AAA on Televisa: 2017-05-13 

this makes it look like she’s just moonsaulting a table for fun

Recapped: 05/14/2017


All matches were taped in Auditorio de Tijuana on 04/21/2017.

Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria defeated Australian Suicide & Bengala  for the AAA World Tag Team Championship (6:17, double submission, via Lucha Libre AAA, good)

Taya defeated Ayako Hamada to win the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship in a street fight (17:00, ref stop, via Lucha Libre AAA, great)

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker defeat Dr. Wagner Jr., Faby Apache, Psycho Clown to win the AAA World Trios Championship
(8:37, pinfall, via Lucha Libre AAA, ok)

What happened: 

a rare moment of happiness for tecnicos

This is long.

Prior to the main event, a still bloody Taya (w/Kross) sarcastically wished Faby luck and made a comment about Mary. Faby slapped Taya immediately, and Kross just as quickly started choking Faby. Psycho Clown and Dr. Wagner show up, and Taya gets Kross to back off so they can leave.

Mocho Cota demanded the trios title match no matter what Vampiro had to say about it or who Faby had to team with. He was shocked that Faby, looking sad, actually turned up. They teases she was just going to hand the belts over to Poder del Norte, and then she revealed she had actually tag partners. Cota wanted to know who these tag partners were, and Wagner’s music played. (And Psycho’s video played oops.) The rudos freaked out over these partners.

Monster & Murder run in for no particular reasonI guess Wagner had a pinfall chance off a DDT, but he wasn’t going to win on it and there’s no real reason for Murder & Monster to be involved here. No one bothers to distract Piero this time, and the interference that would’ve been a DQ on another show is all OK this week. Monster & Murder take out Poder del Norte and act like they want to be friends with Psycho, but Wagner & Psycho send them out. They try to do stereo spots where the Traidor clowns catch Carta & Soul Rocker diving, and then Psycho & Wagner knock them over with their own dive. It does much worse for Murder & Carta first, but Wagner’s dive on them looks cool. Mocho and Faby are left, Faby gets a near fall on a picture perfect German suplex, then dropkicks Piero by mistake. She gets a visual three on a huracanrana, but Taya sneaks back in, and hits her with a chair. Cota covers, and Hijo del Tirantes comes in for three count. I think he might be a heel again. Psycho consoles Faby as the champs leave. Wagner loos like hes about to say something but never gets around to it before they cut away.

a huge suplex

Taya wears a Vancouver Canuck jersey to the women’s title match. Ayako has a Perros del Mal shirt and has the scratch logo as facepaint. Both wrestle in jeans for the street fight. Taya bleeds off a chair shot to the head (with her hands up); for once, AAA keeps the cameras away while someone’s cutting themselves to not expose it.

There’s a weird spot double ko spot where Piero counts two, holds up at three because for them to get up, but neither woman seems to move. Fans notice. Late in the match, Ayako misses a moonsault to the floor – it’s her second miss, but this one’s thru a table. Taya brings her in, Ayako kicks out as a surprise, but Taya puts her in a chinlock surfboard and Ayako passes out in the hold. Piero stops the match and the title changes hands.

Vampiro interrupts the post match so he can put over the match as the best thing ever. It does work in getting them a round of applause Meanwhile, Ayako’s put on a backboard.

Scoria & Cuervo did an interview quickly mentioning Bengala & “Aerostar” as their opponents. Poor Suicide didn’t even get mentioned, and they really focused on Pagano & Mesias anyway.

this is shot terribly, but the ladder flying cross ring makes it look violent

The champs beat up Suicide & Bengala after the match for no real obvious reason. Pagano & Mesias walked in for the save, but also brawled with Suicide & Bengala. Aerostar & Drago also ran in and attacked, and security came in behind them. Cuervo & Scoria snuck away while the other teams kept fighting.

Suicide melted down backstage after the loss, freaking out about people getting involved in his matches all the time (which didn’t actually happen this time) and talking about being pushed over the edge. Seemed like a character change is coming.

The upcoming events schedule lists a 06/30 Puebla taping, which wasn’t previously on the schedule. Not sure which it replaces yet.

Noti AAA had a obituary video package for El Apache and scenes from a mass for Joaquin Roldan & Apache with Marisela talking about them both. There was also hype for the Pachuca taping.


AAA ladder will get you

The main event was a mixed bag. Crowd was totally into it when everyone was involved, and not as much when it was Wagner in there alone – AAA is doing about as good as can with Poder del Norte in the moment, but the lack of a build up to this spot they just don’t buy these guys as threats to top guys on their own. The works was (mostly) ok and Mocho Cota is doing well for a guy who’s suddenly been given a lot of talking time, but they’re not getting past their opening match stigma and nothing done here is going to help them. AAA’s given up their ideas about rules making sense in about the usual length of time, so they could have everyone out there to set up the six way match for Verano de Escandalo, but they still didn’t explain it in a way people would know it’s coming.

Ayako/Taya was most compelling AAA match so far this year, the first one I’m recommending. This came off as an attempt to match the lunacy and violence of some of Taya’s bigger Lucha Underground matches, and Ayako is definitely up for some crazy times. I thought one moonsault to nowhere was big, she decided to do two. The blood added a lot to the feeling of the match being out of control. The solid/smoothiest of the moves wasn’t consistent – Taya tossed a chair to Ayako quite a few times and the kick or whatever that followed looked good only about half of those times – but they got the emotion right and a little bit of messiness works for a street fight. Ayako being back around has been a huge help for AAA, and great for Taya – this is her best singles match in her run, I think. The passing out finish isn’t one usually done here and I wasn’t sure how it was going to get over as it was happening, but the crowd reacted loudly to the finish. It also sets up a rematch nicely, and they’re going to have interest in doing one.

La Secta’s title defense was better than the title switch match easily, a full out sprint for the six minutes it lasted. Cuervo & Scoria didn’t do much interesting but also didn’t have time to do all that much, with the match instead being built around giving Bengala & Australian Suicide as many near falls as possible before they got finished off. They had some nice team work and Suicide’s top rope moves looked pretty. If they were only going to go a short time, they got the most they could out of it. Post match idea of Cuervo & Scoria slipping away fits with the Pagano/Mesias stuff seems to be pushing the idea that they’re the really good at manipulating other people, which is at least a character trait. Mesias & Cuervo’s punch battle was not so good.

one more brief happy moment

AAA on Televisa: 2017-05-06 

Ricky Marvin

Recapped: 05/06/2017


All matches taped in Auditorio de Tijuana, April 21, 2017

  1. Monsther Clown & Murder Clown defeat El Mesías & Pagano (9:40, Murder splash Mesias, ok)
  2. Ricky Marvin beat Chessman (4:08, diving huracanrana, ok)
  3. Kevin Kross beat Hijo del Fantasma in a tables match (11:39, powerbomb thru in a table, ok)

What happened: 

This is going to be quite long.

Murder Clown is strong

Mesias & Pagano had apparently forgiven/forgotten the problems from the last match and were best friends again going into this match. Cuervo & Scoria run in with a bat again, this time before the match is over. They attack both Pagano & Mesias, leaving the bat with Pagano again. (The idea is Scoria distracted Piero from calling a DQ, which is hard to believe when they were both beating up Pagano on the outside at the same time. Also, Mesias & Pagano didn’t see their attackers) The Clowns pin Mesias, beat him up some more, and Pagano eventually runs them off with the bat. Of course that means Mesias again sees the bat with Pagano and thinks he’s got attacked by his partner again. Mesias is clearly an idiot if he really thinks Pagano is attacking him and keeps teaming with him, but he does make mean faces at Pagano.

