AAA on Televisa: 2017-10-28 

it’s in here, somewhere

Recapped: 10/30/2017

I’m watching these shows with the hope that maybe the action will turn out to be better than described in the results. Unfortuantely, this was a show that was worse than expected. Cage matches and battle royals in lucha libre remain consistently terrible, and the singles match had a terrible finish telegraphed from the opening. AAA best matches are the ones with the least booking to them, because their storytelling is usually badly executed and detracts from everything they’ve done in the match. Nothing is going to change.

The show starts with the roster coming out for a Marisela Pena speech remembering Antonio Pena.

Noti AAA airs AAA wrestlers being part of a march to remember the victims of the September earthquakes. We also see the annual Dia de Muertos offering, with pictures of people who’ve passed away.

Hijo del Fantasma defeated La ParkaRey EscorpiónPsycho ClownJohnny Mundo ©HernandezPsicosis IIMambaMurder ClownDark CuervoMonsther ClownDark ScoriaEstrella DivinaHisteria IIMarty MartinezPimpinela EscarlataDave The Clown to win the AAA Latin American Championship and the Copa Antonio Pena
(21:53, below average, via 
Lucha Libre AAA)

01:50 Hijo del Fantasma enters
01:51 Pimpinela Escarlata thrown out (by Dave the Clown)
03:19 Hernandez enters
04:34 Estrella Divina enters
05:35 Dave The Clown thrown out (Psycho Clown)
05:57 Monster Clown & Murder Clown (Psycho Clown)
07:10 Johnny Mundo enters (last enter)
07:55 Monster Clown out (Murder Clown)
08:08 Murder Clown & La Parka out (Cuervo & Scoria)
09:40 Psycho Clown out (Rey Escorpion)
10:46 Estrella Divina out (Mamba)
11:52 Rey Escorpion out (Psycho Clown)
12:31 Mamba out (Fatnasma)
13:04 Scoria out (Histeria & Psicosis)
13:31 Histeria out (Cuervo)
13:41 Psicosis out (Cuervo)
14:24 Cuervo out (Johnny Mundo)
15:44 Hernandez out (Marty)
17:06 Marty out (Fantasma)
21:53 Johnny Mundo pinned (Hijo del Fantasma Thrilled of the Hunt)

What Happened:


Prior to the show, announcers Arturo and Jesus are talking about the show. Arturo is sitting in a van for some reason. Texano comes up to say hello and Arturo says he hopes Texano is going to win Copa Antonio Pena. Vampiro happens to stop by, and explains Texano is not going to win because he’s been suspended. Texano is confused, and Vampiro says it was for threatening Fantasma on the last taping, you can’t threaten a member of the commission. You could’ve told Texano this before he came all the way to San Luis Potosi, Vampiro!

The match started with 11 people in the ring, but the last seven people entered royal rumble style. It was supposed to be one minute intervals, but they screwed up the first one. Monster & Murder entered together for no reason. Johnny Mundo entered to Texano’s video.

Psycho Clown pulled Rey Escorpión right in front of Tirantes (though behind Copetes, who was in the ring for no real reason.) Escorpión pulled Psycho Clown off the apron to eliminate him, then went back in, and Tirantes let him continue. Later, Psycho pulled down the middle rope and Escorpión went thru, which apparently eliminated him anyway.

Mundo, Marty and Hernandez briefly worked along against Fantasma at the end, until Marty eliminated Hernandez and Fantasma eliminated Marty. Mundo & Fantasma went to a pinfall, with Fantasma winning. Fantasma got the cup for winning, and the title belt. Texano came out of the crowd to attack Fantasma, teases breaking the trophy, but instead takes it, the mask, and the title for himself. Even though Texano was suspended, there’s no attempt by anyone to stop him. You’d think Vampiro would be involved since he specifically didn’t want Texano to have the title tonight and Texano ended up with the title, but it’s treated as no big deal.

Fantasma tope

Review: [below average] The three minute Johnny Mundo/Hijo del Fantasma match at the end was pretty good. Fantasma worked much of the rest of the match and seemed tired, but it held together long enough and the crowd was pleased with the outcome. That was good. The rest was garbage. AAA only knows how to do royal rumbles one way, very badly. I can’t even explain why this was a Royal Rumble: 11 people were in the ring to start with, and only 6 more people came out. More people would’ve gotten in the way, but most of the match was people standing around and doing nothing while other people were using the center of the ring, so it would’ve fit in. The rumble section had a lot of stuff that looked bad and just didn’t make sense – I’m sure there was a plan out there where the Escorpión/Psycho stuff made sense, but it was executed laughably bad – and the match was more bad comedy than anything. Dave the Clown messing up whatever Psycho Clown was supposed to do with Hernandez so he could spear him instead was comedy. Everyone popping up to take a bump for Murder and Monster was comedy. Murder eliminating Monster after all that was comedy. Everyone deciding to do superplexes, pulling people inside the ring in a battle royal, was bad comedy. It’s not just this was bad, but they also didn’t seem to learn much from the mess that was the Copa TripleMania. They never really learn.

Johnny Mundo © defeated Rey Wagner  for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
(13:02, disqualification for faked chair shot, via 
Lucha Libre AAA)

What Happened: Tirantes has a speech saying any foul or object usage will be a DQ and a title change if Mundo loses. Wagner, who’s using a chair in just about every match, is really thrilled about this. Hernandez is Johnny’s second; he wrestled in a shirt for his match but not here.

Hernandez pulls Tirantes out; after all Tirantes said about things being a DQ, this is not. Hijo de Wagner and Hernandez some how sandwich Tirantes between them, which knocks Tirantes dead. Hernandez stires to take out Hijo de Wagner, but Hijo de Wagner hits him with a chair. Johnny Mundo fouls Wagner Jr and drops him with a Moonlight Drive, then flies out of the ring with a pescado out onto Hijo Wagner. Mundo grabs the chair and hits Hijo Wagner, then throws him in to rips his mask. Mundo hits both Wagners with a chair again. Announcers wonder why another referee isn’t coming on as Mundo kills more time. Hijo de Wagner bleeds and takes another chair shot. Mundo stalls and stalls and then throws the chair to Wagner for no reason. Tirantes gets up at that moment (maybe a moment late?) and sees Wagner with the chair. Wagner never swings the chair, but that’s a DQ. There’s money thrown in the ring, but I tend to wonder if that’s less as appreciation for the match and more objects aimed at the performances – Mundo gets ducked by a couple of cups.

Review: [good] The first eight minutes of the Wagner/Mundo match were a lot of fun. Wagner was working very hard and he and Mundo had more chemistry than you’d expect. It didn’t go deeper than each man doing their signature spots, but I’d take that over most AAA matches. It de-evolved into silliness as soon as Hernandez pulled out Tirantes. This is one of those finishes where the concept is the fans will be upset with the heel for cheating, but I believe the fans end up being upset with the referee and the promotion for the silliness. Hijo del Tirantes sold being dead off a slight impact for about three minutes, and then got up perfectly fine the moment the story required him to be fine. Maybe he’s turned heel again, it’s hard to tell. At any rate, the finishes up and down on Heroes Inmortales are completely sabotaging Vampiro’s role as guy laying down the law. Mundo out smarted him, Texano outsmarted, OGT & Poder del Norte outsmarted him for most of the show. They’ve switched from Vampiro being the ultimate hero to Vamprio being off stage while all his plans backfire. Neither is particularly good.

I like Mundo’s knee, both matches he did it

Tito Santana loses a domed cage match and his hair, in a match also with ArgenisLanzelothRicky Marvin, Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly, Mocho Cota Jr.Carta Brava Jr., Raptor, Drago, and Aerostar[domed cage]
(13:24, below average,
Lucha Libre AAA)

03:39 OGT all escape
05:40 Ricky Marvin, Argenis and Lanzeloth escape
07:00 Mocho Cota escapes
07:40 Aerostar escapes
10:53 Raptor escapes
12:11 Carta Brava escapes
13:24 Drago escapes

What Happened: The rudos work together, the técnicos bleed, then OGT all climb out to leave Poder del Norte behind. The tecnicos all work together then the Lanzelot, Argenis and Ricky Marvin group al climb out. (Marvin has trouble getting over, but everyone just decides to stop trying to get him.) That means the six people supposed to be in this match are all out of it after five minutes.

