling League.” As part of being international, their 07/03 card will be broadcast on internet PPV provider Go Fight Live. Record reports they announced a $10 price, but it says $15 on the website.

The card, same as posted previously (but with new guesses on alignments!)

IWL (SUN) 07/03/2011 Deportivo Tlalli, Tlalnepantla, Estado De Mexico
1) Epidemia & Heavy Boy vs Centinela & Quimico Jr.
2) Eterno, Freelance, Tribal vs Cerebro Negro, Cyborg, Veneno
3) Suicida vs Low Rider, Pesadilla [IWL INTERNET]
4) Heddi Karaoui vs Zumbi [brazilian shoot fight]
5) Fantasma de la Ópera, Mad Man Pondo, Zumbido vs Ángel o Demonio, Super Crazy, Tony Rivera

It’s a different card! Main event should turn into a hardcore match, semimain should be MMA style. I’m not interested in either of those styles, but they do at least stand out. There’s matches in the undercard that I might give this a chance if it was $7.50, but there’s a stack of lucha up to my eye that I need to get to before spending $15 on this. (That’s another problem: there is no shortage of lucha libre out there right now.)

July 3rd is going to be a tough date to draw much from the US – dead center of a three day weekend with people getting out for fireworks and festivities. The other concern is simply IWL’s ability to transmit an iPPV; this is their first one, and it’s mostly reliant on the internet connection speeds at Deportivo Tlalli, an unanswerable question until show time.

The Gladiatores has video from the press conference. Low Rider talks about his match.

Other news

Psycho Circus now have a Mini Clown as mascot. He’s the third mascot AAA’s added since the start of the year, plus Guapito is back on TV. In other news, Drago had huge wings at TripleMania. The group has a new facebook page and Twitter.

CMLL in Japan

NJPW 06/22: Jushin Liger, Karl Anderson (O), Giant Bernard b Mascara Dorada (X), Kushida, Hiroshi Tanahashi

Aww. One more match tomorrow (a wacky 10 man tag) and then a flight home.



CMLL (MON) 06/27/2011 Arena Puebla
1) Blue Center & Silver vs Centauro de Fuego & Siki Osama
2) Estrella Mágica, Lluvia, Luna Mágica vs Amapola, La Seductora, Mima Shimoda
3) Astral, Bam Bam, Eléctrico vs Demus 3:16, Pequeño Nitro, Pierrothito
4) Ángel de Oro, Delta, Diamante vs Misterioso Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpion
5) La Máscara, La Sombra, Rush vs Averno, Mephisto, Mr. Niebla

They’re getting two years of Mascara/Averno rematches in two weeks.

Peste Negra/Generacion Dorada, AAA, Fantasma

CMLL (MON) 05/16/2011 Arena Puebla [Cinco Radio, El Sol de Puebla]
2) Mima Shimoda, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sujei b Dalys la Caribeña, Goya Kong, Luna Mágica
3) Pegasso, Rey Cometa, Sensei b Hooligan, Loco Max, Nitro
4) Ephesto, Mephisto, Olímpico b Hijo del Fantasma, Máximo, Valiente
5) Atlantis, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas b La Máscara, La Sombra, Máscara Dorada
Mr. Niebla stole Mascara’s mask and rolled him up for the win. Trios title challenge coming here

Other news

AAA is now advertising Abyss for tomorrow’s SLP taping. (Promo here – AAA apparently has dignity!) He’s replacing Scott Steiner, who’s quietly being dropped because he’s having issues with TNA at the moment. Abyss worked TripleMania last year, in a match no one’s still quite sure why he was in (but it really wasn’t his fault.)

Mini Psicosis says he studied Octagoncito matches to find ways to beat him (!), Octagoncito will have to prove he should earn the title, and the Vipers are a three man unit, so he considers them all champions.

Ultimo Gladiador would like a match with Mick Foley at TripleMania. Probably not happening. Never hurts to ask.

CMLL says Blue Panther and Negro Casas fought in the press room after their pupils Forjando un Idolo match.

CMLL also previews the Forjando un Idolo semifinals, noting Polvora vs Delta is actually a rematch of last year’s Gran Alternativa final. First time they, and Angel de Oro and Fuego, have met in a singles match.

Nikita reviews Escorpion vs Delta

Rob has video of the first (televised) CMLL Torneo Cibernetico and two highlight video from AAA early 1995.

