CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2018-07-03

lucha libre!

Recapped: 07/04/2018


Stukita & Último Dragóncito beat Pequeño Nitro & Pequeño Olímpico
(14:24 [7:49, 2:46, 3:49], 2/3, n/r, via

Akuma, Hijo del Signo, Metálico beat Astral, Eléctrico, Príncipe Diamante  
(14:18 [6:12, 4:06, 4:00], 1/3, bad, via

Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Sangre Azteca beat Drone, Fuego, Pegasso
(11:02 [5:03, 2:01, 3:58], 1/3, n/r, via

Audaz beat Universo 2000 Jr. in a lightning match
(6:34, springboard huracanrana, ok, via

Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Stuka Jr. beat Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto  
(12:17 [3:39, 2:39, 5:59], 1/3, ok, via

Ángel de Oro, Kráneo, Niebla Roja beat Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón
(13:37 [5:39, 2:43, 5:15], 2/3, good, via

What happened: 

Nothing really. Sansón pinned Niebla Roja in the main event, which might go somewhere but might not. Black Panther appears to have new music.


Black Panther swing kick

The main event was a usually efficient NGD/Chavez match, maybe a touch less their Friday matches but not so much less that the Tuesday crowd minded. Angel de Oro & Niebla Roja are getting good at figured out how to work in whatever partner they had that week, and the NGD showed more of their offense than they sometimes do on Tuesday. Cameras missed the shot of Mije getting kicked, when seems to defeat the point of him being kicked.

The semi-main was about the usual from the people involved, which satisfied the crowd on this night. They did a bit of a misdirection on the finish, which would’ve meant more to a crowd familiar with the rules. CMLL should probably be doing something with the Panthers already other than endless meaningless trios matches. Black Panther has figured out how to get reactions from Tuesday crowds pretty reliable and should be trying to master something else.

around the post

The lightning match won’t go into the Audaz highlight reel, but it was a good job of getting around Universo’s limitations. This match seemed both an admission he’s not ready for a singles match with a flyer, but that he or Audaz or whoever put this match together was smart enough to keep it simple for him. Audaz did his usual amount of rolls and flips, but never really needed Universo to be involved in them. He was going around and into the rudo, but Universo wasn’t called upon to do much basing in this match. They didn’t do the armbar finish, they went with a middle rope huracanrana instead (and Universo’s bump was mistimed.) Universo’s offense was a kept to a few things he does well and he looked strong even in a defeat. This could’ve been a disaster and was not.

The segunda had gotten notice as one of the worst matches in CMLL this year, so I decided to pay attention to it instead of the probably OK tercera. It lived up to the hype. Eléctrico and Metálico got totally lost in the first fall, staring at each other like rookies for an awkward amount of time. Astral fell jumping into the ring in the third fall and it didn’t get any better for him. It felt like the rudos decided just to go home early instead of dealing with him for a moment longer. I don’t know how much of Astral’s performance was the bad fall because he was not much better earlier. Akuma got to do two dropkicks and not a whole lot more. His third fall spots with Eléctrico were slow looking, though still the better moments of this match.

Suirano Suplex

CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2018-05-29 

Panther topes may be why Kawato doesn’t like catching dives

Recapped: 06/07/2018


Pequeño Olímpico & Pequeño Violencia beat Acero & Aéreo 
(15:56 [6:44, 3:51, 5:21], 1/3, n/r, via

Akuma, Hijo del Signo, Nitro beat Dick Riviere, Star Jr., Starman  
(12:14 [5:44, 2:25, 4:05], 1/3, ok, via

Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr., The Panther beat Dragón Rojo Jr., Kawato San, Pólvora
(16:28 [6:13, 3:02, 7:13], 2/3, ok, via

Fuego beat Virus in a lightning match
(5:47, La Guelaguetza, ok, via

Stuka Jr., Titán, Tritón beat Ephesto, Felino, Luciferno
(10:37 [2:38, 3:59, 4:00], 2/3, ok, via

Atlantis, Valiente, Volador Jr. beat Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Negro Casas
(7:07 [2:44, 3:08, 1:15], 1/3, ok, via

What happened: 



Riviere moonsault

There was so much early técnico offense that I thought they were just going two falls. Instead, they were just going with some short falls, including a third that went barely a minute. The rudos got control just long enough to take the second fall. Volador & Valiente looked flashy in what they did but it’s not like they had time to do a lot. Atlantis being in no bumps mode is actually a good thing in this match, but Atlantis getting even worse at attempting for the Atlantida is the opposite of the good thing. Either Atlantis suffered another injury or they need to just make up an injury at this point to give him cover. This is probably not great news for Tiburon either, who’s going to have to be rushed to make it.