Mocho Cota climbs out with almost no one noticing. He slides in a chair for the rudos to use. There’s already a ladder in there from the start, so it’s not like they really need it all that much. Rudos handcuff Raptor to the ropes, and Cota waves around the key. This backfires pretty easily– the tecnicos just come back, attack Cota, and Aerostar eventually passes the key to Drago. (That takes some time. Rudos make no attempt to escape.) Raptor leaves immediately, leaving Drago behind. Drago cuffs Tito Santana and taunts Carta Brava with the key. Drago tosses the key out, Carta attacks him and escapes. Tito thinks Carta has left him for dead, but Carta is actually going for the key. (A ringside worker has picked up the key and starts to walk away with it, but Carta gets it from him.) Carta tosses the key in, but too far away from Tito and Raptor jumps on Carta from the top of the cage. Drago climbs out and that’s it for the match.

Tito is freed from the cage. They cut off a chuck of his hair, but he’s clearly not shaved by the time they cut away.

Review: The main event was a very whatever match. The action wasn’t good, and the people supposed to be in the match leaving quickly was a rip off. It makes it harder to get your next storyline over when you so fail to deliver like they did here. There’s never a lot of action in a cage match and the stuff here was not good and not shot well. The earlier trios title match was not good, but still better than this. They tried to create drama with the key bit, and I kind of wonder if it would’ve worked better if Carta never gets to toss in the key because Raptor cuts him off with the dive first, rather than Carta screwing up and throwing the key too far away from Tito. That’s the least of the problems with this match, which has never been good any time they’ve done it and that won’t stop them from doing it again.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-10-21

Villano III is delightfully crazy

Recapped: 10/26/2017


Ashley, Pardux, The Tigger beat Ángel Mortal Jr., Chicano, Hahastary
(6:38, Ashely Canadian Destroyer Hahastary, good, via
Lucha Libre AAA )

Lanzeloth beat Johnny Mundo ©  Máscara de BronceVenum, , Hijo Del VikingoSolarisDragón SolarVillano III Jr.AngelikalTiger Boy to win the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
(10:11, Lanzeloth moonsault Villano III, good, via
Lucha Libre AAA )

Lady Shani beat Ayako Hamada to win the AAA’s Reina de Reinas championship
(8:21, Lady Shani guillotine choke, ok, via
Estrellas del Ring)

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker beat Aerostar, Drago, Raptor for the AAA World Trios Championship
(9:30, Carta Brava frontcracker, good, via
 Lucha Libre AAA )

What happened: 

Fenix and Aerostar are having a great armdrag battle

Aerostar does a big dive off the light tower, which wipes out Mocho & Tito. Drago and Carta are left in the ring for about 20 seconds before OGT get involved. Dragon has Carta in his cradle, but the referees pull referee Copetes away. Drago argues, and Carta gives him a backcracker and an odd looking cradle for the win. Carta was posited so oddly that he might have also had the ropes, but they didn’t really show it.

Averno says his guys want a shot at the trios titles (which was teased between these two teams before the start of this, though no one brings it up), and it’s not important what Vampiro thinks of it. An angry Drago demands Vampiro come out to fix the result. Averno says Drago’s scared of them as Drago continues to yell for Vampiro. Vampiro does show up to salute the crowd. Drago rather angrily gets in Vampiro’s face and demands he do something about his team being cheated out of the titles. Poder del Norte says his side is the real champs. Vampiro stops for a Vampiro chant. Vampiro’s solution is to put Drago’s team in the cage match so they can get revenge on OGT. Drago likes this idea. Poder del Norte like this idea too, which seems to say it’s a bad idea. Vampiro reacts by putting Poder del Norte in the cage match too. They storm out.

this seems a tough outfit to do that move

Ayako teased fighting Shani after the match, but instead put the belt on her and they hugged.

All the Llaves guys came out as a group for the Cruiserweight, which makes it quicker but just gets people to think of them as a “Llave” guys. They haven’t done anything to help the fans get into them as individuals and it’s probably not happening any time soon. Everyone attacks Mundo at the opening, which eventually leads to him just rolling out. Mundo stayed outside a long time, and then refused to participate in the dive train. Leo Riano is confused on the finish; referee counted one as he was doing an over dramatic flop to the mat.

Noti AAA has Marisela congratulating Pagano & Psycho for winning the LWC belt back from the Americans. Psycho and Pagano also talk about their win while still in Japan.


Pardux and Chicano

The two trios had better matches earlier in the series then they did to end it. This is definitely one of those things where what I’m looking for in matches just doesn’t fit with what they feel will get the best reaction. The Aerostar dive is incredible, but it also ceased the momentum of the match, which really could’ve used a more dramatic ending for being the fifth in a five (or really six) match series, but neither team was close to winning before the interference kicked in. And the interference didn’t make a lick of sense, as the OGT could’ve just as easily challenged the técnicos if they won – there was no reason for them to care who won this match enough to get involved. Before, the work was generally good, though off in small places. Raptor’s outfit now looks better than his shaky wrestling. It’s good AA did this series because the matches were good early on, but the idea of doing a five match series is to build upon what you’ve done before, and this one just felt like it could’ve been announced the day of the show for all the meaning it had. I guess I liked it enough to be good, but I don’t feel strongly about it.

Lady Shani and Ayako Hamada went for it – and missed. They were self consciously trying for a great match and ended up with a sloppy fight that the fans never really got into it. It felt closer to the fans turning on it when Shani messed up the Gori Special, but they were mostly polite and there were enough of fans of Shani cheering for her win that this wasn’t embarrassing. It just didn’t come together at all, with moves looking off, strike exchanges looking messy, and no real build to the finish. Ayako’s offense looked better, crushing Shani with a powerbomb later. Shani’s choke came out of nowhere, isn’t a move the fans are used to seeing a finish, and no one seemed to think it was the finish until the referee stopped the match. They can do better than this, but the OK is a generous grade.

rudo teamwork

The Cruiserweight match had some enjoyable moments amid stuff that didn’t work out go anywhere. The good stuff was good enough for me, but it also felt like they could’ve had more with less people. The match was split up into parts: everyone stomping Mundo, everyone else taking a turn of offense, Mundo beating up everyone one on one, and a very quick wrap up to a finish. The non-Mundo offense was the most entertaining, but it was hard to miss the story of the match being Johnny Mundo being much better than these scrubs. I don’t know that they’re really trying with anyone here, but it doesn’t help for Mundo mow thru each one of them as if he’s much above their level. Bronce’s big revenge after all of this was a DDT on the floor, which was cut away from as quick as possible (even though Bronce was taking a Spanish Fly on the floor.) The one on ones were quick and exciting, but so numerous that it was tough for anyone or anything to have a singular impact. There were some rough points, and they could’ve done them favors by editing around the Villano III spots with Solar and Hijo del Vikingo. (Even despite this, V3 looked like the best rudo.) Mascara de Bronce and Venum’s experience in AAA for the last year should’ve helped them stand out, but they looked as shaky as everyone else. This win seemed to mean a lot to Lanzeloth, but he came off like the winner of a door prize than obviously the best guy, and there’d be a lot more to do if they wanted to get him or this title over. Not sure they’re that invested in it.

