CMLL on Marca: 2018-11-16 

King Phoenix

Recapped: 11/16/2018


Espanto Jr. & Grako beat Astral & Eléctrico
(13:30 [5:22, 4:12, 3:56], 1/3, below average, 00:01:10)

La Guerrera, Lluvia, Marcela beat Amapola, Dalys, Tiffany
(11:33 [6:03, 5:30], 1/2 DQ, ok, 00:23:20)

Misterioso Jr., Okumura, Vangellys beat Esfinge, Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa
(12:20 [5:35, 2:57, 3:48], 2/3, ok, 00:44:10)

The dumb battle royal went 2:52.

King Phoenix and Cavernario advanced past Titán, Volador Jr, Flyer, Místico, Soberano Jr., Tritón, El Audaz, Dragón Rojo Jr., Felino, Virus, Mephisto, Templario, Kawato San, Tiger in CMLL’s Leyenda de Plata Tournament
(34:52, great, 01:16:34)

  1. Audaz springboard headscissors Kawato San (7:56)
  2. Templario frontcracker powerbomb Tiger (9:35)
  3. Dragon Rojo double stomp Triton (12:20)
  4. Soberano front piledriver Audaz (13:28)
  5. Virus motocicleta Flyer (14:51)
  6. Felino superpowerbomb Titan (18:19)
  7. Mephisto super Devils’ Wings Virus (19:20)
  8. Cavernario springboard splash Dragon Rojo (20:43)
  9. Soberano guillotine moonsault Felino (21:27)
  10. Volador reverse rana Templario (23:01)
  11. Fenix springboard dropkick to the face Mephisto (24:24)
  12. Cavernario cavernaria Soberano Jr. (25:25)
  13. Volador Canadian Destroyer Místico (28:50)
  14. Cavernario cavernaria Volador Jr. (34:52)

Gran Guerrero, Penta 0M, Último Guerrero beat Carístico, Diamante Azul, Valiente
(9:42 [2:14, 1:29, 5:59], 1/3, ok, 01:56:30)

What happened: 


UG turned a La Mistica straight into a crucifix cradle.

Felino might have picked up a hip injury taking Soberano’s moonsault. The final four came down to only Místico left on his team against King Phoenix, Volador and Cavenario. Those last two decided to start fighting Phoenix, and fought the final as a three way leading to the finish. Cavernario & Phoenix advance to next week’s final, a rematch from earlier this year.

Dalys would not let go of a choke – a choke she’s never ever done before and probably will never do again – and she was disqualified without a count. (This was a typically strange way to do a DQ in a women’s match where there’s no mask involved.)

Grako lost Astral on a powerbomb. Instead of picking him up again, he just dropped him badly. Eléctrico was strechered out after taking Grako’s hanging double underhook facebuster, though it was less clear if that was a real injury (brought out by his head being too low) or if he was selling the move.


Caristico DDT

The main event seemed liked it was going to be a usual super rush trios match to follow a really strong match for two falls. It slowed down and gave a little bit of time in the third fall, though the action was never really noteworthy. It was more interesting what they didn’t do (Azul/UG dropped) than anything they did do. Penta based well for Carístico but mostly existed as something for Valiente & Diamante Azul to be angry about. They seemed annoyed he’s so over, which is an odd thing to be angry about. The finish was nicely done.

The Leyenda de Plata was easily the best of the recent run of ciberneticos, a borderline great/excellent match. The overall performance level was better than those, and this had an insane section of the match that was just missing from the others. The action was really solid for most of the way – until Fenix’s slip on a springboard felt like it derailed the action and the crowd for a couple of minutes. Fenix got them back with a dive, but it was just long enough where I couldn’t go with the high grade. Fenix looked super throughout the rest of the match, with his best moments coming in the second half of the match. Templario had a great run, carrying a lot of the middle and doing great with whoever he was working with them. Soberano looked really good if also a bit dangerous. Triton & Audaz did well in short runs (while you could’ve replaced Felino with anyone and gotten the same.) Would’ve liked to see more of Titan but they did get to mix it up with other people. This is an easy recommendation.

Soberano tornillo

Vangellys getting a strong showcase win in his return was the purpose of the third match. That’s a strange purpose but I suppose he was fine with it. Rey Cometa did an impressive dive and then Vangellys quickly pinned him. The match was the most professional of the undercard, the standard solid if predictable CMLL midcard trios match.

The women’s match was the same as always, just with a little less crowd reaction than normal. It held all the way to the finish, where no one really bought the finish. This division desperately needs something fresh to happen. This was the opposite, Dalys & Marcela feuding again. I feel like I’ve seen the Amapola dropkick the person on the middle rope spot 1000 times and La Guerrera took the bump differently than everyone else, so that’s something to say for this match. It didn’t go well.

The opener kind of derailed when Grako dropped Astral badly, as tends to happen. The rudos stalled out the second fall to give Astral some time to recover, and openers don’t need any more time to cool down. Grako seemed off the rest of the match, though he hasn’t looked on a lot. Grako trying to take a bump into the corner off an Electrico dropkick and landing on referee Pompin’s feet is about as well as this one went.


CMLL on Marca: 2018-11-09 

poor Mije

Recapped: 11/09/2018


El Coyote & Grako beat Arkalis & Príncipe Diamante
(11:46 [5:33, 3:11, 3:02], 1/3, ok, 00:00:00)

Esfinge, Titán, Tritón beat Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Virus
(14:07 [5:30, 2:54, 5:43], 2/3, ok, 00:19:45)

Cuatrero, Hechicero, Sansón beat Kráneo, Stuka Jr., Volcano
(18:39 [6:29, 5:52, 6:18], 2/3, ok, 00:46:42)

Forastero beat Soberano Jr. in a lightning match
(7:24, headscissors/armbar, ok, 01:15:04)

Diamante Azul, Místico, Valiente beat Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero
(9:45 [5:18, 4:27], 1 DQ/2 DQ, ok, 01:27:20)

Ángel de Oro, Carístico, Volador Jr. beat Cavernario, Rush, Terrible
(11:02 [2:16, 2:50, 5:56], 2/3, good, 01:45:56)

What happened:

Diamante Azul and Último Guerrero feuded. Diamante Azul was meant to toss his mask to Último Guerrero to draw the DQ in the first fall, but dumbly spiked it on the mat instead. Último Guerrero legit unmasked him in the second fall.


