CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #410 (06/14/2014) 
Recapped: 06/17/2014

Match 1: La Máscara, Rush ©, Titán vs Felino, Negro Casas ©, Shocker
Arena México, 06/06/2014

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:35
Rating: good

Match 2: Volador Jr. © vs La Sombra © for the NWA World Welterweight Championship and for the NWA World Middleweight Championship
Arena México, 06/06/2014

  1. Volador backcracker (2:25)
  2. Sombra Shadow Driver (2:31)
  3. Sombra pin (15:35)

Winner: La Sombra
Match Time: 20:31
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Seconds are Titan and La Mascara. Referee is Tirantes. Match is delayed because Sombra is too lazy to stand for the rules instruction. That sets a tone right there.

1: Sombra then won't get started until Volador takes off the mask he wore to the ring. He's got a point. Volador still doesn’t take it off, and Sombra stalls. Sombra offers a handshake, then kicks Volador's arm away. Volador finally takes his mask off. And they're off – Volador flipping run, back with headscissors, Sombra out already. Volador off the ropes, tope con giro bowls over Sombra. Replay. We're not shown how or why, but Sombra rolls in first and poses on his side. (Volador is selling something.) Volador back up to the apron, Sombra charges, Volador doges and swing kicks him. Top rope plancha, Sombra clothesline misses, Volador superkick, backcracker. One two three.

2: Second fall is joined in progress, with a whistle sound effect added in. Evasion, Volador Dropkicks Sombra out of the ropes even before Sombra's decided to hang there. Volador follows with a big tope. Volador goes back in, and catches Sombra with a tope on the short side of the ring. Crowd is behind Volador. Volador back in – and a third tope on a third side of the ring. Going be tough to do all four. Volador inside, Sombra tries to fight him back but Volador catches him with a kick as Sombra climbs. Both to the top rope, Volador top rope huracanrana. Volador poses and signals for the backcracker. He's going to win this going away. Backcracker, cover, one - and Tirantes stops counting to argue with Mascara for being on the apron. Volador gets up to argue with Mascara himself, Sombra quickly recovers and pulls Volador into the shadow Driver one two three. Sombra gets in more posing then he did moves in that fall.

3: Volador leads chants against Tirantes, which Sombra mocks from his perch on the top rope. Volador argues with Tirantes, and Sombra level him with a running kneelift. Clothesline for Volador as he gets up. Sombra wipes his hands clean. Back elbow as Volador gets up. Sombra content to pose while Volador is on the ground, not following up. Volador apparently gets up before Sombra's ready, because they from a shot of a fan to Sombra spilling out of the ring (probably having pushed by Volador). Volador slides out after him, but Sombra throws him into the barricade, then throws Volador over the barricade. Titan goes over the barricade to check on Volador. Replay of Volador going over backwards, almost taking out security. Sombra waits in the ring. Titan (who’s wearing a Volador sleeveless shirt) helps Volador to his feet. Sombra comes back and pulls Volador back to the ring, then tells Tirantes to calm down with his counts. Sombra pats Tirantes on his chest. Sombra kicks at Volador on the apron, Volador goes up top, plancha into a Sombra dropkick. Sombra calls the match over, one two and pulls Volador up. Sombra powerbombs Volador. Sombra covers while sticking out his tongue, but picks up Volador again at two. Crowd getting annoyed. Sombra dramatically strips off his shirt, and uses it towel himself up. Volador slides out. Sombra kills time in the ring. Sombra knees Volador repeatedly, then pulls him up on the apron. Volador again gets in a swing kick, Volador top rope headscissors sends Sombra out. Volador rolls to the ropes, and slingshots out with a headscissors onto Sombra. Both down on the floor. Volador throws Sombra back in, but Sombra rolls out the other side. Volador follows and tries a headscissors on that side, but Sombra (easily) catches Volador and throws him into the barricade. Sombra stands on the barricade and poses for a moment. This is like 1/5th of their usual pace, so much slower with Sombra killing time between each move. Sombra waits on the apron while Volador gets back to his feet in the ring. Springboard huracanrana dropped into a powerbomb one two NO. Both slow up. Volador wings and miss, Sombra springboard headscissors and taunt to the crowd. Sombra clothesline sends Volador flipping over the rope to apron. Sombra posing again, even more arrogantly. I keep expecting the match to jump up a level, but it's just Sombra's arrogance that goes up. Sombra clothesline on the ramp misses, and Volador headscissors Sombra close to the ramp. Sombra actually look to be in better shape, but this is all a setup to the ramp spot so Volador gets up much easier. Ramp plancha connects and now Volador looks better. Replays and break.

