AAA on Televisa #1141 (03/22/2014) 
Recapped: 04/02/2014

Rey de Reyes winner video leading into this year's final four. Hey, it's the banned footage of Rey Misterio Jr. Unsure why they're showing this on the show without the tournament, but it's not like they did video packages for any of these matches.

Video preview for these matches.

Dance number to Fuego's theme. So weird.

Daga promo over highlights of the other three guys. Daga says no one in the division can match up to him, he's the best pound by pound.

Six sided ring. Mat has the AAA logo, not Corona.

Match 1: Daga vs ArgenisAustralian SuicideSúper Fly for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
Plaza de Toros La Monumental, Monterrey, Nuevo León, 03/16/2014

Winner: Daga
Match Time: 13:30
Rating: good
Notes: Taya is with Daga. Referee is Copetes, who decides the rules are two people on the apron and two in the ring.

Daga and Argenis start, and Argenis can do nothing with Daga. Daga front facelock turns into an Argenis cover for zero. Daga's more distracted by ringside fans chanting than anything Argenis down, though Argenis does manage an armdrag to lead into more zero length pins. Shoves leads to Suicide and Super Fly running in and headscissoring out the other two. Suicide and Super Fly evade, Super Fly armdrags Australian Suicide out and Daga comes in. Super Fly calls him to bring it on and gets heel kicked. Some sports is misses while Taya kicks Suicide on the floor. Daga shoulderblocks Fly, over, under, under a cartwheel and dropkicking Super Fly thru the ropes. Argenis in and with a poor dropkick, if that's even what it was. Whip, reversed, Daga more evasion, and Daga rolls backwards into an Argenis kick. Argenis rolls to the apron, slaps Daga away, and Daga stands and waits until Argenis completes his springboard headscissors. Daga out, recovering, then Argenis follows with a springboard moonsault. Taya stomps Argenis while the other two start in the ring. Super Fly pulls Suicide into a waistlock, German suplex, one two NO. Suicide right back out, Argenis in and missing a punch, Fly grabs him, Argenis breaks free of the German and slaps Super Fly in the face. Argenis whips Super Fly in the ropes, lifts him up and drops him behind hiss back on waistlock. Argenis holds onto the legs, and flips Super Fly over for a crab. Daga breaks it up – WHY – with a kick. Argenis in, and he grabs the ropes on a whip. Daga looks at him, then clothesline them over to the floor. Super Fly sets up on the outside, then climbs up, and moonsaults both of them. Suicide climbs up, shooting star senton onto everyone. Suicide throws Daga back in while Taya attacks Argenis. Suicide puts Daga on top rope, go climbs up, and Argenis comes in to attack him. Argenis does, uh, I have no idea – camera shot and the lack of crispness of the move make it impossible, but Suicide gets dropped on his back from the middle rope. I think it was meant to be a backcracker, but I'm not sure. Super Fly missile dropkicks Argenis as he gets up, and Daga does the same to Super Fly. Suicide up, kick caught, and turns into a Dragon screw. Daga goes for something, Argenis sunset flips him, then throws him back into a Super Fly powerslam one two NO. Suicide with an Oklahoma roll on Daga, one two NO. All three challengers are staring at Suicide, they may actually have a plan here. Chops and kicks for the champion, who's in some sort of trouble at the moment. Suicide signals Super Fly to charge, but Taya pulls Daga out to safety. Argenis turn, superkicks Suicide, and holds him for Super Fly to chop very loudly. And he does. Suicide fights back, Sliced Bread on Argenis by climbing Super Fly. Suicide runs the ropes, Super Fly grabs him, and Argenis wipes out Suicide with a superkick. Suicide's allowed to crawl out so Argenis and Super Fly can fight - they've been doing that a lot this match and it's odd once you think about it. Argenis kicks Fly, whip, reverses, Argenis headscissors looks bad but that's fine since Super Fly just is taking him down and putting him in a crab anyway. I have no idea if that was a plan. Super Fly lets go, off the ropes, and caught and dropped with a shoulder powerslam by Argenis. Argenis runs up the corner moonsault, one two NO. Wasn't that his finisher? Not sure. Argenis slaps Super Fly. Whip, reversed, Argenis hits the ropes - which really give a lot, and may be looser than normal – flips Super Fly to the apron and kicks him to the floor. Drag snakes in, Argenis runs at him and leaps to his shoulders, Daga drops Argenis forward then pulls him back to the Sombra style German suplex, one two three. One down.