Backstage, Averno got a phone call from Super Fly, with Fly saying he’s on vacation and won’t be there. At least Averno leads us to believe that happens, because he wouldn’t let Chessman talk to Super Fly for whatever reason. Averno could just be a jerk, it’s hard to say. La Parka was spying on this conversation.

Ricky Marvin has new music, wears an OGT shirt with the NO symbol thru it and has a new mohawk. He thanks the crowd for their support for a while to make it’s clear he’s a técnico. Averno taunts him to facing a real serious luchador tonight, takes of his coat to tease being that luchador and then announces Chessman as the opponent. Chessman is surprised but happy. Averno adds himself to the announce team and brags for a few minutes. Ricky gets in a DDT about two minutes into the match, covers, Tirantes counts two, and then collapses on the third count. He sells getting hit in the face, and I guess Chessman did it, but it’s impossible to tell from what we see and it just seems like Tirantes collapses for no reason. Averno wastes no time getting involved, and La Parka jogs to the ring for the save. It isn’t really much a save by the time he gets there, Ricky’s rolled out, but Parka still clears house while Tirantes remains down for an absurdly long time. Parka does his dive, leads into a huracanrana on Chessman, and Tirantes pops back to life for three.

Kevin Kross is a multitasker

Texano is interviewed in ring before the main event, and announces his neck is healing well and he’s be able to return soon, and he’ll come back to get this his title. Texano’s asked about his feelings about Fantasma, and says he has no problem with him, these things happen in title matches, and they’re still brothers. Texano joins the announcers and continues to insist he are best friends who would never betray each other.

The vignette explaining why Mundo isn’t facing Fantasma does not air, and there’s no real explanation of what happened there; they’re basically hoping you forgot. Announcers mention Fantasma was out six months after suffering two back injuries in a previous tables match. That’s the Lucha Underground Mil Muertes/King Cuerno match (and a real back injury), which I don’t think has been talked about before. It was not immediately clear what the rules were in a table match. The announcers refer to it as an extreme match, Fantasma covers for a two count, and then the announcers later say you must put someone thru a table to win. Fantasma goes for a pin about a minute later and Tirantes counts it like normal, with Kross either easily kicking out or Fantasma pulling him out. Kross uses a chair on Fantasma’s shoulder a lot and announced argue if that’s legal in a tables match. Kross spears a table when Fantasma moves and shoves him past, and Texano scrambles to explain that you have to put the other person thru the table to win, not by themselves. (Replay show Fantasma pushes Kross towards the table, but OK.) Kross takes back over with a foul and Texano loses it again. Kross threatens to throw Fantasma out of the ring into a powerbomb thru the table, but Fantasma’s rallies back. Fantasma almost kicks Kross of the apron into a table, but Kross escapes, confronts Texano, and moves out of the way as Fantasma accidentally topes his friend. Kross grabs Fantasma and powerbombs him thru that table for the win.

Kross starts to leave, then comes back to attack Texano. The fans decide to block his path, so Kevin convinces them he’s just trying to clear a path to get Texano out of there – then chokes Texano and tosses him off the stretcher as soon as he can. That’s actually hilarious. Announcers scream about how this could end Texano’s career. Kross removes the neck brace and chokeslams Texano thru a table of pork rinds. Kross keeps the brace and puts it on Zuniaga

all Fantasma’s fault

Noti AAA introduces us Niño Hamburguesa’s mom for mother’s day, who tells stories about a younger Niño Hamburguesa first falling in love with lucha libre and watching her son now. Niño thanks his mom for all his support.

The upcoming schedule bit doesn’t list (the canceled) Contla taping or the (replacement) Mexico City taping, so I guess they hadn’t figured out what they were doing when they put this together.

In a bonus segment, Faby Apache travels to a bar to meet Vampiro. Vampiro, like a ghost or Batman (or ghost Batman!) suddenly appears at the table when Faby’s looking the other direction. Vamp congratulates Faby for winning the trios championship and explains things and rules are changing in AAA (thanks to him) and she’s going to have to defend the trios titles against Poder del Norte next week, this time in an actual trios match. Faby points out her father and sister can’t actually wrestle right now, but I guess he’s got a week to find some partners. Faby looks away from the table and Vampiro vanishes. Some people might be spooked out by Vampiro’s magic tricks, but Faby’s seen some things here in AAA and just shrugs it off as normal.

Seven months after betraying Psycho Clown, Monster & Murder Clown have gotten their own music.

The EMW 1st Anniversary logo is displayed on the ad screen during the show, which doesn’t usually happen with the local promoter (but there’s also not usually a giant screen like Tijuana already has.)


Faby Apache has been thru so much that her boss vanishing in mid conversation barely phases her

The main event mostly about getting Kross over, which did need the help – the crowd didn’t seem to care about this match as much as the last two, or recognize him as a big deal during them. Destroying Fantasma and Texano should help in the long run but it made for a weird outing here. Kross’s selling, even by AAA standards, doesn’t seem so great – he recovered totally from being put thru a table a little took quick unless he’s supposed to be an indestructible android (and maybe he is.) The rules were about normal for a table match but their handling of them wasn’t great, and the story of this match didn’t leave a lot of room for this match to be all that great.

Marvin/Chessman was an absolutely nothing match, but Ricky’s dive was pretty cool so I’m not going to say no to it. I don’t have a lot of hope for the third different retooling of Ricky Marvin since he’s come to AAA, especially the way he was moving around here, but he did okay for a four minute match where he only had to wrestler two and half minutes of it. I’d rather see Parka just do his offense for one minute and then go away – I mean, if this wasn’t going to be anything good, at least it was short? I still don’t know what happened to Tirantes.

A rudo/rudo brawl with a lot of people you’d like not to see brawl for a while. This OK in the same way the second Tuesday match is ok, because I can’t be bothered to think of it’s worth it. It actually turns into a Pagano/Monsther Clown match for what seems like much longer than 80 seconds it lasts. Murder is so definitely better than Monster now, though it seem weird to have an opinion on that. Every time Pagano tries to do a tricky agile move to impress, it never actually positives impresses. He does try, while Mesias seems to be not at all interested in any of this. This storyline is so dumb nonsense that it’s approaching coming back around as entertaining.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-04-29 

Aerostar ironing board tope

Recapped: 04/30/2017


All matches taped at Domo de San Luis, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí on 04/12/2017.

  1. Big Mami, Lady Shani, Pimpinela Escarlata beat Goya Kong, La Hiedra, Mamba (6:46, Mami sit Goya, ok)
  2. El Mesías & Pagano  beat Australian Suicide & Bengala  and Aerostar & Drago (9:14, Mesias powerbomb Bengala, good)
  3. Carta Brava Jr. & Soul Rocker beat Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown  (6:53, Soul Rocker frog splash Psycho Clown, ok)
  4. Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Psycho Clown  (8:14, Wagner foul Psycho, ok)

What happened: 

Psycho Clown loses!

