CMLL Guadalajara: 2018-04-14 

Esfinge’s kick actually looked good!

Recapped: 04/14/2018


Drone, El Audaz, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Kawato San, Puma, Tiger
(11:41 [4:16, 3:34, 3:51], 2/3, ok)

Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón © beat Esfinge, Titán, Tritón for the Mexican National Trios Championship
(20:33 [6:40, 4:05, 9:48], 2/3, good)

Carístico, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Cavernario, Gran Guerrero, Negro Casas
(4:42 [1:37, 1:40, 1:25], 1/3, ok)

All matches are in this playlist.

What happened:

drone tope

The easiest way for me to record this is to use my streaming software to capture it. I watched it live to make sure it recorded ok (it did, except for a dive in the title match), and thought I might as well do a recap.

The NGD kept the trios titles.

Negro Casas & Cavernario pinning Volador & Valiente sets up a tag title match next week.


The main event was barely notable. I’m not sure if it was quite as short live, there might have been editing, but it was barely much on TV. The Valiente/Negro Casas war was the easy highlight of this match. If you already knew they were heading to a tag title match, you could make some sense of the finish, but it didn’t have any meaning otherwise.

NGD ruining Titan’s fun

The title match took a while to get to an interesting level. Outside of the mat work, it would’ve been tough to tell they were even trying for a bigger match than usual thru the first two falls. The third fall felt like they blew threw where a normal match ends and kept going for a lot more. They seemed to get a lot more time than normal for a Guadalajara TV match and that extra time gave them opportunity to do that much more. (I wonder if the pace would’ve worked better for me if I wasn’t worried they’d run out of time when they were starting slow.) Titan and Sansón probably did one too many forearm battles, but were the best at adding those dramatic moments to the match. Titan getting a believable near fall before he lost really helped. Triton & Esfinge did well – Esfinge actually connected on his kick! – though Triton had a better match the previous Friday night. Everyone did well, it just needed more early to be really something.

The opener was not much. There were great names for action in the match but it never got good. Very much a match always stuck in first gear with a couple nice spots. It wasn’t horrible by any means but nothing you need to seek out.

CMLL Guadalajara: 2012-02-04

taped 2012-01-31 @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara

match 1
match 2
match 3



Black Metal, Starman, Triton vs Èvola, Shigeo Okumura, Vangelis:  The Rafaga double run-in was all quite weird and unusual, but that woks here. Triton looked very on.


Pólvora vs Titán for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship: Pólvora continues his reign of terror over members of midcard tag team matches. This was good and better than the Fuego match (crowd helping) but not great; just a few too many mistimed spots, including the finish.

Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Tiger vs Hijo del Fantasma, Rush, Valiente:  The completely random Fantasma/Bucanero issue made this more interesting than a normal random match. Otherwise, it was just about a normal match. Tiger’s still feels like a fill in guy, but maybe getting pins over Valiente will help.

CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #46 (05/08/2011)

Palacio Negro

taped @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 03/29/2011



Metal Blanco & Palacio Negro vs Inquisidor & Raziel: not a lot of time, so the técnicos didn’t get to do every wacky idea they have planned, but they looked good as a tag team. Raziel was strong as always. Inquisidor’s finisher is still goofy.

At least he took the claws off

Delta, Metro, Sangre Azteca vs Euforia, Misterioso Jr., Virus: Announcers tried to build it up another way, but there was no real build towards Sangre/Misterioso here. That seems like another issue that dominated the first few months of the year that’s been ignored for the last couple. Good match even if not particularly meaningful. Sangre still is doing about three more low blow dropkicks per match than he ought to be.


Rush & Toscano vs Héctor Garza & Volador Jr.: not as especially mailed in as I figured it might be, but nothing that interesting here.

CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #45 (05/01/2011)

taped @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 03/22/2011

file: here
recap: here

Ángel de Oro, Ángel de Plata, Valiente vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Shigeo Okumura, Virus: well done match with the usual people. Nothing out of the ordinary but still fun. Valiente has Dragon Rojo’s number, maybe La Mascara needs to recruit him to take on Ultimo Guerrero for the tag titles.

Hijo del Fantasma & Máscara Dorada vs Felino & Mr. Niebla: all comedy, except for the parts where the action ceased to let the crowd to chant. Really worked strong for the live crowd, not as much for the TV. I hope Felino adopts Zacarias.

CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #44 (04/24/2011)

poor Hooligan :(

taped @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 03/15/2011
file: here
recap: here

Arkángel de la Muerte, Hooligan, Skándalo vs Diamante, Gallo, Sagrado: Fair. I’m a sucker for any time Hooligan pulls off his boot and starts hitting people with it, though it seems to be backfiring more times than it’s worked. I may just be a sucker for more Hooligan. Sagrado was really going after him with the boot after, he’s not letting the rudos have any fun.

