CMLL on CadenaTres #303 (09/21/2013) 
Recapped: 10/05/2013

Announcers welcome us to the show.

Match 1: Metálico & Sensei vs Espanto Jr. & Zayco
Arena Mexico, 09/17/2013

  1. técnicos
  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:48
Rating: below average
Notes: Referee is Pompin. No opening whistle on TV, but I could hear one from the merchandise stand.

1: Pairs are Metálico/Espanto and Sensei/Zayco in underwhelming matches up. Rudos take control with a Espanto kick from the outside. Tecnicos still win the fall moments later, when the técnicos reverse corner whips and beat the rudos without problem.

2: Tecnicos keep rolling. Metálico takes care of Zayco easily. Sensei does some kicks for show, then steps out of the way of an Espanto dropkick. Sensei does a few more lucha karate spots before sending Espanto out. Zayco gets control of the match by hitting the middle rope as Metálico steps in. It's not much in this match. There's not much to this match. Espanto uses a top rope axhandle, that seems about right. Low blow legdrop is too much effort. Zayco has a lot of work putting Sensei into the Zayclone, not even spinning him around when he gets there. Espanto has just as much trouble with Metálico, but at least the impact is better.

3: Metálico seems to turns it around a minute in with a dropkick/armdrag combo on the rudos. Espanto just kicks Metálico down again, which seems to defeat the point, and the Metálico drops him with a forward fireman’s slam so what it does it mater. Metálico cradles Espanto for the pin. Zayco pretends to kick at Metálico but really doesn't care, and quickly is pulled into the Zayclone.

Match 2: Diamante, Fuego, Sagrado vs Ishii, Namajague, Shigeo Okumura
Arena Mexico, 09/17/2013

  1. Fiebre Amarilla
  2. técnicos
  3. Fiebre Amarilla

Winner: Fiebre Amarilla
Match Time: 14:54
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Fuego and Okumura start, with Fuego pulling out some different cradles. Diamante and Namajague move fast, with Namajague being armdragged in the end. Sagrado is very fired up to face Ishii for some reason. Ishii runs Sagrado over until Sagrado learns to kick him. Namajague tries kick gets pulled out in the splits, but rolls and Okumura pulls Sagrado out to stomp him. Diamante headscissors Namajague and himself out, then runs back in to be taken down by Okumura. Figure four, and Diamante is done. Fuego kicks Okumura, then Ishii gives Fuego a surprisingly light powerbomb. It was nearly just a careful cradle.

2: Diamante takes hard corner clotheslines. Rudos stomp Sagrado, but missed on corner charges, with Sagrado puling out his swing kick for Ishii and his springboard silla on Namajague. Fuego springboard backflips – into no one but Okumura helps out by hitting Namajague by accident. Namajague is annoyed. Okumura back elbow Fuego out, but Diamante springboard dropkicks him out. Namajague misses a senton on Diamante, Sagrado gives him the side Devil's Wings and that's three.

3: Diamante multiple bounce armdrag, check. Fuego seems slow or delayed on his tricky offense, but is fired up at the end. Ishii forearms Sagrado many times. Vertical suplex gets two. Sagrado sneaks in a flying crucifix cradle for two, then an inside cradle for two. Ishii continues to run into holds, this time a trip and a casita which require the rudos to break it up. Ishii gets bored and hits all the técnicos. Diamante knocks him down with one dropkick, which seems to throw everyone off out, and the next few spots are confused or involved people standing around for no reason. Wow, that horn is loud. I remember it being annoying loud. Anyway, Diamante gets an near fall where Namajague's shoulder isn't close to being down, then Fuego gets Okumura in a huracanrana but Ishii breaks it up. Sagrado enziguris Ishii, gets flipped to the apron, fights Ishii off – announcer confused Ishii and Okumura – but Ishii hits Okumura on the apron drops him with the delays superpplex for three.

Match 3: Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Máximo vs Ephesto, Mephisto, Negro Casas
Arena Mexico, 09/17/2013

  1. técnicos
  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:42
Rating: below average/ok
Notes: Referee is Tirantes. Zacarias is with the rudos.

1: Pairs are Maya/Ephesto, Delta/Ephesto (shoutout here!), and Máximo/Negro Casas. Negro plays into Maximo's bits – I guess that can be taken literally too. It stands out above the usual mat wrestling. Rudos intercede when Máximo gets Negro in a hold, but then Delta planchas both of them and the young guys finish up quickly.