The main event is promoted as being Psycho Clown versus Dr. Wagner. Nuevo Poder del Norte’s music interrupts the start of the match. (The audio is not synced up.) They change the match to a tag match, and it’s credited/blamed on Vampiro. Mocho Cota goes to the back, then returns when Psycho Clown has Carta Brava probably beat with a powerbomb. His music plays again and everything. Psycho does try to unmask Carta Brava instead f pinning, so he’s not frozen in time. Soul Rocker and Cota take out Wagner, then, distract the referee and trip up Psycho to set up a sliding dropkick from Carta. Soul Rocker frog splashes Psycho for the win.

Mocho Cota bragged about beating the TripleMania main eventners, and challenges them to a mask match on behalf of his partners for Verano de Escandalo. Psycho Clown accepts the challenge for himself. Wagner accepts, though it seems like he accepts so Psycho won’t lose it before he faces Wagner. Psycho stars ts to leave, and Wagner bring sup that they were supposed to have a singles match, so they can still have a singles match. Psycho doesn’t seem interested, but Wagner attacks him, and it leads into a real match. Psycho managed to lose two main events!

Psycho Clown loses (x2)

Leo Riano claimed Lady Shani is on the tecnica side on orders of Vampiro. She had no problem being on the tecnica team thru the match and the after math. All six women fought for no particular reason post match in the ring., then we’re shown Mamba and Pimpi grabbing each other’s hair after they get backstage. No one seems all that interested in breaking that up. There’s a clear guidance in that post match and the commentary that Pimpi & Mamba is the real issue here but it doesn’t feel like they’re close to doing anything about it unless you’re reading ahead.

Cuervo & Scoria ran in at the end of the three way tag match. They got to the ring too late to break up the pin, but hit Mesias in the back with a bat, left it near Pagano and ran away before he could figure out what had happened. Mesias saw Pagano with the bat and assumed his partner had betrayed him. Pagano really didn’t seem interested in clearing up the confusion, and they were face to face as the segment ended.

Armando, a boy, takes over Noti AAA for Kid’s Day.


the roll is probably unnecessary but still fun

The surprise tag match got decent time but it never really picked up to anything interesting. If the goal was to make the Poder del Norte credible challengers, it didn’t really work. They got the win, but lost most of the match and didn’t surprise or impress in anyway. Mocho Cota’s talking was the best part of the act.

The entire bonus match felt like a dark math special, not something we were meant to see on TV. It was a regular match, but played out like something we would’ve seen prior to the current direction: Tirantes is back to being a rudo, Wagner is cheats, Psycho Clown is losing a lot. The crowd cared a lot more about that match, and it’s clear that’s the feud that matters.

Suicide tornillo

They went for it in the three way tag match, it’s just too bad it was for a crowd who wasn’t all that into it. (I wonder if there were just audio issues on this taping, because Cota’s promo in the main event is not synced and nothing outside the ring sounds right.) They wrestled it without sitting out a team for that long, and instead teams coming in and out at random and frequently, which kept the pace high but also led to some awkward moments. There were good moments, especially with the Suicide/Bengala vs Aerostar/Drago match within a match. They got a lot time, but the frenetic everyone getting a turn nature of the match didn’t let itself to much of a story or a build to an end, everyone else just happened to be busy. I’m not sure if Cuervo & Scoria were late or right on time, their attack seemed strange, but Pagano & Mesias played the roles reacting to it well.

The women’s match had a lot of Mami/Goya and so it wasn’t for me and probably not for most people (it didn’t seem as over as usual too.) It shows how high they’re on Mami that it’s her getting the pins win they’re supposedly doing a Mamba/Pimpinela feud. Shani/Hiedra often off on their own to do their own exchanged, which were messy at some times and rehashed looking at others, but still had the best hope of anything watchable coming from this. Just not this time. I think Hiedra would be better as the tecnica and Shani as the ruda, and the only reason for the current status quo is for a feud that dropped cold.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-04-22 

Averno attempts to end the Space Cadet

Recapped: 04/26/2017


All matches were taped from Domo de San Luis in San Luis Potosi on April 12. They can be seen on the Lucha Libre AAA channel

Concord, Hijo Del Vikingo, Octagoncito beat Bronco González, Guerrero De Plata, Mini Histeria (9:19, triple pin, ok)

Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly beat Lanzeloth, Máscara de Bronce, Venum (8:46, Super Fly frogsplash Venum, ok)

Johnny Mundo, Kevin Kross, Taya defeated Argenis, Ayako Hamada, Hijo del Fantasma in a non disqualification match (rudos, Taya chair shot to the head Ayako, 11:27, ok)


Hijo del Vikingo

Taya introduces Kross to the crowd. Fantasma responds by introducing the new champ, Ayako in Taya’s face. A table and a chair came into play late. The no disqualification stipulation wasn’t emphasized, but explained away the work. Taya hit Aayko in the head with a chair for the win. Taya tried to boat about the win, but was cut off by Vampiro’s music. Vampiro reminds everyone that Mundo cheated to win the title, and gives Fantasma a rematch for the championship in Tijuana. Vampiro also makes Taya & Ayako in a street fight for the Reinas de Reinas championship.

OGT unmasked their opponents after their match. Ricky Marvin cleaned house after the match when Pirata Morgan showed up and attacked Marvin. (On the taping, Pirata was already seen on the show, but he really comes out of nowhere here.) La Parka shows up to make the save and everyone scatters, though Pirata makes sure to stare at La Parka for a while before slowly exiting the ring. Parka challenges the OGT & Pirata.


Mini Histeria replaced Mini Abismo Negro. He got his own entrance away from the new guys, while Octagoncito comes out with his partners. The four new guys are introduced as Llave de la Gloria contestants, but none of the four are listed among the finalists AAA has posted to far. The referee is the mystery referee who worked the Neza show, so he’s probably actually a regular addition. Guerrero de Plata has a pirate theme going on and is wearing no silver (red and gold), suggesting he was previously working under a different name.

Noti AAA promoted some tiny action figures being given out by the Pasala newspaper every Monday. AAA showed Fantasma, Faby Apache and Parka figures, but there’s clearly at least two more figures partly showed and partly cropped out by AAA. (One appears to be an Octagon or Octagoncito.) There’s 19 being given out.

Noti AAA credits Vampiro for creating the new OGT, which doesn’t quite make sense unless the idea is Vampiro restarting the Rey de Reyes match is supposed to have pushed Super Fly to joining the group. Averno has a promo where he doesn’t show much.

Highlights of the AAA & Impact press conference are shown. Jeff Jarrett talking about going after Fantasma and Parka’s mask, and Fantasma challenging him back, so they’re clearly building a TripleMania match this week.


Fantasma is easily distracted, kicked

The main event was a messy match, not in execution of moves but of flow. I would’ve assumed they would do a US style tag match given the people involved, but it was more like an AAA style. Kross didn’t immediately fit in – he used a chinlock in an AAA trios match to slow down the action, can’t think of the last time I saw that – and didn’t get to throw around as much. (He also did the three amigos and Eddie Guerrero shake which was lost on the announce crew and production.) Taya & Ayako didn’t look great, but they did look better in Monterrey. Argenis was back not standing out

The middle match did was it was intended to do, the OGT looking strong as a new unit by destroying the técnicos most of the match. They came off as much more impressive unit than the tecnicos. The rudos worked well for the técnicos, but they didn’t have their best nights. The second triple dive spot didn’t come off well, Mascara de Bronce took too long setting up and Lanzeloth crashed and burned. They did have some good offense, it just came smoother for it in other matches.

bad times for Argenis

The opener was sloppy and disorganized at times, but it finished strong and gave us good long looks at some new people. Hijo del Vikingo looked great, and has the potential to be something really good. Concord tried big offense but looked sloppy, though that could’ve been the rudos. Bronco Gonzalez was the better of the two rudos, with Guerrero de Plata not showing much at all. Octagoncito worked hard and Mini Histeria was fine.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-04-15 

we may need a new Mascara de Bronce

Recapped: 04/17/2017


All matches were taped at Arena Neza on March 31, 2017 and can be seen on AAA’s channel. There are also handheld highlights on Estrellas del Ring’s channel.

