AAA on Televisa: 2017-07-08 

poor Bronce

Recapped: 07/08/2017

All matches were taped from Gimnasio Municipal Josué Neri Santos, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua on 06/04/2017


Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly beat Argenis, La Parka, Lanzeloth
(9:34, Averno foul Lanzeloth, ok)

Hijo del Fantasma and Texano Jr. went to a draw in a cage match also including Kevin Kross in a cage match
(9:06, escape at the same time, ok)

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown defeated Monsther Clown & Murder Clown and Carta Brava Jr. & Soul Rocker in a tag team mask match
(10:01, Dr. Wagner & Psycho Clown beat Carta Brava & Soul Rocker, ok)

What happened: 

Lanzeloth as Mistico

The announcers announce before the match that the losing team, not the losing person, will lose their mask. Only the Traidor Clowns really seem to react strongly to the stipulation and the crowd does not really care. The Traidor Clowns find a screwdriver in a turnbuckle (maybe one they use the tighten the ropes) and stab Poder del Note with it. Copetes is taken out by a dive, and the two rudos teams quickly have the two técnicos pinned with no referee. They cover them for a bit of time before Mocho Cota Jr. arrives with Hijo del Tirantes to make the count. Wagner & Psycho kick out TV. Mocho takes out Tirantes with a chair a few seconds later. Poder del Norte ends up throwing the Traidor Clowns out, Wagner & Psycho give Rocker & Brava backcrackers and cover, and Vampiro shows up to count three. Mocho Cota argues that Vampiro is not a referee, but Vampiro unzips his jacket to reveal he’s smarter than us all and put on a referee shirt since the cage match. Psycho beats up Poder del Norte to force them unmask, though we’re not really given a great shot of them unmasking – they’re eventually shown standing around outside after the fact for a moment.

The cage match was specifically explained as only having one winner, who would get the title shot at TripleMania. True to form, that meant there would be two winners. They used US rules for cage matches instead of Mexican, where the winner was determined by the first person who touched the floor (instead of just getting on the outside of the cage.) Hernandez came out and got involved for reasons no one seemed sure of, least of all him – he stopped Texano & Fantasma leaving at one point, then Kross at another point. Mascara de Bronce came out and attacked Hernandez in term. Fantasma and Texano shockingly worked together at times, and then didn’t get along at other times.

Fantasma escaped the cage first, which meant he would’ve been the winner under normal rules (but they weren’t playing but those rules so it didn’t matter, and the announcers were aware of what was going on.) Fantasma and Texano very carefully climbed down the cage next to each other before taking the plunge off the bottom of the cage to the floor for the usual draw spot in a cage match. Copetes and Hijo del Tirantes did the usual bit of each favoring one of the guys in a draw, though Copetes does eventually make the motion for a tie match before Vampiro arrives. Hernandez waylays Mascara de Bronce with the briefcase while this is going on, and brings him into the cage to destroy him while Fantasma and Texano argue on the outside. Kross interrupts to take the briefcase away from Hernandez, who asks for it back. Vampiro walks out, and everyone ends up in the cage with him. Vamp announces the match as a draw with both men facing Mundo at TripleMania and takes the briefcase back from Koross. This angers Kross, who shoves Vampiro twice. Vampiro teases leaving the cage, but instead locks the door and takes off his jacket to tease fighting Kross. Mascara de Bronce climbs up the cage in the meantime, waits for his cue, and does a plancha onto Kross, Fantasma and Texano. (This seems to take forever because they focus on Bronce climbing up instead of showing the near fight – the spot is hurt because everyone knows it’s coming for too long.) Vampiro hands the briefcase to Bronce, who leaves with it. Vamp leaves too, and Kross beats up everyone else.

poor Bronce again

No lucha libre cage match is good and this match would’ve been better without the stipulation. Texano and Fantasma had to go at each hard because of their issue, but they couldn’t because Kross was always in there too. The cage meant they had to work all three in on every spot instead of focusing on the individual issues. It also meant there wasn’t much room for people to sell and get out of the way. The cage also didn’t allow rope running spots to look good at all (so much stopping right in front of the ropes and gently tapping them because they couldn’t run into them) and they just couldn’t stop doing those spots. The finish is a lame WWE finish, and the post match was primarily about Vampiro. You can see them thinking the Mascara de Bronce plancha spot would get him over to balance what happened before, but it came off as tacked on and fake looking.

Before the opener, Averno bad mouthed the fans and taunts Parka, telling him to leave like Ricky Marvin. Marvin gets named this time, though it’s more just the cue for Parka’s music to play. Averno taunts Argenis & Parka for having no partner (though we just saw Lanzeloth advertised for this match). Parka says Averno talks to much, acknowledges Marvin’s not here, and introduces one of the future stars of AAA as their partner. He poses before OGT beats up the lot of them. As usual, the rudos controlled the entire match until they do their pose spot, and then someone (Argenis this time) comes in to hit one of them. Averno eventually distracted Hijo del Tirantes and snuck in a behind the back foul to beat Lanzeloth. They took his mask too.


Super Fly’s usual ankle breaking spot

This week’s show as the Vampiro show, as much as it’s been since he’s been back. The cage match post match was designed to set up a TripleMania match or two, but the key focus was on Vampiro standing up to the new big scary heel and thwarting his plan. The main event had ref bumps seemingly just so Vampiro could be the big hero at the end, and a bit that put the spotlight on him instead of the guys who won the match and are headlining the biggest show of the year.

The main event seemed on paper like it would be a match to show Wagner & Psycho are way above every one else. It didn’t turn out to be that at all. It was a frustratingly even match throughout. Everyone did a big move, everyone did a dive spot, everyone ripped someone’s mask and eveyrone’s got their mask ripped up. Usually all in turn, one after another, as if they were going around in a circle during a preschool match. They even gave the other four a long visual pin over the guys who are main eventing TripleMania. Maybe it was intended to scare people into believing the impossible to happen, but it didn’t sound like the fans bought at all that much. After all that effort to make everyone see the same importance, Carta Brava & Soul Rocker’s mask removal seemed rush and unimportant. When the entire year is built around how meaningful it’ll be for one person or another to lose their mask, you’d think that act would be played up a little better, and less like a minor stipulation the heels were almost escaping.

The opener was better than the last version of that match because the handicap match really didn’t have anything going on it with it. It also helped by the rudos going out of their way to try to make Lanzelot look like someone special as a surprise guy; they even did the Mistico toss spot with him. He did well except for one weird spot with Super Fly, but then was beat and humiliated at the end so I’m not sure how much was really accomplished. La Parka slows this matches down so much, and the rudos seem uninterested in doing anything much during the three minutes they control at the start of every one of these.

what was Parka doing

AAA on Televisa: 2017-07-01 

Drago & Aerostar

Recapped: 07/01/2017


All matches were from Gimnasio Municipal Josué Neri Santos, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, taped on 06/04/2017.

