CMLL on CadenaTres #305 (10/05/2013) 
Recapped: 10/16/2013

Announcers preview the show.

Match 1: Diamante, Pegasso, Starman vs Cancerbero, Ishii, Raziel
Arena Mexico, 10/01/2013

  1. rudos
  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 20:19
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Terror Chino.

1: One fan chants for Diamante. A great increase! Graphic lists Ishii in this match instead of Nosferatu – oh, wait, there Ishii is. No one noticed. Luckily, Raziel keeps Diamante on the mat in holds while I go fix the database. He's a good man, Raziel. Diamante reverses to a cavernaria, is not enough of a caveman to get the win. They get a while to go back and forth and put on holds, probably longer than most of these tournament matches are going to last. A Diamante armdrag finally splits them apart, and they make tags at 4:25. That's the time to beat! I'm losing my mind. Pegasso, in colors which suggest a team up with Halcón & Bala, is in with Cancerbero next. Cancerbero works hard to keep an armbar on, but Pegasso escapes. Cancerbero has Pegasso in a little trouble in a half crab armbar, but Pegasso gets free and armdrags him away. Hmm, they've changed the cups. Ishii and Starman are last, and the announcers are too busy talking about other things to hit their spot at first. The Starman name call may last longer than some of these tournament matches. Armdrags and dropkicks, a missile one sending Ishii out. Even the other announcers can't take the Starman name yell. Cancerbero and Starman go thru some spots before Cancerbero clotheslines the técnicos out. Pegasso flying headscissors Cancerbero out, then pulls of the spinning headscissors inside cradle for two on Raziel. Pegasso ducks Raziel and slaps him into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Pegasso sets Raziel on the top rope and climbs up. This seems like a bad idea, but Pegasso is determined with punches. Raizle punches him one time, gbras him, turns to the crowd, and lands the Super Raziel Driver for three. Diamante gets Raziel with his multiple bounce armdrag, but Ishii trips Diamante up going for the dive. Diamante turns to him, then turns back around to double duck down with Cancerbero, oops. Cancerbero takes Diamante down and finishes him with a motocicleta. And that was a 10 minute fall.

2: Rudos stay in control. Ishii drops Starman with a big back suplex. Cancerbero and Raziel double backdrop the técnico. Pegasso is kicked in the knee, and Cancerbero goes after that right knee with elbow drops. Ishii contributes an axhandle and slam down the knee. Then a delayed suplex, for no particular reason. Raziel back elbows Pegasso, who finally gets in a quebradora and is forearmed into a tag. Cancerbero stomps down Diamante as he takes over. Diamante rallies with a headscissors that's supposed to take them both over the top rope, but only really gets Diamante. Raziel helpfully throws himself out, and Cancerbero kicks Diamante off the apron. Everyone else gets involved, Cancerbero hits Ishii by mistake, and Pegasso huracanranas Cancerbero for one pin. Ishii tire to powerbomb Starman, which is Starman's usual set up for the Schwein.

3: Starman armdrags, dropkicks Ishii around, then tries the tricker stuff Raziel, a rope bounce armdrag. Pegasso headscissors, dive fakes. Diamante powerslams Raziel for a two count. Diamante gets on his armscissors, but Cancerbero makes the save. Diamante tries to take his face first bump out of a double backdrop, but lands right on his knees instead. Ishii brainbuster one two three.

Match 2: Mephisto, Titán, Felino, La Máscara, Máximo, Morphosis, Rey Escorpión, Triton in a seeding battle royal
Arena Mexico, 10/01/2013

Match Time: 3:03
Notes: NO. Pompin is the referee who thinks he need to be in a ring for a battle royal. He warns Mephisto about mask pulling. Next DQ in a battle royal will be the first. Titan and Escorpion work in a big dropkick in the corner because why not. Titan and Triton reunite, Titan sets up Felino for a top rope move for Triton, then just shoves him to the floor as he goes up. Triton spins as he falls and gets his legs caught underneath him. Crowd is greatly amused. Morphosis throws himself all the way to the floor on what a normal flip to the apron. Mascara and Rey Escorpion take each other over so they're assured of facing each other. Máximo gets his leg trapped in the ropes going over, but Mephisto hits him until Máximo falls loose. Felino takes a peek, and Mephisto shoves him over too. (Or: Felino tells Mephisto to push him out, and stands on the ropes so Mephisto can do it easier.)