  1. Mamba defeated Estrella Divina (4:58, powerbomb, OK)
  2. Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria defeated Aerostar & Drago to win the AAA World Tag Team Championship (7:00, Cuervo crossface on Drago, OK)
  3. Australian Suicide, Dr. Wagner Jr., Lanzeloth, Máscara de Bronce, Psycho Clown beat Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Soul Rocker (6:48, Wagner casita Mocho Cota Jr., good)

What happened: 

this is apparently legal now, so does that mean LA Park really beat La Parka?

The main event is originally billed as a trios match with Lanzeloth, Mascara de Bronce (in a new and totally different outfit) and Australian Suicide against Nuevo Poder del Norte. About two minutes into the match, with the rudos in control, Dr. Wagner’s music played him to ringside. He didn’t actually get in the ring, just stood on the ramp watching as Psycho’s music also played and he came down to the ring. The match came to a stop as they face off, and then they both attacked the rudos who attacked him for a DQ. This was not a DQ. Monster and Murder Clown ran in, first throwing the referee to the floor, then attacking Wagner & Psycho (and also Carta Brava, for whatever reason.) Everyone brawled for about a minute before Vampiro made his own appearance, though he had to wait until the music kicked into his part to appear. Vampiro played to the crowd and made a 5v5 match, though Wagner wasn’t much interested in teaming with the técnico 4. Wagner eventually participated with no issues, but did steal the pin from Psycho Clown.

Lanzeloth tried

Aerostar, already hurting from his match with Super Fly, was attacked by Cuervo & Escoria in the locker room. Aerostar proceeds not not really sell the attack in any noticeable way – he’s not hurt, he’s not delayed to the ring, he doesn’t angrily go after the Sect, he just does his normal entrance. The rudos gave Aerostar a spike martinete late, then submitted Drago soon after. In true AAA form, the new champions haven’t even been handed their belts before they’re interrupted by Pagano’s (very well done!) music video. Pagano hands over the belts himself, mugs for the crowd, gets in his catch phrases, mocks the new champions to their faces, steals their champagne, and lays them both out when they try to come after him.

There’s a one second shot of Texano getting his neck looked at by a doctor. Texano is back wrestling on non-TV shows, so this injury can’t be as bad as it’s being teased

Estrella vs Mamba is explained was Vampiro ordered it. Both this and the first part of the main event were officiated by a new unnamed referee.

An argument between Super Fly & Ricky Marvin aired, which seemed to foreshadow Super Fly replacing him last week! It’s one week off, but I guess at least they filmed it.


quadruple tope

The main event was pretty fun, though I can only imagine what people at home thought when they started that trios match as the final match of the TV show and actually committed to letting it play out for a few minutes. (It’s the sort of slow play bit that AAA could use in other things and it was good to say it here.) The crowd was inescapably there for Wagner & Psycho and no one else, but having a hot match and hanging out with a top guys as near equals did a lot for the others here. The skinny flying técnicos got to do their flashy offense in a match that mattered to the crowd, and did not seem overshadowed at all. Nuevo Poder del Norte got beat, but they got in some on Wagner and Psycho and it didn’t feel just perfunctory. This was also just a really fun match for the time it lasted, and one the crowd actually cared about. This was totally enjoyable.

The tag title match never really found it’s rhythm, and just seemed awkwardly slower than expect at parts. Aerostar getting attacked and nothing really coming of it also threw me off, but I figured the two times the rudos got cut off going for a dive was going to lead to them finally hitting it on the third time as part of a really hot finish. And then Scoria & Cuervo did a totally illegal martinete, and did a sequence with Drago that seemed messed up, and somehow that was it. Cuervo & Scoria often seem like they could be good in trios and have a habit of not coming up big in big matches, and it happened again here. There was surprisingly little to this match and the crowd didn’t care about any part of it, even the martinete spot especially done to get heat. It seemed like it could’ve been a micing issue until Pagano came out, and then it was just clear the fans cared about that guy and not the rest of this. Same could be said about the people in charge. No one takes Cuervo & Scoria seriously to begin with, the tag titel win didn’t do much for them, and the bit with Pagano made sure everyone knew the new tag team champions were jokes. I don’t understand why AAA even bothered with this – they could’ve easily gone Aerostar/Drago vs Pagano/Mesias if they wanted. Maybe Cuervo & Escoria agreed to do some crazy stunt with Pagano coming up, maybe there’s some other reason that makes this worthwhile. It came off as a worthless waste of time here.

congrats to the new champs

Mamba/Divina was a short if moved filled take on a CMLL lightning match. (They could’ve gotten to a more normal CMLL length by doing the pointless mat work, but they skipped it.) This was billed, as if it was a surrpise match but they had clearly worked out it long in advance. Mamba gave Divina most of the match, getting in a few key shots and the powerbomb at the end, but Divina doing a lot of moderately agile spots without an issue. Divina wrestled fine for a (virtual) TV debut, good enough to be used more and with better potential for good matches than Pimpi, though not anything must see. Neither woman did the usual exotico spots, interestingly.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-04-08 

Dinastia does a cool move, doesn’t have enough space

Recapped: 04/11/2017


All matches were taped at Arena Neza on 03/31/2017.

  • Súper Fly beat Niño Hamburguesa (powerbomb 2:46, OK)

  • Dalton Bragg, Dave The Clown, La Hiedra, Mini Abismo Negro beat Bengala, Dinastía, Joe Lider, Lady Shani (Shani backcracker La Hiedra, 11:30, ok)

  • Argenis & Hijo del Fantasma beat Averno & Chessman (Hijo del Fantasma Thrill of The Hunt Averno, 8:48, ok)

What happened: 

double dive

Ricky Marvin seconded his OGT teammates, but was more of a hindrance than a help. He pulled out the referee when Chessman & Fantasma had pins; Chessman didn’t see the other and blamed Marvin for costing him a chance to win. Averno also had a chance to win after a Devil’s Wings, but Ricky came in the ring (in theory to cut off Argenis, but the timing looked way off) and Argenis dropkicked Marvin into the pin. The técnicos won directly after.

Averno screamed and shoved Ricky post match. Ricky attacked Averno, and then Chessman, getting the best of both. Super Fly came out of the crowd, took out Marvin, then unzipped his jacket to reveal an OGT shirt. He’s replacing Marvin in the group.

Earlier, Super Fly complained about his match being restarted at Rey de Reyes, declared he wasn’t done with Vampiro, and said he was too much of a star to face a Nino Hamburguesa. He did reluctantly, and won easily.

Argenis got a pre-match vignette with his newly won sword, sort of positioning as a hero for kids who dream of being luchadors.

Dalton Bragg was introduced as a Vampiro find – and introduced as by Jesus Zuniga as “hipster Alton”. The other announcers corrected him on the name.

