AAA on Twitch: 2020-03-07 (Cancún)

Recapped: 2020-03-07


Big Mami, Mr. Iguana, Octagoncito beat Australian Suicide, Parkita Negra, Vanilla
(9:51, Big Mami middle rope splash Parkita Negra, good, 00:19:23)

Keyra, Lady Maravilla, Villano III Jr. beat Dinastía, Lady Shani, Niño Hamburguesa
(13:53, Villano III Jr. beat Dinastia hanging double stomp, good, 00:57:55)

Hijo de LA Park & LA Park Jr. beat Carta Brava Jr. & Mocho Cota Jr.
(7:59, Hijo de LA Park behind the back piledriver Carta Brava Jr., good, 01:23:17)

La Hiedra, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr. beat Hijo Del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr., Octagón Jr.
(11:23, Texano & Escorpion Magic Killer Myzteziz Jr., good, 01:39:52)

Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly beat Psycho Clown, Fénix, Pentagón Jr.
(15:56, Averno foul/mask pull Pentagon, good, 02:02:06)

La Bestia Del Ring, LA Park, Rush Toro Blanco beat Blue Demon Jr., Laredo Kid, Drago
(26:37, pin Demon & Dragon, good, 00:01:31)

What happened:

Shani gets all of it

The top two matches were adjusted slightly. A pair of vignettes, shown on the stream before the matches, had Vampiro encouraging Drago & Blue Demon to get along in their match. That foretold Drago being in the main event, though there was no explanation for the change. Psycho Clown saved the Lucha Brothers after an argument with the OGTs turned violent, explaining why he was now in the semi-main.

Drago & Demon ultimately did not get along, hitting each other by mistake and arguing over who got to finish off the rudos. Los Ingobernables remained undefeated.

Averno unmasked and foul Pentagon Jr. to get the win. Averno is unimpressed by the Lucha Brothers’ success outside of Mexico, feeling he’s fought the best in Mexico, and they haven’t.

Australian Suicide attacked Vikingo after the trios match (which was won cleanly by Los Mercenarios.) This attack is a follow up to a Vikingo promo asking for a rematch with Suicide. Suicide beat Vikingo two years ago in a cruiserweight title match (a rare bit of going back to a plot from Vampiro’s time in charge.) AAA showed a clip of an additional Vikingo & Suicide shoving match in the opening recap, which may have aired on TV but hasn’t made the internet.

carts died for this match

La Hiedra ran in on the second match, attacking Shani along with Keyra & Lady Maravilla. This interference happened in full view of Piero, who simply asked Hiedra to leave rather than call a disqualification. The run-in occurred early and didn’t affect the match. There’s a vague hint of Maravilla, Kerya, and Hiedra trio.

There were unusually obvious technical problems. The stream itself was issue-free, but AAA’s production side seemed as if they suffered a partial power outage late in the first match. Only the jib camera seemed to be working, and then the jib was not used for the rest of the show. (It seemed like it was moving, but they didn’t use the angle again.) There was a delay before the second match to fix the issue, though only a couple of cameras seemed to be working at first. There were possibly connected audio issues as well. The streams were also stopped and restarted before the main event, which is it appears as two separate files if you’re watching later on Twitch.


I liked everything on this AAA show, and it still felt a little unsatisfying. There’s a bit of uniformity in match style and consistency that makes even the right parts feel a bit numbing. The main event was a different beast, but the undercard was a series of rudos beatdowns, tecnico comebacks, tecnico run through their spots in turn, finish, and repeat. A match with all the comedy wrestlers might stand out better than splitting them up among a few matches. An undercard match where something progresses might make them feel more memorable. I like all these matches, and I’m not sure I’ll remember them individually next week. That’s the CMLL feeling it’s best to avoid.

