AAA Guerra de Titanes 2014 (12/07/2014) 
Recapped: 12/15/2014

Announcers are Jesus, Andres and Arturo.

Match 1: Dinastía © vs Mini Charly Manson for the AAA World Minis Championship
Auditorio Benito Juárez, Zapopan, Jalisco, 12/07/2014

Winner: Dinastía (Spanish Fly)
Match Time: 9:23
Rating: OK
Notes: Seconds are Mascarita Sagrada and Mini Psycho Clown, who interfere in the match fereely. Referee is Maya.

Added for TV: Dinastía briefly talks about making his third successful defense.

Match 2: Faby Apache & Ivelisse vs Sexy Star & Taya Valkyrie
Auditorio Benito Juárez, Zapopan, Jalisco, 12/07/2014

Winner: rudas (Sexy Star silla Faby Apache
Match Time: 11:01
Rating: OK
Notes: Ivelisse still gets a Luchadora Sorpresa graphic even though this is her third show. Hijo del Tirantes is referee as always for Faby Apache matches.

Técnicas attacked the rudas after the match for no apparent reason at all. It goes on for a while.

Added on TV: Sexy and Taya are angry Ivelisse dared to come to México and vowed payback. (Yes, they win.)

Match 3: Fénix & Myzteziz vs Angélico & Jack Evans © and Joe Lider & Pentagón Jr. for the AAA World Tag Team Championship
Auditorio Benito Juárez, Zapopan, Jalisco, 12/07/2014

Winner: Joe Lider & Pentagon Jr.
Match Time: 13:32
Rating: good
Notes: The Perros del Mal have dogs, and Perros del Mal Extremo Championship and the blue Mixed Tag championship. Myzteziz has a fused Fenix mask, and they have matching outfits. Perros jump the champs and toss them out of the ring to start, with the Myzteziz team taking them out.

The finish has Myzteziz & Fenix diving into a table when the Perros move. The Perros defeat Angelico & Jack to win the titles.

Added for TV: Pentagon and Joe Lider crow out about their win and mock the tencicos.

Arturo tries to cancel school for tomorrow. Perros del Mal come to the ring and say nothing of importance as far as I can determine. (This is shown on the first week of TV)

Match 4: Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown © vs Averno & Chessman for the AAA World Trios Championship
Auditorio Benito Juárez, Zapopan, Jalisco, 12/07/2014

Winner: Psycho Circus (Monster Clown top rope splash Chessman)
Match Time: 5:29
Rating: OK
Notes: Ref is Maya. Cibernetico's supposed to be on the Hell Brothers team. His music never plays – they go right to the Psycho Circus after the first two. Murder Clown lingers a little but behind his partners and Averno and Chessman beat him up and take his mask. Murder Clown crawls to the back as the other clowns dive onto the rudos. Announcers wonder where Cibernético is during the match. Murder Clown eventually gets a new mask and the Clowns easily win. Cibernético turns up about three minutes after the match ends.

Changed on TV: they focus more on a fan in a Cibernético mask (and a chain link spine tattoo) who ran in and attacked the Clowns after the match and was quickly stomped away. They do not show Cibernético arriving – they seem to cut that out, and cut back in after he's left.

Match 5: Aerostar vs Súper Fly for the mask
Auditorio Benito Juárez, Zapopan, Jalisco, 12/07/2014

Winner: Aerostar (pop up huracanrana)
Match Time: 13:50
Rating: great
Notes: Hijo del Fantasma and Niño Hamburguesa are seconds. Ref is Hijo de Tirantes, much to the técnicos annoyance. Joaquin Roldan makes an appearance to eject Hijo del Tirantes and Piero replaces him prior to the match.