Forastero out dived Soberano

There wasn’t a lot to the main event, like there wasn’t a lot to all the matches on the show. The main event felt like an upper level house show main event, people working decently hard while not switching up from the usual routines. Angel de Oro seemed fired up to get a Friday night main event, and went thru his usual spots with more energy than usual. Cavernario took big bumps for him, for Carístico and made the finish looked spectacular. The little Caristico/Rush stuff they did worked fine.

Místico had a mostly good run in the second fall, being showcased well against the Guerreros like usual. The rest was fairly forgettable. Valiente had a really bad moment where he couldn’t get a tapatia on in the first fall, and recovered to be fine in the second fall. Azul & UG didn’t really work a lot together except for the finishes. There’s no reason to see them again so soon (or at all) after their recent title match.

The dives in the Soberano/Forastero match were nice, but they needed a lot more in between and the finish really didn’t feel built to at all. This felt like they were pacing it out for a match that would easily take them past ten minutes, and then Forastero just suddenly got on his usual armbar finish for the win. They never really found a higher gear or showed much depth. I expected more.

Mistico & Euforia

The tercera seemed pretty long to me. The crowd enjoyed the Gorillas, and the rudos meshed well as their opponents. Stuka & Hechicero themselves didn’t feel like they meshed well, with less chemistry in a long first fall sequence than you’d expect from guys who recently feuded. That match flowed better when Volcano & Kraneo were on offense or when all three rudos were working as a unit. Volcano was solidly ok, a step up from usual. Not something you’d need to see but was fine over the course of the show.

The second match got the crowd going, but there wasn’t a lot to it that the técnicos don’t do in every match. Titan taking out all the rudos from the apron is always well done, but not particularly novel. The catapult/DDT spot was an awesome idea that almost worked, just Pólvora was not taking a face-first bump on the apron. I’m not taking that bump either, I don’t blame him, but it could’ve worked a lot better. Triton had his one cool rope trick spot and then not much more. It’s still more than Esfinge. This was fine.

The opener fit the same mod as last week: everyone was more willing to do things than in the veteran openers, and everyone was much less smooth at doing those things than those veteran openers. I’d rather have the effort than the boredom, but there were hesitant and off moments here that could use work. Arkalis’ legdrop to win the second fall looked good, but he looked off in bigger spots in the third fall. Coyote & Grako were just alright, and the finish with Grako and Arkalis looked mistimed.

would’ve been awesome

CMLL on Marca: 2018-10-26 

this was probably supposed to be a powerbomb into a backcracker but there weren’t much knees

Recapped: 10/27/2018


Misterioso Jr. & Sagrado beat Príncipe Diamante & Star Jr.
(9:21 [3:49, 2:18, 3:14], 2/3, bad, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Dragón Rojo Jr., Okumura, Pólvora beat Drone, Fuego, Pegasso
(9:36 [4:52, 4:44], 1/2, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Templario defeats Esfinge, Audaz, Black Panther, Tritón, Flyer, Cuatrero, Forastero, Guerrero Maya Jr., Virus, Kawato San, Tiger to challenge for the Rey del Inframundo championship next week
(24:45, good, VideosOficialesCMLL)

  1. Triton guillotine legdrop Kawato (7:39)
  2. Virus fujiwara armbar Black Panther (8:55)
  3. Audaz tornado armbar Tiger (10:42)
  4. Forastero head and arm submission Triton (13:03)
  5. Cuatrero inverted bearhug Audaz (13:44)
  6. Flyer hammerlock Virus (15:10)
  7. Templario suspended armbar/leglock Guerrero Maya (16:26)
  8. Esfinge springboard splash Forastero (17:53)
  9. Cuatrero crucifix Flyer (19:07)
  10. Esfinge nudo Egipico Cuatrero (20:43)
  11. Templario gutwrench super powerbomb (24:45)

Ángel de Oro, Mistico, Niebla Roja beat Cavernario, Dark Magic, Negro Casas
(14:31 [6:20, 8:11], 1/2 DQ, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Carístico, Diamante Azul, Valiente beat La Bestia Del Ring, Rush, Terrible in a relevos increíbles match
(9:25 [4:04, 1:32, 3:49], 1 DQ/3 DQ, below average, VideosOficialesCMLL)

What happened: 

Casas didn’t win this exchange

The first fall in the ring ended with “too long in the ring” DQ, with Edgar rapidly counting to get that intended finish to happen. Rush fouled Carístico in the third, then they unmasked the tecnicos.

Cavernario and Místico feuded in the semi-main, with Cavenrario unmasking Místico for the DQ.

A guardian of hell appeared before and after the Rey del Inframundo to hype up next week’s Sansón/Templario match



On one hand, the main event went short and had two disqualification finishes. On the other hand, it wasn’t going to be good anyway so maybe I’m ok with the pain being quick. Besita remains terrible. He gave Valiente no protection on his superbomb. It looked bad and it was only luck it didn’t go worse. Bestia also made the minimal effort on Valiente’s dive. This didn’t feel as much the start of a feud as the Ingobernables getting to do their thing against unwilling victims.

The semi-main got more time than the earlier two fall match. It wasn’t a lot better for it. There was lots of Místico and Cavernario in their match, primarily because they were feuding and secondary because it meant other people were being kept out. Dark Magic is very limited. They can’t hide his limitations, but they ask don’t ask him to do anything that’ll look bad. (He still didn’t know to move out of Zacarias way for his 619.) Negro Casas only works limited potions of matches too, which sidelined Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja for a lot of the match. Místico & Cavernario had some highlights but it wasn’t their best match and weren’t enough to make this meaningful on its own.