Tito tries to wipe out a dinosaur

The opener was an enjoyable Llave de la Gloria match. The rudo team carried it for me for the most part, coming off as an effective unit for an improvised trio. Chicano seems like he’s always in the right position and both he and Mortal took big bumps. Hahastray had one of her better matches. Pardux stands out with his dives, and I’m kind of surprised he wasn’t in the cruiserweight match – I guess not everyone could be.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-09-30 


Recapped: 10/01/2017

All matches were taped on Palenque Inforum, Irapuato, Guanajuato on 09/04/2017 


Mini Psycho Clown © beat Dinastía for the AAA World Minis Championship
(4:20, Psycho foul Dinastia, below average, via

Hijo del Fantasma & Texano Jr. vs EC3 & James Storm
(9:07, Storm superkick Fantasma, ok, via

Dr. Wagner Jr. beat Rey Escorpión & Psycho Clown 
(8:12, Wagner casita Psycho Clown, ok, via

What Happened:

Marty makes some friends

Psycho Clown starts the show by talking about TripleMania. There are noticeable boos, but it’s even more noticeable the building is half full at best. It would fill up later on but it looks bad for this promo. Wagner shows up to give Psycho respect for the win and to repeat the unmasking for this crowd. They’re interrupted by Rey Escorpión, who says he’s looking to face the best in AAA, and not really happy Wagner is ripping off his “Rey” idea. Both Wagner & Psycho attack him and Wagner hits his catchphrase to end the bit.

Finish of that main event is Escorpión fouling Psycho while Tirantes is distracted, Wagner shoving Escorpión out of the way, and using a casita to beat Psycho. Kevin Kross came out of the crowd to beat up all three men after the match.

this bit would’ve been better if they didn’t shoot it from the moon

Texano & Fantasma aren’t getting along from the start of their match, which is played up as US vs Mexico by the Impact guys. Fantasma and Texano attacked each other when they got the advantage, which meant that advantage was short lived. Fantasma gets the Thrill of the Hunt on EC3, Texano shoves Fantasma off the pin, Fantasma kicks Texano, and Storm superkicks Fantasma for the win.

Noti AAA talks about the Heroes Inmortales lineup: dome cage match, the three way match (where extreme stuff is promised), Mundo defending all of his titles, Ayako & Shani for the women’s title, and the trios title final. The Antonio Pena mess is on 10/05. There’s also an interview with unmasked Wagner, who talks about love.

Marty comes down to watch this match and pulls Dinastia off Psycho Clown after a Spanish Fly. A weird looking shot (like they missed the original shot and digitally zoomed in from another angle) shows Psycho fouling Dinastia for the win.


Kross showing up to suplex people, never to have a match

The main event was another generic OK match. The crowd was way into it, because they really want to cheer for Wagner right now, but the action was nothing special. Psycho Clown is truly a Super Muneco for a new generation, as most of his selling appears to be head nodding. Rey Escorpión was fine, but didn’t make a strong impression one way or another. Kevin Kross laying everyone out and not being in.

The tag match was very much just a match, something were the brawling was OK but this was just another time killing moment until they get to whatever they’re going with Texano/Fantasma. They should be there by now, they’ve been feuding since May, and seeing them cost each other matches has long outlived it’s interested. The crowd didn’t know the Impact guys and why would they with no effort made to introduce them. EC3 is entertaining even as much as it seems he doesn’t want to be there.

The minis title is dead in importance and so are the guys fighting for it. Mini Psycho and Dinastia are having worse matches than when this started (in 2015) and the finish was a joke. Marty’s interference was crap. How can you have Ricky Marvin be disqualified last week for doing something illegal the ref didn’t see, and Mini Psycho isn’t disqualified for something the ref did see? Dinastia no longer comes off as special and didn’t stand out at all in this match. They’re obviously being Marty, but I don’t know why anyone would care about the rest of this.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-09-23 

would’ve been even better without the camera switch while they were running

Recapped: 10/01/2017

All matches were taped on Palenque Inforum, Irapuato, Guanajuato on 09/04/2017.


Angelikal, Hijo Del Vikingo, Solaris beat Ángel Mortal Jr., Tiger Boy, Villano III Jr.  
(7:15, Angelikal & Hijo del Vikingo shooting star press Villano III & Tiger Boy, good, via 
Lucha Libre AAA)

Lady Shani beat Big MamiAyako HamadaFaby ApacheLa Hiedra  to be part of the AAA’s Reina de Reinas decision match (6:02, Lady Shani Gori Special La Hidera, ok, via Lucha Libre AAA)

Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly beat Argenis, Lanzeloth, Ricky Marvin
(9:44, Ricky Marvin DQed when Super Fly hits the referee with the chair and frames Marvin, ok, via Lucha Libre AAA)

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker beat Aerostar, Drago, Raptor
(7:49, Carta Brava foul Raptor, ok, via Lucha Libre AAA)

What happened: 

rudos get Angelikal both ways

OGT threw chairs at the tecnicos to start the match early. Ricky bleeds off a chairshot to the face. Argenis mask is tore to pieces, he’s covered in blood too, and Lanzelot is bleeding by the end. Super Fly hits Copetes with the chair and tosses it to Ricky to draw the DQ win. Averno gets about three words of taunting Marvin before Vampiro comes out to kiss up to everyone. Vampiro, in a long speech, makes a dome cage match where the loser loses their hair or mask.

Vampiro explained his concept of having Johnny Mundo defend each of his titles at Heroes Inmortales to Dorian, in revenge for Johnny trying to manipulate AAA. Dorian gives the OK. Dorian is on the phone after Vampiro leaves, and it’s shot like it’s supposed to be a mystery conversation.

Noti AAA hypes the Ring & Rock Stars, the Panini magazine, the upcoming remembrance of Antonio Pena, and the charity work AAA did with the Red Cross helping out people of the (first earthquake.)


good idea, rough landing

The two trios were consciously trying to have a Great match in the main event, but it wasn’t coming together. A lot of stuff didn’t look as crisp or clean as usual. Raptor had two moves off the top in the match and seemed to mess up the landing on both. Drago’s flip DDT didn’t go well, Aerostar’s springboard went ok but the move on Tito didn’t look right. The pace of the match was slow with the rudos control early. It picked up later, but this one didn’t feel all that close good even before the foul finish. Hope the final goes better.

OGT vs técnicos seemed like it was going to be successful in building up the issue between two teams to explain the cage match. It got really serious from the get go. The blood was a bit too much, but it fit with what they were going for. The finish really didn’t work; rudo Super Fly outsmarting Ricky Marvin doesn’t fit the tone of the heated dispute going on. The OGT are jerks, but it felt like a time where they could’ve better gotten away with a foul win (or even an angry Ricky fouling the técnicos.)

Angelikal tornillo

There’s probably enough of AAA multiwoman matches for the time being. There’s not really producing anything interesting. The highlight is cheering for Shani after she pins Hedra, then quiet as people try to figure out if it was an elimination match, and then cheers again when she gets her arm raised. Otherwise, there as just people doing moves and none of them really coming off as important. Ayako and Faby mostly stayed out of it; you’d have trouble remembering Faby is still in AAA right now if she wasn’t in the bumpers. Pushing different people isn’t a problem, it’s just such a drastic switch from the last decade plus of programming – she’s not even being asked to take the losses, she’s just being asked to make up the numbers. Finish looked nice anyway.

The opener was another fun match with the Llaves guys, the best new thing AAA has going this year. This wasn’t a técnico showcase as the TripleMania match, with the rudos seemingly taking the match for longer and looking more impressed while they did. It’s a small thing, but I really like Tiger Boy’s taunting punch duck spot. The técnicos dive spot looking amazing, as did the finish. It feels like these are more worked out in advance the most AAA matches, but it’s making them look like future stars whoever they do it.

AAA on Twitch: 2017-09-23 

Suicide SSP

Recapped: 09/23-24/2017

All matches aired live from Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. Spanish announcers were the default three (Arturo, Jesus and Andres). English announcers were Vampiro and Jeremy Borash.

The show was proceeded by a Red Carpet arrival (and then 45 minutes of nothing happening.)