The semimain was the usual spots from the usual guys in a brief amount of time. CMLL técnicos need an alternative spot from the apron beside the diving headscissors, it’s happening in way too many matches. Luiciferno really took Titan down hard on the powerbomb at the end of the match.

this did not go well for Titan

Long ago, Fuego & Virus had a really fun match that involved Fuego going way out of his comfort zone and doing a lot of mat wrestling to start to set up the big ending later. This was not that match, this was more bog standard lightning match action, setting up dives and then doing a pinfall. Fuego’s way more over now so maybe it’s working for him. This still was an action match, fitting in a bit more than the time would indicate, but it felt like a smidge of what they could do.

The tercera match was better off for going thru a long third fall, and running thru a lot of nears falls to make the match a little more exciting. It was ordinary otherwise, with the highlight being Tirantes not counting the second pinfall because he thought the Panthers were going to lift up the rudos for a nudo lagunero submission instead. Kawato took the Panther reverse 619 kick as hard as anyone has so far, one of a couple times Panther ended up hitting him very hard..

The second match was only really notable for France’s Dick Riviere making a one off appearance. He’s a Nitro trainee, from his time in APC promotion, and looked better than usual for these low level guest appearance. It was a little rehearsed, but he pulled off everything he seemed asked to do fine. The dive even went ok, though it’s made it weird CMLL allows the guy with the least experience to do a dive and no one else. Star Jr. looked leagues better than everyone here and then slipped when going for his second fall moonsault. That’s how it goes sometimes and he moved on quick.

Virus slam

CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2018-05-22 


Recapped: 05/27/2018


Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro beat Acero & Aéreo 
(13:15 [5:32, 3:22, 4:21], 2/3, n/r, via: 

Akuma, Espanto Jr., Nitro beat Magia Blanca, Retro, Star Jr.
(10:21 [4:53, 2:23, 3:05], 1/3, n/r, via: VideosOficialesCMLL)

Disturbio, Okumura, Virus beat Esfinge, Stigma, Tritón
(15:23 [6:30, 5:18, 3:35], 2/3, ok, via: VideosOficialesCMLL)

Felino, Hechicero, Shocker beat Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr., The Panther
(11:44 [5:10, 3:09, 3:25], 2/3, ok, via: VideosOficialesCMLL)

Último Guerrero © beat Stuka Jr. for the NWA World Middleweight Championship
(16:20, 2/3, good, via: 

  1. Stuka hammerlock DDT (4:32)
  2. Último Guerrero Pulpo Guerrero (1:44)
  3. Último Guerrero crucifix cradle (10:04)

Atlantis, Carístico, Mistico beat Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto
(7:52 [1:52, 2:00, 4:00], 2/3, ok, via: 

What happened: 

almost enough

The sound is off for nearly the complete first fall of the fourth match.

Magia Blanca, a late fill in for Sensei, tears his ACL at the end of his second match. Akuma just happens to fall on the back of Blanca’s leg taking an armdrag on Akuma.



CMLL Tuesday main events following a singles matches are never great. This one was especially nothing for two falls, even though they got more time than usual for this spot. The end of the second fall had some of the most transparent rudo feeding for rudo moves you’ll ever see. Action picked up a little bit in the third fall, until Atlantis came in. He did just get Mephisto up in the Atlantida, so point for him.

The title match was a standard Último Guerrero big match, up until Stuka got his foot on the ropes on the Guerrero Special. It seems like he’s aware enough of everyone catching on to the same thing finish every time that it’s not the ending right now, but there was no strong twist or novelty to the match to that point. Último Guerrero didn’t go thru everything he could do, but it felt about the same as normal. The sequence after Stuka got his foot on the ropes was surprising and the match itself was well done. Beyond that finish, it’s going to be hard to separate this from all the other UG singles matches.