The cibernetico was a good, but not the great match it could’ve been with the people involved. It was entertaining while missing a really high-level stretch. There were more people having a bad day than anyone stepping up for the occasion. Esfinge lasted to the final while seemingly doing nothing more than he’d do in a usual trios match. Templario looked great because of the time, but it’s hard to credit anyone else who benefited. Audaz & Templario did some spectacular things while also looking like they were a little off – Audaz’s kick and the wrist grab spot were not quite on point, and he didn’t get a lot of time to make up for it. Black Panther has now gotten eliminated quickly in two straight ciberneticos. That seems like a bad sign for him. The Tiger catch spot was the most disappointing spot of the night – the técnicos seemed like they were surprised they actually caught him and couldn’t come up with a quick plan to use him. Flyer did not special, and was off more than he was on. His series with Virus was not good. This was good by the rule of having 12 people do a lot of offense is going to produce an exciting match, and this turned out good because Templario won (though on a messed up pin), but it was a little bit less than I’d hope.

The straight falls gimmick is at least producing faster-paced matches. There’s no killing time rudo beatdown when they’re working under ten minutes. This still had a bit of a técnico comeback and a big series of moves near the finish without something in the middle. It did miss any really stand out individual performance because this little amount of time means there’s not a chance to highlight someone without completely freezing out other people. I guess Drone was the best guy, but it wasn’t really a match where there could be just one person. The match was a definite big improvement over the opener.

no on the opener

A lot of the openers are not fun to watch because no one does much of anything. They were trying to do things in the opener here. They were just awful at doing them. Sagrado had been one of the best rudos who gets nothing to do in CMLL, but his performance has slipped in recent times and he was not good at all here. Star Jr. was also noticeably worse than usual. Misterioso isn’t usually this bad. I wonders if being in an opener got them to mentally, because these guys were not into this one mentally at all.

CMLL on Marca: 2018-10-19

Panterita del Ring

Recapped: 10/19/2018


Pegasso & Stigma beat Cancerbero & El Coyote
(9:57 [4:33, 2:58, 2:26], 2/3, below average, 00:00:00)

Diamante Azul, Mistico, Valiente beat Dark Magic, Felino, Negro Casas
(9:06 [4:05, 5:01], 1/2, ok, 00:16:55)

Ángel de Oro, beat Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Niebla Roja, Stuka Jr., Dragón Rojo Jr., Espanto Jr., Luciferno, Misterioso Jr., and Templario to win the Copa Halcon Suriano
(24:57, good, 00:34:43)

  1. Blue Panther Jr. fujiwara armbar Espanto Jr. (5:28)
  2. Misterioso Gori Driver Black Panther (5:28)
  3. Stuka Jr. torpedo splash Luciferno (9:18)
  4. ref stop Blue Panther Jr. [injury] (10:05)
  5. Niebla Roja inverted campana Misterioso (14:16)
  6. Dragon Rojo grounded octopus Stuka Jr. (14:51)
  7. Angel de Oro casadora Templario (16:05)
  8. Dragon Rojo Dragon Bomb Niebla Roja (19:31)
  9. Angel de Oro huracanrana Dagon Rojo (24:57)

Black Warrior, Blue Panther, Euforia, Panterita del Ring beat Cuatrero, Forastero, Máscara Año 2000, Sansón
(14:30 [5:18, 2:59, 6:13], 2/3, good, 01:13:34)

Cavernario, Rush, Terrible beat Carístico, David Finlay, Penta 0M
(13:24 [2:39, 3:52, 6:53], 1/3, ok, 01:50:46)

What happened: 

proof Misterioso can do a dive

Penta was defeated Rush cleanly with a Rush Driver, and need to be stretchered out. He was fine on Twitter later.

Like with the Negro Casas anniversary, Sofia Alonso gave Blue Panther a plaque for reaching 40 years. Blue Panther’s family – except Junior, see below – came out to pose with him for a photo. This included the not-yet-debuted Hijo del Blue Panther, who wore a white Panther mask.

Stukita appeared before the Copa Halcón Suriano to show his name/mask change to Halcón Suriano. Many of the wrestlers in the match either entered wearing Blue Panther Jr. homage masks or wore all blue in tribute. Most people on the show wore Blue Panther 40 armbands. Blue Panther Jr. took a wrong step on the top rope while trying for a dive, and fell to the floor instead, taking out a cameraman in the process. Panther was put on a backboard and could not finish the match. He did not appear when the rest of the family came out to honor Blue Panther (although whoever has his Twitter account was active.)


proof Luciferno can do a dive

The main event had the people for a big feud or even a really good match. It was neither, resembling the Tuesday post-big match main event in the effort if not time. There was no great build to anything and not a lot of work. Carístico & Penta had the slightest of issues, maybe on their own to keep the issue going, because it’s obvious CMLL has moved on. Carístico outperformed Penta easy. Finlay actually fit in better than usual but still has no strong purpose. Terrible looked off, both in taking Finlay’s (maybe Stunner?) finish and with Penta’s Slingblades. Cavernario carried most of the work, as usual. Rush beating Penta clean was weird. Rush beating anyone clean is very unlike him. It’s the kind of finish that feels like the end of Penta in CMLL for now, but also makes you wonder why they bothered to bring him back for this in the first place.

The Blue Panther match was more enjoyable for the action itself, and not just the nostalgia like the other similar matches this year. There was no great thematic reason to do a Lagunera versus Jalisco match, but it functioned together better than the all old men versions of these tribute matches. The NGD moved around great and were able to keep Black Warrior & Blue Panther looking reliable. Warrior looked visually much better than Panterita walking to the ring, but Panterita blew him away in the match. He was able to change up his style from what he’s done as Ephesto for years, pulling off some highspots well. (The dive didn’t go well, but the recovery made up for it.) Warrior seemed surprisingly old; his tope at the end would’ve been fine by any standard except his old ones. They gave Blue Panther good moments, he got the win, and everyone went home happy.