Drago beat AerostarLa ParkaMocho Cota Jr.Carta Brava Jr., Tito Santana in a Guitarra de Oro qualifying match
(6:54, Drago DDT Mocho Cota, ok)

Marty The Moth Shaman? beat Monsther Clown, Murder ClownDark CuervoDark Scoria in a Guitarra de Oro qualifying match
(5:40, Marty foul? Scoria, ok)

Australian Suicide beat Súper Fly, AvernoChessmanArgenis  in a Guitarra de Oro qualifying match
(6:59, tornillo senton Chessman, ok)

Texano Jr. beat Hijo del FantasmaEddie EdwardsJames StormEC3  in a Guitarra de Oro qualifying match
(8:11, Texano pin EC3, ok)

Lady Shani beat La Hiedra
(7:53, front facelock submission, ok)

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Pagano beat Psycho Clown & Rey Escorpión  
(13:50, legdrop, ok)

Texano beat Drago, Marty The Moth, Australian Suicide to win the Guitarra de Oro
(8:14, Texano foul/small package Suicide, good)

What happened: 

The undercard was four qualifying matches for a golden guitar final. (The guitar wasn’t as gold as you’d think.) Texano won with a foul on Australian Suicide. Fantasma came to the ring after the match, everyone else came out to fight for no real reason, everyone else left for no real reason, and Texano took Fantasma’s mask.

Rey Escorpion is not a tecnico, and started trying to steal the pin from Psycho midway thru. Psycho eventually turned on him to give Pagano the win. Wagner fouled Psycho after the match. (Pagano had no problem with Wagner; Pagano’s pre-TripleMania tecnico turns seems to have stopped cold.)

Lady Shani used the Sexy Star cross armbreaker in the women’s match, in a purposeful reference to the TripleMania bit. It didn’t go anywhere. She won by another submission. Tirantes helped Hiedra in the match for no explained reason.

Aerostar later tweeted that he only has this 75% perfected right now

El Fantasma (Sr.) joined the commentators, who explained Fantasma has suffered a heart attack earlier this week after a match but was doing better now. Late in the match, Texano tried to get James Storm to threat Fantasma (Sr.) with a chair. Storm took about two steps in that direction, Hijo del Fantasma kicked the chair into Storm’s face, Texano knocked Fantasma to the floor, then stole his pin on EC3 after Fantasma had already hit him with his finish.

Averno talked up the dome of cage match before attacking Argenis to start their match.

Marty is a shaman now for some reason. Vampiro definitely gave a reason, but it was a long and winding story that didn’t make a lot of sense and it was just easier to accept Marty is a shaman for some reason and move on.

The opener was changed to a trios match with Tito Santana added to the match, which seemed to go unnoticed by the announcers. An unmasked Kahn-Del-Mal ran in as a replacement referee after Tirantes was taken down, and quickly ended up stomped by all the rudos. (This seemed like an inside joke.)

The show seemed sparsely attended. It was mostly the resort sold ringside seats which looked empty, but the glimpses of the bleachers (which were sold available to locals or people who weren’t part of the resort package) didn’t seem that full. It wasn’t that big of a building. The earthquake – and the money either lost due to it or being used to help people out instead of on entertainment – is probably going to mean lesser turnout to lucha libre for some time. It’s unclear if this was all due to disaster, but it obviously was a factor.


gonna gif this every time

Like normal for the Hard Rock shows, the matches weren’t much. The effort level isn’t there as much usual (especially with the foreigners), but the match arrangements didn’t really lend themselves to being good matches. All of the qualifying matches were 3v2 handicap matches, with maybe the patners getting around to stealing pins from each other on the end. The idea was not so great that it needed to be seen four times. There were also too many rudos on the card, which meant a bunch of people who just turned (Texano, Sucidie, Escorpion just showed up, who knows what Cuervo/Escoria are right now) had to play tecnico for the night due to the numbers. The tournament final was the lone multiman match worked with everyone for themselves for most of the match, and was easily the most exciting match of the night even though they did another foul on a show that had a few of them.

The women’s match was the only totally normal match of the show – except, even then, it was built around Tirantes helping La Hiedra for no real reason. Or maybe the reason is they didn’t have confidence in the women to tell a story without that crutch. I’m not sure they would’ve been wrong: there were moves, some good, but not too much of a rhythm or a story here. Neither woman is far along enough to have a good match without help. Shani can do some cool and hard looking spots, but she doesn’t come off as a complete wrestler. It’d be great if the singles match with Ayako at Heroes Inmortales is the moment where Shani finally can put it all together, but it feels too soon for her to be champion if that’s going to mean something. It’d be another false start, but she could use a series of matches to finally overcome Ayako and not just the win right away.

the thing about Shani working stiff in the TripleMania match is Shani works stiff all the time

Still, despite the criticisms. this was an easy show to watch, like the strangest possible CMLL b-show. There’s little you have to go back and watch, but you didn’t mind it while it was on. Once the matches started, it was only about two hours. There were no big angles to get thru. (The tease of Fantasma being attacked was over so quick, you didn’t have time to be offended about it.) The tournament gave the show some sort of self confined direction. Vampiro pushed it as something they might do on this show every year, which might work if the tournament was a little bit better centered up. AAA has a lot of dead time that could be cleaned up and it’d be better experience if they explained what time the show was actually going to start, but it wasn’t really presented as a live show anyway. It was a free peek into an AAA TV taping, and they made no changes because it happened to be airing live.

The presentation had more to talk about than the show. I listened to both versions of the show. The Spanish announced were as usual. They got so close to saying Shooting Star Press right. Jeremy Borash & Vampiro said they were doing the English version on two hours notice. You wouldn’t have known it. Borash sounded like he generally followed the promotion. He got tripped a few things on some stuff – he made the La Parka mistake, in the great tradition of everyone who does that job – but he got most of it and it felt like you were listening to a professional broadcast. Everyone has and will make the obvious comparisons but, to be fair, it’s worth noting this was a lot easier show to call than the obscure came filled TripleMania, and Borash is appears to be Impact’s connection to AAA – part of his current job description is literally to know what’s going on here. That didn’t make the job easy: beyond the matches, there was also the donation requests and the craziest cohost to navigate. Vampiro was a better than his TripleMania misadventures, as he’s obviously way more into the product now that he’s responsible for it. We got insights into storylines that didn’t seem to be explained elsewhere – like that the women’s match had Lady Shani’s title shot on the line, which wasn’t mentioned on the Spanish side. We also got insights into thinks that weren’t meant to be the show. Vampiro leaving the desk to instruct camera people about how he wanted something shot, or to yell at the OGT to cut out the fake breakup bit they were starting, were amusing as part of a broadcast but probably not the best thing for the show. That’s not Vamp’s fault – doing live announcing of a show you’re also producing seems like too much for anyone to do both jobs well, and yet they probably couldn’t find anyone else on short notice for that chair. I think Borash might have been able to handle it on his own, but that’s a tough ask for someone who’s never called the promotion before, and Vamp didn’t kill the show this time.

counted this as a dive

I don’t know what they’re going to do next time. Borash definitely suggested there will be a next time, strongly suggested Heroes Inmortales will air on the service again. Vampiro started off his part of the show by apologizing to Matt Striker for not having him there, did it again a second time later, and put over Kevin Gill when his name came up in passing. Borash will be an option as long as there’s the alliance with Impact, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the others are back to join him. I do think they (both AAA & Twitch) were pleasantly surprised about how well TripleMania did and would guess it opened the door to more tapings airing live (something AAA’s talked about doing in the past).

At the same time, I was disappointed there wasn’t more money in collected for the charity by the end. I think it ended up around $3500, around $1 for every viewer at the peak. I know most things I follow using the “free but please donate money if you like it” don’t really come anywhere close to $1/viewer, so I guess it’s not bad, but it feels like it should be more. Charity fundraising is pretty common on Twitch thru gaming, and maybe there are some ideas that could be ported over from there if this is tried again. For my part, I think I had a good idea with the dive bit but executed it wrong – the best idea is to keep the donation total moving, so I should’ve just been dropping $5 every time that dive happened.

It IS ~$3500 (plus whatever ad revenue AAA made) that’s going to Save the Children that wouldn’t have happened before. That’s a success. And it was an enjoyable show. That’s also a success.