Triton versus everyone

Shocker pulling a middle rope elbow drop is more amazing then CMLL forgetting to turn the sound on. That happens all the time. That match wasn’t the greatest set up for the Panthers, though Hechicero seemed to have fun knocking Blue Sr. around. Felino seemed to be barely in the match, though it wasn’t much of a match to be in.

The tercera had the names from good matches but didn’t mesh in any way interesting. The match slowed way down with the rudos in charge, and the técnicos never made much of a comeback. Triton’s fish outfit doesn’t really work without the shirt. Okumura doesn’t really work as Triton’s base.


CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2018-05-08 

like old times

Recapped: 05/13/2018


Bengala & Leono beat Apocalipsis & Cholo
(11:05 [4:35, 3:07, 3:23], 2/3, n/r, via

Dalys, La Metálica, La Seductora beat La Guerrera, Lady Maravilla, Mistik
(14:39 [5:02, 4:44, 4:53], 2/3, ok, via

El Audaz, Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa beat Puma, Sagrado, Virus
(14:57 [6:00, 3:16, 5:41], 2/3, great, via

Tiger beat Kawato San in a lightning match
(6:43, powerbomb, ok, via

Blue Panther, Kráneo, Soberano Jr. beat Okumura, Rey Bucanero, Terrible
(12:30 [4:40, 3:32, 4:18], 1/3, ok, via

Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Stuka Jr. beat Gran Guerrero, Mr. Niebla, Último Guerrero  
(9:21 [2:36, 2:03, 4:42], 2/3 DQ, ok, via

What happened: 

Mistik’s celebrated a bit too soon

Último Guerrero & Stuka randomly started feuding to set up a title match in a couple weeks. UG unmasked Stuka at the end.


The main event was the standard building stuff with Stuka & UG, plus Diamante Azul doing strong people stuff. There was nothing special to the feud, except for UG calling the handwaving chants on himself after getting himself disqualified at the end. Atlantis did very little in this, and couldn’t take a bump when his time killing hold was broken up in the third fall. They didn’t pin him either, so he wouldn’t have to take that bump. At this point, I’m kind of left hoping he’s picked up a minor injury that he’s working his way thru, because there needs to a chance of an improvement at some point.

Audaz operates on a different set of physics

The lightning match was solid and no one died on a dive, though Tiger did his dive in a way where he landed on his feet about the same time he made impact. Tiger made sure he wouldn’t have to worry about being caught. Kawato showed more varied offense in this than has in his singles match and didn’t build towards the double stomp, so I can’t hate him. It was alright and that’s about what I expected.

The tercera was a cut above usual CMLL midcard matches. The guys involved are usually good, but they were totally clicking in this match. Audaz was unremarkable on Monday and totally impressive in this match better designed to show his talents; the first big evasion spot was amazing. No one else is doing the things like his middle rope springboard backwards into a sunset flip. Audaz does a cool dive here, which reminded me that he’s not really doing all that many dives yet – his big spots are in the ring, just using the ropes in crazy and fast ways. They’ve downplayed the Virus/Audaz stuff – even here, when Audaz submits Virus, it’s not treated as a big deal – but I hope they go back to it to at least give us one awesome. It wasn’t just him. Puma was nailing people with superkicks, and he and Rey Cometa had their usual great chemistry thru the match. Sagrado worked well as a rudo and a base, and Maya was efficient in what he did.
Always glad to have new people involved to learn more individual quirks and peculiarities, but can’t say I was impressed by the new women. Mystique has the flashier moves of the two, including lots of cartwheels, but also seemed like she was struggling the ropes. La Guerrera outright struggled in a couple of moments and didn’t show a personality. The double corner headstand spot was clearly supposed to be their big showcase moment, and instead came off as slow and clunky. Then they seemed lost for a moment on what to do that next. Metálica nailed Maravilla with a forearm in the second fall , one of those ones that remind me why she seemed interesting at first here. She hasn’t been great lately, in a group where not a lot of people are great. Maybe having some young girls to destroy will wake her up; she gave Guerrera a piledriver she’s not doing with the other women.

