AAA on Twitch: 2019-06-16 (Verano de Escandalo)

Fenix dive

Recapped: 06/16/2019


Keyra beat Lady Shani and Chik Tormenta
(8:30 seen, Keyra cradle + double stomp Shani, ok?)

Faby Apache beat Hijo del Tirantes
(9:07, Faby dropkick Hijo del Tirantes, ok)

Mamba & Máximo beat Australian Suicide & Sammy Guevara
(12:46, Sammy Guevera SSP Mamba, ok)

Laredo Kid & Taya beat Daga & Tessa Blanchard
(14:34, Laredo Fly on Daga, good)

Aerostar, Pagano, Puma King beat Chessman, Killer Kross, Monsther Clown
(10:33, Puma powerbomb thru a ladder Chessman, below average)

Hijo Del Vikingo, La Parka, Myzteziz Jr. beat La Hiedra, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr.
(13:23, Vikingo reverse 450 splash La Hiedra, ok)

Fénix & Pentagón Jr. beat Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson © for the AAA World Tag Team Championship
(11:54, package piledriver/double stomp on Nick, great)

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown beat Blue Demon Jr. & Taurus
(17:23, Wagner Wagner Driver Demon, ok)

What happened:

everyone lived

Dr. Wagner defeated Blue Demon cleanly with a Wagner Driver in the main event (following a slow-motion table break.) This is not the last time these two will face before TripleMania, but it was a rare clean pin on the last major show prior.

The Lucha Brothers defeated the Young Bucks to win back the AAA Tag Team championship. A second referee was involved to count the pin, which normally doesn’t mean anything in AAA but the Jacksons did point it out in the post-match. No one came out to challenge the new champs.

Vikingo beat La Hiedra to win the sixth match, then was immediately attacked by the rudos. Myzteziz, who had second earlier been powerbombed thru a table, ran off the rudos with a chair. Vikingo being attacked was part of a run of three of five matches having post-match attacks with the rudos laying out the victorious tecnicos.

Aerostar attempted the same dive (or fall) from high up on a light tower. The landing did not go as well, with Aerostar bouncing off of Monster Clown and landing badly on the ground. He was checked out on the floor and then rushed on a backboard to the back. AAA’s Twitch moderator said Aerostar was ok but there’s been no other public statement about his status. (I’m skeptical of the story that Aerostar is ok but have nothing to report.) Kross attacked Puma after the match.


Daga attempted to use brass knucks to knockout Laredo Kid, but missed and got Tessa instead. The concept was that left Tessa unable to stop the count after Laredo got the Laredo Fly this time as she had done in Cancun, though the execution wasn’t perfect. (The knucks played off the finish in Cancun, where Daga actually did use knucks to the midsection to knock Laredo out, though AAA didn’t do the best job of showing it.)  

Chik Tormenta seconded Hijo del Tirantes and inteferred frequently. Faby Apache eventually took her out and defeated Tirantes. Tirantes & Tormenta beat up Faby after, suggesting the feud will continue.

Keyra cleanly beat Lady Shani to win the Reina de Reinas championship.

While promoted last night, and even early on the show by the English announcers, Cody never appeared on the show nor did anyone else with AEW.


die die die

Verano de Escandalo lived up and down to expectations. The first card this year not to undergo changes from what was advertised seemed to have few surprises in match quality. The matches that looked weak on paper happened as scheduled and were weak. The matches that look good on the card were good. Keyra winning the Reina de Reinas championship was the only surprising outcome on the night, and even there it’s arguable that Shani’s title reign had been important enough for a change to mean something. I guess Cody not being there was a surprise, but no one seemed to think Cody was meant to be at Verano de Escandalo except the AAA announcers.

Frustratingly, AAA’s technical problems on big shows appeared once again. There were no huge issues during Rey de Reyes or Guerra de Titanes or any normal AAA TV Instead, those show up with the most people they’ve had watching since last year’s TripleMania. The show was shifted to a half hour later start during the day, the transmission died during the opening match for about five minutes, the video packages either had no sound or the same audio playing twice. It wasn’t a disaster as others shows, but causal people tuning in probably were left with the impression of AAA being messy as always.

(There also seemed to be some general Twitch issues which didn’t relate to anything AAA but still cause people to have problems watching. The Spanish stream played smoother than in the past for me and reports were the English stream was better than last night. The crowd didn’t seem miced well early on but was better later in the show.)

I think casual fans were also left with the same sort of wild variety they might get out of TripleMania every year. This show lacked the match to match greatness found on TV shows earlier this year and substituted with a lot of freak show elements. There are some heel flyers versus exoticos, there’s lots of blood in the main event, there’s a guy falling from 30 feet and there are so many cookie pan shots. It was a more a spectacle than a showcase of wrestling matches, a choice AAA seems to make every time they have a very large crowd.

make room for Psycho Clown


The Young Bucks versus the Lucha Brothers was the great wrestling match that needed to balance this show out. I feel like I’m the only person in the world who’d care to see their Double or Nothing match who has not seen it yet, so I understand that’s probably the right comparison to make and I’m not equipped to make it. This was a much hotter and longer version of the Rey de Reyes match, but that felt likely just barely a real match. They made a good choice here to start fast and go quick, a slow building twenty-minute match would’ve have worked as well on a show destined to get three and a half hours. It didn’t feel like the two teams brought a lot they didn’t do before, but they did what they normally do well and very much worked for a crowd that isn’t as numb to this style as American fans might be. It also helped that the Bucks played more overtly heel during the match, with the fans finally catching on why they should be invested in the outcome during the match. (All the video packages and the attack earlier in the show didn’t mean as much as the first few minutes of the match, it seemed.) Tirantes being involved seemed like a very bad idea. He was slow to get in position on some pins but otherwise did everything they needed him to and didn’t stray into getting himself over. There probably should’ve been something at the end to attach this very AEW feud to the rest of the AAA. There was no particular sense of even when we’ll see the Lucha Brothers again or if it’ll happen before TripleMania. The Lucha Brothers won and didn’t get stuck into something that might not be good, so it’s fine with me.

I don’t have a strong take on what was the second best match on the show. There was a whole bunch of matches that were close enough to throw a sheet on, which could all be rated ok or good but I’d have a hard time calling them better than that. The main event was the same AAA main event you know and either love or are exhausted by, just with a couple less people than usual. Psycho got to do his thing in front of a big crowd that loved him. Wagner made the critical mistake of winning cleanly in the last big match before TripleMania.

sucide murdered

The La Parka trios was similar to last night, with two matches going on alternatively. Parka & Texano had some very weird interactions, while Vikingo & Myzteziz flipped around a lot when they got a chance. Be it injury or luck, Vikingo was more off tonight than he’s been for a while. People who’ve heard the name but not seen him might have gone away thinking Myzteziz was just as good if only Myzteziz didn’t nearly end himself on a springboard shooting star press.

Laredo Kid & Taya versus Daga & Tessa hit a slow stretch during the rudo control period. Daga & Tessa seemed eager to try out some teamwork spots together, but the pace wasn’t there. It could’ve still worked if it picked up a lot on the comeback, it just never really got to the top level of Laredo Kid matches. The brass knucks stuff felt out of place in this match (though it made a lot more sense when I got the explanation of how it happened last night) and didn’t seem like it went totally as intended. I liked the Laredo Kid matches better without the screwy finishes; maybe this dynamic will work better with Drago & Daga.