Máscara de Bronce beat Hernandez
(5:38, bodyscissors cradle, ok)

Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria beat El Mesías & Pagano © and Aerostar & Drago and Australian Suicide & Bengala for the AAA World Tag Team Championship

(8:42, Scoria legdrop Pagano, ok)

Pimpinela Escarlata  beat Mamba in a hair versus hair match
(10:48, inside cradle, ok)

What happened: 

this did look really good

Mascara de Bronce came out to cash in his title shot against Johnny Mundo to start the show. Johnny Mundo’s music played, but Hernandez appeared instead. Hernandez talked to Arturo Rivera, who translates Hernandez saying Johnny Mundo wouldn’t be here because the wrestlers weren’t any good. Hernandez said he’s take on Bronce himself, if Bronce wasn’t scared. Bronce wasn’t scared, and eventually surprised Hernandez to win a match he was otherwise losing. (The cradle is messed up, but close enough to work.) Hernandez resumes destroying Bronce after the match and walks away with the briefacse.

There’s no attempt of an explanation of why Bengala & Australian Suicide are getting a tag title shot after losing in their last match for the title shot and breaking up. They get along fine during the match, and you’d have no idea there was meant to be a split if you only watched this match.

Pagano accidently dropkicks Mesias during the match thanks to Cuervo, and then Cuervo shoves Pagano into Mesias again which knocks Mesias down. A backcracker and a top rope legdrop later, the tag titles have changes hands again. The técnicos chase Cuervo & Scoria to the back just to get them off screen for the post match.

wacky Aerostar move of the week

Pagano looks at the crowd after the match, and everyone else hustles to the back to the back. Mesias, who had been done since Pagnao ran in to him, gets up, and punches Pagano as he turns around to finally break up with hit. Mesias works over Texano with a chair. (Bizarrely, there’s a couple of edits in here cutting to an angle with Chessman, Averno and Mary Apache from last year – it seems like a video editing error.) Mesias his Pagano with a padded chair to the head to cause him to bleed, and punches and stomps him a few times. It’s sold as a devastating thing though we’ve see worse with Pagano. Mesias attacks Pagnao again after he’s put on the stretcher, and he screams at the Juarez fans a lot. Mesias attacks for a third time as Pagano is being taken away.

Mamba and Pimpinela have a 10 second run in before the match where Pimpi looks nervous and Mamba says she’s going to end her repeatedly. Mamba wore a ring jacket with “Gracias Apache” on it before the match, and lost cleanly.

A local celebrity who’s name I don’t understand comes in to cut Mamba’s hair – though with regular scissors. They take Mamba to the entrance to get it shaved (guess they didn’t have a plug near the ring?) Mamba is shaved, not completely bald on TV, though messed up enough that it seems like they’d have to be shaved bald eventually to clean it up.


Mamba had to do one crazy thing

The finish of the Bronce/Hernandez match did work, because the crowd wasn’t expecting the upset. It just wasn’t much of a match around it, and it didn’t feel like it ended up doing much for Bronce. It made sense for Hernandez to take a lot of the match for the underdog story, but it was treated as a pointless fluke by Bronce getting laid out rather simply after the match. He got in a few highspots during the match, but Hernandez wasn’t the smoothiest guy for Bronce’s type of offense.

The four way tag match suffered for being a four way match. They were trying to be equitable to everyone, but it came off as guys taking turns during their moves and nothing really mattering except getting out of the way so the next person could take over. There was really no up or down to the match, and nothing that felt like a finish until it was suddenly over. It’s nice Bengala & Suicide picked up a pay day, but they were a distracting presence, they just added to the people who had to get their share and their breakup story being so completely ignored maybe it tougher to take the breakup they were doing here all that serious. Mesias’ attack to Pagano seemed so minor – I’ve got no doubt they’re going to do many times worse stuff than a padded chair shot to each other and still keep going at TripleMania – but they did get people to care about the beatdown at the end because Pagano sold it like he was half dead. It was a little overblown but it seemed like it worked?

The Pimpinela/Mamba match wasn’t much, and that was the intention. Some luchadors go crazy in apuesta matches and that might have been Mamba with a different opponent, but they concentrated on the things Pimpinela could do OK and avoided any embarrassment. They did find plenty of people excited about the finish; I wonder played better to the Juarez crowd, who had seen this feud for the last couple shows played out better than it had been pushed on TV and reacted strongly to the finish. (There was a spot with Pimpinela going after Tirantes, which doesn’t make sense based on his new neutral referee persona, but maybe worked if he’d been cheating her on spot shows.) It could just be they just still love Pimpi. This needed those memories of the past to make it watchable.

Bronce moonsault looks better before the landing

AAA on Televisa: 2017-06-17

just another day for Mascara de Bronce

Recapped: 06/20/2017

All matches taped at Gimnasio Olímpico Juan de la Barrera, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal on 05/26/2017.


Aerostar & Drago beat Australian Suicide & Bengala for a AAA World Tag Team championship match
(7:59, Dragon’s Lair on Bengala, via AAA, good)

Máscara de Bronce defeated Venum  Lanzeloth, and Raptor in a four way Oportunidad de Oro elimination match
via AAA, ok)

  • Raptor code red Venum (5:34)

  • Mascara de Bronce 450 splash Lancelot (7:07)

  • Mascara de Bronce code red Raptor (8:30)

El Mesías & Pagano © beat Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria for the AAA World Tag Team Championship
(14:19, Pagano Air Raid Crash Scoria,
via AAA, ok)

What happened:

Destello Azul style plancha

Mesias & Pagano defeated Cuervo & Scoria to win the tag team championship. The match was originally a non-title match, but made a title match by Vampiro (off screen) before it started. Mesias looked disinterested in being there until the titles were on the line, and he and Pagano had no issues while winning the titles.

A new concept, “Opurtunidad de Oro” debuted. The match was a four way elimination match, where the wrestlers would be awarded attaché cases with special contracts in order of their elimination. Venum was out first, and was given a shot at the mixed tag team titles if he can find a partner. Lancelot was out second, receiving a spot on TripleMania in a legends battle royal. The debuting Raptor (Atomic Boy in a dino costume) got a trios title shot with two partners of his choosing. Mascara de Bronce won the match, and received a case containing a contract for a Heavyweight Championship shot whenever he wants.

new tag champs

Aerostar & Drago won a spot in the Verano de Escandalo tag title match by defeating Bengala & Australian Suicide. (The match was said to be with both Pagano/Mesias and Cuervo/Scoria, and no mention of any change to that lineup was made after the main event tag title change.) Suicide acted like a normal tecnico most of the match, but shoved referee Copetes into the ropes late to knock Bengala off the top rope. Suicide wanted to try to win the match himself, missed on his usual finish, and Drago beat Bengala shortly after. Suicide sarcastically offered Bengala a handshake after the match, but Bengala walked out on him.

The show began with Faby Apache and her two non-wrestling sisters Nancy & Jessy. It’s bookended by a Lady Shani’s parentes talking about their daughter, who thanks her father for Father’s Day.

Noti AAA talks about AAA partnering with Mexico City on a health promotion. There will also be a special Panini magazine for TripleMania.

The referees have new “MILANO” shirts. Tirantes’s suspenders would cover up part of the logo, so he’s stuck having them just hang from his pants this show.


Mascara de Bronce tricky armdrag

This show had three matches about at the same level. Nothing bad, though not really came together to be great. I liked them in descending order.