The Copa Halcón Suriano was in the same range as the Gran Prix and the heavyweight championship match. It looked like it was going to be better until Blue Panther Jr.’s injury seemed to derail things for a while. The first eight or so minutes of this match was a lot of fun, with people doing more for the occasion. (Misterioso showed a dropkick, pulled off an Asai dive, and went off the top rope!) Blue Panther Jr. was probably supposed to be around for a while, though I’m not sure how long. The end game – down to having the Chavez brothers as the final two left – seemed to play out fine without him being. It was good enough to keep the crowd interested after they showed signs of turning on it without any Panther involved. The last six minutes of Angel de Oro and Dragon Rojo going back and forth was nicely done to build dramatics, and smartly played off the previous eliminations in a way which would’ve been hard to put together on the spot and is atypical for both. It was worked well, with the Angel de Oro submission reversal spot standing out as something not normally done. Dragon Rojo’s moves come off as shakey, but everything, including the double stomp that I hate, worked really well. Angel de Oro comes up well in trios matches all the time and this was a nice solo effort from him. This isn’t a must see, but it’s a worthwhile use of your time.

almost all my notes for GIFs were dives so I stopped making GIFs

The second match was so nothing that I didn’t really grasp it was over at first; it just didn’t process that the técnicos actually won both falls until they went to the Roshfrans commercial. There wasn’t a lot to it. I guess it was fine. What action they did provide was the usual Negro Casas/Mistico bit. Casas did a lot of bumbling, Mistico outsmarted him and beat him with his own move, and the crowd hated it because they just want to cheer for Negro Casas. Diamante Azul & Dark Magic worked a lot together, have no special chemistry, but Dark Magic is a large man Azul can try to throw around impressively and perhaps that’s a reason to exist.

The opener was a nothing match, peaking OK but uninteresting action. Trying to figure out what happened on Exatlon (nearly 1/3rd of the people on the show quit after the plane they were on did an accidental 360 in mid-flight! But not Dragon Lee! And somehow they had replacement people ready to go!) captured more of my action than the match. They didn’t go too far for fancy spots, which made it worse when things didn’t work well. Cancerbero and Pegasso have worked together hundreds of times but were the worst pair, somehow.

CMLL on Marca: 2018-09-21

a GIF to sum up the show.

Recapped: 09/21/2018


(CMLL has not posted the full show as of 90 minutes after it aired. I may add the timestamps later if they do.)

Magnus & Star Jr. beat Akuma & Espanto Jr.
(11:49 [6:28, 3:31, 1:50], 2/3, ok, 

Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Fuego beat Kawato San, Okumura, Virus
(12:08 [5:20, 3:24, 3:24], 1/3, good,

Cuatrero, Rey Bucanero, Sansón beat Esfinge, Stuka Jr., Tritón 
(14:25 [4:24, 3:42, 6:19], 1/3, ok,

Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero beat Ciber the Main Man, Scharly Rock Star, The Chris
(6:12 [3:28, 2:44], 1 DQ/2, ok,

Mistico beat Negro Casas in a lightning match
(7:26, DQ for mask removal, below average,

Cavernario, Rush, Terrible beat Atlantis, Diamante Azul, King Phoenix  
(13:11 [2:57, 6:37, 3:37], 2/3, ok,

What happened:

King Phoenix

Terrible got the pin in the main event after Diamante Azul accidentally took out Fenix with his dive and Rush dropkicked Atlantis to turn the pin over.

The lightning match featured a new graphic that looked like it came from 1978. The time, a (second) CMLL logo and “match relampago” were all displayed on the screen, in large type that obscured the action.

Rey Bucanero superplex to death

Casas tied Mistico’s mask to the ropes. Mistico pulled off his mask while the referee was busy with Zacarias, and kneed Casas questionably low. The referee turned around, saw Casas selling a foul and Mistico unmasked, and called it a win for Mistico. Crowd booed.

The Chris hit the Guerreros with the cane for the first fall DQ. UG used the ropes to win, much more effectively than Ciber had the week before, and then challenged for a title rematch. Ciber wouldn’t totally commit but it appears to be happening.

Pompin counted Signo down for a Star three count in the third fall of the opener when it clearly wasn’t supposed to be the finish. Signo didn’t do a good job of kicking out, and he and Star Jr. kept going for a spot before Pompin ushered them out.


Espanto trying.

The main event, and the entire show, didn’t feel like something following up a big Anniversary show. It felt like an ordinary midweek show effort for the most part, with the rudos not really showing anything after their big win last week. Fenix was the best guy in the match, and on the show, but didn’t have a lot to work with. Diamante Azul & Atlantis tried but are both limited. Don’t think it was Diamante Azul’s fault his big ramp clothesline looked bad, seemed like the rudos weren’t concerned about being in the right spot. No one much was concerned tonight.

The lightning match was going along fine, with Casas and Mistico matching up fine, and then they had an exceptionally dumb finish. Everyone involved looked dumb, especially the people who were spending their time to watch it. I’d like to see a match with a real finish with them. I’d like to be able to actually see without giant graphics in the way. It was fairly obvious someone was told they had to put time on the screen, and threw something together while giving zero thought to how it would look or where to put the information so that it wouldn’t block what was already on screen. This is the same promotion who streamed about five minutes without realizing they forgot to turn the audio on, so I expect we’ll still be seeing it for a while.

I was distracted live from the fourth match by trying to make sure the audio issue wasn’t on my end, and that it would work when CMLL got it to work. It was fine on the rewatch, with the Cl4N doing a few new things and the match generally helped by not going too long. It was just a means to a straight fall win for the técnicos, but the action was generally OK. The Cl4n struggled the most feeding for the Guerreros moves and they didn’t have to do that much.

bad times for the Cl4n

Rey Bucanero tried his best to keep up with the NGD in their trios match. Like Cl4n, his body just won’t always do what his mind wants, but the superplex to the floor spot was inspired. NGD looked strong in the end but have had better matches. The técnicos seemed off at times, with some mistimed exchanges. There wasn’t a lot of energy early on either.

The segunda was a smooth match, the way the Panthers and Fuego usually are, moving along at a good pace. They didn’t reinvent the wheel or do anything surprising, but it was a competently good CMLL match which got more entertaining as it went along. Kawato looked improved, though they still weren’t having him catch dives. Okumura seemed slower than usual and was in the wrong place for The Panther’s swing kick. I don’t know what Blue Jr. was trying to do to Kawato at the end.

