AAA on Televisa: 2016-06-04 

AAA in 2016
AAA in 2016

Recapped: 06/11/2016

What happened: Psycho Clown won a spot on the Lucha World Cup team (which had already started the day before this episode aired.) He then lost to Pagano in the main event. Los Perros and Nicho cost each other matches.

What was good: Nothing. If you haven’t seen Pagano and want to see what he’s about, I supposed to the main event is good for that. Otherwise, skip this show.

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AAA on Televisa: 2016-05-28 

bull god Taurus
bull god Taurus

Recapped: 06/04/2016

What happened: Texano & La Parka worked together in the main event and made saves for each other, but still aren’t friends. (Texano has seemingly is now using a spinning side slam for his finish instead of the sit down powerbomb.) Hernandez returned as member of Team Trump, though he didn’t wear the shirt. Averno & Chessman kept the tag team titles over Argenis & Suicide by DQ. They offered an open challenge, the Apaches asked for it, and Averno refused.

What was good: Nothing. I wouldn’t be watching this show right now if I didn’t know that a) people who aren’t around now may be back later on, b) the show is bound to get better at some point, if by random chance than for no other reason and c) I wanted to have some context of what was going on by then. But this was a really lousy show among a stretch of them, and AAA’s goal seem to be something other than “put on a good wrestling show.” It will get better but it’s going to require some patience.

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AAA on Televisa: 2016-05-21 


Recapped: 06/02/2016

What happened: Los Perros got the better of Los Fronterizos, sending them all out of the building in ambulance after costing them the main event. Pentagon Jr. won a spot on the Lucha World Cup team.

What was good: I liked the opener, but the rest of the show didn’t work for me.

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AAA on Televisa: 2016-05-14

Australian Suicide airbone
Australian Suicide airbone

Recapped: 05/24/2016

What happened: Texano Jr. qualified for the Lucha World Cup. Argenis & Suicide were momentarily tag team champions before the finish was overturned. Mesias beat Parka, and Texano wants a hair match with Mesias.

What was good: I enjoyed the tag title match. The three way would be good in highlights. The main event was not good.

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AAA on Televisa: 2016-05-07 


Recapped: 05/22/2016

What happened: Not much? Some Lucha World Cup announcements were made. La Frontera won their debut. Xinetez were dominant over their opponents. This turned out to be Octagon Jr.’s farewell match, and understandably so.

What was good: The women’s tag was entertaining.

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AAA on Televisa: 2016-04-30 


Recapped: 04/30/16

What happened: Cage & Mesias continue to run over anything, including an injured Texano. Argenis & Australian Suicide surprisingly won a tag title shot, with Suicide beating rival Daga. The Perros were then destroyed by the new Los Fronterizos group. Apache continues to attack Venum for reasons inadequately explained.

What was good: I liked the opener and the tag match, though both made me want longer matches (that probably aren’t happening.) I had no real use for the main event.

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AAA on Televisa: 2016-04-23 

clown with a garbage can coming thru
clown with a garbage can coming thru

Recapped: 04/30/2016

What happened: Mary Apache is a técnico again. Angelico returned to cost the Perros a match, who were then totally destroyed by Pagano, Halloween and Damian. Psycho kept his championship over Wagner, but was left humiliated at the end of the match.

What was good: I didn’t like much of anything, though nothing was outright horrible.

Where can I watch it:  It’s on AAA’s channel.

Previously: Donald Trump said somethings. Texano was destroyed. Read More

AAA on Televisa: 2016-04-16 

Bengala 2.0

Recapped: 04/16/2016

What happened: La Parka beat Texano cleanly in the main event. Cage & Mesias, new Trump buddies who were justifiably upset about that ludicrous result, destroyed Texano and gave him a martinete. A new Bengala debuts, though we’re supposed to be under the impression it’s the same Bengala and a new Ricky Marvin (who really is supposed to be part of a maybe named Averno/Chessman faction.) Venum and Apache have issues, but they didn’t go anywhere.

What was good: First two matches had some good moments. Main event was an angle and not a well done one.

Where can I watch it: It’s on AAA’s channel.

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AAA on Televisa: 2016-04-09  (Rey de Reyes Part 2)

this show in one GIF
this show in one GIF

Recapped: 04/10/2016

What happened: Xinetez are the trios champions. Dr. Wagner defeated Psycho Clown (via foul, but made sure to get in a Wagner Driver after that.) Pentagon won the Rey de Reyes in the least convincing manner possible, then the Perros del Mal were attacked by La Familia de Tijuana & Pagano.

What was good: The trios match was good I guess, but a show where Fenix and Psycho Clown lose and Pentagon Jr. is made to look like a joke is a pretty dispiriting way to spend 80 minutes. Maybe take a long walk instead of watching.

Where can I watch it: It’s on AAA’s channel and will be on mine soon enough. If you are going to watch it, I’d recommend checking out the +LuchaTV clips of the main event, because it looks like they edited out a chunk of high spots from Psycho/Wagner.

Fantasma’s in the open, but so is Goya Kong so I guess that doesn’t mean much. The bit where they try to find former Rey de Reyes to sell the history of this is nice.

Hype for Brian Cage returning airs during the show. Read More

AAA on Televisa: 2016-04-02 (Rey de Reyes part 1)

everyone lived
everyone lived

Recapped: 04/02/16

What happened: Texano, as a pseudo-tecnico, won the heavyweight championship. Averno & Chessman retained the tag team championship.

What was good: The TLC match was the best match on the show. The heavyweight match was alright but the context hurt it.

Where can I watch it: It’s on AAA’s channel.

It may be meaningless, but Hijo del Fantasma is still in the open for this show. Upcoming show plugs include Wagner/Psycho for DF.

The show begins with an in-ring tribute to Perro Aguayo, with a giant picture of him, flowers, and the Perros del Mal. (All five, with Kahn Del Mal.) Pentagon dedicates Rey de Reyes to Perro. Everyone gets a chance to talk. Most of the roster comes out the ring, many in Perros tribute shirts come out for a moment of applause. Ayako Hamada appears to be part of the group. Some wrestlers (Mini Psycho Clown) wear normal Perros del Mal shrits during the show, and staff members are wearing a “Staff del Mal” shirt.

Match 1: Faby Apache, Máscarita Sagrada, Octagón Jr., Pimpinela Escarlata vs Mamba, Mini Psycho Clown, Taurus, Taya
Plaza de Toros Monumental El Paseo, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí, 03/23/2016 
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