Marty survived

AAA TripleMania: 2017-08-26 


Recapped: 09/10-11/17

All matches aired live from Arena Ciudad de México and then were replayed in various forms.


Ashley, Dragón Solar, Pardux, Solaris beat Bronco González Jr., Chicano, Fetiche, Hahastary in a La Llave a la Gloria match
(6:41, Dragon Solar torito into inside cradle Fetiche below average, via luchalibreaaatv)

The referee gave these guys the signal the start the match, and then they stood facing each other for another five seconds until he gave it to them again; they were so crazy nervous. It showed in the match, which was clearly laid out and practiced beforehand, because they blow spots left and right and just keep on going because they’ve got a schedule to stay on. Even though the wrestlers have run thru the match, the camera people clearly have not and start missing shots from the opening moments of this match all the way thru the night. The sound is also a mess; the only mic that seems on is the one on the mat, so the only noise is the patter of feet running and the thumps of people landing. Ashley’s legs hit the ropes 10 seconds into the match on a dive and it’s a long night for her after that. Pardux look good in his run and the rudos generally seemed to be holding it together as best they could. The técnico side was just kind of a mess, with Dragon Solar having lot of problems and Fetiche getting hurt. This didn’t seem as much a total disaster as it came off live, though it still would’ve been a bad indie match. The judging bit is exposed as a work by talent evaluator Vampiro wandering around at ringside with his back to the ring. All the judges got blank no forms to use, but Faby seemed to write about one sentence and La Parka seems to vanish.

hahastary has a nice german suplex

Angelikal, Hijo Del Vikingo, The Tigger beat Ángel Mortal Jr., Tiger Boy, Villano III Jr. in a La Llave a La Gloria match
(7:28, everyone did moves one everyone else, great, via
luchalibreaaatv )

Review: [great] A crazy exciting spotfest, with Hijo del Vikingo coming off as the star but everyone looking good. The rudos are sharp and look good in their brief control, but this more about them in the right place and these three técnicos hitting things much better than the guys in the last match. Vikingo’s diving headscissors to the floor would’ve been enough to make his name in most matches but he comes back in and does a bunch more craziness.

This is peak annoying AAA camerawork, as Angelikal does a crazy dive that gets a loud reaction from the crowd, it’s missed live, and it’s missed again in replays. Announcing doesn’t start working until pre-match.

I’m so excited (to see how they won’t come up with anything for him to do for at least three years)

Hernandez, La Hiedra, Mamba, Mini Psycho Clown beat Big Mami, Dinastía, Estrella Divina, Máscara de Bronce
(6:42, Mamba pin Big Mami, good, via  luchalibreaaatv )

The relevos match felt exciting live, and is more just a better version of the usual match. They’re going all out in a way not normal to the match, but it peaks with the dive train and then just finishes up for a few moments. This comes off as much less a Big Mami showcase on the Spanish commentary, since they were just less fascinated by her existence. Hernandez powerbombing Mascara de Bronce on the stage shouldn’t have been missed by the cameras, but it also seems poorly laid out. They really needed the action to stop in the ring for a moment to keep the focus on the spot on the outside. No matter what camera shot we got on TV, the crowd was still going to be looking at Big Mami doing a matrix spot over whatever was happening in the dark with Hernandez and Bronce at the same time.

Destello Bronce?
of course he died

Sexy Star © defeated Lady ShaniAyako HamadaRosemary  for the AAA’s Reina de Reinas championship
(9:44, Sexy Star cross armbreaker Rosemary, bad, via luchalibreaaatv, )


Monsther Clown & Murder Clown beat Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria vs Aerostar & Drago  and Andrew Everett & DJZ for the AAA World Tag Team Championship
(13:23, Murder Clown splash Cuervo & Scoria, good, via luchalibreaaatv )Arena

Insane the first time thru, and though not as exciting interesting on the rewatch when it’s more obvious how many crazy things don’t go anywhere. You can see how they packed it with action and then switched to a bunch of Clown focused run-ins when it came down to actually do finishes. It’s weird how long it turns into a La Secta versus a million Clowns match at the end. Raptor, Drago, Aerostar, DJZ and Everret all do their dives and then cease existing for about two minutes.

I’m kind of two minds on the Aerostar dive. It was incredible. It totally distracted from the rest of the match for the time (2:51) he was up there. Some of that is on the camera people not knowing the cue, but people were going to be paying attention to him no matter where the camera was shooting. It was also the big eye catching moment this match needed. It had a ton of cool spots, so many that they collapsed on each in memory, but it wasn’t building toward s a moment otherwise.

I like how Poder del Norte decided to wait until everyone was dead and couldn’t really do anything to attack. It’s good thing Dave the Clown’s interference was so ineffective or Marty would’ve never had a chance to also join the clowns.

they cut the front half of this dive
they cut the back half of this dive

La Parka won Torneo Triplemania
(26:17, Parka inside cradle Averno, bad, via  luchalibreaaatv)

  • 00:00: Lanzelot IN
  • 00:00: Heavy Metal IN
  • 00:00: Ricky Marvin IN
  • 00:00: Faby Apache IN
  • 00:00: Australian Suicide IN
  • 00:00: Pimpinela IN
  • 01:05: Super Fly IN
  • 01:05: Averno IN
  • 01:05: Chessman IN
  • 02:42: Psicosis II IN
  • 02:42: Histeria II IN
  • 02:42: Maniaco IN
  • 04:18: Scorpio Jr. IN
  • 04:18: Zumbido IN
  • 04:18: Decnnis IN
  • 05:38: Ricky Marvin OUT (thrown out)
  • 05:41: X-Fly IN
  • 05:41: Halloween IN
  • 05:41: Mr. Aguila IN
  • 06:10: Decnnis OUT (Faby Apache cradle)
  • 06:24: Lanzelot OUT (quit when Perros come in)
  • 06:24: Heavy Metal OUT (quit when Perros come in)
  • 06:24: Faby Apache OUT (Averno Devil’s Wings)
  • 06:24: Australian Suicide OUT (quit following Faby being pinned)
  • 06:24: Pimpinela OUT (quit followed Faby being pinned)
  • 06:24: Scorpio Jr. OUT (quit a while after Decnnis gets pinned)
  • 06:24: Zumbido OUT (quit a while after Decnnis gets pinned)
  • 07:34: Joe Lider IN
  • 07:34: Niño Hamburguesa IN
  • 07:34: Crazy Boy IN
  • 08:54: La Parka IN
  • 08:54: Argenis IN
  • 08:54: Bengala IN
  • 08:57: Niño Hamburguesa OUT (pinned by Perros del Mal)
  • 08:57: Crazy Boy OUT (quit match)
  • 09:43: X-Fly OUT (poses on apron and leave)
  • 09:43: Halloween OUT (poses on apron and leave)
  • 09:43: Mr. Aguila OUT (poses on apron and leave)
  • 09:43: Joe Lider OUT (poses on apron and leave)
  • 10:35: Histeria II OUT (Argenis face crusher)
  • 10:35: Maniaco OUT (Bengala back cracker)
  • 10:35: Psicosis II OUT (left when his partners were pinned)
  • 10:42: Pirata Morgan IN
  • 10:42: Blue Demon IN
  • 10:42: El Cobrade IN
  • 12:58: Bobby Lashley IN
  • 15:40: Moose IN
  • 17:14: Jeff Jarrett IN
  • 17:57: Bobby Lashley OUT (dropkicked out by Moose)
  • 17:57: Moose OUT (pulled out under the bottom rope)
  • 22:50: Jeff Jarrett OUT (Parka DDT)
  • 23:16: Pirata Morgan OUT (Super Fly casita)
  • 23:16: Blue Demon OUT (quits)
  • 23:16: El Cobrade OUT (quits)
  • 23:53: Bengala OUT (Averno dropkicks out)
  • 24:11: Argenis OUT (Super Fly & Chessman toss)
  • 24:55: Super Fly OUT (shoved out by Chessman)
  • 25:50: Chessman OUT (foul by Averno)
  • 26:14: Averno OUT (La Parka cradle)

This match, especially the strange way AAA had decided to do it, requires a lot of attention to detail. AAA is brutal at attention to detail, always has been terrible at it and shows no sign of ever getting better. I think the idea of doing trios was to get people in the match quicker and keep it moving. They definitely succeeded at getting people in, but they needed to get people out too. They didn’t. Ricky Marvin is the first person out after the ring already has 12 people, there’s 17 people in the match by the time Decnnis is gone. The camera guys are missing shots left and right, but it’s also an unfilmable disaster with that many people, and impossible for the people in the match to navigate. What actually happens is Faby gets pinned too, then the Perros make it to the ring, they sweep a bunch of teams under the bottom rope, and those people just walk out and don’t come back. Whoever put this together the first part seemed to be working on the idea that the entire team is out when one person is being pinned, and about half the eliminations are people just leaving as if that’s the rule. It couldn’t have been the rule, because the final sequence is all about La Parka surviving 3 on 1, and he shouldn’t have been in the match as soon as Bengala was knocked from the ring. Jeff Jarrett should’ve never come to the ring, because Moose dropkicking Lashley out should’ve eliminated the lot of them.