Opener might have been good if they got to whatever their planned finish was going to be. Or maybe not. Rudos used their biggest moves possible in the first fall, knowing they weren’t going to get another pinfall, and gave us the weirdness of ending the first fall of the match with a super reverse rana and a Canadian Destroyer. Akuma tries and Espanto was better than usual up until he forgot to kick out. Star Jr.’s off the back legdrop spot takes a lot to set up but looked great. Magnus had a good night, though the crowd wasn’t into this at all.

CMLL on 2018-09-07 


Recapped: 09/07/2018


Hijo del Signo & Metálico beat Pegasso & Príncipe Diamante
(15:09 [6:08, 4:53, 4:08], 1/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

El Gallito, Guapito, Microman beat Chamuel, Mije, Perico Zacarías
(13:30 [7:03, 0:44, 5:43], 2/3, good, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Dalys beat Reyna Isis in a lightning match
(8:10, senton, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL )

Esfinge, Soberano Jr., Tritón beat Dragón Rojo Jr., Hechicero, Templario
(21:38 [9:56, 11:42], 1/2, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Atlantis, L.A. Park, Mistico beat Gilbert El Boricua, Mephisto, Negro Casas
(14:38 [4:22, 2:33, 7:43], 2/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Carístico, Matt Taven, Volador Jr. beat Cavernario, La Bestia Del Ring, Rush in a relevos increíbles match
(6:41 [3:50, 2:51], 1 DQ/2, below average, VideosOficialesCMLL)

What happened:

Chamuel coming thru

Volador & Taven cut off Rush’s promo post-main event to brawl. The brawl died down for a bit, then continued, with Volador & Taven getting the better of it.

Gilbert (Mesias) made what appears to be his CMLL debut in the semimain. Gilbert trained with CMLL two decades ago but never officially wrestled with CMLL. The match was built towards him and LA Park fighting. It drew upon their AAA rivalry, though AAA wasn’t mentioned by name.

Reina Isis had new music and new genie pants, which she stripped off after doing a stop sign and dance.


most of my video recording went as poorly as this went for Hechicero

Not much of a main event on a show that wasn’t much of a show. CMLL is going into an Annivesario show as cold as I can remember. This was such a nothing match that it felt like the four guys in the main event were told to go back out and brawl for some more to try and salvage it. The post-match brawl was better than anything they did in the ring, but it was not even close to being enough, just like the entire feud hasn’t been close to being enough. CMLL will coast thru next week based on their history and how much the fans already care about the principal characters involved. Still, the weeks since announcing this main event have been even worse than expected. The hot streak CMLL was on is a distant memory.

The semimain was barely passable, and a disappointment at that. Gilbert spent most of his big debut in first gear, coasting thru a match that didn’t have any energy besides his debut. Fighting LA Park finally woke him up a bit, though LA Park still easily outclassed him and Gilbert brainlocked on one spot badly. Casas had some fun interactions with Park, something CMLL hasn’t done much on this Park run, but this match didn’t have much else to offer. Mistico didn’t look great, and Atlantis and Mephisto were background figures. CMLL obviously has big plans for Gilbert and lukewarm performances aren’t likely to change them, but this was not impressive.

you can see the moment where Casas regrets agreeing to take this spear

They went for in the fourth match. They did not get it. They did go a long time, so there’s probably 12 minutes of a good match wrapped around some sloppy moments. Esfinge was out of position and looked off at times – Hechicero dragging him away so they could catch Triton’s dive was particularly inescapable. Templario was shakier than usual, with a tricky dive spot with Hechicero taking a long time to set up and going almost disastrously wrong. He struggled down the stretch. Dragon Rojo didn’t have much to add. If they were going to go 20 minutes, it would’ve helped if they had a direction or some sort of flow, but they just did 20 minutes work of moves sometimes in no particular order.

The women’s singles match gave me a better appreciated for the women’s trios matches. The 3v3 move along at a better pace than this match and have better action than this one here. They just didn’t have enough to do to fill out eight minutes, and what they did wasn’t ever impressive enough. Isis doing a stop hand sign and dancing felt like she was trying to copy Dark Angel, though I guess she’s been gone long enough someone ought to try. It didn’t work well, though it added to the evidence Isis is the next person who’s getting pushed in this division, should CMLL ever get around to pushing anyone else.

sure Microman escapes with an armdrag but the power of Zacarias is impressive

The Micros rose to their usual heights. They had a strong first fall and built to a lot of highlights later. Microman came off as a star, as usual. Chamuel’s the best guy on the rudo side still, moving around much easier the rest and basing the best for Micro’s spots. Some of the work was a little sloppier than usual, Guapito seemed to have the toughest moments. Still easily worth watching.

The opener went very long for that sort of match and didn’t have much to say for the time it took. Metálico had his usual entertaining entrance and not entertaining wrestling. Signo looked like a tough guy, does not wrestle like it. Two Destroyers in a row was so bad indie wrestler. Principe Diamante tried to do some things but doesn’t have the people to work with here. A waste of time.

CMLL on 2018-08-31 

the most effective move Naito did all match

Recapped: 09/06/2018


Akuma & El Coyote beat Arkalis & Robin  
(11:37 [4:27, 2:41, 4:29], 1/3 COR, 

Amapola, Dalys, Reyna Isis beat La Jarochita, Lluvia, Marcela  
(11:59 [6:27, 1:52, 3:40], 2/3, ok, 

Felino, Negro Casas, Tiger beat Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón
(12:14 [3:20, 2:50, 6:04], 2/3, good, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Ciber the Main Man, Scharly Rock Star, The Chris beat Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero  
(8:23 [4:12, 4:11], 1 DQ/2, ok,

Matt Taven beat Cavernario
(13:41, 2/3, good,

  1. Cavernario la Cavernaria (1:33)
  2. Matt Taven springboard moonsault (4:37)
  3. Matt Taven foul (7:31)

Diamante Azul, LA Park, Volador Jr. beat Bushi, Naito, Rush  
(16:11 [3:40, 6:43, 5:48], 1/3 DQ, ok, 

What happened: 

it didn’t look like a figure skating move for once!

