CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #420 (12/07/2013)
Recapped: 12/05/2013-12/07/2013

Match 1: Sagrado, Starman, Stigma vs Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 11/26/2013

  1. Cancerberos

  2. técnicos

  3. Cancerberos

Winner: Cancerberos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:54
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Loco Estrada.

1: Pairs are Sagrado/Cancerbero, Stigma/Raziel and Starman/Virus. Raziel pulls out some neat ideas on Stigma. Starman and Virus doesn’t go long before Virus kind of rolls himself out after a zero pinfall. Raziel tales over on him, for more quick falls, but Raziel turns it around, blasts Starman with a dropkick and sends him out. Stigma planchas him, but gets dropped with a big spinebuster and Cancerbero adds the over the back rolling elbow drop and tosses Raziel eon top for the pin. Rudos all stomp Sagrado, then hang him in the ropes for a triple dropkick, enough for the pinfall.

2: Rudos knock around Starman. Raziel flattens Starman with a Falcon Arrow, but can't get more than two. Rudos hold Starman for a dropkick to the face, which finally allows Starman to get free. Sagrado throws hands but can't make any headway against the rudos. Rudos try for another dropkick, but Starman trips up Virus. Starman slingshots splashes Virus, rudos try and misses elbow drops on him, and Stigma springboard splashes everyone. Rudo all up, técnicos all knock them out of the ring, double tope – Virus slides in and Sagrado chases him. Virus back elbows Sagrado, takes him down, but misses the senton. Sagrado modified cristo, and Virus gives up.

3: Sagrado headscissors and quebradoras Virus repeatedly. Stigma does a lot of rolling to set up a rope bounce headscissors, and moonsaults into an armdrag (with a lot of help from Raziel.) edit here to Starman and Cancerbero, Cancerbero barely escaping a casadora, and nearly pinning Starman after a powerbomb by putting his foot on the ropes. Cancerbero argues, is cradle for two. Cancerbero fights back with a clothesline, calls for the end, and Starman easily lifts him up for the finish. Cancerbero saves himself by escaping to a sunset flip for two. Starman chases Cancerbero to the corner, awkwardly gets lifted to the turnbuckle, and is plucked off for the Gori Special. Cancerbero holds on to Starman and nearly turns into a nudo lagunero - that was a good sequence, and enough for the submission. Sagrado and Stigma evade, Sagrado land a bulldog and a new pose. Corner for two. Cancerbero ducks a clothesline, Sagrado superkicks him out. Virus comes in to exchange slaps with Sagrado, and Sagrado spends up pulling him down by the hair. Superkick sends Virus out, and Sagrado follows with a tope. Inside, Raziel suplex reverses into a Stigma small package for two. Not actually sure who was getting pinned there. Might have been both. Stigma huracanrana for two. Raziel wheelbarrow slam, then a one legged tapatía and Stigma is done.

Místico talks very fast.

Match 2: Máximo, Mistico, Thunder vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
Arena Mexico, 12/01/2013

  1. Peste Negra

  2. técnicos

  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:18
Rating: below average/ok
Notes: Referee is Pompin.

1: Máximo and Negro fool around until the rudos start the beatdown. Thunder is generally terrible. Zacarias lands the 619 on Místico. Rudos turn into a no hurry beatdown quick. Felino submits Thunder, who turns over to reverse it while submitting (and taps out.) Niebla splashes Místico for the other pin.

2: Rudos love doing the splitting the legs spots on Thunder, because it's something they can give him without relaying on him to do anything. Rudos run into Maximo's backside, like for every comeback, and then good around. Comeback sequence appears to fall apart – rudos all line up as if someone's supposed to splash them, then no one does that spot – Niebla looks around for someone, then just walks away. Tecnicos quickly get cradles. Thunder gives Negro a one armed bearhug (??) then complains about his submission not being counted (when Pompin was actually totally right)

3: Negro/Mistico fight is the best part of this match so far, and it doesn’t last long (and Mistico's totally booed by this crowd.) Comedy breakup up and kiss by Niebla and Felino. Místico headscissors everyone to boos. Niebla tumbles over the rail off camera. Máximo and Niebla do Máximo and Niebla things. Thunder doesn’t get a sequence. Místico dropkicks Negro out and follows with a tope con giro. Máximo planchas Felino from of the apron. Thunder and Niebla are left, with the crowd clearly signing with Niebla. Thunder absorbs chops and chops Niebla down. Thunder kips out from the corner on a charge, poses and Niebla just fouls him.

Match 3: Averno vs Titán for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 12/01/2013

  1. Averno Devil's Wings (3:41)

  2. Titan torito (3:20)

  3. Titan small package (12:14)

Winner: Titan (2-1)
Match Time: 19:15
Rating: great
Notes: Watching the Terra broadcast! Averno is terrifically Averno in his entrance. Terrible is his second, Triton is Titan's second. Terrible has had time to change clothes, somehow Triton has not. Titan weighs in at 77.87 kg, Averno at 78 kg. Referee is Tigre Hispano. Titan offers a handshake before the match but Averno's not interested. Titan is stunned.