I want to give the women’s match the benefit of the doubt because a chunk of it was missing. It was fine while it lasted. Tormenta breaking out the knee drop to the floor was different. Lady Shani’s reign suffered from being an afterthought in so much. Stuff like her double submission spot here suggests she’ll still be useful in the future even if she’s just back in miscellaneous tag matches. Keyra got in some of her signature stuff, but her finish – a roll thru a cradle and a double stomp – really isn’t anything associated with her (more Taya) and didn’t come off as impactful. If AAA was going to do a clean finish where the champ loses, there were more impressive ways for Keyra to get her first championship.

I guess it worked.

You sort of have to hope something was wrong with Pagano. If Pagano was that bad healthy and clean, there’s really no hope. I’m not sure those other problems could necessarily be fixed either, but at least there’s a chance. He was quite bad, Aerostar’s light tower dive would’ve been unnecessarily even if it worked right (it definitely did not) and this feels like the millionth time we’ve seen someone win and get beat up by Kross. This match could only be considered a success in that I have no new GIFs of Scarlett that will get people angrily quote tweeting me for the next three days. I’m good there.

That match could’ve gone missing without being missed. Same thing to Guevara & Suicide versus the Exoticos. Maximo & Mamba didn’t get to do much of their gimmick last night, so you could charitable watch this as Sammy & Australian helping their opponents get over. You could also watch this as the foreign rudos goofing around for large portions of an overly long match. (Not everything needs 10 minutes. This did not need 10 minutes.) No one in this match seemed particularly motivated to be part of it, everyone seemed aware that they could do whatever and it didn’t really matter. This is not a good formula for a suitable big show match.

Faby Apache & Hijo del Tirantes was not as bad as feared. It was helped by Chik Tormenta wrestling roughly 40% of the match for Tirantes. (In a better world, this would set up Tormenta as Tirantes surrogate going better. In reality, Tormenta was just the person who couldn’t do much.) This was another match that felt like it went well too long. Hijo del Tirantes going 50/50 with Faby Apache might keep him strong for his indie work but I don’t know that it actually helps this feud or these matches. Tirantes being able to take some headscissors did help, though not as much as if Faby Apache had a real opponent to work with.

AAA on Twitch: 2019-06-15 (Cancun)


Recapped: 06/16/2019


Invencible Jr. & Tiger Fly beat Corsario Jr. & Guerrero Galactico
(7:26, Invencible top rope huracanrana Corsario jr., good, 00:22:01)

Maximo & Mamba beat Hijo del Tirantes & Keyra
(14:00, Maximo kiss Tirantes, below average, 00:37:20)

Chik Tormenta, La Hiedra, Tessa Blanchard beat Lady Shani, Scarlett Bordeaux, Taya
(11:05, Tessa Buzzsaw DDT Taya, ok, 01:11:32)

Sammy Guevara beat Myzteziz Jr. and Puma King
(8:12, Sammy Guevara shooting star press Myzteziz, ok, 01:31:04)

Daga beat Laredo Kid
(16:28, Daga double stomp to the head, good, 01:48:12)

Hijo del Vikingo, La Parka, Aerostar beat Monster Clown, Chessman, Australian Suicide
(15:47, Vikingo reverse 450 splash, good, 02:13:21)

Dr. Wagner Jr., Pagano, Psycho Clown beat Killer Kross, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr.
(19:17, DQ Rey Escorpion for fouling Psycho Clown, ok, 02:42:10)

What happened: 

after all this time, Daga’s last name turned out to be Omega

Puma King attacked Killer Kross in the main event, payback for an earlier attack. Rey Escorpion used one of the few ways you can get disqualified in AAA these days, a foul, to end the main event. Escorpion unmasked Psycho Clown as well and the collective rudo force left the tecnicos laying to end the show.

Hijo del Vikingo won the semi-main but suffered a chest or rib injury in the process. He was eventually able to refuse a backboard and walk off with help from his partners but he was clearly in pain.

Daga helped Tessa to win with a superkick to Taya. Tessa repaid the favor, first stopping a Laredo Kid pinfall count and then distracting from a foul to set up Daga’s win in the singles match. Taya ran out after, setting up the sides for tomorrow’s tag match.

a Corsario Jr. highlight

Sammy shot footage for his vlog during this match and beat Myzteziz with a shooting star press. Kross attacked Puma and Myzteziz after, with Sammy electing not to get involved this time.

Tirantes wrestled in the second match (the first was all locals) but did not referee on this show.

Cody Rhodes and other AEW surprises were announced for Verano de Escandalo.


I watched this on the English feed and was left so frustrated by the experience that I’m probably shelling out $5 to switch back to a commercial-free version of the Spanish feed for Verano de Escandalo. I discovered I really need crowd noise to enjoy wrestling matches and the sound underneath the announcers was completely muted this time. The Cancun crowd was loud and rowdy (perhaps too rowdy) but you couldn’t get a sense of it watching on the English feed. I just could not get in most of this show and you may have a different experience watching it later on YouTube. The AAA English feed is a noble experiment to broaden AAA’s reach and I suspect it’ll keep going to MSG, but it remains a disappointing experience. Right now, it just checks off a box to sponsors and investors – “yes, we’re also in English now too” – but does no more than that.

Laredo Kid

Daga versus Laredo Kid was the best match on the night. It started a bit slow and got into some high action as it went along. Laredo Kid has been the best wrestler in AAA since the end of the Lucha Capital tournament and continued showing his consistent ability to have exciting matches. Daga again had his best performance so far, though this didn’t reach the levels of the Vikingo match (and the Daga/Drago match is going to be more of a challenge.) The problem with doing Daga versus Laredo Kid right now is neither guy really should be taking a pinfall at this moment. AAA felt the need to do something screwy with the finish to leave some doubt, but it also takes away from the match when people are running into the ring to get the referee to stop the count (and that’s not even the finish.) I wonder if a draw would’ve worked better, though I’m unsure if AAA crowd would’ve accepted that sort of finish. What they really could’ve used is two replacements for the people who were missing, so they could’ve changed a few matches around and made this a tag.

The rest of the show was alternating fine and forgettable. The locals opener probably was the second best match on the show, with the Quintana Roo luchadors trying to steal the show via every hot move they knew. Tiger Fly stood out for his movement most on the tecnico side. Corsario Jr. was the most enthusiastic of the two rudos, though also hilarious in having to attack the tecnicos afterward to protect his heat on whatever indie shows he works in this town.

this was creative

Puma/Sammy/Myzteziz was a lot of moves that flowed well at times and did not at others. Puma’s outfit looked great. I’m not sure if Sammy vlog-ing works as a rudo bit for the Mexico crowd as much as it does for indie ones. The women’s trios match didn’t work as well as the previous one. Scarlett was not in that and got a lot of focus in this one, though she didn’t seem to be particularly the problem. It just felt like more of an off-night match outside of Lady Shani’s cool sequence of cradles. Parka/Vikingo/Aerostar vs Chessman/Suicide/Monster was two very different matches that happened to be occurring at the same time. It seemed like a complete waste of Vikingo & Aerostar for about half the match, then Aerostar was falling from 20 feet and Vikingo was doing quick back and forths with Suicide and crazy spots onto Chessman. There’s a story to be told about how Vikingo couldn’t beat Suicide last year and has easily surpassed him this year but I don’t think early 2018 AAA still counts at this point.

