AAA on Televisa #1189 (02/21/2015) 
Recapped: 02/22/2015

Previously: Aerostar & Mesías advanced in the Rey de Reyes tournament, Cibernético & Konnan's unsteady alliance continued.

There are adds during the show for Rey de Reyes and Alberto's shows next week. Those shows are included with the normal TV tapings in the upcoming lineup section.

Match 1: Dinastía, Drastik Boy, Octagoncito vs Arez, Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Psycho Clown
Centro Civico Nueva Aragon, Ecatepec, Estado de México, 02/08/2015

Winner: técnicos (Dinastía Spanish Fly Arez)
Match Time: 11:07
Rating: good
Notes: Arez is in full facepaint, wearing Arez gear (and not the trios gear.) They list his name as “Ares” but “Arez” is his usual spelling. Piero is referee. Crowd is loud for Draztik when he comes in for the first time – he's new in AAA, but not to this crowd. Crowd spends the rest of the match booing the técnicos, which the announcers note.

One more skit with the Electro, Hijo del Pirata and the mystery guy. They've been in the same alley for weeks!

Match 2: Psycho Clown vs ZorroElectroshockDark Cuervo in a AAA's Rey de Reyes Tournament match and in a tournament semifinal match
Centro Civico Nueva Aragon, Ecatepec, Estado de México, 02/08/2015

Winner: Psycho Clown.
Match Time: ok
Rating: 13:26
Notes: Referee is Maya. Electrshock tried to use the chair once, Maya stopped it, and Electroshock used it anyway to smack Psycho Clown. Electroshock couldn't believe he was out of the match on that and would not leave until Cuervo dropkicked him and dove on to him. Hijo del Pirata and Mystery Man ran out to help him. They beat up Cuervo and took him away from the ring, much like the rudos did to eliminate La Parka in the last qualifier. Crowd cared a lot less and it didn't seem like Maya ever actually signaled Cuervo out of the match. (Might have been missed by the cameras.) Cuervo crawled away, while Hijo del Pirata's crew watched the end of the match from entrance, which meant they were standing around for quite a while. The trio came to the ring and fought Psycho Clown one on one badly, then got their act together and beat down Psycho Clown. Zorro unwisely stood around to congratulate the trio and got stomped down as well.

Replay of the last few minutes of each Rey de Reyes match so far.

Prior to the show, The Hellbrothers are talking in the ring, when they're interrupted by Perro and Zorro. Perro makes sure to insult Cibernético when talking about the alliance. Averno doesn't seem thrilled by this alliance, and Zorro talking to his horse makes him less into this idea. Cibernético tells Perro off but says he's sticking with this alliance, and Perro slowly realizes he's friends with a man who's talking to a stick horse.

Match 3: Blue Demon Jr., Jack Evans, La Parka vs Averno, Chessman, Cibernético
Centro Civico Nueva Aragon, Ecatepec, Estado de México, 02/08/2015

Winner: técnicos (La Parka huracanrana Cibernetico)
Match Time: 11:20
Rating: OK
Notes: Referee is Piero. After the loss, rudos beat up Jack & took Parka's mask, but demon ran them off. Blue Demon reminded Cibernético he's still after him for turning on him, and after Chessman for the Latin American title. Just as Parka and Jack recovered, Daga, Joe Lider and Zorro ran in to attack and the técnicos got beat up all over again. Averno took Parka's maskf or a second time. Announcers noted Perro Jr. was not with them.

The first Cage promo from Lucha Underground aired to end the show, with a “Copyright Lucha Libre FMW” caption on it.