Texano, in a neck brace, started the show by announcing he had a second degree neck strain, and a third degree neck strain could end his career. Everyone weirdly treats this as if he could be ending his career right now, even though he just said he didn’t have that neck sprain. Texano asks everyone to support AAA in his absence. In NotiAAA, Fantasma’s Thrill of the Hunt is specifically blamed for this injury.

Noti AAA featured Twitter comments on Vampiro’s new era, all praising him for doing a great job.

Hijo del Tirantes now has a man bun, so he may still be a rudo.


what was Hamburguesa’s plan ?

A weak show after last week’s manic behavior. None of the matches were particularly good. The first two had no hope. They tried to get there in the third and it just didn’t really come together. They came off really short on names on this one, with two matches featuring a lot of people who wouldn’t be on TV if they were so short on depth. You can see AAA trying to do something to fix that perception – Argenis getting the Rey de Reyes win and the vignette to boost him up – but it’s going to take some time.

It was also hurt by the Ricky Marvin stuff. The bit where he got in the ring to stand in front of the pin and get kicked into it looked so bad. The entire angle came off more like Ricky was betraying the OGT rather than Averno & Chessman booting him out. And if you stop to think about it any of it, it didn’t really make sense for Super Fly to be hanging in the crowd waiting for a breakup that was supposed to be unexpected to do a dramatic reveal. (If Super Fly really wanted to help, he probably should’ve shown up when the match was still going.)

They could’ve used some skit, no more than a minute, setting up the context of that story before it happened: Averno & Chessman mistreating Ricky in a way to justify him maybe turning later, and teasing a new member. They could’ve used a vignette for other reasons. It was an 18 minute break (plus commercials) from when the squash opener ended and the next match started. There wasn’t anything much of value the whole time. We got the same upcoming events bit shown many times, the Panini segment we see every week, the new staple of repeating what we’ve seen in case you tune in late, and eight long pointless entrances for the match. Sending them all out at once seemed to last one taping. There has to be a more entertaining way of handling that, or at least keeping people from turning away.

The opener wasn’t much but wasn’t meant to be much. I’m not sure it did much for Super Fly, who got a win but can’t look that impressive with Nino Hamburguesa involved, and Hamburguesa didn’t have time to do anything himself.


The atomicos wasn’t much either. They tried to hide Dalton Bragg’s weaknesses by having him only work with Joe Lider, but it kind of only exposed how limited he was. The moment where he walked out of the way of Dinastia handspring move because he’s been told to just pay attention to Joe is not good at all. Bragg passed the audition of taking a very dumb move for no particular purpose, but his offense was just there and he didn’t have much of a presence. Bragg has a unique look, which I’d guess is what made him stand out to Vampiro, but TV is a hard place to get better.

The match seemed laid out weird, like they were going back to the usual AAA tag style (brief tecnico open, rudo beatdown, tecnico showcase) but then had Bragg wait to do anything until it was supposed to be the técnico’s turn, because that was the only way they make sure everyone but Lider would stay out of the way. The last section all kind of felt disjointed, and there was no strong attempt to explain why Shani was on the tecnico side for this night. Dinasita looked like a star, got little to do, no change there.

AAA really wanted to keep the Perros del Mal faction and name apart of their group, but we’re now a couple months out and they’re doing nothing with it. It’s not even clear if Lider is a tecnico or a rudo at this point – he cost La Parka the Rey de Reyes match, but was a tecnico tonight. Maybe that’s just got lost in the changes, but outside Ayako’s nod to the faction, there’s nothing there.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-04-01 

Aerostar being Aerostar

Recapped: 04/05/2017

All matches were taped at Arena Jose Sulaiman, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon on March 19, and aired on their TV show.


Ayako Hamada defeated Taya to win the AAA Reina de Reinas championship (12:55, Michinoku Driver, ok)

Johnny Mundo defeated Hijo del Fantasma and Texano Jr. to retain the AAA Latin American Championship and win the AAA Cruiserweight & Heavyweight Championship (16:27, Fin de Mundo, good)

Aerostar beat Súper Fly to keep Aerostar’s mask & win SuperFly’s hair (8:28 + 0:03 on the restart, rana, good)

What happened: 

flecha negra

Aerostar took Super Fly’s hair, though Vampiro appeared to be 99% responsible for the win. Super Fly used concealed knuckles to knock out Aerostar. A light show and music heralded Vampiro to the ring, where he dramatically kicked out the referee responsible (Copetes) and ordered the match restarted. Before Super Fly even realized the match was happening, Aerostar cradled him for three. Super Fly tried to leave, but Vampiro brought him back to the ring to get his head shaved. The match had been no DQ and falls count anywhere up to that point.

Johnny Mundo won all three men’s singles titles, in a three way that was turned into a title match by an off camera Vampiro. (They saved his reveal until the main event.) Fantasma and Texano had differing views on how handle this match: Texano wanted to straight team up to take out Mundo, while Fantamsa wanted it to be every man for themselves. This eventually cost Texano, who relented on hitting his friend with a chair. Fantasma repaid the kidness by giving Texano a Thrill of the Hunt on that same chair. Texano was put in a neck brace and on a stretcher and that’s the end of him for now. (This came off like an angle, though perhaps one to explain an already existing Texano injury. He didn’t seem quite himself.) Mundo only won after the second ref bump, instigated by the debuting Kevin Kross. Kross wasn’t named, and the editing made it tough to tell where he came from, but he laid out Fantasma to set up the win for Mundo and presented him with the belts after the match.

This DDT didn’t look good

Ayako Hamada cleanly defeated Taya to win the Reina de Reinas championship.

Noti AAA focuses on a childen who tried out for La Llave de la Gloria. AAA is for the kids. There does seem to be more than 30 people here but it’s hard to get idea from what they show.

AAA was part of filming for a Ni Tu Ni Yo movie. People are drinking wine at a lucha show in Arena San Juan, which is the most unlikely thing I’ve seen.

Enterances are back this week, and the new idea is to mix shots of a video of the wrestler as they walk out.

Where can I watch it: 

This one did look like it hurt a bit

This was the better show of the two Rey de Reyes and one where it felt like things were happen. The matches just didn’t totally live up to the occasion; two finishes were totally in service of new angles and the third match just never clicked.

Aerostar/Super Fly was great for the first eight minutes. I’m not sure how badly Super Fly was hurt – his elbow and arm had pads he usually doesn’t have and seemed to be protecting it at times – but it didn’t stop him from giving a full effort. Starting a match by diving to the floor to hit no one is the message, and he made the brawling really work well. AAA was better prepared to cover a crowd brawl than usual, and while they missed some points (like whatever wound caused Aerostar to lose 10% of his blood), it was easier to watch than usual. Notably, and very happily, this wasn’t the old AAA singles match where the rudo second took half the match and the tecnicos second stood around dumbly until getting in one dive. There were no seconds, and all the attention was on the guys actually in the match. Super Fly & Aerostar were on a great pace, they just lacked a few (maybe five?) minutes to do near falls to play off the drama of the moment. Instead, they got about one minute, a silly ref bump and Vampiro becoming the true winner of the match.