Super Fly kicks Aeorstar to start the match. Aerostar back up, and kicked down. Repeat a third time. Super Fly, in yellow and red, yells at the crowd before chopping Aerostar down. Aero is in white and gold on my screen. Super Fly dropkick to Aerostar's head. Elbows to the top of the head, and Super Fly rips up the mask he's trying to win. That never seems like a good idea, and the mask is so fancy that Super Fly doesn’t get much of it. Replay shows the dropkick barely hit, great replay. Super Fly gets a chair, chair shot right to the head. Aerostar slumps out of the ring and to the floor. Super Fly goes out, jabs the chair into Nino Hamburguesa, then hits Aerostar in the head again. Super Fly grinds Aero’s head into the post and bites at the wound that’s clearly forming there. Yep, he's bleeding pretty bad. Into the post for him to be sure. Fantasma gets an up close view to this. Super Fly throws Aerostar in and messes with the cut more. Aerostar is bleeding badly and his face is covered in blood already. Super Fly unzips Aerostar's top and chops him very hard. Second chop isn't quite as loud but still no fun. Aerostar tries to pull himself together, but Super Fly gets on him to go after the mask again. Super Fly punches Aerostar in the cut a few times. Whip, clothesline misses, Aerostar back with a headscissors. Super Fly out, Aerostar right after him with a big tope. Replay of that as they recover. Piero gets pretty far into his countout before either man even gets up, but they both easily make in before the count. Super Fly is a lot better shape, but Aerostar ducks his clothesline, jumps on his shoulders, and puts on a victory roll one two NO. Super Fly bodyscisoros cradle one two NO. Super Fly misses a clothesline, Aerostar shoulderblock, Aerostar to the ropes, calling Super Fly on and dropkicking him when he moves. Aerostar pounds Super Fly with one first, and then decides to just try both at once. It's an idea. Aerostar grab Super Fly’s mask, look around, and yanks at the mask. Aerostar pulls at the Super Fly mask, more pulling it off than actually ripping it. Niño passes a chair into Aerostar, much to Hijo del Fantasma’s annoyance. Chair shot to the head lays out Super Fly. Crowd is really into this match and Aerostar. Super Fly rolls out and to the floor, so the obvious thing is happening now. Aerostar is slow to follow, and Super Fly has blood on him next time we see him. Unsure if it's his our Aerostar's at first, but it keeps coming so there you go. Super Fly makes it back in after about fifteen seconds, Aerostar waiting for him. Aero off the ropes, and tossed into a Super Fly dropkick. Super Fly adds a dropkick. Super Fly poses on one knee, yelling something towards the crowd. Super Fly has a stream of red right down the middle of his upper body. Super Fly press slams Aerostar backwards out of the ring, Fantasma beats up Aerostar and Nino, then holds them in place – Super Fly top rope moonsault onto both. Aero's face is completely red. Super Fly whip, reversed, Aerostar trips him up, casita, Super Fly shoots him off into Piero, Piero stays up, Super Fly inside cradle Aerostar, one two no. Super Fly complains about the count, Aerostar reverse bodyscisors cradle one two NO. Crowd thinks that's it, but the announcers and Super Fly are sure it's two. Hijo del Fantasma, two seconds late, breaks up eh pin with a dropkick on Aerostar. Guess this is free run in day. Fantasma holds Aerostar for a dropkick, but Super Fly gets his friend. Niño runs over Super Fly to knock him down, then Piero and Aero part the ropes for Nino Hamburguesa’s tope con giro thru the ropes. Replay of that. Back live, Super Fly is taking a big salida to the floor. Aerostar leaps to the apron – but Super Fly trips him up before he can land the reverse tope. Super Fly raises his arm in celebration, then throws Aerostar towards the barricade. Aerostar fights Super Fly and starts to climb up the light tower, but Super Fly hits him and climbs up as well. They fight as they climb, both men hanging out and swing at each other. Aerstar kicks Super Fly off about a distance near the top rope to the floor (and Fantasma is there to start of catch him.) Aerostar keeps climbing up, and gets all the way to the top of the light standard. Aero takes a step over toward the middle, points up and leaps off - landing onto all three! That was insane. Everyone is dead, and not counted out only because Piero is busy confirming everyone is dead (as are various ringside people.) Replay of the dive from a couple of angles. He was caught well, mostly by Fantasma. Piero returns to the ring to resume the 20 count, and Super Fly and Aerostar make in right prior. We see very little of it. Aerostar makes it at the last second judging by the reaction. Super Fly grabs him, turning powerbomb, one two NO. Super Fly is thrown into the ropes by the kickout. Aerostar crawls on his knees, struggles to his feet, ducks a clothesline, and lifts up Super Fly into a martinete. Piero breaks that up before Aerostar can drop it down. Super Fly kicks Aerostar, another powerbomb, one two th-NO. Screams on each kickout. Aerostar chant starting up. Aerostar clothesline misses, Super Fly pushes Aero near the ropes, reverse rolling cradle, both shoulders down one two NO. Aerostar forces Super Fly's shoulder up by getting his own. Both are slow up but to as slow as you'd think, Super Aero off the ropes, pop up huracanrana one two three!

