AAA on Televisa #1176 (11/22/2014) 
Recapped: 11/28/2014

Previously: Hamburguesa won. Fantasma climbed the ladder. Cibernetico chokeslammed/shoves Monsther Clown thru a table. Myzteziz won Copa Pena. Alberto lost to Texano. A title match was made.

Today: psycho Circus vs Hell Brothers, a three way tag match, and Suicide & Aerostar vs Pentagon/Super Fly.

Perro Aguayo, Joe Lider, and Konnan welcome Pentagon into the Perros del Mal.

Match 1: Aerostar & Australian Suicide vs Pentagón Jr. & Súper Fly
Domo de la Feria, Leon, Guanajuato, 11/17/2014

Winner: Rudos (Super Fly running powerbomb on Aerostar)
Match Time: 9:30
Rating: OK
Notes: Referee is Maya, who works as a rudo this week. He shoved Aerostar when he had Super Fly up for a martiente and Super Fly won right after. Super Fly and Aerostar ripped up each other's masks. Super Fly challenged Aerostar to a mask match, Aerostar accepted and took a boot to the face. Super Fly took Aerostar's mask and stomped on in a few times.

Myzteziz meets Fenix, praises him, and says their toughest challenge is winning over the fans, but together they could be Los Nuevos Reyes del Aire.

Match 2: Fénix & Myzteziz vs Angélico & Jack Evans and Robbie E & Zema Ion
Domo de la Feria, Leon, Guanajuato, 11/17/2014

Winner: Robbie E & Zema Ion (Ion pin Angelico after Pentagon crucifix powerbomb into the corner.)
Match Time: 12:57
Rating: OK
Notes: Hijo del Tirantes is referee and is evil this week. There's confusion to start if two people are supposed to be in our three people, but it turns out to be the usual “whoever feels like being in” amount. Pentagon Jr. and Joe Lider come to ringside after a series of dives. Pentagon goes in the ring and kicks Angelico to break up a crucifix powerbomb and gives Angelico one of his own. Tirantes is very clearly not distracted and happy to let this all happen. Zema climbs on top of the win.

Pentagon challenges Angelico & Jack for the tag belts. The TNA guys walk off. Fenix and Myzteziz come in the ring to threaten the Perros del Mal, who look at them but are not concerned enough to stop doing catchphrases. Fenix pulls the microphone away from Lider and Myzteziz points out he beat Pentagon Jr. for the Copa Pena and asks for his title shot. Fenix praises Angelico & Jack but says he and his new partner are better. Perros attack Fenix and Myzteziz before Jack and Angelico can do anything, and they decide just to watch. Rudos take the worse of it, but not a lot actually happens. Angelico asks if the crowd wants the match, they do, and he accepts both challenges. Perros walk out with Tirantes, técnicos slap hands.

Match 3: Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Averno, Chessman, Cibernético
Domo de la Feria, Leon, Guanajuato, 11/17/2014

Winner: Psycho Circus by DQ (Hell Brothers rip off Psycho Clown's mask)
Match Time: 8:05 (with the last twenty seconds or so of those Piero trying to find someone's hands to raise.
Rating: OK
Notes: Hell Brothers enter first and jump the Psycho Circus on the way to the ring. The edecanes know, because they're getting out of there before the Hell Brothers get to them. Psycho Circus' title belts are used on them. Referee is Piero, a rare non-evil referee. Hell Brothers toss the other two outside and rip off Psycho Clown's mask for the DQ (then prevent Piero from pulling anyone's hand up.)

Cibernético challenges the Psycho Circus for a trios title match, and isn't really even finished with that he has to say before Konnan's music plays. He's flanked by Joe Lider & Pentagon Jr. Konnan yells at the clown before getting to business. Konnan praises Cibernético from breaking away from the stupid AAA people, but demands Cibernético and friends join the war on the side of the Sociedad. Konnan is completely insulting while doing this and Averno and Pentagon almost fighting. Cibernético feels he's got all the friends he needs with the guys next to him. Konnan makes it simple and gives him a Guerra de Titanes deadline. Cibernético mocks the very idea. Konnan melts down while threatening an amused Cibernético. Cibernético laughs off the deadline.

Show wrap up mentions the three matches set up for Guerra de Titanes