There was no confusion about who was the man of the moment. Aerostar was dead from the moment he got hit until four minutes later when Vampiro restarted the match, then dead again after the pin. Vampiro literally had the bright lights shined on him and played to the crowd, and it’s he who has the feud with Super Fly going forward. Aerostar was incidental to the while thing, and Super Fly was only involved to give Vampiro someone to foil. It’s hard to appreciate a match when it’s so obviously been repurposed to be someone else’s moment in the end.

back suplex!

The intention might have been to do something along the lines of Dario Cueto restarting the Chavo Guerrero versus Rey Mysterio Jr. loser leaves town match, with the match being restarted because the stakes were so high, but that Lucha Underground match continued for three more minutes. It gave time for the focus to shift back to the people in the match, and the statement there was they’d have a decisive winner in a big match. AAA already had a decisive winner in this match – there’s no explanation why chairs were legal but knucks were not – and ending it immediately after the restart kept the focus on Vampiro’s decision to restart it. Even if they absolutely had to do a spot where Vampiro does something positive to re-enforce it being a “new era”, it shouldn’t have been a weapon spot. Those are going to keep on happening anyway. It should’ve been Hijo del Tirantes running in, fast counting for Super Fly, and Vampiro declaring Tirantes’ antics were over to blow off that storyline instead of ignoring it. They had part of that idea by kicking out Copetes (who also has been a rudo at times), but they either didn’t execute it well. Or they executed it perfectly to make Vampiro the focus, because they feel like they need new top stars and decided to go with Vampiro. The original idea seemed to elevate Aerostar, but it did the least for him out of everywhere involved.

Texano versus Fantasma versus Mundo didn’t live up to it’s potential early, but got there at the end. They just seemed out of sorts at first, with Mundo blowing a springboard that couldn’t be hidden, then later doing a neat escape dive onto his feet on the floor but everyone being totally confused as to what they were supposed to do next. Even when the moves were going right, they didn’t seem to be landing well. The one part I did like early on was everyone pulling each out and into another cradle, something I’ve not see quite that way before. Still, I could’ve happily skipped most everything that happened before the first ref bump. (Lot of ref bumps on this show.)

the start

Texano appeared heavier than usual and, while he didn’t take it totally easy, he seemed to do less than usual to the point where I was watching it trying to figure out if he had just come into the match with a neck strain and this was their way of writing him out. It flowed a lot better with Fantasma and Mundo, and Fantamsa’ tope on this show was his best in AAA in a long time. Mundo trying a half dozen times to cheat was a good character bit, and he seemed to be the most over rudo of the night. Kross looked impressive in his moves, especially the back suplex, and the extra-bit of Mundo still hitting his finish made a difference. This was a setup for a new direction but at least the direction looked promising.

Taya/Ayako didn’t work at all; it’s generous to call it even OK. They did a match heavily built around strikes while seemingly being cautious about actually touching each other. Every slap of the mat was super loud, and even the side kicks to chest were making no sound. I don’t know if they were both just concerned about being too hard with a person they didn’t know, but it just didn’t look good for most of the way, slightly picked up in the last few minutes and then still had those same problems. Crowd didn’t care about this at all, which isn’t too surprising: it’s a ruda versus someone they haven’t seen in years (and was a ruda then), and Ayako’s doesn’t play up being a tecnica strong enough to make it work. Taya’s work is not great but it’s more Ayako not being even as into the match as she was the goofy elimination match either and sleep walking in what should be a big match. It never feels that way, and Taya’s long title reign ends just quietly.

the end

AAA on Televisa: 2017-03-25 

putting this GIF up top so I can remember it happened, especially if goes nowhere in six months

Recapped: 03/27/2017


Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria defeated El Mesías & Pagano in a #1 cotnenders cage match (14:54, escape, OK, video link)

Ayako Hamada won a six women’s elimination match to earn a Reina de Reinas title match (OK, video link)
00:03 Faby Apache thrown over the top (Goya Kong)
01:48 Goya Kong pinned (Big Mami splash)
05:30 La Hiedra pinned (Big Mami behind the back faceslam)
05:45 Big Mami pinned (Lady Shani backcracker)
11:08 Lady Shani pinned (Ayako Hamada Michinoku Driver)

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown defeated Monsther Clown & Murder Clown (8:25, simiilteanous pins on powerbomb & Wagner Driver, OK, video link)

Argenis won the 2017 Rey de Reyes match (15:52, OK, video link)
00:00 Joe Lider, Elegido, Nino Hamburguesa, Pimpinela Escarlata start
01:21 Chessman enters
02:01 Argenis enters
02:46 Averno enters
03:28 Bengala enters
04:13 La Parka enters
05:27 Pimpinela Escarlata out (Nino Hamburugesa)
05:37 Nino Hamburguesa out (everyone)
07:19 Elegido out (Chessman & Joe Lider)
08:11 Joe Lider out (La Parka)
09:03 La Parka out (Joe Lider pulling him off the apron after being elimianted)
09:58 Chessman out (Averno)
10:18 Bengala out (self elimination on Asai moonsault)
15:52 Argenis pinned Averno via moonsault

What happened: 

thru the cage

Argenis won Rey de Reyes, in a match which was only announced as happening at the start of the program. The match was held under usual AAA rumble rules, with four people starting and over the top eliminations until the final two. Argenis defeated Averno to get the surprise win (though the star power was generally so low that anyone besides La Parka could’ve been called a surprise win.) Averno accidentally caused Chessman to be eliminated, which could be something or just the usual rudo bumbling. Joe Lider eliminated La Parka after being eliminated, which also could be a rudo turn for him or just the kind of thing that happens in a battle royal. In a true miracle, Argenis’ wife and small child just happened to travel all the way up to Monterrey to see a show Argenis wasn’t even scheduled to be on, in a bit that appeared to a repeat of Fantamsa’s family being at ringside after winning the cruiserweight title.

The returning Ayako Hamada is the new top contender to the Reina de Reinas championship, defeating Lady Shani in the final of a six women elimination match. (It was scheduled to be seven; Mary Apache appeared in a head bandage and a neck brace she didn’t appear to have last week, but did not wrestle.) Ayako was wearing Perros del Mal gear but wasn’t given any special re-introduction. No one on the show except those entering the Rey de Reyes match got any sort of introduction, with AAA cutting out what they could to fit four matches in the time. Faby Apache was surprisingly first out, eliminated less than five seconds into the match via over the top elimination. She was the only person eliminated without being pinned, and the other luchadoras didn’t seem to even try an over the top elimination the rest of the match.

Ayako sault

Cuervo & Scoria earned a tag team title shot by defeating Pagano & Mesias in a cage match. Pagano & Mesias had one miscommunication moment late, but it proved to be irrelevant and they were pals after the match. They both essentially worked the match as fan favorites. Mesias speared Cuervo thru the mesh of the fence, and Scoria climbed out the cage (which was missed by the cameras.)

Psycho Clown & Dr. Wagner cleanly defeated Murder Clown & Monster Clown. The Traidor Clowns controlled most of the match while Wagner wanted nothing to do with his partner and eventually walked out. The Doctor heroically returned to the match to make the save and help set up the victory. They barely had time to react to the ring before the unlikely trio of Mocho Cota Jr., Carta Brava Jr. and Soul Rocker attacked both men, including ripping up Wagner’s mask. Monster Clown tried to help but was attacked as well. There’s no explanation given for this attack, or why Monster & Murder betrayed Wagner in the first place.

everyone’s doing corner dropkicks

AAA has new intro, borrowing the artwork it did for the Panini sticker book as visuals. However, since some of those people in the book are no longer around, we get glimpses of guys like Gronda and Elegido who are also never around (and it spotlights how few people are around by implication.) Looks nice anyway.