The opening tag match was good as a spot fest. It never developed as more than being one dimensional, and it wasn’t crazy enough to really stand out, but it still felt different and more interesting than most things around here. The crowd was ready to boo Suicide, partly for the same reasons the Mexico City crowd always boos Angelico and maybe partly because they figured out he’s supposed to be the rudo, and maybe the match would’ve felt like it had a story if Suicide worked a rudo for the whole match instead of just one spot near the end. It really made no sense that everyone was fine with him when he attacked them all last time we saw them, and Bengala looks like a dope to continue to team with him, but so it goes in AAA. This had Drago & Aerostar doing neat things and that’s all I ask for.

a Drago dive

The four way was also just kids doing crazy stuff and it worked for being that, coming off as exciting if sloppy indie match dropped on to this show. Mascara de Bronce looked the best and deserved winner, though I wish him missing a dive to the floor meant something a bit longer. Raptor is a more identifiable character than Atomic Boy, but the mask looks too much like a rudo goon for a guy who’s supposed to be a tecnico, and he struggled with moves while trying to figure out his character. It might have helped if had more time in the outfit before this TV Match. AAA did a generally ok job presenting the concept (though it sure looked like the ‘contracts’ were just random printouts), though I was left wondering if the match would’ve been more over if they announced the prizes beforehand: the crowd treated the match like it was not that important and maybe would’ve gotten more into the finish if they knew it was for a title shot.

The tag team title match just didn’t hang together for me, even though the effort was there and they worked closer to a tecnico versus rudo story than the opener. They even bypassed the hardcore spots to just make a move match, something that should appeal to me more but I couldn’t get into for some reason. Cuervo & Scoria still aren’t clicking as characters, and this featured a lot of Pagano trying to impress with what he can do and doing it not well. (He’s also the king of standing around and watching blankly while obviously waiting for his next spot.) The crowd was into this match and into Pagano, so I don’t argue with the decision at all, it just wasn’t for me.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-06-10 

back to where we started

Recapped: 06/11/2017


Big Mami & Lady Shani beat Goya Kong & La Hiedra (5:59, Big Mami pin Goya Kong, ok)

Averno, Chessman, Mamba, Súper Fly beat Argenis, La Parka, Pimpinela Escarlata, Ricky Marvin (9:32, Averno Devil’s Wings Pimpinela, ok)

Carta Brava Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Soul Rocker beat Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown (9:26, Dr. Wagner Jr. foul Murder Clown, ok)

What happened: 

the regular one cool spot in a Shani match

The concept that Verano de Escandalo’s main event is a tag team apuesta match is established on this show. Psycho Clown & Dr. Wagner make a pact to not betray each other so their TripleMania match will stay intact, Monster & Murder Clown talk about working together and the main event post match is firmly team against team. This show was taped nearly three weeks before Verano de Escandalo and seemed to show AAA knew what the rules were going to be in that main event, but either decided or was incapable of explaining it fully.

That main event, the Psycho Circus reuniting to take on Wagner, Carta Brava and Soul Rocker, predictably ended with the Traidor Clowns betraying Psycho Clown again. Wagner still fouled Murder Clown to get the win. The other rudos attacked Wagner after the match, then Poder del Norte attacked the Traidor Clowns to and those sides brawled away to leave Wagner & Psycho alone in the ring.

Psycho hyped the TripleMania match with Wagner, which led to a fight. It started to play out a lot like in San Luis Potosi, where Wagner & Psycho had their advertised singles match as a bonus after the normal TV portion had ended (seemingly as a make good.) That match was also advertised on this taping instead, but Tirantes made a point of sticking around while refusing to count pinfalls this time or treat it like it is a match. Wagner unmasked Psycho Clown to end it

La Parka had Averno beat in his match, but Hijo del Tirantes stopped his count to look at Pirata Morgan. Pirata Morgan was just standing on the apron. Pirata Morgan than whispered something to Parka which Parka found concerning. Meanwhile, Averno stole the win on Pimpinela from Mamba with the Devil’s Wings. Mamba was annoyed but Averno didn’t pick up on it. After, Mamba and Estrella Divina attacked Pimpi in the backstage area.

The announcers said La Hiedra was angry at Lady Shani for going to the tecnica side, which is a switch from the previous story (Vampiro was forcing Shani to be on the tecnica side.) Hiedra and Goya had a miscommunication leading to their defeat, and they too fought after the match.

The show ended with a long video feature on the Mexico City taping. It both felt like something they were airing because they were short on time (it was still a couple minutes shorter than usual) but also because it looked really good, like TripleMania quality. Either way, they wanted you to know that the next couple of weeks of TV were a big deal.

(Faby Apache’s win over Ayako Hamada, which was said to make her the #1 contender’s to Taya’s championship, did not air and was not mentioned.)


bad times for Super Fly

Another week of whatever match quality. The effort was there, and there were stretches were the last two matches were fun. They didn’t stay that way, and the finishes didn’t help. It also can’t be an accident that every match that aired, baring the rookie Llave de la Gloria match, featured partners not getting along. That came across in the taping results, but even stronger on TV. When you’re teasing Averno/Mamba tension, it’s reached an absurd level.

On the other hand, I’m not sure any of these matches would be that good if there were neutral or even good finishes. It occurs to me, maybe not as often as it should, that there’s just not a lot of guys in AAA I’m all that into seeing in matches right now and it’d hard to find many combinations of matches that I’d be excited to see. AAA’s done a lot of rearranging of what they have, and I’m not sure it’s been all that good, but there just may not be a good arrangement right now. The creative has been a mess, but not being able to bring any new people aboard four months after they lost their last batch of guys is the bigger mess.

This is absolutely the right year to have Dr. Wagner versus Psycho Clown, because it still overshadows all of this and will carry the company the rest of the year. And so, if it was a sort of make good or just a shifting of focus, ending the show with that back as the big issue was the way to go. This was actually the most (and only) effective show to build up Verano de Escandalo and it’s so weird it came six days after that show took place. But the show that matters is TripleMania and that match and literally ushering all the timekillers off stage to put the spotlight back where it belongs was the right way to end show.

The rest was the rest. I don’t have the pair of eyes to see Big Mami as the native star of the women’s division, they must be seeing things I’m not seeing. I don’t have any great hope or interest in Pirata Morgan’s mystery words to Parka, but Argenis & Marvin looked good in their few moments of shine. (I am starting to wonder why exactly they bothered to make Argenis Rey del Ring when he’s now the seventh or eight most important guy in matches. He’d be in the same sport regardless, because they just don’t have that many people.)

The Noti AAA segments seem really barren of late – all recaps and corporate announcements and nothing that I’d find that interesting as a fan. It’d take more planning, but it ought to be a place where they follow up one of the ‘A’ week feuds on the ‘B’ week to re-enforce it – like, air the Hijo del Fantasma backstage flip out for this first this week, so to keep that story moving on the week they’re not going to be in the ring.

