AAA on UTDN #105 (11/14/2013) 
Recapped: 11/13/2013

Heroes Inmortales recap, including the el Brazo tribute.

Jesus and Andres do the preview of the show live from in the ring.

The atomicos from Heroes Inmortales is show in three minute form.

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11/15: Queretaro
11/22: Aguascalientes

Announcers are doing live commentary. Color looks really washed out on the hard camera.

Match 1: Aerostar, Ludxor, Venum vs Carta Brava Jr., El Apache, Pentagón Jr.
Domo de Parque Solidaridad, Tonala, Jalisco, 11/03/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 12:54 (4:38+8:16)
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Pepe Casas. Aerostar makes an X with his flame cans and his outfit from Guerra de Titanes. Thew new Cadetes get a shared entrance (and not a lot of reaction.) Pentagon wastes no time in shoving around Ludxor, because he's a mean guy.

Ludxor and Carta Brava start, though not until the yell at the crowd some. Lockup leads to even running on the ground. Ludxor armdrags Carta around and out. Aerostar, who's taken off the red draping cloth that was part of his outfit, rolls around until Apache slaps him down. Crowed wastes no time in chanting against Apache. Apache flips Aerostar, but he lands on his feet. Apache shoves Aero, Aero leaps to the middle rope and of with a headscissors. Aero springboard armdrag sends Apache to the ropes. Apache clothesline misses, but Pentagon slips in and kicks him. Aero rallies back by avoiding Apache's charge, and Apache sends himself out. Aerostar spinning – two spins! - headscissors sends Pentagon out. Corner whip, reversed, Ludxor flips Aero to safety and Venum springboard headscissors Pentagon. Venum evades and turns a toss into another headscissors. Pentagon misses, Ludxor shoulderblocks evasion until Pentagon drops Venum with a Sling Blade. Carta Brava runs into and stomps of his own. Pentagon makes mean faces at the técnicos. Whip, Aero flips over a double back elbow, whipped back to the ropes, and backdropped into a huracanrana on Pentagon. Trick spinning kick to the face on Carta Brava who claims a low blow somehow. Carta charges in, misses a corner charge, and Ludxor comes in with a flying armdrag. Ludxor flying around, almost losing his balance on the ropes but saving it for a rebound headscissors on Carta Brava. Tricky back spin headscissors sends Carta out, and Ludxor follows with a nice Asai tornillo. Crowd shot to break.

Copa Pena Block 1 highlights – I guess we're getting these all show to pad it out? It's a 3 match week.

Copa Pena Block 2 highlights

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Ludxor limps back to his corner while Aerostar armdrags Apache around. He's stopped for some medical help, but cleared quickly. Aerostar handsprings into a dropkick by Pentagon, turning the match around. Apache slaps Ludxor out. Carta holds Aero for a loud Pentagon chop to the chest. Apache slaps Aero in the face, then whips him. Big flapjack to send out Aero backwards to the floor. Venum's kicked as he comes in. Ludxor is still limping. Venum's spun into a Pentagon frontcracker, then Apache holds him in a tapatía to set up a Carta dropkick. Aero tries to come back in, but is slapped. Apache and the rudos strongly stomp down Venum in the corner. Corner clotheslines and slap for him, then Venum's tied up in the ropes for a hard missile dropkick to the side of the head by Carta. Pepe Casas not doing much to keep the rudos from triple teaming. Aero argues from the apron but is forearmed back to the ring. Venum manages to flip Pentagon to the apron, but misses a dropkick on Carta. Apache whips Venum back to the apron, Pentagon high kicks him, and Apache helps press slam Venum on the apron. The idea is Venum will land on the apron and stays there, which seems unlikely, but Carta Brava is ready to dropkick him anyway. Venum falls ion the floor, but stands up enough to give Carta something to kick anyway. Rudos stomp down Aero, then hang him off the apron for a double stomp/DDT crushing spot. Ludxor is kicked around, and Venum about flips on his head after a trip to the back of the leg. Meanwhile, for no apparent reason, Aerostar is climbing the light tower. Rudos haven't noticed, but are fooling around enough not to notice Venum land a big spinning DDT on Pentagon. Carta boosts Venum into a dropkick on Apache. Cameras don't know what to shoot here, so we only see the tail end of a Venum backdrop into a tope con giro on Pentagon. Ludxor back in with a plancha to cut off Carta Brava's dive for a two count. Aero is setting on top of the light tower, clapping his hands and waiting. Venum brings Pentagon and apache over, who've just now noticed what's going on. They look up, and realize Aerostar is up there. Aerostar plancha! It really sits in how high that is when he falls off, because he falls for a while. 30 feet up sounds like an exaggeration, but it was not. That was absolutely insane. Crowd goes makes loud noise. Carta is left with the new two guys, who trap him in the corner – two man Spanish Fly, both cover one two three.