The two sides swing at each other a bit after the match. Super Fly gives him name as Erick Aguilar from Puebla, then unmasks while keeping his hair in front of his face.

Added for TV: Aerostar thanks the fans, and says this is just the first of many trophies he'll win. They still don't get a great shot of Super Fly unmasked.

Match 6: El Patrón Alberto vs Texano Jr. © for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Auditorio Benito Juárez, Zapopan, Jalisco, 12/07/2014

Winner: El Patron Alberto
Match Time: 15:26
Rating: great
Notes: Perro Aguayo Jr. & Mesías (with his shirt off and in his gear for no reason) are seconds. Hijo del Tirantes starts as referee, and even seems to shrug about it when Alberto gives him in inquisitive look.

Texano charges, Alberto moves out of the way, kick, snap mare, kicks to the back of head, cover, zero count. Texano kicks out before Tirantes can count, not that he was counting slow. Alberto pushes Texano into the corner and punches him ten times. Snap mare, dropkick to the back of the head, over one two NO. Those are measured counts. Alberto, still in his t-shirt, off the ropes, is tripped up by Perro. Texano's wrestling in a vest, it's all weird. Texano on Perro with punches and kicks. Perro sneaks in a chair jab from the outside, then forearm to the back as Tirantes finds another direction to look. Mesías tries to grab Perro, but Tirantes jumps out to stop that that. Texano kicks Alberto in the back of the leg and grabs his lasso, swinging Alberto with the lasso right in front of the leg. Perro up on the apron and hitting Alberto. Both rudos stomp as Tirantes continues to keep Mesias away. Sucks to be Mesias. Replay of the lasso shot to the leg – maybe knee? Perro goes outside. People can throw drinks and grab at him easier when he’s outside, and it leads to Perro threatening to go over the rail. Perro gets nailed by something judging by the reaction, but they pan away. Alberto rolls out and rushes after Perro (not his opponent), nailing him from behind. Texano takes advantage and kicks Alberto from behind. Mesias and Alberto posts each other. Texan throws Alberto in. Texano whip, Alberto grabs the ropes, Texano charges, Alberto flips him all the way to the floor. Alberto runs – tope nails Texano. Tirantes walks out to check Texano, and Alberto walks into a Perro chair shot to the head. Tirantes misses it, of course. Texano gets on Alberto’s back and reaches for his forehead – what possibly could be happening here? I have no idea. It's not totally obvious at all. Perro, Tirantes and Mesias have a standoff to distract us from that, but apparently the cameraman isn’t that distracted. Replay of the dive and the chair shot. Back on the outside, Texano bites as Alberto's new cut. Perro does the lick the blood spot and spreads the blood on himself and Alberto’s face. Mesías is able to protect Alberto for a moment, but the rudos get him back and Texano sends Alberto into the table. Perro punches Alberto as Alberto goes back in the ring. Alberto tries to rally back with punches, but Texano dropkick him down. More lasso shots to the legs. Mesias is able to pull the lasso away from Texano, so he's accomplished something. Tirantes tries to take the lasso away while Perro throws a drink (and completely misses) Alberto. Cameras miss it too. Texano hangs Alberto in the tree of woe. Perro slides in a chair to Texano and holds Alberto from the outside. Texano chair jabs Alberto in the gut while he’s hanging. Alberto's bene destroyed for quite a while here. Texano slams Alberto and signals he' going up. This seems like a poor idea. Alberto struggles to roll over as Texano climbs to the top. Alberto crotches him, then punches Texano. Alberto to the middle rope, and crowd goes crazy chanting for Alberto. Superplex! Alberto