Hijo del Fantasma

Took a couple days, but there’s push back from the WON story about the end of the Fantasma push being picked up by SuperLuchas. Nothing official yet, but if you like people talking about disliking what other people are talking about:

GoldVillano (which I’m always kind of questionably about) says the end of the Mephisto/Fantasma feud had little to do with Fantasma. His story is the feud came about off a legit argument – Mephisto accused Hijo del Fantasma of only getting a push because of his father, Fantasma responded by choking him. CMLL thought this was a grand idea to go with for a feud, but the plan (with some assistance from Fantasma Sr.) was for Mephisto to drop his mask, Mephisto refused, and CMLL gave up on it for now.

Cesar says we should not trust any Mexican information the WON publishes, because the Mexico section’s sources are only Konnan and Ernesto Ocampo  and they’re both hating on CMLL. For what it’s worth: I know for a fact Dave Meltzer communicates with people besides those two people (if he even talks to those two people) (also: not me) and I’d guess Konnan isn’t actively feeding news on CMLL because it doesn’t seem like he pays any attention to them; the only news he’d have is gossip passed between wrestlers, but I’m sure he could care less about the day to day of CMLL. Not sure the Ocampo idea makes much more sense. Anyway, Cesar makes the case that you can not accuse CMLL of specifically dropping the Fantasma/Mephisto storyline because they’ve dropped pretty much every storyline they’ve started this year, and sarcastically blames the WWE for all of them. Not a good sign for a promotion when your fans are using gross incompetence as a defense!

I think we can prove there’s a specific issue in Fantasma’s case. Cesar is absolutely right, other guys absolutely did have their feuds dropped, but many of those guys got new feuds. Misterioso, Polvora and Dragon Rojo all had their feuds with Sangre Azteca toned down, but they’ve all individually been promoted in other ways (trios title shot, Forjando un Idolo, usual ridiculous amount of title matches.) Generacion Dorada vs Hijos de Averno hasn’t been followed up by a group, but that’s expected when Dorada’s not been in Mexico much and won’t be for a while; Sombra’s got other big matches, Avenro’s feuded with La Mascara, and Mephisto has helped out there. Fantasma hasn’t done anything since dropping that lightning match to Olimpico – a proud member of the group that never wins any important matches! You did not need the WON story to know something happened with Fantasma. There’s been no story about Bam Bam, and yet it’s pretty clear Something Happened with him in February, when he suddenly dropped the minis title and then dropped off the face off the Earth for weeks. The WON story was a good explanation, and one I’m inclined to believe, but just dismissing the explanation for the issue doesn’t mean the issue isn’t still there.



WWA (FRI) 05/27/2011 Auditorio de Tijuana
1) El Hijo de Rey Misterio vs Famous B [WWA WELTER, tournament]
2) Great Pantera vs Steve Pain [WWA WELTER, tournament]
3) Hijo de LA Park, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Rayman vs Angel Blanco Jr., El Hijo del Solitario, Tony Casanova
4) Carlito & LA Park vs Blue Demon Jr. & Dr. Wagner Jr.

Lineup here. El Hijo del Santo had that WWA title the last we saw. Not sure if that’ s a tournament for the title or a title shot (but I’m guessing the new title.) That’s the new Hijo de Rey, the former Tijuana Horus.

Averno outsmarts Mascara, Oro & Fuego advance, Parka, TNA/AAA, Fantasma

CMLL (FRI) 05/06/2011 Arena Mexico [CMLLRecord (1-2, 5-6)Record (3-4)]
1) Estrellita, La Comandante, Princesa BlancaDalys la Caribeña, Goya Kong, Luna Mágica
La Comandante beat Goya Kong with a splash.
2) Ángel de Plata, Delta, Stuka Jr.Pólvora, Shigeo Okumura, Yoshihashi
Plata got some Forjando un Idolo redemption by cradling Polvora as he went for a leg lock for the win.
3) FuegoDiamante [Forjando un Idolo, quarterfinal]
Fuego (UG) used a leglock to get the upset over Diamante (Panther, undefeated up till this.)
4) Ángel de OroGuerrero Maya Jr. [Forjando un Idolo, quarterfinal]
Ultimo Guerrero student over a Shocker student. Maya went for a second rope senton, missed, and Oro immediately put him in a campana for the victory.
5) Rey Bucanero, Terrible, TexanoBlue Panther, Rush, Strong Man
Rudo trio is using the name Fuerza TRT. Rudos avoided Strong Man in the first fall, but he finally got in and cleaned house to set up the tecnico fall. Rudos came back for the less two, all pinning Strong Man in the third after a superbomb.
6) Averno, Negro Casas, Último GuerreroLa Máscara, La Sombra, Máscara Dorada
Negro Casas replaced Atlantis. Rudos took the first and the third. Mascara had UG in the campana and seemed about to beat him. Meanwhile, Dorada springboarded at Averno (who’s mask was ripped up by Mascara.) Averno fouled him, distracted the ref, yanked Mascara’s mask off, and pinned Dorada as UG pinned Mascara.