Máximo & Rush vs Negro Casas & Rey Bucanero: This arrangement did not bring out the best of anyone. Getting another Bucanero/Maximo match after they negelected to show the blow off for that feud is annoying, though at least they had Maximo work Negro instead most of the time.

CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #43 (04/17/2011)

taped @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 03/01/2011

file: here
recap: here

la careta

Lluvia, Marcela, Silueta vs Amapola, La Comandante, Mima Shimoda: Silueta should benefit a lot from going to Japan; she’s only getting matches here when they send the women, and she’s probably only working with men at GDL’s school, so this is a really good opportunity for her. Silueta is perfectly fine by CMLL women’s standards and may be a lot better with more intensive work. (Same with Seuxis.) It’s still a surprising she’s going; there must’ve been a plan to send Estrella Magica at one point, to explain how she ended up on the poster. Lluvia seems like the young woman CMLL’s focusing on most and would make sense to get this chance, but I could understand not wanting to leave a child for three months.

Diamante & Valiente vs Escorpion & Vangelis: Fine match. Vangelis’ current go to stragety is to stand behind a fellow rudo and hope they toss someone to you. It’s working! Don’t often get countouts in straight falls but it worked here. We still need to get Escorpion a better and more fitting finisher. There’s too many people doing moonsaults for a rudo to be winning matches with a moonsault that’s not good. Even a swinging neckbreaker would help.

CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #42 (04/10/2011)

taped @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 02/22/2011

recap: here
file: here

a bit south for a Cruz Nipona. Cruz Indonesia?

Black Metal & Palacio Negro vs Hooligan & Skándalo: better on the web, where you could actually see the finish of the first fall. It’s a tremendous effort to get three matches on this show, but I don’t know that they’ve ever really gotten three full matches on this show. This was the fine start to a feud between these teams that I guess got dropped when they decided to bring Palacio Negro up. Maybe. Poor Black Metal, who won’t be able to use his matching gear with Palacio Negro for a while to come.

Sangre Azteca, Stuka Jr., Valiente vs Rey Bucanero, Shigeo Okumura, Yoshihashi: A Guadalajara match with a dumb finish. Two straight DQs that weren’t really going anywhere and didn’t mean much, but I think this might have been their way to keep Bucanero “strong” after losing the feud to Maximo.

Hijo del Fantasma, La Sombra, Máscara Dorada vs Terrible, Texano, Volador Jr.: a match none of us had much enthusiasm for, but wasn’t an ambarassment or anything.

CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #41 (04/03/2011)

Truenos at work

taped @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 02/15/2011

file: here
recap: here

I think Maximo quitting CMLL (for a few hours) caused his match to be bumped from this match. Very disappointing; it might have been great, but it would’ve been entertaining. It’s not like this show was filled with other winners.

Rayo Tapatío I & Rayo Tapatío II vs Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno: A dream match! Easily the best thing on this show, nothing extraordinary, but a well done veteran tag with the home team winning.

Lluvia, Luna Mágica, Marcela vs Mima Shimoda, Princesa Blanca, Tiffany: Luna Magica. I dunno. What can you say? This wasn’t a long match and that was fine.

Hijo del Fantasma & Toscano vs Mr. Águila & Olímpico: Guadalajara walk thru special.

CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #40 (03/27/2011)

taped @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 02/08/2011

file: here
recap: here

Gallo, Sagrado, Sangre Azteca vs Escorpion, Misterioso II, Pólvora: HATED this match. Rudos were a slow, unhurried annoyance to Sangre. There wasn’t anything more to the match, and what they were doing was too passive and too scattered to be interesting. And then wont forever. A dreary GDL match; between this match and the Polvora/Sangre Azteca lightning match, it felt like a really good idea they didn’t do a mask match between then at Dos Leyendas. Sangre’s been improving as a tecnico, but there wasn’t much of that here.

Felino & Rey Bucanero vs Máscara Dorada & Máximo – as action, this feud hasn’t been much, but it’s made up for it with wacky shennangins. This was the oddest conga line ever.

CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #39 (03/20/2011)


taped @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 02/01/2011

recap: here
file: here

Rey Cometa & Stuka Jr. vs Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno: Good basic match. more good Trueno fun. Cometa mat work was a bit different from usual.

Máximo, Toscano, Valiente vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero: We are so far behind on this show, the Bucanero/Maximo feud that I forgot about is just starting. They did a great job of building up to the kiss spot. Black Warrior is going to have to prove he still has the best tope with Valiente crushing people.