Aerostar would enjoy the win if he wasn't half death. Medics are checking the rudos two, wit Pentagon seeming to get the worst of it. Ludxor and Venum probably should stop celebrating long enough to check on their friend. Aero crawls into ring himself. Jesus tries to interview the rudos, but they're too hurt.

Copa Pena Block 3 highlights

Copa Pena Block 4 highlights

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Secta/Psycho video package. Well, mostly the beatdown plus Cuervo's promo.

Match 2: Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria, Dark Spíritu
Domo de Parque Solidaridad, Tonala, Jalisco, 11/03/2013

Winner: La Secta
Match Time: 10:40 (5:28+5:12)
Rating: ok
Notes: Mini Clown is with his group. Referee is Tirantes. Secta jump the técnicas.

Stomps and such. I'm distracted by trying to figure out what the announcers are up to. They seem to be looking down at their table. Maybe there's a monitor in the table now? It's got a nice new table cloth. Meanwhile, corner charges and flying knees and such. Triple kick for Psycho Clown. Monster's tossed into an Escoria missile dropkick in a well timed spot. Triple faceslam for Psycho, but Murder breaks up the pin. Rudos overwhelm him with kicks. Secta try triple whips, which backfires on them, and Psycho and Monsther tope Espiritu and Cuervo – or at least try too. Espiritu falls down and can't get up in time to catch psycho Clown, which Psycho Clown sees, slow down for, and then dives into nothingness anyway. (They cover it up with a replay as best they can.) Murder presses Escoria, then Monster holds him or an Escoria rolling senton. Clowns do the flyings it on the outside on Escoria. Everyone regroups as they go to break.

Ozz promo introduces himself.

Tag Title Match Recap.

Match is picked up with Espiritu still down on the floor, grabbing his knee. Tirantes waves to the camera so medics will come and check on him. They rush down, but can't find him until someone points him out. Match continues without, they we get some shots of them checking Espiritu's right knee. Psycho attacks everyone with his crazy stomps, with Mini Clown getting the worst of it, then taking a dropkick from Cuervo too. Espiritu's limped to his corner, but is still hurting. Psycho rallies back from a corner whip and knocks Cuervo down with back elbows repeated. Cuervo springboards into a dropkick, but Mini Clown breaks up the pin so he can get in his own senton. Espiritu rushes in to kick around Psycho. Psycho battles him back and wheel kicks him. Escoria avoid a corner charge, dropkick Psycho, and leg kicks him a few times. Jumping heel kick knocks Psycho over. Escoria covers, only for Monsther to kick him in the head. Whip, Monster misses the charge, and Escoria kicks him. Espiritu back on the apron now, but the doctors are still at ringside to watch he Monsther knocks down Espiritu with an elbow smash, and Espiritu breaks it up. Espiritu is limping as he gets up, but moves out of the way of a Monsther dropkick. Espiritu tries to run, realizes it not going to happen, and just rolls out of the ring to the floor. Monster runs after him, then has no idea what to do, than decides the right idea is a slingshot splash to the floor. I don't know that was right. Espiritu is done for this match, anyway. Psycho planchas Cuervo, dropkicks him off the apron, then corner topes him into the announce desk. We're two for two on dives into the desk since it was put back there, which is not a coincidence. Escoria tornillos Psycho, while the medics carry Espiritu to the back. Mini Clown helps Murder to the top rope, and the everyone stands there so Murder can plancha them. Actually, they miss Cuervo, which is good because he's got to get to back in for the finish. Monsther crucifix cradle Cuervo, Cuervo rolls free, Scoria slides a hair to Monsther (I don’t think were uspposed to see that), Monster goes to swing the chair, Tirantes takes it away. Monsther tries a quebrada (?!?), misses, Cuervo takes the chair from Tirantes, Tirantes turns away, and Cuervo his Monster in the back. Corner clothesline, top rope senton con giro, Tirantes shoves Psycho out of the ring to stop him form breaking it up and counts a quick three. Hey, Tirantes screws the Psycho Circus again.

Psycho threatens to hit Tirantes with the chair but Tirantes bails. Scoria sure is wearing a lot of tape under his shirt. Cuervo challenges for the trios titles. Psycho yells at Tirantes for costing him a match again, and doesn’t agree to the title match. Escoria says they won clean and so they should get a shot. Psycho polls the crowd, and accepts the match.

Copa Pena Final recap.

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Cibernético/Perro bit from Heroes Inmortales recap.

Not shown on UTDN but on the national show: Konnan catches up to Perro Aguayo. Konnan mentions a conversation he had with Jeff Jarrett (OH NO) about Perro – what's up with Perro being on the técnico side? Konnan is happy to negotiate a better deal if that's what it's about, but Perro assures him that's only to declare war on the técnicos. Konnan understands, but he's not against the Secta tonight – what is he going to tell Jeff and Dorian? (Why do we care about Jeff? I missed something.) Perro says he and Konnan are good and not to worry about the rest, but Konnan is clearly worried.