The Mexico City video package was really nice. Hope the matches are too.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-06-03 

Hijo del Vikingo

Recapped: 06/08/2017


Concord & Hijo Del Vikingo beat Bronco González Jr. & Guerrero de Plata
(9:11, Hijo del Vikingo 450 splash Guerrero de Plata, good)

Lanzeloth & Máscara de Bronce beat Dalton Bragg & Joe Lider (5:44, double standing moonsault on Bragg, ok)

Aerostar, Australian Suicide, Bengala, Drago defeat Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria, El Mesías, Pagano (9:52, Drago’s Tail on Cuervo, ok)

What Happened:


The big event didn’t happen in a match, but in an in-ring interview with Leo Riano and Fantasma. It was preceded by a flashback of Texano bringing Fantasma into AAA, and then the more recent bit of Fantasma giving Texano that piledriver. Fantasma insisted to Riano that he and Texano were brothers who’d team up to go after Kross & Mundo. Texano came to the ring, and Fantasma apologized to him and offered a handshake. Texano turned his back on Fantasma. Fantasma pulled Texano back and wanted Texano to accept his apology. Texano took the microphone, both to say he won’t accept it and to hit Fantasma. Security had already gotten in the ring with Texano so that was the end of it, but Fantasma flipped out when he got back stage.

Suicide continued his tantrum from Tijuana, acting rudely towards Drago & Aerostar before the match, then attacking both enemies and teammates after the match, which turned into a brawl between all four teams. The bit ended with Pagano & Mesias having their usual staredown.


Joe Lider & Dalton Bragg were apparently forced to team by Vampiro, but Vampiro didn’t force them to get along. Bragg refused to work with Lider, and Lider ended up walking out on him in a non-competitive match.

There was no mention of the Verano de Escandalo lineup outside of the commercial promising one person would lose their mask on the show (the next day.) None of the matches specifically built to that show.


Mascara de Bronce & Lanzeloth

I could not imagine a less useful show to build up a major show. AAA must’ve had complete confidence in the Ciudad Juarez promoters to be able to sell their show completely on local promotion and goodwill from previous shows, because they gave them no help. They went out of their way to give them no help; AAA could’ve switched the episode order around and aired the match with the Verano match this week, but decided to save it until after the show it was meant to build up. It doesn’t make much sense to me.

The Llaves de la Gloria matches are a bright spot on a not exactly sparking promotion at the moment. They’ve been kept out of the massive storylines and they’re featuring Hijo del Vikingo, who looks great. He actually looks like a guy who’s been doing his incredible agile style for years, with supreme balance and no sign of stage fright. Concord did some cool things, his tornillo was nice, but he’s not as much in control as Vikingo. The rudos aren’t near as spectacular but they’re doing better going with the showcased guys than others might be in their spot, and they’re willing to take big bumps.

The Bragg/Lider vs Lanzeloth/Bronce tag match looked bad on paper and was worse in reality. The Bragg/Lider aren’t good opponents for flyers and had to spend most of their not working together to get over the 9th most important storyline in AAA. Even if either guy was good, I’ve got a hard time believing that it’s going anywhere, and Bragg again didn’t look any good. Mascara de Bronce got to do an awesome tornillo in his hometown but the rest of the match was a drag.

The work in the atomicos match was better than usual, but the rudos really slowed down with the rudos in charge. This also had another classic moment of Pagano trying to prove he’s a flyer by doing flying moves badly. Doing another match where the partners can’t get along and ending it with more partners who can’t get along is just overkill.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-05-27 

who cares if it looks terrible: this AAA show in a gif

Recapped: 05/30/2017


All matches were taped at Paleqnue del Centro Expositor, Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala on 04/29/2017

Averno & Pimpinela Escarlata beat Mamba & Ricky Marvin   (4:05, Averno Devil’s Wings, below average)

Big Mami defeated La HiedraGoya Kong, and Lady Shani (4:27, Mami splash Goya, below average)

Australian Suicide & Bengala beat El Mesías & Pagano (9:03, Bengala senton con giro Pagano, ok)

Kevin Kross beat Psycho Clown (8:05, exploder suplex, bad)

What happened:

here’s a Kross suplex

The main event goes a (solid!) two minute and eleven seconds before the run-ins start. Pimpinela runs out for no reason, and doesn’t make it to the ring before Mamba attacks for some really bad hair pulling. Lady Shani comes out for no reason – look, everyone comes out and brawls for no reason, I’m going to spare you reading it a half dozen times. It’s Mamba & Pimpi, Shani & Hiedra, Nino Hamburguesa & Dalton Bragg, Joe Lider, Big Mami, Monster & Murder, Goya Kong, the other referees, Bengala and Suicide (who just get beat up), Pagano & Mesias & Cuervo & Scoria (who don’t even make it out of the back before they’re fighting), Argenis & Ricky Marvin, the OGTs, La Parka (gets his music played! Both a spot immediately!), Poder del Norte, and Hijo del Fantasma. Fantasma at least ends up with Kevin Kross, who spent most of this time standing outside brawling slightly with Psycho Clown. Fantasma goes to dive, but Suicide attacks him (for no reason) and lands his finish on Fantasma. It doess’t come off as a heel turn, just another random moment in a segment of randomness. There’s no connection to Kross and Psycho coming in to finish, Suicide just steps out of the ring as Kross gives Psycho his suplex.

Everyone keeps fighting because whatever. Faby Apache appears from nowhere, 100% fine after being murdered last week, and fouls Kevin Kross. All the técnicos attack Korss, who now is too invincible to be knocked down until many of them try. Hiedra & Goya end p with the faces, which seems like a mistake. Kross tries to leave, but the rudos toss him back in to get stomped. And then they stomp Piero for comedy’s sake.

We’re told Vampiro made Suicide/Bengala vs Pagano/Mesias a no DQ match when the match starts (but everything seems to be no DQ tonight.) Tecnicos get off to a hot start, rudos turn it around, then Pagano and Mesias argue over who gets to choke Suicide for no reason. This continues on for a little while until the técnicos use it to make a comeback, mostly keeping Pagano out and working of Mesias. Pagano makes the save after Suicide lands a 450 and clears house, but Mesias won’t tag him. Cuervo & Scoria walk slowly to ringside (it’s tough to walk fast down all those steps), and Pagano gets whipped into a distracted Mesias. Pagano shoves Mesias off the apron, Bengala boosts Suicide into a – uh, double shove because they come up short on the move. A following dive onto Bengala works better. Scoria slides in a chair to Bengala, but Pagano kicks it into his face. Pagano goes for a chair assisted moonsault, which predictably fails. Pagano turns over, places the chair on his own chest, and Bengala lands a top rope senton con giro on it for the win. Jesus Zuniga reacts to Bengala’s big win by yelling “Pagano! Pagano!” Mesias walks out on Pagano.

here’s the other Kross suplex

Niño Hamburguesa came to ringside to watch the women’s match, since the winner would team with him. Arturo Rivera makes a point in not shaking hands with him. The other announcers try to ask Niño who he’d like to team with and Arturo talks right over him. Niño at least sounded impressed with Big Mami after the win.