Forjando un Idolo matches

La Parka is making official his new group of himself, the Dark Family, and Drago, and calling it “El Inframundo” (the underworld.) Parka explains he’s a dancing skeleton, Ozz, Cuervo, Espiritu are the living dead, and Drago is an immortal dead dragon. (Of course!)

Dorian Roldan was asking followers on Twitter to tell him which TNA wrestlers they’d like to see. Right now, he’s running a Twitter poll until Monday for which women they would like to see and it seemed like Mickie James & Velvet Sky were winning. Mickie James is probably the best idea of the women available (Dark Angel not being an option), though I’m not sure the Dorian’s Twitter follows are close to an accurate representation of AAA’s fans (who mostly aren’t on Twitter) and bringing in women from TNA or who are now in TNA has produced consistently bad matches leaning towards disasters usually met with indifference from the crowd.

Hijo del Fantasma has often been mentioned as luchador who would do better than others in a US promotion, because he speaks conversational English. According to yesterday’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this is now a problem: CMLL has stepped down Fantasma’s push because they fear WWE will eventually snatch him away, so they don’t want to put Fantasma on top and look like they’re losing a top star. (This is exceedingly dumb if true, but it would explain why the Mephisto feud has totally vanished.)

Rush, talking about the trios title match on Ras de Lona, said he didn’t respect anyone. A fine tecnico. In talking about his title win, Valiente said he’d like to defend against rudos or tecnico in Arena Mexico, mentioning Ultimo Guerrero and Sombra, or move to a bigger weight division. Marcela, Amapola and Mima Shimoda are headed to Japan this weekend for the first Reina show.



CMLL (TUE) 05/10/2011 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Thunder Boy vs El Divino
2) Magnum & Metatrón vs Ángel del Mal & Exterminador
3) Delta, Gallo, Metro vs Misterioso Jr., Puma King, Tiger Kid
4) Dark Angel, Goya Kong, Marcela vs Amapola, La Comandante, Princesa Blanca
5) Rush vs Psicosis [CMLL LH]


CMLL (TUE) 05/10/2011 Arena Mexico
1) Astro Boy & Bengala vs Disturbio & Semental
2) Dalys la Caribeña, Estrella Mágica, Luna Mágica vs Estrellita, Princesa Sujei, Tiffany
3) Diamante, Fuego, Rey Cometa vs Dr. X, Hooligan, Virus
4) Ángel de Oro, Hijo del Fantasma, Valiente vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Felino, Negro Casas
5) Black Warrior, Blue Panther, Strong Man vs Atlantis, Héctor Garza, Mr. Niebla

Tercera should be fun. Ras de Lona had Hector Garza and Volador instead of Felino & Negro Casas, and all of Peste Negra in the main event. Volador hasn’t been on any card since last Sunday.

CMLL (FRI) 05/13/2011 Arena Mexico
1) Höruz, Robin, Trueno vs Artillero, Mortiz, Súper Comando
2) Ángel Azteca, Ángel de Plata, Pegasso vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Loco Max, Skándalo
3) Pólvora vs Hijo del Signo [Forjando un Idolo, quarterfinal]
4) Delta vs Rey Escorpion [Forjando un Idolo, quarterfinal]
5) Máximo, Super Porky, Toscano vs Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero, Terrible
6) Blue Panther, La Máscara, Máscara Dorada vs Averno, Ephesto, Último Guerrero

Ras de Lona had Texano in Negro’s spot, and Mephisto in Ultimo Guerrero’s spot. Might have wanted to get the coaches matches since they have to be there for their students anyway. hasn’t updated their subsite, but it doesn’t look like the first semifinal is this week.