Triton is clearly having problems walking to the back in the background, not that anyone comes out to help him for a while.

Match 3: Thunder & Tritón vs Kráneo & Morphosis in a CMLL World Tag Team Contenders eighthfinal
Arena Mexico, 10/01/2013

Winner: Invasors
Match Time: 4:08
Notes: Triton is a sub and still limping. Tirantes is referee.

Morphosis goes right for the bad knee, because he's no dummy. Triton manages to roll with him on the mat, but is limping even more as they get up. They go thru some slow chain wrestling and Triton armdrags Morphosis. Triton does not tag Thunder, but is able to armdrag Morphosis out. Triton teases the dive, like that's a good idea. Kraneo and Thunder pose off. Or try to, but Thunder doesn’t get the idea. Thunder is too strong for Kraneo's shoulderblocks, and Kraneo goes down on Thunder's own. Armdrags, ugly big boot, tope con giro. Triton manages to run around the ring, headscissoring Morphosis out, and still lands the Triton Special! That is crazy. Kraneo choekslams Thunder suddenly for one pin. Triton sends Kraneo out and goes for the 450 splash on Morphosis, but Morphosis gets his knees up. Morphosis bad top rope splash lands for the win.

Match 4: La Máscara & Rush vs Dragón Rojo Jr. & Rey Escorpión in a CMLL World Tag Team Contenders eighthfinal
Arena Mexico, 10/01/2013

Winner: Rush & La Mascara
Match Time: 5:52
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra

They work this in pairs of Rush/Dragon and Mascara/Escorpion, which is no fun at all. Mascara and Rush decided to give up on tagging and just both beat up Dragon Rojo for a moment, culminating in a superkick/senton near fall which causes Escorpion to finally beat up Rush. (!!) Escorpion even lands the top rope legdrop but Mascara breaks up the fun. Mascara and Escorpion team up for a bad huracanrana for two. Revolucionarios get a near fall of the reverse sunset flip/dropkick spot. Rush breaks it up, and he gets stomped down. They let him back up, he superkicks Escorpion, Dragon Rojo kicks him, Máscara armdrags him, and then the rudos suddenly win. Casita and double stomp.

Match 5: Felino & Mr. Niebla vs Máximo & Super Porky in a CMLL World Tag Team Contenders eighthfinal
Arena Mexico, 10/01/2013

Winner: Peste Negra
Match Time: 5:12
Notes: Referee is Pompin. Zacarias is with the rudos.

Rudo jump the técnicos. Zacarias gets in the 619. Máximo starts the comeback about 2.5 in with the butt to the face, and they quickly do the multiple splash spot. This is like a normal match in fast forward. Niebla and Máximo bring back their old tag pose, and then Niebla slaps Máximo out of the ring. Porky does the Niebla pose and spit catch. Niebla is confused, slaps a lot. Máximo gets in his kiss, but the rudos quickly win anyway.

Match 6: Averno & Mephisto vs Máscara Dorada & Titán in a CMLL World Tag Team Contenders eighthfinal
Arena Mexico, 10/01/2013

Winner: Avernos
Match Time: 4:09
Notes: Referee is Tirantes.

Dorada does the floating headscissors 45 seconds in, so you know how this match is going. Titan gets in more moves, and a Titanics headscissors. Técnicos leap to the apron and land a stereo top rope moonsault in a neat moment. They try for stereo cradles by the técnicos, only Mephisto and Titan are eight seconds early, so they just roll as slow as possible. It does not take. Tecnicos get one more stereo cradle, then set up the rudos for the win. Double powerbomb Titan by Averno, Super Devil's Wings on Dorada.

Match 7: Kráneo & Morphosis vs La Máscara & Rush in a CMLL World Tag Team Contenders quarterfinal
Arena Mexico, 10/01/2013

Winner: La Mascara & Rush
Match Time: 7-350
Notes: Rush attacks the Invasors on the way to the ring, for reasons only understood to Rush. It works badly for him – he even gets beat up with Kraneo's Darth Vader helmet. Referee is Babe Richard.

Rudos wins the brawl and beat up the técnicos for a few minutes. Mije gets in his headbutt drop on Mascara. Mascara takes most of the beating from all three Invasors, all of the portion in the ring. He's all the one who avoids the corner charge for the comeback, and Rush and Mascara superkick everyone. Rush and Mascara both take an Invasor for a dropkick to the face and get the pins off that. That was not much.