The main event stood out as a strong LA Park style brawl. They even brought back the drink cart spots, though maybe one too many for Laredo Kid’s back. It had a lot of violence and was a bit too oversized, a lot like LA Park himself. The tecnicos just weren’t a great fit for getting their revenge. Drago & Laredo haven’t shown those skills, and Demon showed he needs to be that bloody rudo to work at this point. A distraction spot from others setting the comeback up made it a little too clear these guys aren’t the real stars. Drago’s botched dive also messed up things. Good on Drago on finding a way to get back in the match so they could do the planned spot, but that looked so bad.

broken Octagon

Of the five undercard matches, the Parks/Poder del Norte match might have been the best. It wasn’t deep, but nothing much was. It was the shortest, but the Parks did what they could do best and got it before pushing it too far. The Parks seem a little difficult to wor with, but Carta & Cota can pull together a match with anyone and adapted to being one many short. The Mercenarios match was solid, despite not having a standout Vikingo run. He wasn’t blowing things, just seemed less spotlighted. La Hiedra held up her end of the team, and Los Mercenarios showed improved teamwork leading into the title match. It wasn’t blowing away, but it was useful as a setup to the title match.

OGTs versus Psycho & the Lucha Brothers were similarly effective if not the high-end match, which might be possible with everyone involved. Fenix had the best moments of the night and good chemistry with Super Fly. They stayed away from the Averno/Pentagon stuff until the closing moments but continues to look motivated.

Villano III Jr.’s out of control nature almost broke Dinastia’s neck in the segunda, and also was a near fall to set up a less impressive-looking hanging dropkick spot. Keyra looked the best of everyone in the match. Lady Shani didn’t do her mat wrestling bits and didn’t stand out without them, though her running kick on Keyra looked sharp. The La Hiedra run-in made AAA look silly for it not being a DQ and didn’t seem to mean anything in the match. I’d be willing to believe she was out there just to pass a message out from the back to the people in the ring, but no one’s suggested that.

Suicide pulled out more daring flying moves in the opener than he’s tried of late. He then ended up with a shoulder injury that paused the match for a bit. (Not his fault, on the damage or the pausing – they could’ve just gone on without him for a moment.) Mami was so slow climbing the ropes for a spot and so much better when she was just bulldozing people. I hope someone else sees that way and points it out to her.

usual craziness

AAA on Twitch: 2020-02-22 (Tonalá)

a little off target

Recapped: 2020-02-22


Aramis, Mascarita Sagrada, Nino Hamburguesa beat Demus, Draztick Boy, Látigo
(10:31, Hamburguesa splash Draztick Boy, good, 00:25:42)

Lady Shani lost to La Hiedra and Lady Maravilla
(8:02, Lady Maravilla top rope double stomp + both Hiedra/Marvilla covered, below average, 00:53:42)

Parka Negra & Súper Fly beat Hijo de LA Park & LA Park vs Argenis & Arez
(11:20, Parka Negra foul/unmask Hijo de LA Park, ok, 01:12:11)

Hijo Del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr., Octagón Jr. beat Averno, Chessman, Rey Escorpión
(15:01, Octagon Jr. rope flip moonsault Chessman, great, 01:31:21)

Hijo Del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr., Octagón Jr. © beat La Hiedra, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr. to retain the AAA World Trios Championship
(1:50, Cuerno de Vikingo on Hiedra, n/r, 01:55:03)

Fénix & Pentagón Jr. beat Taurus & Australian Suicide and Laredo Kid & Puma King
(13:16, Fenix Black Fire Driver Australian Suicide, good, 02:05:04)

La Bestia Del Ring, LA Park, Rush Toro Blanco beat Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Pagano
(21:48, LA Park spear Monster Clown, ok, 02:31:39)

What happened:

Aramis on target

Chessman attacked Pagano late in the main event, throwing him off the stage. That left the other two Clowns easy pickings for Los Ingobernables.

Los OGTs attacked Penta & Fenix after the tag title match. Averno particularly went after Penta.

Los Mercenarios attacked Jinetes del Aire after their match and demanded a trios title match right now. Vikingo accepted, the two teams fought briefly, Vikingo landed the 630 on Hiedra, and Tirantes counted a pin. The English announcers were confused if this was meant to be a real match or not, though the Spanish announcers were clearer that it was meant to be a defense.

Rey Escorpion seconded La Hiedra, interfering freely (but late needing a distraction to get involved again.) La Hiedra & Lady Maravilla fought during the match, but then both covered Lady Shani at the end. Tirantes counted three while both were covering, but was confused at what to make of it. Escorpion raised Hiedra’s arm, then Tirantes raised both arms.
Nino Hamburguesa & Mascarita Sagrada were this show’s Ingobernable beatdown victims, after the opening match, to make sure the rudos got booed later. Konnan appeared with Los Ingobernables for the first time since Guerra de Titanes, though he never got in the ring with them and only posed with them after. (By including him in that way, it only shows how extraneous he is to the concept.)