Match 3: Cibernético, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Fénix vs Chessman, Hijo del Fantasma, Texano
Domo de Parque Solidaridad, Tonala, Jalisco, 11/03/2013

Winner: Consejo
Match Time: 16:01
Rating: good
Notes: Texano has his dancers again, though they only dance for about five seconds. I wish we got to see the vignette where Texano demanded dancers. Fantasma and Texano also have a guy holding up a Consejo banner. Fantasma has not received his cowboy hat yet. Fenix wears his belts to the ring. Rudos jump técnicos.

Chessman smacks Perro around with a chair while to the others brawl. Texano is smart enough to beat up Cibernético near the announced desk to get talked about a lot. Fantasma sets Fenix on the barricade and knocks him off with a modified Phantom Lariat (running down the aisle and leaping.) More chair spots with Chessman. Fantasma doesn't worry about looking away in this match. Fantasma easily flips Fenix out with a clothesline, but Fenix won't stay in a camel clutch for him. Fantasma instead holds him for a chair to a chair to his backside. Texano whips his lasso onto some chairs that are laying on Perro, which is the worst weapon into a chair spot ever. Cibernético's whipped face first into a chair in the corner. Perro fights back until Texano bites him on the leg. Cibernético misses a double clothesline, but buys time for Fenix to run in and get flipped into a tope con giro on Chessman on the floor. Perro and Cibernético beat up the Consejo guys. Stunner and dropkick to the face for Fantasma, then Fenix back out with a twisting plancha on him. Texano's hit with the lasso once. Tirantes threatens to take away the lasso, and Perro and Cibernético threatens Tirantes. Rudos regroup on the outside. Perro throws a chair at Chessman to try and break it up. It does hit him and Chessman is hurt, but the rudos stall more and Tirantes argues with Perro. Everyone makes it back to their corners. Cibernético tosses and clotheslines everyone. Perro poses for the crowd, then gets beat down by Chessman. Spinning headscissors (!) sends Chessman to the ropes, and a kick and dropkick sends Chessman out. Texano swings and misses the the lasso and takes a clothesline. Shot for Fantasma on the apron, shot for Chessman. Texano begs off and escapes. Perro turns his attention to Tirantes instead, but just threatens. Fenix walks the ropes on his way in. Fenix and Texano face off. Texano is really not that much shorter than him, though a lot thinner. Headlock, shot off, shoulderblock, Texano isn't going down on that. Texano tels Fenix to bring it, jumping shoulderblocks has no effect. Texano brushes his shoulders off. Fenix switched to kicks, and that works a lot better for him. Texano flips Fenix to the apron and chops him, then, yells at him. Texano runs, and Fenix rolls back in to give Texano a cutter. That was nicely timed. Chessman dragon screws Fenix and poses. Match slows down for a moment. Chessman misses a clothesline, and Fenix escapes into a headscissors. Springboard enziguri hits Chessman high. Fenix throws Chessman thru the ropes. Fantasma in, flipped to the apron, Fenix kicks him, up walking the ropes double stomp to the back! Fenix claps his hands, and Perro claps along from the apron. Fenix tornillo wipes out Fantasma. Replay of that. Chessman and Perro exchange shots, Perro winning with a dropkick. Chessman pops up and slams him, Perro pops up and dropkicks Chessman out, then goes out to the floor with an apron silla. Texano readies for a dive, but turns to find Cibernético waiting for him. Texano shoulderblocks, Cibernético pulls him down his hair – and then goes to the apron and pulls off a tope con giro on Chessman & Perro! That was unexpected. Texano runs for that dive again – and lands a tope con giro onto everyone. Fenix in, Fantasma up on the apron, they exchange chops. Fantasma knocks Fenix over with a swing kick. Missile dropkick, Fenix going over strong from it one two NO. Fantasma takes off shirt and tosses it to Tirantes. He's till got he CMLL in him! Fenix fights back with slaps to the either side of the face, including a big discus one. Fantasma comes back with forearm to the face of his own, and a hard dropkick to knock Fenix into the ropes. Fenix kicks away Fantasma's clothesline, superkicks Fantasma in the face, suplex, block, blocked, blocked again, so Fenix drops Fantasma forward and superkicks him. Fenix up top, moonsault tornillo senton thing misses, Fantasma moves out of the way, Fantasma lifting powerbomb, then picking up Fenix for a standard powerbomb. Forward bridge one two three.

Texano vs Psycho Clown recap.

Zorro is sweeping up backstage? A female fan stops by and asks Zorro why he's to wrestling, and Zorro has no idea what she's talking about.

Mesías promo for next week's match with AJ Styles. Hey, they actually promoted it! TNA footage sued for Styles. So that's what the Aces and Eights look like. They use prematch footage of the match as well.