The main event was the usual AAA formula main event, with maybe a little bit longer match and a little bit more brawling. You have seen it on literally every AAA TV taping. I’m not sure how anyone would handle it if AAA put a singles match on last for a non-TripleMania card, it would be too weird. The exoticos vs Tirantes/Keyra match was not good at all, with the exoticos not looking good and not exactly set up to win by facing a woman and a referee. The more Tirantes is in these, the more exposed he gets; the only hope here is he’s been so exposed that AAA will decide they need Tirantes to put his hair up as a second versus Faby Apache instead of wrestling the match himself. There was no reason for him to wrestle here once Faby Apache wasn’t on the card except they needed someone to make up the numbers, but AAA should’ve known Faby (and Texano) weren’t going to be here long enough to find Villano III Jr. or Parka Negra and send them instead.


AAA on Twitch: 2019-05-25 (Queretaro)

nice to have Eterno back

Recapped: 05/26/2019


La Parkita, Eclipse Jr. beat Mini Histeria, Mini Monster Clown
(9:14, La Parkita top rope headscissors Mini Monster Clown, good,

Tiger Boy, Lady Maravilla, Villano III Jr. beat Big Mami, Draztick Boy, Niño Hamburguesa
(12:49, Lady Maravilla frog splash Big Mami, good, 00:52:15)

Dinastia beat Flamita and La Parka Negra
(7:58, good,

Chik Tormenta, Keyra, Tessa Blanchard beat Faby Apache, Lady Shani, Taya
(10:48, Tessa Buzzsaw DDT Taya, good,

Hijo Del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, Myzteziz Jr. beat Australian Suicide, Eterno, Súper Fly
(13:33, Vikingo reverse 450 splash Eterno, great,

Chessman, Daga, Taurus beat Drago, Pagano, Murder Clown
(13:54, Chessman mist/foul Pagano, good,

Dr. Wagner Jr., Psycho Clown, La Parka, Puma King beat Blue Demon Jr., Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr., La Hiedra
(14:36, Dr. Wagner pin Blue Demon following Galeno del Mal frogsplash, ok,

What happened:

Draztick corner tope con giro

Dr. Wagner wore a Silver king tribute outfit in his first AAA TV appearance since the death of his brother. Galeno del Mal seconded Wagner. Demon beat up Galeno, setting up Galeno getting involved for the finish.

Daga challenged Drago to a title match, and Drago accepted. Pagano also wanted an extreme match with Chessman.

Eterno replaced Jack Evans, doing the same Demonio Infernal trio character as in IWRG. It’s his first AAA appearance since 2014.

Early in the show, Daga comes out to again say he’s here to win championships and mocks the fans for never having traveled to Europe and not knowing lucha libre. Daga talks about Tessa about being the best women’s wrestler in the world, which gets him interrupted by Taya. Taya comes out to generally get in Daga’s face about his attitude towards everyone and Mexico. Daga does not react well and gets slapped and forearmed to start a fight. Tessa makes the save for Daga. Johnny Mundo is not here to make the save, so Laredo Kid does instead, with Daga & Tessa running out. Konnan points out this is a match happening at Verano de Escandalo. Later, Daga helped Tessa win with a clothesline right in front of the referee

Konnan adds himself to the announce crew for the show, with Hugo Savinovich at AEW instead. La Parkita and Tiger Boy were dropped from the opener. Eclipse Jr. is still Lanezlot. I’ve just noticed the referees are wearing generic shirts instead of sponsored ones, but that might have been going on for a few tapings.


Faby hard powerbomb

The usual AAA main event format finished off, with the rudos dominating, the técnicos running thru all their offense, and then madness on the finish. Non match participant Galeno del Mal getting the winning the move was not madness I would’ve predicated but AAA is hard to predict that way. La Hiedra was out of place being the one to catch Puma King’s dive and Texano taking table bumps for La Parka was odd, but they got thru it ok.

Pagano & Chessman featured heavily in the semi-main, which was not great for what I wanted to see. Also wasn’t great how the cameras mostly missed the mist spot; it was a rough day for camera switching again. Announcers heavily pushed a Daga/Drago match and they did a big series late in the match of reversals, but it didn’t come off smoothly. This match did have a lot of big spots that worked well, with Murder Clown continuing to be a highlight worker. Borderline match for me, could see going higher.

Parkita tornillo

The Jinetes del Aire match was their best as a trios away from Poder del Norte. Eterno looked great, helping Myzteziz look so much better than he had in recent appearances. Eterno and Vikingo was a great combination too, and another moment where the crowd totally rallied behind Vikingo. Laredo Kid was a super worker in this one. I’m not sure where he was going with Suicide on the springboard spot but everything else came off tight. Super Fly did well, Suicide didn’t do as much rudo work but his offense kept the match moving when the rudos were in control. This was a fun watch.

The women’s match was really good, something where the trios match just flowed really well to the finish. The rudas worked well together on the control segment. Tessa continued to blend well into the AAA matches. Keyra pulling out a rope flip moonsault was cool. The tecnica comeback got a strong reaction and they hit all their big moves good. The finish of Daga interfering and Tirantes allowing it because he’s evil (not that anyone calls a DQ here) made sense and was a less a direct Tirantes involvement than usual, but it was still weird to people not used to working in AAA. AAA building to the undercard mixed tag is also very weird.

Psycho ringspot dive

Flamita & Dinastia opened with a beautiful exchange to start their match. It wasn’t really as consistent as that the rest of the way. Flamita shined as being more complete and more polished than his opponents here. Dinastia particularly was up and down all match. The botched flip he did before the stand off Flamita would’ve gotten him killed in front of a harder crowd. This one more was just indifferent. There was good action between Parka Negra & Dinastia leading to the finish and it makes sense for the técnico who is sticking around to get the win, but AAA’s going to miss Flamita when he’s gone.

The mixed match seemed as though it was headed to a handicap match with Hamburguesa being disinterested in participation, but it rounded into a much better match as it went along. Lady Maravilla’s evil plans are finally consistently working for her; it feels like it’s looking to a mixed tag title match and maybe AAA will reshuffle cards to make it happen. Tiger Boy was active in his return to a stream. He took a big bump off a Hamburguesa shot and Villano III Jr. immediately took a bigger one. Villano’s not going to lose his death spot, not when it finally has him winning matches. Draztick Boy had really nothing to do except like a one minute stretch late in the match mostly with Maravilla. He still looked great and got in a Spanish Fly to the floor on Tiger Boy just for fun. Draztick being in the matches Flamita has been the last few months while Flamita returns to Dragon Gate would be good more.