Suicide in and dropkicking Daga to the apron. Super Fly attacks Suicide, and smacks him. Big powerbomb one two three? Super Fly seemed to let go early, then signals Suicide get his shoulder up. I have no idea why he did it, except it's Super Fly and he's kind of a goofball. Suicide whip, clothesline misses, Super Fly shoulderblock, thru the ropes fake causes Suicide to go out, but Daga sneaks in again. Super Fly turns around, and Daga just stands there. So much for sneaking! Punch misses, Super Fly standing pump kick connects, clothesline blocked, Super Fly slips away but swings at Daga, Daga short arm scisssors, Super Fly is done.

Down to Australian Suicide and Daga. Punches and forearms back and forth. Suicide coming on stronger punching against the taller man. Suicide off the ropes, into a superkick. Suicide is reeling, Daga off the ropes, into a Suicide superkick of his own. Suicide off the ropes, and Daga beheads him with a discuss clothesline. Daga spun, and Suicide flipped one two NO. Daga picks up Suicide, Suicide lands a jawkbreaker, kind of misses with a running kick to the back of the head, running shooting star press one two NO. Suicide can't believe it, but it was clearly two. Whip, reversed, Daga runs in, Suicide kicks Daga away, then enziguris him on the second charge. Suicide up to the middle rope, middle rope shooting star press. No pin, Suicide calls for something, pulls Daga to the corner, and signals again. Taya up on the apron and talking to Copetes, but the camera switches away. Suicide corkscrew shooting star press. Announcers counting the pin, but Copetes definitely is not. Suicide gets up to argue and yell at Taya. Taya casually slaps Suicide in the face and sits down on the apron, only for Suicide to grab her by the hair. Daga smacks Suicide in the back to break that up. Corner whip, quick reverse, Suicide kick Daga, off the ropes, Suicide huracanrana, Daga rolls thru one two NO. Daga out and going up, but Suicide cuts him off with a slap. Suicide forearm Daga in the head a few times, Daga forearms him in the midsection, smashes Daga's head into the buckle, and drops him with a top rope Canadian Destroyer.

Replay of the finish and cut away.

Match 2: Fénix vs Crazy BoyJoe LiderNiño HamburguesaÚltimo GladiadorPentagón Jr.Steve PainEterno in a domed cage match
Plaza de Toros La Monumental, Monterrey, Nuevo León, 03/16/2014

Loser: Steve Pain
Match Time: 17:26
Rating: eh
Notes: Steve Pain gets the last Anarquia introductions. There's no explaination of why Ultimo Gladiador exists instead of Juvi, but he's treats as if he's a member of the group (unlike Pentagon Jr.) Niño turns out to be too fat to get IN the cage with help.

Steve Pain is shown getting his head shaved after the match.

Match 3: Cibernético, Electroshock, Psycho Clown vs Jeff Jarrett, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Texano Jr.
Plaza de Toros La Monumental, Monterrey, Nuevo León, 03/16/2014

Winner: técnicos (Cibernético pins Jarrett after Joaquin took the guitar away from Dorian and hit Jarrett with it.)
Match Time: 10:49
Rating: below average
Notes: Weird staggered entrances. Dorian & Joaquin are seconds and various people blah blah blah before the match. Jarrett gets subtitled. Jarrett forgets Mascara Año 2000's name! We've all been there. Jarrett refers to his opponents as Cibernetico, “goofball clown”, and “semishock”. Jarrett does a speech about how much Spanish is horrible as a language, then calls everyone “basura.” Not sure about the internal logic holding together, or about how much Jeff's had to drink tonight (though he's clearly doing the bit.) Dorian blah blah blahs to translate. Cibernético hits the catchphrase to start the match.