Leo Riano was also part of the announce team this week, and seemed to be taking an anti-Vampiro position, specifically in reaction to Vampiro having the power to change the card however he wants. (This mirrors what he wrote in his column, explaining those comments as being in character.) There were clips of Vampiro winning the Rey de Reyes previously and celebrating victoriously, leaving viewers with the definite impression Vampiro was going to end up wrestling again before long. This was also part of a show long push of a New Era of AAA.

Total match time was 50 minutes and 19 seconds, twice as much as normal.

What was good: 

the fall is much worse than being lightly pressed into the post

Uh. Lots of things were happening, shiny lines and bright noises, all very interesting. The matches weren’t as much interesting. They finally got time, but not a lot of interesting stuff happened.

Both of the elimination matches followed the same pattern: forgettable stuff until a good section when they finally got the final two. Argenis & Averno was a solid CMLL lightning match, cut a little shorter than usual and the crowd reacted well to his win. The battle royal before it was useless, with people consistently putting themselves in dumb positions so they could be easily eliminated and topped off by Bengala eliminating himself for no reason. The two things I got out of this was La Parka was one of the few guys who seemed really over on the show (the crowd seemed unusually quiet for an AAA show most of the night) and they didn’t understand that the final two was decided by pinfall – they cheered big when Avenro went out and were confused when Argenis dove onto him.

Ayako versus Shani did not conclusively solve the “Is Lady Shani actually good?” mystery. Shani definitely looked competent, but Ayako shined so much brighter than everyone in the match that it was hard to compare. Ayako jumping in ahead of everyone diminishes the people who were there – Shani & Hiedra were back to being ruda jobbers – but she was also clearly the best person in the match. The section before the final two wasn’t much good. Faby’s elimination and participation was a joke. Goya was pinned for a one count, Ayako jumped off her back to cut people off, and Tirantes decided that was close enough to a three count. Announcers were baffled and understandably so. A lot of the match seemed built around Big Mami, more than I needed.

Argenis wins

The cage match was the same lucha match as ever, with guys just doing spots and occasionally teasing escaping but nothing meaning anything until the finish kicks in. Mesias spearing Cuervo looked good. Scoria taking a powerbomb thru a table, and then popping back to the life to escape (in something never quite shown) was not good. This match felt like they were dropping the Mesias/Pagano breakup angle cold despite them losing and now having the actual reason to break up. On the other hand, it was also clear they were the better team and Secta were just lucky that Cuervo got speared thru the fence. They came up with a spot that they can show a lot if they want, but I’m not sure the outcome did much for anyone.

The other tag match was just an angle instead of a match. It felt like Wagner turning tecnico, especially with him getting attacked by even more rudos after the match. And Monster & Murder went from a random top rudo push to being easily put down, maybe plans changed there. Crowd had no idea what to make of Cota and crew getting involved.

Next week looks like it should have the better matches and meaningful events. This one suffered from the poor Rey de Reyes card lineup they had to start with.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-03-18 

Mascara de Bronce

Recapped: 03/21/2017


All matches taped at Plaza de Toros Rodolfo Rodriguez el Pana, Apizaco, Tlaxcala on 03/05/2017 

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota, Soul Rocker defeated Lanzeloth, Máscara de Bronce, Venum (9:02, Carta Brava hanging double stomp on Máscara de Bronce, good, video link)

Angélico & Australian Suicide defeated Dark Cuervo & Joe Lider and Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Pirata Morgan to (possibly) earn an AAA tag team championship match (5:39, Angelico Fall of the Angels on Joe Lider, OK, video link)

Texano Jr. defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. and Psycho Clown to keep the AAA Heavyweight Championship (7:43, Texano backcracker on Wagner, OK, video link)

doom for Venum

What happened: Texano Jr. is still the AAA heavyweight champion, despite being forced into defending the championship in a three way match with Psycho Clown & Dr. Wagner. He got a little help. Mystery assailants kidnapped Psycho Clown prior to the match. Psycho made it back about six minutes into the match, just long enough to get a near pinfall on Texano via a destroyer (Wagner pulled out the ref) and then distract Dr. Wagner into a loss. Psycho claimed not to know who had attacked him.

Angelico & Australian Suicide may have won a tag team championship match. The announcers mentioned the three way match as for a title match, but it wasn’t mentioned in the graphics and may have been quietly dropped. Joe Lider took the loss after he and Cuervo had a miscommunication, and Cuervo & Scoria beat up Lider for his mistake after the match. Lider is now 0-2 since the Perros del Mal have left and has been humiliated by his partners after both matches.

Mary Apache revealed her injury is a skull fracture and talked about her history of head injuries. A previous injury kept her out for three years. It’s unclear when she’ll return.

Aerostar & Super Fly argued some. The show ended with the Lucha Underground trailer for Netflix.

There were 22 minutes and 24 seconds of action on this show


unclear if anyone has caught Angelico on a dive in the last six months

They broke the AAA formula. The matches came off not as regimented as usual, or at least with new ideas and didn’t feel as much like the different people being plugged into the same setup. The openers are usually a brief tecnico warmup, a sub two minute beatdown, tecnico dives and that’s it. This opener had a little of that, but it kept going back and forth between the two sides for the last few minutes, to the point where even the final sequence between Bronce & Carta Brave could’ve gone either way. The tag team title match was in the mold of the really fun matches from Angelico & Jack Evans tag title run, with a fast pace and lots of pinfall breaks ups. It didn’t have the time or the quality of the others ones, but the effort was there. The main event felt more like a CMLL lightning match, with Wagner & Texano rushing into get pinfall chances (and not just aimlessly brawling for eight minutes before they did the ‘real’ stuff.) There’s no one right way to have matches, but it gets numbing if you have them the same way all the time. Shaking those things up is an obvious positive of the creative change. I didn’t think the matches were great (and I’d still like to see one get time) but it feels like they’re trying to get there.

There was still a lot of Vampiro on this show, but it didn’t feel like the show was about Vampiro this week. It’s hard to know what the show was about; they spent some time on the Rey de Reyes show and it was impossible to miss how nothing on this show had anything to do with that lineup. But it still feels more like something is happening here much more than before.

a nice SSP

The other obviously immediate change is the return of vignettes. There were the Apaches discussing (and reinforcing) what had happened last week, Psycho & Wagner both taunting poor Texano about how they were going to take the title away from him, Psycho getting stuffed into a van. AAA’s felt like they were mostly just rolling out matches for the last year, and now it feels like there’s more effort in making them matter.

The changing matches thing is still something to wait and see about. It’s a normal US thing and not as much in Mexico. The crowd was very unhappy when they didn’t think Psycho Clown was going to wrestle in the main event as scheduled. He got a big reaction when he turned up, but only showing up for about 90 seconds might have left people disappointed.

That opener was really good. Soul Rocker struggled a bit, but everyone else was really good and Mascara de Bronce’s tornillo looked great. They’re still having trouble catching all the dives these guys do, but they looked spectacular when we saw them.

Psycho’s already hurting before this

AAA on Televisa: 2017-03-11 

new champion

Recapped: 03/13/2017

All matches taped 03/05/2017 in Plaza de Toros Rodolfo Rodriguez el Pana, Apizaco, Tlaxcala. Full epsiode is on AAA’s channel.