Tiger wins

CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2018-03-27

this is much more impressive than the stage dives

Recapped: 03/28/2017


Apocalipsis & Inquisidor beat Bengala & Retro  
(11:48 [5:18, 2:36, 3:54], 1/3, n/r, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Universo 2000, Pequeño Violencia bea Acero, Aéreo, Fantasy  
(15:40 [7:27, 3:22, 4:51], 1/3, n/r, via  VideosOficialesCMLL)

Cancerbero, Espanto Jr., Raziel beat Astral, Eléctrico, Pegasso 
(13:27 [5:51, 3:39, 3:57], 1/3, good, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. beat Disturbio, Misterioso Jr., Universo 2000 Jr.
(10:22 [3:04, 3:32, 3:46], 2/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Soberano Jr. beat Cavernario
(16:11, 2 DQ/3, excellent, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Diamante Azul, Dragón Lee, Matt Taven beat Ephesto, Mephisto, Terrible
(16:40 [5:50, 2:41, 8:09], 2/3, good, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

What happened:

Maya drives Misterioso into the barricade

The opener was joined in progress, the stream started late. Opening mat work was still going on, so probably a minute or so was missed.


The Tuesday main event was much more than usually happens in that spot, with a lot more time put in. It wasn’t a deeper match than they usually go but it did have more moments where it felt like they cared. Terrible doing the stare down with everyone is fun, and he worked well with Dragon Lee. Matt Taven threw everything into his last tope. Diamante Azul threw Ephesto far on his monkey flip.

gotta keeping GIFing this

The singles match was a treat. Cavernario aggressiveness early caused the match to play a lot different than usual. It never felt like an exhibition, but a war Soberano had to overcome a big early blow, more apuesta grudge than title match. The Mephisto/Soberano match showed off all Soberano could do, this match made you care more about him actually being able to do it. Soberano still got in some of his fancier spots for the sake of doing them, they just made stuff like the stage dive feel more a part of the match than usual. Cavernario’s one of the best at selling or doing anything and not just standing blankly waiting to be hit, which helps a bunch. Neither guy really had to kill themselves for a strong reaction, which was a nice change of pace. I liked this more than Angel de Oro/Cuatrero early. It’s a borderline match for me, and I ended up putting in excellent because it felt like something that didn’t deserve to be lumped in with all the Great matches.

We’ve progressed to the point where Misterioso is getting pins when other people are being dumb. It’s contagious, and the rudos caught it in the second fall of the fourth match. Universo 2000 didn’t feel out of place in the match, though it was heavier on comedy than usual for this crew. I didn’t like it quite as much as the others.

The tercera was the best of this psuedo-series between the Cancerberos & the ex-Minis. Outside of one slip, the rudos held better during this match. The técnicos have tried for more in other matches, but what they did her worked and peaked well for the finish. This match, like all the others on this show, was helped by having a crowd that was far more into this action than usual for a Tuesday.


Ephesto in flight

CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2018-03-20 

uh huh

Recapped: 03/26/2018


Acero & Aéreo beat Pequeño Olímpico & Pequeño Violencia
(11:28 [5:32, 5:56], 1/2 DQ, n/r, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Cancerbero, Raziel, Universo 2000 Jr. beat Oro Jr., Sensei, Star Jr.  
(15:55 [5:17, 5:36, 5:02], 2/3, n/r, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Amapola, Dalys, Zeuxis beat Kaho Kobayashi, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit 
(11:21 [6:32, 2:05, 2:44], 2/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Rey Bucanero beat Ephesto in a lightning match
(8:41, inverted STF, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. beat Johnny Idol, Kawato San, Okumura
(15:11 [4:48, 4:12, 6:11], 1/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Mistico, Soberano Jr., Volador Jr. beat Cavernario, Felino, Mr. Niebla
(9:44 [2:02, 2:21, 5:21], 1/3 DQ, n/r, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

What happened: 

Cavernario pulled Soberano’s mask for the DQ, setting up a singles match next week.