Saying the AAA minis opener was better than all the CMLL minis match this year doesn’t mean really mean much. This match explained the problems. I’m not sure the CMLL minis are any less talented than La Parkita but La Parkita gets to do a lot more than they do and the action moves along a lot better in these matches than the CMLL versions of them. Eclipse looks cooler than Lanzelot and he was on point this one. The rudos kept up well and that match finished pretty excitingly.

AAA on Twitch: 2019-06-09 (Monterrey)


Recapped: 06/09/2019


Baby Xtreme, Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa beat Komander, Lady Maravilla & Villano III Jr.
(11:44, Big Mami Gori Bomb Lady Maravilla, ok, 00:24:32)

Keyra & Tessa Blanchard beat Faby Apache & Lady Shani
(9:59, Keyra double stomp Lady Shani, ok, 00:51:59)

Golden Magic & Myzteziz Jr. beat Australian Suicide & Villano III Jr.
(12:45, Golden Magic moonsault slam Villano III Jr., great, 01:15:21 )

Laredo Kid © beat Hijo Del Vikingo for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
(18:13, Laredo Fly, excellent, 01:38:51)

Aerostar, Drago beat Daga, Monsther Clown
(11:38, Aerostar code red Monsther Clown, good, 02:07:49)

Rey Escorpión, Taurus, Texano Jr. beat Dr. Wagner Jr., Puma, Psycho Clown
(18:40, Rey Escorpion spear thru a table Psycho Clown, good, 02:30:05)

What happened:

lots of usage of the ramp tonight

Rey Escorpion used as La Hiedra distraction to unmask Psycho Clown, then speared him thru a table for the win.

Keyra challenged to Shani to a title match, though she took too long to do it so Shani just stole the mic to accept it for Verano de Escandalo. They brawled, as did Tessa & Keyra.

Big Mami demanded Nino Hamburguesa choose between her and Lady Maravilla. Before he could, Daga attacked him with a chair. Daga’s reasoning was he was upset he wasn’t a champion but people like Hamburguesa & Mami were. Daga went to hit Mami with a chair, but Hamburguesa made the save. Tessa came out to help Daga and Drago eventually showed up to clear the ring.

Konnan appeared to promote the Young Bucks/Lucha Brothers match at the start of the match.


creative use of the ropes

I’m switching to the English feed starting with this broadcast. They’ve made some improvements, I never had a problem with the stream dropping frames, and I figure this is the stream people are going to be asking me about next week. One of the announcers noted the pre-match attack was the same Mercenarios we see every week, more in frustration in the rudos cheating than my usual frustration with seeing the same AAA main event style weekly. The hot crowd drove this to be better than usual. Los Mercenarios all being together as one unit, which we haven’t really gotten to see since the changes, helped too. They come off as easily more energetic than the old configuration, with La Hiedra interfering fitting right into the AAA chaos. The crowd was way into Dr. Wagner (and chanting for Silver King), and maybe that helped motivate him to take the painful looking Samoan drop to the floor thru a table. Rey Escorpion actually beating Psycho Clown makes me think that might go somewhere someday and was helped by being the only really shady ending on the show.

There was no way for Drago & Aerostar versus Daga & Monsther Clown match to follow what had come right before. It definitely hurt the reactions of the match, but it came together for a good match with a few good moves. Aerostar & Drago had cool offense set up by the rudos. Monster Clown looked slower than his previous matches Daga was sharp. This would’ve worked better in a different context; maybe the Konnan promo would’ve been better to break up the matches here.

Laredo Kid and Hijo del Vikingo had one of the best matches of the year. It was an outrageous battle of big offense, both well timed and well executed. They pulled off creative moved and they built towards a dramatic end where every pinfall seemed like it could be it for minutes. We have no idea how good Hijo del Vikingo can be. There were spots in this match, the springboard twist headscissors among them, that just have never been done before and make me wonder about even crazier spots left to come. Laredo Kid has long been capable of top flight matches when given the opportunity, he is going to always rise to the challenge of a double springboard setting up to a Spanish Fly. Vikingo is still a kid, a kid who showed spectacular ability in tags and trios but hadn’t really put it together in a singles match yet. Vikingo absolutely did here. Laredo Kid should be given lots of credit for being right opponent, but this came off feeling like another step in Vikingo’s ascension. It is impossible to know how high he can go.

how is this possible

Magic/Myzteziz vs Suicide/Villano was a superb AAA action match, with all the big moves you could want. Golden Magic & Myzteziz are a great team, who knew. Both guys were consistently good during this match and had a surprising array of team moves. Myzteziz almost lost it on his big ramp assisted springboard headscissors but kept enough of it together. Villano III Jr. used that ramp in every way he could, looking like much more of a force than usual. Suicide had some crazy dives and crazy not-dives onto his feet. These guys came together great and it never slowed down. It would be nice to see Villano III Jr. get a win at some point but no other complaints.

The women’s match was disappointing early on, seemingly like they all weren’t on the same page on sequences. It got much better when Faby & Keyra were left in by themselves, with some intricate counters and cradles that looked impressive. Keyra did well in setting up her title match with a tricky pin and the three way they’re going to next (at least for the moment.) Tessa didn’t make as strong as an impression as her previous matches but it wasn’t meant for her this time.

The mixed tag feud was pretty not great for the first half and picked up a little bit in the latter moments. There have been more complete matches with this feud, and this one was heavy on selling the Hamburguesa indecision over the action. It was successful in that but limited the match. Baby Xtreme had a couple of good spots with La Hiedra but didn’t get to do his dive and didn’t make much of an impression. Aero 2000 Jr. did more but meant less.

AAA on Twitch: 2019-05-19 (Villahermosa)

Vikingo flip rana

Recapped: 05/19/2019


Big Mami & Dragón Bane vs Halcón 78 Jr. & Lady Maravilla
(6:49, Big Mami top rope splash Halcon 78 Jr., ok,

Chik Tormenta & Hijo del Tirantes & Tessa Blancard beat Faby Apache & Aztroluxe & Niño Hamburgesa
(11:57, Tessa Buzzsaw DDT, ok,

Australian Suicide beat Villano III Jr.Golden MagicFlamitaMyzteziz Jr. for an AAA Latin American title match (11:07, Australian Suicide sideways shooting star press Villano III Jr., good, 01:20:06)

Pagano beat Chessman in a TLC match
(14:07, Pagano Air Raid Crash, ok,

Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, Lady Shani beat Texano Jr., La Hiedra, Rey Escorpion
(12:45, triple powerbomb on Lady Shani, good,

Blue Demon, Daga, Killer Kross beat La Parka, Psycho Clown, Puma King
(14:40, Blue Demon foul La Parka, ok, 02:28:54)

What happened:

not sure why they used a ladder but it worked

Nino Hamburgesa & Chik Tormenta were the seconds for the TLC match. TLC matches – AAA singles matches in general – don’t often have seconds. They needed them here so they could hold the mist material for the finish. Pagano makes no attempt to be sneaky about getting it from Nino Hamburguesa about 10 seconds before he uses it. There’s also a double table spot in this match where Pagano misses his table entirely.

Suicide earned a title match with Drago at some point. Everyone in that match earned a beating from Killer Kross for some reason, with Puma showing up to run him off.