Evil, Bestia, Terrible and la Comandante accompany the Ingobernable trio to the ring, and the 7-3 brawl does not go well for the técnicos. It doesn’t really go well for the Ingobernables, who are in each other’s way and hit each other by mistake a couple times. Evil says at ringside while the others go to the back. Evil came back in to cause the DQ after the fact. Bestia and Terrible helped beat up the técnicos after the match, though they tried to rally and attack again while the Ingoberables were posing. La Comandante is part of the group in the intro, but not part when Rush mentions the members at the end.

After some Volador/Rush foolishness, Taven got in a foul on Cavernario to win. It’s in revenge for Cavernario fouling Taven recently, though there’s a decent amount of fans who react like Taven’s the man in the wrong.

Euforia & Gran Guerrero used Zorro’s cane in the first fall for no reason and got disqualified.

Arkalis was counted out in the third fall after taking an apron running Akuma dropkick in a planned finish.


the physics on this are hard to figure

The main event worked only on a novelty basis. The Okada match was good in any context. This was a meandering match with not much energy behind it no matter which side was in control. Rush did two different walkouts in the second fall, it was going that way. For as long as the main event went, guys like BUSHI and Diamante Azul had no memorable moments. It went very long. They teased LA Park/Rush a couple times, with Park purposefully backing off so Volador could fight instead, so Park is being a good soldier about all this. Fans booed, so they’re not.

It never really hit the heights of living and dying one very near fall, but it was still good enough as part of a build to a bigger match. Cavernario & Taven seemed to be figuring out how to work with each other as the match went on, and it improved closer to the end. Cavernario got most of the big spots than I was expecting and kicked out of all of Taven’s big moves. Cavernario might not have gotten the win but looked like he was capable of winning one, and the Arena Mexico crowd will go crazy if he’s the one who gets it done in the Anniversario match. There wasn’t as much interference as I thought there was going to be. Tirantes sure got distracted pretty easily, but it didn’t affect the match all that much.

Caveman tope

Klan Kaoz won a squash, which was weird in a promotion that doesn’t do squashes. The Guerreros got a brief comeback at the end of the first fall, and then never again. Whoever’s putting this together seems to think the problem with Klan Kaoz is they’re not seen as a big enough threat for the Guerreros, and that having them win here big (and clean for once) will help. The problem seems more than the CMLL crowd doesn’t really care about Klan Kaoz, and having them just do moves doesn’t seem to help with that. Maybe, because the only thing people do get into is the Guerreros comeback, it needs to be saved for the big match. Kaoz was efficient in what they did but show no personality for a trio of guys were mostly built up by personality and wildness. There may not be a winning formula but turning them in AAA Guerreros doesn’t seem to be it.

The tercera had some flaws, but it was the most energetic match on the card so far, was just barely enough to recommend. Felino & Tiger seemed motivated by their opponents into having an interesting match and the NGD tried to work what they do around what would work here. More Felino & Tiger would’ve been nice, as they seemed to fit better as opponents. There was a moment in this match where NGD almost murdered Negro Casas and it was the scariest thing. Casas’ comeback on them was fun, but they weren’t sure what to do with him on offense. Sanson was trying to be super safe with Casas at the end and it hurt the feel of the match. The crowd still was into Casas sneaking out the win.


The women’s match was one of the better trios match that group has for a while, though still not enough to be recommendable. It’s still feeling over-rehearsed. They’re planning a pretty decent match, it’s that they’re still doing the actual match like it’s a rehearsal. There was a third fall sequence where Isis & Lluvia were exchanging pinfalls, and each woman was laying on the mat with their hands up, getting ready for their next spot rather than selling the move that was supposedly putting them down for three. It was at a point where no one ever gets pinned, but they weren’t changing that idea. These things might easily able to overlook if there was any story to this, but it was just the twice-weekly match women’s match with nothing going on.  Jarochita stood out a little more than usual and Lluvia had a nice headscissors.

The opener wasn’t interesting. It was a lot of simple moves, with the complicated stuff seeming to take a while to set up. The third fall was a lot of turn taking for the sake of turn-taking and never got any moment. Arkalis looked fine for the opener level, but it’s not a great sign to just look fine in the opener. Akuma’s dropkick woke the crowd up, but then it was over.

CMLL on 2018-08-24 

HdPark trying to end Hechicero

Recapped: 08/24/2018


Angelito & Último Dragóncito beat Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro
(13:18 [5:35, 2:50, 4:53], 2/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

El Audaz, Esfinge, Tritón beat Kawato San, Templario, Virus
(15:24 [5:41, 2:34, 7:09], 2/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Ángel de Oro beat  Titán in a lightning match
(9:17, mecedora, good, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Hechicero, Mephisto, Negro Casas beat  El Hijo de L.A. Park, Flyer, Soberano Jr.
(20:17 [6:40, 5:35, 8:02], 2/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Ciber the Main Man, Scharly Rock Star, The Chris beat Gran Guerrero, L.A. Park, Último Guerrero
(14:41 [5:07, 4:05, 5:29], 1/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Cavernario, La Bestia Del Ring, Rush beat Carístico, Matt Taven, Volador Jr.
(8:06 [1:10, 6:56], 1 DQ/2, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

What happened:

away we go

Volador blatantly fouled Rush in the first fall of the main event. Cavernario used the ropes to beat Taven in the second fall, which set up a singles match next week.

Ciber beat Último Guerrero with a foul. Either Rockstar or The Chris was hurt on the outside after the match, which would be the second straight match of that.

Villano III was honored after the third match, with members of his family (including his wife and sons) there. Mephisto and LA Park wore Villano tribute outfits.


please don’t kill Negro Casas

All those people Rush heard last week who was more excited to see him face Volador than Park sure didn’t seem to show up this week. The crowd was not dead, but it was also nothing special, and nothing feels like an Anniversario three weeks away. CMLL building up a match they could not deliver, then substituting a lesser match seemed to kill the enthusiasm for this match and this whole show. These guys were still working hard, but it felt desperate. Cavernario doing the splash to the floor on Taven for no reason – it wasn’t played up as a big spot and they were both back up to do a finish with a cradle a moment later – felt like a super desperate attempt to create a moment. Carístico was a non-factor and Bestia was his usual determent. The time and hurried feeling of the match didn’t allow the other guys to show their best, and nothing they did felt like it was more than a regular feud on a Tuesday. It’s not the fault of the people in the match, but you’d have to be pretty delusional to watch many of the Friday night shows and not realize something’s gone wrong here. Luckily for CMLL, they appear to be mostly delusional.