01/18: GDL (new Trios champs), IWRG, Coliseo

CMLL (SUN) 01/18 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [MT: main (w/picture of new champs), semifinal]
4) Angel de Oro & Volador Jr. b Rey Bucanero & Satánico
5) Héctor Garza, Hijo de Fantasma, La Máscara b Atlantis, Rey Bucanero Negro Casas, Último Guerrero [CMLL TRIOS]

Hector Garza, Hijo de Fantamsa and La Mascara are the 20th CMLL Champions, winning back the belts they lost in August. Hector is now a five time champ, but this is the first time he’s won it back with the same team. Rudos go from controlling 6 of 8 of the major CMLL championships to half and half in the course of two days. Didn’t see this one coming at all. Negro teaming with UG and Atlantis was a forced situation and didn’t really help anything, just got Negro more into the mix when it came to the TNA stuff. I don’t mind this change, especially if we’re eventually heading to a Hijos del Averno or Poder Mexica contesting these belts.

Champs took the first fall with double Atlantidas. Tecnicos won the second fall, and then the match clean in the third fall, La Mascara getting Atlantis with la campana. Yea, read that again, it’s hard to believe. Champions did not argue, but just walked out after the loss.

Volador and Angel de Oro got a bit of an upset win themselves in the semifinal. After the match, Volador challenged Satanico to a mask vs hair match. This offended Bucanero – how dare Volador challenge his old mentor! – and Rey is giving Volador a shot at the CMLL Light Heavyweight title instead. I would not bet against any challenger right now.

IWRG (THU) 01/15 Arena Naucalpan [Al Filo del Ring]
1) Halcon 2000 b Epidemia
2) Eragon & Galactik b Anticristo Jr. & Avisman
3) Fenix, Freelance, Goleador b Demony, Fantasma de la Ópera, Nemesis IWRG
4) Trauma I, Trauma II, Zatura b Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro
5) Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro b Barba Roja, Capitán Muerte, Pirata Morgan Jr. [EdM TRIOS]

Champs took the second and third to retain. Zatura bled a lot, but his team got the win and they’ll get a title shot next week.

CMLL (SUN) 01/18 Arena Coliseo [Universal]
5) Místico DQ Black Warrior

Warrior fouled Mistico and then pulled his mask. Gotta cover all the bases.

El Siglo de Torreon talks to Ultimo Guerrero about the beginnings of his career. His father brought him to lucha libre shows from the time he was very little – he says he’s been told he first started talking and walking when at them – and Mano Negra inspired him to become a wrestler. He wrestled locally for five years as Flanagan before going to Mexico City on his own dime and not much more than that. He was a complete unknown and slept on the floor of the Fuerza/Panther Gym at nights and worked for Fuerza Guerrera during the days.

The same newspaper also talks to the Torreon box y lucha comission, who wants to create offical belts. There’d be heavyweight (98 kg and up), light heavy (80-97), middle (71-79), welter (65-69), light (60-64) and feather (59 and down), as well as tag team and trios. Nothing good can come of this! The commission’s ideas is that they’re hold tournaments involving qualtity (and licensed!) wrestlers and hold a hard line about how the titles are defended so the titles retain more credibility than the random belts that float thru here. The ideas is the titles would start here in May. The article also notes less than 10 of the estimated 160 local wrestlers have bothered to renew their licenses.

Rotavio de Queretaro has an interview with Arkangel de la Muerte, who explains the origin of his name. His career as Mr. Cid was not going anywhere and he was thinking off retiring, but suffered an accident that put him in a coma for a week. While in the coma, he saw an angel, and decided that was a gimmick work trying. Arkangel feels he’s getting close to the end of the career – the young people are pushing him – but he’s still like to go back to Japan again, as well as go up to Canada to teach (which was planned at one point apparently. The Dragon Gym affiliate that’s no longer in existence?)

WagnerMania posted video of the tag team title match from Friday and the latest WagnerMania show.

LuchaWorld has Robert looking back at AAA 07/1/07 and GDR 8/4 and FSE 8/5/7. There’s also KrisZ’s news update.


IWRG (THU) 01/22 Arena Naucalpan
1) Halcon 2000 vs Comando Gama
2) Eragon & Miss Gaviota vs Anticristo Jr. & Avisman
3) Chico Che & Goleador vs Demony & Xibalva
4) Freelance, Pendulo, Zatura vs Tetsuya, Toxico AAA, Veneno
5) Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro vs Trauma I, Trauma II, Zatura [IWRG IC TRIOS]

I refuse to predict title matches. No good can come of it!