Jeff Jarrett should’ve also never come to the ring for the very obvious visual reasons. The match is a lesser concern, but it really suffers for him into it. He takes two and half minutes to make it to the ring, longer than some people were in. The match itself stops for longer, as Jarrett punches and fouls everyone in the match. And then Jarrett punches and fouls everyone again. It came off like he missed a cue or someone was supposed to cut him off, but who knows what was going thru his mind. They really should’ve made it the finish, and maybe it was in some iteration of the match, because the rest of the match has to cease existing for seven minutes – any time gained by speeding things up earlier is totally lost, and so is the match. You can tell the actual finish was put together by the people involved, since it’s carefully booked in way that makes sense, a courtesy they couldn’t extend to something else.

(The communication is so bad here that the lumberjacks also walk out of the match early. It’s seems a fair guess the bit with the GFW guys coming out separate was a last minute call – a favor to GFW to make a bad match worse so they could run their Lashley/Moose break up with the least bit of interference – because Polvo rounds up the lumberjacks and gets them out of there after Lashley enters, ‘knowing’ that team is supposed to be the final team.)

This was a terrible match. It’s worse than the Reina match, because at least AAA’s taken the minimum possible step (no Sexy Star, for now) to make sure that won’t repeat itself. AAA’s going to run a couple of these type of multiman matches next month and there’s no reason to believe they’ll try any harder. The sections with the people in charge will make sense, but only after enough dumb stuff that everyone’s stopped caring.

Pagano and El Mesías street fight ended in a no-contest
(16:14, ref stop?, below average, via luchalibreaaatv)

I guess the question here is if AAA had already decided to do the death match on the next show (likely) and then decided that they could get by without blood on this show. That would’ve been a poor decision (but also an unlikely one, since restraint never seems like something AAA is big on.) The days where Mesias can carry a long match without at least a bit of smoke and mirrors seem to be long gone. Pagano never had those days. Their feud had been built on a barbed wire bad and heavy amounts of blood, and they delivered one bat hot and no blood. Pagano’s popular but not sympathetic, can’t sell and isn’t really that interested in it anyway. Those big Mesias matches were built on both men surviving big moves, but there’s no sense of surviving, it’s just tings that happened until the next thing that happens, and a lot of punches to the face that don’t seem to budge either man inch. The crowd is bored by the time they get to near falls. The injury looks like a work on rewatch, mostly because AAA is never so quick to send someone down when someone is truly hurt, and the AAA doctor would’ve had to be standing right next to the entrance set to get down as quick as he did. It just doesn’t make any sense, like Rey Escorpion’s run in and the rest of the match.

Mesias charges towards nothing

Johnny Mundo © defeated  Texano Jr. and Hijo del Fantasma in a TLC Championship to keep the AAA Trichampionship
(22:04, belt grab, good, via luchalibreaaatv)

More of a coherent story wrapped around the spots than any other matches, though it’s noticeable how much the story doesn’t move at all. This was the time to pull the trigger on something. Bronce getting more involved than a simple run-in, the Fantasma/Texano dynamic changing, Kross betraying Mundo – and it would’ve been the same thing they’ve done on TV for months if not for the ladder stip. Maybe more blood there too, though the blood is so much and so early that it seems like not a big deal by the end. They do make a whole lot of use of the ladder and the tables, taking big bumps to make the stipulation meaningful, and Fantasma’s leap over the ladder for a forearm was really well done. This did a much better job of living up to the idea of the match Pagano/Mesias and it held together as good as anything on the undercard.

Mundo does something crazy (1)
Mundo does something crazy (2)
Mundo does something crazy (3), when he knows it doesn’t matter in the least

Psycho Clown  beat Dr. Wagner Jr. in a mask vs mask match
(28:42, code red, good, via  luchalibreaaatv

I was kind of bored rewatching this, which should not be the case if it’s a legendary must see match. I’d have it as Great live and was just not as interested in it. There’s a bigger problem here than my short attention span.

Psycho is pretty much exactly as good as good as he’s been since he was still regularly part of the trio. He hasn’t grown much over the last three years. This match had the same long rudo section followed by a comeback as the Texano match had, as the Pagano match had. Psycho Clown is probably better than La Parka was at his peak, but he’s already figured out his formula. It’s hard to believe his TripleMania (or general big) matches will ever be better than this, and the ceiling is not really that high. He’s not the only one not showing growth – neither Fantasma nor Texano have shown a lot of growth over the last few years – but Psycho’s the one who the company has hitched the next decade around and it shapes up to ten years of limited matches.

There was never any choice between, say, Fenix and Psycho, but part of me wonders if maybe there’d be a higher ceiling, a much more interesting promotion if AAA had made different choices about who to hitch their wagon to. The rest of me realizes 2017 Fenix wouldn’t be 2017 Fenix if he had spent the last year wrestling in AAA than the rest of the world, and maybe the problem isn’t as much with Psycho Clown as AAA.

as seen in the Texano match

AAA on Televisa: 2017-08-26 

Mundo loses via crotch chop

Recapped: 08/29/2017

All matches were taped at Palenque de la Fiera Nacional De San Marcos, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes on 07/27/2017


Bengala won a battle royal over Australian SuicideVenumMáscara de BronceNiño HamburguesaMurder ClownMonsther Clown
(6:53, ok, via Lucha Libre AAA )

2:12 Mascara de Bronce thrown out
3:52 Venum thrown out
4:45 Australian Suicide thrown out
5:46 Niño Hamburguesa thrown out
6:04 Murder Clown thrown out
6:53 Monster Clown thrown out

Argenis, La Parka, Lanzeloth, Ricky Marvin beat Averno, Chessman, Pirata Morgan, Súper Fly
(5:50, Lanzeloth pin Super Fly, ok, via Lucha Libre AAA )

Hijo del Fantasma & Texano Jr. beat Johnny Mundo & Kevin Kross
(8:15, Fantasma cradle Mundo, ok, via Lucha Libre AAA)

What happened: 

your biweekly Bronce sadness

Noti AAA actually has names and photos of all the people in La Llave a la Gloria, which would’ve been something helpful to see before the event. Heavy Metal and Los Perros del Mal are interviewed about being in the Torneo TripleMania and there’s scenes from the pilgrimage.

Once again, Texano & Fantasma had no problems with each other to start the match. They lasted the whole way thru this time, with Mundo being distracted after putting Texano thru a chair and Fantasma cradling Mundo for the win. Texano flipped a switch and went back to hating Fantasma as soon as the match was over, but didn’t attack him this week.

No one seems bothered by Pirata betraying the OGT the last time we saw him, but Averno does accidentally foul Pirata while trying to take out Lanzeloth. (Pirata weirdly kicks at the same time, and they cut in a way where it’s tough to know what happened except for Pirata’s selling.) The OGT attack Pirata for losing but Parka scares them off. The técnicos angry at Ricky Marvin in his last appearance disappeared here.