OGT are arguing to start the show about getting beat last week and who’s fault that was, when they’re interrupted by Pimpinela. Pimpinela informs them that Vamprio made her and Averno partners this week. Chessman & Super Fly laughing at Averno at least breaks the tension. During the intro, another Averno/Pimpinela vignette is wedged it, when Averno demanding Pimpinela be serious . That doesn’t take, Pimpinela gets Averno to dance before the match even starts, but they do use it to get the jump the other team.

The graphic for this match lists it as a four way tag match with Chessman & Super Fly and Argenis & La Parka as teams. Maybe that’s to justify the run-ins which start about 2m30 in, with the rest of OGT coming into beat up Marvin without their being DQ. La Parka & Argenis are not long behind them. I think maybe they would’ve been better just deciding it was no DQ or something. Averno beats Ricky Marvin clean after everyone’s cleared out, but a few moves later – it’s not like the run-in seemed like it caused into the outcome.

Averno gets to taunt Ricky Marvin for about three seconds in before Kevin Kross turns up, has a face of with him, fakes help Ricky Marvin, and suplexes Marvin. Averno bails like he’s seen a monster. Hijo del Tirantes tries to break it up, but Kross ignores him and throws Marvin out. Kross demands Tirantes lift his arm, but Tirantes refuses. Tirantes decides it’s a good side to stay in the ring at that point. Kross overs him a handshake, and Tirantes confirms his switch to AAA tecnico by being dumb enough to take it. A back suplex knocks out Tirantes. Tirantes is stretchered out while Kross spends a lot of time standing in the ring. This seems to has nothing to do with anything that happens with Kross later on.

Noti AAA featured part 2 of the third La Lave de la Gloria tryout. He’s never identified, but you can clearly see Ricky Marvin hanging out in the background of the tryout, sometimes with Stephanie Vaquer. Muneca de Plata is among the many who are interviewed, and she mentions her father Super Porky and trying to return to AAA. They announce the winners, though they don’t really identify them.


I don’t know what Mesias is doing here

This entire taping, the last week and this show, was just a disaster. The matches on this show were not worth watching and, as I tried to put my thoughts in to words after the main event, I realized this is a show no one should be watching in it’s current state. I can’t believe a promotion that had a match as good as the Taya/Ayako match just a couple weeks ago has descended into total unwatchable garbage, but that’s what this Tlaxcala taping has been.

The main event was like so much of the rest of AAA right now, a hot mess. What do I even say? The brawl was unfilmable – there was a moment where Ricky Marvin was heading for a dive, and they cut away because there were so may things going on at once – and didn’t make any sense and was much more dumb than it was exciting. It was exposed as a complete joke, a “haha, we don’t even care any more” moment when they sent referees out there to be part of it. It exposed the booking as being nonsense: they spent last week’s episode and part of this week’s episode and the Texano match building up Kevin Kross as this cold killer so he could just be beaten up by the entire roster in a comedy segment. They had Faby take a crazy bump just to come back an hour later. This is a promotion that isn’t taking itself seriously and it impossible to take seriously. I hope it works out for them, but I’d give up on the show at this point if there was anyone else writing a recap of it on a weekly basis so I could find out when it got good again.

Suicide dive

The Suicide/Bengala vs Pagano/Mesais match was better than everything on this show, which isn’t saying much. They had more to work with, they got time and they got a story to play off. The work just was a little bit too iffy for me and it was a bit boring at times, but I appreciated the effort. Pagano & Mesias seemed to no sell a lot of the técnico’s offense, but they rallied back to get in key shot that matter. It just would’ve meant more if Bengala & Suicide weren’t made clear to be the third most important team in the segment even after the win – they needed a moment to be clear they wanted in line for the tag titles at least before being brushed aside. The Mesias/Pagano break up going on forever with no real reason explain why they’re together (or even the root of why they’re mad at each other, now that Dave has become a non-person) is a drag, and feels like something that should’ve been addressed in one of the many skits they have now. The comedy of the one night Pimpinela/Averno team up was more important, I guess.

The women’s match never developed into anything, felt like two different matches taking turns happening (Shani/Hiedra and Mami/Goya), but it at least felt like there was start, beginning and end. That’s not really the minimum to have a good match or even OK one, but that’s better than the opener. I couldn’t imagine ever willing watching this again, so it gets a low grade, but it really doesn’t matter.

Everyone actually in the mixed tag had good energy for the time they were wrestling, and we even got a glimpse of a rudo Pimpinela while it lasted. Maybe they had a lot of energy because they knew they were only going about two minutes before the run-ins came anyway. This was lame. Averno seems to be one of the few guys doing well in this new environment, excelling on the promos, but I get the sense he’ll be telling stories about this era to his friends for the rest of his life. The match being a setup to get Kevin Kross over is a weird choice for a guy who doesn’t have a feud; it’d be interesting if it got people more interested in the main event, but I’m not sure we (or maybe even they) will even know. Post match went 5:00, longer than the actual match.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-05-20

Super Fly is quietly one of the best guy in AAA now

Recapped: 05/24/2017

All matches were taped at Paleqnue del Centro Expositor, Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala on 04/29/2017.


Niño Hamburguesa  defeated Máscara de BronceVenumJoe Lider to earn a spot in an upcoming AAA Mixed Tag Team Championship match (8:32, middle rope splash on Lider, below average)

Argenis & La Parka defeated Chessman & Súper Fly (4:36, Argenis cradle Chessman, ok)

Carta Brava, Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker © defeated Faby Apache, Monsther Clown, Murder Clown to keep the AAA World Trios Championship (4:30, group pin on Faby, below average)

What Happened:

here’s the chokeslam GIF I’m a week late in posting

Early in the show, Faby Apache (in an awesome Aja Kong anniversary t-shirt) explains to Psycho Clown that Vampiro gave her a trios title rematch, but with Murder & Monster as her partners. Psycho Clown thinks this is crazy and he wanted to help her win the titles back, and says he’s got Faby’s back. Prior to the main event, they aired a recap of the trios title storyline, with the entire Vampiro/Faby vignette replayed and the entire Faby/Taya thing from last week, and a few minutes of the match were shown. It’s a lot longer than this match ended up going. The main event lasts about three minutes before Monster & Murder attack their partner Faby. Psycho immediately comes out for the save, cleans house, but is laid out by Kevin Kross. Poder del Norte pin Faby. Kross goes to chokeslam Psycho, but Faby pops to life (not selling a thing) and hits Kross with a chair. Kross doesn’t sell either, and chokeslams Faby out of the ring thru a table. AAA sticks with Faby being put in a neckbrace and stretchered away for a while. (AAA end the show still not having announced the main event for Verano de Escandalo.

Averno talked about cleaning out the trash from the group before the second match, which led to Ricky Marvin coming out. Ricky points out he won in Tijuana. Averno calls Marvin trash and a dog and an ugly man with no friends. Marvin calls out his partners, Argenis and La Parka. OGT are shocked. Averno explains the trios match is not happening because Vampiro gave him the night off, and decides to announce instead. The other OGT rudos attack Argenis and La Parka (though Super Fly gets the worst of that.)