Different day, same song. Klan Kaoz is honestly trying to have good matches good matches, it’s not happening, and it’s painful how little the crowd cares when they’re in control of matches. CMLL diehard fans love of the Guerreross is the only thing keeping any heat in this match, but they could get the same reaction with any other trio. This was the least LA Park has been over since being back. It’s not clear if it’s this matchup that hurt him or not having the other one. The third fall was best of anything, but it was not something you need to watch.

Audaz and Templario

The fourth match was a classic CMLL match that would look great cut down into a highlight reel and felt bloated in real time. There was just too much for the sake of having a lot. The flow was not existent times because they were just going for moves. Flyer had an off night and didn’t mesh with Negro Casas at all. Hechicero & Soberano were good together, but Soberano is another guy who has a need to do all of this spots and take all of his bumps, even if it doesn’t really fit. This was the most indie Hijo de LA Park we’ve seen yet, for good and bad.

Angel de Oro & Titan came up with some different ideas to work in the usual offense, and it made the match fun. The strike exchange early on was really strange for a CMLL match, but Titan using a bunch of closed fists got the crowd to turn against him and gave the match clear sides. I’m not sure if that was even the idea when they did it, but it worked. That they got to do dives obviously helped, but there was more effort than usual for a lightning match, all the way thru the finish. Not must see but easily the first really worthwhile match.

Soberano caught

The second match didn’t come together; The limitations of being that early in the card definitely limited the match. It’s still had plenty to watch with Audaz involved. He looked spectacular. CMLL is cruel for not doing the Templario match yet because those two are awesome together whenever they’re together. Kawato and Audaz even did a well together. Most everyone else was doing their B-match, and I’m afraid to know what Audaz’s A-match is if he was taking it easy here.

The opener was a boring match most of the way that turned out to be a little better late. Most people had turned out by the time Angelico had decided to do tricky moves, somehow starting with the most tricky and moving down from there. This wasn’t a match where anyone in looked all that interested in being there and they communicated that feeling well.

CMLL on Marca: 2018-08-17 

Mistico & Okada

Recapped: 08/17/2018


Disturbio & Yago beat Oro Jr. & Súper Astro Jr.
(10:57 [5:18, 2:48, 2:51], 1/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Dragón Rojo Jr., Okumura, Pólvora beat Blue Panther Jr., Esfinge, Rey Cometa
(14:24 [4:58, 3:20, 6:06], 1/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL )

Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero beat Atlantis, Guerrero Maya Jr., Kráneo 
(13:07 [4:05, 5:42, 3:20], 2/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL )

Forastero beat Audaz in a lightning match
(9:34/9:31 officially, Forastero armbreaker, good, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Negro Casas, Okada, Último Guerrero beat Diamante Azul, Mistico, Valiente
(16:31 [6:46, 3:18, 6:27], 1/3, great, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Cavernario, La Bestia Del Ring, Rush beat Carístico, Matt Taven, Volador Jr.
(10:30 [1:39, 3:17, 5:34], 2/3 DQ, good, VideosOficialesCMLL)

What happened:

flying Forastero

A lengthy finishing sequence saw Cavernario fouled Taven once again, only for Volador to again make the save on the pin. This time, Rush was the one who faked a foul in the confusion to draw the DQ. Volador challenged Rush to a hair versus hair match. Rush asked the fans if they’d want to see him face LA Park or Volador. The crowd seemed to loudly support Park. Volador threw a drink at Rush before he could continue, and Taven attacked Cavernario in the skirmish. Taven declared he was sick of the fouls and suggested a Cavernario/Rush vs Volador/Taven match. Rush got the mic back to say he wanted a one on one match only, but Volador again soaked him with a drink before he could finish and another brawl broke out.

Okada wrestled Mistico for most of the match and defeated him cleanly with the Rainmaker in his CMLL debut. Diamante Azul attacked Okada after the match, which appeared to confuse everyone else. Okada threw chops back at Diamante Azul, so I guess it was planned but didn’t feel that way.

Oro might have suffered a knee injury taking Yago’s finish on the ramp to end the third fall. There was no injury update on YouTube.

LA Park was announced for next Friday’s show, which takes place the night before TripleMania.


Yago with a smooth submission

The main event was a strong brawl, with a very hot first fall and good total chaos to end it. The post-match back and forth was well done too, about as good as they could to build to any of the matches teased. There’s just the slight problem that CMLL has been heavily building towards a much better match for months and nothing here will convince anyone that they’d rather see Volador/Rush or Volador/Taven vs Rush/Cavernario even close to as much as they want to see Rush/Park. There’s no lemonade to be made from these lemons. The best case is Park & Rush being in a cage match with eight other people, and that’s not a great case either.

It’s weird that Taven fits better as a técnico than a rudo in CMLL, but his offense worked really well in spurts in this match. He even managed to work with Besita ok (though Bestia still couldn’t catch his dive.) A Cavernario/Taven match would probably go great, and I hope they get to it somewhere in this mess. Volador seems to be into whatever this is, very into this match and into antagonizing Rush afterward. Volador/Rush would also probably go great, but it’s not the right time for it.

not enough Okada raising the roof

Okada’s appearance in CMLL was basically one of the best possible FantasticaMania trios matches transplanted to Mexico. Okada threw himself into the match, wrestling as a rudo against Mistico and ripping his mask up for the cameras, taking a stage dive and particpating in UG’s usually triple team. The fans reacted to Okada stronger than they had for Tanahashi in the past when he was the NJPW guy, though he was still mostly booed as evil outsider. Okada did enough to make those who came to see him feel like they got to see something, and Okada worked well enough with Mistico so the people who didn’t come to see him didn’t feel out of place. Everyone else did their part well. UG did his part and then some at times, graciously catching both Valiente & Diamante Azul’s dives so Negro Casas could live another day. Diamante Azul brawling with Okada hurt the moment of his win and it’s hard to believe it’s going anywhere, so I have no idea why they bothered.