Lady Maravilla and Big Mami again got involved in the finish of the mixed tag match.


Suicide going in circles

Not a lot of thoughts on this one. Two tapings in back to back days will always make me run dry. Especially so when I was watching this sick. There’s also not a lot of new stuff when they’re running back to back tapings. The main event was a good example of this, the same usual AAA match with a couple of different people plugged into it. No Wagner meant no feud with Blue Demon, but the rest was the usual La Parka & Psycho Clown offense. It was fine but nothing to sink into.

Los Mercenarios came across as an effective unit by the end of the semi-main, instead of just the bumbling foils they usually do. They let Vikingo kill himself on a missed tope, they threw Laredo Kid far away and they just totally took out Lady Shani. Prior to that, the rudos did well in basing for the big tecnico big spots. La Hiedra seems like she’s fit in with her new team well, though she did seem to stay out of the way for most of this match. Not sure this is going to work as well with Myzteziz & La Parka replacing Laredo Kid & Lady Shani, but you can see the sort of idea.

The TLC match was a Pagano/Chessman match, complete with an insane dumb spot. They bled a lot. They did big prop spots not thinking about what they’d mean in the match (but they’ll look cool later in a clip). There was really no reason for it to be a TLC match, they only used the ladders as something to crash thru. It could’ve just been a table match or a regular extreme match, and it is strange they had Pagano win definitely (even getting his revenge mist spot) if they had planned on keeping the feud going. This does give the insanity you’d want from Pagano & Chessman if you want it at all.

Myzteziz coming thru

The five-way had all the moves. Just all the moves, with not much more for them. It would’ve worked better in a smaller building or a Naucalpan one and got a muted one here. The foul person superkick to Villano III Jr. got a better reaction than a lot of the tricky spots they did because the fans understood that. They wasn’t really an escalation of moves or a direction like you’d – the Golden Magic Cuerno Bomb probably should’ve been saved for another day if it wasn’t going to be the finish. These matches have a limited ceiling for me because either the work has to be great (and it was sloppy, more so early) or they have to do a story other than seeing every move and someone breaking it up. That’s all this was.

The segunda was the usual Niño Hamburguesa match, right down to the interference. It was also the usual Hijo del Tirantes/Faby Apache bits. Tessa seemed to do more here and might have been a better base than Halcón 78 Junior. You can tell AAA really likes her because they’ve made a point of her getting the winning pins when they usually don’t pay attention.

The opener was an easy, perfectly fine match that gave a few Dragon Bane highspots while keeping the main feud going. This feud could use the same rest that some of the other ones are getting, there’s no need to be doing it on every taping, but at least it didn’t overpower the match. Mami is beloved. Halcón 78 Jr. is pretty low on the totem pole to be taking the loss here.

AAA on Twitch: 2019-05-18 (Tuxtla Gutiérrez)

maybe move if a dive is coming at you

Recapped: 05/18/2019

All matches took place at Palenque de Tuxtla in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas


Golden Magic beat Dragón Bane
(5:56, moonsault bodyslam, good, 00:28:57)

Lady Maravilla & Halcón 78 Jr. beat Big Mami & Astrolux
(7:41, Maravilla frogsplash Big Mami, ok,

Niño Hamburguesa & Myzteziz Jr. beat Australian Suicide & Chik Tormenta
(11:10, Nino Hamburguesa splash Australian Suicide, below average,

La Hiedra & Tessa Blanchard beat Faby Apache & Lady Shani
(10:40, Tessa Buzzsaw DDT Apache, ok,

Chessman, Villano III Jr., Daga beat Hijo Del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, Flamita
(16:27, Daga double underhook front cracker Vikingo, good,

Killer Kross, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr. beat Puma King, Pagano, Psycho Clown
(13:23, Texano senton Pagano, ok, 02:21:10)

What happened:

Golden Magic moonsault

The main event was a no DQ match, which mostly was an excuse for a lot of cookie pan spots. Chessman spit mist in Pagano’s face, setting up Texano’s sequence for the win.

A segment that started with Puma King calling out Killer Kross saw a lot more people involved. Daga explained he was here to win titles and apparently was using the Perros del Mal music for the cheap pop. (He stopped after this, switching to the RED theme.) They ended up fighting, with Villano III Jr., Chessman, Laredo Kid, Hijo del Vikingo, Killer Kross and Pagano all getting involved. Kross fouled Pagano.

The finish of the mixed tag was a bit of a mess. Myzteziz tried a top rope 450 on both Suicide & Tormenta, and instead ended up landing boot first on Tormenta’s head. Referee Piero and ringside people notice immediately and work to get her out of the way and medical attention. At the same time, Lady Maravilla comes down for the planned distraction of Nino Hamburguesa. Myzteziz tries to drag Maravilla away. They stall long enough that Tormenta’s cleared out and Hamburguesa lands his splash on just Suicide. Tormenta is shockingly uninjured and wrestles the following day.


this wasn’t supposed to work out this way, but it did work

The main event went a while, didn’t do much for me. It may be me more than the match, which had decent action and the weapons stuff made it feel different than the rest of the card. Pagano was not good but he’s Pagano. Kross & Puma as an ongoing feud is weird – where are they even going after having already done a one-sided singles match?

The semi-main was the best match of the show easily. I was a lot of action and two teams on the same page. I thought it was Daga’s best performance since being back. Villano III Jr. continues to be willing to eat a lot of big moves and keep on going. Vikingo did some crazy things. Flamita should be the only guy who gets to do the 450 splash. They went back and forth breaking up pins a lot, which kind of stopped the momentum form building match, and the tight space prevented them from doing a lot outside the ring.

The women’s tag was a solid match if missing a little bit of excitement. It was weird how much La Hiedra seemed to be in the match; she seemed to take about 80% of it for her team. Tessa worked well with the Mexicans, but most of her time was spent setting up Hijo del Tirantes spots. They didn’t make her into as big a deal as they could’ve in her debut, she came off more as a random foreigner dropped in an unrelated feud.

Myzteziz really struggled in his match. The 450 at the end was a topper, a spot that didn’t have a great chance of working, but a lot of his other offense just looked off. He and Suicide didn’t mesh. Hamburguesa did a lot of what we had just seen with Big Mami. Chik Tormenta was fine but this one wasn’t going to be saved.

I didn’t like the mixed 2v2 tag at first. It came around a bit in the end, but the rudo control section wasn’t much. Halcón 78 Jr. is just a big guy, which saved Astrolux a time or two but doesn’t show a lot more while he’s on offense. Astrolux looked spectacular in his opportunities to do big spots, though it wasn’t as many of those as earlier these matches. These people all didn’t really fit together, they still did enough to make the crowd get into the match

The opener was a good quick high spot match. They did look sloppy at times, especially early, but they went a good length to do a lot of big spots and not run out of ideas. Dragon Bane seemed more in control than in other matches. Golden Magic borrowing one of Bandido’s big moves is amusing.