Argenis [O], Big Mami, Dinastía, El Elegido beat Dave The Clown, La Hiedra, Mini Abismo Negro, Parka Negra [X] (moonsault, 7:02, ok)

Super Fly defeated Bengala (powerbomb, 5:09, good)

Faby Apache beat Ricky Marvin © to win the AAA World Trios Championship (Chessman chair show→inside cradle, 4:32, good)

What happened:

a nice Abismo/Dinastia sequence

Faby Apache (and presumably Mary Apache & El Apache) are the new AAA Trios Champions. Faby won the titles for her team all by herself, defeating Ricky Marvin in an impromptu one on one match. Announcer Jesus Zuniga, as part of many moments on the show where he spoke for Vamprio, explained the scheduled Apaches vs OGT match was off because Apache was away with “personal issues” and Mary had been hurt in an accident. (One very short clip of Mary in ambulance was shown twice; it appeared to be something filmed from a previous angle being reused.) Averno – not Vampiro – proposed Faby put up her and her families’ career for a shot at ‘their dream’, the AAA trios championship. Faby accepted without hesitation, and won when Chessman accidentally hit Marvin with a chair. OGT seemed slightly upset with each other after the match, but not to the point of breaking up (at least yet.)

Super Fly defeated Bengala in another match announced by Announcer Jesus Zuniga as being a decision of Vampiro when Aerostar was ruled unable to compete. Super Fly earlier said he’d been looking all around for Vampiro to ask him about this match and could not find him anywhere. Everyone was certain Aerostar would still compete at Rey de Reyes, though Super Fly believed Aerostar wasn’t as much hurt as scared of him.

(AAA hyped both of these matches as if they would happen as scheduled during the show, a break from times where they’d give away the changes in the lineup screen.)

Texano Jr. visited the AAA offices in his own search to find Vampiro. He did not find him, but found a closet marked as Vampiro’s office. Inside was a note and a candle. The note explained Texano would have to defend his heavyweight title against Psycho Clown & Dr. Wagner. Texano was displeased to read that, and more so when the light mysteriously blew out.

More La Llave de la Gloria footage was shown, with Villano coaching and in-ring highlights shown. Some of the eventual ‘winners’ in this round (Papillon, Douki, Hanaoka) got interview time, though the winners haven’t been announced on the show yet.

The Lucha Retro segment was on the first Relevos Mixicos de Locura match, as an innovative match part of AAA’s 25 year history

Carta Brava Jr., who talks to the son of the original who accompanied his fathers to all his matches. Calls out Argenis.

The técnicos won an atomicos opener.


moonsault looked better than the landing

Vampiro! Vampiro! VAMPIRO! Not five seconds afrer the opening mentioned, the announcers screaming about an announcement Vampiro made. Super Fly’s promo was tangentially about Aerostar ducking him, but pointedly about Super Fly not being able to find Vampiro. Bengala doing well in the match was about Vampiro putting him into that position. Vampiro was put over in the NotiAAA. Vampiro was specifically the one for knowing the Apaches weren’t there. Texano had to find Vampiro’s office and it was another Vampiro mystery, with Vampiro’s non appearance the real biggest story of the show. Vampiro!!!

This was way too much Vampiro. It would be way too much anyone. They sure seemed to set up Vampiro as the biggest and most important person on the show, which might even work in the short-term but doesn’t address any of their long term issues. There hasn’t been any show domination like this on AAA TV since Konnan and the Roldans were at their most visible, and even then it seemed to be split among them. This was all a lot of attention one one guy, including in some parts (like announcing the people who were missing the show) were it didn’t seem to be needed.

Vampiro not actually being on-screen, but being refereed to as some all-powerful Oz, doesn’t make it better. And Vampiro as a mysterious shadowy guy doesn’t work when we’re seeing him as just a normal wrestling dude in the La Llave de la Gloria segments. I’m guessing they purposefully lead the show off with that segment to get it as far away from the spooky message at the end, but those two concepts can’t really work on the same show together.

Maybe this was one just one weird taping and it’ll get better on a more normal show (or after they actually watch this show.) There are more changes on there than Vampiro. Both the Super Fly/Aerostar and Apaches/OGT feud got video packages to make it clear how things got to this point, and Super Fly got an actual in ring promo before a match. I’m sure this isn’t right, but it feels like Super Fy hasn’t done a promo since season 1 of Lucha Underground (and he seems much more confident in his role here than there.) The Apaches/OGT video package even made a note of Secta’s win last week, so it doesn’t just feel like a random outcome that was never mentioned again.

The Hijo del Tirantes deal deserves it’s own space. It’s clear this week that not only has he been told not to do rudo referee spots, everyone’s been told to treat him like he’d never done one. The announcers stay away from the obvious Faby/Tirantes issues and even Faby’s in the same spot. There was a moment in the Marvin/Apache match where the crowd that Faby got a three count. It was two, a fair two, the crowd was just a bit anxious to see her win, but any count where the fans disagree with Tirantes is usually a moment for Faby to get in Tirantes face for a reaction. She just moved right along this week. I’m really fine with no more rudo referee spots, it’s what I’ve wanted all along, but I still feel cheated there’s this years long story about Tirantes cheating Faby and the payoff is everyone agrees to never talk about it again. I’m cautious at asking for even more Vampiro, but there needs to be some in front of the camera bit where Tirantes is told to knock it off to mirror whatever’s clearly happened behind the scenes. Right now, we’re mostly expected to forget something that’s been a focus of the promotion for years.

Bengala sliding headscissors

The Super Fly/Bengala was the most effective match of the show, with Bengala looking good in a rare singles chance for him and Super Fly getting the clean win he needed. It lacked a bit in drama; Super Fly won on the first big move he tried, and Bengala never felt that close to winning. (A problem here is even I can’t remember what Bengala’s using as a finisher, it doesn’t come up much.) Super Fly seems much more comfortable as a rudo now than he even did a few years ago, and there’s reason to have hope for the mask match.

Faby/Marvin had drama, but the stakes didn’t mean anything. I don’t believe the fans really thought for a second Faby was at risk of losing her career, because she didn’t spend a second thinking about it herself. OGT freaked out about losing their trios titles for minutes, selling the idea it meant a lot to them. The crowd got into the idea of Faby defeating a man in a singles match, but the idea of winning titles for her not present family members didn’t mean anything. Remember, this match was never supposed to be a title match – it was a lumberjack match of all things – so everything about the stipulations for this match was strange in the recap and just as strange on TV. The one difference on TV is it came across like they were opening the door for the OGTs to be done soon. That’d be quick, it’d make sense to take the titles of them while they could, but I’m not sure. The match itself was alright and helped by the energy, with the short time making it feel like a midstoryline Lucha Underground match than anything AAA usually provides.

Super Fly/Bengala also felt different from what normally airs on TV, which was a nice change from the opening atomicos. That followed the same formula as usual, including the super rushed heel beatdown segment in the middle of the match. Everyone seemed motivated to work really hard, but that didn’t mean it looked all that good. Elegido was the leader in doing a lot without doing much well, but Argenis ending moonsault looked particularly poor. Big Mami seemed to get a lot more attention than Dinastia, a worrying development. Mami even got to do her comedy back bridge spot while didn’t get to do his cool one.