is too tired to cover, so that's a problem. He kind of needs to do that win. They both make it to their knees. Punches back and forth, getting up as they hit each other, which seems a bit odd but whatever, they're into it. Texano off the ropes, clothesline misses, Alberto clotheslines does not. Second clothesline. Quebradora con giro leaves Texano down. Alberto strips off his shirt, which actually costs him because Texano’s able to sneak in a kick. Texano off the ropes, Alberto drops him with backcracker. Alberto covers one two NO. Very measured count. Alberto gives Tirantes look. Replay of the backcracker. Alberto up to his feet, and waving on his support. Stomping his feet, though Tirantes is kind of getting in the way. Cameras misses Tirantes doing something to Alberto – whatever the cause, Texano is able to sneak in a spinebuster, one two NO. Tirantes can’t believe it, and Perro throws a fit on the apron. Texano takes off his shirt and throws it. Texano spits at Alberto. Texano puts Alberto on the top buckle, climbs up, Alberto punches him back, Texano slips backwards, Alberto double stomp. Perro tries to shakes some sense into Texano, but Mesias scares him off. Alberto calls for the armbar. Crowd into it. Armbar – no, Texano lifts Alberto up, Torando Texano, one two NO. Perro slides a table in, for some reason. Texano sets it up every quick, as Alberto recovers in the opposite corner. Alberto back elbows Texano as he charge in, and drops him instead with a tornado DDT. Alberto gets up and the cameras miss something Tirantes down to him – Tirantes instead acts as fouled when they come back, and Alberto kicks him in the head. Meanwhile, Perro slips knocks onto Texano’s right hand. Alberto turns around, grabs Texano, and Texano knocks him out. Texano first goes for the table, then decides to cover Alebrto, but no one's there to count. It’s a big show, so it’s time for the Piero running to ringside to dramatically make a two count. This time, the twist is Perro hurries him in the ring. Still two. Crowd is thrilled at the kickout. (Guess Texano was moving the table so Piero would have a clear path to slide in.) Crowd getting as loud as they have been all night. Alberto gets in an armbar takedown, heel kick to the face, Piero covers one two NO. Tirantes has been rolled to the floor and is a non factor. Crowd chanting Si Se Puedo all on their own. Alberto looks around, then sets Texano in the corner closest to the table. Superplex thru the table? NO, Texano fights him off, Texano superbomb thru the table instead. Piero covers up as not to get hit by shards (and it’s good he did, the table actually breaks!) one two NO. Perro goes mad, stomping Alberto. Mesias finally in and attacking Perro, both mean brawling back and forth before Mesias throws Perro out. Mesias follows with his big tope, coming up a little short but they got with it anyway. Replay of the dive, which does not look good. Texano's still looking in much better shape than Alberto, and Texano waits for Alberto to get up to, moving the table fragements out of the way in the meantime. Texano kick to the side, Texano kicks a chair in position, Tornado Texano attempt, Alberto escapes, Rompe Destinos armbar, Texano rolls thru to escape and goes for the foul once again, Alberto blocks it and puts on the Rompe Destinos again,– and Tenxao taps out. Crowd goes nuts.

Joaquin Roldan leads out the AAA wrestlers to the ring as confetti starts to fall over (or near) the ring. I don't see Ivelisse and the minis. Aerostar still has a blood my mask, and still has Super Fly's mask. Alberto goes up the light tower to celebrate, then Joaquin presents him with the belt. Alberto thanks the fans. He says this is another title for him, but it's also for all the fans.

Added on TV: Alberto thanks the fans.