Audaz was showcased well in the lightning match. He pulled off moves, and strings of moves, in ways no one else is doing, and it won over a crowd inclined not to care about this match. There were a couple things that didn’t go right, but nothing galling, and it built to bigger stuff near the end. Forastero was right where he needed to be for Audaz’s moves and got a few in his own, especially the great dive near the end. These two should meet again and it’ll probably be better when they do

Kraneo’s efforts in the first fall peaked the tercera, and it slowed down a bit when the rudos took over. Kraneo’s moves and comedy work in any situation, while the Guerreros throwing people around doesn’t work as well with Kraneo and Atlantis on the other side. The double super press slam spot looked like it was going to go very wrong for a moment and didn’t look that good when they tried to do it. Ending was flat too.

change of directions

The segunda was a disappointing match. It’s an OK but only barely so. I wasn’t expecting high art from most of the people involved, but I did expect more than the two boring falls they had to start this match. Rey Cometa looked good, but no one else did much of anything interesting and they did not much for a very long time. Esfinge is not very good.

The opener was better than usual, with the rudos showing a lot and the third fall being pretty good. They were held back a bit by being in the opener and tried to make it work via apron moves. I write a lot about Yago in these matches but he stood out here again. The thing about Yago is he’s not a guy who seems for sure like he’d do better elsewhere. He’s a decent base, does a little comedy, has a couple nice spots (like his submission here) but doesn’t seem like he’s being held back. He’s a good fit as a CMLL luchador in what he does, but he’s limited doing it because he’s stuck as an occasion opener guy. He was a good fit with Disturbio here, who was working much lower than usual.


CMLL Marca: 2018-08-10 

Hechicero sault

Recapped: 08/10/2018


Oro Jr. & Star Jr. beat Akuma & Espanto Jr.
(8:47 [2:59, 2:11, 3:37], 1/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL )

La Jarochita, Marcela, Mystique beat Amapola, Dalys, Reyna Isis
(12:11 [6:31, 3:07, 2:33], 1/3 DQ, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL )

Felino, Negro Casas, Okumura beat Flyer, Soberano Jr., Titán
(11:26 [3:51, 4:25, 3:10], 2/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL )

Valiente beat Hechicero in a lightning match
(9:50/”9:09”, estacas india, good, VideosOficialesCMLL )

Carístico, Diamante Azul, Mistico beat Euforia, Penta El Zero M, Último Guerrero
(10:29 [2:58, 2:32, 4:59], 2/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL )

King Phoenix, Matt Taven, Volador Jr. beat Cavernario, La Bestia Del Ring, Rush in a relevos increíbles match
(7:17 [3:03, 4:14], 1 DQ/2 DQ, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL )

What happened: 

Misitco diving headscissors

The main event was two straight DQ finishes. Rush faked the corner dropkick on Fenix and pulled off his mask to end the fall instead. Cavernario fouled Taven in the second fall, but Volador broke up the pin. Volador faked a foul moments later, drawing a DQ on Rush. Challenges were made for a straight trios rematch and a Rush/Volador match. Cavernario also suggested a singles match with Taven backstage.

There was no storyline at all in the semi-main. Mistico & Carístico had no issues. Carístico & Penta had slight issues, but Carístico pinned Penta clean in the end. This was followed by a video announcing Penta would be the 09/14 Anniversario show.

There was a clock malfunction in the lightning match; the screen read about 7:47 when the match started, and then CMLL avoided showing it for a while. By my watch, the finish came about 10 seconds short of ten minutes, though they just had started to tease the draw in reality.

Isis pulled off Jarochita’s mask for the DQ in the women’s match. This either means nothing at all or everything during Anniversario season, depending on if they’re back next week.


opening match teamwork (could be a little cleaner)

The main event was fine while it lasted but it didn’t really last, but it didn’t last long. Usually, two fall main events still go a decent amount of times, but this one felt like a little bit of action a lot of rushing to the finishes. Fenix got to do the least he’s shown since coming here, but that wasn’t as much him as of how everything went. This was really the sort of the main event you get after a big semifinal match, except there wasn’t one of those either.

Mistico & Carístico looked very good working with the rudos in the semimain. Maybe too good, if only because I would’ve thought they’d be setting up something with Penta and they just beat him as no big deal. The crowd was very into the idea of them facing off and they could’ve gotten a lot more out of that. This was a clean and nice trios match but could’ve easily been more.

bad times for Hechicero

Hechicero and Valiente seemed like a match that was going to be a slow started building to a few dives and a finish. Instead, they threw bombs in the first few minutes, with Hechicero both taking a big shot with the armdrag to the floor and coming back with his own moonsault. It was a hard pace early and they kept it up well throughout and felt like a big fight for the win. The crowd was really into the frontcracker reversal sequence late, and cared about the kickouts in a way they don’t normally seem to do in these lightning matches. Hechciero losing to Valiente before a title defense doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it was good otherwise.

Tercera was a generic showcase match for the técnicos, sticking out even more that way because they took the bulk of the first two falls. They ran thru their usual offense before the rudos had much of a chance to do anything. It didn’t really get much more inventive; everything was performed well but it was as if someone just ordered the usual. Okumura being a replacement in this match while his ribs are hurt enough to need wrap is a great CMLL mystery. Perhaps him getting a win over Soberano is a clue.

The women’s match was about the same women’s match as always. Literally as always, as Dalys, Isis and Amapola did the rudo control moves in seemingly the same way they always do. The action is usually OK, but don’t ever watch the other people waiting around to do their move – Jarochita & Reina Isis were holding hands and walking while out of the way when Jarochita was going her dive.

The opener was quick, it had a few decent moves, and it didn’t have Espanto messing up things. That’s an upper tier CMLL opener. Oro was also more solid than usual and he and Star had some good combination offense.

sure way to get Bestia dive is to dive right thru him