CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #394 (02/22/2014) 
Recapped: 02/23/2014

Match 1: Marcela vs Dalys in a lightning match
Arena México, 02/14/2014

Winner: Dalys (via camel clutch)
Match Time: 6:37
Rating: good

Match 2: Soberano Jr. & Volador Jr. vs Cavernario & Mr. Niebla in a CMLL Gran Alternativa Tournament final
Arena México, 02/14/2014

  1. rudos
  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:48
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Volador and Soberano are in matching Nav'i outfits, Volador wearing facepaint. Referee is Tirantes.

1: Volador and Cavernario start, reversing each other thru armdrags and armbars. They're doing zero trip pins as Niebla storms thru the ring and smacks Soberano off the apron. Cavernario kicks down Volador and the rudos take control. Soberano's sent hard into the barricade. Cavernario headbutts Volador, then whips him into the barricade and Volador goes flipping over into front row. Niebla backdrops Soberano in the ring, then chops him into the corner. Niebla not in a hurry. Corner whip, Soberano corner backflips to escape a charge, and is tossed into a Cavernario dropkick. That's one pin, and Niebla dumps Volador and splashes him for another.

2: Corner clotheslines for Soberano. Volador gets slapped down from behind. Whip, double boot knocks down Volador. Rudos take Soberano outside, set him up on the barricade and slam his head into the panel, though it takes them a couple tries to get it. Cavernario goes back into celebrate, and finds himself along with Volador. Springboard headscissors takes care of him, and Niebla’s superkick off the apron. Soberano makes it back in, técnicos run, double tope con giro. Soberano almost bounces into the crowd on landing. Cavernario backs in first, Soberano o him with a nice top rope tornillo. Modified crucifix cradle one two three. Niebla gets stuck climbing to the top rope, and Volador carefully lands with him on top. Top rope headscissors gets enough of Niebla to finish him. Zacarias has again been restricted to sitting on the stairs to watch the match.

3: Seems JIIP progress. Volador flipping run and headscissors sends Cavernario out. Soberano flips into face an annoyed Niebla. Soberano's chops have no effect on Niebla. But Nieblea's chops knock out Soberano. Niebla headlock, shot off somehow, back with shoulderblock that clears Soberano out of the ring. Niebla dances, and kisses Cavernario, thought the camera misses that one. Soberano gets back to the apron, sidesteps the slap, swing kicks Niebla, springboard plancha, Niebla sort of chops Soberano, drops him down, picks him back up, and sets him on the corner buckle, patronizingly patting him on the check. Soberano headscissors Niebla out from there, then follows with a tope on the short side. Volador in, missing a dropkick on Cavernario. Volador flips Cavernario to the apron, Volador kicks Cavernario as he leans thru the ropes. Volador backs up, runs, and sunset flip powerbomb Cavernario to the floor! That looked like it was going to be brutal, but it turned out okay. Break, for some reason.

Replay of Soberano's dive. Volador's taken down his hoodie, so he's easier to tell apart. Niebla misses a dropkick, hangs himself in on the ropes, and Soberano (no shirt now?) drops him with the springboard guillotine moonsault. Barbaro breaks that up with a slap. Barbaro fireman’s carry gutbuster, Volador breaks that up. Volador superkicks Cavernario, Niebla beheads Volador with a clothesline. Volador with punches and slaps in the corner, pummeling Volador. One big slap for Soberano too. Volador recovers, shoulderblock, Niebla handspring reverse tope! I can't even remember the last time he pulled that out. Cavernario slide dropkicks Soberano to the floor. Niebla tope into Volador, Barbaro top rope splash to the floor on Soberano! Replays of the dives as everyone recovers. Soberano crawls all the way to the ramp for some reason. Barbaro and Volador in, Niebla joining him. Corner whip, Herodes clothesline, Niebla slap, Cavernario double knee drop to the head. Soberano ramp running DDT into a small package on Cavernario, one two three? It took me a while to realize Cavernario was actually of the match – Niebla, who was standing five feet away the entire time, waited until the last moment to make a diving save but apparently it was the moment after the last moment for Cavernario. Tirantes does signals it, though you'd have to be looking at him to know.

Niebla slaps Soberano down in the corner, then turns back to Volador. Corner whip, reversed, Volador superkicks on him, superkick on Cavernario. Niebla gets up and goes after Soberano, Soberano drops to the floor, and Volador kicks Niebla gain. Volador dumps Niebla in the corner of the wring, Soberano quebrada one two NO. Soberano throws a fit, even grabbing Tirantes. Soberano misses a dropkick, Niebla slams him, second rope, senton one two three.

So the Gran Alternativa comes down to Volador and Niebla. They seem old for novatos, but we'll go with it. Volador corner misses, but he kicks Niebla way anyway. Volador kicks Niebla in the head again, Volador off the ropes, Cavernario grabs him, Volador knocks him down with ahead kick. Soberano gets up on the apron to argue something – I have no idea now. Niebla and Volador start doing spots, then stop as Tirantes holds Soberano. Niebla walks over, taps Tirantes on the shoulder, and slaps Soberano off the apron. Volador points at Niebla, Niebla ducks a clothesline, stands completely still, and Volador backcrackers him. Soberano gets back up on the apron again, he and Tirantes grapple with each other, Volador goes for the front crack on Niebla, Niebla blocks and holds him up, Barbaro rushes in and backcrackers Volador, Tirantes shoves Soberano off the apron, and Niebla covers Volador for three. That was some finish there, huh.

Cavernario runs around like a crazy person to celebrate.

Match 3: Máscara Dorada, Místico ©, Valiente vs Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero ©
Arena México, 02/14/2014

  1. Estetas
  2. Guerreros
  3. Guerreros

Winner: Guerreros (2-1)
Match Time: 8:12
Rating: ok/good