AAA on Twitch (Hermosillo): 2019-05-05

rolling moves are cool

Recapped: 05/05/2019


Samoano, Keyra beat Big Mami, Hijo del Tirantes and Niño Hamburgesa, Faby Apache
(9:22, Keyra moonsault Mami, ok,

Chik Tormenta & Lady Maravilla beat Mamba & Máximo
(11:49, Maravilla Devil’s wings Mamba, below average,

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana beat Myzteziz Jr., Flamita, Hijo Del Vikingo
(9:05, Mocho Cota Spanish Fly Flamita, great,

Arez, Monsther Clown, Taurus beat La Parka, Drago, Golden Magic
(12:08, Taurus Rodeo Driver Drago, ok, 01:30:10)

Chessman, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr. beat Dr. Wagner Jr., Pagano, Psycho Clown
(17:44, Chessman chair to the knee Pagano, ok,

What happened:

springboard spear

Psycho Clown went after the rudos post-match, only to take a spear from Taurus. La Parka, Vikingo, and Myzteziz beat them up. Poder del Norte ran thru the crowd to attack them. The rudos destroyed the tecnicos for an extended period.

La Parka harshly attacked Poder del Norte after their match for attacking his son way back when.

Maravilla seems to hurt her right shoulder during an armbar reversal sequence early on. She tried to wrestle thru it, and Hijo del Tirantes actually left the ring to check on her during the match. Mami ran in post-match to attack Maravilla, once again trying to legdrop and getting Maravilla mostly in the face. Tirantes also got beat up.


I have no idea

The main event was very ordinary. Two técnico posing bits felt like they were really stretching it up. Pagano finish seemed like a write off if this same bit of him being taken away with a horrible injury didn’t already happen every second match. Chessman had a better night than one before but wasn’t asked to do a lot. Psycho Clown tried but this wasn’t near as good as his match the previous show.

The semi-main had the La Parka match, which was rather not good, and they had everyone else, which had some definite moments. This was hard for me to watch because the framerate was dropping badly at points, but the action was good when it seemed to be moving at a good speed. Golden magic had a great headscissors. Arez got in his suplex when he wasn’t stooging for everyone. Taurus continued to look dangerous to the técnicos and probably should’ve teased a title match. Monster Clown working well with flyers gives some hope to the Aerostar feud if they’re going to do it.

The latest Poder del Norte match was just non stop action, coming off to with the dives off the entrance set and getting better after that. Poder del Norte are doing fewer chair spots ow and making them more effective, which is nice. They’ve also hit their finishing sequence so many times for the certain win, making it surprising when the pin was broken up. Vikingo let Flamita be the one to almost kill himself but still pulled out a few fling spots. The points where the match turned drastically were incredible. This feud continues to be great.

Taurus slam

The finish of the exoticos/women match was supposed to be a Maravilla one woman Spanish Fly on Mamba, only Mamba fell down before they could do it. It was that side of match, starting out with the Maravilla arm injury and featuring other messed up looking spots in the middle. Chik Tormenta is the only one who had anything close to a good match. Big Mami’s run-in didn’t help.

Having a pre-match promo changing the opener to a three-way tag and then the wrestlers ignoring it to do the same trios match was so aggressively dumb that it was hard to take the rest of the match seriously. At least if they set up Mami & Hamburgesa splitting up more it may have justified it, but they were more friends than when they started. The camerawork made it hard to figure why Mami didn’t win the match. Hijo del Tirantes is better doing a little and had to do a whole match here. This is not a good use of anyone’s time.

This opener was a trios match than Konnan arbitrarily changed it to a three-way tag match. The referee was a local who didn’t seem to be named, or maybe just a staff guy. He did have what would be normally considered refereeing gear. Lady Maravilla showed up just as the técnicos were going to win.

Golden Magic twisting headscissors

AAA on Twitch (Los Mochis): 2019-05-03

bad times for Vikingo

Recapped: 05/04/2019


Arez & Lady Maravilla beat Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa
(6:59, Arez foul? Lady Maravilla pin Hamburguesa, ok, 00:24:42)

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana beat Mamba, Máximo, Myzteziz Jr.
(11:56, Mocho Cota Jr. splash Mamba, ok,

Chik Tormenta, Keyra, Monsther Clown beat Drago, Faby Apache, Golden Magic
(7:56, Monster Clown inverted crucifix tossing slam Golden Magic, good,

Chessman & Taurus beat Flamita & Hijo Del Vikingo
(13:06, Taurus Rodeo Driver Vikingo, ok,

Rey Escorpión beat Psycho Clown in a lumberjack rules match
(13:00, powerbomb, good,

Blue Demon Jr. & Texano Jr. beat Dr. Wagner Jr. & Pagano
(10:59, Demon powder throw/small package Wagner, ok, 02:13:40)

What happened:

not sure about Golden Magic’s idea

Demon used a distraction to throw powder in Wagner’s face, though everyone had been using weapons all along.

Lady Maravilla, Poder del Norte, Chik Tormenta, Big Mami, Niño Hamburguesa, Hijo del Vikingo, Faby Apache and Myzteziz worked as seconds. They didn’t have straps. Rey Escorpión unmasked Psycho Clown after the clean win.

Faby Apache and Hijo del Tirantes had problems during the match. Faby challenges Tirantes to a singles match. And they fight for a moment until the rudos comes back to help.

Chik Tormenta

Poder del Norte tease unmasking Myzteziz Jr. after the match for a while, but just tease it waiting for a cue. They give it up and get their arm raised, then Vikingo shows up for the save. Challenges followed.

Niño Hamburguesa still doesn’t want to fight Lady Maravilla, but does accidentally take her out at times. Big Mami is increasingly annoyed, shoving down Hambuguesa at one point. Hamburguesa blocks Mami from attacking Maravilla, and gets fouled by Arez while arguing with her. Maravilla gets the pin and points to her head. Hamburguesa still doesn’t figure it out.


The main event was the usual Demon/Wagner it. Wagner gets beat up for a long time, turns the tide, and is suddenly powered up. Both men bled a bunch to get the brawl over. It wasn’t much worse than usual but it didn’t do much for me. Pagano and Texano basically had their own separate match, rarely interacting with the other two. Pagano headbutted a chair as an offensive move. It definitely was one. Doing a legdrop onto a ladder for no reason seemed an even dumber idea.

Mami splash

Your enjoyment of Flamita/Vikingo vs Chessman/Taurus is dependent on how much good spots outweigh bad spots for you. Chessman was bad in this, especially in the first half. He was being asked to do complicated things, it wasn’t like he was messing up simple moves, but the results were consistently horrible. It was bad enough to take me out of the match, even with the action improving dramatically in the last few minutes. Flamita wasn’t as good as last weekend but he’s still more polished than Vikingo, who is trying a few things that he couldn’t quite pull off (and one big one that he almost killed himself on.) Taurus and Vikingo match up well; I’m surprised Vikingo keeps taking pins, but I’m hoping they get a match to themselves at some point.

