CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2015-07-18

Negro Casas doing a code red

I think this is the last regularly scheduled 52MX recap for the time being. All the matches will air on Puebla first, so there’s no need for these except for the weeks when I miss that show. Until everything changes everything again

Recapped: 07/18/2015

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CMLL Puebla #104 (09/05/2010)

taped 08/30/10 – that link is always the full recap

Why do I not watch this show every week? I usually enjoy this show. I rarely enjoy the GDL. The LATV & 52MX are hit and miss. Things just work out well when I watch this show. On other hand, I really only watch this show when there are great matches, so maybe I’ve got a slightly biased take on this show.

this also looks like a piledriver, but it's awesome so I'll let it slide

Sombra vs Volador was definitely a great match worth seeking this show out. I can not think of a better match I’ve seen this year*, or a better CMLL singles match I’ve seen lately. This match was so fantastic, the cheap finish couldn’t affect it, because everyone before it was so great and you honestly believed Volador had no other options left to beat this man. Watch this match.

This match was more intense than usual CMLL singles matches. It wasn’t out and out brawl intense, but I also didn’t feel like I could’ve gone to the fridge and gotten a drink between moves. If you’re going to do moves involving running and jumping, no one’s going to believe you’re so dead tired that you can’t move for twenty seconds. Ten seconds actually makes a lot of difference.

That was quite a finish to the second fall.

I enjoyed the announcers too – it felt like they were more into the match than the usual CMLL and AAA guys. I don’t know if they just promised them another house if they’re good or whatever, but it’s a fine result.

* – though we really need to put together a virtual comp of Matches Worth Consideration; the YouTube links are out there, but we need to add them to the wiki or something so interested people can easily flip thru them.

This whole show is worth seeking out. The cibernetico to open the show would’ve been the standout match on any other show – Raziel was super great whenever he was in, and this might be Lestat’s Best Match Ever – and I hope they’re honestly going somewhere with the DF rudos/Puebla tecnicos bit because everyone’s been great and another big match with them would be fun.

And the Panther/Dorada/Mistico vs Invasors match would be the best match on most weekly shows.

CMLL Puebla #23 (02/14)

taped 02/08. Five matches.

Nothing that interesting here. I thought the opener was good, but I wasn’t expecting to be the best match. Probably should know better.

Main event – I sure hope this was edited, because it’s pretty pathetic any other way. You can’t do a five minute match as your main event, that’s just absurd. Why bother even showing up at that point? I’m presuming they would’ve skipping showing it if didn’t set up something next week, but I would be fine not seeing Garza/Guerrero. (And, as it turns out, I can’t because it hasn’t turned up.)

CMLL Puebla #21 (02/01)

taped 01/25

Semimain – which was actually the second match live – was serious fantastic and worth going out of you way to see. Even four shows into watching these guys, I still feel like I’m sorting thru which of the locals are good are making this happen and which just are along for the ride, so I may be off and not know it, but everyone in that match seemed great. Centella de Oro feels like the best of the bunch everyone knew their place, knew when to be there, and did their part superb. These matches are fast and dense and heck of a lot fun to watch.

Overall, this was a pretty good show. Opener could’ve been better, and the Averno/Volador trios felt like a MVS filler match, but it have a few big spots (especially the finish.) Women’s trios was well on the good side, as was the main event. That semimain was still just miles ahead of everything else.

I still have no idea if Lluvia is any good and it’s starting to distress me. I need to have form a definite opinion on her, so I can pigeonhole her and never rethink my viewpoint forever and ever. (Also, I’m not supposed to say that outloud.) Slightly less foolling around thought: Dark Angel has look re-vitalized since coming back from winter break. Please please please give her something fun to do, CMLL. (Editors note: hmm, can you tell how long ago I wrote that?)

CMLL Puebla #20 (01/25)

taped 01/19

There’s four matches on this show, but the only one worth talking about is the main event. I’m writing this nearly a month after this episode aired, so it’s lot easier for me to point out in hindsight – as much as Mephisto has his matches, CMLL totally should’ve sent Ephesto to NJPW for the last match. Both guys worked with Sombra in title matches in a short period of time, and Ephesto’s match blew this one away. There was actually a sense of drama, suspense and rising tension level. This was 14 minutes of move, pin, kickout, no one cares because no one believes the match is going to be done yet.

If you’re going to do a final fall as long as this one (nearly 18 minutes on TV, and these shows don’t seem to have much clipping), you can’t just settle for alternating near falls the whole way. After about five minutes of that bit, everyone figures out it’s not going to end until someone tries a usual finish, or a finish from one of the first two falls. The match can’t end before then, because the match never ends until they get to those bits – years of watching wrestling has taught even the most casual fan that. Meanwhile, you’re just doing a whole bunch of stuff that’s immediately irrelevant.

It works better in tag and trios matches, because you can do different combination of guys and build towards the climax there. Here, it was just the same guys, doing the same spots we see in every singles match until they hit the time limit they had in their minds. Near falls are exciting, but not in excess.