CMLL (SUN) 01/25 Arena Coliseo
1) Rayo Tapatío I & Rayo Tapatío II vs Apocalipsis & Ramstein
2) Fabián el Gitano, Hijo del Faraon, Leono vs Arkangel de la Muerte, Pólvora, Skandalo
3) Máscara Púrpura, Máximo, Mictlán vs Felino, Vangelis, Virus
4) Blue Panther, Hijo del Fantasma, Toscano vs Black Warrior, Lizmark Jr., Negro Casas
5) Dos Caras Jr., Mark Corleone, Shocker vs Atlantis, Mr. Niebla, Último Guerrero

This is…not particularly interesting.

CMLL (SUN) 01/25 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Boomerang & Virgo vs Angel del Mal & Milenio
2) Casanova (GDL) & Leon Blanco vs Ephesto & Toxico (GDL)
3) Dark Angel, Marcela, Sahori vs Amapola, Medussa, Princesa Blanca
4) Mascara Dorada, Místico, Volador Jr. vs Averno, Mephisto, Rey Bucanero

Obviously going to be changed to a Bucanero/Volador main event. A women’s trios is rare here, especially with no local woman involved. Wonder if they’re getting a title match next week – that’s be three in three weeks, but also give them something noteworthy for the monthly free show (assuming it’s on 02/01.)

IWRG (SUN) 01/25 Arena Naucalpan
1) Eragon & Miss Gaviota vs Avisman & Nemesis IWRG
2) Chico Che, Gemelo Fantastico I, Gemelo Fantastico II vs Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro
3) Freelance, Multifacético, Zumbido vs Demony, Tetsuya, Veneno

Actual main event TBA.

01/07: Nuevo Laredo, Puebla, Coliseo, GDL

AAA (THU) 01/01 Arena Cuatro Caminos de Nuevo Laredo [El Manana]
3) Rio Bravo & Tito Santana II b Hombre Sin Miedo & Laredo Kid [AAA NORTH TAG]

Article says they’re taking the next two months off at this building.

CMLL (MON) 01/05 Arena Puebla [hugo999 @ box y lucha]
1) Black Tiger (Puebla), Centella de Oro, Tigre Rojo b Karisma, Mr. Rafaga, Siki Ozama Jr.
2) Asturiano, Blue Center, Lestat b Ares, Espiritu Maligno, Fuerza Chicana
3) Hijo del Fantasma b Euforia, Sagrado, Nosferatu, Valiente, Virus, Loco Max, Pegasso, Skandalo, Mascara Dorada [ciber]
4) Sangre Azteca b Mictlán [MEX WELTER]
5) Hector Garza, La Sombra, Volador Jr. b Mephisto, Terrible, Texano Jr.

Garza replaced Shocker in the main event. Sangre retained his title. Order of elimination was Dorada, Skadnalo, Pegasso, Loco, Virus, Valiente, Nosferatu. This left Euforia against both Sagrado and Fantasma. Euforia got Sagrado but Fantasma got him for the win.

CMLL (TUE) 01/06 Arena Coliseo [Ovaciones, ESTO]
1) Ángel Azteca Jr. & Angel de Oro b Camorra & Semental
2) Pequeño Warrior b Mascarita Dorada, Último Dragoncito, Pequeño Violencia, Pequeno Ninja, Pequeño Halloween, Pequeño Damian 666, Nino de Acero, Bam Bam, Mr. Águilita [cibernetico, Pequeno Reyes del Aire]
3) Euforia, Lizmark Jr., Nosferatu b Mictlán, Sagrado, Toscano
4) Héctor Garza, Místico, Shocker b Atlantis, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas

Mistico got Atlantis clean with La Mistica. ESTO includes a random anecdote about Jerry the Haitian.

Order of elimination:
1) Mr. Aguilita
2) Bam Bam (!)
3) Nino de Acero
4) Pequeno Damian 666
5) Pequeno Halloween
6) Pequeno Ninja (double elimination with Halloween)
7) Pequeno Violencia
8) Ultimo Dragoncito

Warrior got the upset win via foul. Of course. Only amapola had this right.