AAA advertised Daga despite him working the Impact show instead. Four of the six matches were changed around as a result. AAA had issued a new card a couple of days prior to the event when the venue was moved around but did not update the lineup.


Fenix connects

Ingobernables matches work best when the crowd loudly reacts to their wild antics. The acoustics of this building (or the micing of it) didn’t allow for that all night. It was a problem and most of all for the main event. The violent beatdown by the rudos came off less so than in previous matches when it felt like no one was reacting to it. It also went on for a lot longer; these are always going to be long matches with LA Park involved, but they didn’t quite have the people for it to work. The holes in this matchup stood out more with a weak atmosphere.

The Lucha Brothers three-way tag was a step below the Guerra de Titanes equivalent, though Australian Suicide seemed to make more out of his involvement here than in that match. It may have been hurt by being yet another match of people doing big moves and someone else breaking them out; no one seems to kickout of moves and the saves aren’t particularly dramatic. Only Suicide near the end got in a near fall during the match, the rest was just more moves. The high points of the action were good and sometimes dangerous, but there were off-track moments and people getting in each other’s way. Fenix was upset about something at one point, but it stood out more when Puma & Taurus went through a table and Penta & Laredo picked the same side of the ring to do a package piledriver and nearly fell off onto them. Laredo came off as a guy in the mix but not a particularly important one, which is weird going into a title match (but admittedly not so weird for AAA.)

Chessman crashed and burned on a tornillo so the Jinetes del Aire match was great. That’s pretty much it. The tecnicos looked good, even without going full out. The rudos worked very hard to keep up with their moves, with Averno especially seeming to do more than usual. This match built better than anything else on the show, and the action held together the best. It was the best match of the night. The two minute title match leading out of it was at least a pleasant change from just having rudo teams beat down the tecnicos after most matches. Doing an actual pinfall was truly weird. The booking felt like an indie show but the action was nice while it lasted.

strange style powerbomb

The early three way tag was a clunky match built around the Hijo de LA Park & Parka Negra feud. Parka Negra usually looks good but didn’t as much in this feud. I can’t say anyone really did; there were a few moments for everyone, but it never came together. Rudo versus rudo matches have worked in AAA but they have the intensity to make this one work, and this just felt like a lot of people thrown together. The six-man suplex was all-time bad, from Arez tripping jumping into Argenis being lost at where to stand to everyone being on different timing. It felt like this was missing someone in charge directing things – both the suplex spot and the match in general.

The worst AAA match of the year isn’t saying much because it’s been a pretty good year. The women’s match effort wasn’t terrible and there will be worse matches than this in most year. It was just such a mess, far below their usual standards. The three way match on Lucha Capital were all better thought out than this one. Rey Escorpion interfering all match but then needing a distraction to interfere again made no sense. Hiedra & Maravilla fighting each other and then getting a pin together made no sense. This went wrong.

AAA concerned they didn’t have all six man match shows, so they added Demus & Hamburgesa to this. The opener didn’t get to the insanity of previous shows, a more solid match building around Mascarita Sagrada highlights. Draztick Boy drew Nino Hamburguesa so he didn’t get to show much, but the crowd loves Hamburguesa so it worked fine for them. The Aramis & Latigo sequence at the start was creative and held together, which doesn’t often work.


AAA on Twitch: 2020-02-08 (Querétaro)

sure why not

Recapped: 02/08/2020


Drago Kid, Iron Kid, Laredo Boy beat Látigo, Low Rider, Parkita Negra
(9:03, Drago Kid snap huracanrana Latigo, good, 00:22:49)

Big Mami, Dinastía, Mr. Iguana beat La Hiedra, Lady Maravilla, Parka Negra
(8:22, Dinastia twisting splash Parka Negra, good, 00:48:35)

Myzteziz Jr. & Octagón Jr. beat Hijo de LA Park & LA Park Jr. vs Súper Fly & Villano III Jr.
(12:24, Myzteziz moonsault powerslam Villano III, great, 01:08:13)

Hijo Del Vikingo, Puma King, Rey Horus beat Rey Escorpión, Taurus, Texano Jr.
(13:18, Vikingo Cuerno de Vikingo Taurus, great, 01:29:46)

Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown beat Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana
(9:31, Monster Clown neckbreaker slam Tito Santana, good, 01:54:00)

La Bestia Del Ring, LA Park, Rush Toro Blanco beat Laredo Kid, Fénix, Pentagón Jr.
(18:12, LA Park & Besita pin Laredo Kid & Fenix, good, 02:12:38)

What happened:

the power of murder

Laredo Kid returned after match one, thanked the fans for supporting him on Exatlon, and was beaten up by Los Ingobernables. LA Park claimed Laredo Kid embarrassed lucha libre by not winning on the show. Rush pointed out his brother Dragon Lee did not lose on the show (he left due to an ear injury) and was a much bigger star.

Laredo Kid replaced Dr. Wagner in the main event. Wagner was unmentioned outside of appearing in the Nutrideli ad. After Piero was taken out, Averno ran out and attacked Pentagon for reasons no one seemed to know. Los Ingobernables (using that name) pulled Fenix & Laredo’s masks before pinning them. Psycho Circus ran out to make the save and challenged Ingobernables to a match.

Puma & Taurus brawled to start the match and feuded the rest of the way, which the announcers claimed had been an existing issue. (Not in anything we’ve seen, perhaps something taped for TV which hasn’t been shared to the internet.) Mercenarios beat up the tecnicos and essentially pretended they won, promising the same in the trios title match at Rey de Reyes.

Parka Negra attacked Hijo de LA Park after the third match, as did Argenis attacked Myzteziz again. Parka Negra & Myzteziz left together as if a team.


Pentagon hit Rush very hard

The overall effort level on this show was very high for an early February TV taping, all the way through to the main event. LA Park & Rush gave everything they could and took everything they could from the tecnicos. It’s night and day the lever of performances Rush is giving in AAA as compared to the last year of CMLL. Laredo didn’t shine as much as his partners but it’s remarkable how much he’s able to pick back up after being out for so long. There’s were a lot of previews of great singles matches which might not actually happen but were still appealing. There’s a certain level of funny business expected in Rush & LA Park finishes. Averno showing up and attacking Pentagon for no given reason (maybe the tag titles?) was a bit too random and took this down a little for me.

The Psycho Circus reunion could’ve gotten by on nostalgia and a squash and instead had a fiercely competitive match. Poder del Norte lost but looked like equals who were just out done in the end. The Clowns worked hard. Murder Clown looking impressive with the press slam over the post and then dive following it. There weren’t as many old spots (no piggy backsplash) but the Psycho Circus still looked impressive as a team, setting them well for their next feud.

Los Mercenarios had another very strong match in usual fashion against a team including Vikingo. They switched some stuff up – flying Escorpion was new! – and everything came off solid. Vikingo was on and the crowd was into him. Horus meshed well with these rudos and the random feud with Puma & Taurus gave them a lot as well. There’s not a lot of deviations from usual Mercenarios matches – except maybe flying Rey Escorpion – but they were sharper in front of an excited crowd. Texano may not want to take that casadora bomb again. It’s strange for the Mercnarios to lose and then act as if they won, but it did take a lot to put Taurus down.

Parkita Negra

The three-way tag match overachieved. The three teams meshed well and they kept the action going well for one of the longer match times on the show. Myzteziz looked sharp and pulled off big spots thru the shooting star press at the end. Villano III Jr. took the worst of everything as he did, but did get to shine a little bit. The crowd was strongly into this match because of the Parks, but they weren’t against the other teams. These sorts of multiperson matches seem like the best environments for the Parks at the moment, asking them to hit big moves and not carry the action themselves. This had an unbreaking pace like many AAA matches and held together to the finish.

Lady Maravilla probably shouldn’t be doing splashes to the floor in meaningless TV segunda matches, though that seemed much worse for Big Mami than her on that landing. The second match was a solid if a little less spectacular – though they still have space for Dinastia flying all over the place. The tornillo and his splash at the end looked good. They needed a little more time if this was going to be bigger, but it fit the purpose it was intended for.

The opener was the usual chaos, though sloppier than usual. The finish looked impressive and more so given how much Drago Kid was struggling to that point. Credit to Latigo for making it look sharp. Parkita Negra looked like the best guy in this match to that point, though Iron Kid was also really good as well. There are better openers but this was still worth a watch.