1: Lockup, Averno bulls Titan into the corner, Titan turns it around, and the ref orders a break. Titan breaks cleanly and rolls away, despite Averno's fussing. Lockup, Averno waistlock, Averno takes Titan down, quick back and forth leads to a Titan armdrag. Circle, Averno stopping to smirk and talk at the crowd. Averno drop toe hold, crossface, Titan escapes to an armbar and tightens at the wrist. Averno breaks free and pins Titan's leg down to the mat by his knee. Titan spins around, and Averno briefly stops him by grabbing his mask. He's forced to let, go and Titan rolls around to force Averno into a pin. Averno kicks out twice, cradle Titan, and Titan is pinned before pulling Averno into an anklelock. Averno escapes, and Titan headscissors Averno form the mat to the corner. Lockup, no, Averno trip, Titan armdrag. Titan approaches, stops, and they face off again. Lockup, no, Titan off the ropes, over, rolling over Averno's back, under, and back with a headscissors. Titan off the ropes, into a spinning faceslam. Devil's Wings, Averno counts along to the pin, one two three.

2: Averno rushes Titan and back elbows him in the corner a whistle. Flapjack, dropkick to the face. Averno taunts the crowd an makes belt motions. Averno tosses Titan out, and the camera catches up to them just as Titan goes flying into the barricade. It's almost like he wants to go over, and can't get over, so he just falls straight down instead. Crazy Volador fan is crazy, tired. Titan slips back in. Averno sets him up top, teasing ripping up Titan's mask, and unties it instead. Tiger Hispano argues with Averno and Terrible about it, and Averno eventually stops when he's got it mostly untied. Titan goes to the apron. Averno yells at the crowd, then runs into a swing kick. Springboard headscissors sends Averno out, and Titan goes over the top on a tope. Front row fans are pleased. Replays. Titan in first, and Averno limps in after him. Averno charge misses, Titan torito one two three. Sudden ending to that fall. Triton is more excited than Titan, and even has words for Terrible.

3: Titan evades, including bending under a clothesline and pulls of a run the corner four rope bounce headscissors on Averno. Averno rolls onto the ramp, Titan dives out there, and headscissors Averno off to the floor. Titan backs up the ramp, runs, and dives over the crowd with a tope con giro into Averno. Replay shows some people were standing up to see what Titan was doing, but thankfully not the people he was jumping over. Both are looks back in, and Titan's hair is spilling out his mask as usual. Titan off the ropes, tight huracanrana, one two NO. Averno up first, clothesline misses, Titan waistlock rollup with back bridge one two NO. Averno kicks Titan back, Averno charges in, Titan trips him into the buckle, headstand – no, Averno knocks Titan to the apron and to the floor harshly. Averno is very proud of himself. Titan is out on the floor and Averno dices to dive off the apron with a senton con giro onto him. Crowd was loud, quiets a bit after the impact. Averno in, Titan springboards in, Averno blocks him into a powerbomb, then throws him into the corner for another. One two NO. Not the greatest angle to see the ref's count there. Corner whip, reverses, Averno kips up and out, Titan charges out, torito one two th-NO. Averno clothesline misses, Titan up on Averno's shoulders, Averno drops Titan on to his face and teases a tapatía. Averno takes his time putting it on, yelling all the way, then pulling Titan back up and up. Titan refuses to give up, break one arm free, turns out of the hold and holds Averno down – tapatía of his own! Titan lands Averno back for the double pin, one two NO. Terrible is waving his towel hard. Both mean in the ring slow up. Averno charges, and take a hiptoss right out of the ring. Titan wastes no time running – but rolls to the apron instead of going, then does a springboard moonsaults from there. Titan wipes out Averno. Replay of the big moonsault. Titan makes it back in first and points to the crowd a lot. Averno charges, but misses a clothesline. Titan off the ropes, into an Averno powerbomb, Averno's feet on the middle rope, one two NO. Averno demands a faster count from unaware referee. Averno calls for the end. Devil's Wings – no, Titan out to a fujiwara armbar! Averno in a lot of pain but has the ropes in his sight. Averno squirms and turning and getting a foot on the ropes. Triton encouraging Titan. Titan off the ropes, headscissors sends Averno out, to the short side, Titan runs full speed – and hits the barricade again! Replay shows Averno tosses him in and Averno seems to have left a mark. Averno stands over Titan, taunting. Averno throws Titan back in and poses. Averno lays on top one two thr-NO!, Titan's foot is on the ropes behind Averno. Averno can't believe it and argues it, but it's his fault for being closest o the ropes. Devil's Wings! Second Devil's Wing! Averno covers, but Titan is actually under the ropes. One two Titan goes to put his foot on the ropes realizes she's so close, and hooks the ropes instead. Averno does not like this idea of rope breaks. Averno gets distracted by the crowd. Titan set up on the top rope, but not the buckle, so Averno can climbs over – middle rope Devil's Wings! Titan poses again and covers. One two thre-NO! That was a kickout, not a rope to grab. Averno doesn’t really understand it. Crowd making a lot of noise. Titan looks around at them again. Referee is telling Averno to finish. Averno leg lock, Titan small package one two three! Big cheer from the crowd. Titan is exhausted, so Triton celebrates for him. Averno can't believe he got caught.

Titan needs Triton's help to stand and then lands on the ropes the commissioner puts the belt back on. Averno argues with Tigre Hispano and storms off. Replays. Titan thanks the fans for their support.