Seems like we missed something, as Volador is in the ring, Sombra is on the camera right apron, and both are down. Both get up, Sombra start towards the ropes, Volador charges him, Sombra grabs Volador’s arm and pulls him in an armscissors around the top rope. Sombra yanks the arm for a while, then lets go, supervised he's being waned. Sombra poses some more. Sombra fujiwara inside the ring, Volador spinning around to get his foot on the bottom rope. Volador rolls out and grabs his right arm. Sombra out after him. Whip into the barricade, Volador turns it, and Sombra's the one who goes flipping over this time. Volador makes it back in first, and Mascara helps Sombra over the barricade. Tirantes is getting close to counting them out, but Sombra makes it up on the apron in time. Volador's on the adjacent apron, and they fight their way up to the top rope again. Sombra hits harder with forearm to the face, but Volador surprises him and sets up on the top rope, bringing Sombra with him. Sombra of the top rope headscissors. Sombra looks like he’s ready to win now. One two NO. Sombra can't believe that's not enough and is angry for the first time. Volador slow up, and Sombra waits for him again. Sombra corner clothesline, Volador chase down superkick. We've seen that a bit. Both slow up again. Sombra strikes first, cartwheel flip double kick to the head. Double knee sash in the corner too. Sombra covers, one two NO. Sombra again frustrated. Sombra casita, Volador escapes, Volador casita, one two NO. Crowd that that might be it, but Sombra shakes his finger no. Sombra German suplex one two NO. Sombra's begging for the three count. Both slow up again. Sombra waves Volador into the ropes on a charge, Volador back with a sort of crucifix DDT one two NO! Crowd into the near falls. Replay as the announcers try to figure that move out. Sombra corner charge, Volador moves, Volador Spiral! Sombra hits the mat so hard that he rolls to his feet, and Volador calls for the end. Backcracker? NO, inverted hurcanarana, spiking Sombra again. Volador covers one two Mascara pulls Tirantes out. Tirantes shoves Mascara, while Rush runs into thru the crowd. Rush drive on Volador, slap to Sombra to get him to pay attention. Tirantes is busy ejecting Máscara, then turns around to see Sombra on top, one two three.

Titan, who disappeared there, is the only wrestler left standing in the ring as the match ends. Rush ran towards the back, but he and Máscara return. Some garbage thrown in, which is quite unusual. Sombra gets both belts, though we miss him posing with them. Replay of the finish. They almost get the shot of Sombra with both belts, and then go to the usual replay recap. There's a Volador moonsault spot and a Volador heel kick spot show here that were cut out of the match.

Match 1: Magnus, Pegasso, Starman vs Cancerbero, Raziel, Sangre Azteca
Arena México, 06/06/2014

  1. técnicos
  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 19:07
Rating: very good

Match 4: Cavernario vs Cachorro in a En Busca de un Idolo match
Arena México, 06/06/2014

Winner: Cachorro by DQ
Match Time: 4:54
Rating: good
Notes: Cachorro waits for Cavernario at the bottom of the ramp. Cavernario charges, and takes big back drop into the ring. Cavernario's first instinct is to take the bone out of his hair, but immediately remembers he's got to stand up – Cachorro top rope plancha. Now the bone comes out, Cavernario swing and throwing it at Cachorro, who ducks -

(whistle blows) - en route to a casadora cradle for two. Cachorro huracanrana one two NO. Cachorro dropkick sends Cavernario out, and Cachorro follows with a huge tope. Replays of the tope. Cavernario's finally found time to take of the rest ofhis entrance gear, but gets grabbed and slammed as he comes in thru the ropes. One two NO. Cachorro stomps Cavernario, then calls for the end. Martinete? No, Edgar breaks it up. Cachorro argues with him, misses a clothesline and takes a reverse bulldog from Cavernario. Haven't seen that one in a while. Two count. Cavernario dropkick to the knee, casita shoved off but Cavernario just runs to the middle rope in the process and dropkick Cachorro. Cavernario legdrop one two NO. Cavernario chops Cachorro into the one corner, then lifts him up – running crucifix powerbomb into the opposite corner. Cavernario covers one two NO. Cavernario puts on la Rosa, then suplexes Cachorro over. Cover again one two NO. Cavernario suplexes Cachorro, Cavernario off the ropes, reverses springboard splash one two NO. Cavernario yells, at the world as as much as the referee. Cavernario kicks Cachorro out. Cavernario runs of the apron, silla caught and turned into a big running powerbomb on the floor. Cachorro covers Cavernario inside, one two NO. Cachorro fireman's carry drop, springboard elbow drop one two NO. Cachorro tries the martinetes again, and again Edgar breaks it up. Cachorro argues the decision, but Cavernario is up – cavernaria! Cavernario hold it on and cranks and cranks until Edgar overturns it and calls for the disqualification.