CMLL (TUE) 01/06 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [mt]
6) Blue Panther, La Máscara, La Sombra b Black Warrior, Dragon Rojo Jr., Sangre Azteca
7) Rey Bucanero b Máximo [CMLL LH]

Yay. Bucanero took the first and third falls. There was a moment of applause before the semi for Aguila India, who passed away on Sunday.

Ovaciones has a big preview of the minis cage match, with comments from Pierrothito, Mascarita Dorada, Ultimo Dragoncito, and Pequeno Universo. Tzuki no-showed the group photo. In Refoma (via Jazzo), Pequeno Warrior thinks the cage match favors the rudos – the tencicos won’t be able to fly – and plans on taking Mascarita Dorada’s mask. He warns the people that after he does, Mascarita Dorada will be revealed to be such ugly man, it may scare the fans.

There’s also a story about Nitro undergoing double knee surgery on Saturday which will put him out six months, and MS2 talking about returning and wrestling on the Perros del Mal shows.

Luchas2000 #452 has Ultimo Guerrero with the heavyweight title, Damian 666 on the Tijuana AAA show and the minis cage match.

SuperLuchas looks back at Canek & Billy Robinson


IWRG (THU) 01/08 Arena Naucalpan
1) Galatik & Halcon 2000 vs Avisman & Epidemia
2) Fenix & Goleador vs King Drako & Nemesis (IWRG)
3) Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro vs Barba Roja, Capitán Muerte, Pirata Morgan Jr.
4) Miss Gaviota vs Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro, Demony, Jack, Trauma II, Anticristo Jr., Oficial 911, Eragon, Pendulo, Trauma I, Gemelo Fantastico II, Chico Che, Fantasma de la Ópera, Zatura, Gemelo Fantastico I, Veneno, Bushi, Toxico AAA, Ultramán Jr. [lumberjack strap]

I totally don’t understand how the main event is supposed to work.

IWRG (SUN) 01/11 Arena Naucalpan
1) Imperio Azteca vs Avisman
2) Eragon & Galactik vs Anticristo Jr. & Nemesis (IWRG)
3) Coco Blanco, Gemelo Fantastico I, Gemelo Fantastico II vs Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro
4) Trauma I, Trauma II, Zatura vs Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro
5) ?, Fuerza Guerrera, Pendulo vs Arlequin, Bushi, Pierroth II

AAA (SUN) 01/11 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1) Epydemius vs Sicario
2) Guerreor Blanco vs Diabolik [vale tudo]
3) Jorobad del Mal 1 & Jorobad del Mal 2 vs Ejecutor & Mr. Secuestro
4) La Momia & Virtual X vs Rio Bravo & Tito Santana II [AAA NORTH TAG]
5) Aerostar & El Alebrije vs Jesse & Tigre Cota

Title rematch from last week.

09/29: Guadalajara, Monterrey, Coliseo

It sounds like wrestlers going on strike to protest TV Azteca airing WWE SmackDown on Friday may be more than idle chatter and have some substance to it. Something to watch this week, with the premire this Friday.

CMLL (TUE) 09/23 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [cmll]
1) Milenio b Relampago Azul
2) Virgo b Ebola
3) Samurai b Rafaga
4) Exterminador b Magnum
5) Flash b Infierno
6) Damián 666 & Mr. Águila b Leon Blanco & Stuka Jr.
7) Atlantis & Último Guerrero b Alex Koslov & Héctor Garza

LLF (FRI) 09/26 Arena Femenil de Monterrey [josedjesus @ el martinete]
1) Angelica b Dreamer [LLF Juvenil, toreno, qf]
2) Perla Negra b Hija de Karonte [LLF Juvenil, toreno, qf]
3) Dama de Hierro b Wendy [LLF Juvenil, toreno, qf]
4) La Bandida b RBD [LLF Juvenil, toreno, qf]
5) Dama de Hierro b Angelica [LLF Juvenil, toreno, sf]
6) Perla Negra b La Bandida [LLF Juvenil, toreno, sf]
7) Perla Negra b Dama de Hierro [LLF Juvenil, toreno, final]
8) Tsunami b La Chacala, Justiciera


CMLL (SUN) 09/28 Arena Coliseo [CMLL, Ovaciones]
1) Artillero & Súper Comando b Rayo Tapatío I & Rayo Tapatío II
2) Goddess, Princesa Blanca, Sahori b La Nazi, Medussa, Mima Shimoda
3) Máscara Púrpura, Tony Rivera, Valiente b Loco Max, Sangre Azteca, Satánico
4) Felino, Heavy Metal, Negro Casas b Damián 666, Mephisto, Mr. Águila
5) Dos Caras Jr., Héctor Garza, Marco Corelone DQ Atlantis, Lizmark Jr., Rey Bucanero

Lizmark fouled Dos yet again in the main event.