Averno joined the announcers for the match, while Marvin hangs out at ringside. OGT beat up the técnicos for about four minutes, Averno tripped Parka, Marvin grabs Chessman to stop him from a dive, and Argenis small packaged Chessman for the win.

dictionary definition for “ill-advised”

In the opener, Mascara de Bronce has evolved into looking like Venum’s tag partner. Niño Hambruguesa is checked on after landing badly on a huracanrana. Finish involves Dalton showing up at ringside, giving Lider a springboard frontcracker when Lider was holding a chair, and Niño immediately splashing Lider for the win. Dalton seemingly beats Lider up after the match, but we’re shown replays instead. Niño Hamburguesa will be one half of one of the teams to challenge for the mixed tag titles based off winning this match

The entrance for the building they’re running looks so much like Arena Neza, but it’s a palenque so it’s a small circular area on the floor. It’s better than some they’ve run, with a bit of space around the ring to work with (they wouldn’t have been to able to do the table spot in the other ones they’ve run.)

The mystery new referee is finally introduced as Hugo “Negro” Rosas.

Session of La Llave de la Grloria was shown, focusing on the luchadoras. Mary Apache has one monologue that includes more talking from her than she’s gotten in some years.

AAA says 70% of the tickets are sold out for TripleMania.


a good idea with not great execution

This was not a good show if you like actual good matches – it’s probably the worse show this year for matches, but it feels like there’s a few which would be candidates for that spot. They didn’t give the matches all that much time – 17:38 bell time total, almost half in the opener – but they also didn’t put together matches which had a hope of being any good. The storytelling seemed not much better considered.

The main event was not much of a match and didn’t do anyone any favors. Poder del Norte got in a main event, but looked like a joke. Murder tossed them around easily, they only got anything on Faby, Faby was beating them before her partners turned on her and then Psycho Clown had no problem with them either. Putting Poder del Norte in main events is not alone going to make them special, they have to be effective in some way, and instead it comes more as if AAA just doesn’t have any thing better. The whole thing was a setup to make Kevin Kross look more impressive and I’m not sure why that’s important when he’s not in a big match coming up. (The priority definitely is to the weekly TV over building to Verano de Escandalo; the bit ended with most of the people in the VdE mask match working together.) They at least tried to get over the severity of a table spot but could’ve gotten to it in a more effective way.

I ran out of good wrestling GIFs this week

There wasn’t really anything to the tag match, calling it OK seems like an overstatement, but I’m not sure it’s their fault they had so little time. Super Fly’s moonsault and Estrada bump looked cool, maybe that’s enough. Moderately surprised Argenis got the win instead of Parka, who made sure to argue with Averno so he’d get talked about in commentary

There were decent moments in the opener, maybe enough good that’d I’d normally say OK, but this was also a super sloppy match. They tried to do team spots with Bronce & Venum against Ludxor to start the match and near the end, and both looked liked Lider was on a totally different page. Venum/Bronce’s sequence in the middle looked super indie with it’s timing issues. (Later, they tried for a double pin, which made no sense). Niño Hamburguesa almost broke his neck taking a frankensteiner. There was a bit built around Joe Lider catching dives, and he caught on one of two Bronce did a big tornillo and the camera missed most of it and they never found a replay of it. This wasn’t good. This whole show wasn’t good.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-05-13 

this makes it look like she’s just moonsaulting a table for fun

Recapped: 05/14/2017


All matches were taped in Auditorio de Tijuana on 04/21/2017.

Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria defeated Australian Suicide & Bengala  for the AAA World Tag Team Championship (6:17, double submission, via Lucha Libre AAA, good)

Taya defeated Ayako Hamada to win the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship in a street fight (17:00, ref stop, via Lucha Libre AAA, great)

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker defeat Dr. Wagner Jr., Faby Apache, Psycho Clown to win the AAA World Trios Championship
(8:37, pinfall, via Lucha Libre AAA, ok)

What happened: 

a rare moment of happiness for tecnicos

This is long.

Prior to the main event, a still bloody Taya (w/Kross) sarcastically wished Faby luck and made a comment about Mary. Faby slapped Taya immediately, and Kross just as quickly started choking Faby. Psycho Clown and Dr. Wagner show up, and Taya gets Kross to back off so they can leave.

Mocho Cota demanded the trios title match no matter what Vampiro had to say about it or who Faby had to team with. He was shocked that Faby, looking sad, actually turned up. They teases she was just going to hand the belts over to Poder del Norte, and then she revealed she had actually tag partners. Cota wanted to know who these tag partners were, and Wagner’s music played. (And Psycho’s video played oops.) The rudos freaked out over these partners.

Monster & Murder run in for no particular reasonI guess Wagner had a pinfall chance off a DDT, but he wasn’t going to win on it and there’s no real reason for Murder & Monster to be involved here. No one bothers to distract Piero this time, and the interference that would’ve been a DQ on another show is all OK this week. Monster & Murder take out Poder del Norte and act like they want to be friends with Psycho, but Wagner & Psycho send them out. They try to do stereo spots where the Traidor clowns catch Carta & Soul Rocker diving, and then Psycho & Wagner knock them over with their own dive. It does much worse for Murder & Carta first, but Wagner’s dive on them looks cool. Mocho and Faby are left, Faby gets a near fall on a picture perfect German suplex, then dropkicks Piero by mistake. She gets a visual three on a huracanrana, but Taya sneaks back in, and hits her with a chair. Cota covers, and Hijo del Tirantes comes in for three count. I think he might be a heel again. Psycho consoles Faby as the champs leave. Wagner loos like hes about to say something but never gets around to it before they cut away.

a huge suplex

Taya wears a Vancouver Canuck jersey to the women’s title match. Ayako has a Perros del Mal shirt and has the scratch logo as facepaint. Both wrestle in jeans for the street fight. Taya bleeds off a chair shot to the head (with her hands up); for once, AAA keeps the cameras away while someone’s cutting themselves to not expose it.

There’s a weird spot double ko spot where Piero counts two, holds up at three because for them to get up, but neither woman seems to move. Fans notice. Late in the match, Ayako misses a moonsault to the floor – it’s her second miss, but this one’s thru a table. Taya brings her in, Ayako kicks out as a surprise, but Taya puts her in a chinlock surfboard and Ayako passes out in the hold. Piero stops the match and the title changes hands.

Vampiro interrupts the post match so he can put over the match as the best thing ever. It does work in getting them a round of applause Meanwhile, Ayako’s put on a backboard.

Scoria & Cuervo did an interview quickly mentioning Bengala & “Aerostar” as their opponents. Poor Suicide didn’t even get mentioned, and they really focused on Pagano & Mesias anyway.

this is shot terribly, but the ladder flying cross ring makes it look violent

The champs beat up Suicide & Bengala after the match for no real obvious reason. Pagano & Mesias walked in for the save, but also brawled with Suicide & Bengala. Aerostar & Drago also ran in and attacked, and security came in behind them. Cuervo & Scoria snuck away while the other teams kept fighting.

Suicide melted down backstage after the loss, freaking out about people getting involved in his matches all the time (which didn’t actually happen this time) and talking about being pushed over the edge. Seemed like a character change is coming.

The upcoming events schedule lists a 06/30 Puebla taping, which wasn’t previously on the schedule. Not sure which it replaces yet.