Negro comes in and watches as Cavernario slips up Cachorro's gear and shoves Edgar over. Cavernario's all over Cachorro, and Negro really doesn’t do much to do anything about – Cachorro just falls out of the ring to end it. The two brawl more after Cavernario reaches the judges

Match 5: Hechicero vs Dragon Lee in a En Busca de un Idolo match
Arena México, 06/06/2014

Winner: Hechicero
Match Time: 8:43
Rating: very good

They charge at each other whistle, and Hechicero flips out Dragon Lee with a clothesline. Hechicero is fired up, chopping Dragon Lee to the apron, hen,then following him to the floor. Lee fights back with chops, but Hechicero stops that with a knee. Lee gets in a heel kick, whip, reversedee goes into the – right near the open gate, which could've been an awkward impact. Casas steps by the two to close that himself as Lee writhes in pain. Hechicero front suplexes Lee abdomen first on the railing. Hechicero throws Dragon Lee in, then poses on the bottom rope. Hechicero chops Lee into the corner. Hechicero puts Lee on the top rope and goes to untie his mask. Punches to the side of the head. Hechicero stomps Lee in the face many times. Chop fight, Lee wins a heel kick of the ropes, Hechicero slips behind, clothesline ducked under by Lee, short clothesline by Lee misses, Hechicero off the ropes, kneelift and running boot to the face by Lee. Lee covers one two NO. Replay of the boot, which was spot on. Whip, reversed, Hechicero slips behind, and puts on a sleeper. Back mounted chinlock on Hechicero, but Hechicero just his way out to the hammerlock spinning backbreaker. Dragon Rojo is clapping! Hechicero elbow drop one two NO. Hechicero was messed with Lee even while pinning him. Hechicero smacks Lee into the barricade. Kneeling choke. Hechicero puts Lee on the apron, forearm a few times, then hangs him over the middle rope to for a modified Dragon sleeper (or choke.) That's not legal at all, as the referee points out. Hechicero lets go, takes Lee to the floor, and throws him into the barricade hard back first. Look at the judges. Hechicero throws Lee back in. Powerbomb . Hechicero pins Lee with a foot on the bottom rope, one tow NO. Very obvious, but the referee missed it. Crowd booing a little bit. Hechicero stomps Dragon Lee, and kicks him, but Lee powers up and gets in Hechicero's forehead. Lee chops, Hechicero takes down his straps and lays out Dragon Lee with one chop of his own. Chop. Stomps. Hechicero front suplex. Cradle but with both guys in the ropes. Hechicero tries to use them to get the pin, but the ref isn't having it. Hechicero and the referee argue. Hechicero off the ropes, and tripped into the middle rope, Dragon Lee with kicks and pulling Hechicero over the middle rope. Top rope double stomp, Lee tumbling all the way to the floor in the process. Lee back in quick, spots Hechicero, runs, and launches into him with a tope con giro. Dragon Lee stomps Hechicero on his way back in. Hechicero looks at the crowd before looking at Dragon Lee, then rolls into take stomps and kicks to the chest. Whip, reversed, Lee tossed up but comes down with a Rosa on Hechicero. Hechicero holds out, holds out and, drops Dragon Lee with a cradle suplex. Less than three minutes remain. Kick to the spine, Dragon Lee pulled back to the center of the ring, reverse monkey flip doesn't quite work – Lee doesn’t flip – but Hechicero covers anyway for two. Hechicero grabs Dragon Lee by his mask to the corner, but Lee fights back and knocks Hechicero chest first onto the top rope, then puts on a top rope tirabuzón! That's not legal at all, but amusing. Lee lets go to argue with the referee. Under two minutes. Lee misses a corner charge, and Hechicero smushes him with a clothesline, Hechicero purposefully eye poke, el Conjuro, half nelson camel clutch, Dragon Lee gives.