Pequeño Violencia fouled Acero for no real reason. That was really it.


a lot for an opening match

The main event was the usual feud build, including Cavernario running from Soberano and them only in the ring wrestling a short portion of the match. Mistico’s dive at the end looked great but this didn’t generally turn into anything big. Weird to see Volador get pinned at all in a third fall, even with Mr. Niebla grabbing the ropes to do so.

Everyone looked fine in the semimain. There were a few neat things here or there – Rey Cometa doing the shhhhhh slap spot but Okumura actually just blocking it was a nice twist on the routine – and it was overall solid match. I don’t want to keep talking about Kawato in every match, but it felt like he was in so much of this match. I think Idol did his moonsault and did his dance and hung out with Mije a lot. Worse jobs to have.

Ephesto & Rey Bucanero finished with a run of both men going for moves, failing at it, and getting caught in other moves. They’re old and slow and it was an idea anyway. Rey Bucaero’s inverted STF is also an idea, albeit one which looks awkward to get on every time. Bucanero didn’t seem a big of catching Ephesto’s tope. This was not the worst match ever and they didn’t over extend themselves by trying things they could not do, but there’s no great need to see it.

The women’s match here was smoother than the H2L match, though it got significantly less time. Zeuxis & Kaho had good chemistry in this match, Kaho survived getting crushed by Zeuxis’ knees to get in a diving headscissors near the end. Maybe they’ll do the women’s match. The ending was very Tuesday quick, coming out of nowhere.

Zeuxis & Kaho

CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2018-03-13 


Recapped: 03/23/2018


Mercurio & Pequeño Violencia beat Angelito & Fantasy
(12:09 [5:38, 2:24, 4:07], 2/3, n/r, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Cancerbero, Nitro, Raziel beat Eléctrico, Robin, Sensei 
(12:04 [5:08, 3:27, 3:29], 1/3, n/r, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Blue Panther Jr., Fuego, The Panther beat Kawato San, Puma, Tiger
(12:53 [5:16, 4:54, 2:43], 1/3, good, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto beat Stuka Jr., Titán, Tritón
(10:55 [3:52, 4:51, 2:12], 1/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Máscara Año 2000 beat La Bestia Del Ring
(8:14, 1/3, below average, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

  1. Mascara step over tirabuzon (2:57)

  2. La Bestia del Ring crab with ropes (3:22)

  3. Mascara crab with ropes (1:55)

Marco Corleone, Soberano Jr., Valiente beat Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
(11:01 [2:55, 3:13, 4:53], 1/3 DQ, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

What happened: 

Angelito destroyed by a chop

Cancerbero was Mascara’s second and Nitro was Bestia’s second, as the rest of the Munoz family was all in Guadalajara. Nitro interfered much more flagrantly than usual for a second in a CMLL match and was eventually tossed from the match. Bestia used the middle rope on a crab to win the second fall. Mascara did the same in the third fall, though Bestia tapped out before Mascara could grab the ropes it on.

Mascara gestured for Bestia to stay near the ring so he can do a promo bit post match. Bestia instead waited a half second before walking to the back, and he’s gone by the time Mascara gets the microphone to tease future match ups.

Triton suffered a minor knee injury in the second fall of the fourth match, which sidelines him and derails the match. The second fall ends with Triton being counted out instead of them just pinning Titan, which came off as weird. Triton came back in the third fall to set up the planned finish, Mephisto giving Titan a super Devil’s Wings onto to Triton after a shoulderbreaker.


Tiger clears house

Poor Soberano and Cavenario were having an interesting mat battle to open the match and Niebla running across the ring to slap Marco put an end to that. They worked well together and should have a good match. Soberano and Casas had a nice section right before the finish too. The crowd reacted loudest to Marco and Niebla’s antics, and it was the usual Tuesday match worked for the audience.