2: Ephesto shrugs off Maya's rope flip armdrag oddly, but Maya is headscissoring and armdragging him out shortly after. Máximo nearly kisses Mephisto, Mephisto blocks it, Máximo headscissors him out. Delta and Negro chop each other a lot in the corner, Negro flips Delta to the apron, Delta reaches up to block a punch, but he's too late and Negro deiced just to heel kick him. Delta pulls Negro down by his hair, then slingshot in to armdrag Negro out. Delta and Negro chop fighting on the outside, with Negro being thrown into the barricade. That's much louder live. Rudos randomly start beating up Maya to take over the match. There's really no moment, they just get more aggressive. Rudos bite Máximo on the chest. Rudos randomly attack Delta and Maya at the same time – more the just come in at the same time. Maya is pinned after a kick to the hamstring, which is about where this match is. Delta isn't pinned for some reason, so Máximo runs into a sleeper and then gets put in a hold to end it.

3: Maya takes some corner clotheslines. Rudos knocks around Delta, and Zacarias stomps him. (Which reminds me that his 619 between falls was cut.) Máximo tries to harass Ephesto, is stopped. Delta randomly trips Mephisto form the outside, which sets up a Máximo casadora cradle. Ephesto tries to break that up, takes a Maya sunset flip, but Tirantes won't count because they're in the ropes. This match has no momentum. Maya slide out on Ephesto, and you know how that goes. Good tope. Mephisto does the stop sign shirt take off spot so Máximo can react to it, which turns into a Máximo kiss. Máximo looks at the dive, then decides to tag in Delta, who does the dive himself – but hits Maya by mistake when the rudos bail. Negro casita, Máximo shoves him off, Máximo inside cradle, rudos break ti up. Three on one is bad news for Máximo, and the rudos quickly three man powerbomb him. Negro puts on a scorpion for good measure that's the match.

Anniversary show recap – Blue Panther/Averno, tag match, and no mention of who won the mask match. WEIRD.

Match 4: Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja
Arena Mexico, 09/17/2013

  1. Guerreros
  2. Estetas del Aire
  3. Estetas del Aire

Winner: Estetas del Aire
Match Time: 11:11
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Referee is Besita Negra.

1: Niebla Roja and Valiente start but aren't in for long. Dorada seems to slip while trying for a headscissors from the mat, and Euforia takes over on him with a cross, then armbars him and tags in Gran Guerrero. Horrible mistake! Dorada kicks away Gran on a charge, runs and jumps at Guerrero for a – we'll never know, because Guerrero had no idea. Dorada lands and armdrags Gran Guerrero, but it still looked bad. Dorada gets in armbar and they circle around before repeating the bit – Dorada kicks Guerrero way, then charges, and Guerrero still isn't in the right position but Dorada make the tornillo work, rolling Gran back for in the way for a Místico plancha. Gran Guerrero spins Místico, who nicely turns into a headscissors on Niebla Roja. Gran Guerrero kicks Euforia by mistake, but then gets Mistico. Dorada springboard dropkick Niebla and Gran, Valiente headscissors Euforia out and goes for a dive, but the rudos kick him on either side of the head as he goes thru the ropes. That looks much better live, though it didn't look bad here. Guerrero run Dorada and Místico into each other, tie up their legs, and put Valiente in a Euforia Gran Guerrero for a triple submission.

2: Euforia tosses Dorada up high so he can land on Niebla's kick. Místico takes the ramp flying sit, though Niebla Roja almost comes up short. Euforia fools around with Místico, who ducks a clothesline and superkicks him. Dorada tosses Gran Guerrero in, and Valiente boots Místico into a headscissors on him. Gran out, and smacked by a Valiente tope. Dorada headscissors Roja out the other way and skies on a tope con giro, landing right on his feet. Euforia in, and immediately takes La Mistica for the win.

3: Valiente hiptosses Gran Guerrero, then reverse springboard armdrags him out. Niebla Roja takes the monkey flip. Shoutout! Dorada pulls of a springboard flip huracanarana on Euforia just to send him out. Místico evades and throws Niebla Roja out. Gran Guerrero clotheslines Místico hard and celebrates it. Guerreros start hitting each other by mistake. Místico gets Euforia with a nice headscissors, which sets up the tope tope Místico diving headscissors bit on poor Euforia. Dorada and Gran Guerrero struggle with the torito, which is barely shown, but it's enough for the pin while Valiente submits Niebla Roja.

Stellar Moments

La Admirable: Namajague German suplex on Rey Cometa

Lo Espectacular: Brillo Cometa on Namajague

El Triunfo: Brazo de Plata planchas everyone.

Lo Sensacional: Titan's ramp dive onto Niebla Roja

Lo Doloroso: Negro Casas dropkick to the face of Rush

Match 5: Terrible vs Shocker for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 09/17/2013

  1. Shocker Dos Caras Clutch (4:10)
  2. Terrible top rope splash (2:18)
  3. Terrible Schwein (9:28)

Winner: Terrible (2-1)
Match Time: 15:56
Rating: great
Notes: Shocker is wearing a (too small) Cruz Azul shirt in tribute to a championship winning Cruz Azul youth team in attendance. The same shirt looks better on his second, Mascara Dorada. We saw them before the show, though of course we didn't have any idea who they were. Comandante is with Terrible. They edit out the weight announcements. Tirantes is the referee, and barely keeping people apart.