In the tercera, Sangre Azteca played the part of Halcon Negro this week and surely regretted it. That picture over there is a still of a Valiente dive gone horribly wrong, and both he and Sangre were strechered out. The report says it was only a scare, but that’s pretty scary. This also overshadowed the angle they were running – Tony Rivera vs Loco Max is indeed on for a hair match next week.

This morning, there was a note confirming this on, noting Tony’s past long winning streak in these matches and Loco Max’s bad performance. It’s disappeared since about 11AM CST.

Ovaciones writes about the Halcon Negro situation. They’re under the belief Halcon Negro is actually supposed to show up each and every week and keeps no-showing.

CMLL (SUN) 09/28 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [MT]
4) Terrible & Texano Jr. b Máscara Año 2000 & Universo 2000 [OCCIDENTE TAG]
5) Gallo & Hijo del Fantasma b Malefico & Máscara Mágica [hair]
6) Blue Panther DQ Villano V

Panther had Villano in the armbar and V5 must’ve not been countering it this time because Terrible & Texano had to run in for the DQ. Gallo & Hijo de Fantasma did not lose their masks. Phew. It’s not like I was expecting the Dinamitias to win the tag team championships of the West (because, why?), but it’s still is surprising to see them lose any time they don’t have to at this point.

Atlantis has a new offical site at Atlantis.

(Mr. Reyes) Looks like the Oficials won the IWRG Trios title last night.

Al Filo del Ring has a Shocker interview from Guerreros del Ring (the magazine) – not a lot new: considers himself on leave with CMLL and desperately wants to go back, doesn’t like the AAA using the Guapo name but has no issues with the guys themselves – and one from Scorpio at his benefit show, where he hoped to return to the ring by Novemeber.

Aguila Solitaria would like to return to Arena Mexico for a few retirement matches.

Notimex has a story about Bolivia’s Cholitas.

CMLL (MON) 09/29 Arena Puebla
1) Astruriano, Centella de Oro, Tiger Rojo vs Fuerza Chicana, Mr. Rafaga, Toro Bill
2) Black Tiger, Blue Center, Legionario vs Fire, Pequeño Violencia, Pierrothito
3) Alex Koslov, Máximo, Mictlán vs Euforia, Nosferatu, Satánico
4) Dos Caras Jr., Héctor Garza, Marco Corelone vs Atlantis, Negro Casas, Último Guerrero
5) Blue Panther vs Villano V

Pierrothito brings the lightweight title back to Puebla! Also another Panther/V5 rematch and the trios champs teaming up in a non title match (though Ovaciones thinks we should expect a title match next week.)

Second on the card on Wednesday in
Nuevo Laredo this week: Spiderman vs Batman.

09/25: IWRG, GDL, Panther


CONTRERAS (FRI) 09/19 Arena San Jauna Pantitlan [the gladiatores]

1) M1, Mini Rey del Espacio, Pegaso Boy b Malevolo, Mini Head Hunter I, Mini Head Hunter II
2) Luis Cirio, Manny Cirio, Tony Cirio b Carica, Coco Rosa, La Chona and Fulminante & Miserable and Muerte Negra, Rey del Epsacio, Soldado del Futuro [CONTRERAS TRIOS]
3) Batman, Dinamico, Hombre Arana b Dr. Karonte, Ex Mosco de la Merced, Mosco de la Merced
4) Infinito, Ogun, Ricky Ricon, Super Muneco b Hijo del Cien Caras, Ice Killer, Monsther, Pierko el Boruica
5) El Hijo Del Santo, Intocable, Juventud Guerrera b El Dandy, El Hijo del Solitario, Zumbido

Zumbido and Solitario screwed up, and the tecnicos rolled to the win.