Noti AAA had a obituary video package for El Apache and scenes from a mass for Joaquin Roldan & Apache with Marisela talking about them both. There was also hype for the Pachuca taping.


AAA ladder will get you

The main event was a mixed bag. Crowd was totally into it when everyone was involved, and not as much when it was Wagner in there alone – AAA is doing about as good as can with Poder del Norte in the moment, but the lack of a build up to this spot they just don’t buy these guys as threats to top guys on their own. The works was (mostly) ok and Mocho Cota is doing well for a guy who’s suddenly been given a lot of talking time, but they’re not getting past their opening match stigma and nothing done here is going to help them. AAA’s given up their ideas about rules making sense in about the usual length of time, so they could have everyone out there to set up the six way match for Verano de Escandalo, but they still didn’t explain it in a way people would know it’s coming.

Ayako/Taya was most compelling AAA match so far this year, the first one I’m recommending. This came off as an attempt to match the lunacy and violence of some of Taya’s bigger Lucha Underground matches, and Ayako is definitely up for some crazy times. I thought one moonsault to nowhere was big, she decided to do two. The blood added a lot to the feeling of the match being out of control. The solid/smoothiest of the moves wasn’t consistent – Taya tossed a chair to Ayako quite a few times and the kick or whatever that followed looked good only about half of those times – but they got the emotion right and a little bit of messiness works for a street fight. Ayako being back around has been a huge help for AAA, and great for Taya – this is her best singles match in her run, I think. The passing out finish isn’t one usually done here and I wasn’t sure how it was going to get over as it was happening, but the crowd reacted loudly to the finish. It also sets up a rematch nicely, and they’re going to have interest in doing one.

La Secta’s title defense was better than the title switch match easily, a full out sprint for the six minutes it lasted. Cuervo & Scoria didn’t do much interesting but also didn’t have time to do all that much, with the match instead being built around giving Bengala & Australian Suicide as many near falls as possible before they got finished off. They had some nice team work and Suicide’s top rope moves looked pretty. If they were only going to go a short time, they got the most they could out of it. Post match idea of Cuervo & Scoria slipping away fits with the Pagano/Mesias stuff seems to be pushing the idea that they’re the really good at manipulating other people, which is at least a character trait. Mesias & Cuervo’s punch battle was not so good.

one more brief happy moment

AAA on Televisa: 2017-05-06 

Ricky Marvin

Recapped: 05/06/2017


All matches taped in Auditorio de Tijuana, April 21, 2017

  1. Monsther Clown & Murder Clown defeat El Mesías & Pagano (9:40, Murder splash Mesias, ok)
  2. Ricky Marvin beat Chessman (4:08, diving huracanrana, ok)
  3. Kevin Kross beat Hijo del Fantasma in a tables match (11:39, powerbomb thru in a table, ok)

What happened: 

This is going to be quite long.

Murder Clown is strong

Mesias & Pagano had apparently forgiven/forgotten the problems from the last match and were best friends again going into this match. Cuervo & Scoria run in with a bat again, this time before the match is over. They attack both Pagano & Mesias, leaving the bat with Pagano again. (The idea is Scoria distracted Piero from calling a DQ, which is hard to believe when they were both beating up Pagano on the outside at the same time. Also, Mesias & Pagano didn’t see their attackers) The Clowns pin Mesias, beat him up some more, and Pagano eventually runs them off with the bat. Of course that means Mesias again sees the bat with Pagano and thinks he’s got attacked by his partner again. Mesias is clearly an idiot if he really thinks Pagano is attacking him and keeps teaming with him, but he does make mean faces at Pagano.

Backstage, Averno got a phone call from Super Fly, with Fly saying he’s on vacation and won’t be there. At least Averno leads us to believe that happens, because he wouldn’t let Chessman talk to Super Fly for whatever reason. Averno could just be a jerk, it’s hard to say. La Parka was spying on this conversation.

Ricky Marvin has new music, wears an OGT shirt with the NO symbol thru it and has a new mohawk. He thanks the crowd for their support for a while to make it’s clear he’s a técnico. Averno taunts him to facing a real serious luchador tonight, takes of his coat to tease being that luchador and then announces Chessman as the opponent. Chessman is surprised but happy. Averno adds himself to the announce team and brags for a few minutes. Ricky gets in a DDT about two minutes into the match, covers, Tirantes counts two, and then collapses on the third count. He sells getting hit in the face, and I guess Chessman did it, but it’s impossible to tell from what we see and it just seems like Tirantes collapses for no reason. Averno wastes no time getting involved, and La Parka jogs to the ring for the save. It isn’t really much a save by the time he gets there, Ricky’s rolled out, but Parka still clears house while Tirantes remains down for an absurdly long time. Parka does his dive, leads into a huracanrana on Chessman, and Tirantes pops back to life for three.

Kevin Kross is a multitasker

Texano is interviewed in ring before the main event, and announces his neck is healing well and he’s be able to return soon, and he’ll come back to get this his title. Texano’s asked about his feelings about Fantasma, and says he has no problem with him, these things happen in title matches, and they’re still brothers. Texano joins the announcers and continues to insist he are best friends who would never betray each other.

The vignette explaining why Mundo isn’t facing Fantasma does not air, and there’s no real explanation of what happened there; they’re basically hoping you forgot. Announcers mention Fantasma was out six months after suffering two back injuries in a previous tables match. That’s the Lucha Underground Mil Muertes/King Cuerno match (and a real back injury), which I don’t think has been talked about before. It was not immediately clear what the rules were in a table match. The announcers refer to it as an extreme match, Fantasma covers for a two count, and then the announcers later say you must put someone thru a table to win. Fantasma goes for a pin about a minute later and Tirantes counts it like normal, with Kross either easily kicking out or Fantasma pulling him out. Kross uses a chair on Fantasma’s shoulder a lot and announced argue if that’s legal in a tables match. Kross spears a table when Fantasma moves and shoves him past, and Texano scrambles to explain that you have to put the other person thru the table to win, not by themselves. (Replay show Fantasma pushes Kross towards the table, but OK.) Kross takes back over with a foul and Texano loses it again. Kross threatens to throw Fantasma out of the ring into a powerbomb thru the table, but Fantasma’s rallies back. Fantasma almost kicks Kross of the apron into a table, but Kross escapes, confronts Texano, and moves out of the way as Fantasma accidentally topes his friend. Kross grabs Fantasma and powerbombs him thru that table for the win.

Kross starts to leave, then comes back to attack Texano. The fans decide to block his path, so Kevin convinces them he’s just trying to clear a path to get Texano out of there – then chokes Texano and tosses him off the stretcher as soon as he can. That’s actually hilarious. Announcers scream about how this could end Texano’s career. Kross removes the neck brace and chokeslams Texano thru a table of pork rinds. Kross keeps the brace and puts it on Zuniaga

all Fantasma’s fault

Noti AAA introduces us Niño Hamburguesa’s mom for mother’s day, who tells stories about a younger Niño Hamburguesa first falling in love with lucha libre and watching her son now. Niño thanks his mom for all his support.

The upcoming schedule bit doesn’t list (the canceled) Contla taping or the (replacement) Mexico City taping, so I guess they hadn’t figured out what they were doing when they put this together.