AAA lumberjack matches are usually bad news. This one was the best match on the show. The lumberjack antics usually overpower matches like this. Maybe not actually have straps helped, but the bigger idea here is that everyone (except Hamburgesa) seemed to get one and just one major interference spot during the match. They gave a break to the match and they got out of the way. Rey Escorpión and Psycho Clown were entertaining on their own and the gimmick felt like it actually added to the match instead of taking it away. Just a very good TV match.

seems familiar

The mixed trios was a match where everyone was working hard and everything seemed OK, only they’d have to stop every few minutes for a Hijo del Tirantes/Faby Apache bit. Those two didn’t figure into the finish at least. (Chik Tormenta tossing Drago to the ground in the background did.) Golden Magic had a good night, Chik Tormenta and Keyra’s offense looked good. This was a borderline match for me.

The exoticos matches remain simple. This one didn’t seem to get as over as the others, but there didn’t seem to be any particular reason why. Poder del Norte are not as interesting as exotico foils as against Myzteziz but they did their part here. Myzteziz got in a few high spots and seems to be more consciously doing Mistico spots now. Not sure that’s the best idea but they’re already down the bad idea path when they decided to give him the Myzteziz Jr. gimmick.

The mixed tag did move along the dynamic a bit – Mami and Hamburgesa are close to breaking up, Maravilla actually got a win – but probably was the weakest in-ring match of this recent run. It was slow at times and had moments of people waiting around for moves or repeating spots that didn’t work. Arez was fine, trying to play over the top to fit in, but this didn’t come together as well as others ones. This part of the breakup angle makes it hard to have a good match in general.

AAA on Twitch: 2019-04-28 (Nogales)

Psycho tope armdrag

Recapped: 04/28/2019


Chik Tormenta beat La Hiedra, Faby Apache, Lady Maravilla
(9:27, Chik Tormenta Styles Crash Lady Maravilla, good,

Jack Evans beat Villano III Jr., Australian Suicide, Taurus
(7:44, Jack Evans 630 senton Villano III Jr., good,

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana beat Flamita, Hijo Del Vikingo, Golden Magic
(11:04, Mocha Cota frog splash Golden Magic, good,

Killer Kross beat Puma King
(9:56, powerbomb, ok,

Murder Clown, La Parka, Niño Hamburguesa beat Averno, Chessman, Dave The Clown
(17:00, Hamburguesa splash Dave the Clown, ok, )

Laredo Kid, Psycho Clown, Puma King beat Rey Escorpión, Taurus, Texano Jr.
(15:45, Laredo Kid powerbomb Rey Escorpión, good,

What happened:

He lived.

The main event started as Psycho Clown & Laredo Kid versus the three rudos. Psycho Clown explained that originally scheduled partner Puma King was unable to wrestle after being beat up by Killer Kross earlier but they’d go it 2v3. Hijo del Vikingo ran out to turn the tide a few minutes in, continuing his staple of running in every main event that way. It was still 3v4 with La Hiedra getting involved with no problem. The rudos attacked Laredo about five seconds after he got the win, only for La Parka to walk out and hit each rudo with a chair to run them off.

Lady Maravilla did distract Nino Hamburguesa in the semi-main. It worked as a distraction but his team still rallied to win.

Killer Kross had been talking about becoming the Diablo of Monterrey – his nickname when he came back to Mexico as part of MAD’s beginnings. He wore white facepaint and had some Undertaker flourishes, including the pin.

Poder del Norte repeated their challenge for a trios title match after the their win.

The second match was originally a three way and originally for a cruiserweight title shot. It did not appear the title shot was still on the line, though it is possible Jack Evans will get one anyone.

Lady Shani, who is wrestling but not on TV cards for the next few weeks, did appear before the opener to offer a title shot to the winner. Chik Tormenta got the win.


Villano III Jr. just got over

I have no notes for the main event, which kind of many want to throw out the whole recap and just handle it differently. This Nogales show was a slightly different iteration from the Mexicali show two days prior. Most of the matches were pretty good, though it lacked something with the emotion or performance to feel must see. There was a match where someone won a title shot, with no explanation of when that match would be (and reasonable doubt that it would ever be a singles title match.) Both had really good Poder del Norte matches and Vikingo making main event run-ins. The Nogales show had a little less star power, with most of the Impact crew heading to Tornto, but slightly better overall matches. None of the matches which happened were advertised that way; AAA appears compelled to release lineups before they actually have decided what matches they’re going to run, and so this is going to keep on happening until they decide to release updated lineups when they figure it out.

This was a relatively small roster for these shows, but it was pretty much the right people. I have no idea why Taurus worked twice, but Taurus was good twice, just being a great base in both matches. Los Mercenarios never win, all the post-match attacks they do can’t really hide that, but they’re good opponents for the brawling & weird flying Psycho Clown wants to do. Laredo Kid & Vikingo are good and better off for being around Psycho; Vikingo especially seemed over earlier in the show, and teaming with Psycho earlier probably has helped break him out as much as the moves.

this is a pretty sure way to win

Poder del Norte had a better match this time out, the best match of the night, with Flamita, Golden Magic and Hijo del Vikingo fitting better as opponents. They were on fire on offense and also setting up the tecnicos. Vikingo appeared to have springs for legs at times. Both four ways were good, though it was truly odd to have two four ways back to back. Chik Tormenta is a surprising pick for a title match, but she’s been good in her most recent matches. There’s also almost no chance Chik Tormenta is facing Lady Shani one on one; most of the women are probably going to be involved.

The La Parka match is Not For Me, but the crowd seemed to like. More this La Parka’s moves, they always seem twice as long as they need to be. More than the young flyers, Parka seems to do more than he needs to do in every match. I think he just likes being cheered out there and I can’t blame him for that. I’d just prefer shows closer to two hours rather than three.

Killer Kross probably should’ve lost. It does seem like a waste for a multi-year undefeated streak to end on a random AAA TV taping, but the streak and Kross are not over – they know it, he wouldn’t be trying out a new look if he was over – and it’s hard to imagine it turning around enough that someone ending his streak is going to mean anything more than a single loss. This was just another instance of Kross giving some power moves and looking mean at the camera. It was fine, Puma did a better job of seemed outmatched by Kross than most people but my patience is long exhausted on this one.

AAA on Twitch: 2019-04-26 (Mexicali)

when you’ve really just got to dive

Recapped: 04/27/2019


Black Destiny beat Skalibur, Fantastik, Rayo Star, Drake, Genio del Aire to win the EMW Middleweight championship
(5:53, Black Destiny top rope Canadian Destroyer on Skalibur, good, 00:21:00)

Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa beat Jonathan & Lady Maravilla
(9:06, stereo middle rope splashes, ok, 00:37:18)

Hijo del Tirantes & Chik Tormenta beat Faby Apache & Taya
(8:59, DQ; Hijo del Tirantes faked foul, 00:56:28)

Hijo Del Vikingo beat Golden Magic, Villano III Jr., Flamita in a Number One Contenders for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
(16:39, great, 01:16:13)

  • medical stop Villano III Jr. (8:57)
  • Flamita superbomb Villano III (11:57)
  • Hijo del Vikingo inverted 450 splash Flamita (16:39)

Daga & Taurus beat Brian Cage & Laredo Kid
(11:01, Taurus Rosa Driver Laredo Kid, good, 01:43:18)

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana beat Australian Suicide, Daga, Jack Evans
(11:35, Mocho Cota Jr. splash Australian Suicide, good, 02:06:36)