Match 8: Felino & Mr. Niebla vs Averno & Mephisto in a CMLL World Tag Team Contenders quarterfinal
Arena Mexico, 10/01/2013

Winner: Felino & Mr. Niebla
Match Time: 4:07
Notes: Entrances shown because their was a pre-match attack – except they weren't shown last time. Who knows. Referee is Pompin.

Avernos jump Peste Negra and attack them towards the ring. Rudos take turns going after Niebla's mask in their usual bit. Felino fares no better, and is double booted out. Rudos pose. Corner clotheslines land by the Averno, so they decided to keep going until it goes wrong, and it definitely goes wrong. Niebla topes Mephisto thru the corner, Felino puts Averno in a figure four tapatía, and Mephisto is counted out.

Match 9: La Máscara & Rush vs Felino & Mr. Niebla in a CMLL World Tag Team Contenders semifinal
Arena Mexico, 10/01/2013

Winner: La Mascara & Rush
Match Time: 4:24
Notes: Niebla and Felino attack Rush and Mascara. Niebla throws a beer in Rush's face. Referee is Tirantes

Peste Negra are the crowd favorites to the surprise of no one. They control the técnicos with brawling, knocking Rush back down when he starts slapping everyone. Niebla teases the spit, doesn't do it. That proves to be a mistake, as Rush grabs Mascara on a whip to turn around the match. Loud boos as they go for the double tope. They quiet down when the dives connect. Felino and Mascara come back in, where Felino escapes the campana and nearly gets themselves pinned. Mascara casita is broken up by the returning Niebla. Niebla power drops Mascara on the mat, then land his top rope splash, so it must be Rush' turn to break it up – and it is! Niebla and Rush do a weird corner reversal bit, but Rush recovers to kick Zacarias and dropkick Niebla. Mascara finishes Felino and Rush covers for the pin.

Stellar Moments

La Combinacion: Raziel and Cancerbero dropkick to the side of Hombre Bala's head.

La Llave: Marcela double armscissors on Princesa Blanca.

El Tecnico: Fuego armbar on Morphosis

El Tope: Kraneo tope thru Guerrero Maya

Lo Espectacular: : Titan springboard tornillo moonsault on Niebla Roja

History Capsule: Rey Bucanero. I figured out why they didn't do the Místico one, they only have footage from the last five weeks (at any time) and so no Místico footage that doesn't match what they're talking about at all. (These are so weird, is what I'm saying.)

Match 10: Ángel de Oro, La Sombra, Valiente vs Euforia, Último Guerrero, Volador Jr.
Arena Mexico, 10/01/2013

  1. rudos
  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:04
Rating: ok
Notes: Volador has quite the face paint.

1: Rudos jump the tecnicos. Sombra takes his required flip over the barricade. Superkicks and senton de la muerte's for Valiente. Angel de Oro takes the dropkick off the apron, which goes on the bingo card. Euforia Special on Valiente finishes him. Angel de Oro keeps his streak of trying to take the Volador Spiral and doing it very badly.

2: Double drop toe hold, double dropkick to the face by the Guerreros on Valiente. Angel de Oro takes the testicular claw from Volador and is kicked around. Volador invites Sombra in, ducks, and superkicks. Volador poses on the top ropes, Sombra just shoves him out, and follows with a springboard plancha. Tecnicos immediately win.

3: Valiente quickly fireman carry armdrags Euforia out, and pesters him on the floor. Angle de Oro is spun by a UG shoulderblock, but flips into an armdrag, then follows UG out with a slingshot headscissors. Sombra and Volador evade. Sombra's booed everything he does, but it's just as much the crowd chanting for Volador. Off the ropes, Sombra tries for a dropkick to the head and Volador moves in time. Corner whip, Volador evades, and comes back with a headscissors. Sombra clothesline in the corner, Volador pops out with the big superkick. More evasion, Sombra hides in the ropes, and Volador wipes him out with a dropkick. Tope con giro added on to it. Angel de Oro boost dropkicks Euforia out, UG take the knee bump out, and the técnicos land stereo topes. Sombra rips off his shirt before the face off, Volador runs into his powerslam, double moonsault – no, one moonsault, one foul by Volador. Tirantes looked th wrong way and missed it. Volador covers for three.

Announcers wrap up the show.