The singles was no good and you shouldn’t watch it. It was bad for the clumsily slow reasons you’d expect, and for Bestia messing up the really easy finish of “not taping until Mascara does the thing”. The high points of the match were Mascara doing a good job selling being totally overwhelmed by Bestia (until he wasn’t) and Nitro’s towel trip looking good. I wonder if Nitro was supposed to get more involved than he did; the commissioner seemed unhappy about what was going on enough to stand on the ramp and glare until he was sure Nitro was gone and Mascara wouldn’t throw another beer.

The fourth match doesn’t work out due to Triton’s injury. They can’t cover for it well and cut it short. It wasn’t really going great before it either; the first fall includes the rudos forgetting to trip up Stuka as he bounces off the ropes, only Stuka stops and turns around like it happened anyway. The crowd really got on them for that, and they were only bailed out by Titan quickly and impressively winning the fall right after. Titan’s Titanics headscissors on Mephisto got the other big reaction of the match

The tercera was the better version of the usual Puma/Tiger/Panthers match, with a strong surge in the last moments and a good pace the whole way. Kawato is now an average luchador. He knew how to do the missed elbow drop spot, he can do a senton (though maybe not accurately), he doesn’t feel lost. He also doesn’t feel special. The crowd connection isn’t there yet, and neither is the fire that made him stand out. That’s tougher on the rudo side and he’s still making improvements, I’m just not sure what the finished product is going to look like yet. He’s also not going to make it to being a finished product if he doesn’t turn to catch dives.

CMLL Martes de Glamour: 2018-03-06

Rush & Kraneo

Recapped: 03/19/2018


Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro beat Stukita & Último Dragóncito
(11:42 [5:15, 2:49, 3:38], 1/3, n/r, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Flyer, Magnus, Príncipe Diamante beat Metálico, Príncipe Odín Jr., Sangre Azteca
(12:56 [5:22, 2:33, 5:01], 2/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Hijo del Signo beat Arkángel de la Muerte in a lightning match
(7:40, nudo Signo, n/r, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Drone, Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr. beat Disturbio, Misterioso Jr., Sagrado
(10:36 [3:36, 1:47, 5:13], 2/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Blue Panther Jr., Dragón Lee, Soberano Jr. beat Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto
(15:15 [4:08, 3:27, 7:40], 2/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Gran Guerrero, Marco Corleone, Máscara Año 2000 vs Kráneo, La Bestia del Ring, Rush in a relevos increíbles match
(7:54 [2:41, 5:13], 1/2 DQ, n/r, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

What happened:

Stukita cool mat work of the day

Pierroth is now known as La Bestia del Ring, though they go back and forth using each name. Mascara 2000 fouled Bestia for no real reason and it set up a singles match next week.


The semimain was a usual match that was up and down. Soberano was trying to do too much and it wasn’t working for him. Soberano’s stage dive tornillo looked nice, didn’t really fit in at all in the match. Luciferno totally missed catching him on his dive at the end of the match, and Soberano had two headscissors go wrong. His dive on the end of the match went right.


Drone looked fine in his return, clearly having been training during his secret suspension. He wasn’t going to break out anything new in the fourth match of a Tuesday show, but he didn’t feel like he had lost a step. The first two falls of that match were slow and it didn’t really pick up in the third to make it work seeking out. You could use your time in worse ways.

I didn’t pay enough attention to Signo/Arkangel, but they seemed to be wrestling the standard two dives big spots match lightning despite being the wrong guys to do that match. I’m not sure there is a winning strategy to Signo/Arkangel though.

I wouldn’t normally watch the segunda, but I haven’t checked in on these guys in a while and there wasn’t a lot appetizing on this show. The announcers were very excited for Metalico’s judo takedown on Principe Diamante and not much more. Metalico seemed the best of the rudos, which is not saying much. Principe Odin Jr. seemed to be trying to cut down his running to the times where it’s absolutely necessary and was content to walk from spot to spot. His near gear looks good, probably just because it’s new.


CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2018-02-27 


Templario is very good

Recapped: 03/12/2018


Acero & Aéreo beat Pequeño Olímpico & Pequeño Universo 2000
(12:07 [5:00, 3:36, 3:31], 2/3, n/r, via

Astral, Oro Jr., Príncipe Diamante beat Akuma, El Coyote, Príncipe Odín Jr.
(13:33 [6:29, 2:48, 4:16], 2/3, n/r, via

Cancerbero, Raziel, Templario beat Pegasso, Star Jr., Stigma 
(15:06 [7:50, 2:39, 4:37], 1/3, ok, via

Guerrero Maya Jr. beat Flyer in a lightning match
(7:03, German suplex, good, via

Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Stuka Jr. beat Kawato San, Luciferno, Pólvora
(15:23 [6:55, 2:45, 5:43], 2/3, ok, via

Gran Guerrero, Marco Corleone, Máscara Año 2000 vs Kráneo, Pierroth, Rush in a relevos increíbles match
(9:18 [4:30, 4:48], 1/2 DQ, n/r, via

What happened: 

Pierroth fouled Mascara 2000 in the second fall to start a feud.



Templario & Star Jr.

I’m probably not giving the semimain enough credit; they were working hard and yet I found it hard to pay attention to. Stuka, one very much into doing the same moves in every match, broke out the handspring he doesn’t do a lot and a sort of DDT I can’t recall him using. Kawato is still taken aback every time he gets to win a fall. His kicks were better, his headscissors looked good, he probably should be a técnico. Niebla Roja is way over with this crowd.

Guerrero Maya is going to be a Blue Panther-ish rudo at some point in his CMLL career. It’d be ideal if it was sooner rather than latter. This lightning match felt like a small preview of why that chance would make sense. Maya wasn’t a rudo here, and it was broadly a técnico/técnico match where both guys dived. It also was Maya out wrestling and out smarting the more acrobatic flyer, all the way to the quick and nifty German suplex finish. Maya assisted Flyer to maybe his best singles match ever, guiding him thru some good mat wrestling portions and kept the match interesting throughout. This felt like a more complete match than I’d expect Flyer to have in this spot, which makes it intriguing what Maya might due with others.

Star Jr. looked great with Templario in the third fall of the tercera. Everyone looked good in the third fall of the match, which really moved compared to the first two falls.

Maya teaches Flyer a lesson

CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2018-02-20 

Panther might have become a little predictable

Recapped: 03/06/2018


Acero & Aéreo beat  Pequeño Nitro & Pequeño Violencia
(13:37 [6:31, 4:18, 2:48], 2/3, n/r, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Cancerbero, Metálico, Raziel beat Magnus, Metatrón, Sensei 
(11:01 [4:49, 2:44, 3:28], 1/3, n/r, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Lady Maravilla, Princesa Sugehit, Sanely beat Amapola, La Comandante, Reyna Isis
(14:55 [7:26, 7:29], straight falls, n/r, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Pólvora beat Tiger in a lightning match
(9:07, Super Polvora Driver, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr., The Panther beat Johnny Idol, Mephisto, Okumura
(12:14 [3:32, 3:34, 5:08], 1/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Diamante Azul, Mistico, Valiente beat  Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero
(12:14 [3:32, 3:34, 5:08], 2/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

What happened: 

In the women’s match, Amapola was disqualified for excessive violence in the second fall, including refusing a choke. That’s it.


sometimes you need to see something badly to appreciate how hard it is to do well

Último Guerrero whiffed on the Mistico ramp catch spot, which hasn’t been seen much of late. Maybe he’s out of practice. The crowd did not care at all. That’s the Tuesday/Friday difference. This was a Msitico showcase match in the way they haven’ been doing them for a while and the crowd ate it up. No one else continued a lot. It still was better than most Tuesday night main events.

Blue Panther got his annual win via farmer’s roll. Johnny Idol winning with a springboard dropkick on someone who was being held seems more unlikely, the rudos always fail in that situation. Mephisto tripping The Panther up on this springboard dropkick was a nice reverse on a usual bit. This wasn’t a memorable matches except those few spots. It was ok enough for a Tuesday.

The lightning match felt into the pattern of guys just taking turning doing moves. Tiger was nominally the técnico during the match, but Pólvora actually seemed to get the reaction and neither had a strong role in the match. There was no real story besides how’s turn it was, and the moves weren’t done fast or impressive enough to be memorable. These matches should be opportunity do something different, but they usually come off sameish.

Mistico headscissors