IWRG (SUN) 09/21 Arena Naucalpan [joshyman @ el Martinete]
1) Eragon b Rey Estruendo
2) Gemelo Fantastico I & Gemelo Fantastico II b Anubis & Heavy Boy
3) Black Terry, el Hijo del Pierroth, Monsther b Aeroman, Freelance, Jack
4) Capitán Muerte, Cyborg, Xibalva b Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro
5) el Hijo Del Anibal, Multifacético, Tinieblas Jr. b Head Hunter I, Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., Zumbido

Head Hunter actually pinned his teammate MY2K Jr. after he and Anibal switched masks on the floor. The Death Squad beaing the Oficials to set up the Oficial getting a title shot makes no sense to me.

CMLL (SUN) 09/21 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Plata b Azazel
2) Depredador & Güero Loco b Idolo & Oro II
3) Casanova, Flash, Metal Blanco b Mr. Trueno, Rey Trueno, Sangre Azteca
4) Gallo, Hijo del Fantasma, Stuka Jr. DQ Malefico, Mascara Magica, Toxico (Guadalajara) [torneo, final]
5) Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, Villano V b Alex Koslov, Blue Panther, Marco Corelone

In the main, V5 slipped in a foul on Panther. In the semimain, rudos got caught doing the same, and decided they might as well rip up the tecnicos masks if they’re already DQed. This sets up something lightning quick for this upcoming Sunday.

Everyone must’ve talked to Blue Panther after Tuesday’s show, because there’s a few different articles which all seem to be from the same conversation
Notimex has Panther saying he was overconfident and that caused him to lose. Now, he doesn’t still have the mask, but he still is Blue Panther. Panther was nervous about the reaction of the crowd, but it’s been positive.
– In ESTO, Panthers says this is a new beginning of his career, he still needs lucha libre and lucha libre still needs Blue Panther.
– Meanwhile, Mephisto wants to take Panther’s hair and then retire him for good. Mephisto also thiks he and Averno should be tag team champs, because they’re great and they’re not injured all the time.

Shocker thinks he’ll be back in CMLL soon.

(SoloLuchas) Mike Suicida Segura says he’s not going to WWE because he doesn’t have his visa. You know, same thing happened to me – I was totally going to be booker for Arena Coliseo (12 week Corelone/Olimpico feud on the schedule), but I don’t have a passport and we all just decided that was an obstacle which could never possibly be overcome. It’s sad, really. Suicida says he’d like to get into CMLL or AAA. Interestingly, when he’s asked possibly going for the the IWRG Lightweight title, he says he’s heard there will soon be a tournament for a NWA Lightweight championship and he’ll be involved.

Mini Charly Manson wants a shot at Mini Abismo Negro’s mask. It’s good to want things. SoloLuchas also has a random bio of Electroshock, the only Mexican in the Foriegn Legion. (Zorro’s from Spain.)

The Gladiatores also has an interview with the Cirio brothers.

KrisZ’s news update from yesterday.

There’s a lucha libre art exhbit in Austin, TX this weekend.

CMLL (SUN) 09/28 Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1) Thunder Boy vs Ebola
2) Idolo & Nube Roja vs Exterminador & Güero Loco
3) Casanova & Stuka Jr. vs Cien Caras & Infierno
4) Terrible & Texano Jr. vs Máscara Año 2000 & Universo 2000 [OCCIDENTE TAG]
5) Gallo & Hijo del Fantasma vs Malefico & Máscara Mágica [hair, mask]
6) Blue Panther vs Villano V

First singles meeting since the mask match between those two. It’s the rudos putting their hairs on the line versus tecnico’s masks. I don’t know why either team wants the western tag team titles when I think about it, but okay.

CMLL (TUE) 09/30 Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1) Milenio vs Quazar
2) Impostor vs Egipcio
3) Samurai vs Depradador
4) Metatron vs Super Maquina
5) Metal Blanco & Palacio Negro vs Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno
6) Dos Caras Jr., Leon Blanco, Rayman vs Cien Caras Jr., Máscara Año 2000, Universo 2000
7) Último Dragón vs Negro Casas

That would’ve been awesome in 1991.

CMLL MEDI CRIT (SAT) 10/04 Gimnasio de la UAT [Dr. Coloso IV @ LMdlL]
1) Astro Boy & Metalik vs Artillero & Súper Comando
2) Mascarita Dorada & Tzuki vs Pequeño Damian 666 & Pequeño Halloween
3) Máximo, Oro Negro, Shocker vs Baby Lover, Bronco III, Loco Castillo

I presume Shocker’s working this show as an indpendent. The poster lists this as a TV taping.