1: Lockup, both guys battling for control, and Shocker turning it at the last second to put Terrible in the ropes. Break. Lockup, Shocker with a headlock, down into a front facelock on the mat, Terrible tries to roll Shocker onto his shoulder but Terrible escapes back into a sitting position. They get back up with the headlock still on, Shocker shot off, over, and back to the headlock. Back down to the mat. Shocker cranks it in. Terrible escapes the old, and get an armbar for a moment, then slowly pulls Shocker into a tirabuzón. Shocker escapes, back to the headlock. Shocker headlock, front facelock on the mat, Terrible rolls Shocker over for a one count, Shocker armdrags Terrible away. Lockup, Shocker back to the headlock. Shocker has a plan. Terrible rolls backwards to get free, and Shocker puts the headlock back on! Terrible back suplex! That should fix that. Shocker up, but Terrible chops him. Another chop. Corner whip, Terrible corner clothesline, Terrible corner clothesline, Terrible corner clothesline caught and turned into the Dos Caras Clutch for three. Fans are pleased. Mascara Dorada works hard toweling off Shocker, while Comandante checks on Terrible's shoulder.

2: Terrible off the ropes, Shocker drops down, then trips Terrible up as he goes over. Shocker's dropkick misses, Terrible kick to the back does not. Terrible chops Terrible, whip, Terrible puts his head down too soon, Shocker faceslam him, Dos Caras clutch, one two NO. Terrible charges, Shocker Dos Caras clutch one two NO. Terrible slaps Shocker down to stop that from happening a third time. Terrible slams Shocker and heads out, but thinks better of it and comes back in. Terrible stands Shocker in the corner and slaps him. Corner whip, Terrible charges in, clothesline lands. Corner whip, Shocker puts on the breaks, but turns into a hard Terrible dropkick. Terrible slams Shocker, goes up, top rope splash lands one two three. Shocker fans are sad.

3: Terrible whips Shocker in to the corner and back elbows him. Terrible chokes Shocker on the ropes. Terrible slaps Shocker into another corner and gnaws on him a bit. Corner whip, Terrible charges, Shocker ducks down and Terrible throws himself out. Shocker urns, and lays into Terrible with a tope. Shocker tries to come back in, but Comandante trips him off the apron and pulls him out. Tirantes is not paying attention and lets her get away with it. Terrible in first, but misses a running bot and is slapped. Shocker snaps Terrible's head over the ropes, then goes up top and lands a missile dropkick. Shocker does his big Shocker pose, and probably needs to find a way to finish this. Fancy elbow drop, one two NO. Shocker casadora cradle Terrible, but still two. Shocker tries a big boot, misses, but spears Terrible on the next pass. Shocker fixes his pants and walks around. Leg lock, but Terrible kicks Shocker off. Shocker is up first still and fired up. Replay of the spear. Shocker goes after Terrible's left knee, then put on a figure four. Terrible is in a lot of trouble., but he's not far from the ropes. Terrible screams and shakes in pain, but moves them both a little bit closer and grabs the bottom rope with both arms. Shocker kicks Terrible in the knee a few times, and dropkicks him. Back to the figure four – no, Terrible small package one two NO. That worked because Shocker had actually used that hold. Crazy about that. Terrible kicks Shocker, northern lights suplex one two NO. Terrible slaps Shocker into the ropes, missed by the camera. Terrible's limping around, but manages to punch Shocker around. Terrible's legs are bugging him now. Terrible slam Shocker and heads outside. Terrible climbs, but he climbs slowly because his legs hurt so much. Shocker catches up to him and they have a face slap fight. Terrible knocks Shocker back with one, but Shocker walks right back to Terrible, punches him in the midsection a few times, and slaps Terrible good. Shocker to the middle rope – superplex! Shocker senton, one two NO. Shocker huracanrana one two NO. Shocker huracanrana again – no, Terrible blocks it, and absolutely kills Shocker with a Terrible Clash. Shocker didn't lean his head back and landed right on it. That looked brutal. Shocker somehow kicks out. Both are slow up. Replay is horrific. Shocker somehow chops Terrible down. Shocker misses a chop, Terrible chops him left and right, Shocker falls down, then gets up and walks right into the Schwein. One two three.

Shocker challenges Terrible to a hair versus hair match. Terrible sort of accepts. Shocker wants to do it right now, but Terrible decides to leave. Announcers wrap up.