Mascara de Bronce is actually wearing bronce this week. The idea was the last person left would be last in Torneo TripleMania. That didn’t happen. In real time, we already knew Niño Hamburugesa and the Clowns were in other matches, and not Torneo TripleMania.


didn’t really have great GIF picks this week, but this was OK

Just a total irrelevant show, feeling even more so watching it after TripleMania. The only things that really mattered where the plugs for the mask match airing later, and I was surprised they didn’t more of them.

The main event was not really an interesting match, but one where they were over just being out there so it’s hard to blame them for not doing a lot. The small ringside area and small barriers to the front row seemed to convince them to cut the dives for the night too. They worked US tag style, which Tirantes took as having to make sure Texano didn’t get in – only, he missed counting pinfalls because he was keeping Texano out. That didn’t seem to be the plan. It also made it silly late when they match completely broke down fir the entire second half.

The semimain was nothing much of a match, with not a lot of time and most of that spent with La Parka comedy. I barely noticed Ricky and Argenis in the match, they got so little of it. The one spot Lanzeloth did with Averno was good. No one seems to paying attention to this OGT/Parka/Pirata angle, especially not the people involved in it.

The battle royal here was better laid out than CMLL one and the crowd cared more about this one than they ever have for a CMLL one, but it was still not much good. Some really slow looking eliminations and bad looking eliminations, not much action good in between. The idea here was the técnicos couldn’t do anything against the big guys without teaming up, which meant a lot of cool stuff was stopped halfway thru and the Clowns mostly dominated things.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-08-19 

thanks for coming, Pimpinela

Recapped: 08/21/2017

All matches were taped from Arena Jose Sulaiman, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon on 07/16/2017


Australian Suicide, Mamba, Monsther Clown, Murder Clown beat Bengala, El Elegido, Estrella Divina, Marty The Moth
(10:47, Murder Clown splash Elegido, ok, via luchalibreaaatv
gif: 1412/2100

Kevin Kross beat Máscara de Bronce
(1:26, Kross exploder suplex, n/r, via

gif: 3126/3217/3320

Argenis, La Parka, Psycho Clown beat Averno, Chessman, Dr. Wagner Jr.
(9:13, Psycho Clown torito Chessman, ok, via

What happened: 

Suicide seems to be doing well

There’s frequent promos for Wagner/Psycho airing on Televisa. Dr. Wagner was unbothered by the loss, and unmasked Psycho Clown for the umpteenth time. He got off pretty easily, maybe it’s all the practice.

The Kross/Bronce segment starts with Pimpinela being brought to be praised for her 30 year career and her win over Mamba. Pimpinela barely getting to talk before Kevin Kross attacks her. I have no idea why. Mascara de Bronce runs out face Kevin Kross, and of course gets knocked down to start the match. Pimpinela rolls out of the ring and ceases to exist. Kross only takes offense from Bronce when he’s not paying attention, and eventually just no sells a tope. He kicks the (new) ref after the match too.

Bronce gets tossed

Divina & Mamba were friends last time we saw them, but are enemies here. Marty was a rudo when we’ve see him. Elegido gets the only noticeable crowd response. Not sure what causes Bengala to bleed early, but he spends the match with it coming of it his mask, and Suicide rubs it all over himself during the early beatdown. This matches ten minutes and then, after trying hard to win the match, Marty attacks Elegido from behind for no particular reason and the match ends about 15 seconds later.

Noti AAA had Vampiro raving about La Llave a La Gloria and all the positive feedback of his changes, and Psycho Clown meeting with players on Club America.


Suicide springboard DDDT

This was a rather nothing happening show to be the last show many people will see prior to TripleMania. They did the token Wagner/Psycho feuding in the main event but that didn’t even come off as a big deal. The other matches had nothing to do with anything going on Saturday. This is a great test case for nothing really mattering, because they did nothing here.

The main event was an ordinary trios match, with La Parka seemingly getting as much time as Psycho Clown, though they did get around to Psycho/Wagner at the end. It didn’t feel as big as it should, but I supposed it doesn’t really matter at this point. Averno & Chessman stooged well for Parka – it’s like working with a less mobile Super Porky, Averno has this down. Psycho’s looked good and was pretty over, there just wasn’t the anticipation moments when he and Wagner were in you’d expect for a big match. Argenis was also there.

Mascara de Bronce is on the wrong ride

Kross/Bronce was not really a match in the usual sense. Kross just squashed Mascara de Bronce in a way where Bronce is pretty exposed as nothing more than an unimportant object for Kross to toss around. I wish they would’ve done more to make Kross more interesting before they decided to make him the top rudo or their version of Brock Lesnar on their roster, but there we are.

The atomicos seemed to be a dare to see what would happen if they dropped Marty in the weirdest possible match. He did far more teaming with Elegido against the Clowns than you’d expect, but maybe it makes more sense if you knew it was just a setup for Marty to attack Elegido. This also felt pointless and not very good. Suicide & Bengala were very good against each other, even though Suicide should be about half blind with his bandanna pulled down to Gedo levels. The exoticos were OK, but this match is a waste of time.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-08-12

I don’t even know what to call it

Recapped: 08/13/2017

All matches were taped in Arena Jose Sulaiman, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon on 07/16/2017 


Sexy Star defeated Faby ApacheLa HiedraLady ShaniGoya Kong and Big Mami to win the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship
(5:14, Sexy Star pin La Hiedra, below average, Lucha Libre AAA)

Aerostar, Drago, Raptor defeated Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker  in the AAA World Trios Championship best of 5
Aerostar, Drago, and Raptor lead 2-0
(7:46, Aerostar second rope knee springboard frontcracker Carta Brava, 7:46, good, via 
Lucha Libre AAA)

Hijo del Fantasma & Texano Jr. vs Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria © for the AAA World Tag Team Championship
(8:33, Cuervo pin Fantasma, ok, via
Lucha Libre AAA)

What happened: 

the table didn’t help

Shorter version: the last time we saw Kevin Kross, he and Mundo were teasing an imminent breakup so Kross could go after Mundo’s title. This time, Kross is eagerly doing all of doing all of Mundo’s dirty work to help out Mundo. The thing that hasn’t changed is Vampiro is still teasing a match against him, is the only guy who can hurt Kross, and that was treated as a bigger deal than any of the matches currently scheduled for TripleMania.

Sexy Star returned and won the Reina de Reinas championship in a six way match. Sexy Star didn’t receive much of a reaction from the crowd, though ringside fans seemed excited when they finally saw her. (A few people asked me if this was the real Sexy Star when she returned, and I suspect some of the fans were wondering the same thing when the music first played and she was wearing a purple hooded robe that hid her identity.) The match itself was short and designed to give all the woman an equal moment. Sexy did not use a move to get the win, instead stealing Faby Apache’s pin as she went for a moonsault (that she was way too far away to actually land; Goya stopped her anyway.) Sexy Star treated the victory like it was the most surprising and emotional moment of her life. The reaction for Sexy Star winning was shockingly small, and there were audible boos in response.

Sexy tried to cut a promo post match, but was interrupted by Kevin Kross. Kross grabbed Sexy, yelled at her about the belt, and clotheslined her (or tried to, Sexy went down too early.) The announcers explained Kross was upset about the woman taking away Taya’s belt, mentioning Taya by name in a way they wouldn’t normally do if she was really no longer working for the company. Kross took out each woman, set up a table, and attempted to give Sexy Star the same chokeslam thru a table he gave Mascara de Bronce previously. Faby Apache made the save with a chair shot, which received more of a reaction than Sexy Star had gotten winning the title. Faby celebrated too soon and ended up taking the chokeslam thru the table instead. Kross left, and Sexy Star melodramatically checked on her long time enemy, shaking her head unconscious head around.

loco Aerostar

Lady Shani was revealed to be Sexy Star’s TripleMania challenger in Noti AAA, mentioned the match she won in Aguascalientes (which won’t air for two or three weeks.) She talked about herself in a long interview, threw a couple barbs at Sexy Star, but didn’t come off strongly like a tecnico or a rudo.