La Parka, Psycho Clown, Puma King beat Chessman, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr.
(17:53, Psycho Clown torito Rey Escorpion, good, 02:26:53)

What happened:

this has been a rough year for Parka

After about 8 minutes of the main event, Taurus arrives to take out La Parka with a spear, which leaves La Parka injured and out of the match. Laredo Kid runs in for the save and takes him out with a dive. Poder del Norte attack Lareod and take him out. Vikingo shows up with a stick but the numbers get the better of him, and they all quickly brawling to the back. Murder Clown shows up next and – much like happened six weeks ago in Sinaloa – he substitutes for La Parka’s place in the match. Kross shows up about 16 minutes in, pulls Puma King out, and powerbombs him thru a table. It really doesn’t matter, because Psycho beats Rey Escorpión clean a moment later with a torito and Puma celebrates with this team. Puma is in the middle of challenging Kross to a singles match when Texano attacks him from behind. Taurus comes back out to help and is now wearing a Rey Escorpión shirt. Escorpión and Taurus come over to the announce desk later to scream about. Konnan points out that makes him a new Mercenario.

Killer Kross replaced Daga, who moved into Guevera’s spot in the next match. Daga is anti-Perros del Mal but using the Perros del Mal music. For AAA reasons, Jesus Zuniga introduced the Poder del Norte trios match before the Taurus tag match. Poder del Norte came out seemingly randomly to distract Laredo Kid at the finish. Vikingo makes the save after the match, and it sets up a trios title match.

Murder Clown

The cruiserweight match was temporary stopped just about 9 minutes in when Hijo del Villano suffers a right shoulder injury. It is treated with grave seriousness, though it also looks like it might have been a work.

The mystery person is never given a name but is someone wearing Averno’s gear and mask. It becomes quickly clear it is Hijo del Tirantes, and Faby unmasks him by about six minutes in. Hijo del Tirantes has Faby Apache seemingly defeated with a Devil’s Wings, but holds up the count. Faby immediately gets up and cradles him, but referee Copetes holds up the count for no apparent reason. (It is possible Chik Tormenta was supposed to grab him from outside the ring; Copetes turns to her to react to nothing we see.) Hijo del Tirantes fakes a foul to draw the DQ.

Jonathan does not keep up with the show, because he seems wrongly concerned when Maravilla starts flirting with Niño Hamburguesa. Big Mami is rightly concerned. Again, Niño Hamburguesa & Big Mami are almost enough to win despite Hamburguesa refusing to hit Maravilla, but Mami is violently annoyed with Hamburgesa’s refusal to hit the woman who definitely is not her girlfriend. Hamburguesa checks on Maravilla after the match, so Big Mami fakes a fainting spell to get attention instead. Hamburguesa catches her, but then dumps her off on Jonathan and carries Maravilla off.

A video from Drago (who is in Australia) airs before the match, announcing he has to give up the EMW Middleweight Championship due to being so busy elsewhere. This was the championship he was originally to defend on the previous taping in Tijuana.

Neither Hugo nor Vampiro is around. I didn’t catch an explanation. Jesus Zuniga replaces Hugo for most of the show, with Konnan kicking him out and taking over for the last two matches. Konnan starts doing impressions of Hugo’s catchphrase, which is funny the first couple times but as much not the dozen or so that follow.

The May 2nd Elite show was promoted.



The main event had at least seven run-ins and was chaos, though better than usual La Parka main event chaos. He wasn’t really involved much when he was around. Chessman wasn’t much good either, but the waves of people getting involved kept a long match more fun than a standard match would’ve been. Murder Clown does well in técnico offense runs, which still seems weird. Psycho Clown was good as usual. Puma vs Kross is a weird use of both those guys but better than the no use they’ve been on.

The semi-main wasn’t good enough to overcome being a rudo versus rudo match where the two teams didn’t have much reason to fight. (They really needed to come up with a reason, even if just for one night.) It’s tough to have matches just for matches sake when you get this late into an AAA card and have seen just about everything. There was some iffy-ness here – Jack Evans didn’t have a strong night – through the Poder del Norte being a machine helped make this at least worthwhile. This was not bad by any means but it may be one working better out of context on its own because it didn’t have much of one on this show.

The 2v2 match was about doing a big man Cage/Kross standoff, which got a little reaction. Taurus & Laredo Kid were the more interesting pair. Cage & Laredo worked well for a makeshift team and Taurus destroying people is always fine. The Rodeo Driver on Laredo looked especially brutal. There finish of Laredo Kid diving onto people who just showed up at ringside was a bit cheesy but the match they’re setting up should be as good fun as always. Not sure when they’re going to do all these matches though.

Suicide springboard code red

The four ways stupendous, strong use of elimination rules to give some great chaotic action early and a good back and forth at the end. All four men had strong nights. Golden Magic had a positive night, looking on point with his flying before being powerbombed out of the match. Villano III Jr. was fighting out of his experience class and fitting in fine before his demise. Flamita had one of his best individual showings in AAA, really making the ending series with Hijo del Vikingo really come together. His offense looks great and he probably is the only one in this match with the experience to lean into the Vikingo reaction and switch to leaning more rudo at the end to make the finish a bigger deal. This Flamita is a luxury as an extra midcard person in AAA. I have no idea how long he’ll be happy just working the middle of the card matches, but he’s so the right guy to work the AAA young guys who have only faced each other so far, and I hope we get more of him and Vikingo somehow. The Villano injury bit derailed the match and there was a double cutter spot that was quite bad, but the match entirely is something you should go out of your way to see.

The (mostly) women’s match was fine, though it couldn’t help but think it would’ve been better with an actual fourth woman. Tirantes wrestles and was fine as a base, but he didn’t do much early. Chik Tormenta looked impressive with what was basically a showcase for her, but it limited the match. It also meant nonsense to end it. The finishing sequence is very unsatisfying, with Hijo del Tirantes passing up a deserved win for an undeserved win for no particular reason. Faby and Taya was fine, though it didn’t seem like Taya was hitting well with everything.

The mixed tag story needs to move on to another chapter already. Hamburguesa & Mami aren’t as fun right now and they’ve been hitting the same beats with this for three months. It doesn’t even really make sense right now: Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa are actually so dominant, they win when Hamburguesa is not even trying half the time. Lady Maravilla has definitely been successful in seducing Hamburguesa but she’s still losing every match so it seems like a dumb plan. There’s drama but no movement and everyone is looking silly (and not the good kind of silly) by standing in the same spot. Jonathan was fine but I think I came away glad he was being used in this match rather than replacing anyone in the opener.

Genio del Aire & Rayo Star

The opener was almost a replay from Tijuana, with Skalibur taking Jonathan’s spot. It seemed less frantic than that match. Everyone got a moment early on without a rush or without as much time as the last match. The last minute or so was just typical Baja California lucha libre insanity, where the AAA cameras couldn’t totally capture it but it would’ve been tough for anyone. Drake finally got caught on a dive and it didn’t end up going any better for him. Genio del Aire remains super smooth in everything; in another era, he’d be under some weird Antonio Pena gimmick and working openers every year for a year. Skalibur is a crazy person.