In a bonus segment, Faby Apache travels to a bar to meet Vampiro. Vampiro, like a ghost or Batman (or ghost Batman!) suddenly appears at the table when Faby’s looking the other direction. Vamp congratulates Faby for winning the trios championship and explains things and rules are changing in AAA (thanks to him) and she’s going to have to defend the trios titles against Poder del Norte next week, this time in an actual trios match. Faby points out her father and sister can’t actually wrestle right now, but I guess he’s got a week to find some partners. Faby looks away from the table and Vampiro vanishes. Some people might be spooked out by Vampiro’s magic tricks, but Faby’s seen some things here in AAA and just shrugs it off as normal.

Seven months after betraying Psycho Clown, Monster & Murder Clown have gotten their own music.

The EMW 1st Anniversary logo is displayed on the ad screen during the show, which doesn’t usually happen with the local promoter (but there’s also not usually a giant screen like Tijuana already has.)


Faby Apache has been thru so much that her boss vanishing in mid conversation barely phases her

The main event mostly about getting Kross over, which did need the help – the crowd didn’t seem to care about this match as much as the last two, or recognize him as a big deal during them. Destroying Fantasma and Texano should help in the long run but it made for a weird outing here. Kross’s selling, even by AAA standards, doesn’t seem so great – he recovered totally from being put thru a table a little took quick unless he’s supposed to be an indestructible android (and maybe he is.) The rules were about normal for a table match but their handling of them wasn’t great, and the story of this match didn’t leave a lot of room for this match to be all that great.

Marvin/Chessman was an absolutely nothing match, but Ricky’s dive was pretty cool so I’m not going to say no to it. I don’t have a lot of hope for the third different retooling of Ricky Marvin since he’s come to AAA, especially the way he was moving around here, but he did okay for a four minute match where he only had to wrestler two and half minutes of it. I’d rather see Parka just do his offense for one minute and then go away – I mean, if this wasn’t going to be anything good, at least it was short? I still don’t know what happened to Tirantes.

A rudo/rudo brawl with a lot of people you’d like not to see brawl for a while. This OK in the same way the second Tuesday match is ok, because I can’t be bothered to think of it’s worth it. It actually turns into a Pagano/Monsther Clown match for what seems like much longer than 80 seconds it lasts. Murder is so definitely better than Monster now, though it seem weird to have an opinion on that. Every time Pagano tries to do a tricky agile move to impress, it never actually positives impresses. He does try, while Mesias seems to be not at all interested in any of this. This storyline is so dumb nonsense that it’s approaching coming back around as entertaining.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-04-29 

Aerostar ironing board tope

Recapped: 04/30/2017


All matches taped at Domo de San Luis, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí on 04/12/2017.

  1. Big Mami, Lady Shani, Pimpinela Escarlata beat Goya Kong, La Hiedra, Mamba (6:46, Mami sit Goya, ok)
  2. El Mesías & Pagano  beat Australian Suicide & Bengala  and Aerostar & Drago (9:14, Mesias powerbomb Bengala, good)
  3. Carta Brava Jr. & Soul Rocker beat Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown  (6:53, Soul Rocker frog splash Psycho Clown, ok)
  4. Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Psycho Clown  (8:14, Wagner foul Psycho, ok)

What happened: 

Psycho Clown loses!

The main event is promoted as being Psycho Clown versus Dr. Wagner. Nuevo Poder del Norte’s music interrupts the start of the match. (The audio is not synced up.) They change the match to a tag match, and it’s credited/blamed on Vampiro. Mocho Cota goes to the back, then returns when Psycho Clown has Carta Brava probably beat with a powerbomb. His music plays again and everything. Psycho does try to unmask Carta Brava instead f pinning, so he’s not frozen in time. Soul Rocker and Cota take out Wagner, then, distract the referee and trip up Psycho to set up a sliding dropkick from Carta. Soul Rocker frog splashes Psycho for the win.

Mocho Cota bragged about beating the TripleMania main eventners, and challenges them to a mask match on behalf of his partners for Verano de Escandalo. Psycho Clown accepts the challenge for himself. Wagner accepts, though it seems like he accepts so Psycho won’t lose it before he faces Wagner. Psycho stars ts to leave, and Wagner bring sup that they were supposed to have a singles match, so they can still have a singles match. Psycho doesn’t seem interested, but Wagner attacks him, and it leads into a real match. Psycho managed to lose two main events!

Psycho Clown loses (x2)

Leo Riano claimed Lady Shani is on the tecnica side on orders of Vampiro. She had no problem being on the tecnica team thru the match and the after math. All six women fought for no particular reason post match in the ring., then we’re shown Mamba and Pimpi grabbing each other’s hair after they get backstage. No one seems all that interested in breaking that up. There’s a clear guidance in that post match and the commentary that Pimpi & Mamba is the real issue here but it doesn’t feel like they’re close to doing anything about it unless you’re reading ahead.

Cuervo & Scoria ran in at the end of the three way tag match. They got to the ring too late to break up the pin, but hit Mesias in the back with a bat, left it near Pagano and ran away before he could figure out what had happened. Mesias saw Pagano with the bat and assumed his partner had betrayed him. Pagano really didn’t seem interested in clearing up the confusion, and they were face to face as the segment ended.

Armando, a boy, takes over Noti AAA for Kid’s Day.


the roll is probably unnecessary but still fun

The surprise tag match got decent time but it never really picked up to anything interesting. If the goal was to make the Poder del Norte credible challengers, it didn’t really work. They got the win, but lost most of the match and didn’t surprise or impress in anyway. Mocho Cota’s talking was the best part of the act.

The entire bonus match felt like a dark math special, not something we were meant to see on TV. It was a regular match, but played out like something we would’ve seen prior to the current direction: Tirantes is back to being a rudo, Wagner is cheats, Psycho Clown is losing a lot. The crowd cared a lot more about that match, and it’s clear that’s the feud that matters.

Suicide tornillo

They went for it in the three way tag match, it’s just too bad it was for a crowd who wasn’t all that into it. (I wonder if there were just audio issues on this taping, because Cota’s promo in the main event is not synced and nothing outside the ring sounds right.) They wrestled it without sitting out a team for that long, and instead teams coming in and out at random and frequently, which kept the pace high but also led to some awkward moments. There were good moments, especially with the Suicide/Bengala vs Aerostar/Drago match within a match. They got a lot time, but the frenetic everyone getting a turn nature of the match didn’t let itself to much of a story or a build to an end, everyone else just happened to be busy. I’m not sure if Cuervo & Scoria were late or right on time, their attack seemed strange, but Pagano & Mesias played the roles reacting to it well.

The women’s match had a lot of Mami/Goya and so it wasn’t for me and probably not for most people (it didn’t seem as over as usual too.) It shows how high they’re on Mami that it’s her getting the pins win they’re supposedly doing a Mamba/Pimpinela feud. Shani/Hiedra often off on their own to do their own exchanged, which were messy at some times and rehashed looking at others, but still had the best hope of anything watchable coming from this. Just not this time. I think Hiedra would be better as the tecnica and Shani as the ruda, and the only reason for the current status quo is for a feud that dropped cold.