The tecnicos are now up 2-0 in the trios title series. Aerostar dove off the entrance set onto everyone during the match.

Fantasma continues to want to be friends with Texano, despite Texano rejecting him a few times. They worked together in their tag title match. Fantasma had Cuervo set up for the Thrill of the Kill when Kross walked into the ring and punched Fantasma. Kross hit Texano too. Referee Copetes saw all of this and did not call for a DQ. Cuervo looked at Kross, concerned he was next, and covered Fantasma when he felt safe to get the win. (That made two of three matches on this show where the winning person just scooped up a pinfall.)

The post match was a dozen things going on. Texano attacked Fantasma for no real reason. Cuervo & Scoria joined in. Fantasma was about to turn it around when Kross hit him as well, then Kross attacked Texano again. Vampiro walked out, went head to head with Kross, did his jacket pull off bit (revealing a Pagano shirt) and tried to clothesline Kross out, only Kross didn’t get over. Vampiro threw Kross out the other side. Fantasma woke up, hit Texano a couple times, and said he’d beat him at TripleMania.

AAA is selling t-shirts – but only at TripleMania. They’ve done this in past years too.


Shani/Hiedra teamwork

The tag title match was actually going better than the Mascara de Bronce/Hernandez version of the same match, at least until the quite lame finish. It’s also just following that same concept with these same titles. Texano & Fantasma are doing the same Loony Tunes version of a feud AAA just did with Bengala & Australian Suicide, where they break up hard every match but are back to being possibly friends the next time we see them. It didn’t help with the other guys, it probably won’t help with these guys, but AAA can’t stop doing it.

The idea for this trios series is obviously Lucha Underground, and it’s playing out a lot like the Aerostar/Drago series. Every match is good, I’m left wishing they could go a lot longer, and hopefully they will in the final. Poder del Norte seemed like a much more effective team, controlling the match and keeping the pace going. The Aerostar big dive took an uncomfortable long time to set up (AAA’s gone from bad edits to no edits and there has to be a middle ground), but they did show a lot of replays so it came off more important than usual. Aerostar’s in-ring stuff was more impressive and he came off as the big star of his team.

I did not like the idea of AAA bringing back Sexy Star and I didn’t like the idea of her winning the title back on the first night when it would’ve been easy thing to sell a TripleMania match around. I can still enjoy a good match despite the reasoning around it, but this wasn’t any close to a good match. It was a hurried mess, trying to be nice to give everyone a spot but so rushed that nothing really meant anything. There were a lot of reasons the result didn’t get over, but I think one big one is it was so quick and so inconsequential that most people probably though it was just an elimination and not the total end to the match. Sexy Star stealing a pin was a tremendously flat way to end the match. If AAA believes in Sexy Star enough to do all this stuff to accommodate her, they should’ve put her over so much stronger and made her look like a star of the group. Instead, she was outside selling within 30 seconds of her big reveal so Big Mami & Goya Kong could do spots. This came off like something that was imposed on the people in charge of figuring all this stuff out from above, and they half heartedly carried out their orders while obviously being more interested in the stuff they really care about (Kross). This – the match, the title change, even the post match angle – was a whole lot of drama for no particular benefit.

who needs a rope to springboard off of

AAA on Televisa: 2017-07-29 

suicide SSP

Recapped: 07/30/2017


All the matches aired from Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo, Puebla, Puebla, and were taped 06/30/2017 

Australian Suicide beat Bengala  
(8:20, tornillo 450 splash, good, via
Lucha Libre AAA)

Aerostar, Drago, Raptor beat Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker
(7:08, Aerostar handspring casadora cradle, good, via 
Lucha Libre AAA)

Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly beat Argenis, La Parka, Lanzeloth 
(9:15, Super Fly frog splash Lanzeloth, ok, via 
Lucha Libre AAA)

Máscara de Bronce defeated Hernandez and Kevin Kross for the #1 contedner’s briefcase
(4:56, Mascara de Bronce 450 splash Hernandez, below average, via 
Lucha Libre AAA)

What happened: 

Aerostar splash

AAA seems to be alternating tapings with vignettes – there were some on the last show, there’s not any on this taping.

Kross & Hernandez take turns at beating up Mascara de Bronce in the “main event” until Hernandez knocks Kross down by throwing Bronce at him. Kross attacks Herandnez and sets up a table on the outside. Kross considers both men before throwing Bronce out and setting up to chokeslam Hernandez over the top rope and thru the table. Johnny Mundo shows up to ask Kross what he’s doing (and it’s a good question, gonna be tough to get Hernandez over.) Kross throws Hernandez down and, while Kross & Mundo discuss their business relationship, Bronce sneaks to the top rope and lands a 450 splash for the win. Kross comes back to the ring and chokeslams Bronce thru that table. Mundo tries to order Hernandez to take care of Kross, but Hernandez doesn’t seem to agree with that idea. Kross shows off the briefcase to Mundo, and the point is he and Mundo are definitely done. The real big news is AAA figured out this briefcase was supposed to be #1 between tapings.

In the third match, Lanzeloth took out Argenis by mistake via moonsault to the floor, then Parka also mistakenly takes out referee Copetes with a dropkick. Parka is still doing fine until Chessman catches him with a punch. OGT stall, choking Parka in the corner, obviously waiting for something to happen but having to a wait longer than they seem to be expecting. Finally, someone cues Ricky Marvin’s music. Marvin, wearing a La Parka shirt, cleans house with some help from Lanzleoth – until he nearly hits Parka by mistake, then Averno actually does shoves Marvin into Parka. Averno fouls Lanzleoth. Copetes finally returns from the dead to count three. The técnicos want nothing to do with Ricky after the match – they’re upset about him disappearing and coming back to cost them the match, but it’s not explained well this week. (Impressively for a lucha libre promotion, they’ve already recut the entrance video for Poder del Norte with Carta & Tito unmasked.)

Australian Suicide & Bengala, who broke up twice and then were partners again last time we saw them, had a heated rivalry match. Suicide is definitely a rudo by this match, but wins cleanly on his second attempt at landing his finish.

The TripleMania press conference is shown.


Bronce is here to be thrown around pretty easily

The three way match was not even really a match, an angle and a couple of stunts. Bronce got tossed around the whole match, snuck in a fluee win, and then was back to being destroyed. They’re getting Kross over as much bigger deal than these two guys and I think that’s obviously the real plan but he probably needs to interact with people who are bigger deal than these two. The Mundo/Kross breakup seems way too fast, they were barely an onscreen team before it happened.

The semimain was a much better version of the Juarez trios match with the same guys. The rudos were entertaining destroying the tecnicos early, La Parka’s comedy spots didn’t monopolize the match as much, and they gave Lanzleoth much more things to do to justify his inclusion. Super Fly is finding a way to die in every match. The finish was way overbooked – Marvin returns to be a failure? – but this is still one of the better matches in the feud.

Suicide wins

The trios title match was a lot of fun, a full on sprint from the start that worked the entire time. It was worked a little bit like a CMLL match (careta leads to the comeback) but at a faster pace and some riskier spots than normally seen there. The last match was Poder Del Norte looking like a team, and the técnicos had caught up to them quite a bit with their teamwork in this match. Aerostar was especially out there, he’s really fallen in love with the shin aided springboard of late and he causally did the reverse springboard to the floor of death in the opening minutes of the match. This was only seven minutes but it felt like they packed a lot more into it, and it’s great we’re getting four more of these. I could see people liking the match even more than I did.

The opener was a fun midcard match between two rivals, the sort of thing we don’t get enough of on this show but really worked here. Both guys were really trying to make something out of this and it felt like they succeeded. It wasn’t as personal as it might have been and the neck vice killing time thing was the slowest moment, but it did follow a crazy shooting star press to the floor. They worked in some believable near falls near the end, it took Suicide two tries to hit the corkscrew SSP, and he was the right guy to win.